Tuesday, March 20, 2001 | By: Drotuno

Angel's Embrace Chapter 11

"You've got to be fucking kidding me," Jasper growled as we all tore into the house. Emmett grabbed a computer and Edward flipped on the television. "The whole world will know about us by tomorrow," Jasper was practically shaking as he stood behind Emmett.
"Yep…Youtube…MSN…Yahoo…shit, that video's everywhere!" Emmett growled.
"But, listen," Edward said softly from in front of the television. "They think it's a hoax." I went and sat down on the floor in front of him and he rested his chin on my head.
Men and women dressed as vampires put on a show at the street concert in Atlanta, Georgia today.
"It was awesome," a young girl beamed, pushing her sweaty hair from her face. "I've been to New Orleans, but these guys are better."
The story went on to tell about a cult of "vampires" in New Orleans. They wear all black and drink red wine. They even cut each other and lick the blood.
"You know," Carlisle grimaced, "for humans…that's damn dangerous. The diseases…"
Edward snorted, looking over at him. "That's what you got out of this?" He asked. "We can't be the only real vampires that are going to see this."
"All hell will break loose," Demitri growled from the sofa. Carina rubbed his arm to try and calm him. "It's fine that humans think it's for show...but real vampires will want to test these new boundaries..." He was mumbling to himself, but we heard every word.
"No, Edward, of course not," Carlisle frowned, looking at his hands. "I just…"
"Leave it to humans to have proof right in front of their noses and not believe a word of it," I mused. Rose snorted and nodded. Edward kissed my head.
My phone went off, interrupting him. "Jake?" I answered and the whole house stilled, waiting to hear.
"Bells," Jake breathed. "They all just took off on us…it's like it was a sudden thing."
"Jake, Edward's sending a video to Seth's phone…you have to watch…they may have left for this…" Edward pulled out his phone, his fingers flying over the screen.
"Seth! Get over here…lemme see that," Jake growled and I could hear the video playing in the background. "Jesus," Jake gasped.
"I saw one of them with a phone…" I heard Sam growl in the background.
Carlisle was the first to think straight. "Carina," he turned to her. "Did Felix plan on keeping the same rules as Aro?"
"Secret first," she nodded. "That's what he kept telling us. He had heard about the south, but was determined to get to you first. He messed up…he let it go too long. Jane warned him."
"Jane warned him to leave us and handle the problem in the south?" Carlisle asked.
"Yes, but he wouldn't listen."
"Bells, tell Jake that he may have a little break…but not to let his guard down." I nodded to Carlisle and relayed the message.
"Thanks for the heads up…oh and Charlie is going into a rehab facility, Bells," Jake sighed. "He's got to learn to use his arm again, but he looks good. He hates the hospital food. And he's telling everyone that will listen that your angel-self visited him in the hospital."
"Oh God," I groaned, hearing Edward chuckle.
"Told you," he snickered, kissing my cheek.
"He won't look me in the eye, but pretty soon I have to sit him down, Bells…what do I tell him?" Jake asked and I could hear the worry.
"Keep us out of it for now," I sighed, looking at my family. Carlisle nodded in agreement.
"He's going to put two and two together…he's not stupid. He's going to remember what they looked like and your family will come to mind."
"I know…just…wait…ok?"
"Whatever you want, Bells," Jake chuckled. "You know, he can't hurt you…" My family laughed quietly at that statement.
"Shut it, Jake…he'll be heartbroken…just wait…if I decide…then I will do it myself," I growled.
"Yes, ma'am," he laughed. "Chicken." Emmett snorted, shaking his head, not looking up from the computer.
"Bite me," I sneered. "Go kiss your kids…call if you hear anything."
"Bells! Let me up!" Jasper begged, laughing hysterically.
"Bella, try not to use your shield when fighting," Carlisle chuckled. "I know you will…and you should, but just in case, you should know how to handle hand to hand…"
"Ok, ok," she sighed. "I can't help it. It's a habit."
"Here…watch me and Emmett," Jasper smiled. Emmett smirked, standing taller. They flew at each other, ducking at weaving.
"It's better for you to watch those two," Carlisle smiled. "I'll show you why in a moment." I chuckled, shaking my head and Alice nodded. "Ok, boys call it a draw," he said just as Jasper pinned Emmett to the ground.
"Alice, Edward…show her how your talents work in a fight," Jasper laughed.
Fighting Alice was all in prediction and mind reading. She saw my decisions and I saw her thought process. We barely touched each other. Finally, I grabbed her shoulders, but she was perched on mine. Bella giggled at the both of us.
