Tuesday, March 20, 2001 | By: Drotuno

Angel's Embrace Chapter 15

"Damn it, Emmett," Jasper growled from downstairs. "Could your underwear get any more disgusting? Why the fuck are they stiff?" I rolled over and buried my face in Edward's chest to smother my laughter. Edward's whole body shook with his. "And I'm not even going to talk about the fact that Edward doesn't wear underwear..."
I gasped and sat up, a growl ripping through me. "Easy, love," Edward chuckled, pulling me back down on the bed. "He's just egging you on...sore losers," he laughed.
We hadn't been in the house for twenty four hours before the torture began. Because Jasper and Alice had come in second, they were responsible for laundry for a week. We all tossed clothes at him the second he began whining about losing. We threw things at him that weren't even dirty, telling him he better keep them separated by couple. Alice growled at that one.
Emmett had been smart to keep his mouth shut. He had to wash every car by hand, but we were waiting until every car was there. He and Rose also had to sing a duet in the future. The song was mine and Edward's choice.
Edward and I were reveling in our victory, hanging out in our new room. It was similar to our old one with high ceilings and a view of the forest outside the back door. The furniture was dark this time, an almost black cherry color. The bedding and curtains were soft white. There wasn't a window seat this time, but a beautiful bay window that a white chair and ottoman had been placed in. There were bookshelves on each side of the window from floor to ceiling. Esme always thought of a place for me to read.
"They don't need to be talking about your lack of underwear," I grumbled really low, pouting fabulously.
"I know, love," he chuckled, smoothing my hair and my nerves. "Heaven forbid..."
I snorted, hearing his sarcasm loud and clear.
"And could Bella wear any other bra than blue?" Alice whined loudly.
Edward growled low, vibrating the bed around me. "Oh ho! It's not so funny now, right?" I laughed quietly and he couldn't help but join me.
"Say it with me, love," he smirked. "Sore losers," we said together with a laugh. "They should take a lesson from Carina and Demitri, they aren't complaining," he smiled.
"They walked into a clean house, baby," I smiled, "this place is practically sparkling."
"True," he sighed, pulling me closer. "Esme's giving them the guest room for as long as they want," he said softly, tracing a finger over my bottom lip.
"Maybe if I pour bleach on all these black jeans of Eddie's, he'll quit calling me a sore loser," Jasper guffawed.
"That's it," I growled. I put Edward in black for a reason. He looked fuck hot in black jeans, by God. I had no plans to go shopping anytime soon.
"I heard that, baby," he chuckled, trying to stop me from getting up.
"Good," I smirked, slipping off the bed. I bolted down the stairs to find four giant piles of clothes just outside of the laundry room. "You will do the laundry correctly, Jasper...because you didn't win. However, you can switch punishments with Emmett if you like," I growled. "I'm pretty sure Rose would rather do laundry than sing in front of half-drunk humans."
"Hell yeah," they yelled from their room on the second floor.
"Fine!" Alice growled. "Jasper not one word more."
"I see Bella is keeping everyone under control in my absence," Esme chuckled, walking in the door.
"Yes, but thank God you can take over," I sighed, falling into her arms.
"Who won the race?" She smirked, an eyebrow raised.
"We did," Edward beamed, coming off the stairway and kissing Esme on her forehead.
"There's a surprise," she snickered sarcastically. "What did you win?" She asked me.
"An empty house for a weekend," I smirked, "but watching my brothers do menial tasks is proving to be almost as much fun." Edward raised an eyebrow. "I said almost."
"Jasper's doing laundry?" She laughed. Carlisle snorted as he joined us. "Hide the bleach," she whispered.
"No kidding," I growled, watching him pick up our clothes and carry them with a smirk. "Emmett!" I bellowed. "Come make sure Jasper doesn't erode all of our clothes...one wrong move and he's washing cars and singing instead."
"Done, baby girl," Emmett laughed, flying down the stairs to lean in the doorway.
"Damn, I should have had brothers growing up," I smiled and nodded to myself. Edward laughed, kissing my head. "They are way too much fun to mess with."
"Demitri, Carina," Esme smiled, "is the room ok?" She asked them as they walked into the room.
"Perfect, thank you," Carina beamed. She, like Demitri, had really taken to the energy of our family.
"Tell me they didn't drag you along on the race," Carlisle snickered.
"Of course, they would have left us otherwise," Demitri chuckled. "I think we got off easy..."
"You did," Edward and I smirked. I added, "By the time the house needs cleaning, the week will be over."
"Wait," Esme beamed. "No laundry or housecleaning for a week?" Edward and I laughed at her happy face. "I could kiss you both!" And she did.
