Tuesday, March 20, 2001 | By: Drotuno

Angel's Embrace Chapter 18

"Bells!" Alice whispered, poking her head in my bedroom door. Rose's popped in above hers. "Shield, please..."
"'Kay, get in here then," I chuckled, my brow wrinkling. "Edward's hunting with Em and Jazz...what are you worried about?"
"Because they will be back any minute and we don't want to take a chance," Alice smiled knowingly.
"Ok, so we feel bad that you don't get go to Africa for your anniversary like you planned..." Rose smiled. "And the little psychic here saw what you wanted...so we want to help." She set a box down on my bed.
"Go ahead," Alice beamed, bouncing on the bed. With a raised eyebrow, I opened the box.
"Shit...how did you get this?" I gasped.
"Charlie," Alice smiled proudly. "He sent it to me when you 'died'...said you would want me to have it."
"Oh, that's so wrong...I just can't tell you how many ways it's wrong..." I laughed. Although I had talked to my father on the phone several times since he had seen us again, my lies to him still bothered me. "But it's perfect..."
"Yeah," they both said dreamily. Rose adding, "And...this is yours." She held out a set of car keys.
"Shut. Up!" I growled. "It's done?"
"Yes," she laughed, "but if you don't wait for the boys, they'll kill me."
"Well, they better catch up," I laughed, snatching the keys out of her hand and we all raced downstairs and into the garage.
"Isabella Marie," Emmett growled coming out of the forest at a dead run, "you better wait!" Edward and Jasper right on his tail and was Edward closing in fast.
"Did you just middle name me?" I laughed, looking at him like he was crazy. He smiled sheepishly, shrugging.
"Please...wait, Bells," Jasper begged.
"Told you they'd better catch up," I laughed, looking at my sisters. I turned my attention to my car. It was perfectly salvaged. Metallic black, sporty – it looked fast just fucking sitting there.
"It'll be faster out of the garage, love," Edward purred in my ear, knowing he got to ride with me first. A deep growling chuckle escaped him. "Then let's go..."
Edward opened my door and I slipped into the seat. The interior was tan leather and soft, perfectly restored with modern upgrades to the stereo. When I started it up, we all groaned in appreciation. It didn't rev, it purred. Once Edward jumped into the passenger side, we were out of there. "Where?" I smirked, tearing out of the driveway.
"Anywhere," he chuckled.
"Let's go see Jake," I smiled. "He'll hate me for this..."
"I'll text him and let him know..." Edward smiled, pulling out his phone. He got a response instantly. "They're at Charlie's, baby...he said go straight there."
When Ferris Beuller said that the Ferrari was "so choice", he wasn't kidding. Rose and Emmett had done an amazing job. About halfway to La Push, I looked over at Edward. He was fidgeting, staring at the gear shift. I pulled over. "Drive," I smiled, hopping out.
"Really?" He beamed, licking his bottom lip.
"Yes," I giggled, "look at you...you're salivating on my seats!" He laughed, getting out and kissing me as we pulled a Chinese fire drill out on the highway.
"Chinese fire drill?" He asked, looking at me, his brow wrinkled.
"You don't know what that is?" I smiled. He shook his head. "Ok, so normally a whole bunch of people are in the car, but when you stop at a red light, everyone jumps out, runs around to the other side of the car and hops back in before the light changes. It's stupid, but fun..." He started to say something, but I knew my Edward. "No, there's no point to it...completely pointless, actually...and probably politically incorrect in title..." I sighed, smirking at him.
Edward laughed again, leaned over and kissed me quickly. "Love you," he said against my lips. He really took my car for the test drive it deserved, shifting gears and flying down the highway. We were at Charlie's in no time.
"Well?" I asked, looking up at him.
"Trade you for the Volvo," he smirked, wrapping an arm around me.
"Not a chance," I growled, laughing when he tickled me on the way to Charlie's door.
"Bella!" Izzy squealed as Sue opened the door. The little girl launched herself into my arms. "Grandpa Charlie's here and you have stories to tell," she beamed, kissing my cheek. If she thought my skin was too cool or too hard, she didn't act like it.
"She doesn't," Edward smiled. "It never occurs to her."
We spent a few hours hanging out with my dad and Jake's family. Jake was drooling when Edward took him out to my car. Charlie chuckled shamelessly when I told Izzy how her Grandpa struggled to get dressed for dates with Grandma Sue.
For once, nothing sad from the past popped up in conversation. No dooming fears about the New Volturi came up. It was just my family and my love. It was a good time.
By the time we got back home, Jasper and Emmett were just about to kill each other to try and drive my car. "Wreck it...and die," I growled, "but have fun." I tossed the keys to them and they wrestled for thirty minutes before Jasper finally won by making Emmett cry.
