Tuesday, March 20, 2001 | By: Drotuno

Angel's Embrace Chapter 13

"Ok," I smiled, parking the car on the street of my old neighborhood. "This is a walking tour...and not much of one at that," I laughed. "At least my timing is good," I mused as the sun slipped down past the houses. It was twilight, allowing us a small amount of light to see. Not that we needed it.
"Why now, love?" Edward asked, taking my hand as we walked up the sidewalk.
"Because I hadn't really planned on doing this," I smirked. "I was told I needed to, so I had to squeeze it in."
"Jasper?" He guessed again, chuckling.
"I will not reveal my sources," I sighed dramatically. "Although," I raised my eyebrow at him, "it's evident that you've told everyone but me." He started to protest, but I squeezed his hand. "Shut it...it's not a big deal, Edward."
We walked a little further and I stopped, biting on my lip. I hadn't been prepared for the feelings that filled me when I saw the house that Renee and I had lived in for the last few years I was with her. "That's it," I pointed. As he looked at the house, I turned in the spot, trying to remember my hazy human experiences. I chuckled as a few hit me. "I think I've bled on every spot in this cul-de-sac."
"Hey," he chuckled at my musings. "Isn't that the hill you skateboarded down?"
"Yes," I cracked up, having forgotten that he had seen that memory in my mind. "This scar right here," I pointed to my elbow. Edward leaned down and kissed it softly. "And Troy lived right there," I smiled, pulling him down the street a little further. "Shit, his mom's still there."
"That's to be expected, it hasn't been that long," Edward smiled, looking around.
"Seems like another lifetime," I frowned. "Come on," I tugged his hand.
We walked further and I showed him the store I would shop at and the McDonald's I rarely could afford. "You're right," he said, staring through a fence, "that's a really big school."
"Yeah," I nodded. "I was a ghost...I had a friend or two, but I never..." I shrugged.
There was a gleam of mischief in his eyes as he looked down at me. With a flick of his long fingers, the chain link fence snapped just enough that he could pull us through. "Show me," he chuckled as he pushed me ahead of him.
"I can't believe you just broke into my old school," I muttered, rolling my eyes. "Don't you get enough of schools, Edward?" I teased as we quietly ran through the grounds.
"I can't get enough of you...so show me."
We were now cloaked by the night and I showed him everything. Why he enjoyed the small details of my previous life, I will never know, but he did. He drank it in. He broke us into the actual school buildings after disengaging the alarm. He wanted to see classrooms and lockers, the cafeteria and football field.
He smiled at the place I read alone. My little bench off to the side was my haven from the nonsense that was high school. It was where I ate my lunch, reading or listening to music. "By yourself?" He clarified, sitting down in my old spot. There was a weird feeling that came with seeing him there.
"Yeah," I nodded. "I think that's why the lunchroom at Forks freaked me out a little...not to mention the attention. I wasn't used to it." I stared at him sitting there, my old and new lives colliding. "I wish you had been here," I whispered, unable to stop myself from voicing my feelings. Coming to my old home reminded me of just how empty my life had been without him, without my other half. My soul had been begging for him for as long as I could remember.
"Me too, baby," he smiled, holding his arms out for me. I stood between his legs and he wrapped his arms around my waist. I buried my nose in his hair as he pressed his face into my stomach. His head shot up with a smirk, "Police," he whispered.
He stood and ran, tugging me along with him. "That seems to be a frequent occurrence with us lately," I giggled, ducking back through the fence to the safety of the sidewalk.
"Indeed," he laughed.
We walked along, both of us coming to a standstill. There it was. The ballet studio. Edward's breath caught and a low growl escaped him briefly. "They rebuilt it," I noted, remembering that they had set it on fire. "You know," I sighed, looking up at my husband's slightly tortured face, "it's not James that I remember here. It's you...and our family...saving me." He looked down at me, an unreadable expression covering his face. "I remember being proud of you...after...for being able to take just enough to stop my change. I can't imagine how hard that must have been."
"Carlisle was there," he said flatly.
"Yes," I nodded. "But there was more to it. I'm glad I wasn't changed then."
Edward's eyes locked onto mine. "You asked for it, begged really...after."
"Yes, but I wasn't ready." He was quiet as he tucked a stray hair behind my ear. "I don't think I thanked you...I complained, but didn't thank you." I smiled.
"You were in the hospital, love," he smiled sweetly. "You didn't have to thank me. I would have died to get to you."
"I know," I nodded, standing on my toes to kiss his cheek. "Thank you, Edward."
"I love you," he said simply, wrapping his arms completely around me and lifting me off the ground.