"If I shield one of you, does that change things?" She asked. And we tried it with Alice under the shield. She was on my back in a flash. "Guess so," Bella laughed.
"Come on, Bells," Emmett smiled. "Fight me like God intended." Bella rolled her eyes, shaking her head.
"Actually," Demitri chuckled, "that's not a bad idea…Emmett and Felix are about the same size, Bells."
Bella looked at Emmett, sizing him up. "Ok," she sighed.
"No shield," Emmett growled.
"I know…I can hear Carlisle too, you know," she sneered back. I chuckled, shaking my head as Demitri and Jasper joined me.
Jasper held up a fifty dollar bill. "She bests him…shield or no shield…she's a force to be reckoned with."
"Hmm," I eyed the money. "She's spoiled with that shield. Emmett wins."
"You're both wrong," Demitri snickered. "It's a draw…she's quick and smart…he's strong…"
"Are you done yet?" Emmett and Bella asked together. Emmett adding, "All bets down now?" Jasper laughed, nodding.
"Eddie bet against you," Emmett taunted as they circled each other.
"That's ok," she laughed. "He's next."
"Oh hell," I groaned.
Carlisle chuckled, thinking, you're in for it now. I just nodded, shrugging at the inevitable.
The match exploded in front of us. We could hear them taunting and teasing each other, laughing as one would slip out of the grasp of the other. At one point, Bella was perched on Emmett's chest with a smirk, but his giant arms wrapped her up and tossed her. She landed on her feet, spinning and pouncing. She landed on his back, her mouth at his neck.
"Nice," Carlisle laughed.
"Sweet," Jasper grinned as he took the money from me and Demitri. "Thank you…it was nice doing business with you…oh, and I wish you luck."
"Good job, little sis," Emmett chuckled as he pulled her off his shoulders. He ruffled her hair, saying, "Kick his ass for betting against you."
"No doubt," she growled, looking over at me. She started walking towards me and my family cleared away. Traitors.
"It was only in the interest of the bet, love," I smiled, backing away from her. Every step she took forward, I took one back. "It was only mathematics…I took your previous matches and…"
"Mmhm," she sneered. "I got your math, Edward," she mumbled. She wasn't mad. In fact, she looked amused.
"Love, you know I can pin you…we all remember the football game…"
I was cut off, she dove for me with a growl and I barely escaped her. Jasper exploded into laughter. "Can't read her thoughts, though, can you?" He teased.
It took all the speed I had to avoid her attacks. I couldn't read her mind - Jasper was right. But wrestling with Emmett had taught her a thing or two. Soon she had help. They were all yelling suggestions.
"Traitors," I growled as Alice told her to aim high.
"Ok, ok," Carlisle laughed. "It's a draw…"
Bella walked over to Alice and Rose and took money from them. "You bet a draw?" I asked, chuckling.
"Yep," she smiled, wrapping her arms around my neck. I know every inch of you, baby. She giggled against my skin. I knew I wouldn't win, but I can read your body better than you can.
"I'd accuse you of cheating," I chuckled, nuzzling her neck. "But…yeah…I just can't find it in me to complain about that." She laughed, pulling back to kiss my cheek.
"Edward?" My love called from the bed. I had been avoiding looking at her. She was stretched out on her stomach in nothing but one of my t-shirts. I had been fighting my erection for an hour as she innocently typed on her laptop.
"Yes, love," I smiled, shaking my head. My fingers gripped the neck of the guitar in my hands in order not to dive on her.
"Are we going anywhere for Valentine's Day?"
I sighed, knowing we always went somewhere. "I don't know…I hadn't planned anything, I'm sorry…just with everything that's been going on…"
"Oh, baby, that's not what I meant" she smiled. "Jasper and Alice are going to the Blue Ridge Mountains…Carlisle said if we wanted to, that it would be fine. He's been studying the progress of the south."
"Yes, it seems to be a bigger issue than even Felix probably anticipated. Alice said she sees him staying there for a while," I nodded. "Ok, so where do you want to go?" I asked, hoping for a list of places.
"Nope, not this time, Mr. Cullen," she giggled. "I'll plan this one." I growled, frustrated that she had her mind closed to me. "It's next weekend and this one is my idea. And I see that face you're making…first, no, you can't know…and second, it's stateside," she sighed, clearly disappointed that we couldn't make the Africa trip.
"Oh, love…when we go to Africa…I want to take my time…not just a weekend," I chuckled. "So, where are we going?" I laughed as she shook her head at me. She groaned, her brow furrowing, when I stood up. I set my guitar down and laid down beside her, matching her position on my stomach.
