Tuesday, March 20, 2001 | By: Drotuno

Angel's Embrace Chapter 17

"She's really decided to change him?" I asked again for the hundredth time, looking up at Demitri as we made our way to the baseball field.
"Yes," he chuckled at my skeptical face. "In Denali, actually...Carlisle is going to be there...tonight."
"What changed her mind?" I asked, shoving him for laughing at me.
"You...I can only guess, but she says it's because he caught the flu..." He laughed again when I snorted. "Give her a break, beautiful Bella." He smiled, ruffling my hair. "Tanya's intimidated by you...your sense of value is strong...unwavering, really."
"Whatever...it's not that hard to judge right and wrong," I growled. "She obviously can't...that's not my problem."
"If she apologized to Brandon...would you let it go?" Demitri asked, tugging my arm to stop us.
"If she meant it...if he accepted it...maybe," I sneered, my eyes narrowing at him.
"Now..." He sighed, looking around. "What the hell are we doing with you out here?"
"Soccer," I sighed. "Something about protection from afar...shielding a whole battlefield and individuals."
"Bells," Carlisle called. He was standing on a ledge overlooking the entire field. I ran and joined him. "You know what to do," he smiled, pointing to the field. Edward and Jasper were kicking the ball back and forth. It didn't sound like much, but it was from one end of the field to the other with one kick. "You're going to pick a team and protect it. I want you to try and split that shield of yours...so that you can protect each member by themselves. Ok?"
"Yup...got it," I nodded. "Which team?"
"The boys this time. I need you to work with Edward's speed, Bells. As fast as he moves, I need you with him."
"Makes sense," I sighed, thinking it was harder to keep up with Edward than it sounded. Edward heard my thoughts and laughed, turning to wink at me. Smug, sexy bastard, I took a bow with a smirk firmly planted on his face.
He was ever so happy to hear that we would be home alone for the weekend. About fucking time. Carlisle had promised Tanya that he would be there for Mark's change – to stop her from going too far. Kate, Irina and Ghianna had suggested doing it in Denali to make the whole thing more comfortable. Carlisle agreed, saying Denali was outside of Jake's area and out of the way in case Mark's change was difficult.
Once we heard they would be going to Alaska, Edward and I forced our winning rights and told our siblings they were going too. They couldn't argue and Carlisle was happy someone would be coming along just in case. Carlisle could use Emmett's strength and Jasper's calming ability for any emergencies that would arise.
This new training was difficult, to say the least. I hadn't tried splitting up my shield and Edward broke from it through most of the game. "Damn it," I growled. There was no goalie. My shield was the goalie. Having to keep that in place and shield everyone else was wearing me out. Quickly. The easy part was being able to see everyone all at one time. If we ever got into a real fight, then this would be the way I would want to protect my family.
"Excellent, Bells!" Carlisle smiled from the field. Not one ball had gone in the boys' goal and with the last play, I kept up with Edward completely. "Now...distract her." He smiled evilly.
"Oh shit," I sighed, watching Edward walk away from the field. I would have thought Jasper, but no Carlisle was sending the one person that I couldn't ignore. I groaned at Edward's chuckle.
"Sorry, love," he smiled, "I only do what I'm told."
"Right," I smirked, turning away from him and back to the field.
Eleazar took Edward's place on the team, his speed making the game seem just a tad bit slower. I locked my shield around the goal again. I didn't know what I was expecting from Edward, but it wasn't his smooth, dangerous voice.
"Hmm," he crooned, lining up behind me. "All weekend, baby," he breathed, pushing my hair from my neck. "Do you have any idea what I want to do to you?"
"Oh Jesus," I moaned, shaking my head. His lips didn't touch me. At least he gave me that much, but his finger traced my ear, my neck, my collarbone. I had to squeeze my eyes shut to force myself to concentrate.
"Bells, focus," Emmett growled as Alice got a ball into the goal. Emmett took his sports very seriously.
"Sorry, Em," I breathed, knowing he couldn't hear me. Edward snickered sexily behind me.
The game took off again, the boys fighting hard against Alice's ability to see what they were planning. Rose's strength was her long legs, turning and twisting around the men with ease.
Edward started again, "There's not a room I don't want to take you in, love. Our room...that chair. The bathroom...I'm gonna fuck you hard against those tiles..." His voice was low. Only I heard Dirty Edward appear out of nowhere. I sighed, trying not to sound defeated and balling up my hands. My fingernails dug into my flesh.
"Shit," I growled, losing another goal. Edward chuckled again behind me, loving the affect he had on me.
"The kitchen, Bella," he continued, his mouth right at my ear. "I'm going to bend you over the counter, love," he growled, his hips just barely thrusting forward.
"Edward," I growled through gritted teeth. I couldn't decide what I wanted more – for him to keep telling me what he wanted or to shield my teammates. And there was my problem. The whole field started breaking down on me.
"Bells!" Jasper growled as Alice took his feet out from under him and stole the ball.
"Concentrate, love..." Edward's voice changed from deadly to encouraging. Taking a deep breath, I focused on the game. I even gave them an advantage by stealing the ball back. "Good, baby," he crooned in my ear again. His voice would have made me break out into a sweat if I was capable of it.
The score was tied, nine to nine – we were playing to ten. Jasper and Emmett were dominating the field, until Edward said the one thing he knew I couldn't resist. "Oh, and my piano, sweet girl," he purred, placing his hands on my hips and gently pressing his arousal against me from behind. "I'm going to make you feel so good, Bella...you'll forget who you are..." My knees just about gave out, my breath whooshing out of me. Rose stole the ball from Carlisle. It took all I had to focus.