"Don't forget," Edward smiled. "Emmett and Rose will be cleaning all the cars once they arrive."
"Nice," Carlisle nodded. "Finally, a bet I can live with."
"There have been worse punishments?" Demitri asked, chuckling.
"I almost got arrested once," Emmett grinned proudly from the laundry room door.
"For what?" Carina giggled.
"Streaking," we all groaned.
"We try to keep it to money, but public humiliation is hard to resist sometimes," Edward smirked as he leaned against the wall.
"What's the worst one you lost?" Carina asked me.
"Dancing with Mike Newton," I grimaced with a shudder.
"Oh!" Alice growled, popping out of the kitchen. "Don't start...at least it was Mike...you didn't have to dance with an ancient man in a leisure suit...right, Edward?"
Edward covered his face, laughing silently.
"Oh no, sister," Rose joined us. "How about the seventies porn star that rode my leg like a horse! His mustache was so bushy...all I could hear was bow-chicka-wow-wow..." The whole house exploded.
"Was he a porn star?" Demitri gasped, laughing so hard.
"He looked like one," Rose, Alice and I shivered, lost in the awful memories of my going away party at the Blue Moon in Port Angeles.
"Yeah, he did," Jasper smiled proudly. He had been the one to pick Rose's dance partner.
"Don't play them in pool...whatever you do," Esme warned with a smirk. "It's a brutal beating..."
"I cannot help it if you can't keep up," I sighed, looking out the window and hearing the chuckles. "Oh, the truck's here."
With all of us helping, the truck took no time at all. Of course, there was nothing like watching the boys unload the piano. Carina got her first glance and couldn't look away.
"God," she breathed, as the three boys lifted the piano up so that Edward could slide underneath to remove the legs. Muscles flexed, shirts rode up and jeans hung low. God Bless America. We leaned shamelessly against the wall of the front of the house to watch them work.
"Don't you have boxes..." Esme started, but stopped and barked a laugh. "Every time we move..." She muttered, shaking her head and walking back into the house.
The boys took their time, knowing we were watching. When Edward and Demitri shirked their shirts off, Carina and I groaned, "Fuck me," to ourselves. Edward heard my mind, his face feigning innocence.
"Jackass," I laughed, "does that shit on purpose." I heard his laugh as I walked back into the house.
"Get enough?" Esme giggled.
"Hell no," I mouthed, shaking my head profusely and taking the box she was handing me. "Never," I sang as she guffawed and I walked the box into its appropriate room.
"Bella?" I called, finding my love in our room.
"Hmm?" She smiled, looking up from her computer. She looked so adorable, she was almost edible. Her hair was twisted up and held with a pencil. She was wearing a pair of yoga pants and one of my t-shirts. Curled up in the chair in the window, a rare sunny day in the Pacific Northwest, her glittering skin glinted off the walls. "Tell Jazz I'm taking the damn test," she snorted.
"No, love," I chuckled. "I wanted to tell you that Jake is on his way, Alice just saw the house go black and Anna called almost at the same time."
"Cool," she smiled. To see her happy about seeing Jake was healing for me, as I was sure it was for her. For some time, she hated him, hated what he had done to her when I was not in her life.
"Yeah, they want you to talk to Charlie, baby," I sighed, sitting on the ottoman and pulling her feet into my lap. "Are you ready for that?"
"Is he coming with them?"
"No...they want us to go back..."
"Yeah," she frowned, "he needs to know...all hell is going to break loose, I think."
"With Charlie? Or everything else?"
"Everything else...Charlie is just going to be mad at me," she sighed, taking her eyes from mine and focusing back on the computer.
"Hey," I whispered, lifting her chin with my finger. "He's going to be happy to see you...I guarantee you...he'll take you any way he can." I didn't tell her that I was worried just as much as she was. I didn't want her to think Charlie could hate us – hate what we were. Bella was still the sweet, smart, beautiful Bella that she always was. I hoped that Charlie saw it.
"You don't know that...even Alice can't see that," she breathed. "But he deserves to know since he's seen Jake...he's seen Felix...Sue said that he's already touched on the way Felix and the others looked...mentioning Carlisle. There's no choice anymore."
"No, baby, there isn't." I sighed, feeling her pain. It was the same worry that I had when she had figured out what I was all those years ago. "I'll be with you...Jake will be with you...you're not telling him alone." Charlie had seen Bella after her change. She was worried how he would react to knowing why we had to fake our death.
"Thanks, Edward," she smiled. "He'll be upset with you and the whole family..."
