Tuesday, March 20, 2001 | By: Drotuno

Angel's Embrace Chapter 10

"Come on, Bells," Jasper smiled, as we all left the house. "You are coming with me. Eddie pick."
"Emmett," Edward smiled, pulling on a black jacket.
"Fabulous, they get speed and strength," I sighed, looking over at Jasper. I smiled when Edward smacked my butt while running by to catch up to Emmett. They were already in planning mode.
"Which you can stop both…so what are you worried about?" He asked, shoving me with his shoulder. "Pick someone else."
"Alice," I smiled, hearing Edward groan.
"Rose," Edward called out.
"Why Rose?" I whispered.
"She's wicked at this game," Alice frowned. "Call Carlisle quick."
"Carlisle!" I laughed hearing another groan and a curse from Emmett.
"Why am I always last?" Esme pouted, running by us with a scowl.
"Because you hate this game," Jasper laughed.
We all got to the baseball clearing and Carlisle handed Edward and I each a flag. Mine was bright blue, his was bright green. We were all dressed in black and it was the middle of the night. Demitri was still gone with Carina, but none of us expected them back anytime soon.
"There's no jail in this game," Edward smiled, folding his arms across his chest. "If you're tagged, then you're out. You come back here." He pointed to the ground.
"All talents are allowed," Jasper said, matching Edward's body language. "Territories…"
"I'll take the ten square miles to the east…you the west," Edward pointed.
"The flag at face level…Edward!" Jasper rolled his eyes. He turned to me. "Jackass thought he'd be funny one year and put it up a tree." I laughed, getting a wink from Edward.
"You weren't specific," Edward defended.
"Now, I am," Jasper chuckled. "Face height…accessible!"
"Fine," Edward rolled his eyes. "End of game?"
"When the opposing team's flag is taken across the territory line," Carlisle smiled. "That could be right here…" He laughed, drawing a line in the dirt with his shoe.
I turned to the east and studied our territory. We had large amounts of thick forest and a few high rock formations. Carlisle followed my gaze. "Exactly," he smiled and I shielded him quickly.
"Damn," Edward cracked up, walking away. "Good job, baby. That blue's gonna look good wrapped around my hand."
I'll wear nothing but that green flag if I win. I thought to him and he turned around holding it out.
"Go Edward," Jasper laughed, pointing east. "What the hell did you just think to him? He just surrendered."
"Bye, baby," I sang, watching him shake his head. "And I'm not telling you…I may need it later," I laughed, following my team into our territory.
We went deep into the woods and Carlisle and Jasper turned to me. "Edward will put Emmett and Rose in defense of their flag. He'll trust his speed only to try and take ours," Carlisle smiled.
"Esme's in the middle…she's playing offense and defense," Alice smiled.
"Shield us, Bells," Jasper smiled. "Edward will also try to hear our thoughts."
"Done," I nodded.
"Where do you want us?" Carlisle asked. I knew this was a part of the whole training so I looked at all of them.
"Alice, you're with me…wherever we put the flag…defense. Jasper…you head into their territory…if it's Rose and Emmett…well, that's so easy for you…" Jasper laughed and nodded. "Carlisle you stay in between…"
"Perfect," Carlisle smiled. "I couldn't have set it up better myself."
"Ok, let's set up this flag," Alice smiled. "Jasper, go! They've already set up."
Jasper took off, staying low and quiet. Carlisle did the same as soon as he saw where our flag was going to be. Alice and I found a perfect spot, hanging it in the middle of a very small clearing.
The two of us split up. I took a position at the top of a rock that looked down over my flag. Alice shot up a tree at the opposite end, but I could still see her. She mouthed, "Esme's out!" I nodded, still listening for Edward.
"Jasper's close," she mouthed and then, "Edward!" She smiled, climbing down the tree quietly, taking off in the opposite direction. She was going to try and lead him away from the flag. It worked. I smelled his scent come close and then move away.