With a sob, I wrapped another shield around Edward and pushed him to the ground, holding him there. I was shaking with need and stress. He smirked as he laid on the grass, struggling against me. I turned back to the game, stealing the ball right into Demitri's path so he could kick it into the girls' goal, winning the game.
"Perfect, Bella," Edward smiled. "It's what Carlisle wanted you to do..."
"Edward," I closed my eyes, because I knew that they were pitch black, "walk away...please..." I was shuddering, visibly shaking with desire for him and the whole family was walking up the hill to join us. I heard him take a step towards me.
"Love...I'm sorry..."
"I'm not...just...please, Edward," I growled, opening my eyes and glancing at them all getting closer. I begged Alice with my eyes and she shoved Jasper my way. The calm that came over me was like a warm blanket, enveloping me in comfort.
"Too much?" Carlisle rushed to me as I sat down on a tree stump, covering my face with shaky hands. I nodded, taking a deep breath to clear my head. "This will take time, Bells..."
"I'm fine," I sighed, running my hand through my hair to hold it away from my face. Emmett came to kneel in front of me.
"Hunt, Bells...I see it...come on," he grabbed my hand, tugging softly. "Let's go...we're back in grizzly country..." He grinned, causing a tired, huffing laugh to escape me. "You can take all that...um, frustration...out on a big ole bear," he chuckled, tugging my hand again.
Frustration is right, I thought, finally able to look at my husband. He looked worried until he heard my mind. I'm ok...just keep a lid on all that sexiness until every last one of them are out of the house! He barked a laugh, turning away from me and covering his mouth. I fought my smile, shaking my head.
I really did need to hunt. "I haven't felt this drained since my first year at Dartmouth," I sighed, taking Emmett's hand. I was still a little shaky. "Splitting my shield isn't easy," I frowned at Carlisle.
"You did really well," Eleazar nodded in approval.
"Practice, Bella," Carlisle smiled. I groaned, giving him a pleading look. "Go, hunt," he laughed, shooing us away.
Emmett grabbed me up, tossing me over his shoulders with a booming laugh. For once, I didn't fight him. I didn't think I could walk anyway.
"I got this, Esme," my love smiled. "I still remember how," she giggled, taking the pan off the stove. They were cooking dinner for Mark. Really I think that Bella wanted to soothe Mark's nerves. Her mind had been closed to me since she and Emmett had returned from hunting.
I had pushed too far. She was already straining when I was told to distract her. My angel assured me that she was fine, but eagerly awaiting our weekend. We were impatiently urging our family's departure.
"Thank you, Bella," Esme smiled, her mind filled with the things she needed to pack.
"You know," Mark smiled wryly, "you don't have to cook for me. I was surviving bachelorhood just fine before..."
"Oh, don't even go there," Bella smiled, setting his plate in front of him and sitting down with him. "Esme and Edward cooked every meal of mine...we can't help it." I smiled, remembering every breakfast I brought to her.
"Who am I to argue?" He chuckled. His mind was slightly nervous about his change and wanted to ask Bella everything.
As if she was reading his mind, she said, "Ask your questions, Mark...I can see your nerves...hear your heartbeat, you know..." I smiled again, shaking my head. I looked at the guitar in my hands, realizing it was the one I had bought when I was alone. I was restringing it.
"Did it hurt?" He whispered.
"Yes, very much...try to find something to focus on..." She encouraged. "Sounds and scents helped me a lot." I nodded to myself. My angel had told me that my laugh and scent had gotten her through.
"And after?"
Bella smiled sweetly at him, picking up his glass and filling it back up with water. "A little disorienting...you can see everything, hear everything...no one told me that you could hear a spider walk on the wall..." She giggled. "They didn't tell me there's another color in the rainbow," she snorted. "But there is..." He gaped at her for a moment. "Carlisle will help you...um, focus. Make sure that you recognize everyone and everything."
"Oh!" Alice laughed and I snorted. "Make sure you look in the mirror afterwards," she called out from the living room.
"For God's sakes, Ali," Bella sighed. "Do you care about your looks?" She asked, smirking at him.
"Um...not really," he chuckled. "Girl thing?"
"Girl thing..." My love nodded. I laughed, shaking my head. Shut it, Edward! She thought to me, looking up from the table. I winked at her and she smiled, shaking her head.
"Anything else?" He smiled.
"Your eyes, Mark...don't be shocked. They will be red...but only for awhile."
"Your eyes are still brown...why?"
"My shield, I can make them the color they were before I was changed," she smiled. She must have taken her shield down, because Mark chuckled.
My head shot up. I hadn't seen Bella's golden eyes in some time. She kept the brown for me. "Love, let me see..." She smiled, laughing quietly. She got up from the table to come to stand before me.
They were darker than I remembered, like a deep sunset. "Beautiful, baby," I whispered in awe of her. There were flecks of her original brown that stayed hidden in the swirls of gold.
"Do you want these? Or brown?" She asked, smiling wryly. I traced my fingers under one eye and across her eyebrow. Sometimes I forgot that she was like me. That I could keep her forever. "Edward, what is it?" She frowned, taking my face in her hands.
"Nothing...just...nothing...brown, though...to answer your question," I smiled, feeling a little silly at my reaction.
"You sure?" She asked, brushing my hair from my forehead. Her eyes changed in a blink and I fell into their warmth, their familiarity.
"Yeah, definitely sure," I sighed. Bella eyed me for a moment, leaned in and kissed my forehead.
