Tuesday, March 20, 2001 | By: Drotuno

Angel's Embrace Chapter 14

"Stop looking at me like that...all of you!" I cracked up, staring at the three boys in front of me. I turned to Rose and said, "I just want to thank you for planting this little seed, Rose."
"You're welcome...which one, Bells?" She smirked.
"I don't care! I shouldn't have said anything," I sighed, looking at the pictures Rose had laid out in front of me. Ever since Rose mentioned the idea of refurbishing a classic car, every male in the house turned into a child.
"Come on, Bells," Emmett whined, "Spring Break is the perfect week to do it."
"Yeah...you might be able to drive it on the move..." Jasper urged, his eyebrows rising up and down.
"You're awful quiet, Edward," I teased, not even looking up.
"No pressure, love," he chuckled, but I saw him eying the pictures. I had at least narrowed it down to three. The Ferrari, the Mustang and the Camaro.
"Big help," I rolled my eyes. "Rose," I whined. I looked at her as she scooted the Ferrari's picture closer to me. "Fine! Fine...do it...Go...get out of my face..." I laughed and they all took off. "And not red!" I yelled after them. I liked the thing, but I really didn't want a carbon copy of Ferris Beuller's car.
Esme came in with a giggle. "You finally got them out of your hair, I see," she smiled, sitting next to me.
"Thank God," I sighed, leaning against her. "I should really start packing. I hate leaving it for the last minute. Maybe I'll just box up the stuff we don't use every day."
"That's what I've been doing," she nodded, "I'm just taking a break."
"I'll help," Alice said, bounding down the stairs. "Let's start in here. Bells, kick that stereo on."
Esme ran out to get us some boxes and newspaper. Alice and I started in the kitchen like we always did, packing it up. There weren't any humans staying with us, so the kitchen was officially out of commission. By the time the last box was stacked in that room, Esme, Alice and I were completely focused on the job at hand. We moved on to the living room, dancing, laughing and singing along to the radio station I had turned on.
We were totally busted by Edward and Jasper. They tried to sneak into the room to catch us singing I Love Rock and Roll by Pat Benetar. I turned on the ladder I was standing on to fall into Edward's arms as I sang about a seventeen year old standing in front of a jukebox. He threw me over his shoulder with a chuckle, smacking my behind as I squeaked and writhed in in grasp.
"Come see your car, love," Edward said, still laughing as he set me down. "Emmett and Rose are already taking it apart."
"Ok," I said, looking at him from the corner of my eye and rubbing the spot that he popped me. "Just for that...you're packing our room alone."
"Damn, baby," he chuckled. "I couldn't resist," he whispered, scooping me up into his arms again. "You were too cute."
"Whatever...cute..." I pouted as he carried me to the garage. He chuckled harder, kissing my forehead.
He set me on my feet in the doorway and I looked at the poor car. I would have guessed that someone had started to fix it up, but had stopped for some reason. Part of the car was primer gray and the other red. It was a mess, but like the old motorcycles that Jake and I had worked on, I could see the potential it had. "Wow," I snickered. "Good luck with that," I laughed.
"Are you doubting our skills?" Edward gasped, feigning shock. I laughed and turned around to look at him with a raised eyebrow. Clearly my face showed Edward was not lacking in the skills department. His eyes grew dark for a moment and he spun me around back to the car. "The car...beautiful," he growled low.
"No...just...it looks like an awful lot of work...but have fun...really," I smiled. "And again...I'll be no help whatsoever..." Emmett laughed from under the car and Rose looked up from under the hood to smile. Half of the engine was already on the floor.
"What color, Bells?" Rose asked, diving back under the hood.
"Black," I smirked, turning around, ignoring Edward's growl and going back to my packing.
"But, Bella," he whined, "blue's better," he urged.
"Black," Alice and I said together, Alice suddenly appearing at my side. "My car," I added with a nod.
He turned around muttering, "Too cute," under his breath. Alice and I exchanged a high five.
With the living room and kitchen packed, Esme went back to her house, stating that Carlisle would be home from the hospital soon. I pulled out my laptop to check my emails.
Jake had sent a quick note saying all was quiet on his side of the world. Anna added a line informing us the house was finished, sending a few pictures of the kids visiting Charlie.
Charlie had been released from the rehab facility and sent home. He was still not back on duty as of yet. Jake was stalling his talk with my father, for my sake I was sure of it. After sending them a thank you back, I closed my laptop and pulled out Edward's old journal.
It was easy to get wrapped up into his emotions and feelings. I was oblivious to the world around me as I curled up on the sofa reading. I was reading about the month we didn't speak after the accident with the van. I forgot how much that had bothered me, our silence. And we hardly knew each other.
"Sweet girl," Edward smiled from my side. He was kneeling on the floor next to the couch. "Doesn't that get old?" He asked, the sweetest expression on his face.
"No, never," I smiled, shaking my head. "When did you shower?" I giggled, running my fingers through his still damp hair.
"You've ignored us all for a little while now," he smiled, kissing my nose.
"Sorry, baby," I said, starting to get up.
"Stay, read," he smiled, kissing my lips before heading to the piano.
He didn't have to tell me twice. I couldn't stop my eyes from locking back onto his words. Edward began playing softly, adding a soundtrack to his writings.