Alice appeared at my side, whispering. "Carlisle's out, Edward got him." I nodded, inhaling deeply.
"He's here," I smiled. I wrapped my shield around the clearing, my flag included. I heard a deep chuckle. Alice hid her face on my shoulder.
"So, I have to break your shield, baby?" Edward's voice was velvet coming from the dark woods. Alice put a finger to her lips.
"Move," she smiled and we got down from the rock. I kept the shield around the flag as we made our way to the opposite side than he was. She made the motion that she was going to try and tag him out. I nodded, walking into a shadow to keep an eye out.
In reality, I knew he could get the flag. He just couldn't be allowed to cross the territory line. I heard the forest explode with curses from Alice and Edward's laugh. "Shit," I whispered. I really hoped Jasper was doing better than I was.
I saw a flash just inside the edge of the trees. I made the split decision to leave the flag but not let Edward make it to the line. "Yes!" Alice laughed from a few yards away.
I shielded myself only, bolting across the clearing and into the woods. As the baseball field came into view, I climbed a nearby tree. I smelled Edward before I heard him. He was stealthily quiet, flying through the trees with my flag. With a smile, I shot my shield out, trapping his legs. He fell with a curse and a laugh. At least my man was a good sport. I landed next to him, walking over and tagging him out.
He smirked up at me as I kept him pinned to the ground. "You're out, baby," I smiled, standing over him, my feet on each side of his chest. I snatched my blue flag from his hands.
"Damn," he laughed, trying to reach up and touch me.
"Not so fast," I giggled, sitting on his chest. A deep growl erupted from him, his eyes going black. "I think I deserve a job well done kiss."
"Mmm, please," he smiled, licking his bottom lip. As soon as I lifted my shield, he pinned me under him. "Job. Well. Done," he crooned, kissing me deeply after each word. He sat up from me, helping me up.
"Go sit with the others," I laughed, slapping his ass.
"No way," Emmett growled, watching Edward join Alice, Esme and Carlisle.
Jasper walked up with the green flag in his hands. "Nice, baby sis," he beamed, giving me a fist bump.
I looked at Edward's team and Emmett and Rose had scowls on their faces. "Lust?" I asked.
"No, irritation," he laughed, standing proudly. "They tried to beat the piss out of each other." Emmett growled, jumping up from the ground. I ducked just as he dove for Jasper, who hit the ground with a laugh and couldn't stop.
"Boys," Esme scolded, but they weren't listening.
I wrapped my shield around the closest one, which happened to be Emmett and pulled hard. "Esme said stop," I sighed as I looked down at him. "Now, I have homework due tomorrow." I looked up at Carlisle.
"Go on, Bells," he smiled. "Excellent job…next time…single attacks."
"Great," I sighed, rolling my eyes and hearing Carlisle's chuckle.
I looked down at my cell phone, begging for a word about Charlie or more attacks or anything, but it stayed quiet. It had been a few weeks since we had brought Carina home to Demitri and even though I got updates, there just weren't as many as I would have liked.
"Nothing?" Jasper asked, looking over my shoulder.
"Um, no," I sighed, sitting down at our usual table in the cafeteria. I opened my bag for my History book and it wasn't there. "Damn, I bet it's in the car…I'll be right back." I had been crashing for the quiz we were supposed to have today. There wasn't such a thing as pop-quizzes when my husband could read the mind of the professor. I smiled slightly at that thought as I made my way through the campus to the parking lot.
I opened the passenger side door of the Volvo and picked my book up off the floorboard. I tucked it in my bag and shut the door. I turned around to see Joe standing at the front of the car. "Bella," he sneered. He looked like shit. He was dirty and his hair was a greasy mess. His hands were flexing from open to fists over and over.