I pressed my forehead to his, kissing his nose. "Ok, tell me this was enough..."
"Yes, ma'am, lead on..." He chuckled, setting me down.
We got back to the car and he smiled, "Nice choice, by the way."
"Don't start with the cars..." I scolded. "And don't give me too much credit...they upgraded me for free." He laughed, holding his hands up. "What the hell is this thing, anyway?"
"A Saab," he chuckled, getting in.
"Whatever," I sighed, causing his laugh to deepen. Yeah, he was way too sexy when he laughed. I needed to get us out of town soon.
I drove us out of the city, following the directions the elderly woman, Mrs. Culp, had given me. I remembered most of them from before, but they were a nice guideline. I turned off the two-lane highway onto a dirt road, the gravel popping pleasantly under the tires of the car.
I had chosen Mrs. Culp's cabin for two reasons. The first being that it was completely secluded in the middle of nowhere. The second, it was within hiking distance of where I really wanted to go.
Phil had taken us camping the first year he had moved in with us, trying to do the whole bonding thing with me. I liked Phil well enough, but he and my mother were so in love in the beginning that I always felt like a tag-along. But it was to that very camp site that I was heading after a pit stop at the cabin.
It was close to midnight when I pulled in front of the tiny shack – for lack of a better word. I started to get out, but Edward was at my door. "Forty five minutes ago," he snickered, "we were in one of the largest cities in the US. Now we're in the middle of nowhere."
"Nowhere is exactly right," I smiled, walking to the front door. There was a note on the door from Mrs. Culp and the key was under the mat where she said it would be. The cabin was small, just one room, a bathroom and a tiny kitchen and living area. Sitting in the middle of the kitchen was two back packs and a sleeping bag. "She's good," I laughed. I turned to Edward, saying, "We aren't staying here...change into jeans, love." He was dressed the way he liked to travel: dress pants, a button down and a sports coat. Where we were going, that wouldn't do.
"You're the boss," he smirked, setting down the one bag I had packed.
"Not really," I smiled. "I'm just pointing you in the right direction."
"You always do," he chuckled, pulling out a pair of jeans for each of us. I had to refrain from watching him change clothes. Otherwise, we wouldn't leave.
I turned around after tugging my jeans on, pulling my hair into a ponytail and sitting in a chair to tie my sneakers. I bit back a groan as Edward pulled a light blue, long-sleeved, hooded t-shirt over his head. His muscles flexed with every motion.
"Are we taking these?" He asked, pointing to the bags and the sleeping bag. I nodded and stood, taking one while he took the other.
After locking the door and pocketing the key, we took off at a run into the desert. The place I was aiming for was easy enough to find. It was a small cave just beside a fairly tall, pyramid shaped rock formation. "Here," I smiled, stopping. "Look up, Edward," I pointed, dropping my bag and the sleeping bag at the entrance of the cave.
Every star in the sky was shining brightly, the moon glowing like a beacon. His smile was beautiful, my favorite. I sat down on a rock to watch him, but he was looking at me. "I was right," he chuckled. "You still outshine them."
I rolled my eyes as he laughed, coming to sit behind me. His chest pressed against my back and his legs were on either side of mine. "Thank you," he whispered, burying his face in my neck. I wrapped his arms around me, tilting my head for him.
"Thank me tomorrow," I smiled.
"More?" He smiled against my skin.
"Hmm," I nodded, "you have no idea."
His thumbs grazed the underside of my breasts and my breath caught. "I want you," he growled softly. "I've been fighting it since the plane, love."
"Me too," I sighed, closing my eyes as his hands cupped my breasts over my shirt. My nipples rose immediately to his touch. I groaned, reaching back to cup his face. He licked slowly up my neck, his hands slipping under my shirt. "Sleeping bag, baby," I breathed.
"We don't sleep," he smiled against my ear.
"I know...but I don't want scorpions crawling on me," I smiled at his chuckle. "And if you talk to me about impervious skin, I'll only remind you that I'm a girl, so just humor me..."
"Anything, baby," he sighed and we stood, Edward grabbing the bag and unrolling it with a flick of his wrist just inside the cave. "I want to see you naked in this moonlight," he breathed, his fingers tracing the edge of my shirt. I nodded, slipping my hands under his own shirt, my palms flat as I ran them all over his chest.
He removed every item of my clothing with a deliberate slowness. I tugged at his shirt and he pulled it over his head, tossing it aside. "God, you're fucking stunning," he breathed, kneeling before me. "And wet," he noted, looking up at me through his long eyelashes with lust filled eyes.