"Oh, don't I know it," I smirked. "But I promise you...he'd be a fool to not take advantage of the fact that his beautiful daughter is still around. He can be mad at me all he wants...but not you, love."
She took a deep breath, letting it out slowly. "Mark's here?" She asked and I laughed.
"Yeah," I nodded. "Tanya is talking to Carlisle about changing him. She's not sure she can handle it...but she's so stubborn...she won't ask me or you anything."
Bella rolled her eyes and shrugged. There would never be a friendship between those two women. "Her loss...he could get hurt...she may not have a choice one day...then she'll be screwed." I snorted, knowing that my Bella was saying this loud enough that Tanya could hear her.
"Shameless, baby," I whispered, kissing her lips. She smirked and kissed me again.
Try to take my husband...she thought with a snort. I don't think so...mated or not, she's a pain in the ass. And what she did to Brandon and still hasn't apologized for it...unforgivable.
"God, I love you," I sighed, getting up to leave her to her test. "That's timed, love...don't forget."
"Oh, shit...well, get out and stop distracting me!" She giggled, shooing me away.
"Holy crap," Rose laughed, "Little Eddie is like a Jake clone!" I looked at the chubby infant in Anna's arms and agreed. He had a fistful of her hair, babbling happily at us all. But when he saw Esme, he reached for her.
"He remembers you," Anna smiled, handing the child over to our mother.
"Well done, Jake," I smiled, shaking his hand. I felt a breeze fly by my legs and watched as a dark haired little girl flew into Jake's arms.
"Izzy...this is Edward," Jake smiled.
Izzy blushed crimson when she looked at me, then Jasper who was standing by my side.
"Yeah, I felt the same way the first time I looked at him," Bella walked up, giving me a wink.
"Bells," Jake beamed, hugging her as best he could with Izzy in his arms. "Izzy, this is who you were named after."
My heart ached when Bella took Izzy from Jake. I knew that Bella had never wanted children and couldn't have them prior to her change. But it didn't stop the fact that it would have made an amazing addition to the perfection we already had.
"You look like your mom," Bella chuckled, sitting on the couch with the little girl on her lap.
"I've seen pictures of you," Izzy smiled, reaching up and touching Bella's hair. "Daddy said you weren't around anymore. But you're back..."
"I am," Bella giggled.
"Grandpa Charlie talks about you all the time," Izzy whispered like it was a secret.
"Oh boy, does he tell stories about me?"
"Yes!" The little girl nodded.
"You should hear the stories Charlie tells her..." Jake chuckled. "He and Billy have made it their life's mission to relive every clumsy moment of Bells' life." I chuckled, hardly able to stop watching my wife.
"Oh no," Bella groaned. "Well...maybe...we should get Grandpa Charlie back and tell some stories about him..."
"Really?" Izzy squealed, turning in her lap to look at Jake.
"Oh now you've done it," Jake chuckled. "Later, Iz...ok?"
"Yes, Daddy," she smiled and hopped down from Bella's lap to investigate where her little brother had been taken off to. Her mind was full of questions and awe. It was refreshing to hear the mind of a child instead of the mundane thoughts of adults.
"What's she thinking?" Bella smiled, seeing the look on my face.
"That we're all really nice...she wants to know where her brother is and found him in the kitchen with Esme and Anna...she thinks you are beautiful," I smirked, looking at her. "And that she can't wait to hear stories about Charlie. Her mind is constant curiosity..." I laughed, "And she just met Alice and thinks she's a fairy."
The whole room cracked up. Even Alice giggled, unable to not adore the child.
"Well, she is," Bella and Emmett murmured. Jake chuckled, shaking his head.
We sat around, catching up and trying to decide which way was the best to approach Charlie.
"Bells, why don't you let me just go in and bring you two into the room after I've told him...he's almost figured it out."
"Ok, fine," Bella snickered, watching Emmett teach Izzy how to fight like a bear. She was standing and Emmett was on his knees, still towering above her. She roared, charging him and he fell over as she smacked his belly. She had officially started calling him "Teddy Bear". A name we were certainly going to tease him about later.
She practically bounced on him like a trampoline and he loved every second of it. Rose was pushing out enough lust to fill the house. Jasper was having a hard time controlling it. "Um, Teddy Bear?" Jasper snickered. "Give it a rest, dude."
"'Kay," he chuckled, sitting up with the little girl on his broad shoulders. She squealed as he swung her down to the floor. She wobbled with dizziness and we all laughed. She smiled, running over to me. She pulled my hand.
"Mommy says you play," she beamed, pointing to the piano. She was so full of energy that we could all barely keep up. "Please?" She begged. If our cool skin bothered her, she didn't say or think anything about it.