For a moment, I wondered exactly what Edward thought and did for the month that we didn't speak. He didn't really write down what he had gone through, only explaining how he had watched me through other people—people who were almost unbearable to endure. But otherwise he ignored me, thinking he could walk away. Impossible. As I listened to him play, I wondered if music helped or hurt him. Did he use it to cope or was he forbidding himself the pleasure?
"I didn't play, love," he sighed, hearing my thoughts. "I listened to a lot of music, though."
"Me too," I said quietly, nodding. "I listened to songs that...had things I wanted to say...but I didn't tell you...does that make sense?"
"Yes," he smiled softly. "Like this..."
He began a sweet slow song, singing with it.
I've been alone with you
Inside my mind
And in my dreams I've kissed your lips
A thousand times
I sometimes see you
Pass outside my door
Emmett smiled as he walked by, ruffling my hair on his way to the drums. Jasper was right behind him. Alice and Rose plopped down on each side of me. The boys joined Edward in a really beautiful song.
Is it me you're looking for?
I can see it in your eyes
I can see it in your smile
You're all I've ever wanted
And my arms are open wide
'cause you know just what to say
And you know just what to do
And I want to tell you so much
I love you
Thinking back on the long road that led us to where we are now, mixed with the overwhelming sensation of feeling so much more as a vampire made me sympathize with Edward. I could just feel the struggle he went through in the words he was singing. He had mated with me instantly, but didn't have any idea what to do about it. He cared too much to hurt me.
I long to see the sunlight in your hair
And tell you time and time again
How much I care
Sometimes I feel my heart will overflow
I've just got to let you know
'cause I wonder where you are
And I wonder what you do
Are you somewhere feeling lonely?
Or is someone loving you?
Tell me how to win your heart
For I haven't got a clue
But let me start by saying I love you
God, Edward, I thought to him. He looked up from the piano with a tilted head. That was perfect. I love you too, did you know? Did you know then as well? Tell me it was on my face...that I wore it every day...
"Looking back, love, yes," he smiled.
Play something else, baby, I smirked, before I attack you in front of the entire family. He chuckled, shaking his head slightly.
Rose turned to me. "Do you like it that he can hear you now?" She asked, tapping a long slender finger to her temple.
"He can when I let him," I nodded. "I know the rest of you wish you could spare him...but yes...I really do."
Emmett begged for a Metallica song, so the noise in the room increased. Alice smiled and said, "We do wish we could shelter him from everything. I can't imagine hearing six minds all at one time...it must be tiring."
"I don't know...he doesn't complain..." I shrugged.
"He loves when you go away together," Rose nodded. "That must be nice to be able to escape all of our thoughts."
"Yes," I nodded and saw that Carlisle had come into the room followed by Catherine, Brandon, Carina and Demitri. My sisters and I jumped up from the sofa and hugged them all. We hadn't seen Brandon and Catherine since Christmas, and Demitri and Carina had been away for a week just the two of them.
The music stopped and the boys walked over and welcomed everyone in. Edward wrapped an arm around my waist and guided me into the living room. Carlisle rarely called family meetings.
"Everyone, sit down for a moment," he sighed, looking frustrated. "Jasper...what have you heard from Peter and Charlotte?" He asked, sitting next to Esme on the sofa. Demitri and Carina sat with them. Jasper had taken the loveseat with Alice. Brandon and Catherine sat next to me and Edward on the floor, Brandon giving me a smile and fist bump. Emmett and Rose pulled Edward's piano bench over and sat with us.
"In their email this morning, they said that Felix has almost cleaned up Atlanta...that it's possible Maria is dead," Jasper frowned, looking at his hands and back up at the rest of us. I couldn't imagine what he was feeling. He didn't project it out to the rest of us. Maria changed him and there was no love lost between them, but the thought of her dead bothered him for some reason. Edward squeezed my hand in agreement.
"He said Felix is determined to get to you, Carlisle...and Carina...he wants revenge for Bella taking her away," Jasper winced when Edward growled low. "Easy, brother..." Jasper raised his hands. "Not a chance will he touch her."
"Definitely not," Emmett frowned. I wanted to smile at the protectiveness that my boys had for me. Having a baby sister brought out a completely different side to them.
"Peter's theory is that as soon as the south is cleared up, they will head back west," Jasper continued.
"Ok," Carlisle nodded. "I received a bit of my own news today," he sighed, looking tired. "Kate called and said that they caught someone sneaking around the Denali lands."
"Who?" We all asked, even Carina.
"Ghianna didn't know them, so they must be new...were new...they are...no longer," Carlisle said darkly and sighed again. "I hate all of this...but we have the right to live the way we want."
"We should go...move already," Emmett growled. "I know everyone wants Bells..."
"Do not wait on my account," I interrupted, shaking my head. "If we need to go, we go. School is the last thing on the list," I said, folding my arms across my chest. Edward kissed the back of my head with a whispered, "I love you."
"You can finish online," Jasper nodded once. "You will finish..." He pointed to me. "I will send off that book too." I laughed quietly at my brother and my friend.
"Yes, dear Jasper," I saluted. Edward chuckled behind me, rubbing his thumb over the back of my hand.
