Tuesday, March 20, 2001 | By: Drotuno

Angel's Embrace Chapter 19

"Love, we should talk about this." Edward's voice was nervous as he gently pressed me into a tree still holding onto me. Once we got away from the baseball field, I had a feeling this would happen.
I looked up into his eyes and saw what I expected – pure, unwavering respect, love and a touch of fear. "You won the bet, Edward," I smiled softly, looking up at him through my lashes.
"With your cheating..." He chuckled lightly. I raised an eyebrow up at him. "You want this..." He whispered, his brow furrowing. I nodded slowly. "I can't order you around, love...I just can't. It's wrong...it's demeaning."
"You used to feel that way about blow jobs," I stated, tilting my head at him.
"How did you..."
"We have the same brothers and sisters, Edward," I snickered. "They talk...a lot."
"Too much, apparently," he growled to himself.
"I know you can do this...you've come really close once or twice," I smiled, taking his face in my hands. I pulled up a human memory and let him see for himself. I had awoken from a dream of Edward taking me from behind. His voice was deep and commanding, his demeanor was strong, in control. He didn't let me feel him until I had answered his questions. He didn't let me come until he was satisfied with the answers. I was shocked as a human, but aroused. As a vampire, I craved it.
His eyes were black when he locked his sight back to me. "Rules," he growled. "I won't do this without rules, Bella. If we...if I get lost in the moment...you have to be the one to stop it. I won't order you to do menial tasks...don't expect it...I don't care what they do at home, love."
"Ok," I nodded. The bet only carried over to the spouse of the loser and no one else. I was glad. Emmett had threatened to make me rub his feet.
He groaned, his face pained. "I've seen this in people's minds...unusual instincts take over, baby...I never want to lose myself...I never want to hurt you...to make you submit." He frowned at the thought like it disgusted him.
"If we had won...if I were commanding you, telling you everything I wanted you to do to me...how would you like it?" I asked, trying to rub the worry from his brow.
"It would make me wild," he growled. "And I would do it all...to the letter."
"Exactly, baby," I smiled. "I want it."
I saw the moment he gave in. It flickered across his face. "Pick a safe word, Bella. I'm not joking," he frowned when I laughed.
"Meadow," I smiled. "And I was laughing because I knew you would say that."
"Meadow?" He smirked.
"It's that or Esme," I chuckled. "Pick." I knew those two words would bring my sweet Edward back to me if he lost himself like he was afraid he would. But I had complete faith in him.
He growled, "Meadow...got it." I laughed, my head falling back. He couldn't help but chuckle with me.
"The only request I have is that you tell me when you start..." It was a simple request that I knew he would grant me. I didn't want for him to start if I wasn't ready and then both of us getting upset. We needed to be in sync for this or not do it at all.
"Yes, ma'am," he sighed. His whole body was tense around mine. I was still pressed into the tree. He studied me for a moment, quiet and thoughtful. "I think...we should hunt...if we do this, I don't want bloodlust to surprise either of us."
"Smart man," I smiled, leaning in and kissing him sweetly.
"Another request?" He stopped me before I could hop down from his embrace. I nodded for him to continue. "Not at home. At all. In private...period."
"Yeah, I can definitely agree to that," I said, thinking if we gave ourselves over to our basic needs, then things could get loud. Even disturbing. No one needed to see or hear that but us.
"I found us a place," he smiled, squeezing me closer. "Go hunt and then find me. I need to think, baby..."
I smiled, pulling his backwards baseball cap off and running my fingers through his hair. "I knew you would find us a place," I sighed, bringing him closer. "It will be fine, my love," I whispered against his lips. "I won't let you lose yourself." With a last kiss, I put his cap back on and slipped out of his arms.
I over-hunted. I felt almost sloshy when I started narrowing Edward's trail down. I followed his wonderful scent through a dense part of the woods, breaking into a clearing. I looked around and smiled. It was dark and green – very green. It reminded me of the forest just outside Charlie's house in Forks. Moss covered logs, wild flowers and tall ferns covered most of the area. On the north side of the clearing was a tall rock with water trickling down into a small pond. I snickered. My husband was really good at finding a place to call our own.
I inhaled deeply, catching the flavor of him somewhere near me. His scent lingered in the area. He had found this recently. The little sneak was holding out on me.