There were a few thoughts that flashed through my brain all at once. The first was Alice would see us right at that moment. The second was Joe was being hunted. Not by just my family, but the police as well. And third? He wanted to hurt me. Really hurt me. I saw it in his face. However, I wasn't worried. I had been hunted by the worst of the worst. An angry little human wasn't an issue.
"Joe…there are people looking for you…" I said, tilting my head at him. I leaned casually on the Volvo. The fact that I wasn't nervous seemed to make him angrier.
"It's your fault…if you would have just done what I told you…but," he shook his head, "you're alone now…" He took a step towards me.
"Stop, Joe," I sighed, holding up my hand. "I am the daughter of a police chief…I can hurt you…I can defend myself. If you come near me, you will regret it. If you touch me, you will hurt. I guarantee you."
"You're five-four…barely a hundred pounds soaking wet…what can you do?" He laughed and I laughed with him. He took another step and was on the same side of the car that I was. "You will come with me."
"Nope." I smiled, taking a deep breath. Edward was near. Edward, I thought to him, stay wherever you are. It was then that I saw him step out from behind an SUV.
"Yes, you are," Joe growled and lunged. He made his first mistake by leaving his body open. The first thing I grabbed was his crotch. Hard. Vampire hard. "Fuck," he breathed, sinking to the concrete. I knelt in front of him, holding on to him.
"No. I'm. Not." I sneered. Joe tried to struggle. "Don't move, Joe. I'll rip them off. You'll be a eunuch in less than thirty seconds." I bent to his ear. "I know what you did to that girl, Joe." His eyes widened. "Stand up." I didn't give him a choice. A sob left his mouth as I raised him up by his meager manly bits. "You can't have me. You won't touch me that way…"
"I will," he whispered, his dead eyes looking back at me. "You'll pay for this."
I started to laugh, shaking my head. Carefully, I slapped him, but his nose started to bleed anyway. I watched the beautiful liquid roll down his face. I must have left my mind open, because Edward moved when my thoughts focused on Joe's blood.
Jasper joined him, standing on the other side of Joe. My hands shook as I gripped the boy. I licked my lips, imagining the taste, the feel of it sliding down my throat. I leaned in, inhaling him. Venom flooded my mouth and I had to swallow to clear my throat.
"Bells," Jasper's voice warned.
"Bella, let him go," Edward said, prying my hands from the boy's clothes. "Security?" Edward asked, turning to Jasper and he nodded. "Love, let him go."
Alice appeared on my side and whispered in my ear. "He won't taste good." My head snapped around to her and she had a playful smile on her face. I released my grip and Joe fell to his knees between Edward and Jasper with a whimper and a sob. He held his groin, rocking back and forth.
"Get me out of here," I growled, looking at Alice. She nodded and grabbed my hand, tugging me through the parking lot to the edge of campus.
"Sit," she smiled, sitting next to me. We were on a bench just off a sidewalk in a little park area. "Breathe, Bells." She ran her fingers through my hair, bringing me back down from the slight bloodlust that I was in. "It's a good thing you had hunted." I nodded, leaning into her touch.
We sat quietly, Alice just running her hand through my hair, my head on her shoulder. "No class today, huh?" She teased and I snorted, nodding into her shoulder.
"Hey, kiddo, you ok?" Jasper sat beside me, kissing the top of my head. Edward wasn't with him. "Edward's filling out the report," he answered before I could ask him.
I took a deep breath, feeling the calm that Jasper was sending my way. I looked up at him and smiled. "That's better, thanks," I sighed. He pulled me into a hug.
"Damn, I almost let you do it," he chuckled. "If anyone deserved it…"
I snorted, shaking my head. "I don't know what I was thinking. I didn't have my shield up."
"Eddie, of course said no…Mr. Self-Control," Jasper shook my shoulder. I laughed, looking up at my brother. "You'd have hated yourself in the morning," he whispered, kissing my head again.
"I should talk to Carlisle today," I sighed. "I haven't sat down with him in a while."