"You can't say no to that face, Edward," Esme teased.
"Apparently, not," I sighed, getting up from the sofa. Suddenly her brother wailed from the other room. I allowed Izzy to push me to the piano.
"Wait!" She commanded with a serious face. "I have to check on my brother."
Bella was in near hysterics. Play my lullaby, Edward...that should help. I chuckled and nodded. I began Bella's old lullaby and heard Little Eddie hiccup in the other room, but begin to settle down. Anna brought him in as she fed him a bottle and his eyes slipped closed. Izzy crawled up in Bella's lap, twirling her hair and quietly watched me.
Mine next, son, Esme begged and I nodded to her. Before long, both children were sound asleep. Izzy was cradled in my wife's arms.
"Ok, can you do that at night?" Jake laughed softly, coming to lean against the piano. "Every night?" He smirked, looking at his kids.
"Jake, I have a CD," Bella smiled, "It's yours."
"Sweet," he sighed. He looked at Bella holding his daughter and sadness swept over him. His thoughts went back to the fight they had. It resulted in Bella's inability to have children. He had pushed her too hard and she had fallen into the rail of the stairs at Charlie's house. He was filled, overflowing almost, with remorse.
"She's not sorry," I sighed, looking at him. "You would think she would be...but...no."
"I was a shit," he frowned.
"Yes," I snickered when his eyes locked on mine. "We all have...made mistakes."
He nodded, thinking that she had come along way with him. He didn't deserve her friendship.
"You can thank Carlisle," I smiled and shrugged.
"And you," he nodded. "You had every right to kill me."
"And what would that have done?" I asked.
Bella must have stopped him...saving my ass again. I chuckled and nodded, my eyebrows raised.
"Indeed," I smirked.
He mentally noted a change for the good in me since he had first met me, but I let it slide. "We should go," I sighed. "Bella's worried about talking to Charlie as it is, best not to make her suffer any longer."
"Ok...follow us in...the treaty is dissolved," Jake started and saw that the whole room was listening to us, "but I want to be with you the first time you step on Quileute lands. I want them to know I allowed it." He frowned, his mind telling me that he resented his leadership status at times. "We're going straight to Sue's. She's waiting for us. Charlie knows I'm coming to talk to him, but not that I'm bringing someone with me." He said the last line to Bella, who nodded and stood up, cradling Izzy gently.
"I can't do this," I breathed, shaking my head as we passed into La Push.
"You can, love," Edward urged, picking up my hand and kissing it. He turned down a quiet street, following Jake's small car. "You're braver than all of us...you can."
I half snorted and half huffed, looking out the window. "I don't know..."
"If I think for a moment that he's too angry to talk to you, I'll pull you away," Edward said, turning to look at me. "Deal?"
"Deal," I sighed, nodding.
He parked the car a few houses down. Jake had suggested this, so that Edward and I could still hear the conversation, but not be seen from the window. We had stopped once on the way to drop off the kids and Anna. Jake didn't want them there if this meeting were to go badly.
"Hey, Jake," Sue smiled, answering the door. She spotted our car immediately and gave a quick nod.
"She's sharp," I snickered. "My dad did well when he married her."
"She is," Edward chuckled. "And he did."
"Hey, Jake," Charlie's voice was terse. "Sue said you had some things you want to talk about, but...the game's on soon, son," he sighed.
"Yeah, Charlie," Jake sighed and I could hear springs of a sofa creak, informing me that Jake had sat down. "I need to know what you remember from the night you got hurt."
"Um, nothing, kid."
"Charlie, Swans aren't good at lying," Jake chuckled and I smiled, shaking my head.
"What do you want me to tell you? The docs think that I'm nuts..."
"Tell me what you saw and I'll tell you whether you're nuts or not," Jake sighed and suddenly I heard my old friend as the strong leader and adult he had grown into.
"Got a degree in crazy people, do you?" Charlie huffed. "Fine...we were all sitting around the fire in those woods. You, Seth, Sam...me...my deputy had gone home to be with his kids for Christmas...you three were laughing and joking as usual, but Seth started to shake." My father paused for a moment, the sound of a can hitting a table met my ears.
"Two...people...I remember two anyway...wandered up and suddenly you guys were gone and three of the biggest damn dogs? Bears? Flew off in every direction. Before I could load my gun, one of the people...she was pretty...started towards me. Everything went black after that."
"Ok, fair enough," Jake sighed. "Did Billy or Sue ever tell you the legend of the Quileute tribe, Charlie?"
I sighed, putting my hands over my face. Life has a funny way of repeating itself. I listened as Jake told the old story again. The same story I had heard over five years prior while walking on First Beach.