I heard the deep tenor of his chuckle echo around me. "Not holding out, love...waiting."
"It's beautiful, Edward," I whispered, knowing he could hear me.
"I'm glad you like it...close your eyes, love."
I did and the rest of my senses kicked into overdrive. I could hear the trickle of water as if it was next to me. I could smell Edward moving around from my left to my right in front of me at first and then behind me. In the distance, a woodpecker pounded away, coaxing out his meal. I could hear the slither of a snake through the tall grasses. And then I could feel Edward right behind me.
"Keep them closed, baby," he whispered. "I'm going to ask one more time. Do you want this?"
"Yes," I breathed, already drawn to his presence behind me. I wanted to lean into it, drink it in.
"Then it starts now, love," he whispered in my ear and I shivered at how close he was. "You aren't to speak...only when spoken to...yes or no answers only, unless I ask you a direct question. You will call me 'sir'...and if you were expecting 'Master'...it won't happen. I won't play Dracula to your Lucy, understand?"
"Yes, sir," I nodded, my arousal already hitting me and it was just his voice.
"Good girl," he crooned. There was a small amount of shuffling behind me. "Turn around." I did, his scent hitting me full force. The sound of his breathing was really close. "Don't open your eyes, but take off everything. Start with your hat."
I tugged my hat off, dropping it to the clearing floor. I reached down, pulling my shirt over my head and then shimmying out of my shorts. A deep, evil chuckle met my ears from right in front of me. "Mmm, that's new." I knew he was talking about my underwear – a deep aqua, all-lace set. "Would that be for me?"
"Yes, sir," I fought my smile. Every set I bought was for him. I reached back to unsnap the bra and let it fall to my feet. I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my thong and tugged them off.
I gasped when the sound of ripping fabric met my ears. "Not that I don't trust you, but I'm going to blindfold you." What I just noticed was my name and his terms of endearment for me were gone. No 'love', no 'baby' – not even Bella. It's like he had flipped a switch.
His bare chest met mine as he reached around and placed the blindfold on me. I couldn't help but groan when our skin met. I wanted his skin. I wanted it on me, in me, around me.
"Not yet," he growled. I bit my lip in order not to groan again. "Can you see anything?" He asked, backing away from me.
I tried looking around, but my vision was completely covered. "No, sir," I shook my head.
"Good. I'm going to touch you, but you aren't to reciprocate. Understand?"
"Yes, sir." I felt his hands on my shoulders, turning me and guiding over a few paces. My feet met what felt like a blanket.
"Lay down...on your back." It wasn't an easy feat when you couldn't see where you were sitting, but I tried. I almost smiled at the gentleman that returned as he held my elbow to settle me down onto the blanket. "Now...don't move." I felt him loom over me, taking my wrists in his hands. He pulled them up over my head and gently wrapped my fingers around a small tree. "Those stay there...it's a test in restraint. You have every bit of strength to snap that in half," he said, but I could hear a touch of amusement in his voice.
I felt his breath in my ear. "I could do anything to you like this...so fucking stunning, open and waiting for me." My eyes rolled back at his words and instinctively my thighs pressed together. Big mistake.
"You won't find relief without me," he snarled and it was one of the sexiest things I had ever heard. "Spread your legs and keep them apart." With a single finger I felt him touch me, starting at my collarbone and tracing around the scar over my heart. My body arched in a wave, trying to get closer to his touch. Around each nipple and down to my bellybutton, his finger glided.
I jumped slightly when his finger caressed my inner thigh. "Nervous?" He asked, but I could hear the smile in his voice.
"No, sir," I answered, but my breathing had picked up. I wanted him – hard and fast. But I was interested in what would happen before I got that result.
"I'm going to ask you questions...you're to focus only on my voice...not what my touch is doing to you...you won't come until I tell you to. Understand?"
"Yes, sir," I groaned, gripping the tree a little harder.
His finger slipped through the moisture between my legs and I whimpered at just how sensitive and wet I was. I almost cried out his name when I felt his lips encircle my nipple. More – I needed fucking more.
"What's your favorite thing to hunt?" He asked against my breast, his fingers sinking deep within me at the same time.
"C-carnivores," I answered, not able to keep my head from arching back.
"Nothing specific?" He asked, twirling his tongue around each peak.
Fuck. How could I ignore his touch when I wanted it so badly? "P-panthers," I growled when his thumb pressed my clit hard.