"She said she'd meet you there, Edward," Alice smiled, pushing me out the door. "Enjoy it...Mark will be here tomorrow and Carlisle wants you and Bells here." She paused for a moment, looking at me sadly. "We're sorry you can't celebrate like you wanted..."
"It's fine, Alice," I smiled. And it was fine, just slightly disappointing. Emmett had been looking forward to helping us set up our trip to Africa, but when Carlisle said to stay close, everyone was upset. Again it surprised me how much a happy Bella meant to the whole household.
"Yes, yes...fine," she smirked. "Now...school starts soon. Esme is taking us to orientation this week. You know...sign up...pick classes...explain the whole foster kid thing..."
"Right...ok, I'll remind Bella," I snickered.
"Oh, she knows," Alice giggled.
"I bet she does," I chuckled, getting in the Volvo. Bella and I were really looking forward to high school for reasons Alice was probably all too aware of. "Ok, we'll be back tomorrow."
I pulled up a few houses down and got out of the car. I chuckled to myself, thinking I hadn't done this in so long, but Bella wanted it. I can't say that I blamed her. It was a sweet, yet sexy fantasy.
I looked up at the window I had crawled through more times than I could count and there was a soft glow in the room. I scaled the tree, stepping into Bella's old room. The scent just about knocked me over. It smelled just like she used to and when I turned to the bed, I saw her same old comforter spread out.
Candles were lit everywhere. Sitting on the bed, her arms around her knees was my wife of now four years. "That brings back memories," she smiled, pointing to the window.
"Imagine what it felt like doing it," I chuckled, sitting down on the bed and pulling her to me so that her back was to my chest. I leaned back against the headboard. "Happy Anniversary, love," I sighed, just reveling in the feel of her in my arms.
"Happy Anniversary, baby." She was content in my arms and quiet for a moment. "What did you feel the first time you came in here?" She asked, leaning her head back to my shoulder.
"You know this, baby," I smiled, "you've read my journal."
"Tell me..." She giggled, turning in my arms. "With what you know now..."
"The time you asked me to stay or the first time ever?" I asked, unable to say no to her.
I sighed, smirking at her. She cupped my face, smiling sweetly, her face begging me. "You want me to tell you that I thought I woke you?" I chuckled and she nodded. "First with the window and then later..." I sighed, smiling at the memory. "That window squealed when I opened it the first time...and I scared myself when I thought next time...I'll just bring oil. You didn't know me...and I was already planning on a next time." I snorted. "God, love, you were so beautiful..." I sighed, running my fingers through her hair. "As you slept, I thought about what I was...a true monster standing in your room...I berated myself and thought about leaving altogether...and then your voice stopped me." I swallowed back the emotion. I could have never had what was in my arms had I listened to myself.
"You called my name, baby," I smiled, kissing her forehead. "I thought I had woken you up, but you rolled over and said 'stay...don't go'...thinking on it now, I think we were connected even then." She smiled, kissing my nose. "What were you dreaming? Do you remember?"
"Mmhm," she nodded. "Your face...I wanted to talk to you...find out why you were angry with me. But every time I got close to ask you, you would disappear." She sighed and crawled up onto my lap, placing her hands at my neck. "I know now why you had to run...I know now that you could have hurt me that first day...but I knew had you really gone...left when you wanted to...I would have never forgotten you..."
"What do you remember most about this room?" I asked, holding her close. We were under the covers, her naked body wrapped around mine. All the candles had burned down, the sun starting to rise slowly.
"So many things," she laughed softly, placing a kiss on my neck. "The first time I held you prisoner," she giggled, her fingers linking with mine. "Every night we talked too late...you proposing to me...thank you, Tanya," she sneered, rolling her eyes. I laughed, pulling her closer. "You sneaking in when Alice tried to separate us before the wedding...making love to you here..." She thought for a moment. "But seeing you step through that window after two years..." Her breath hitched. "And seeing the love...the same love on your face...I think that will mean the most."
"How did you feel?" I asked, kissing her lips softly. "I know you were hurt...confused..."
"Whole again...and suddenly protected...I knew that even if you didn't still love me the same, that you would stop Jake...I was so tired, so depressed...I had been hurting in all senses of the word, but I knew if I asked you...you would have helped. I don't know how I knew that, but I did."
"Yes, love..." I sighed, closing my eyes. "Does it still bother you?"
"Nope," she giggled, popping the "p" harshly. "Look what I have," she chuckled, "all this nakedness in my arms."
"Mm, you do," I growled, rolling her over. She wrapped her arms and legs around me.
"Make love to me, Edward," she sighed, pulling me closer. And I did with a reverence that only my wife could bring out in me.
We relished every touch, every caress. With smiles and soft sighs, we celebrated all of our history – both beautiful and ugly – for all of it meant something. There was skin and grasps, hands and lips. Tongues licked flesh, teeth nipped teasingly and muscles flexed as we told each other in the best way that there was nothing more important than the moment we were in. There was no frenzy, no Dirty Edward, no growling. We were one in all definitions of the word.