"Bells," Carlisle smiled slightly. "I'll write you a medical note...you can finish online. We need to go."
"Ok," I nodded. "No problem."
"I sent the Denalis to the old house in Forks," Carlisle started again. "Bells, call Jake and let them know that they will be arriving tomorrow." I nodded, pulling out my phone.
"And Tanya?" Demitri asked. I stopped, waiting for that answer so I could know how many would be in Forks.
"And Mark..." Carlisle frowned. "She hasn't changed him yet."
"We're protecting the human?" Rose asked, her brow furrowed.
"We have no choice," Edward sighed. "He knows about everything and Tanya won't leave him...I understand that."
"Yes, Edward," Carlisle smiled, "I'm sure you do."
"Déjà vu," I smirked, looking back at my husband and hearing the chuckles throughout the room.
"Hardly," he smiled, rolling his eyes. "Mark is the Denali's responsibility...you were ours."
"Indeed," Alice clapped with a giggle.
"Ok, so what do I tell Jake?" I asked, standing.
"A few weeks and we'll be home...tell him to watch the Forks house."
I walked out onto the deck, dialing Jake. We stopped trying to hide the phone calls anymore. Charlie will know everything soon enough. A thought that still made my stomach twist with nerves.
"Bells," Jake boomed, and I could hear the smile in his voice.
"Hey, Jake, we're heading home," I sighed.
"Aw, hell, what's the news?"
I caught him up on everything we knew. He was not too happy about the Denali's, but would be at the house when they arrived. "One red eye and their done," he chuckled.
"No worries," I laughed, "they are like us, Jake. And a human...so be kind."
"Ok and remind Edward, the treaty is over...we will roam the whole state if we have to...together. These bastards need to go."
"I will..."
"Anything on the video you sent me?" Jake asked.
"Nothing...the news reported it as real at first, but by the next day it was just a viral video...a planned hoax, something like those people in New Orleans who dress up..."
Jake laughed. Hard. "Show them the real thing and they still don't believe it."
"Exactly, but real vampires saw it...I hope they don't plan to follow suit..." Jake agreed with me.
"Oh! And you're telling Charlie when you get here. Sue would rather he know everything than berate himself for thinking your angel form almost took him. He's been moping around the house...it was all too much for him, Bells...I think Charlie can handle it." My old friend sounded tired and sad.
"Damn...I know, I know," I sighed. "I promise."
"I'll go with you, Bells...you can't do it alone..."
"Thanks, Jake," I smiled.
So began the packing, the loading of the cars on transport and the planning. We all pitched in, Emmett and Rose still finding time to work on my car. It wouldn't be drivable for the move, but it would at least be able to go with the cars that were being shipped. Unlike the first move, where we had plenty of time, this was a hurried job.
Alice, Rose and I had gone back out for more boxes. The truck would be arriving in a few days and we were packing as fast as we could. I was pulling boxes out of the back of my truck when a hand landed on my shoulder, spinning me around. A foul stench assaulting my senses. Foul to me, because I knew exactly who it belonged to.
"Oh, Joe," I laughed icily. "You really are as dumb as you look. How did you find my house?"
"Followed you from school the other day," he sneered. He looked infinitely better than last time, but his eyes were still empty, dead. He started to tug me away from my car, but I held firm, using my strength against him. "I'm going to kill you for what you've done to me." He raised his hand to slap my face and I caught his arm in mid-swing. His face was in shock at the strength I was using. I wanted to crush his wrist. I wanted to rip his arm from his body, but I didn't.
Without raising my voice, I said, "You have no idea what's about to happen, do you?" He grunted, pulling me again. I knew my mind was open, so it was no surprise when Edward, Emmett and Jasper filed out of the front door. Not only did those three appear, but Brandon, Demitri and Carlisle surrounded us. All the girls appeared at my side.
"Joe, is it?" Carlisle frowned, walking up to him and placing a heavy hand on his shoulder. Joe's face paled, all the blood leaving his features. "Here's what is going to happen, son," Carlisle smiled, but it didn't reach his eyes. When they all wanted to, my family could look truly menacing. "You've threatened the wrong young lady...I'm going to give you a choice, Joe," Carlisle turned Joe around to face the men. "I can hand you over to them..."
"Yes," Emmett sneered, flexing his arms and stepping closer. Edward reached out a hand to stop him.
"He's mine," my guardian angel snarled.
"Or?" Joe's voice cracked, a sweat breaking out on his face.
"Or...I'm calling the police...you just violated an order of protection I had put on my youngest child." My still heart twinged at what Carlisle had called me.
"Who the fuck is this guy?" Brandon asked, pointing to him. His face was angry, but confused.
Alice whispered in Brandon's ear, quickly bringing him up to date.
"Don't I know you?" Joe asked, looking at Brandon. I could feel the panic around us. It was quite possible that Joe would remember Brandon from Dartmouth.
"No, do you want to?" Brandon growled, stepping closer with clenched fists after hearing the story. Joe shook his head profusely.
"Easy, buddy," I smiled, holding him back. Joe glared at me, licking his lips, his hands balling into fists.