"Why?" He asked and I could taste his breath on my tongue as he licked my chin.
Fucking hell! "They taste..." I moaned, my hips rising as his fingers curled inside of me. "The taste is better..." My body clenched and feral snarl escaped me when his fingers were removed.
"You won't come until I say," he replied simply, his voice commanding but calm.
"Fuck," I growled out loud.
"You weren't to speak," he snarled, tugging my fingers from the sapling and pulling me up into a kneeling position. "Maybe I need to put something in your mouth to remind you."
Yes, please.
I felt his thumb tug at my bottom lip and I opened my mouth, licking it. I shuddered at how much more of him I wanted. I sucked his thumb into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it. A deep guttural moan escaped him, making my core throb. I lived to hear that sound come from him.
"Enough," he growled, pulling his thumb from my mouth with a soft pop. I felt him shift in front of me, the sound of his zipper rang loud in my ears. "Open," he commanded and I had to resist squeezing my legs together again as his beautiful cock slipped into my mouth. I couldn't stop my thoughts.
This will never be punishment, Sir. My inner voice came off just a tad bit snarky.
"It is when you can't touch me when I fuck your sweet mouth." He chuckled darkly. I moaned around him. I took him all the way in over and over, his hands gripping my hair to guide me. He was right. Not touching him, not holding his thick base or caressing his balls was utter torture. My hands were balled into tight fists at my side, shaking with the need to reach out to him.
"You will take everything I give you..." I whimpered at his voice. He was fucking killing me. "Do you have any idea how glorious those lips are wrapped around my cock?" He groaned. We may have been playing, but I knew my husband. He was close. His cock twitched, growing slightly bigger and his breathing changed to heavy gasps. If I could have seen him, I knew he would have been biting down on his bottom lip and his brow would have been furrowed. I practically came with him just thinking about it.
I felt him shift from in front of me. "On your stomach," he whispered, grazing his lips across my ear. His voice was sweeter, the edge gone for the moment. I laid down, feeling him straddle my thighs. His hands were tender but firm, gliding all over me. His fingers dug into my flesh, massaging every muscle until I was moaning underneath him. I bit my lip, pressing my forehead into the blanket in order not to cry out his name.
He leaned over me, placing biting kisses to my shoulder blades. My hips rose up, begging him to take me. I could feel the wetness at the top of my thighs. My core was throbbing for him.
I purred when his hands cupped my ass. Edward's hands were fucking magic. I was convinced. Another chuckle escaped him as he heard my nonsensical thoughts. He pulled my hips up and scooted away from me. His tongue was now doing what his fingers had done before. He licked me from one end to the other, sucking my hot, wet flesh into his mouth. He nipped me with his teeth and I snarled, trying to press closer to him.
"Tell me a secret," he crooned, his fingers sliding into me. He placed open mouthed, licking kisses to each of my ass cheeks and it felt phenomenal. I gasped aloud when his teeth bit down into my skin, his tongue swirling over the same spot.
"I don't have any," I growled into the blanket. "Nothing. I tell you...oh God...everything." I was so close. I wanted to come so bad that my knees were shaking. They threatened to stop holding me up.
"Soon...tell me your fears..."
"No." I growled, not wanting this sweet, deadly moment to end. If I voiced my fear, he would stop everything.
"Tell me," he growled, pinching my clit. "Don't you dare come...say it."
"Please, don't make me..." I sobbed from the need to come and fear of saying what he wanted to hear.
"Say it and you can come...I'll let you come so hard..." His tongue twisted into me, my body clenching once around it. I was so close. I squeezed my eyes closed to stave it off, but it was for nothing. I gave in.
"I don't want to fucking lose you," I growled, coming without his permission. It couldn't be stopped; it was like a freight train. I gripped the blanket under me, my entire body shattering.
Edward's hands were gentle when he turned me over and crawled up my body. He didn't take the blindfold off, but settled himself between my legs. "Does it feel like I'm going anywhere?" His cock slipped through my wetness as he ground into me.
"No, sir," I panted, trying to get myself under control when all I wanted was to kiss him.
"You've been such a good girl...I'll grant you that one," he crooned at my lips. A sigh of ecstasy rushed from me when he kissed me. His tongue, tasting of me, swept into my mouth with long, slow caresses along mine. I lost myself in his kiss, suckling his bottom lip and grazing my teeth over it. He reached down and picked up my leg, entering me with a swiftness that cause my head to fly back with a gasp.