"Good idea, love," Edward smiled, kneeling in front of me. "Hey, sweet girl," he sighed, tucking my hair behind my ear. "Close one, hmm?" I nodded, losing myself in his fathomless ochre eyes. "Security wants a statement from you, but I told them tomorrow."
I nodded, "I'm ok, I can do it now."
Edward stood and offered me his hand. I took it, standing. He took my bag in one hand and wrapped an arm around my shoulders. "Are you sure? They said it could wait."
"Yeah, it's fine," I nodded, leaning into him. I inhaled his shirt, letting his scent fill my lungs, my heart. I felt him kiss the top of my head.
Edward walked me to security, holding the door open. The New Hampshire sheriff was already loading Joe in the car. "Bella?" I heard a voice to my right and felt Edward nod.
"Yeah," I said, turning to see a very large man in uniform. He was menacing, but I realized that probably worked in his favor working on a college campus. He chuckled at me as I craned my neck up to look at him. Damn. I thought Emmett was big.
"Here," he smiled, sitting down. "Better?"
"Thanks," I snickered. With a shiny, bald head and goatee, he looked like a wrestler from TV. All scary one minute and sweet the next. If I were human, he would be the man I would want next to me in a dark alley. Edward chuckled silently at my side, hearing my thoughts.
"I'm Officer Reese Dover…why don't you tell me what happened?" He pulled out a pen and took notes as I told him the story. Once it was all typed up, he had me sign the bottom of it. "Here's what you need to know…" He sighed and I felt Edward tense beside me. "I've been on this campus for ten years and have seen this type of thing happen before. No offense, but rich kids can get away with just about anything. Don't be surprised if Joe's daddy gets a real expensive lawyer and in forty eight hours…Joe's back out on the street."
"Warning?" I asked, shaking my head.
"Warning," he nodded. "Keep her close…he's not right, that one."
"Thank you, sir," Edward nodded. "Will they tell you if he's released?"
"Yeah, they have to…I can call you if you'd like if I hear anything," Officer Reese smiled.
"Please," Edward and I said at the same time.
As we walked out of the office, Edward chuckled. "A wrestler?"
"What? He was huge…he's totally missed his calling," I laughed, stopping in front of him and wrapping my arms around his waist. "I almost killed him."
"I know," Edward snickered, pulling my face back to look up at him. "I wouldn't have let you. I want your record clean…no humans."
I smiled, stood up on my toes and kissed him. "No humans, got it…let's go."
"No class?" He asked and I shook my head no.
Edward drove us all home and I walked straight through the house, across the deck and into Carlisle and Esme's house. Esme saw my face and nodded. "He's in there with Carina and Demitri."
I walked to the door and heard, "Come in, Bells."
I opened the door and Carlisle jumped up. "What happened?"
"Joe…I…Carlisle…I almost killed him," I breathed, looking up at my adopted father. "I made him bleed…I could have drained him…right there."
"Bella, sit," Demitri frowned, getting up to stand behind the chair. I nodded and took a seat.
Carlisle didn't leave my side, but knelt beside the chair. "Tell me…he approached you?" I nodded, telling him the story.
He looked to Carina, who I just noticed was in the chair beside mine. "See? We all struggle."
"What stopped you?" She asked me in her beautiful accent.
"A few things…" I sighed, smiling. "I had hunted yesterday. That was a huge factor. And Edward…he and Jasper were right there." I sighed, looking at Carlisle as he smiled proudly at me. "Edward said I had to keep my record clean."
"Of course he did," Carlisle chuckled.
"I don't know why my shield wasn't up…I hadn't needed it until that moment."
"It's ok…you eventually will be able to go in public without it," Carlisle nodded. "I was thinking you could work with Carina."
"I can," I nodded and smiled. "I can shield you in public. I did it for Jasper for a long time."
"Ok," she smiled, nodding vigorously. I felt Demitri kiss the top of my head and whisper thank you. "It's a hard change…but I want to try."