"Don't look at her, Joe," Edward growled. "Make your choice, I have no more patience with you." No one stopped Edward from stepping up into Joe's face. No one stopped Edward from lifting Joe off the ground by his shirt. "Choose, now!" Edward's eyes were black and full of death and hatred. Joe wouldn't live to see another day if he had his way. Bloodlust was something my husband never really struggled with until now.
"P-police," Joe whispered, barely able to take a breath.
"Fine," Carlisle nodded, pulling out his phone. "Edward, drop him."
Edward dropped him alright – practically on his head. He really threw him to the ground, the sound of his body hitting the dirt vibrated through my feet. "Move and I'll rip your head off," Edward growled quietly. "Look at her and you lose your eyes. Stay. Right. There."
"You said he was mine if he came to the house," Emmett growled, a smile slightly playing on his face. Nothing ever rattled my brother. I fought my smile and just shook my head. Now was not the time to test Edward.
There are times when I forget that my husband could see everything in a person's mind. Everything that flits through the brain at the moment, anyway. I have no idea what Joe was thinking about, but it took his brothers, Demitri, Brandon and Carlisle to hold him back. Joe suddenly found himself pressed into the ground and a looming, snarling Edward above him, everyone trying to tug him back..
Edward, stop! I thought to him. You can't let him know that you can see his thoughts.
He had forgotten for a split second. Edward's eyes flickered to mine and he turned back to Joe. "I said don't look at her!" He stood back up, glaring at the boy.
"I wasn't...I didn't!" Joe stuttered, his breathing coming out in gusts.
I walked over to Edward, placing my hand in his and turning his ring slowly. I needed to give him a reminder of who he was. You'll never forgive yourself, my love. Come over here. I pulled him away and let Emmett take over the guarding of Joe.
"I would find a way," Edward answered so quietly, still staring at Joe sprawled on the ground. "It would be worth it to see his head separated from his body."
"Easy, baby," I crooned, brushing his hair from his face. "What he thinks and what he can do are totally different things," I whispered in his ear, leaning him against my car.
"Bella," Joe called and Edward flinched to move towards him.
"Don't you move," I growled, poking Edward in the chest. "Or you'll be in trouble with me. Weigh it out...which is worth it?" Edward frowned and nodded, but he made no effort to move from the car.
"What?" I glared, coming to stand beside Emmett, who threw a heavy arm across my shoulders for Edward's benefit, I was sure of it.
Whatever Joe was going to say was cut off by a growl from Edward. Edward, I swear to God...if you move from that spot... I thought to him, turning to see that he was still at my car. His face was stone, frozen in pure ire. He was shaking in bloodlust. I wasn't sure if he had needed to hunt prior to Joe's arrival or if Joe triggered it, but he was barely keeping it together.
A police cruiser pulled in the driveway, saving Joe from an ugly fate. I fought my smile when I saw Officer Dover get out. "Transfer?" I asked him, seeing he was in a sheriff's uniform instead of the school security uniform.
"Yeah," he smirked, "This kid's dumber than he looks."
"That's what I said," I chuckled. "You better get him out of here."
"Huh," Officer Dover mused, looking at the entire family. "I'd say so. That husband of yours looks like he's barely under control."
Office Dover was a large man, and he used it to his advantage. He snatched Joe up off the ground, pinning him to the cruiser and handcuffing him. He was exceptionally rough with him, but I didn't have the heart to tell Joe that he was getting off easy. As Carlisle filled out the report, I went to the window of the cruiser.
"You need help, Joe," I sighed. "I'm not what you think...I'm not as perfect as you think I am," I fought my smile when I heard Edward scoff somewhere behind me. I could hear him pacing like a caged animal. Oh, my lion loved me too much sometimes. I heard his chuckle and finally turned slightly to see him crack a smile. Jasper was calming him down for me a bit.
"I'm supposed to be on meds," he admitted, staring at the back of the seat in front of him.
"Get back on them," I nodded. "Therapy wouldn't hurt either."
"No," he growled. "I'm not crazy...I'll be back for you."
"Then you belong to them," I sighed, pointing to the row of angry men behind me. "And I won't stop them next time." I didn't bother to tell him that we would be long gone if he ever got out of jail.
Jasper beat Edward to my side and started to tug me away. "All it takes is one phone call, Joe," Jasper sneered, "Your fellow inmates will find out what you are. I promise you. Only," he smiled evilly, "I may just get my facts wrong. She may be a child when they find out."
"Scary," Officer Dover chuckled darkly. "They hate baby killers in jail, Joe."
With that joke, Joe snapped. He went from the scared boy to a lunatic. His head hit the window as he tried to get to me. I backed away and found myself in Edward's shaking arms. Alice gasped, seeing something in a vision.
"Suicide," Edward whispered to Carlisle.
"Um, Officer..."
"Officer Dover," Carlisle smiled. "As a doctor, I really suggest putting this boy on suicide watch..."
"Sure thing, Doc," the officer nodded, getting in the car. "Good luck, Miss Bella." I waved, watching them drive away.
I could barely see straight. There was bloodlust raging within me for the boy. Bella was mine, damn it. Jasper tried and mostly succeeded to calm me, but I still needed to see him die. I was shaking when the boy snapped in the car, losing the last bit of control he had.
When Alice saw Joe make the decision to kill himself, a part of me rejoiced. A part that I could neither stop nor explain.