"What the hell are cold ones?" Charlie asked. "Wait...stop...kid, are you telling me that those dogs were you, Sam and Seth?"
"Yeah, I am...listen, it's important that some things are kept secret. Sue wanted to let you in on all of this when you got married, but...I had a secret of my own, Charlie. There are rules. The reason the docs look at you funny is because they don't know. And cold ones...are vampires..."
"Sure, sure," Charlie snorted. I would have laughed at my dad using my old comeback if the situation wasn't so strained. "So that girl in the woods...v-vampire?"
"But she was beautiful...kinda reminded me of Esme Cullen."
"Jesus," I groaned. Edward sighed, pulling my hand up to his lips again and left them there.
"Well, funny you should mention the Cullens...look things are different since the first wolves started protecting these lands...there are vampires that kill humans and those are the ones we vow to stop...and then there are the ones that feed off of animals, Charlie...they are good...they can be trusted." Jake was laying the perfect foundation for us. I just hoped it worked.
"What do the Cullens have to do with...no!"
I flinched when Charlie put it all together. I looked over at Edward and he was sitting very still, a sign of his stress. "He's almost put it together in his mind," Edward whispered. "He's almost got it."
"So the vampire in the woods...bad...and the Cullens?" Charlie asked, his voice shaking.
"Good, very good..." Jake chuckled.
"What happened, Jake...what happened to Bella?" It was the first time he must have said my name in a while. It sounded forced and full of sadness. "And Edward...Tell me, Jake."
"It wasn't my secret to tell, Charlie...what do you know about vampires?" Jake asked, switching directions.
"They come out at night...they drink blood...they live for...ever..." There it was. Charlie got there just fine on his own. "She's alive..." He whispered and a sob tore from my throat at the happiness that I heard. Edward quickly pushed his seat back and pulled me to him, cradling me.
"Jake's telling me to come on, love," Edward whispered into my hair. "He's thinking he can't prove it to Charlie any other way."
I nodded, sitting back as Edward opened the door. He held my face, locking his eyes with mine. "I love you..." He whispered. "It will be ok."
"I love you too," I kissed his lips firmly, pushing away all my nerves and feelings of guilt.
We walked to the door and knocked. Sue answered with a soft smile. "He'll be fine," she whispered. "I'll help him adjust, Bells...trust me." I nodded and a shiver ran through my body. Edward lightly rubbed my back.
"Charlie," Sue smiled, winking at me before she turned to him. "I think you need to see this..."
"Come on, Charlie," Jake stood, "I brought you something."
I hadn't seen my father since just before we left for Dartmouth over three years prior. He had aged just slightly. I hadn't. Something about that bothered me just a bit for his sake.
"Bells?" Charlie gasped, closing his eyes and opened them again.
"Yeah, Dad...it's me," I sighed, biting my bottom lip.
"You...you were in my hospital room..." He nodded to himself.
"Yes," I whispered.
"You look exactly the same," he mused, taking a step closer. His eyes flickered to Edward. "What did you do?" He boomed. Edward flinched and I stepped between them.
"Don't," I begged, "don't you dare blame him. You can blame me...it was my choice, Dad."
"You wanted this?"
"I wanted Edward...and whatever came with that...Dad, look at me," I frowned as my father glared at my husband. "You can blame me...there are things in this world that have to stay hidden...they are all around you. It's time you knew."
"So, this whole time...I've got werewolves and vampires all around me and no one bothers to tell me?" Charlie growled. "My daughter...my wife...you all knew?"
"Charlie, stop," Sue frowned. "You have to understand the secrecy of this. If you don't know about it...then you're safe...but things are changing...and you need to know."
"These legends...these secrets are thousands of years old, Charlie," Edward spoke calmly.
"You took her from me," Charlie whispered.
"No, I left on my own," I sighed, still standing between them. "If you want us to leave again, we can..."
"No...I just got you back..." Charlie panicked.
"Then you need to know...I'm happy...it was my choice...and it was a good one..." I held my dad's gaze. "I'm sorry we lied...I'm sorry we had to tell you we were dead...we couldn't tell you the truth...it was against the rules."
"So, why tell me now?"
"The rules have kinda flown out the window, Charlie," Jake snorted, shaking his head. "You saw me transform...you saw the vampires I was trying to keep out of Washington."
"What do they want?" Charlie asked, looking around the room for anyone to answer the question.
"Control," Edward said and my dad's head snapped around. "They killed the oldest of vampire rulers and they want to destroy us...and the way we live."
"You're bringing a mythical war down on our front doorstep?" Charlie gawked.
