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Even In Death Chapter 18

Chapter 18 – Summon Every Nerve
Eyes huge, so little left if something
Cracks and clues, he’s crazy as a straw
Why denied, does no one care or nothing
How, you ask, I ever last so long

Cause I, I went blind, a blinding riot
He’s regretting every word
Those empty lies
One more tonight, a blinding riot
As I summon every nerve

“Take Out the Gunman” by Chevelle
“You’re trying to destroy us! Kill them all!”
The cacophony of mental noise that hit me was almost debilitating. No one wanted a fight, except maybe the wolf pack against the red-eyed bloodsuckers and Caius. The Volturi gaped at the sheer size and number of the pack, second guessing the orders they’d just been given. Caius stepped forward in anticipation, rubbing his hands together.
Emmett and Rosalie came from the back of the pack, standing beside Bella and me. They’d been afraid this would happen, and they weren’t alone in that thinking. Carlisle and Esme had been expecting this as well.
Jake directed his pack, which started to move into a formation of sorts, flanking us as well as stepping toward the front. There were ten of them – ten enormous, pissed-off, growling, snarling, drooling wolves the size of grizzly bears.
Alice, however, pushed by them, calling to Aro. “You saw what you wanted, not the outcome, Aro!”
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Even In Death Chapter 17

Chapter 17 – Fooled the Devil
Sold my soul and signed my name in blood
Stole it back now praying in the dark
Fooled the devil
Begging for a fight
Count the dollars make your bet tonight

Feel strong like an oiled machine
All the anger boils within
Move it
Give it
The high rollers are in
“Seal the Deal” by Volbeat
“Christ!” I snarled, both fists collided with a large tree trunk. My shock at it completely shattering and splintering into a multitude of directions brought me up short, not to mention the snow raining down all around me. “Oops,” I muttered in amusement, but it was short-lived, because my frustration level was high.
Bella chuckled behind me, but her thoughts sank slowly down over me. I won’t let you mess up, Edward. Destroy all the trees you want, but I won’t let you hurt a human. You’d never forgive yourself, baby. Hippocratic oath or not. It’s not you.
Her mental voice was just as soothing as her real one, and with that shield of hers, the scent of the human that had driven me into a frenzy just mere seconds prior evaporated. I sat down hard on a small boulder, brushing leaves and snow from my hair.