Bella turned in my arms. "Edward, you need to hunt, baby...now...I see it."
All I could do is nod. Through her eyes and mind, I saw myself. My eyes were black, my face white – anger raging through me. All Joe wanted was my Bella's blood on his hands and to take her like an animal. He wanted to control her, make her submit. Something that, if I had been thinking straight, she would never let happen. But the mere idea of it...
"Now, Edward," she growled, pushing me towards the woods. "Go, baby...please..."
I nodded and took off, finding anything I could get my hands on. A moose, a bear and an unfortunate beaver later, I was breathing easier. I found my love sitting at the edge of our creek, tossing stones into the water. Her feet were bare, her adorable toes wiggling in the water.
"Glad it's spring, love?" I teased and she nodded, giggling.
"Better?" She asked as I took my own shoes off and joined her. She rolled my pants legs up for me.
"Yes, ma'am, thank you," I sighed, laying my head on her shoulder. She cupped my face, turning to kiss my head. The comfortable silence enveloped us, neither of us bothering to break it. Bella understood my need for silence, always. She never filled it with light chatter. She and I had always worked that way.
Without saying anything, she pushed me off her shoulder, her face serious. Our feet were still in the water when she laid down with me in the grass, her face nuzzling my neck. "He didn't get me, baby," she whispered, kissing my neck. "I'm still yours. Always," she crooned.
"I know..." I started, but she put her tiny hand to my mouth and shook her head at me.
"Just feel, Edward," she sighed, smiling sweetly at me.
With warm, careful hands, she unbuttoned my shirt and pushed it open. She loomed over me, her hair falling around her face. I reached up and wove my fingers into it. She kissed me deeply, a sigh from her ghosting into my mouth.
"I know what it's like..." she smiled, leaning down to kiss my chest. "To watch someone else want what's yours." Her lips ensnared my nipple and I couldn't help the moan that escaped me. Her fingers and tongue tortured the skin of my torso.
I started to beg her to let me kiss her, touch her – anything – but she stopped me with a sexily raised eyebrow. "Speak, Edward...and I won't let you come, baby."
My whole body shuddered at her words. My beautiful, dangerous creature was in control of the moment.
"It made me crazy to think someone could touch you..." she frowned, licking her bottom lip. Her hands lightly traced around the waistband of my jeans. "You're mine, Edward," she growled. "Don't forget it...I'm yours..." I nodded, my breathing in bursts as she flicked my jeans open with a quickness.
She palmed my cock in her tiny hands and I moaned despite myself, my head falling back to the grass. I couldn't help it when my hips rose up, her mouth taking me completely. One of her hands rubbed my stomach while the other pumped along with her mouth. I wanted to growl, I wanted to bury myself deep within her, but she felt so damn good.
"Edward, look at me," she said, circling my tip with her tongue. "It's just us, forever. We were made for each other. I want to see your handsome face when you come for me."
Her deep, almost black pools locked with mine when she sank back down on me. Seeing her perfect lips wrapped around me, smelling her arousal that was now filling my senses, I was losing control. "Now I want to hear you, my love," she growled, pumping me hard.
"Jesus-fucking-Christ!" I bellowed, coming hard and shaking all over.
She sat back with a sexy smirk, trying hard not to truly smile. She was quite proud of herself. "Hmm..." I growled, sitting up and suddenly feeling very possessive of my angel. "You would have wanted to kill him too, my love," I breathed, gripping her shirt and ripping from her body.
"No," she gasped, shaking her head. "He's not worth the price our souls would have paid."
"True," I nodded, "but I couldn't help it, baby." I pulled her to my lap. "Sometimes you are still my fragile human...sometimes it's hard to set that aside." My hands glided over her, palming her breasts. "My whole life...I waited. No one will take from you what you have so willingly given to me," I said the last sentence through gritted teeth.
"No," she agreed. "They won't. And no one will take what you have given to me, Edward."
"Say my name again, beautiful," I begged, wrapping my lips around one of her nipples, my other hand pinching the neglected breast.
"Edward," she moaned, arching up to me. Her little body trembled in my arms and I pulled back to look at her. The situation with Joe had scared her. Not because he could have hurt her, but because of what it would have done to me. I would have become the monster I put away almost five years ago, seeking revenge on a human that in all respects just didn't fucking matter.
"Please," she begged, a frown on her lips. "I know how scary it is, Edward...please..."
"Nothing will come between us, baby," I shook my head. "Only you can send me away from your side."
"Never," she sobbed, "Edward..." she growled, her hips rolling over me. She gripped my hair, forcing me to kiss her, claim her.
"God, my name out of those lips," I growled, flipping us over and pressing her into the fresh spring grass. "It makes me ravenous, love," I gasped as she ground her wet heat up my thigh. We disturbed a few butterflies and they fluttered away. I kicked the rest of the way out of my jeans and sat back, pulling hers off and tossing them aside. I looked down at my sweet girl. I could see that she would be crying if she were able to. "Shh, baby," I said, covering her body with mine. She was still trembling when I entered her, grounding us both.
"Oh," she sobbed, her head flying back. Her fingers gripped my shoulders, pulling me closer to her.