This conversation isn't over...I want to know what that was about. Her thoughts were like a caress, telling me that when we were alone, I could tell her about it. That it was ok no matter what.
"Ok, love," I nodded, going back to my guitar.
Mark continued with his questions. "I won't know how to hunt," he snorted.
"I'm sure Tanya will take you first thing," Bella nodded, taking his plate away and setting it in the sink. She turned the water on, but continued, "It's instinct...and you'll feel better once you have hunted." Once the dishes were clean, she turned back to him and leaned against the counter. "You're choosing this life...I have a feeling Carlisle is right...you will probably have no problems other than the actual change itself. Try to relax..."
"Alice," Emmett smiled, coming down the stairs. "Will Mark have a gift?"
We all chuckled and Bella came to lean in the doorway. Mark joined her, curiosity filling his mind.
"Alice," I warned, seeing that she wanted to tease Emmett. "That won't help. Tell it or keep it secret...but don't make things up!" I laughed and she stuck her tongue out at me.
"Ali!" Bella scolded.
"Ok, ok," Alice laughed, holding her hands up. "Well, Bells forgot to tell you about your strength...you'll be strong...newborn strength will last about a year."
"Oh, yeah, sorry," my love giggled, walking to me. She took the guitar out of my hands and set it aside. "Hold me," she whispered, sitting on my lap.
"Yes, ma'am," I smiled, pulling her back to my chest. We turned our attention back to Alice.
"Do you want to know?" Alice smiled, raising an eyebrow at Mark.
"You told Brandon," Emmett urged.
"You didn't tell Bells," Jasper countered with a smirk, sitting on the arm of the sofa.
"Bella's didn't make sense!" Alice defended. I chuckled, nuzzling my angel's hair. We were so close to having the place to ourselves. They were suppose be leaving soon after Mark had eaten. I needed her alone and soon.
"Bella's still doesn't make sense," Bella laughed, shaking her head. Jasper's head snapped around to her and he chuckled.
"Aw, Bells," Emmett grinned, "you do ok!"
"Better than ok," I whispered.
"Biased," she smiled, turning to the side and kissing my cheek. She looked back at Mark. "So...do you want to know?"
"Um, no!" He laughed. "Let's leave something for surprise." We all laughed, appreciating his attempt at trying to relax.
"You'll be fine, Mark," Alice sighed. "If you really want it, then you won't have any problems. I think Carlisle's right about that too." She stopped, a vision of Mark coming back into this house filling her mind. "You're back here pretty quick..."
"Well, that's something," Emmett drawled, rolling his eyes. He was quite disappointed.
Demitri and Carina emerged from their room, a small bag in tow. "Wow...and I was really hoping to hear about it before Tanya," Demitri chuckled. "Watch Mark have some crazy talent."
"They are all crazy," Jasper laughed.
"True," Rose chuckled, coming down with her own bag and handing it to Emmett. Her mind somewhat grateful she didn't have a gift.
Carina walked up to Mark and Bella stiffened. Bella took it upon herself to protect Carina…she didn't want her taking any chances by being so close to a human this early in her vegetarian lifestyle. "You'll be fine," Carina smiled, placing a small hand on Mark's shoulder. "Don't let this lot scare you."
"I'm not..." He snickered.
"When all is said and done, you'll be...really...um, satisfied," Emmett chuckled.
"Emmett!" The girls all scolded, but every mind in the room was agreeing with him. I chuckled and Bella looked at me.
He's right...he just shouldn't say it, she smirked, burying her face in my neck. They need to go! She giggled, her fingers slipping just under the edge of my shirt. She traced lazy lines across my stomach.
"I know, sweet girl," I sighed, taking her hand and kissing it. Just her being on my lap was driving me mad.
Like an answer to our prayers, Carlisle came in the back door with Esme. "Let's go, guys...Mark, Tanya's waiting for you in the car." Mark nodded and gave a nervous wave to Bella and me.
"Mark," Bella called. "We'll see you soon...relax..."
"Ok, ok," he sighed, walking out the door.
Esme walked up to us. "Call us if you need us and we will see you soon...if all goes according to plan."
"Ok," we both said, getting kisses on our heads from her.
"Love you both," she smiled, walking to the door where Carlisle was waiting and waving goodbye.
"Love you..." Bella and I answered.
Our eyes locked as the sound of car doors slamming and engines revving floated in from outside. When silence echoed through the house, my love smiled. "Listen," she chuckled. "That's fan-fucking-tastic!"
I couldn't help but laugh with her, thinking she had grown accustomed to my personality. She required the quiet, the serenity. One thing about my wife that didn't change when she became a vampire was that she enjoyed our privacy. I leaned in to kiss her and she launched off my lap.
"Last one upstairs," she giggled, bolting for the stairway.
"Oh, I don't think so," I growled, running after her. I didn't take two steps in the door of our bedroom before she wrapped her shield around me and forced me into the chair. I struggled in vain, chuckling at her mischievous face.
"Do you know what you did to me this morning?" she laughed, shaking her head.
"Love, I didn't know you were drained..."
"Don't apologize to me," she smirked. "And don't you ever stop telling me what you want." She came to stand between my legs and my whole body ached to touch her. "But it's my turn." I groaned, knowing this was payback. "It was all I could do, baby...not to launch myself at you this morning." She smiled, gripping the front of my t-shirt and tugging swiftly. "You won't be needing that," she sighed, biting her delicious bottom lip. "Or these," she sneered, ripping my jeans from my body.
"Bella," I groaned, fighting her shield.