His teeth nipped at my neck, his voice soft, but still in complete control. "Do you think someone could take me from you?" He asked, fucking my ear with his tongue in the same rhythm his hips were making. My eyes rolled again and I could barely think straight, much less answer him. I gripped the blanket, hearing it tear just a little.
"N-no, sir," I whispered.
"Do you think I would be so fucking stupid as to leave you again?" He growled low, vibrating my whole body and driving his cock as deep as he could go. His sweet breath engulfed me, making me want to pull him in closer.
"No!" I sobbed, barely remembering my role and adding, "Sir." I was well aware the fear was irrational. It had always been irrational, but it was still there. Maybe it was the thought of the New Volturi that wanted a war so badly. Or the fact that my beautiful angel was just too fucking good to be true. He was my life and without him I didn't exist.
"I know it doesn't make sense," I breathed, unable to stop myself from touching him anymore. My hands glided up his arms, gripping his shoulders just make sure he was there.
"Put your hands down," he whispered, kissing up my neck. I groaned and growled at the same time, slapping them back to the blanket. "You'll touch me when I say you can touch me..." He growled, sitting back and pulling my hips to him. He was slamming into me and I wanted more. I arched up, trying bring him in deeper. "You'll come when I say you can come..."
Fuck me! He was good at this shit.
"But you'll listen to what I say first," he ordered. "You won't lose me...you're fucking mine!" He snarled, raking his thumb roughly over my swollen clit. I gasped, arching against him again.
Possessive and Dominate Edward? God, help me. How in the blue hell was I supposed to not come when I had both of them at the same time?
"I'm not leaving...I'm not going anywhere," he snarled viciously, the last word he spoke sounded out roughly through his gritted teeth . My body writhed with desperation. His cock was hitting places that made my breathing stop altogether.
My mind was begging him to let me come; my body was coiling tight and fast.
"Not fucking yet..." He commanded, laying back over me, but holding my hips high and still driving into me. I heard and felt his other hand brace by my head. "I won't disappear...and I want no one but you...tell me you know this..."
"Yes...sir..." I almost lost the role right then.
"Tell me you're mine..."
"I'm yours...always," I gasped, my head falling back. The blanket stopped fighting and ripped into shreds under my hands. Please let me come...I can't hold off...
"Who lets you come?"
"You do..."
"Good girl...come now...let me hear you!"
Expletives exploded out of my mouth as my body seized around him. It felt like my bones actually rattled with the violent trembling that overtook me.
"Jesus fucking Christ!" Edward growled, burying his face in my neck. He recovered quicker than I did, asking, "And who loves you, my sweet girl?" He pulled off my blindfold, my Sweet Edward coming back to me with a soft smile.
"You," I shivered, wrapping my arms around his neck. I felt like I was falling apart. I needed all of his weight to hold me together.
"That's right...me," he whispered, laying all of his body on mine. He brushed the hair from my face as my spasms took forever to calm down. He planted sweet, soft kisses on my nose, forehead and lips. I sighed deeply when my body was under my control again.
"Dangerous creature," I teased weakly, cupping his face.
"Me?" He chuckled. "You're one to talk." He kissed me softly, letting our tongues meet briefly before pulling back. "I'm glad you left your shield up..."
"I bet," I laughed.
"No, it helped me gauge what I could and couldn't do." He nodded, pressing his forehead to mine. "I'm never leaving you," he whispered.
"It's still a fear," I breathed, looking away from him. "Not that you could be taken from me or would leave...but that you just suddenly won't be there."
"Look at me, beautiful," he sighed, waiting until my eyes locked with his. "I understand. I will always be there. Forever, remember?"
I nodded, venom stinging my eyes. "What do you mean gauge what you couldn't do? What did you think about doing that you didn't?"
He fought his smile, shaking his head. "A more severe punishment for speaking when not spoken to," he teased, raising a sexy eyebrow.
"Mmm, spanking?" I cracked up.
"Saving that for next time you get belligerent."
"Sweet!" I laughed, causing his chuckle to shake my body. "Oooh, wait! Next time?"
"You owe me a whole weekend, love." He snickered, his eyes full of mischief. So, he liked it, did he? "Yes, he did." He chuckled, answering my internal question.