"We can stop them," Jake growled, looking at Edward, who nodded in agreement.
"I can't...no more..." Charlie shook his head.
"I understand, Dad," I sighed, turning slightly.
"No...I just can't take anymore legends coming to life...to reality..." He chuckled slightly.
"I get that too," I smiled and nodded. "My best friend is a werewolf and my high school sweetheart is a vampire...it surrounded me every day." Jake laughed and Edward joined him, kissing my head.
"How did you keep this from me?"
"Oh, well, I was busy," I chuckled.
"But happy?" He asked, looking between us. "You look...amazing."
"Thanks...and yeah...really happy."
"No regrets? You'll look like this forever?" Charlie asked, a slight smirk.
"No regrets and that's a perk." Edward chuckled again.
"Ok, so how old are you really?" Charlie asked Edward, his face filled with almost a childlike curiosity.
"A hundred and twelve," Edward smirked.
"Damn," my dad smiled. "But wait...garlic?"
"Myth," Edward and I answered together.
"Holy water...crucifixes?"
"Myth." I started to laugh and turned to Edward. "Sounds like our first date." Edward laughed, nodding. Jake guffawed, covering his mouth.
"Myth." And I added, "We can't show ourselves in sunlight, but it doesn't hurt us."
"Wha...never mind," Charlie sighed. "Just tell me later...so, blood?"
"Animals only," I said. Charlie seemed to accept this and turned to Jake.
"Silver bullets?" He chuckled.
"They aren't that kind of werewolf," Edward answered. "Technically they are shape shifters. They just take the form of a wolf. There are legends of Children of the Moon in Europe..." Both Jake and I stared at Edward for just a moment, having never heard that bit of information.
"Ok...no more legends!" Charlie huffed a laugh. "I can barely handle the ones standing in my own house."
"Yes, sir," Edward smirked.
"God," Charlie sighed. "I missed you." He took a tentative step towards me and suddenly wrapped his arms around me. "I'll keep whatever secret you want...just don't disappear again." A dry sob escaped me and I tried really hard not to hold my father too tightly.
"We can't stay in one place for too long, Dad," I said, pulling back to look at him.
"Where are you now?"
"Portland," I smiled, knowing he would be happy that we were close again. A glimmer of hope flitted across his face.
"For how long...and did you finish college?"
"Um, a few years and almost...Edward and Jasper are making me finish my courses," I smiled.
"Good," he nodded once. "Where's Alice?" He smiled, causing Edward and I to laugh.
"You can see her soon enough. It's a wonder she didn't stow away in the trunk of the car," I giggled.
"Charlie," Edward started. "We need you to keep everyone out of the surrounding woods. That means law enforcement and campers. Can you get a bulletin out for that?"
"Yeah, no problem, consider it done. Are they coming back?"
"Most certainly," Edward nodded, his face grim. "But for everyone's safety, please..."
"It's done," Dad nodded. "Anything...just keep me in the loop this time. Um, Bells?" He paused, turning to me. I heard Edward chuckle softly, something Charlie would have missed. "I think...maybe...your mother shouldn't know this stuff..."
"Perhaps you're right," I laughed at his worried expression. "She seems happy now...even with..."
"You've seen her?"
"Nope," I smiled, my eyes flicking to Jake. "I've had my eye on you two even though you couldn't see me."
"Thanks, Bells," Dad sighed. "Thanks for coming to the hospital...I thought you were an angel coming to take me." I turned to Edward, who looked away smugly. "But you sounded so worried..."
There was a scuffling of shoes on the front doorstep and Seth walked in. "Bells!" He beamed, picking me up and swinging me around just like he always did. "I told you he'd be ok," he whispered.
We spent the afternoon with my family, my heart healing with every word spoken, every lie that I came clean with. Dad said that he would come to Portland, he wanted to see Alice, Esme and Rose. What I really think is that he wanted to talk to Carlisle.
As we pulled out of La Push, Edward turned the car in a different direction than towards our new home. "Baby, where are..." He didn't have to tell me. I knew immediately when he parked at the end of the road. We were going to our meadow.
With a chuckle, Edward scooped me onto his back and took off. I didn't complain, but just buried my face in his neck. When he finally stopped, I looked up and my breath caught. There are things that mean more to me than I could possibly put into words. The feelings that came with seeing the meadow was one of them.
It was stunning and I had missed it terribly. I slid down from Edward's back and looked around. Edward was quiet, either listening to my thoughts or lost in his own. Butterflies and dragonflies scattered into the air as I walked through the tall grasses and wildflowers As I scanned the area, I could see every conversation, every kiss, every moment of passion that we allowed free into the world. My memories flooded me, drowning me in happiness.