"Shh..." She breathed, leaning in to kiss my lips with just the softest of kisses and leaving me wanting so much more. "Don't you want to hear what I thought about your ideas?"
"God, yes," I whined, begging her with my eyes to hurry. I was throbbing and she saw it, licking her lips and kneeling between my legs. Her hands wrapped around my cock and I hissed at the contact.
"While I agree with you on everything you mentioned, Edward," she said, sounding like she was giving a dissertation, but her tongue flattened over the tip, relishing the flavor of the juices that were already there. "There are a few things you failed to acknowledge."
"What's that?" I growled as she licked the underside of my erection. "More, love...please," I begged, my hands were balled into fists. My eyes rolled back as she sank her mouth completely down on me, slowly drawing back out. Her teeth grazed lightly over my skin and if she hadn't been holding me with her shield I would have jack-knifed out of the chair. "Fuck," I groaned, "so good, baby..."
"Mmhm," she smiled, both of her hands wrapping around my twitching shaft and slipping over my skin with a twist of her wrists. "Let's see...you mentioned...this chair," she gripped me hard and slid up with her hands and back down. I was writhing with need. "And the bathroom...oh, and the kitchen..." She smirked, her eyes never leaving mine when she bent to place long, licking kisses down my cock. When her tongue flicked over my balls, I growled.
"Bella," I panted, "Please...love...so close..." Just her words were killing me, her touch pushing me slowly over the edge. "At least let me touch you..."
She eyed me softly for a moment. "Patience, love...oh and the piano..." She dragged out the last word with relish and an erotic growl. She lathed her tongue over the vein on my cock from base to tip. "Fuck...you taste so good," she crooned, sinking her mouth back over me. I felt her shield dissipate from around me.
My hands went immediately to her hair, holding it away from her face. "Is there somewhere I missed, love?" I asked, my eyelids feeling heavy with lust as I watched her perfect lips wrapped around me. "Perhaps the rug in front of the fireplace?" She hummed around me and I gasped at the vibration I felt all over. "Dining room table?" I growled, twitching in her mouth. I was so close and lost it when her mind opened to me, showing me taking her against our bedroom door and then the stairs. "God, baby..." I growled, my hips rocking forward. I came hard with a snarl leaving my lips.
"Where do you want me, Edward?" She asked, standing up and pushing me softly back. She reached down to the edge of her shirt and lifted it off, tossing it aside. She shimmied out of the shorts she was wearing.
"God, you're so beautiful, baby..." I groaned, looking at the angel standing in front of me. "I'm the luckiest bastard on the planet," I chuckled darkly. She smiled a sweet smile, standing there in a deep purple underwear set. The boy shorts hugged her sinfully, the bra just enhancing her perfect breasts. "I want to touch you," I sighed, leaning forward, my hands lightly gripping her hips.
I stood in front of her, gliding my hands over her everywhere. She returned the favor, pressing her palms on my stomach and sliding up my chest to my neck and into my hair. "What do you want, my love...I'd give you anything..."
She wrapped her arms around my neck and lifted herself up into my arms, her legs securing themselves around my waist. I gripped her bottom as she pressed her forehead to mine. "I know you would," she smiled, kissing my cheek, nose and the corner of my mouth. "Shower...I want to feel you everywhere..."
I didn't have to be told twice. We had been surrounded by so many people in the last few weeks that finding alone time had been scarce. I set her down in the bathroom and turned around to start the water. I turned back to her to see she was reaching around to take her bra off. "Stop that," I playfully smacked at her hands. "Mine," I growled, pulling her close as she giggled at me. "Only I get to unwrap the present that you've given me..." I smirked, flicking the bra open swiftly.
I took the straps in my fingers and pulled them slowly down, kissing every inch of her skin along the way. I set the bra aside and knelt before my stunning wife. "You know, my sweet girl...my beautiful wife...I have to retrain myself soon..." I leaned forward, kissing her smooth, flat, strong stomach.
"How's that, baby?" Her tiny fingers slipped through my hair over and over.
I traced the edge of her underwear, slipping my finger just inside to tug down. I swirled my tongue in her bellybutton, tasting the perfection that was Bella. Her arousal hit me like a brick wall. "I have to learn to use the word girlfriend again soon," I smiled as she groaned, her hips bucking slightly against me as I tugged her underwear all the way off. She stepped out of them, her legs stepping apart as I slipped my finger through her moist heat.
"Just as long as you always call me Mrs. Cullen when it's just us," she frowned.
"Like I could stop..." I smiled up at her, placing a long chaste kiss to her mound. The steam started to surround us, fogging the mirror and causing her scent to waft around me. "Get in, love," I smiled, opening the door for her.
Esme had an evil mind, I was sure of it. The way our stand-up shower was designed was perfect. With a tile bench in the corner and multiple shower heads, the glass door closed us off to everything else.
"Sit," I whispered, settling her down on the bench. I knelt again before her, pulling her hips to the very edge.
"Edward, please," she breathed as I placed a kiss on her inner thigh.
"You made me feel good, baby...let me do the same," I smiled, running my hands under her legs and hooking her just under her knees. With a swift tug, she was open for me. Her whole body swiveled when my tongue met her sweet, hot folds. Her hips rose up, her hands weaving into my hair.
There was nothing like the taste of her. The sounds she made, the grinding against my face – it all made me want more. I brushed my thumb across her clit, twisting my tongue inside her as far as I could go, her walls pulling against me. With long slow licks and presses to her nub, Bella was vibrating against me.
"Let go, baby," I looked up at her.