"Mm, me too."
"Quit fucking around, Emmett!" Alice growled. "Bells is right...we need to know these places you've found."
"You don't get to order me around," he said haughtily with a smug smile.
"Neither do you, jackass," I growled, shoving him forward. "Spouses only...Go!"
"Yeah...what did Eddie make you do?" He chuckled, walking further into the forest.
"Wouldn't you like to know?" I sighed, rolling my eyes.
"Yes," they both laughed.
"Tough shit," I teased. There was no way in fucking hell they would hear about my evening in our new clearing. I had never been so aroused or come so hard. Edward had said he liked it, but I heard the hesitation in his voice. I knew we needed to talk about it. But not with the family around, it was none of their business. "Come on, Em...this is important."
"Ok," he sighed, giving in. "Well, you were right about one thing. It's a cave." He stopped, gesturing to a moss covered rock in front of him. I could barely see the opening due to the angle it was positioned in. "What I figure...you girls could hide here for a day or two...if you needed. Bells, that shield will cover this entrance just fine."
I walked in and looked around. It was tight quarters, but it would work.
"Bells, why did you need to know?" Alice asked, her brow furrowed. "I haven't seen anything new."
"I know, Ali," I sighed, stepping back into the shaded light of the forest. "I just...want options." To be honest, I didn't know why it was so important to me. With all the training that Carlisle and Demitri had put me through, maybe I was just feeling paranoid.
Emmett studied my face, the big brother in him rising to the surface. "They've freaked you out a little, haven't they? That's why you were determined not to train with the baseball game."
"I can't...yes," I sighed, sitting down on a tree stump. I was going to say that I couldn't lose any of them, but to voice it aloud scared the shit out of me.
"I won't let anything happen to him," Alice whispered, sitting with me.
"Eddie?" Emmett asked, sounding shocked. I nodded, putting my head in my hands.
"This no-news-is-good-news stuff is crap..." I sighed.
"You're starting to sound like him," Emmett chuckled, but it didn't quite meet his eyes. "Worry, worry, worry..." Again the tease didn't meet his eyes. "They'll play hell trying to get to our family, Bells," he growled. "I promise you."
"I know," I nodded. I was quite comfortable with my shield and all I could do with it. "But things rarely play out the way we think they will."
"Understatement," Alice sang, rolling her eyes. I giggled, leaning into her. "I'm watching for any decision that concerns us...any decision that sends someone back our way."
"Come on," Emmett smiled. "I have lists of things that Rosie needs to do for me."
"Ew," Alice and I grimaced. I asked, "And what does Jasper have planned for you?"
"Donating clothes," she growled.
"Oh, damn," I said, trying not to laugh.
"And you?" They both asked.
"No idea," I shrugged. "He mentioned a movie. We may go out." I was making this up as I went along. We hadn't discussed any such thing since the baseball field.
"Really?" Alice smirked.
"Don't start," I laughed, shaking my head at her and standing. "I just do what I'm told...at least this weekend," I snorted.
"Yeah, but when school starts Monday, it's a whole new world," Emmett chuckled.
"True," Alice and I giggled.
When we got back to the house, Edward was just stepping out of the shower. "Damn, sorry I missed that..." I smiled, licking my lips at him standing there in just a towel.
"How did it go?" He chuckled, ignoring my blatant ogling.
"Fine," I sighed, sitting on the edge of the bed. "It's small, but I can shield it in an emergency."
"I could hear your mind from here, love," he frowned. "Paranoid? Are you?"
"Yes," I sighed, shaking my head. He knelt in front of me, cupping my face. "That was pretty far...Did you really hear me?"
"Yes, ma'am," he smiled sweetly. "Jasper wanted to see how far we could go...it was open so I listened. I didn't mean to eavesdrop. Just practice."
"I don't care what you hear, Edward," I smirked. "It's nothing I wouldn't talk to you about."
"Good, because the movie starts in an hour and a half," he chuckled, his eyes gleaming.
"Yes, sir," I growled, fighting my smile. His eyes blackened instantly. "What movie?" I teased.
"Does it matter?" He whispered, licking the shell of my ear.
"Nope," I giggled, leaning my head away so that he had more access.
"Good, get ready, love."