"I don't know any different, but I know Demitri struggled. Jasper struggled…Edward's brilliant at control," I smiled. "Any of us will help you."
"All true, Carina," Carlisle squeezed my hand.
"I told you," Demitri chuckled. "This family is special."
She smiled, looking up at him, and I could feel her love for him fill the room. "We can try it if you want…we could go somewhere tonight," I offered.
Alice appeared in the doorway. "Why does Edward want the drive-in?" She asked, a smile playing on her face.
"Oh, Jesus," I sighed. "No. Just not this time. Let's do something else."
"Ok, I'll get with everyone and see what they come up with," she laughed, winking at me. I laughed, biting my lip.
"You two scare me sometimes," Carlisle chuckled.
"Yeah, Jazz and Edward say the same thing," I laughed, standing up. "Thanks," I sighed, kissing his cheek. "We'll let you know what the majority vote is for tonight," I smiled at Carina and Demitri. "And I have clothes for you…but trust me when I tell you that Alice will be taking you shopping soon," I giggled at Carina. She smiled sweetly at me and nodded.
"Ok, so Carina wants to go to an American movie," Emmett smiled. "Bells, can you handle that?"
"Yes," my love sighed, looking up from her laptop. "If I can handle Jazz every day at school, then I can handle a night at the movies." I chuckled, going back to the piano.
"We could go into the city," Rose suggested. "You can handle that music festival."
"Yeah," my love nodded, not bothering to look up. "Hey," she smiled, looking at me. "We haven't been to a music festival since Seattle."
"True, love," I smiled. "It was the drive home I remember most," I teased. We weren't able to make it home before I pulled the car over.
"Edward!" Bella and Jasper growled.
"Sorry," I laughed. Bella's eyes locked on mine and she smiled and shook her head.
"Ok," Emmett frowned, ignoring us all. "A festival cannot be classified as a festival without rides."
"You're thinking a fair," Bella sighed, rolling her eyes.
"Yeah, but still…" Emmett pouted.
"Then what, Emmett?" Rose asked impatiently. "What would you suggest?" She raised a dangerous eyebrow at my brother, looking up from painting Bella's toenails.
"Movie's fine," he sighed, practicing a drum roll on the snare drum. His mind really wanted to play somewhere. He was itching for open mike night.
"Say it, if that's what you want, Em," I smiled, turning around. "Like they'd argue."
"Really?" He beamed. I snorted and nodded. "Open mike?"
"Hell, yes!" The girls smiled. He looked at me and I raised an eyebrow.
"Sweet!" Jasper smiled. "Which kind?"
"I got what I wanted last time," Bella laughed. "Fight it out amongst yourselves," she giggled, waving her hand over her computer. "I can play fair."
I laughed, getting up to sit next to her on the sofa. She was writing again. As our siblings went to battle it out over a game of darts, we stayed in the living room. "How's it going?" I asked, kissing her head.
"Good," she smiled, leaning her head into my lips. "Do you want to read it?" She asked, looking nervous. Jasper had been right. She would never force it on me. In fact, it seemed like she thought I wouldn't want to.
"If it's ok with you…Jasper speaks quite highly of it," I nodded, kissing her head again.
"Well, here," she smiled, opening a different file. "This is what's finished…edited. It's like ten chapters. Tell me if it's awful," she snorted, handing the computer over to me.
"Love…" I frowned. "I can't imagine that's possible."
"Whatever, Edward," she giggled. "You're biased." I chuckled at the old joke. It was true. I was completely biased when it came to her. She was perfect to me - in every way. "I tell you what…you read. I'll go tell everyone what we're up to. Maybe Carlisle and Esme will join us this time…since I'll be shielding Carina and all."
"Sure, baby," I nodded, looking back to the story.
"Oh," she grimaced, "let me know the outcome of the big showdown in there," she laughed, pointing over her shoulder.
"Ok," I laughed.