"Mrs. Cullen," Edward purred softly in my ear. "We have to go...our presence is requested at home...Carlisle wants us there when he brings Mark to the house."
"I know," I sighed, turning to look at him. "Call me that again...I'm well aware that school starts soon..."
"Mm, Mrs. Cullen," he growled, smiling against my neck.
"Ok, we'll go," I sighed, loving the sound of my name coming out of his lips. He cupped my breast with a chuckle. "Don't start!" I laughed. "You just told me we had to go..."
"Fine," he sighed dramatically, but he knew I was right. "And not giving you a gift, love...it goes against everything I believe..." He looked at me so lovingly that I leaned in and kissed him. "Not giving you something on the day we got married...it's wrong."
"Day after," I corrected, pointing out the window to the sun rising to a typical Forks cloudy day.
"Fine...day after..." He smiled an appeasing smile and shrugged.
"You gave me this," I said, circling my finger around my old room. "Thank you..."
"You're welcome, love...but I'm still protesting..." He chuckled, tracing my face with a finger gently.
I laughed, standing up from the bed. "Africa will be our gift to each other...it will just have to wait, baby..."
"Somehow that's not making me feel any better," he smirked, his own words causing his mind to fall into the gutter.
"If you ask me if I want to help make you feel better, then we're late getting home," I teased and he chuckled, nodding nervously and looking down at his hands. God, he was stunning just lying in my old bed, my old purple comforter just barely covering his hips. My thoughts were heard loud and clear. He rolled onto his back with a half smile planted on his knowing face, the covers slipped down just a little more. He tucked his hands behind his head, stretching his whole body out.
"You're evil," I laughed, pulling my shirt over my head and trying not to lick my lips at the sight of his delicious abs. "Fucking tease," I groaned, pulling my hair into a ponytail for the ride home with the top down.
"Welcome to my world," he chuckled. "Where did you find these covers again?"
"Alice had them," I shrugged. "Apparently, Charlie sent them to her a while back." He raised an eyebrow sexily in question. "I don't know!" I giggled. "It's Alice, for God's sake. I just do what I'm told."
"Huh, true," he nodded in surrender. "Fighting her is like going against a Tasmanian Devil." And that was the fucking truth.
He stretched again, dragging his tongue over his bottom lip. "Edward Cullen, get out of that bed...you said we had to go home!" I growled, unable to stop staring at him.
He jumped slightly, his laugh escaping him. He threw back the covers and got dressed. I dropped him off at the Volvo. "I love you...see you at home," I smiled. "Happy Anniversary, baby," I sighed.
"Day after," he mimicked me from earlier.
"Mature, Edward..." I laughed, shaking my head and taking off.
"Bells, Edward," Carlisle smiled, meeting us in the garage. "I want to talk to you before you meet Mark...again." We followed him into his office, sitting down in the chairs in front of his desk. I looked at Edward and I could see him trying to read Carlisle's thoughts, but his expression was unreadable.
"Mark," Carlisle sighed, "is hunting with Tanya. He needs more feedings because he's a newborn. He's doing really well. There's no bloodlust, just an irritated throat like you complained about, Bells."
"Even in public?" Edward asked, frowning. He must have heard something in Carlisle's mind.
"Yeah," Carlisle chuckled. "As far as his gift, Eleazar says Mark is hard to read, so as of right now, we don't see anything...and it's possible that he won't have anything. Bella...you were easy...we knew Edward couldn't read your thoughts. I knew something would carry over," he smiled, shaking his head.
I smiled, looking up at Edward, who just picked up my hand and kissed it. "Glad that's over," he whispered with a wink. "Pesky shield," he teased.
"And yet just another way you're spoiled," I teased back with a laugh.
"Anyway," Carlisle snickered, "Here's the problem. He's here...and Alice has seen Charlie and Sue coming for a visit within the hour."
"Oh...damn...shield him from their scent?" I asked.
"Yes, ma'am," Carlisle nodded. "Please. She's also seen that your father wanted to talk to me...that he knows everything now, correct?"
"Yes," Edward nodded. "His mind is full of questions for you."
"Why doesn't he ask me?" I frowned, looking between them.
"He wants to know about helping us...preventing more attacks...it's not personal, love..." Edward smiled.
"Oh," I sighed, "well, it's good that he didn't ask," I snorted.
There was a knock at the door and Mark opened it slowly. "Carlisle, you wanted to see me? Bella, Edward," he smiled, stepping through the door.
"Wow, look at you," I laughed. "How do you feel?"
"Um, weird," he snickered, shrugging. "I crushed a doorknob by accident."
"It happens," Edward chuckled. "Move slower, concentrate...soon you won't have to think about it."
"Mark, Bella here is going to shield you...we have two humans coming to the house today."
"Oh," he grimaced, looking nervous.