"'Kay," I sighed, pushing him back. I placed my hands on both sides of his face and kissed his forehead. "We should take my Mercedes," I smirked.
"Yeah, tinted windows and the seats go down." He chuckled.
"Good boy," I snickered, kissing his lips. "Handsome, sexy and smart...damn, what more could a girl ask for?" He laughed, his tongue dragging along his bottom lip.
"Well hung," he teased in a whisper.
"Yeah...got that covered too...shit...pure perfection right in my hands," I sighed dramatically.
"Get ready," he growled, rolling his eyes, "or we won't make it."
"Ok, ok," I giggled.
"We're early," my angel smiled, looking around as I parked the car in front of the screen.
"Yes, sweet girl," I smiled, taking her hand and kissing it. "I wanted to talk...about last night. Did any of it bother you?"
"Really?" She asked and I nodded. "No." I studied her face and she was being honest.
"Even when I didn't stop when you expected me to?"
"No," she smiled. "I'm glad you kept going, forcing me to forget my fear. Did anything bother you?"
"Only when I thought you were upset...but I listened to your mind, saw what you were thinking...it's not..." I sighed, running a hand through my hair. "I don't want it like that often, love."
"Me either," she shook her head. "I like naughty and dirty and sweet...I can imagine that it would bother you if we took it further than we did. We don't have to..."
"I want what you want...always, but...do you know what hard limits are?" I asked.
"Something you absolutely won't do..." She nodded.
"Precisely...my hard limit is making you submit to me. Kneeling before me...making you less than what you are. I want you on a pedestal. Not at my feet, baby."
"I understand, Edward," she smiled at me. "So what are we saying? Not much more than what we did last night or not at all?" She giggled at the thought of a spanking.
"Only if you misbehave," I growled, raising an eyebrow at her.
"Don't tempt me," she smirked, cupping my face. "Ok...more rules...no feet kissing, no bowing down...I can imagine the rule here is to keep silent?"
As I looked up and watched cars pulling in around us, I nodded.
She tilted her gorgeous head at me, tracing my eyebrow. "Maybe it's just the commanding sound of your voice," she started. "I certainly wouldn't want to be flogged or strapped to anything...toys aren't really us, so that's out...I know that it was...more intense when you wouldn't let me come..." She paused, her brow furrowing in thought. "How do humans live that lifestyle?" She laughed softly. "It seems dangerous for them."
"It can be," I chuckled at her train of thought. "S and M can be deadly if not practiced safely...for us it's a moot point. I won't even pretend to hurt you even though you can't be hurt."
"True," she giggled. "Bondage doesn't hold."
"Right," I laughed. "That leaves dominance and submission...and I can't push that too far, Bella. You mean everything to me...you are what keeps me on this planet."
"You too," she sighed, smiling and leaning in to kiss my lips. "Ok, so no more than last night...sexy ass demanding voice." She smirked. "And the 'sir' thing?"
"Keep it..." I sighed. "If you lose that, I know you're out...another form of a safe word, ok?"
"Good, because that was kind of a turn on," she sighed, shaking her head like she was afraid to admit it. "Like a teacher and a delinquent student," she cracked up, looking out the window.
"Only if you wear the Catholic school uniform," I teased.
"Oh, shit," she groaned, "will you wear fucking glasses?" Her arousal hit me like a slap in the face. Her mind was trying like mad to imagine me in a dress shirt, tie and glasses – with little round wire-rimmed glasses.
The flicker of the movie caught my attention. I turned back to her. "We start now," I growled and she nodded. "Backseat and wait for me, understand?"
"Yes, sir," she breathed, still a little distracted about the teacher/student fantasy. I could see it playing out in her mind and I wanted it.
She crawled into the backseat onto the flat surface. We had laid all the seats down, leaving a fair amount of room for the two of us. I could hear the speakers blasting the sound of the movie all around us. I was glad that the humans wouldn't hear much. The things I wanted to do to her would not keep her quiet.
I turned around to look at her. "Lay down...on your stomach," I told her, trying like hell not to just pounce on her. Bella's head lay towards the back door, her beautiful bottom facing me. "So fucking perfect," I growled, climbing over to sit beside her. I slipped my hand under her skirt, snapping the strap of her thong against her skin. She jumped and I couldn't help but smile.
"No crying out, no screaming. Is that clear?"