To say the story was good would be doing it an injustice. Bella had taken the feel of her old English novels and brought it to the twenty first century. It was dark in some places, smart in others. And filled with a love and respect for Carlisle and Esme that took my breath away. Romances were not my favorite, though I read them when she was human just to get an idea of her mind. In the story of my parents, she had done an amazing job, capturing their faults and love for one another. There were events in the story that I had forgotten and things I didn't know about at all.
I heard her come and go, taking Carina upstairs to get her something to wear. But I was completely enraptured in the story. At the end of the last finished chapter, I wanted more. I chuckled to myself, thinking she was more amazing than I ever gave her credit for. I closed the computer and Jasper called out, "Yes!"
"Country it is," I smiled to myself, heading upstairs to find my love just coming out of the shower. She was wrapped in a robe, using a towel to dry her hair.
"Finished?" She bit her bottom lip, her brow was furrowed.
"Yes, it's really good." I smiled, leaning in the door of the bathroom. "Am I Edwin?" I chuckled.
"Yep," she laughed. "Sorry, I had to change names…"
"I get it," I chuckled. "You let Jasper send that off…" I growled into her wet hair, kissing her neck. "And I want more…"
"Yes, sir," she giggled. "What's the outcome for tonight?"
"Country," I smiled, turning on the water for my own shower. "Jasper's pleased."
"I bet," she smiled, watching me undress. I laughed as she grabbed my ass when I turned to get in.
It took a few cars to get everyone into the city. Jasper and Alice rode with us in the Volvo with the guitars. We were followed by Emmett and Rose in Bella's SUV with the drums. Carlisle, Esme, Carina and Demitri brought up the rear in the Mercedes.
Jasper started to laugh about halfway to the club and as I read his mind, I joined him. Bella looked at Alice in the backseat and they both shrugged.
"I wonder if Joe can see straight yet," Jasper gasped.
"Oh hell," Bella sighed, rolling her eyes and looking out the window.
"Seriously," Jasper continued. "You did threaten to make him a eunuch, Bells."
Alice snorted and burst into laughter. "I bet it's bruised," she added.
"Well, good…he won't threaten anyone with it for a while," Bella huffed, folding her arms across her chest.
"You didn't seem threatened, love," I smirked. "You did think the words 'meager manly bits'…" Jasper fell over in the back and Alice covered her face.
"Oh shit, I did," she laughed, looking up at me. "Yeah, it's sad," she snorted. "I might have broken one…" She grimaced.
"Oh!" Jasper and I groaned, shaking our heads.
"Did it pop?" Alice gasped, leaning forward.
"I don't know!" Bella laughed. "You mean like a grape?"
"Yeah," Alice nodded. Jasper hissed, holding himself, his brow furrowed.
"I think so," my love said, her mouth hanging open. "Damn…sucks to be him," she shrugged. "You know…" she started, shaking her finger. "If he hadn't been such a pill…he wouldn't be holding a very small ice pack on his groin right now."
"How small?" Alice snorted.
"Two…three cubes at most…" Bella laughed.
"Damn," I shook my head.
"Yeah, but like home ice cube trays or like McDonald's dispenser ice?" Alice giggled.
"McDonald's," Bella giggled. "No wonder he forced women…"
"Damn…that's small…" Jasper frowned. "What's the point?"
"There isn't one," Alice and Bella laughed at the same time. Alice added, "Well, there's a point…just not much else." Bella covered her mouth, laughing quietly, her face towards the window.
"Ruthless," I snickered.
Spoiled, Bella thought to me, looking down at my lap and back up. That's mine…there's nothing meager about you, Mr. Cullen. Spoiled doesn't even begin to cover it.
"Yes, Mrs. Cullen," I chuckled.
"Never forget it," she smirked, raising an eyebrow at me. "What are you singing tonight?" She asked, turning to look at Alice and Jasper.
"Oh, a little of this…a little of that," Jasper chuckled.