"No...you don't have to leave," Edward smiled. "Her shield will help...you won't even know they're in the room. Ok?"
"Here...test it..." I smiled, standing in front of him. "Tell me what you smell right now."
"Um," he breathed deep. "Freesia, strawberries..." Edward chuckled. "Honey...old paper, ink, cinnamon...something that smells like it's been in the sun." I smiled, slowly wrapping a shield around him.
"How about now?"
"Whoa," he said, his mouth hanging open. "That's so odd...I don't smell anything but the strawberries and freesia..."
"That's what Jasper says," I smiled.
"Do I have to stay next to you?" He asked, motioning between us.
"No, you can move around the room..." I shook my head. Heaven forbid he get Tanya too close to me. Edward chuckled, poking my side.
By the time that Charlie walked in the house, Mark was completely comfortable under my shield, playing video games with Emmett and Jasper with Tanya watching on. After Alice, Rose and Esme had kissed Charlie into a crimson blush, Charlie joined Edward, Carlisle and Demitri in Carlisle's office to talk.
"Little one," Esme smiled, sitting down next to me at the dining room table and setting a cup of coffee down for Sue.
"Hmm?" I smiled, looking up from the photo album of Jake's family that Sue had brought.
"School, Bells...we have orientation this week..."
"School again?" Sue asked.
"If we stay somewhere long enough, people notice that our 'kids' don't go to school," Esme explained. "It helps if they start young and we can stay in one place for awhile."
"It's about blending in," Alice smiled, sitting next to Sue.
"What about sunny days?"
"Hookie!" We all laughed.
"And with a doctor as a foster parent..." I smiled. "No one gets into trouble."
"Bells...you are trouble!" Jasper chuckled from the other room, getting a fist bump from Emmett.
"That's rich coming from the guy who makes ladies cry in the Hallmark store!" I growled.
"Jasper Whitlock!" Alice gasped.
"Snitch," he sneered from the couch.
"Bully," I chuckled.
"Oh right...emotions?" Sue asked, a smile playing on her face.
"Yes, ma'am," he smiled, nodding his head politely.
"Does everyone..." She started to ask, but blushed slightly, maybe thinking it was rude.
"No, not everyone," Esme chuckled. "Alice can see the future...Edward, as you know, reads minds. Emmett, he's very strong. Bella is a shield...a form of protection."
"Yes," I grinned, "but sometimes I use it for offense too," I giggled, shooting my shield out to Emmett's chair and he fell backwards.
"Bells!" He growled as he lost the game he was playing against Mark.
"Thanks, Bells," Mark laughed.
"See?" I smiled, looking at Esme, who was hiding her laugh behind her hand. "Anyway, I'm well aware of school," I frowned at Alice as she snorted at me. "Story and all...Rose said she'd help me."
"I will, Bells," she sighed, sliding the photo album over to look through it. "It's easy this time...Edward and Emmett are adopted...the rest of us are foster kids." I nodded, having heard the story for this time.
A slight sadness fell over me at losing my Cullen last name, but I took a deep breath and tried to shake it off. Maybe it was because our anniversary was just the day before. Jasper got up from the sofa and walked by me, ruffling my hair and sending me a brotherly wave of love. He winked when I looked up at him and I accepted one more part of being in this family.
"Here," I sighed, taking off my ring. Edward was sitting on the edge of the bed and I was standing between his legs. He took my wedding ring and slipped it onto the chain he had given me for Christmas. He picked up my hand and kissed my ring finger with a slow, reverent kiss.
I picked up his hand, taking his ring off of one hand and putting it on the other. I gave it a test turn and he chuckled, turning me around. He stood behind me and fastened the chain around my neck. The only ring I had on was the eternity ring he gave me for Valentine's Day on my right hand.
We were supposed to be getting ready to head to the school. But I pushed Edward back down, crawling in his lap and burying my face in his neck. Without a word, we sat in each other's arms. Edward picked up the ring hanging around my neck and gave his own test turn. I snickered softly against his jaw. As much as we were willing to attend school and as much as we were ready to fulfill our high school fantasy, the removal of our rings was an emotional moment. They meant too much, symbolized a great deal of things to us.
"I love you, Mrs. Cullen," Edward whispered, kissing my cheek. "This doesn't change that. Ever."
"I know...just have to get used to it, baby," I sighed, pulling back to kiss his forehead. He nodded against my lips.
There was a soft knock at the door and Rose cracked the door open. "Edward, Em wants the guys to ride together...he's waiting for you," she smiled sweetly.
Edward nodded, taking my face in his hands and locking his eyes with mine. "Nothing changes," he whispered.
As strong as the symbolism is, Edward, the rings do not sum up what we have. They don't even come close... I thought to him, leaning into kiss him.
"That's my girl," he smiled against my lips. "See you there, love." I nodded and climbed down off of his lap, straightening my skirt.