"Please, baby…" She begged, closing her computer. "Let me have this…you plan stuff all the time…" I studied her face and she was bracing herself to be interrogated. I couldn't resist brushing her hair from her face. I raked my fingers through the thick locks, resting my hand on the small of her back.
"Fine," I smirked. "Not another question."
"Really?" She asked, looking skeptical.
"Honestly," I smiled. "It's yours…I'd follow you anywhere…" I slid my hand to her bottom where my shirt had ridden slightly up. My fingers grazed the bottom of her cheeks.
"Thanks, baby," she beamed. It was so easy to make her happy. And all that made her happy was me. I had lived with Alice and Rose for many years and as much as I loved them, they could be high maintenance. Bella wasn't. At all. I tried to spoil her, but time with me and fun with the family was all she wanted. Ever.
"You're killing me in this shirt, love," I snickered, finally able to repent for the thoughts that I had been having for the last hour.
"I can take it off," she teased, rolling to her side to face me.
"Maybe that would be best," I frowned, slipping my hand under the material and gliding up her hip. She giggled, lifting up and pulling the shirt over her head. She tossed it away and it landed on our pillows.
"Better?" She asked and smiled, hearing the air rush out of me.
Her skin was maddeningly smooth. I watched my own hand slide to her back, over her perfect ass and down her thigh. I repeated this path over and over. I rolled to my side, facing her. She hitched her leg over mine, allowing me to continue touching her. Sometimes, my mind would reel with the idea that she was my personal plaything forever. I'm sure she felt the same way as she reached out and dragged her warm palms over my bare chest.
Her eyes blackened as I gripped her bottom, my fingers just barely touching the wetness between her folds. Her breath caught and she pulled me to her by my neck. As if she could read my mind, she thought, I can't believe I can keep you forever…
"Mind blowing, isn't it?" I whispered, pulling her flush to me and finally leaning in to taste her lips. I couldn't stop touching her. Where our mouths were hot and messy, our touches were light and teasing. I cupped her ass again and my fingers met with more wetness. Her hips bucked into me and I moaned into her.
For the first time in a long time, we didn't care that we weren't home alone. We didn't care that everyone could hear us. She rolled, pulling me on top of her. Settling between her legs, I continued to kiss her, touch her. God, baby, don't stop, she thought to me. Your hands…
I sat back on my knees still between her legs, running my fingers all over her. My thumbs rubbed her nipples and she arched as my palms glided down her sides. Gripping her knees, I yanked her closer to me so that her legs were wrapped around me. Her hips lifted, trying to find the friction that she needed.
"This, love," I smiled, hearing a soft mewl escape her as I lightly slipped my fingers through her wetness. "Mine, forever…"
"I know…" she breathed, her legs squeezing against my sides. Knowing how badly it can hurt to want to come, I stopped torturing her.
Slipping a finger into her elicited the most beautiful sound. I watched my own hand as I slipped a second finger in, my thumb pressing against the most sensitive part. Her hips rose off the bed, her mouth hanging open. I worked my fingers in and out, her hips meeting my rhythm and her hands gripping the covers. My other hand continued to touch her, ghosting up her stomach and between her breasts and down again.
"Edward," she moaned and my eyes rolled back with the way my name escaped her lips. That never got old. I felt her muscles contract once and knew she was close to the edge. I leaned back over her, planting my hand next to her head.
I kissed her hard, trailing my lips to her ear. "Come for me, my gorgeous girl," I whispered in her ear. "I could watch you come all day." That was the truth, but I also knew my voice did things to her even she couldn't explain. It worked both ways.
My angel gripped my shoulders, her whole body arching as she shattered under me. She was stunning as her thoughts left her and her body's natural reactions took over. I couldn't help but smile down at her. "I love you," I sighed against her neck as her breathing slowed down.
She smiled back, bringing me in for a kiss. "I love you too, but we are so not done," she whispered against my lips.
She reached between us, flicking open my jeans and shoving them down. I kicked out of them, rolling her over on to her stomach again. She looked over her shoulder at me as I pressed against her, slipping my tip over her heat. "Please, Edward," she begged.
I slipped into her, both of us growling at the feel wet heat surrounding me, drawing me in and holding me. Instead of pulling her hips to mine, I laid my entire weight on her, entwining our fingers at her head. I could feel every part of her. Every muscle twitch, every inch of skin inside and out. "Jesus," I moaned, biting her shoulder and leaving a licking kiss. Her tiny fingers gripped mine harder as her body writhed under me.