"God, yes," I gasped as his thumbs caressed the inside of my thighs. "It doesn't take much with you," I breathed as his tongue met my belly button, twirling and twisting inside, his hands palming my bottom.
"What did it?" He whispered against my mound, placing a soft kiss. "Tonight, love...what did it?"
"Your laugh," I gasped as his fingers slipped through my wetness. "It's the best sound," I groaned, gripping his hair as his tongue met my heated flesh. "Edward, please..." It seemed like forever since his mouth was on me.
"Lay down," he crooned, settling me on the sleeping bag. He loomed over me, every muscle highlighted in the moonlight. His broad shoulders, his arms all flexed as he bent down to kiss me. He was still in his jeans, holding himself away from me. My hips rose, trying to find some sort of friction as his tongue slipped in with mine. He tasted like me, filling me with a want that I could barely control. I shook under him, my hands gripping at his shoulders.
"Baby, let me help," he whispered against my neck, palming my mound. I whimpered in relief as he pressed a finger into me. My hips bucked slightly when the heel of his hand applied pressure just where I needed it most.
To see Edward above me, the stars of what seemed like the entire universe behind him was almost too much to look at. He pulled away from me, his fingers moving in and out of me. He slipped down my body, bringing my leg over his shoulder. I cried out when his mouth replaced his hand.
"Let me hear you, love," he growled into my core. "Those stars are the only thing that can see you, my beautiful girl." He sucked my throbbing nub into his mouth, his tongue slipping over and over it in long torturous licks.
"Edward," I growled, my hips rising as his mouth worked me into a frenzy. I fisted the sleeping bag, feeling the sand give way under it. His thumb replaced his mouth on my clit. His tongue circled my entrance and I shattered completely as he dove into me, twisting and sucking. "Fuck," I sobbed, my leg pulling him in closer and my hips grinding against him.
"That's next," he smiled, trailing his wet lips up my body. I sat up, tugging at his jeans. He kicked out of them and loomed back over me.
"So fucking hard," I growled as his hips bucked into me. I wrapped my legs around him as he teased me against my renewed wetness. "I want all of it, Edward," I moaned, digging my fingers into his ass and pulled him closer to me.
"Every fucking inch of my cock is yours, Bella," he growled, teasing me again. "Tell me to fuck you..."
"Don't beg...tell me..." He sneered, saying it through gritted teeth.
"Fuck me, Edward...now...I have to have you..."
"Fucking hell," he growled, thrusting into me. "Say that again," he breathed, his mouth latching on to my nipple.
"Fuck me hard, baby." My body arched up to him, my hips meeting his fierce rhythm.
"Oh, I am," he said against my skin, biting down on my aching nipple. My grip on his shoulders pulled him in closer and I shook as I bit down on his skin. I sucked his neck, my tongue dragging over his collarbone. There was nothing like the flavor of Edward, be it his cock or his mouth. It was something I needed to have.
"Come again for me," he growled, his hand slithering between us. He circled my now hyper sensitive nub, finally pressing on it hard enough for me to see stars behind my lids. He didn't stop and I didn't let him. I forced him on his back, pressing him into the sand under the sleeping bag.
"Jesus," he gasped, seeing the same thing I had moments before: me with the stars as our backdrop. His hands gripped my hips grinding me forward with every rise and fall. I leaned back, my hands gripping his thighs, and my eyes rolled at the strength that I felt at my fingertips. When he saw what just one part of his body did to me, I felt him twitch inside me.
I had to see them. I had to watch the muscles of those powerful thighs move under my hand. Quickly I rose, turning around with my back to him. He sat up, pressing his chest into my back. His hands guiding me and covering my breast. He growled low, his mouth latching onto my shoulder as my hands palmed his thighs.
The movement under my hand was my undoing. "Shit, baby..." I breathed, my head falling back to his shoulder. I couldn't take much more of it. His hand glided down my stomach to my apex at the same time his mouth was at my ear. I exploded around him, gripping his thighs and milking his own orgasm. "My God, Bella," he gasped, his arms holding me still as he spilled into me.
I watched the sunrise wrapped in the sleeping bag we had brought with us. We were still naked, Bella straddling me, her arms around me. "Happy Valentine's, love," I smiled, nuzzling her neck.
She giggled softly, tracing soft lazy lines over my back. We were still connected in the most intimate of ways. There were no words for having her all night in the middle of nowhere. Not one other mind to hear, just hers. She was now open to me, all secrets and plotting over. I listened to her mind with vigor. She had hidden from me for a week and I couldn't believe how much I had missed it, lived for it.