"Besides, Raining on Sunday," Bella sighed, rolling her eyes. "We have to get you a new song."
"No!" Alice pouted. "Never."
"Fine," my love raised her hands in surrender. "I don't care. I was just curious."
"Here you go, love," Edward smiled, pulling up at the front door. Once again, the boys dropped us off before they took off to the back to unload their instruments.
"Thanks, baby," I smiled, leaning over to kiss him.
"You'll do fine with Carina," he said, nodding to himself. "She likes you."
"She's really sweet," I smiled. I had liked Carina instantly. I didn't know if it was because our friend loved her or that her personality had started to shine once she was in a much calmer environment. "Have fun, baby," I smirked. "I'm your only groupie."
"Yes, indeed," he chuckled, pinching my butt as I got out.
I met everyone at the front door. I turned to Carina before we got up to the bouncer. "Jasper says it feels a little strange when I shield him. It not only cuts off the scent of humans, but other scents as well, ok?"
"Ok," Carina nodded. Her eyes were wary as we were around her, but there were humans everywhere. I shielded her and her breath hitched slightly. She smiled, "Nothing!"
"Good," I beamed, feeling Carlisle pat my back. We turned around in line and saw our favorite bouncer.
"Randy!" Alice, Rose and I squealed.
"My girls!" Randy drawled. He was straight from Georgia. What he was doing in Boston, we had no idea. He was tall and lean with a thick mustache. He was strawberry blonde and covered in freckles. He kept all the undesirables at bay for us when it was just the three of us. "You brought your own protection tonight, I see," he chuckled, looking at Demitri and Carlisle.
"Yes, but we will always need you, Randy," Rose smirked. We all leaned in and kissed his cheek when he let us in.
"Tell those boys good luck…they're talented little shits," Randy laughed.
"We will," I waved.
Demitri and Carlisle pulled two tables together, the waitress watching them with her mouth wide open. I couldn't tell who she was ogling more. Carina made sure to sit next to me and Alice was on my other side.
"Do they do this a lot?" Carina asked, looking around the table and then around the whole club.
"Yes," we all answered, laughing.
"They will tell you that they do it for us," Rose said, rolling her eyes. "Don't believe a word of it. Watch the big hams and you'll see they are having a blast."
Just as she spoke, Randy walked up to the stage and introduced the "Cullen Boys". The lights dropped and I could see Edward had set up his keyboards this time. He didn't normally use them unless he needed to bring in the sound of strings. He had three. Two stacked and the other one to the side. I knew the one on the side was actually an electric piano. Jasper was sitting on a stool in front of the mike near him with an acoustic guitar on his lap.
Edward began a sweet melody and the words Jasper sang had to have been really close to his heart, because our whole table felt his love and emotion. Edward added the strings and it was perfect.
I've dealt with my ghosts and I've faced all my demons
Finally content with a past I regret
I've found you find strength in your moments of weakness
For once I'm at peace with myself
I've been burdened with blame, trapped in the past for too long
I'm movin' on
I've lived in this place and I know all the faces
Each one is different but they're always the same
They mean me no harm but it's time that I face it
They'll never allow me to change
But I never dreamed home would end up where I don't belong
I'm movin' on
Jasper had finally come to terms with his life. He had finally found the focus he needed to be a member of the family and not just someone that they dragged along. Alice looked at me and her tears were intended, though not there.
The main part of the song took our breath away. Edward and Jasper harmonized perfectly and Emmett filled in the background. It was flawless.
I'm movin' on
At last I can see life has been patiently waiting for me
And I know there's no guarantees, but I'm not alone
There comes a time in everyone's life
When all you can see are the years passing by
And I have made up my mind that those days are gone
The last verse made me love my brother all the more. He, like Edward, will always be searching for the illusive forgiveness they seemed to crave. Little did they know, they didn't need it. Their souls were firmly intact and beautiful. I absolutely believed that.