We were riding with our "older" siblings to school in order to fit the ages we were claiming. Esme was already in the school office registering six kids. We were to come along later and sign up for our classes. Edward promised me that he would try to get us in as many classes together as possible. Emmett promised that he would try and get us out of Phys. Ed. Trying to play games as a human was torture for my big brother.
"You know why that means a lot, don't you?" Rose asked watching me stow my ring down my shirt. I shook my head. "You have been wearing that ring since you were human, Bells. When we change...some things are so permanent that it almost hurts to try and alter them. Taking that ring off must be killing you...especially with what you two have been through."
"Oh," I smiled slightly, finally getting it. "Yeah...it was bugging me...a lot."
"You'll be fine...a few days and you'll be used to it," she nodded. She eyed me for a moment and said, "It's a good thing you don't look twenty." She smirked, shaking her head.
"Hell no, she doesn't look twenty...that is if she wore what I told her to," Alice laughed, popping in the door. "And she did...good." I laughed, loving my sisters like crazy.
Rose parked her BMW not far from Emmett's Jeep. She turned to me and Alice sat forward from the backseat. "Look," Rose smiled. "You've developed...a magnetism for human boys...high school will be hell. If you ignore them, they go away."
"Gee, thanks," I laughed.
"You and Edward...always with the admirers," Alice giggled. "Stay together and people get the hint...got it?"
"That was the plan," I smiled wryly. "Let's go...before those two girls from the bookstore find out they are on campus."
"They haven't yet," Alice smirked. "Oh...but when they do..." Rose and I chuckled, opening our doors.
"Come on, Esme wanted us in the office as soon as we got here," I sighed, preparing myself for this next stage. I was looking forward to being with my family in school. Of that there was no doubt. What I wasn't looking forward to was the stares and whispers that went along with all of it.
I couldn't forget the rumors and stares that the Forks students gave the Cullens when I was human. To be foster children and obvious couples living under the same roof was unusual and strange. It didn't matter where you were. That being said and despite how comfortable I was in my vampire body, staring was still rude and it made me anxious.
Esme smiled at us when we walked in to join her. "Ah, there are my girls," she beamed. "This is Mr. Fuller, the principal..." she smiled and we all waved. "This is Bella, Rosalie and Alice," she introduced, pointing each of us out.
Mr. Fuller was a tall, slightly overweight man with the worst comb-over. Ever. It was stringy and draped over his balding scalp like dying seaweed. He had a sweaty upper lip and seemed to be quite taken with our mother. Rose's eyebrows rose as she looked at me, a smirk firmly planted on her face. I had to bite my lip in order not to laugh.
He clarified that we were indeed foster children, Esme presenting the paperwork to him thanks to J. Jenks. Once everything was in order, he turned to us. "Girls, everything is set here. Why don't you go on down to the gym and sign up for your classes. There are tables set up for you...it's pretty self explanatory."
"Yes, sir," we all said, kissing Esme and telling her we would see her later at home.
"Send the boys in when you see them," she instructed as we left. We didn't see them, but Alice assured us they were in with the principal and Esme just as we walked into the gym.
The first table had a sign in sheet. An older woman sat checking names with files and transcripts – ours were, again, thanks to J. Jenks. As sophomores, Alice and I weren't given much choice. Our schedules were pretty much laid out for us – English, Spanish, Algebra, History, and Biology. The last class made me smile. I wasn't expecting that one until the next year. I was really happy to see no PE class. We also were allowed an elective. I chose the school paper.
Rose was talking to a teacher at a table as Alice and I decided to sit down on one of the bleachers. I was wondering where Edward was when Alice spoke. "It takes longer with Edward and Emmett. Proving their adoption is more detailed than proving foster children," she whispered and then snorted when a boy walking by tripped over his own shoes as he stared at us.
"And so it begins," I laughed, taking her schedule from her. We were in Algebra together. That was a plus for me, because if Edward wasn't with us, at least I would have Alice. "There are those two girls," I smirked, looking to our left.
"Pam and Ariel?" Alice clarified and I nodded. They were standing in a huddle with a handful of other girls ranging in size and hair color. The whispers had already begun.
"If you think they're pretty..." Ariel snorted, "just wait...watch Pam lose it when the guys get here..."
"Shut up, Ariel," Pam growled, folding her arms across her chest. "You know...they had this friend with them," she smirked.
"Oh, he was straight out of a dirty novel," Ariel groaned, her face turning crimson.
"Demitri," Alice and I laughed, leaning into each other. Alice adding, "We'll have to bring him up here some time...make him pick us up or something," she giggled.
"You wish it was a dir...ty..." Pam's voice trailed off her eyes locked on the doors. Every girl she was talking to turned to follow her blank stare.