"Hunting?" I asked, seeing the thought cross her mind.
"Eating up every thought, Edward?" She teased, placing a kiss on my neck.
"You have no idea," I chuckled, tucking her hair behind her ear. "I missed it so much."
"Me too," she sighed. "I missed that connection with you...that privacy." I nodded in agreement, kissing her lips softly.
"I have something for you," I smiled and she pulled back to look at me.
"You better be able to reach it, because I'm not moving," she giggled.
"Maybe," I chuckled, reaching for my jeans. She snagged them for me, handing them over. I found the little box and held it out for her.
"Edward," she frowned, her voice a warning.
"I don't know why you try, it won't stop me," I laughed, kissing her temple. "I have to spoil you...it's as important as air, hunting...kissing you." I smiled, pressing my lips to hers.
She pressed her head to my cheek and opened the box. "Soon I'll have one for every finger," she smiled. "It's beautiful, baby."
"Eternity ring," I whispered, knowing the meaning would not be lost on her. It was a platinum ring with the same vine design as our wedding band with small diamonds all the way around. "It's for this finger," I tapped her right ring finger. I want you to keep the wedding ring on the chain, but if I switch hands, so can you."
"Oh, Edward," she sighed with relief, "that's exactly perfect. Thank you."
"Was it bothering you?"
"A bit," she nodded. "Not enough to fret over, but yes...I still have you...but this means a lot."
"Good," I smiled, proud that I had read her correctly.
"Smug, aren't you?" She teased, digging her fingers into my sides and causing me to jump.
"Well, it was something Alice said when we were in the shop picking that up," I smirked. "She said that I was good at gifts, outshining every male in the house."
"Oh, that's very true," my angel sighed, kissing my cheek. "I know why..."
"Do tell, sweet girl," I chuckled.
"You remember everything...the little things," she smiled, looking at the ring I had just slipped on her finger. "You're sensitive to every thought around you...especially mine. And you're a gentleman above all things, so you are always want to impress." Her eyes locked with mine. "Am I close?" She smirked.
"Yes," I nodded. "Dead on, actually."
"See?" She laughed, burying her face in my neck. "That's not to say Emmett isn't sweet, because he is and Jasper would do anything for Alice...that's for sure. And we won't talk about Carlisle...I just got lucky."
"Literally," I snickered, breaking into a laugh when her giggle shook me.
"Mmm, that too," she smirked, her eyes darkening for a second. "It's going to be sunny today," she noted, looking around us. "But there's no one to see us." From a distance I heard a soft howling, slightly similar to the sound Jake's pack made. "Coyotes," she smiled. "Interesting, but not what I was hoping for," she smiled.
"Tired of moose, love?" I asked, knowing what she wanted to hunt.
"Yes," she nodded, licking her bottom lip. It was more than the hunt for mountain lions she wanted. She wanted our instincts to kick in, to feel the carnivore blood coursing through us. I could see it in her eyes and I grew hard inside of her, growling low in my chest. She groaned, her eyes rolling back and her hips rolling over me.
"You brought me here to hunt, love?" I whispered against her lips.
"Yes, I need it," she growled, her eyes blackening. "I need to see it, feel it..."
Something happened when we hunted carnivores – a raging lust would explode out of us. It was just as powerful, but slightly different than a thunder storm. It had been months since we had hunted the lions I loved so much. The last time was our anniversary on Isle Esme.
"Mmm, thank you, baby," I purred, guiding her over me. I felt my own eyes darken to pitch.
She rose up, planting her elbows on my shoulders, the sleeping bag falling away from us. "It's selfish of me...don't thank me," she breathed, a slight smile on her face.
The sun glinted off of our skin, casting rainbows on the sandy ground around us. My head fell back as she fisted my hair, kissing my neck with long, slow open mouthed tastes.
"I want to see you hunt...taste you afterward," she purred in my ear. "We hunt at home to live...we'll hunt here because I fucking want to," she growled low.
Her words, her acceptance of who she was, of me – threw me over an edge I wasn't ready for. "Fuck, yes, Bella," I gasped, coming harder than I had in a long time. I gripped her hard, crashing my mouth into hers. Her breath caught as my orgasm triggered hers.
"Jesus," I sighed, collapsing onto my back and pulling her with me. I could feel her smile against my neck as she nuzzled closer. "That was..."
"Yeah," she sighed, pushing herself up. "Come on, handsome," she smiled. "It's a walk to where we need to go."
"'Kay," I nodded, feeling like a wet blanket. "I love you," I breathed, smiling when she laughed at me for my lack of movement and coherency.
