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Heaven & Earth Chapter 18 & Pics

Chapter 18
The crawl space beneath the deck smelled musty, like earth and wood and rain. I was grateful that the rain hadn’t made it muddy under there, merely damp, and that there was plenty of air coming through the lattice covering all the way around the house. Had the crawl space been any more closed up, I wouldn’t have been able to handle being under there, but the breeze helped, as did my ability to see all the way around.
Mickey and I had stashed ammo and extra weapons down there with us, but for the most part, we were using the automatic rifles and our handguns, not to mention my compound bow, which I was currently looking over. Using a glowstick, I checked that my weapon was ready should I need it. Once I was sure, I leaned the bow back against the lattice and tucked the glowstick back into the dirt to conceal the light.
“Well, Katniss? That thing ready to go?” Mickey teased.
“Shut up,” I said with a laugh, shoving her a little when she crawled over to sit next to me.
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Heaven & Earth Chapter 17 & Pics

Chapter 17
“Remember, Edward, Kim doesn’t know we know about Seong, so you have to ask for her in trade, too.” I raked my fingers through his hair, handing over his cell phone as I stood between his legs. “And I know you’ll want to speak to your dad, but you have to maintain your temper and secrecy. Let them ‘find’ us via Alice. Okay?”
He nodded, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly before pressing a soft kiss to my lips. “Got it, sweetness.”
His eyes were deep green as he sipped his coffee and then handed me the mug. We were about to let Alice release our location, call Carlisle’s phone to speak with Kim, and then get ready for the fight that was coming. Edward’s hand stayed on the side of my leg, rubbing gently up and down. Occasionally, his thumb would drag sensually along the scar on my thigh hidden beneath the fabric of my jeans.
The night before had calmed him some, and I could still feel the delicious ache left over with every move I made. However, I knew my Edward. He wouldn’t truly calm down, couldn’t completely drop that intense side of himself until this was over. When his dad was safe, when Edward could wrap his arms around his kids, that’s when he’d start to settle down. Until then, my husband would stay this way – fierce, firm, deadly.