I sold what I could and packed what I couldn't
Stopped to fill up on my way out of town
I've loved like I should but lived like I shouldn't
I had to lose everything to find out
Maybe forgiveness will find me somewhere down this road
I'm movin' on
"Wow," Esme smiled. "It's different here than at home."
"We tried to tell you!" Alice and I laughed.
Our conversation was cut short, because the boys decided to rock the house. Edward strapped the guitar I had bought him over his shoulder. Emmett was pounding out a bass beat and smacking his sticks together. Jasper had the biggest smile on his face, still playing the acoustic guitar.
Jasper started and Edward joined him with a deep, dirty sound. It was fantastic and it was all in fun.
I got no money in my pockets
I got a hole in my jeans
I had a job and I lost it
But it won't get to me
'Cause I'm ridin' with my baby
and it's a brand new day
We're on the wheels of an angel
Flyin' away
I snickered as the boys harmonized in the same mike. I let my eyes travel the stage. Edward was in all black, a tight t-shirt making my mouth water. Jasper was in dark blue jeans and gray t-shirt with a plaid shirt unbuttoned over it. Emmett was similar to Edward only with a white t-shirt.
And the sun is shinin'
This road keeps windin'
Through the prettiest country
From Georgia to Tennessee
And I got the one I love beside me
My troubles behind me
I'm alive and I'm free
Who wouldn't wanna be me
Edward winked at me at the end of the song and I blew him a kiss. Rose threw a napkin at me and eyed the table behind us. Alice and I turned and saw two girls trying to get closer to the stage.
"They won't make it," Alice giggled. And sure enough, Randy came by to push them back from the stage. He shot us a wink and a smile. "I love Randy," Alice laughed.
"Me too," I nodded.
"Fine, but hush!" Alice scolded me and I heard Carina snicker beside me.
"This is their song," I explained. I loved the song myself. It reminded me of Forks and rainy days and - God help me - thunder storms. If I felt that way about the song, I couldn't imagine what the story behind it was with Alice and Jasper.
It ticks just like a Timex
It never lets up on you
Who said life was easy
The job is never through
It'll run us 'til we're ragged
It'll harden our hearts
And love could use a day of rest
Before we both start falling apart
I Pray that it's raining on Sunday
Stormin' like crazy
We'll hide under the covers all afternoon
Baby whatever comes Monday
Can take care of itself
'Cause we've got better things that we can do
When it's raining on Sunday
Your love is like religion
A cross in Mexico
And your kiss is like the innocence
Of a prayer nailed to a door
Oh surrender is much sweeter
When we both let it go
Let the water wash our bodies clean
And love wash our souls
When the boys were done, they got a huge response from the patrons in the club. Even bigger when they came from the back to join us. I hopped down from my stool and Edward sat, pulling me into his lap. "Good job, baby," I smiled, kissing his face.
"Thank you," he smirked.
"I see why you do that," Demitri chuckled. "That looks fun as hell."
"It is," Edward nodded, smiling.
We watched the next band and got up to go. As we walked out Randy and the bartender were huddled around Randy's iPhone. He looked up and smiled. "Great job tonight, guys…bye, my girls." His attention was taken away from us by his phone. "Holy shit, did you see that?"
Edward's breath inhaled sharply. "Randy, what you got there?" He asked, but his voice was tight, stressed.
"Ed, check this out, man," Randy said, handing him is phone. He played a video and we all watched over and around Edward. "My sister sends me news from home…"
It was a news broadcast from Atlanta.
Caught on camera tonight…a group of people attacked a young woman at a street concert. From what we can tell, the attackers are actually biting the victim.
We all froze as we watched in horror. Someone had caught on camera, or camera phone, three vampires draining a young woman while humans and more vampires watched. It had made it to the news.
"Holy fuck," Emmett whispered.
"Home," Carlisle said so low only we could hear it. "All of us, now."


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