"You feel so good..." She breathed, her hips undulating under my hands. I wanted to watch her come undone, wanted to see what I did to her. Licking her again from her sweet entrance to her clit, biting her lightly, she gasped. Her eyes rolled as she cried out my name. "Shit," she gasped as I continued to lick all over her, sucking her flesh into my mouth. Violently her tiny body shook with the orgasm that shattered her.
She panted as she sat forward, her feet touching back down onto the shower floor. Her eyes were almost feral as she looked at me and stood. She backed me up until I was standing under the flow of hot water. I wanted to bury myself in her. I was painfully hard against her stomach as she leaned in to kiss my chest.
The love that radiated from her eyes took my breath away. She didn't even need to say it, her mind was overflowing with it. "I love you too, baby," I sighed as she smiled at me.
She looked me over with a raised eyebrow. "You tell me all day, every day how beautiful I am, Edward...have you looked in the mirror lately?" She smirked, grabbing the body wash off the shelf. She poured some in her hands and starting at my shoulders, she washed down my arms and over each finger. I groaned as her ministrations continued until she was kneeling in front of me, kneading the muscles of my legs. "Turn around," she whispered, helping me with a giggle when I didn't move.
I felt her lips in the middle of my back, her hands leaving only to add more soap. I saw myself in her mind, touching me was driving her just as crazy as it was me. "Bella," I moaned, turning in front of her.
"Please..." she groaned, her brow furrowed. "Take me, please...I can't take anymore..."
"Come here," I growled, picking her up and pressing her into the cold tile. "Does touching me do that to you, baby?"
"Yes," she nodded and pressed her forehead to mine, her eyes closing as I slid into her. "You're mine," she growled, "and sometimes I don't believe it." Her head flew back as I pulled back and thrust back into her.
"I know, love..." I nipped at her lips and she crashed hers into mine. Our tongues sought each other out, fighting for dominance. I felt the same way about her. We lost ourselves in the steam of the large shower, with gasps and smiles, cries and groans, we came undone in each other's arms.
"God, love...this is really good," Edward smiled, looking up from my computer. "Promise me you'll let Jasper send this off..."
"Ok," I chuckled, "though...I don't think I could stop him." He was reading the last few chapters I had added. We were just lazing about in the living room, enjoying the fact that we were all alone. He was in just a pair of dark blue jeans and I was in his t-shirt and boyshorts.
"Probably not," he chuckled, running a hand through his hair – probably one of my favorite habits of his. Our hair was almost dry from the shower we had lost ourselves in. He closed my computer and set it on the floor. He laid down on his side and opened his arms for me. I joined him, my back to his chest, turning my attention back to the movie I was watching.
If there were simple things in life that made me happy, it was right then. Edward wrapped us in a blanket, never saying a word. His fingers twirled a lock of my hair as I giggled at the silliness of Arsenic and Old Lace. Cary Grant, as handsome as he was, had a really funny side. But it was the two old ladies that stole the movie.
"Cary Grant could have been a vampire," I giggled and Edward chuckled behind me.
"He wasn't," he said, kissing my head. "Though, don't tell Esme...I think she still has a crush."
"No!" I gasped, turning in his arms to face him.
"Mmhm," he smiled and nodded. "She says he had class and dignity. That stars today have no idea how to act...though she says George Clooney comes close." Edward's hand rested on my hip, his thumb making circles over and over my skin.
"You know...Renee said something close to that..." I thought for a moment. "So...who had the crush on Elvis?"
"They all did," Edward laughed. "Rose allowed room for Frank Sinatra...Emmett went through a Farah Fawcett phase...as did the whole world it seemed..." He sighed, rolling his eyes. He grimaced, saying, "Blonde."
I laughed, "Oh...so brunettes...right...Audrey Hepburn? Jacklyn Smith?"
"They were ok..." He shrugged. "I liked them...but no crushes...remember?" I nodded, kissing him for just being Edward. "You?"
"Well, my hair fetish..." I sighed dramatically. "Johnny Depp...when I was like fourteen." He chuckled, his head falling back. I couldn't resist kissing his neck. "Robert Smith from the Cure...good hair..." I laughed. "Orlando Bloom..."
"Pirates?" He laughed.
"Hot movies," I teased back, getting tickled for my punishment. I squealed, writhing under him. "Stop, baby," I begged breathlessly.
With a chuckle, he rolled, pulling me on top of him. I laid my head on his chest, listening to the deep, even breaths he drew in and pushed out. He rubbed my back gently, both of us lost in thought. "Do you think Mark will be ok?" I asked, tracing Edward's collarbone to his shoulder with a single finger.
"Alice sees him getting through everything fine," Edward sighed. "I'm glad Tanya made a decision..."
"Me too," I nodded, lifting my head and resting my chin on my hands. "Mark said she'd been struggling with control."
"Which didn't make sense to me..." he frowned. "The more I was around you, the more acclimated to your scent I became...not the other way around."
"And now look..." I laughed, "you married me and I'm addicted to you."
"And I you..." he chuckled.
"What was that reaction today about my eyes, baby?"
He smiled, tracing a finger down my nose. "I hadn't seen them without the shield in a while...they're beautiful...and a reminder that I get to keep you..."
"Always," I whispered, pulling the blanket over our heads.
"Do you think one day this will level out?" I giggled, lifting my head from Edward's shoulder.
"God, I hope not," he snickered, pulling me closer. "I worry that I need you, want you all the time...but never want it to end...or level out."
"You know, we should clean before they come home," I laughed, my head falling back. We had just ravaged each other in the kitchen, pots and pans were everywhere. Our family had only been gone a mere twenty four hours.