Our breaths caught as I pulled out and thrust back into her. Our love making was slow, determined, rolling in the grass around us. Our lips never left each other as we shared breath for breath. Her arms were around my neck and mine were under her shoulders. We couldn't get close enough.
Everything about us revolved around our history, our past. It was why she couldn't get enough of my journal. We were fiercely protective of each other. We were each other's firsts and were dead set on keeping it that way. What Joe wanted was to destroy that. It would not be allowed.
We both climaxed quietly and unexpectedly, our faces buried in each other's necks. I felt a shudder through my love and pulled back to look at her.
"What would you have done?" I asked softly, brushing her hair from her face. "You said I would have been in trouble."
She smiled, shaking her head. "I don't know...I just knew you couldn't do it...shouldn't do it," she sighed, frowning slightly. "I'm here to protect you too, you know..."
I nodded, nuzzling her neck again, unable to stop from taking in the best scent, my wife's scent.
"You were in bloodlust...you would have killed him, baby," she said, her breath hitching.
"Yes," I nodded against her skin.
"We have to get back," she whispered, tracing her fingers down my spine. "We have to pack, Edward."
"'Kay," I smiled, hearing her chuckle when I made no move to get up. "You know..." I pulled back and looked at her. "I could stay right here...forever...no complaints."
"Me too," she giggled, wriggling under me. "But they would hunt us down...and what a way to find us." She laughed, slapping my bare ass with her hand.
"Fuck 'em," I laughed, hearing her groan at my choice of words.
She pushed me up with a wry smirk on her face. "Give up your shirt, big guy," she snickered. "Some brute ripped mine." I fought my smile and lost, wretchedly. I couldn't be sorry for something I enjoyed wholeheartedly. "Try not to act too proud, Edward," she teased, slipping her arms through my shirt, standing up and pulling her jeans on.
"Yeah," I sighed dramatically, folding my arms behind my head to watch her dress. With a laugh, she threw my jeans at me.
"Let's go, you have a room to pack." She giggled when I growled low, rolling my eyes.
"Bells, take the damn test," Jasper snorted, shoving the computer at my angel. "I'll help Eddie with your room."
"Ok, ok," she pouted adorably. "I just don't think it's fair..."
"Love, finish school...it's important to all of us that you complete a full four years...after that, it doesn't matter," I smiled, kissing her head. We had all enjoyed watching her bloom in college and we hated that it was being cut short.
The truck was waiting outside and we were loading up. Bella had worked really hard to finish every course, every test. She would still have a little bit left once we got to Portland, but Jasper was more determined than I to have her graduate from college.
"I see I'm outnumbered," she mumbled, pulling the computer closer to her. "I should be helping."
"Bells," Jasper smiled, but his voice was a warning.
"Fine," she growled, a smile playing on her lips, "I'm doing it..." She stuck her tongue out at him and I couldn't help but laugh.
"Stubborn woman," Jasper laughed as we went upstairs to empty every room of boxes and suitcases.
"You have no idea," I sighed, chuckling as he laughed harder.
"You love me anyway," Bella laughed from downstairs.
"Unconditionally," I smirked, shaking my head.
Carlisle had already given notice to the hospital and left for the west coast. He wanted a few days in Forks to talk to Kate and Jake. We were left with Demitri and Carina, who would be following us in Bella's SUV, to load everything up and follow the next day. He would meet us at the house in Portland, trusting Alice and Bella to get us there. I hadn't seen the house this time, they had.
"So," Jasper smirked, picking up three boxes and handing them to me, "Em wants to race cross country."
"Does he? Or do you want to test Alice's car?" I teased.
"He wants to bet on it," Jasper chuckled, not answering my question, but I saw in his mind that my guess was correct.
"Hell yeah," Emmett boomed from downstairs.
"The terms, Em?" I asked, grateful I chose the Vanquish to drive again. They followed me with their arms full of their own boxes and out to the truck.
"I don't know yet," Emmett smiled.
Alice gasped and I felt her drop the boxes in her hands. "Damn," I growled, shaking my head.
"What?" Emmett and Jasper asked, looking between us.
"Joe," Alice and I said together. "He just hung himself in his cell," we continued in unison. Joe had apparently waited out his suicide watch with patience and a plan. The first night they left him alone, he took his own life.
"Really?" I heard from the door of the house. Bella's face was unreadable. She had tried really hard to make sure he sought help instead of letting his illness get to him. She had placed herself in front of him as a barrier to keep him from getting killed by me. And it was all for nothing.
"He was sick, love," I whispered, picking her up and taking her back into the house to the table she had been working at.
"I know...but his family..." She frowned, looking at her hands. She sighed deeply, not saying anything and her mind was closed to me.
"Baby, tell me what you're thinking," I whispered, tucking her hair behind her ear.
"I...am trying really hard to feel bad...and I don't."
"Bella," Rose growled. "You shouldn't! He wanted to rape you...do not feel for him...he did the world a favor." Rose having been raped just before her change had given her intense feelings on the subject. I remembered what she had looked like when Carlisle had brought Rose into the house the night of her attack. She had been a broken, bloody mess.
"And that's what I'm feeling," she sighed. "Does that make me a bad person?"