I fought my smile as I watched Edward and my brothers walk into the gym. I sat back, crossing my legs as I took in the sight walking towards us. My husband was fucking gorgeous. They were completely oblivious to the stares aimed at them from all sides. Emmett was talking as Edward and Jasper walked on each side of him, smiling and nodding.
Girls' heads turned, boys' faces scowled as most conversations stopped. One poor girl hadn't seen them as she read a sheet of paper. She finally looked up, but forgot to look where she was going. She ran smack into an open side door face first, ripping the paper she was holding in half. Alice cracked the hell up.
I shielded my thoughts as I dragged my tongue over my bottom lip. Immediately, Edward's head snapped around. Apparently he had been listening to me quite intently. I giggled, raising an eyebrow at him and watching his leg muscles flex with each step. I could practically feel what those muscles were capable of doing when I was wrapped around them. The thought caused my breath to catch and I barely bit back my groan.
I had dressed him superbly. Black jeans and a hugging gray hooded, long sleeved shirt just accented everything about him that made my mouth water. Thank you, American Eagle. When he ran a hand through his hair and whispered something to Emmett, they all laughed, causing hearts to beat faster all around me.
Pam groaned, her eyes locked on him. All her friends just breathed, "Wow." She nodded silently, agreeing with them.
I pasted a look of innocence on my face when Edward walked up, smiling his beautiful crooked smile. He sat down next to me. "Beautiful girl," he crooned, taking my schedule from me. "And what thoughts did you just hide from me?" He chuckled, looking up at me through his long eyelashes.
"I have no idea what you're talking about," I snickered, shrugging. "Go get your schedule," I laughed as he nodded with an exaggerated sigh. He looked at my schedule again and his head shot up, a smirk playing on his face. "Yes, Biology...thought we would have to wait for that one," I chuckled at his eyes gleaming with mischief.
"Hmm, me too," he said, fighting his smile. "That is good news," he whispered in my ear, brushing his lips along the shell. "I'll be right back," he smiled, breaking about a hundred hearts in the gym by kissing my temple. He stood, handing me back my schedule. My eyes glazed over as I watched him walk away from me.
"She's so hitting that," one of Pam's friends muttered as he walked by. There was no way I could stop my laugh. He heard it too, turning towards me once he reached the line at the check-in table. With a chuckle and a wink my way, I laughed again.
Hell, yeah, I'm hitting that...as often as possible, I thought to him, smiling as he nodded slowly, his eyes darkening just a little. Is tenth grade too early for sex, Edward? He fought his smile and shook his head.
"Bells," Jasper smiled, taking the spot Edward had just vacated. "Let me see yours," he smiled, comparing schedules. "Cool, we still have a few classes together...History and the school paper."
"Think you'll need the shield this time?" I asked quietly.
"Nah," he smirked, bumping my shoulder with his. "But I'll tell you if I do."
"'Kay," I nodded, watching Edward finally get up to the table after waiting in line.
"This is kinda big for you two, isn't it?" Jasper asked, following my gaze.
"Yeah," I frowned, nodding. "We...missed out on some things..."
"Me too," he chuckled. "New outlook." He tapped his head when I looked up at him.
"Well, well," I teased, folding my arms across my chest. "This will definitely be an interesting year."
"So very true," he laughed, giving me a fist bump. "We can act like the immature fools you accuse us of being."
"Sweet!" Emmett laughed, hopping up to the bleachers behind us.
"Like you need encouragement," I laughed, my hair getting ruffled by him.
"True, but...now I have reason," he guffawed.
"How'd you do, baby?" I asked as Edward, followed by Alice and Rose, joined us. I took his schedule and smiled, looking up at him. The only classes he didn't have with me was Algebra and the school paper. "How much flirting did you have to do?" I teased.
"An ungodly amount," he sighed, smirking. "Mrs. Richardson is fighting herself...I'm only sixteen. She's thinking of registering herself as a sex offender." Emmett snorted into a huge laugh and we couldn't help but join him.
"Poor baby," I teased. "Do I need to speak with her?"
"Please," he laughed, kissing my head again. "She's scaring me..." We all chuckled until he stopped in mid-sentence, his gaze locking onto Drew. He was walking by with a group of friends, his stare blatant.
"Foster kids," his friend said. "My mom was in the office when they came in...The parents have money...takes in older kids...she overheard Mr. Fuller. But they all look...together..."
"They were when we ran into them in the city," Drew nodded.
"How fast will it get around this time, Ali?" Jasper chuckled.
"By tomorrow," she smirked, holding out her hand for his. "Come on...the girls and I have shopping to do..."
"Aw, hell," I growled, putting my face in my hands. I felt a warm hand on my leg. I looked up to see Drew still staring. I turned to Edward and watched his eyes darkening. Hey, I thought and his head snapped to mine. We aren't doing that...mark your territory, handsome. No Mike Newtons...no Joes... I raised an eyebrow at him. I could really use a kiss, you know. He chuckled, leaning in and kissing my lips sweetly at first. His talented tongue raked across my bottom lip before he pulled away. "Better," I smiled, sighing at his happy expression.