"I have every intention," Edward chuckled, looking around us. "Damn...we knocked the pot rack down?" I laughed even harder then, burying my face in his neck. He couldn't help but join me.
"So my fault," I giggled, pulling back to look at him.
"You weren't alone, Bella," he chuckled, still surveying the room. "Is there a knife sticking out of the wall?"
"Stop it!" I gasped, turning around to look. "Holy hell...there is...ok, new rule," I sighed. "Clean as we ruin," I groaned as we separated and I slipped down off the counter. I pulled my shorts back on and pulled my tank top over my head. Underwear was a waste of time when we were behaving like nymphos.
"Nymphos? Really?" Edward laughed, pulling his jeans up. I stood, folded my arms across my chest and raised an eyebrow at him. "Ok, right...you're right!" He laughed, holding his hands up in surrender.
"It wouldn't be so bad if we had time to ourselves...but so many people around lately..." I sighed, tugging the knife out of the wall with a snort. "I miss just the family...just us."
"I know, baby," he sighed, running a hand through his hair. "Things will hopefully settle down soon." He picked up the pot rack with the funniest smile on his face. "You did this?"
"Shut it," I said, fighting my laugh and brandishing the knife. "It was loud as hell, you didn't hear it?"
"Um...no?" He smiled, hanging everything back up. "But your thighs were..."
"I know where they were," I laughed, cleaning the knife and putting it back in its holder on the wall. "You are a vampire...super hearing and all."
"Preoccupied," he sang, walking out of the kitchen with a hearty laugh.
I bit my lip, shaking my head as I wiped down the counter. Who knew what went on when we weren't home, so it was best to keep everyone else just as blissfully ignorant as I was.
"Do you want me to tell you what goes on when we aren't home?" Edward laughed from upstairs.
"Absolutely not!"
"Good...it's quite disturbing, really," he chuckled.
"Is it disturbing because it's vile or because they are family?" I asked, meeting him as he came back down the stairs.
"Both, trust me," he grimaced. "The things Mom and Dad get up to..."
"Oh stop it!" I yelled, putting my hands over my ears.
"Exactly," he nodded, his nose still wrinkled. "And Emmett and Rose...you can't help but notice them...it's Alice and Jasper that are sneaky..." He nodded, raising an eyebrow.
"I can imagine...she sees when the house will be empty...or he fills our head with a distracting emotion...I'm not crazy when I can't sit still..." I chortled. "He's shameless..."
"He is now," Edward nodded, smiling sweetly, "you bring it out in him." I didn't know what to say to that. Jasper had been through a very rough patch – decades long at that. He just went along with everything the family decided. "You see something in each other...like Alice and I." Edward picked up his acoustic guitar and picked up where he left off with restringing.
"I know..." I frowned. "I can't explain it. I love Emmett...he's the big dopey brother I always wanted. But Jasper...he needed me."
"He did..." Edward smiled, not looking up from his work. "His protectiveness for you rivals mine," he chuckled, glancing up. "Valentine's Day he thought about hitting me."
"No!" I gasped, sitting down on the sofa and picking up my laptop.
"Yes, ma'am...he knew what it felt like to have surprises ruined..."
"It wasn't ruined, Edward," I frowned. "I needed to hunt," I mumbled, suddenly feeling terrible about how I had acted.
"Look at me," Edward was instantly kneeling in front of me. "Sweetheart, please..." I looked up at his sweet face. "It's not easy being able to see and hear everything and worse for those we love...I saw that in Jasper's mind when he forced me into class that day."
"I won't do it again," I vowed. "I hated hiding stuff from you...I hated even more that I was closed off..."
"Don't say that..." Edward sighed. "Next time I won't act like a child and trick Alice..."
"It's not worth it," I said, setting my computer aside. "I rely on our honesty and openness...when it wasn't there...I felt lost. Even though it was something as innocent as a gift..."
"I can certainly understand that, love, but if you change your mind...I will behave...I swear it." I looked at his face and saw that he was disappointed in himself for what he had done, even though it was months ago. I hated it. I wanted Edward the way he was – the way he had always been. He listened to thoughts and had selfish moments and I loved him for it.
"I don't want you behaved!" I smiled, causing him to chuckle. "I prefer you naughty..." I purred, leaning in to kiss him.
"I know you do," he whispered against my lips.
"Hey, Ali," my angel smiled as she answered her phone. We were sitting outside in the sunshine and I was shamelessly stealing glances at my stunning, glittering wife. "How's it going?"
"Fine," I heard Alice say through the phone. "Tanya stopped...just in time with the help of Carlisle. Mark's quiet like you were, Bells."
"Oh...good...I guess," she snickered, looking at me.
"It was torture for me either way," I shrugged.
"Yeah, Edward wouldn't have handled the screaming...but he was losing his mind with the quiet...there's no pleasing him," Alice laughed. I chuckled, shaking my head.
Bella got a dark look on her face, her thoughts hitting me hard. I don't find it hard to please you at all, Mr. Cullen.
"You're perfect, my sweet girl," I whispered.
"Eww...shut up until you get off the fucking phone!" Alice growled. Bella's head fell back with her laugh.
"By all means, Alice...please continue..." Bella giggled.
"Ok, so here's the update... The Denalis and Demitri and Carina are staying here until Mark shows what he's capable of...but I don't see a problem with him...he's like you and Brandon. Carlisle and Esme will stay with them for a little of that. Rose, Emmett, Jasper and I will be home tomorrow night. And you better have cleaned up the kitchen!"
"We did," Bella and I said at the same time.
