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Heaven & Earth Chapter 16 & Pics

Chapter 16
The Mustang was quiet except for the sounds of Alice and Mack typing in the back seat. Rose was up front with me. Checking the rearview mirror, I noted the vehicles following behind me. Mickey was driving Edward’s Challenger, Jasper was in his truck with Dean, and Edward was driving an unmarked moving truck. Bringing up the rear, Ben and Eleazar had a small convoy of SUVs filled with Feds and military.
The moving truck contained the six thermobaric bombs. Ben had loaded them up the second Eleazar let him in on the plan. The EMP that had been housed just outside of Seattle was inside one of the large SUVs. We had taken possession of the two things Kim Min-Jun wanted most, and we were taking them off the grid.
Carlisle’s GPS showed him still in Canada. From what Alice could see via satellite, they were on a large piece of property in the middle of nowhere. Once we’d met up with Ben and the other agents who’d removed the weapons from their locations, Eleazar had called Carlisle’s phone.
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Heaven & Earth Chapter 15 & Pics

Chapter 15
“Apache team leader, do not engage unless fired upon,” Eleazar commanded softly over the radio. “Shadow only.”
The call back was an affirmative, but I was studying Edward’s phone, my eyes narrowing at the strange winding route Kim’s chopper was taking.
“I think…” Edward started, glancing over to me as we were following the Apache team. “Sweetness, I think we should get Esme and the kids out of the city. Maybe a safe house?”
My gaze shot up from the phone’s screen to study his face. Even though the kids were in the safety of the military, that wouldn’t be good enough for Edward. And we weren’t quite sure how many more men Kim had out there.
“Trinity? Or Aunt Kate’s?” I asked, not sure how far I wanted the kids away from me, but at the same time, getting them away from all this shit wasn’t a bad idea.