"Me too, love," she leaned over and kissed where my still heart was. "Me too."
"I don't like that," my love sighed, looking at her phone. "It didn't even occur to me that there wouldn't be a signal. Alice will be the only one that can see us."
"She'll watch out for us," I said, trying to console her.
"Maybe there will be one when we get back to the cabin...it's closer to civilization," she smirked.
We were walking towards a huge rock formation surrounded by a few scraggly trees. The air was hot and dry, the sun gleaming off of our hands and faces, warming our cool skin. It truly was beautiful. "You don't want to run, love?" I smiled, wrapping an arm around her.
"No," she snickered. "I think I want every minute of my alone time with you to last."
I kissed her head, inhaling the scent of her hair. It smelled like sunshine, sand and me. The light strawberry essence was gone for the moment.
Her thoughts trailed from home to Joe and she looked up at me. "Do you think I will have to testify against Joe?"
"I don't know," I shrugged. "Maybe the girl he attacked will be all they need. Or..." I smirked, "we can let Emmett have him."
She smiled, shaking her head. "It is tempting, isn't it?" We walked quietly for a moment, her body instinctively leaning into mine. "How did you do it?" She whispered. "How did you hunt minds like that?"
"It was easy at first," I sighed, sitting down on a rock and pulling her onto my lap. "I was fighting against Carlisle, thinking he was wrong, that we could be...what we truly are and still be...good." She nodded for me to continue. Nothing I told her anymore made me worry. She just wanted to know me and she could have it all. "I thought that I could use my skill reading minds to hear what the bad guys were about to do. I started in Chicago, ending up in New York."
I sighed, looking around at the open space around us. "I was wrong, love...let me say that first. Ok?"
"Sure, baby," she smiled, kissing my forehead.
"To see what someone fantasized about was one thing. To see what humans can do to each other is another." I looked down and she was turning my wedding band. It was comforting and grounding. "It became...an obsession...to see it in their minds, to stop them. I would stalk the night, finding them in alleys outside of bars and clubs. It really bothered me when I started hearing husbands beating wives, parents hurting their own children...and I couldn't shut it out. It was a futile mission. I heard it all and it almost drove me mad."
Bella reached up and traced my eyes, her brow furrowed in concentration. "I can't imagine you with red eyes," she whispered. "These are so warm..."
I smiled at her, tilting my head up at her. "I had them, though. In fact, catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror was what made me go home to Carlisle."
"He represented all that was good in this life for me at the time. When I no longer looked like him, well...you understand."
"What did he say...did you just show up on the doorstep?" She smiled, running her fingers through my hair.
"Yes, exactly and he didn't say anything but welcome home," I smiled. "Esme was a little more verbal."
"Oh I bet," my love giggled. "'You'll never leave us again'," she imitated perfectly.
"Almost verbatim," I laughed. "How did you know?"
"Because that's what I wanted to yell at you when you came back to me," she huffed, folding her arms over her chest. A slight smile played on her lips. "You're very important to a lot of people. Don't ever forget that, handsome."
"I won't, love," I sighed, "I can't...you won't let me," I chuckled, resting my forehead on her shoulder. I could tell that both of us needed this time away.
"True," she snickered. "Was it hard to go back to animals?"
"Yes," I nodded, pulling back to look at her. "But I liked that their minds were silent."
"Oh," she frowned. "I couldn't...I don't think..."
I gazed into her beautiful brown pools, loving that she shielded them that way for me. "That's the part of this life before you that made me feel like a monster, baby."
She was just about to say something when a high pitched scream echoed around us. Her face fought her smile, because I know my eyes blackened instantly. "Go, love, this is all for you," she purred. "Happy Valentine's Day." She got up slowly from my lap, her hand on my face.
"I smell two, baby," I said through gritted teeth.
"I know," she nodded, stepping slowly away from me. We were already feeling the instinct for the hunt. "Where, Edward?"
"You go left, love..." I smiled, heading towards the right.
Bella took off to the left and I ran to the right. The rock formation was in a horseshoe shape, large enough to fit a house inside. I watched as my love climbed up instead of running around. For a moment, my instinct was to protect her. I smiled to myself. She wasn't my fragile human anymore.
I decided to follow her lead, climbing over the rough terrain. Her mind closed off to me as she opened up the rest of her senses to find her prey. It was erotic to watch her. I imagine it was the same for her to watch me.
I had told her once that lions were my favorite, that my hunting technique was similar to a cat – Emmett's being closer to a bear. My beautiful predator had developed her own feline quality. I didn't know if it was because she had developed a taste for my lions or because she was with me. But it was amazing to watch.