We didn't usually make love in this position. We preferred face to face. It was just how we were and there no complaints, so when her walls constricted on me, I was just about to come undone. Harder, Edward, she thought to me. I sat back, slamming her hips to mine and her breath caught in her throat.
"Oh God, Bella, I'm close…" I growled low. "Don't you dare come without me." I felt her body tense trying to hold it back. I smiled, swiveling my hips and hitting her in the spot that made her cry out. "I said wait, love," I growled. I reached around her hip, finding her clit and pressed it hard. "Now, baby…come for me."
She exploded, a cry leaving her lips that I knew the whole house heard. I pulled her hips to mine a few more times and I couldn't hold back anymore. I emptied into her with a deep growl I couldn't stop.
We collapsed together onto the bed and I rolled her to me. As much as I knew we wanted to stay in bed all day, she had promised to go with my sisters and Carina shopping. "What time are you leaving, love?"
"In an hour or so," she sighed, crawling up on top of me and burying her face in my neck. "Carina needs her own stuff if they are going to stay with us for awhile." I nodded and kissed the top of her head. "Not that I mind sharing…but it's nice to have something to call your own."
"Yes, ma'am," I agreed. At this point, I was so relaxed she could have gotten me to agree to anything.
She lifted her head, smirking at me. "Can you even function, my love?" She giggled.
"Barely," I chuckled, tracing lazy lines on her back. "I have to stop touching you though, or that shopping thing will never happen."
She smiled, biting her bottom lip. "Do whatever it is you feel you need to do," she laughed.
"I feel like ravishing you all day," I snickered, grinding her into me. "But it's not possible. Alice is already frantic that you will change your mind." I could hear my sister's thoughts and they were screaming at me to let Bella get ready.
"Oh," Bella nodded. "Relax, Ali," she laughed. "A few minutes won't kill you." Alice calmed down, realizing that Bella wouldn't lie to her and that we rarely got alone time with everyone in the house. "Need anything while we're out?"
"Just for you to hurry back to me, beautiful girl," I smiled, tucking her hair behind her ear.
"Done," she smiled, kissing me quickly and heading into the bathroom to get ready.
"Does Carlisle really believe that this diet can make relationships stronger?" Carina asked as we were heading out of town.
Rose was driving and Alice and I were in the backseat. Carina had turned around to ask her question.
"Believe?" Rose clarified and Carina nodded. "No…we're proof. We are and so are the Denalis. It's a family, not a coven."
"I know…I feel it." Carina smiled.
"If you're worried about today," Alice frowned, "Bells has got you covered. You won't have any problems."
"I'm not worried about that," Carina smiled at me. "This is the first time that Demitri hasn't been around…I wanted female advice."
"Oh, well…hell, you're in the right car, now," I laughed and Rose nodded, laughing with me. "What is it, Carina?"
"Demitri's…so…different now," Carina said, her brow furrowing. "I was wondering if that was the diet or what…"
"We only know Demitri as you see him right now, Carina," Rose smiled, looking at her. "When we first met him he was a little different, but we've gotten to know him in the last few years. What was he like before?"
"I hated him," Carina laughed. "So arrogant." Alice and I laughed. "He was so gorgeous…and it seemed like he knew it."
She was quiet for a moment and continued. "For a human to work at Volterra, it's a huge honor. There are so many interviews and background checks…" She huffed a laugh, shaking her head. "You can figure out why. If you have a spouse or a family…you're out. If you're alone and no one can miss you…you stand a good chance. It's easier that way…if they decided…not to keep you…then you wouldn't be missed."
"I needed the job," she went on. "I was alone, no money and Volterra paid really well. The first time I saw Demitri, he was coming through the lobby with Felix. They were bringing in another vampire to stand trial before the brothers. He had been feeding without care, causing problems in Germany. Aro destroyed him. Anyway, Demitri stopped in his tracks when he saw me, introduced himself, and winked at me." Alice and I giggled. "I told myself he was a pig…in reality…he was perfect. Felix was the pig. More than one time did Demitri walk up to my desk to shoo Felix away from me. He would say the most disturbing things…always trying to get me to talk to him…go out with him."
"It didn't take long…I fell in love with Demitri. Aro saw it, Felix saw it…when Demitri finally saw it, Aro told him that he could keep me." She snorted, shaking her head. "I wanted Demitri, we were in love. Felix was jealous of him and they fought more than once. Aro finally sent Felix out of the country for long periods of time to keep them from fighting. At the time, Aro favored Demitri. He and Felix used to be best friends, but when I entered the picture, they became enemies."