My foot kicked something free from the grass and I looked down. A flash of blue caught my eye and I bent down to pick it up. It was a hair tie of mine. My scent had been washed away from it by rain and snow for three and a half years, but it was mine. From what I could tell no other scents were in this place. It was still ours, still secret.
A line of trees caught my eye and I sighed, remembering the first time I saw Edward step out into the sun. I was awed by him and yet, a little intimidated.
"You were scared," Edward whispered, hearing my train of thought. "The first time you saw me..."
"Not scared...not of you..." I shook my head. "You made me feel small, fragile...I wanted answers as to why you meant so much to me so fast..." I turned around and Edward was right behind me. "I wanted to know you...but you were determined to hide from me."
I placed my hand on his heart, meaning the real him, not what he was.
"You were right about one thing..." I smirked, Edward taking my hand and kissing my fingers. "And wrong about others..."
"What's that, love?" He smiled.
"Everything about you drew me in..." I leaned closer to him and inhaled, waves of honey and sunshine and clean linen washed over me, settling my mind, my heart. "Your face, your smell...especially your voice," I chuckled.
"You still can't outrun me," he chuckled, kissing my head.
"And I don't want to fight you off," I laughed, pressing my forehead to his chest. "But I could..."
"Oh, yes you could," he sighed, wrapping his arms around my waist. "There's so much here..." He mused, his voice soft and sweet.
I pulled back to look at him. I could see that it was affecting him as well. He looked at the hair tie in my hands. "The last time we were here," he noted, tugging on it.
"I think so," I sighed, hanging it from a tree nearby. I sat down in the midst of some tall grass and flowers. Edward joined me, lying on his side much like he did the first time we had come out here. Suddenly, I realized this was the first gift he had ever given me.
"Not just for you," he smiled. "Until we came here, I didn't know...I wasn't sure I could be with you..."
"I know..." I smiled, taking his hand and turning his ring. "Sometimes, I wish I could go back in time and tell ourselves a few things..."
"Really?" His face was amused, but sad as well. It was an adorable mixture.
"Yeah," I nodded. "That it turns out perfect...that what we were feeling right then was nothing compared to what it turns into...to tell you that your soul is flawless, untouched and sweet...that despite what you were feeling, you could never hurt me. We were so serious...we should have relaxed."
"You're right...all of it," he sighed. "I would have told you that you were just as stunning then...that changing you just enhanced that beauty...I would have warned you that I was going to turn into an idiot and try and leave you...to try and stop me at all costs."
"Edward," I frowned. He just shook his head. That one mistake would haunt him forever. "Well, if that's the case, I should sit down for a long chat with myself...tell her that if or when you leave, to wait...that the reunion will be better than she could imagine. That the Edward that leaves and the one that comes back are two completely different men," I smiled, tilting my head at him.
"To be upfront with Jake," I nodded. "To keep it as a friendship only and if he pushes, to push back. Hard."
Edward smiled. It was a stunning smile. I couldn't resist him. I leaned over, my lips just barely touching his. "I would also tell her...that kissing you...really kissing you is heart stopping...that making love to you is as close to heaven as two creatures on earth can get."
He wove his fingers into my hair. "Bella," he whispered, his brow wrinkling slightly. I kissed him softly, deeply, pulling back to let my eyes travel over his whole body.
"I would tell her that the Edward that comes back will make her feel loved and safe and beautiful...that he worships the ground she walks on...that he's really sweet and silly underneath the serious wall he tried to put up. That he doesn't wear underwear and it's sexy as hell," I snickered. Edward smirked, rolling his eyes.
"Oh," he chuckled, "if that's the case, I really need to let him in on a few things."
"Like what?" I snorted at my husband's raised eyebrow.
"That despite how...enticing your blood was...that you taste amazing everywhere. That if he thought blue blouses and tight jeans were a draw, just wait until she puts on one of his own t-shirts," he growled, his eyes filling with a wicked gleam. I giggled, shaking my head.
Edward rolled onto his back, pulling me on top of him. He ran his fingers through my hair with one hand while the other ghosted along my side and bottom. "He should know that he should trust himself more...that a bruise heals in days where a broken heart takes years..."
"Baby, no..."
"He should know that she would fight tigers for him as a human and even more as a vampire. He should know he's absolutely clueless as to how perfect she truly is...that the feel of her wrapped around him, wanting him, loving him...is the perfection he always wanted, waited for. I would tell him that the first time she lets him touch her will be proof angels exist on earth," he whispered the last line. I pressed my forehead to his, closing my eyes.