"No, it makes you a woman..." Rose sighed, sitting next to us at the table. My sister's face was softer when she looked at my Bella. "He takes what he cannot have, Bells. It's the worst kind of theft." I flinched, hating that there were true monsters in the world besides the mythical ones we all were. We were harmless compared to them. It took having an angel in my arms to realize that.
"Sorry, Edward," Rose sighed, squeezing my arm. "I know this was hard for you." Bella nodded for me and I kissed her head.
"Don't think less of yourself," Rose smiled. "It's ok to hate the evil in the world."
"'Kay," Bella nodded, looking up at me. "I should finish my test before Professor Jasper kicks my ass." I chuckled, standing up with her and putting her gently back in her chair.
"That's right!" Jasper laughed from outside.
"Oh and the bet should be..." Bella smirked, looking up at me. "A weekend home alone of the winner's choosing – to be announced at anytime. The car to come in last has to wash every car by hand, sing a duet at karaoke and..."
"And?" They all laughed, coming into the dining room.
"Ok...but if anyone gets caught for speeding, you're disqualified...and must sing as well...all songs to be chosen by the victor," she nodded once. "Second place has laundry duty for a week and third place is on housekeeping for a week." Oh, I loved her madly. All of us hated tedious housework. And karaoke had been used for bets for years. No one really liked it, finding it cheesy. It was the perfect punishment.
I chuckled, looking around at them all, even Demitri was intrigued with this bet.
"Deal!" We all said with a laugh. Emmett put his hand in the middle and we all followed suit, shaking on the whole thing.
"May the best team win," he grinned, finally getting the race he wanted. Without Carlisle to stop us, there's no telling how this trip was going to go.
"Don't wreck my car," Bella pointed to Demitri with a smile. "Rose has done things to it that I don't understand, but don't wreck it." Rose gave Bella a fist bump for that one.
"Yes, ma'am," he saluted. We had officially turned him into an honorary brother.
I looked around our bedroom one last time, my stuffed lion in my hands. I was making it a tradition that he ride with us with every move. The furniture was all covered and every drawer had been emptied. Everything that we had been through suddenly flashed before my eyes. The first year had been hard, my emotions still raw from the abuse Jake had done. I saw every kiss and fight, every sigh and smile. I wasn't sad to be leaving, just thoughtful.
"Bella," Edward said quietly from the door, "you ready, love?" I nodded, looking around the room one more time. He smiled as he looked at the lion in my hands. "He's going to help us win," he chuckled, giving me a wink and the lion's mane a ruffle.
I smiled, smoothing the fur back. "I'm ready."
"Ok," he said, holding out his hand for mine. I took it and we walked down the stairs together.
As we got outside, Emmett had a few rules for the race. "The race is only on open highways...we all stop for gas at the same time...either partner can drive." Which meant he would let Rose race without shame. I laughed, thinking Edward was crazy to let me drive.
"Not true," he whispered, a smile playing on his face. "I have a plan," he said and I shielded him quickly. Alice laughed as I did it.
"Shit!" She snorted, shaking her head. "And here I wanted to see that decision...Edward lives for these races. It's time he finally gets beaten."
"You should warn me," I laughed, "Alice could have heard that one."
"Sorry, love," he laughed, opening my door for me. "Keep that shield up for now."
"You've never lost?" I snickered as he sat down and closed his door.
"Perfect record," he smirked proudly. "A stat that Emmett hates," he chuckled.
"Hmm, let's keep it that way..." I laughed as he revved the engine.
"Your shield..." he started as we pulled out last in line onto the street. "Do you think you could stop a car from passing?"
"Oh...you're evil," I laughed, biting my lip.
"It wasn't in the rules," he shrugged. True.
"Probably," I nodded. "We'll test it soon enough."
We didn't speak much as we drove through small towns and cities, making our way to the interstate. I watched the world go by out the window, running my fingers through my lion's mane. Edward had put on some music, playing it low in the background. His long fingers played along on the steering wheel.
"You're so quiet, my Bella," he smiled at me. "Are you sad to be leaving?"
"Not at all...you?"
"I couldn't care where we were going," he smiled, one shoulder shrugged up.
"Yeah, maybe that's what I'm feeling...that as long as you're there..."
"Hold on," he chuckled, shifting gears and accelerating. As we passed Jasper, he flipped us off with a laugh.
"You know, if they were smart, they'd let you lead...considering you can hear the mind of the police," I snickered.
"You would think so," he smirked. "Try that shield now, love...Demitri is coming up." I shot my shield out, pushing Demitri back so that Edward could get in front of him. "Nice," my evil husband smiled.
His phone rang immediately. He answered with a laugh. "You didn't say we couldn't use every resource."
"You rat bastard," Emmett growled, but I could hear the laugh in his voice.
The first five hundred miles went that way, Edward staying in the lead. The first stop for gas looked like something straight out of NASCAR. They all tried so hard to move at a human pace, that Rose, Alice, Carina and I were in hysterics. Luckily, wherever we stopped it was deserted. I couldn't imagine what the clerks inside the store were thinking.
The second stop for gas – a thousand miles into the trip – Edward turned the car over to me. We were in a fair lead, pulling out of the gas station as everyone else pulled in. Edward laughed, turning in his seat to watch them all scramble. Jasper was the first to finish and pull back out.