"Demitri was fiercely protective of me when Felix would return. He was intense and almost hard to be around. Even worse once he changed me. But we noticed that the last time Felix returned, just before Demitri came to the states, that Felix was avoiding us. We should have known then what he was planning. He clung to Chelsea, whispering, smiling."
"You know," Rose growled, parking the car in the mall parking lot, "I can't wait to get my hands on this Felix. The more I hear about him, the more he sounds like a worthless…"
"He is, but don't underestimate him," Carina warned. "He's smart and strong and cunning."
"We're smart too…" Alice growled.
"I don't want to talk about him…Demitri and Carlisle talk about him enough," Carina smiled, looking at all of us as we walked to the doors of the mall. "I want to know how you guys met those boys…"
I chuckled, looking at Alice. "Of course she does," Alice snickered. "Save Bella's for the ride home…" I laughed, shoving my sister just a little. "Better yet, ask Esme…she lives to tell Bella and Edward's story."
"No, let Bells tell it," Rose winked.
"On the way home…" I sighed.
As we shopped, Carina was told all the stories. Rose explained her story, starting vaguely with her human time and skimmed over the rape. Royce was the lowest of the low. She explained how Carlisle had found her after the attack and thought she would be perfect for Edward.
"How old is Edward?" Carina asked me.
"A hundred and twelve," I smirked.
"He waited?"
"Yes," Alice, Rose and I all sighed. "Just wait," Rose smiled, "her story…in the car."
"Ok, ok," Carina laughed.
Rose continued as we gathered clothes, building Carina's wardrobe. "I was hunting when I found Emmett. He was being attacked by a bear…after I killed the bear, I looked at his sweet curls and his almost child-like face. I was done," she laughed. "I took him straight home to Carlisle."
We walked down the mall. "Oh," I smiled. "I need to go in here." We all turned into Victoria's Secret.
"Oh yeah…Valentine's Day…" Alice smirked. "Why isn't he curious?"
"No idea," I laughed. "He said he'd follow me anywhere…he's letting me plan this one."
"He'll approve," she laughed, leaning into me.
"Oh, I know he'll approve."
Carina smiled, watching us. "Jasper…" She pressed, waving Alice on to tell her story.
"Oh Jasper…in order to understand how we met, you have to hear how we were apart," Alice smiled sweetly. She explained the war in the south and how Jasper was turned during the Civil War. She tried to remember some details of being in an asylum and not knowing anything. "All I knew after my change was that I was supposed to be at a certain place to meet Jasper and I was supposed to end up with Carlisle's family." Alice smiled sadly. "My visions didn't give me much more than that."
"When he finally walked up," she giggled. "I said, 'you're late'…and he said, 'sorry, ma'am'." I will always laugh about that. It was that one moment, their first moment, that would define their relationship for eternity.
Laden with packages and bags, we loaded the car several hours later. My phone beeped a text message just as we all piled into the car.
E: Is girl time over yet?
I smiled, biting my bottom lip. Alice laughed, looking over my shoulder. "Pathetic thing," she laughed.
"Shut it!" I growled and laughed at the same time. "Like Jasper hasn't texted you all day."
"Touché," she smiled.
B: Yes, baby. We're on our way now. Have I told you how handsome you are today?
I got a response almost immediately.
E: It doesn't matter…just hurry home. I need to steal you away to the creek.
I sighed, smiling.
B: I can't imagine what you would want to do there…
E: I can list it out if you would like.
B: No! Just show me when we get there, baby.
If Edward listed what he wanted to do, I would be a mess by the time we pulled in the driveway. That was a fact.
"Stop texting him and tell Carina your story…" Rose cracked up.
"Oh, my bad," I laughed, snapping out of my little Edward bubble. So I told her, everything. From the first day in Biology, to the meadow, to our first kiss, to his leaving. I told her about Prom and Jasper on my birthday and Edward coming through my window night after night.
Alice and Rose reacted like they didn't live through the story, but I realized they had never heard my side in my words. "You have to understand," Alice smiled sweetly. "We never thought Edward would find someone."
"He was alone so long," Rose nodded. "Esme used to say he was turned too young."
"Anyway," I smiled, "he wasn't too young and there's nothing wrong with him…he waited. He told me once he was looking for perfection…and he found it the day I walked into his life."
The "aws" were too much, I rolled my eyes. If they knew half the things he had said to me, they'd lose their minds. "So, apparently, he watched over me while we were apart. I've been told by him and Alice that he guarded me the last week just before Victoria caught up to me."