The two pumas were lazing about in the sun, soaking up the warmth. With Bella being closer, they shot up from their spot, sensing her as a threat. It was the female that started after my Bella. I stalked forward, catching the attention of the male. He was slightly larger, but not by much. I inhaled the scent of my prey deeply. The smell caused a shudder to run through my entire being.
Keeping an eye on the male, I still was able to watch Bella launch herself at the female. I bit back a groan, adjusting myself at the site of her. My male swiped at me and I focused my attention back to him, catching his paw and pulling him to me. My teeth sliced through his neck as smoothly as warm butter. With a last kick with his back leg towards me, he stopped fighting.
The liquid heaven hit the back of my throat and slid down. I could feel the power, the essence of him filling me with a need that blood couldn't fulfill. I was rock hard in my jeans as I stood up, looking for my wife. She stood up from her own, her breathing heavy, her eyes black.
"Is this what you wanted, love?" I asked, my own voice unrecognizable. It was husky and deep.
She nodded slowly, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand in the most unladylike and sexiest gesture I had ever seen. I stalked towards her and she took a few steps back. I could barely even think from the need that was building within me. "Fuck, Bella," I growled. "You're so fucking sexy, do you even know?"
She shrugged, a sneer playing on her beautiful face.
"Should I fucking prove it to you, then?" I growled, a rough laugh escaping me. "Do you have any idea how goddamn hard I am?" I snarled, adjusting myself again, still walking towards her. Her eyes darted low, her tongue snaking out to drag across her bottom lip. It was something she couldn't stop herself from doing. I palmed myself again, asking, "How bad to do you want it, my love?"
A huffy, sexy laugh shot out of her. Her mouth twitched slightly. "So bad I can taste it," she answered. "I want to fuck you until you forget who you are," she smiled, her eyes traveling all over me.
"Mmm," I breathed, "that's my girl. But why are you backing away?" I asked, tilting my head at her.
"How bad do you want this?" she asked, pulling her shirt over her head and tossing it to the ground. A growl ripped loose from me as I eyed her perfect and bare chest, the sun just adding to her flawlessness. "Tell me, baby," she smiled so sexily.
"Oh, Bella," I chuckled darkly, shaking my head back and forth. "You just don't know what you do to me."
"Clue me in, Edward," she snarled and it was all I could take. I launched myself at her and she let loose a sound that was a mix between a growl and a squeal. It was utterly adorable.
We skidded in the sand, coming to rest in the shade of a tired-looking desert plant. "You want me to clue you in, is that it?" I growled, palming the breasts she so easily teased me with moments before. "You want to hear that just looking at your hands," I purred, picking up one of her warm, now sandy hands, "makes me hard, because I know what they look like wrapped around my cock?"
"Yes," she breathed as I took two of her fingers into my mouth, swirling my tongue over and around them.
"That when you're biting that unbelievably delicious bottom lip...like you're doing right now...all I want to do is bite it for you?" Her lip left her teeth with an audible pop and if I didn't need to be inside her so fiercely, I would have laughed. I dove for her mouth, pinning her under me, suckling that beautiful lip of hers. She reached for the bottom of my shirt, and I stopped her. "You wanted to hear this, baby, let me tell you," I corrected, my voice deep at her throat.
She groaned, her brow furrowing – in frustration and arousal. She didn't realize what she started. "Edward, please..." She begged, grinding against my thigh. The heat of her combined with the heat of the sun was intense. "Let me touch you, please..."
I reached to my collar at the back of my shirt and tugged it off over my head, tossing it away. I knew as soon as she touched me, I would lose control. She ghosted her hands down my back, bringing me in closer and holding me still as she found more friction against my thigh. "Is this what I do, baby?" She purred, palming me on the outside of my jeans.
"Yeah," I nodded, squeezing my eyes shut to keep from shaking. "Did you know what you were fucking getting into when you married me, love?" I whispered in her ear. "I want you all day, every day."
"Fuck, yes...I want it all day, every day..."
My leg was meeting the rhythm of her hips. "You want to come, baby?" I asked, flicking open her jeans.
"Please..." She was writhing underneath me, her breathing was coming in short bursts.
"I live to see you come...it's fucking breathtaking." I licked down her neck and sat back, tugging her jeans off of her. "What part of me, Bella?"
"You have to be more specific than that...I'm not sure..."
The growl she let loose shook the ground around us. "Your cock...Edward, now...please..." She reached for my belt, snapping it off of me and throwing it away. She unbuttoned my jeans, shoving them down in a frenzy.