"Can I do that every time someone stares at you?" He smirked, offering me his hand when he stood.
"Um...yeah?" I teased. "Come on...Ken needs new clothes," I laughed as he growled at me.
"What did I tell you..." He said, trying to sneer, but failed. I laughed, taking off at a human pace out of the gym to catch up with our siblings. He caught me in the hallway and lifted me into his arms with a chuckle.
"I found it!" Emmett boomed, busting into the living room. I chuckled, shaking my head at his thoughts.
"Every time, Em," I laughed. "It's impressive."
"Found what?" Rose, Jasper and Bella asked, looking between us.
"A new and better baseball field," he grinned. "And what's cool...it's completely isolated...we don't have to wait for thunder."
"You know..." Jasper smirked. "I don't think Bells has played baseball with us...not counting that fiasco with James..." My love's eyebrows shot up as she looked at him.
"Come on," Emmett whined, "let's go...everyone...Carlisle, I know you're home...Demitri..."
"He won't shut up unless we go, will he?" Bella mumbled, leaning towards Rose.
"Not likely," she chuckled.
Carlisle came out of his office, his mind wondering if he could use this as a lesson for Bella. "Bells..." he started.
"Oh no!" She frowned, getting up from the couch and turning to him. He chuckled at her annoyed expression. "Let's just play the game...no lessons...no 'let's see how far we can push the youngest child'...no training...nothing." She pouted adorably, folding her arms across her chest. I had to cover my mouth to hide my smile.
"But, Bella..." He smiled, holding his hands palms out.
"Aw, come on..." She pleaded. "I still haven't recovered from soccer," she growled, looking over at me with a dangerously raised eyebrow. "A game, Carlisle...without a hidden agenda..."
"Carlisle...enough..." Esme frowned, tugging the Bella's hand and starting to lead her out of the room. "She's brilliant...and she's got it all down...school's starting...let them play."
Jasper chuckled, looking over at me, our video game paused for the moment. You would think she was their own child...
"She is," I chuckled. In all respects, they viewed her that way. The baby of the family. The one that held us all together.
"Oh, I see," Carlisle sighed, but I could see him fighting his smile, his thoughts amused at the two of them, "we should just slack off..." He was planning on giving in, but wanted to see if he could push her. I wanted to warn him that Bella couldn't be pushed, but decided to let him learn on his own.
"It's not slacking," Esme and Bella argued together. My love, added, "One game...where the boys try to cheat like always and the girls hand them their ass...period...no training."
"Hell, yeah," Rose smiled, standing up and joining in.
"Oh, here we go," I groaned. Jasper chuckled, shaking his head.
"I'll get the equipment," Emmett laughed, heading into the garage.
"Baseball, huh?" Demitri asked, drawn to the room by Bella's shield I was sure of it. On more than one occasion did that shield of hers pull the entire family into the room and she never really noticed it. "Not all boys cheat, Bells," he smirked.
"Demitri, don't lie," Carina chuckled, coming out to stand beside him. "Mr. Ace-Up-His-Sleeve." The whole room chuckled as he shook his head and rolled his eyes.
Carlisle eyed the room, his thoughts were in line with mine. She had pulled the whole family in against him. "Fine..." He sighed dramatically. "Baseball."
"Yes!" Emmett boomed, coming in with his hands full of balls and bats.
I snickered softly when my mother and my wife gave each other a fist bump when they thought no one was looking.
We followed Emmett out several miles into the preserve. He had found a large clearing perfect for the sports we liked to play. I felt a soft hand in mine and I looked down to see Bella looking up at me.
"How does he find this every time?" She smirked, looking around and back to me.
"When he goes hunting in a new place...Emmett likes to learn his new surroundings quickly. It's for hunting and protection...so he looks for places like this and places that he could use in defense," I said, tapping the bill of her baseball cap. She was too cute for words.
"Defense?" She asked, reaching up to wrap her arms around my neck. I reached down, cupped her bottom and picked her up just to feel her warmth wrapped around me.
"Yeah, Bells," Jasper smiled, taking a test swing with a bat. It vibrated the air as it cut through it at vampire speed. "He looks for a place he can hide the family for safety...or hide for attack if they don't know we're around."
"Why would we hide?" She frowned. "We can defend ourselves."
"Yes, but sometimes...it isn't a bad idea to hide...if we're out numbered or if it's humans looking for us...which hasn't happened in ages...we can hide until they're gone and then move away," he said. "Not everyone has a built-in defense like you do..."
"Right..." I nodded and her brown pools locked back onto mine. "Esme, Rose, Carlisle...even Emmett and Jasper...can't always see what's coming if Alice and I aren't here. They can't stop some vampires' powers like...say Chelsea, for example. You can...they can't...hiding isn't always cowardly, but a way to give us time to either escape or plan an attack."