"He did," Alice sighed, laying her head on my shoulder. "Oh, Bells, when he thought you loved someone else…I saw his decision to wait for you…to watch over you…"
I could smile about it now. I had him. We were husband and wife. "My guardian vampire," I whispered, smiling to myself. I continued the story, telling her how Edward had stumbled back into my life. He found me a mess and covered in bruises from Jake.
"That's why Demitri said that you got angry with him," Carina gasped, turning to look at me. "He said you yelled at him for leaving me behind."
"I did," I nodded. "I'm so sorry about that…sometimes, I have a problem with my past. Edward feels needlessly guilty, of course. He thinks his decision to leave was a mistake. It wasn't the leaving…it was the way he did it…lying to me. He's never lied to me since. He thinks he has to make it up to me. He doesn't," I smiled, looking at my hands. "I've never blamed him," I sighed as we pulled into the garage. "He is my other half."
"Shield, Bells," Alice gasped. "They're playing new stuff."
I snickered, wrapping my shield around them all. We crept out the garage and around to the kitchen door, so they wouldn't see us come in.
We looked into the music room, seeing Edward at the piano, Jasper with his electric guitar and Emmett at the drums. "Come on, Jazz…you can do this one," Emmett laughed. "Hit it, Eddie." Demitri was sitting on the side, snickering at all of them.
Edward pounded out a fast melody with Emmett hitting the drums hard and Jasper smiled as he sang.
Baby here I am
I'm the man on the scene
I can give you what you want
But you gotta' come home with me'Cause mama I'm sure hard to handle, now,
Gets around
They smiled as they sang, having a good time. Alice bit back her giggle. Rose helped by wrapped her hand around her mouth. My attention was snapped back to the music room as Edward said, getting up from the piano, "Get your acoustic, Jazz. We'll try that one you wanted."
I have got some good old lovin'
And I got some more in store
When I get through throwin' it on you
You gotta' come back for more
Boys and things that come by the dozen
That ain't nothin' but drugstore lovin'
Hey little thing let me light your candle
Edward picked up his own acoustic and sat back down on the piano bench, facing Jasper. "Light and easy, Em…it's a Spanish feel," Edward smiled and Emmett nodded. Edward began with a sweet sound, the words and harmony were breathtaking.
To really love a woman
to understand her
you've got to know what deep inside
hear every thought see every dream
and give her wings when she wants to fly
and when you find yourself lying helpless in her arms
You know you really love a woman
When you love a woman
you tell her that she's really woman
When you love a woman
you tell her that she's the one
She needs somebody
to tell her that its gonna last forever
So tell me have you ever really
really, really
ever loved a woman?
"Jasper, skip to the reprise…" Edward smiled. By now, all we wanted was to rush to them. If they knew we were here, they didn't look up. To be honest, I think they were having way too much fun to pay attention to their surroundings.
You've got to give her some faith
hold her tight
a little tenderness
you've gotta treat her right
she will be there for you
taking good care of you
(you've really gotta love your woman) (yeah)
and when you find yourself lying helpless in her arms
you know you really love a woman

"Eddie…do that Phil Collins one," Emmett smiled.
"Damn, Ed, I don't know…that's damn sad song," Jasper frowned. "Bells will kick my ass…"
Edward chuckled, shaking his head and I had to bury my face in Rose's shoulder to stay silent. "It's fine, Jazz," Edward said, still laughing. "Demitri wanted to hear it anyway. I promise to keep Bella from beating you to death." I had to walk back into the kitchen to keep from being heard. I stopped laughing when Edward whispered to Jasper. "Besides, it doesn't bother me anymore…"
I popped back into the doorway, my breath catching. I looked to Alice and she smiled, mouthing, "It will be fine." I nodded, focusing back to Edward, who was now sitting back down to the piano.
The first few notes and I knew the song immediately. Renee had played over and over with one of her breakups when I was young. It was on my iPod upstairs. Emmett had downloaded it for me ages ago.
When Edward began to sing, just the piano accompanied him.
How can I just let you walk away,
just let you leave without a trace
When I stand here taking every breath with you,
You're the only one who really knew me at all
How can you just walk away from me,
when all I can do is watch you leave
Cause we've shared the laughter and the pain,
and even shared the tears
You're the only one who really knew me at all
With that last line, Edward looked up, seeing all of us in the doorway. A sweet smile flickered over his features, but he continued to sing. It was then that I realized the song wasn't about us, it was about Carina and Demitri. She was practically sobbing in Alice's arms and Demitri hadn't seen her yet. His gaze was concentrated on his hands in his lap.