I slipped into her swiftly and I swore I heard her sob. Her whole body arched under mine, rising up to meet me. "Jesus, love...so fucking wet," I gasped, burying my face in her neck. She wrapped her legs around me and I held her as I stood up with her. She pressed her forehead to mine, everything about her pulling me in closer, tighter.
I slammed her into the closest boulder, the air rushing out of both of us. I was stunned for a moment at what I had done, but the look on her face was the opposite. "I won't fucking break, baby...I want to feel it all..."
"All of this?" I asked, pulling out and thrusting back into her. Her head flew back and I couldn't resist licking up her neck.
"Hell, yes," she gasped. "More..." Her fingers were digging into my shoulders and it was almost painful.
"Yes," I hissed, pounding into her. One of her hands gripped my hair, pulling my mouth to hers.
"God, your taste," she breathed against my lips. "So fucking good..." She dove for my mouth again, tilting her head to deepen the kiss. Her moan went straight to my groin.
"Baby, I'm so close," I panted, pressing my forehead to hers. "Come with me..." With a slight smirk, her hand snaked between us to touch herself. "Oh, fuck," I moaned, watching her fingers circle tightly over her clit.
Her whole body, inside and out, pulled me in with a shaking throb. With one last thrust, I released a guttural snarl, coming hard.
I sank to the sand, still holding her. She looked up at me, pushing my hair from my brow. "Yeah, that's why I planned this trip..." She smirked, kissing my nose as a breathy laugh escaped me.
"Hey, Edward, look," I smiled. "There's a record player and a whole bunch of records..."
"Well, pick something, love," he chuckled from the bathroom. He was running us a warm bath to wash the sand and heat of the day away. We were back at the cabin for the last night before we went back home.
"Ok...that's kinda your expertise..." I laughed, not recognizing any of the songs or singers. Mrs. Culp was an elderly woman, so it wasn't surprising that her tastes were from another time.
"Let me guess," he sighed, coming into the room with the funniest smirk on his face. "All too old for you..."
"Sue me, old man," I teased, squealing when he slapped my ass. "And you didn't have to guess...my shield is up, silly."
"True..." he smiled, winking at me. A happy Edward was a sexy Edward. "Keep thinking that way and that bath won't happen...the water will get cold." I bit back a groan when he raised that damn sexy ass eyebrow at me.
I walked out of the room, snickering. "I can't help it...pick something and get in here."
An instrumental started as I dropped my towel, getting in the tub. It wasn't classical, but it was beautiful. "Nice," I smiled as he came in and dropped his jeans.
"It's called Love in Blue. Let me behind you, baby," he smiled.
"No chance," I smiled. "Give me another Pretty Woman moment, get in." He chuckled, shaking his head at me, but got in and leaned back against my chest. "My legs aren't as long as Julia Roberts, but..."
"They're better...shut it," he snickered, picking up my legs and wrapping them around him.
"Biased," I sighed dramatically and he tickled the bottom of my feet, causing me to squirm behind him. I took the loofah and poured a little body wash on it. "Give me your arm..." I whispered and he did. I proceeded to scrub him everywhere I could reach.
"You promised to tell me something, love..." he said after a few minutes of my hands scrubbing his chest. Not that it was particularly dirty. It was just because I could.
"What's that?"
"Your...ideas...for high school."
"Oh," I groaned, pressing my forehead to the back of his head. I felt him shake with laughter. "You have them too, don't lie," I accused, poking his chest.
"I do...you first," he sighed, laying his head back to my shoulder. I leaned down and kissed his cheek.
"Are we taking turns? Tit for tat?" I asked, immediately regretting my choice of words, because he reached up with a laugh to pinch my nipple and I smacked his hand away with a giggle.
"Sure...yes...fine," he smirked as I kissed his shoulder.
"I want biology again..." I whispered.
"Me too," he nodded.
"I want Prom and Homecoming...I want you to dance with me all night," I breathed.
"Yes, exactly," he gasped, turning in my arms to look at me.
"I want parties and football games...meeting people at the movies and the mall...I want you there, holding my hand, making out with me."
"Yes, baby, all of it..." He nodded like these were his exact same thoughts.
"I don't want any Mike Newton moments...just us...solidly together," I frowned. I wanted high school with my true love.
"No Laurens or Jessicas..." He chuckled, but his eyes were serious.
"I want to kiss you on the back of the bus to and from field trips," I smiled.
"I want to make out with you in the back of the auditorium during the class play," he smirked.
"I want to ride on the back of your motorcycle to school every now and then...with you in that leather jacket," I smiled, biting my lip.