"Emmett," she frowned and he walked up to us. "You show me these places you've found. I want to know where they are."
"Sure, little one," he smiled, pulling her hat over her eyes.
"Why, Bells?" Jasper frowned, suddenly feeling something along the lines of fear from her.
"I need to know..." She growled. "I need to know where to go if it's just the girls at home and something stupid happens...I can shield the entrance to a cave better than a three story house."
We all stopped and looked at her for a moment. Jasper was the first to speak. "How far can you hear her mind?" He asked, looking at me.
"Pretty far, but we've never tested it," I replied, "but maybe we should. Soon. I hear hers louder and clearer than anyone else's."
"I figured, that's why we should find out," Jasper nodded.
"Soon," she smiled, taking off my baseball hat and kissing my forehead. "Not today..."
"You're determined that there will be no training today, sweet girl," I chuckled.
"That's right," she said smugly and kissed my head again.
"Let's go, Bells!" Alice growled, stepping onto the pitcher's mound.
"'Kay," she sighed, but squeezed me tighter. She leaned in, pressing her lips to mine. "Bring your worst, Mr. Cullen," she whispered, wriggling down when I tickled her. She threw my hat back at me with a smile.
Playing baseball with my family used to be a large event. Home runs and pop flies were not uncommon, but playing with Bella in the outfield was completely different. Her shield could stop anything from escaping passed her.
"She shouldn't use her shield," Emmett whined and not for the first time.
"If you can climb a damn tree, then Bells can use her shield," Rose growled from first base. "It's the same thing."
It was a tied game and everyone wanted to win. "What's the bet again?" Jasper chuckled.
"Slaves for a weekend," I chuckled. "The winner gets to sit around and order the losers to do anything they want."
"Nice," Carlisle chuckled, getting a look from Esme that could have turned him into stone. He stepped up to the plate.
"Tied score, Carlisle," Emmett encouraged from behind him. "Demitri is on third...bring him in...two outs...let's go...last inning."
"Not last inning if you tie us!" Alice laughed. "Extra innings...come on, Jazz...I feel like a pedicure."
"Shit," he growled. "That stuff stinks...nail polish."
"Is it that or sitting and painting her toes?" I chuckled.
"That too."
I felt Bella's thoughts caress my mind in a way that had the blood rushing to my cock. Mmm, Edward...what would you order me to do? My head shot up to see her chuckling at me from left field. Would you make me take you in my mouth? Bend over for you? How about bathe you from head to toe? A breathy laugh huffed from me. I hadn't thought about it. At all. Now that I was, I couldn't stop.
"Ball!" Esme called as she caught the stray pitch.
I looked back at my dangerous girl and she was tapping her foot, waiting for my answer. Tell me, baby...and it's yours. Suddenly, Carlisle will get a home run. My mouth fell open at her offering to cheat to give me the win just for me to dominate her for two days.
Dominate. It sounded wrong, but intriguing. I nodded slowly.
Mmm, good boy...I'll make you feel so good, baby...of course we'll have to keep it quiet, but what the hell, she thought, shrugging with one shoulder. I took a sideways glance at Jasper, wondering how he wasn't feeling the lust that I was sure was oozing from every fiber of my being. I'm shielding you...he can't feel it. She smiled, dragging her tongue along her bottom lip.
I fought my smile and turned my attention to Carlisle, thinking that she better make this look good or they will all know. You better tell Demitri to steal home, love. There it was.
I saw in her mind that she meant to use her shield to make sure that Carlisle's hit was a ground ball, thus ensuring that Demitri got to home plate untouched. As soon as his ball was skimming over the grass to right field, I waved Demitri in. Bella caught up the ball, threw to Rose, getting Carlisle out. But the game was over.
The girls growled, hating the thought of losing. All the girls but my angel. I chuckled when she faked a scowl, but shot me a wink. How about a drive-in movie, Edward? I growled low, wanting that so bad I could hardly see straight.
"It's about time," Emmett beamed. "Come on, Rosie, have I got something for you to do..." We all groaned. "What?" He asked, looking confused. "I've got a slave for the weekend." Rose slapped the back of his head.
"It's Friday, idiot...weekend starts at midnight...then you can tell me what to do...until then," she huffed, folding her arms across her chest, "shut it."
No...the weekend starts now, baby. Bella said, walking towards me. "I need to hunt, Edward," she sighed. "Come on...before this stupid weekend starts." She pouted fantastically, a growl erupting from her.
"You're just mad you lost, love," I chuckled, scooping her up into my arms. "Let's hunt and then...you're mine." I took off into the forest at a run, Bella giggling into my neck.
She reached up, taking my hat off and turning it backwards. She wrapped her arms around my neck. So...what movie are we...um, not seeing? I growled low, thinking this was going to be one interesting weekend.


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