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Heaven & Earth Chapter 13 & Pics

Chapter 13
“Gravity info team, come in.”
I flinched at the sound of my husband’s voice. It was anger and hate personified. Hell, it was stress and exhaustion and fear, too, and it was all boiling over in him.
“Edward Cullen! You’ll wait for my say.” Eleazar was truly trying his best to control him, but I knew there were only two people Edward would listen to at this juncture, and we were sitting side by side on the sofa.
I glanced over to Carlisle, whose brow wrinkled at whatever expression was on my face, but tears welled up in my eyes when Edward started to lose his shit on everyone…over me.
“No, the fuck I won’t! I’m fucking done waiting. I want my wife off the top of the goddamn building now! This motherfucker is probably going to lose his shit when he realizes he just lost like a hundred fucking hostages to negotiate with and a huge chunk of his soldiers. I want my wife out of his reach.”
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Heaven & Earth Chapter 12 & Pics

Chapter 12
The city blocks were cast in strange shadows as my team worked our way toward the street between Twi Tech and the first building we’d secured. All this shit had started just about one o’clock in the afternoon, and now the sun was dipping low in the late day. Honestly, the idea that it would be nighttime soon put a smile on my face because no one could move through darkness like my team. And if this next thing we were about to do worked, then that meant we’d be moving in on Kim in complete and utter blackness.
Our current aim was the sidewalk just outside the garage, to the grate that led down into the basement. That was our entry point. It had been vacant when Alec and I had brought the kids and Esme through, but we didn’t expect it to still be empty. Using the lobby of the building on the west side, my team stepped silently to the side door Alec and I had used to cross into the garage.
I held a fist up as I peeked out onto the sidewalk and across the street. Kim had now positioned most of his men inside. Even the garbage trucks were abandoned, but I didn’t want to take a chance that we’d be seen.