So take a look at me now,
Cause there's just an empty space
And there's nothing left here to remind me,
just the memory of your face
Take a look at me now,
Cause there's just an empty space
And you coming back to me
is against all odds and that's what I've got to face
With the next verse, it was Emmett that harmonized with him.
I wish I could just make you turn around,
turn around and see me cry
There's so much I need to say to you,
so many reasons why
You're the only one who really knew me at all
So take a look at me now,
Cause there's just an empty space
And there's nothing left here to remind me,
just the memory of your face
Take a look at me now,
Cause there's just an empty space
But to wait for you,
well that's all I can do and that's what I've got to face
Take a good look at me now,
Cause I'll still be standing here
And you coming back to me is against all odds
Its the chance I've got to take
As the song ended, Demitri finally looked up from his hands. His face was sad until he saw Carina bolting across the room. His hard features melted into the sweetest face of happiness. With a soft conversation in Italian, they left the house.
My feet carried me to Edward at the piano without my permission. "Hey beautiful," he smiled, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me between his legs. "Sneaking up on us again, I see," he chuckled. I leaned in, kissing his forehead and running my fingers through his hair.
I bit my lip, fighting my laugh. "Alice's idea."
"At least I'm not in trouble," Jasper snickered, ruffling my hair as he walked by. Suddenly, I wanted the whole house to ourselves.
"Ok, Bells," Alice laughed. "Fine!" I looked over at her and shrugged. "You'll owe me." She smirked as she shoved Emmett, Rose and Jasper towards the back door.
"Yes, ma'am," I smiled, looking back to Edward. I must have left my shield over them, because he had an adorable look of confusion on his face. I lifted it, letting him hear Alice's mind. His eyes darkened as he realized they were leaving us. "Still want the creek?" I asked, tilting my head at him.
"What creek?" He chuckled, pulling me onto his lap so that my legs straddled his. "Did that song bother you, love?"
"No," I smiled, wrapping my arms around his neck. "It was beautiful. Better than the original."
"Now, that's biased," he smiled, kissing my neck. I giggled, nuzzling his jaw.
"You're very talented, Edward, you know this," I pulled back and looked at him. "It's on a very long list of things I love about you…"
"Can we compare lists, baby?" He smirked, pulling me closer. "Because body parts have a list all to themselves."
"Oh, yes, they do," I laughed, nodding. He chuckled with me, his eyes growing blacker by the second. "For example," I said, forcing a serious face. "This spot right here…" I pulled his button down shirt to the side, leaning in a kissing the spot just above his collarbone. "That's way high on the list."
"Hmm, interesting," he sighed, forcing a serious face of his own. "This spot…" He breathed, running his nose up my neck to the soft spot just below my ear. His kiss was searing, his tongue flicking out to taste my skin. "Definitely one of my favorites."
I smiled leaning my head against his, my hands snaking between us to unbutton his shirt. Once it was open, I left it on, gliding my palms against the smooth skin of his chest and dipping my fingers in every valley of his muscles. "I would say all of this, but…no…I need to be specific, don't I?" He nodded against my shoulder, pulling back as I got down off of his lap, my hands never leaving his torso. I knelt between his legs. "Lean back," I commanded and he did, frowning that he had to let go of me. "These, right here…" I traced my fingers over and around the V at the top of his jeans. "These have been on the list a very long time, Edward." I pushed his shirt off his shoulders and leaned in to kiss each side of his abs, dragging my tongue up each one.
"How long?" He asked, smirking and pulling me back to his lap.
"Since you came back to me…on this very piano bench, I believe," I sighed, fighting my smile. We were not going to be staying in control for much longer.
His fingers gripped my thighs, roughly rubbing up and down my jeans. "Lift your arms," he whispered and he pulled my sweater off over my head, dropping it behind him next to where his had pooled. "Do I even have to say it, love?" He chuckled darkly, releasing the clasp of my bra.
"Um, no," I giggled. "I am well aware these are high on your list."
"God yes," he smiled, inhaling my skin between each breast, his lips barely touching the skin. "They were the first thing I ever touched on you, besides your hands and face…again, this very piano bench…" His eyes looked up into mine with a wicked gleam.
"Apparently, that was a memorable night…oh, shit…for both of us," I said, my voice barely there. His tongue was circling my nipple with an achingly light touch. His hand planted on my back as I arched up to his mouth.