"I want you in short skirts...because if I decide to drag you into the janitor's closet...I want to be able to fuck you hard without restraint..." He grinned, hearing my breathing stop.
"If you ever buy underwear, I'll sell the Vanquish," I teased back.
He growled on that one, looming over me. "I don't think so, Mrs. Cullen...besides, you shop for me."
"Hmm, true...which means I get to redo your wardrobe again soon."
"Ok..." He shrugged, smiling. Alice had done Edward's shopping for years. Now that he was married, I did it. My own live Ken doll.
"What did I tell you about Ken?" He smirked.
"Sure, sure...you're way better than Ken...but we're not done yet."
"What else do you want, sweet girl?" He smiled, tracing his finger down my face.
"If we aren't in class together...I want you to write me love notes," I smiled.
He stopped, looking at me sweetly. "Gladly. I wanted to before..." I kissed his lips hard for that one.
"I want you to write my name all over your notebooks and book covers," he chuckled.
"Edward," I laughed. "I do that now!"
"I know...don't ever stop." He sighed, his sweet breath engulfing me. "I want high school with my true love too, Bella." He said, echoing my thoughts from a moment before.
"I wish you could get a letterman jacket..." I smirked, "I'd so wear that thing..."
He laughed, kissing my forehead. "What do you suggest? Go out for track?"
"You would win..." I giggled. His face was an adorable mixture of amusement and incredulity.
"Then you would definitely be trying out for the cheerleader squad!" He laughed at my mouth falling open.
"That's so cliché, Edward...the cheerleader with the jock..."
"I got your jock, right here..." He growled, diving for my neck and grinding into me.
"I want to skip lunch and make love in the back seat of the Volvo, steaming up the windows," I breathed as he kissed the water from my neck.
"Mmm, I like that one," he smiled against my skin. "I want to see how much you're going to drive the boys crazy...knowing it's me that you feel, smell, hear."
"That's every day," I breathed, tilting my head as he licked slowly across my throat. "On that same note...I want to watch the girls' faces when they first see you...even more when they can't have you."
"Again, every day," he chuckled softly. "I want to take you in the girls' bathroom, knowing you can't make a sound."
"Boys' locker room," I corrected with a smile. "I want to catch you in the shower."
"Naughty, Bella," he crooned with a deadly sexy voice. "I like it. I want to feel you up in class."
"What's the whole thing about keeping me quiet?" I laughed, burying my face in his neck and tasting the water mixed with the essence of Edward.
"I don't know...it's erotic," he shrugged, gliding his hands under my bottom and slipping into me.
"I understand that," I groaned, reveling in the feel of him slowly burying himself to the hilt. "The plane...watching you stay quiet...very hot, baby."
"Mmhm," he nodded, his mouth slightly open. "Exactly. I still want my drive-in."
"It's yours...we just haven't gone yet."
"I know, love," he whispered, pulling out slowly and pushing back in. "God, you're fucking perfect, love...wrapped around me."
"I feel whole when you're inside me," I whispered, pulling his face to mine for a long, deep kiss. I pressed my forehead to his. "And don't forget..."
"Africa," we both said with reverence. "Yes, please," I added.
"I would hand you the world if you asked for it, my beautiful girl," he growled, his thrusts getting faster, deeper.
"Just you...always...that's all I need," my body jerked, my orgasm hitting me softly and unexpectedly.
"I will always be yours..."
The whole night went that way – joking, teasing and making love. Sometimes it was in the bed, the living room and once on the kitchen table. We took advantage of our alone time, surrendering to the side of us that had become insatiable. With no family to hear us, no school to deal with and no Volturi to bother us at the moment, we wrapped around each other and gave in. All too soon, it was time to get on a plane for home.
"Thank you, love," Edward smiled sweetly as we landed in Boston. "Thank you for setting that up."
"It won't be my last...but the next one you'll know about...I can't hide my thoughts from you...that was..."
"I don't want you to...welcome home, baby." He stood, offering his hand. "Let's finish this silly college thing, so we can do what we really want," he chuckled, his eyes full of mischief.
"You got it," I giggled, kissing his cheek and walking with him off the plane.


Rondell Garcia said...

Why do they keep going to H.S?. They could go to college.why put up w/ the stress and immaturity of H.S?. Either case they are only staying for 4 years or so, so no matter what the real reason they leave is b/c carlise is going to be caught out there for his lack of aging.

Carlise may find it fun to be a doctor, but being an eternal student... eh no!. No thank you. Next move, im sitting on my ass!. lol

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