"Good...who threw the fucking knife?"
"Don't know," we both answered, laughing.
"Freaks," Alice sighed and Bella rolled her beautiful eyes. "But I love you both. School starts in a month, guys. Carlisle wanted me to remind you. Which means your anniversary is coming up...he's kindly requesting that you stay close...not overseas like you want to..."
"Damn," I growled and Bella looked over at me, mouthing, "Sorry, baby."
"Alice...are you waiting until Mark wakes up?" My angel asked.
"Yeah...Carlisle wants me here for at least a day just to see how it goes. I'll tell him, Bells..."
"Thanks," she sighed. Bella's mind was closed at the moment, so I looked up at her when she hung up the phone. "She saw me decide to wish him luck...the first time out is disorienting."
"What do we do, love?" I sighed, getting up from my chair and sitting on the side of her chaise. "I want to...take you somewhere...always...it's important to me..."
"I know," she nodded, sighing and cupping my face. "It's important to me too..." Her mind opened to me like a flower to the sun. "I have an idea..." Her smile was sweet, but laced with evil.
"Seriously?" I growled, leaning in to kiss her hard. "It's done, baby..."
"See?" She smiled, kissing me roughly. "Any weird fantasy I come up with you are all for it...don't be afraid to tell me more, Edward...there's more up there, love." She smiled, tapping my temple with her finger.
"Give me that," I teased, snatching the remote control from Bella and plopping down next to her on the sofa.
"Hey!" She growled as I turned the channel from her talk show.
"Bella, this is an incredibly sensitive piece of technology," I feigned sincerity. "You can't handle it." I only wanted to see what she would do. I got my answer.
"Oh I don't think so," she snarled, diving for it. "Did you turn into Emmett in the last thirty seconds?" She asked, crawling over me with a laugh. "I can take it back from him, so I know I can take it back from you!"
"You seem sure, love," I chuckled, holding it out of her reach as she crawled up my body. As she reached for it, I switched hands with a laugh. A huff of frustration escaped her as I wrapped my legs around her to hold her back.
"I think you're underestimating me, baby," she smiled, her face even with mine. I wasn't. I had her where I wanted her. Or so I thought.
"Please, Edward," she crooned, her breath tickling my ear. Her warm body lined up with mine and she knew it, her hips ground into my groin. "You wouldn't want me to miss my show...would you?" She asked, licking the shell of my ear. Just as I was about to give in, she snatched the remote from my hand.
With a laugh, she popped up off the sofa. "Get it back if you think you can..." She giggled as I sat up with a growl. The chase was on – all over the house. She vaulted over the sofa and I was right on her heels with a laugh. Just when I would reach for her she would dart out of my way, using her shield for protection.
Up the stairs we went. I just about had her in our bedroom, but she dove over the bed and slipped out the door again, her mind shielded against me. With a chuckle, I headed back downstairs. "Love...you're in trouble when I get my hands on you..."
"Mmm, promises...promises..." She teased from the living room, tossing the remote from one hand to another.
I jumped the stair rail, landing in front of her. She spun with a laugh and shot under the piano at the other end of the room. She popped up on the opposite side from me with a smirk. "How bad do you want it, Edward?" She asked, shaking the remote between two fingers.
I looked at the piano and back to her. "Bad..." I breathed, knowing that the remote was a non-issue now. Her eyes blackened instantly, tossing the remote at me. I caught it and dropped it to the floor.
With a wicked look in her eye, she hopped up on my piano, crawling on all fours to the edge. "So what's my punishment, Mr. Cullen?" She asked, innocently looking up through her dark lashes.
"Fuck me..." I groaned. She was fucking deadly. For a split second, I saw the predator that was my wife. And I was the meal.
"Gladly," she smirked, fighting the laugh that wanted to escape her at my reaction. "But that doesn't seem like punishment..."
I could barely move towards her, my face level with hers. "No punishment," I breathed. "You're so fucking sexy up there...do you even realize?"
"Not as sexy as you are playing it," she purred, leaning towards me. "It's all I could think about the first time I saw you play...it haunted my dreams...especially my daydreams..."
"Why?" I asked, our lips barely touching, our eyes devouring each other. Her breathing was just as heavy as mine. The electricity that was always around us practically crackled.
"You caressed the keys with a lovers' touch," my angel groaned, her bottom lip barely grazing mine. "You had a talent straight from the hands of God..." Her brow furrowed. "But you played...you played...for me," she whispered the last two words. "And now it's always for me."
"When I first met you," she continued, lightly kissing my upper lip, and I noticed she didn't say "before you left". "I imagined you touching me...caressing me...like you did those keys."
"I wanted to..." I panted. I wanted to kiss her so badly at that moment. I was almost shaking.
"I wanted you to as well...I imagined that you would be overcome with playing something emotional, beautiful...that you couldn't stop yourself," she said, her breath hitching. "I thought about what you would look like under me, what it would feel like when you were over me..." She looked down, tracing a finger slowly along the edge of the piano.
"Bella," I moaned, kissing her and breaking away. "I've always wanted you." I kissed her again, a breathy, wet kiss. "I didn't know...baby...I didn't know it would be like this..." I pressed my forehead to hers, closing my eyes. I just fucking loved this woman.
"Like what?" She asked, but I could hear the light sob in her tone.
"Fucking perfect..." I grabbed her by the face, finally losing my battle fighting the urge to just ravish her lips. She reached out with one hand, cupping my jaw and still bracing herself on the piano. Our tongues twisted through our moans for more.