"Obviously so, love…the first time we really made out? I could barely contain myself…" He smiled against my scar.
"I know…you said so," I smiled, "Oh, Jesus, baby…" I growled, as his palms cupped both of my breasts. "Ok, so your hands…definitely top five."
He snickered softly, continuing to rub his thumbs over my now painful nipples. "Oh I know that," he laughed. "Stand up," he commanded and I did. He flicked open my jeans and pushed them to the floor, helping me to step out of them. He growled low when he saw I was not wearing underwear.
"The jeans were too low, love," I giggled, falling into him as he settled me back on his lap.
"You should warn a man, Bella," he growled, palming my ass. "I can barely think straight around you as it is…on second thought, maybe you should keep that to yourself." He smiled as I laughed, pressing my forehead to his. "I'm sure you know all about my addiction to your legs," he confessed.
"Oh yes," I nodded, leaning in to kiss his neck and taking his earlobe in my mouth. "I have my own addiction…" I scooted back on his lap, gripping his thighs. "I can't even explain my love for your thighs, Edward."
"That's new…"
"Yes and I think I need help…when you walk…" I laughed, my brow furrowing.
"Is there a group therapy for leg addiction?" He chuckled, grinding me into his now throbbing arousal.
"No idea," I breathed, bracing my hands on his shoulders and meeting the delicious rhythm he was setting. "These lists are longer than I thought…" I moaned, my lips just centimeters from his.
"I guarantee what's coming next is high on both our lists," he whispered, his breath pushing into my mouth. He tasted like honey and home. It was an overpowering taste, one I could never resist. "Your mouth, love…" His lips lightly brushed against mine as I nodded slowly. "I thought so…" He kissed me. Slowly and lazily his tongue twisted with mine. It was in complete contrast to how we were still grinding together roughly.
My body shivered hard. "Baby, please…" I begged, tugging at the waistband of his jeans. He let me lower the zipper and stood, letting them fall to the floor. He kicked out of them, all while holding me firmly. I grasped his cock in my hands, circling my thumb over the tip and spreading the slick liquid over him.
"Is that your favorite, baby?" He gasped, his head falling back slightly.
"No," I smiled. "This…" I kissed his forehead. "And this," I leaned down and kissed where his still heart was, "those are my favorite. I love you…the rest is icing on the cake."
He stopped all motion, looking at me with an unreadable expression. "I don't deserve you," he whispered, his brow wrinkling.
"Don't say that, Edward…ever."
"I want you, Bella, now…please," he begged and I nodded as he lifted me up. I slipped over him, both of us holding on to each other with a fierce grip. We both shook as he filled me. Before I could move, his mouth crashed into mine and his hands roamed all over me, finally settling on my hips to lift me up and down. He broke from my mouth, allowing my head to drop to his shoulder. "I just fucking love you…so much," he whispered low in my ear.
The feel of my nipples brushing against his chest was electrifying. My breath caught in my throat as his mouth attached to my neck. He whispered soft words of love and forever. I pulled back, my fingers threading into his hair as his did the same to mine at the base of my neck. Our eyes locked and we smiled as another favorite body part just coincided on our lists. Edward's hair was definitely on my list.
"We never finished on this bench, baby," Edward breathed, pressing his forehead to mine. My body gave a shudder as I realized he planned to take us full circle. "Come for me, my sweet girl…show me what I do to you," he crooned. Edward's voice was tied with his heart and mind on my list, I was certain of it - it may have been the number one thing. My body reacted to it without my permission. Every. Time. I shattered over him, pulling his face to my shoulder and calling his name.
He lifted my hips once, twice and by the third time, he growled, gripping me to him. I felt his whole body jerk as he spilled into me. A breathy, "Bella," leaving his perfect mouth. We held each other quietly for a moment. "I missed you today," he whispered against my neck, placing a sweet, soft kiss on my shoulder. Finally, he looked up at me.
"Me too," I smiled.
"Did you at least have a good time with them, baby?" He smiled, kissing my nose.
"Yes, but enough talk, my beautiful husband, this house is empty…take me upstairs…we are so taking advantage of this…" I giggled into his neck as he launched himself from the piano bench and up the stairs.
We tumbled onto the bed, both of us laughing as we lost ourselves again. I had a feeling we both knew we wouldn't get alone time until Valentine's Day. Apparently, my mind was open to him. "Where are we going?" He teased, kissing my cheek.
"Shut up, Edward," I laughed, closing my mind to him. "Just kiss me." He chuckled, kissing me fiercely. We stayed in our room the rest of the night.


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