"And that she looks amazingly sexy in short skirts," he chuckled, squeezing my bottom.
"Oh...he needs to find that out on his own, I think," I laughed, sitting up, my legs straddling Edward's stomach.
"Unfair!" He laughed. "You're telling her about my lack of underwear..."
"A girl should know these things," I smirked, folding my arms across my chest.
"What if," he started, fighting his smile, "I just tell him about the cheerleader thing?" His hands snaked up my shirt, pulling my arms away. He lifted it over my head and slung it to the side.
"Absolutely not," I gasped in mock shock. I scooted back onto his hips and pulled his shirt from his pants. "Your face was totally worth it...but she should be warned about your hands...they are deadly weapons..." I giggled, just as he cupped my breasts over my bra.
"No way," he countered, his voice husky as I unbuttoned his shirt and he shrugged out of it. "Weapons," he scoffed, flicking my bra open without even trying. He couldn't help the smirk that spread across his face. I raised an eyebrow for him to even argue that point. "He should definitely know about Dirty Edward...that's a must, love..."
"I don't think so," I growled, tugging his belt off and unzipping his pants. "He learned just fine without help."
"He did," Edward chuckled. "Ok, perhaps they only get some help...like...let them figure out that making love is heaven, but fucking in the middle of this meadow is a religious experience..."
"God," I growled as his thumb rubbed roughly over the seam of my jeans.
"Let him figure out that every sound she makes goes straight to his painfully...hard cock..." He raised his hips, finding friction against my now saturated core.
"Edward," I purred, tugging his pants down as he pushed at mine. I kicked out of them, his hands guiding my hips. He thrust up into me at the same time he pulled me down. My heat surrounded him, pulling him in.
"Oh and hearing his name from her sweet lips, he'll figure that out instantly..." Edward sat up, his lips searing mine. His tongue delved into my mouth, fighting for dominance that I willingly surrendered. I rolled my hips, taking him in further and hearing a beautiful half moan, half growl escape him.
He gave my neck soft bites and long licking kisses, his teeth grazing my shoulder. My back arched and his hand held me, capturing my nipple in his mouth. I gripped his shoulders, lifting my head back up to watch his mouth on my skin, his tongue drag flat across my hardened nipple. His mouth was deadly as he turned his attention to the other breast, my hand slipping into his hair to keep him right there.
I felt our rhythm increase, our pulling and pushing on each other becoming fierce. "Fuck me back, baby," he growled, guiding my hips with an amazing swivel.
"Fuck, Edward..." I breathed, pulling his chest to mine as he gripped my ass hard. "God, you feel so fucking good..."
"Tell me...how good does it feel when I fuck you, Bella?" He purred in my ear, taking my earlobe between his teeth.
"So...damn...good..." I gasped as my muscles contracted around him. "I need to come, baby...please..." I begged, burying my head into his neck. I gave him licking kisses up his jaw, taking as much of his taste in as I could.
He rolled us over and sat back on his knees driving himself into me harder by holding my hips. I screamed his name, coming hard around him and causing a deep growl to erupt from him. "Fuck...that was beautiful..." He gasped. "One more, love...come for me one more fucking time, baby," he urged, his thumb dragging roughly over my clit as he watched our connection.
My spasms never had a chance to calm from the first one, so the second one made me see stars behind my eyelids. "Fucking hell," I growled, my whole body arching towards him.
Edward stilled my hips, spilling into me, a blaze of curses leaving his perfect mouth. Collapsing over me, his elbows planted at my head, he smiled sweetly. "I really missed this place," he said, breathing heavy.
I giggled, biting my bottom lip. "Me too," I sighed, pulling his face in to kiss him.
A sweet moan escaped him as he allowed his whole weight to press in on me. We laid in the tall, cool grass for hours, kissing and teasing. We talked about the past, the present and the future. We talked about Charlie and he told me that my father was thrilled to see me and just happy to know I was happy. That Charlie could barely register how calm and collected I had been. That when I had stepped between him and my father, Charlie's mind was proud and a little nervous at the same time.
We were getting dressed when both of our phones started ringing. "Uh oh," I frowned. "This can't be good...it's Alice..."
"Carlisle," Edward frowned, holding up his phone, and we both answered.
Both of us got the same command," Get home...now."


Rondell Garcia said...

Nice reunion. I decided to not be frustrated by your writing in regards to JB. All else is fine, but I was ''really'' hung up on your decision.

Now, Charlie is in the know. Good for him. It was just a matter of accepting the truth without thinking your crazy. Proof helps, especially if its sitting next to you.

Now we have some drama...maybe.

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