"Edward," Bella gasped, breaking away for a second and crashing back into me with a sweet whimper. She nipped at my bottom lip, suckling it and broke away again. "Baby...take me down or get up here...please."
I pulled back from her, my hands reaching for her shirt. She was right, without underwear, it made things so much easier. I whipped her tank top off of her, throwing it behind me. I stepped to the side and hopped up on the piano. Staying on our knees, we crashed into each other again.
"What did you think..." I growled, biting at her neck, my hands cupping her bare breasts. "How did you feel the first time we were up here, baby? During that storm, love..."
"Like I was dreaming..." she whimpered, her hands clawing at my chest and stomach. "Worse...it made it worse, Edward...I can't look at this thing without wanting you up here..."
I sat back on my heels, my hands on Bella's hips. "Off, baby..." I begged, tugging at her shorts. I couldn't even help her, my hands were shaking so bad with need. She unsnapped them, shoving them down and kicking them over the side. I wrapped an arm around her waist, dragging her to my lap.
We both groaned when our skin made contact. It was like an electric shock surged through the both of us. My angel arched in my arms, her breasts there for the taking, her legs wrapping around me. "God, Edward..." She moaned, gripping my neck as my tongue circled her nipple. She was stunning as her body shivered at my touch, my mouth on her. Her neck arched back as I ran my palm flat from her neck between her breasts to the slight hairs at her apex.
"What, Bella, tell me..." I growled, barely touching her mound and feeling more wetness than I ever have. "God, love...you're so fucking wet..." Her head snapped up, latching her mouth to mine and her hips pushing against my hand. My wife wanted Dirty Edward and I was only too happy to oblige her. "That's it, beautiful...fuck my hand..."
Bella sat up straighter, her hips gyrating against my hand and her juices dripped into my palm. "More, Edward...harder," she groaned, her brow pressed to mine. Her hands gripped my shoulders, trying to get closer, deeper. I moved my thumb to her clit and her breath caught.
"Come for me, Bella...come as hard as you fucking want to," I growled, nipping her jaw and sucking her skin to her ear. "Come now!" I snarled, grabbing her hip and pressing deep within her.
"Fuck, yes!" She screamed, her head flying back. Her whole body stilled on the outside, but her insides were contracting all around my hand. She pressed her face into my neck, clinging to me for dear life and breathing in panting gasps.
My hand was dripping, begging for me to taste her. I groaned, my eyes closing as I licked her flavor from my hand. Her head shot up, watching me clean my hand. "You taste so fucking good..." I growled, my nostrils flaring.
"You do that to me, Edward," she growled, pushing me back gently. Her mind determined not to break the piano – she would have considered it a sin. "Fuck," she breathed, once she had me on my back. She leaned over me, kissing me fiercely and straddling my waist. My jeans had become unbearably tight.
"Feel what you do to me," I panted, grabbing her by the hips and grinding my arousal into her. "All the time...every fucking day..."
"Mmm," she growled low, closing her eyes. Her mouth hung open as she pressed against me. "I need that...inside me...now, baby," she whimpered.
"It's yours," I groaned as she slipped slowly down my body to unbutton my jeans. She pulled them off and they fell to the floor with a soft thump. Her tiny hand wrapped around my cock and both of us stopped breathing as she sank slowly down onto me. "So fucking tight...so hot..." I breathed, guiding her even further down.
"So good, Edward..." she smiled through her heavy breaths, rolling her hips and taking me even deeper into her heavenly warmth. Her mind flooded with possessive thoughts as I writhed under her.
"Yes, love...I'm yours...you own me..."
"Tell me...forever, Edward...tell me this doesn't end."
"It gets stronger," I growled the last word through gritted teeth. "You'll want me inside of you every minute of every day...a hundred years from now!" I lifted my legs, planting my feet flat and holding her hips as I pumped into her. Watching her pleasure herself using my body would never get old.
She fell forward, planting her hands on each side of my head. She slipped over me, the change in position causing my cock to twitch. "You're close..." she smiled when I nodded, "me too...come with me, Edward..."
I grabbed her ass, grinding my pelvic bone just where she needed it, her muscles contracting around me. "That's it, baby...right there," I smiled when she fell apart above me. Her spasms were intense, milking me until I couldn't hold out anymore.
"Damn," she sighed, her forehead against my lips. "I can't move."
I chuckled, running my fingers lightly down her spine. "You know we have to...they'll be home soon," I sighed sadly.
She sat up, resting her arms on my chest. "We need another race or something...this weekend was entirely too short."
"I'll remember that for the next bet, baby," I snickered, brushing her hair from her face and tucking it behind her ears. "You're so beautiful," I smiled, unable to take my eyes from her face.
"And you look...mmm," she giggled, "on this thing...I didn't get this perspective the last time."
"Heaven forbid we break it," I teased.
"You saw that?" She laughed and I nodded. "Sorry...a new piano is not allowed...it must be this one until it turns to dust!" She nodded once with an authority she didn't have to wield.
"As you wish," I chuckled, "however, we need to find the furniture polish." I grimaced, causing another round of giggles from her.
"Right, right," she smiled, sitting up just after she kissed me sweetly. "Clean as we ruin...got it..."
Our siblings poured through the door just as we sat down innocently on the sofa, each of their minds hoping to hell that they had caught us. I chuckled, shaking my head. "Nice try," I laughed as they sighed in disappointment.
"Sooo..." Emmett grinned, plopping next to Bella and wrapping an arm over her shoulders, "what did you two do while we were gone?" Bella laughed, elbowing him hard in the stomach.
I sighed. Our weekend alone was officially over.


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