I shifted gears and got back onto the highway. "Mmm," he groaned and I could feel his eyes on me. "Maybe I shouldn't have let you drive...so fucking sexy," he growled low.
"Jesus, baby...don't start..." I bit my lip and looked over at him in his seat. His eyes were dark as my hand wound around the gear shift. He shifted in his seat, his tongue snaking out across his bottom lip. "Edward," I laughed, "please, don't do this...I can't tell you no...ever. Think of winning...think of a whole weekend...the piano," I pleaded, looking back at him.
"Not helping, love," he whined, shifting himself again.
"A. Whole. Weekend, baby..." I laughed, but it was in sympathy. "Two days and we could do it anywhere...you haven't seen the house...versus this one moment...Oh, Edward...you're killing me," I groaned as his hand caressed my thigh, slipping under the edge of my skirt. There was a flash of yellow in my peripheral vision. "Jasper," I growled, shielding my poor husband immediately.
"Oh," Edward gasped, looking out the window at a laughing Jasper. Alice was covering her face she was laughing so hard. "Damn, sorry, love," he sighed, sitting straight in his seat. I pushed my shield out to block Jasper from passing me and shot in front of him to take the lead again.
"That's what you get for cheating," I said, taking a deep breath to clear my head. "Now they will stop at nothing."
"I know," he smiled, his face beautiful. He did enjoy these bets with his brothers. "We won't either, love. Show them what you can do, baby..."
I drove until the next and last stop for gas. Edward took over from there with an evil, sexy grin. "We have an advantage over Demitri and Emmett," he chuckled, keeping an eye on Alice and Jasper behind us.
"What's that?"
"You and Alice know the way already..." He laughed, looking at me.
"Don't think Emmett didn't print out directions," I warned him. "I watched him do it."
It got brutal towards the end, the four cars flying down the interstate. It looked like a scene from The Fast and the Furious. Vampire street racing – yet another cheesy TV show. Edward laughed from the driver's seat, shaking his head.
"Is that back to back with Undercover Werewolves, love?"
"Sure, a can't-miss night of TV," I laughed, looking out the window.
"Sci-Fi Channel's programming has never been so bad," he chuckled.
"It would be if they listened to us," I laughed, my head falling back. "I tell you, though...I'll be damned glad to be out of the car." I had been slowly getting restless for the last few hours.
"Tell me about the house, love," Edward smiled and I knew he was trying to distract me. "I've seen bits and pieces in your minds, but..."
"Ok," I smiled. "You'll love where it's at...just outside of a preserve. I picked the top floor for us again...I liked the room." He smiled, nodding for me to continue. "Not really enough room for a game room, but the living room is nice...big enough for the piano, drums and still not invading the living area." I sighed, looking over at him. "Since we're this close...can we visit our meadow?"
"I certainly hope so, love," he smiled, reaching for my leg. "I miss it too."
"Yeah," I sighed. "Though, I know you...you'll find us something close and stunning as usual."
"You think so," he smirked. His long, warm fingers traced circles around my kneecap. It was soothing and one of those simple gestures that meant the world to me.
"Oh I know so," I giggled. "Next exit...this is it," I said, turning in my seat to see who was near us. I shot my shield out around us to prevent anyone from getting closer.
I called Emmett on the phone. "Don't you dare kill anyone by running them over," I growled low. "You're driving like a fool back there."
"It's three in the morning," he snorted, "there's no one up. Lift that shield, baby sis, and we'll fight this out to the end."
"Not a chance, Em," Edward laughed, pulling into the driveway. I turned around to see Jasper pull in next, followed by Demitri and Carina. Emmett slid into the last space with a scowl on his face.
"How did Emmett lose to Demitri?" I asked Edward quietly.
"Carina was on the phone with Alice the whole time," he chuckled. "Apparently, they didn't want to sing, love."
"Imagine that," I laughed. "But..." I raised an eyebrow at him, "we get a weekend all to ourselves."
"Mmm, soon I hope," he smirked, getting out of the car and opening my door.
"I'm sure the opportunity will present itself nicely," I chuckled, squealing when Edward picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. He set me down at the front door, everyone following us. Welcome home, love, I thought to him and opened the door to the place we would all call home for the next few years.


Rondell Garcia said...

Joe hanging himself... Yea!. Good stuff there. I was getting a sneaking suspicion that he would comeback as a vamp, with some strange power to get pass Bella's shield and rape her. But I forgot, you like happy endings where everybody gets along, isn't that why Jacob, 'the woman beater' Black is still friends with Bella. Because of your 'creative' writing. Only here would it make sense to not forgive Tanya, But have Bella feel bad for psycho Joe, and keep Jake [someone who actually did psychically and emotional BEAT HER DOWN!!!] in her life, with forgiveness from her and Edward of all ppl who should have NEVER forgiven Jake NO MATTER WHAT!!!!, and supported by Carlise, and his endless need to keep the peace. Yea, you get a gold effing star!. smh. You got your happy ending; makes no sense on paper,and is strongly disliked by abused women everywhere, but hey its happy, and when writing a story, thats all that matters. SMGDH!.

Road trip challenge, gr8 job there. I would try that one myself. Now...where to pick up an aston???. lol.

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