"Yes, sir," she said, a smile tugging at the edge of her voice. Her mind was happy that she could see my face this time.
She had noticed last night that I didn't use her name. I couldn't say such commanding words while using the name of my sweet, loving wife. She had guessed correctly, I had to switch that part of myself off.
I noticed the zipper to her skirt was on the side, so I slowly tugged it down and pulled it off of her. She lifted her hips to help me. "Take your shirt off."
She sat up slightly, unbuttoning her shirt and shirking out of it. I groaned at the underwear she was left in. All feminine blush pink with satin and lace. "Let me see that...roll over," I said, urging her with my hands. "Who do you wear this for?"
"You, sir," she whispered, watching my hands caress her stomach. I cupped her breasts and her eyes rolled back. I was glad that I wasn't the only one that lost control with just a touch.
"Do you know what it does to me?" I asked, shifting slightly due to my painful erection that arrived almost at first sight of her.
"No, sir," she smiled innocently. I almost laughed, but instead took her hand and pressed it to the outside of my pants.
"Feel that?" I growled, my breath hitching as she palmed me over my jeans. Her mind asked if I wanted more. "Fuck, yes," I grunted, my eyes squeezing closed as she lowered my zipper. "Hands only. Clear?"
"Yes, sir," she purred, leaning forward slightly and lifting my cock out of my pants. Her small, warm hands wrapped around my shaft and squeezed, pumping upwards swiftly over and over. I watched as the pearl of liquid at my tip made her lick her lips. She wanted it, but she wasn't going to ask.
I rubbed my thumb over it, gathering it up, and rubbed it across her bottom lip. Between her strong hands, her tongue snaking out to lick my flavor off of her lip, and her black, almost feral eyes, I was getting close. "Make me come. Now." With a twist of her wrists and a bite to her bottom lip, I exploded into her hand. "Good girl," I crooned, watching her clean me up, but not putting it in her mouth where she so wanted it. "Go ahead."
She licked her hand, her eyes never leaving mine.
"Lay back down," I commanded, leaning over her. I was unable to resist the smooth skin of her stomach. I twirled my tongue in her bellybutton and she moaned, her hips rising slightly. I wanted her naked. "Take that bra off," I growled, gripping her thong at the waist. She lifted up and unhooked it, pulling it away from her body. I tugged her underwear down and took in the beauty before me. Surrounded by the black interior of her car, she was stunning. She was also writhing. Her mind couldn't settle on what she wanted. It kept flicking from my mouth to my hands and then to riding me.
I leaned against the back of the front seat, stretching my legs out. "Undress me."
Hell, fuck, yes. I heard her mind and it was all I could do not to laugh. She straddled my thighs, unbuttoning my shirt and slipping it over my shoulders. Her little body scooted back and tugged my jeans down.
"Come here," I growled, pulling her back to me and trapping my erection between us. I palmed one of her perfect breasts, bringing my mouth to the other one. I pinched and rolled her nipple, hearing her breathing coming in pants. I pulled back, slipping my hand between her legs and she purred, her head falling back. "Look at me." Her head snapped back, her eyes locking with mine. "I want you to fuck me. Hard. Understand?"
She nodded, her mind convinced she couldn't speak. I lifted her up and guided her down over me. Both of us let out a growl. I gripped her ass, grinding her over me with every rise and fall she made. Her hands were braced on my shoulders, twitching with the need to touch me, to push them into my hair.
"You won't come until I tell you, right?"
"Y-yes, sir," she gasped, swiveling her hips for her own pleasure. My head fell back to the head rest behind me.
"Does fucking me feel good?"
"God, yes..." she growled, adding, "sir."
"What if I added this?" I growled, reaching between us to rub her clit teasingly.
"Shit," she gasped, pressing her forehead to mine, her fingers digging into my shoulder. Her mind was filled with the need to kiss me. She was shaking with it.
"You can kiss me when you answer the question," I snapped.
I pushed her too far. I could almost see her fall out of character, feel her shake it off like an old coat. "Fuck yes, Edward, please more," she whimpered, pulling me closer and weaving her fingers into my hair.
"Yes, love, anything..." I groaned, sitting up slightly and crashing my lips into hers. My name on her sweet lips will always sound infinitely better than 'sir'. I wrapped my arms around her, kissing her to oblivion. "God, baby, you feel so good," I groaned, happy I could say what I really wanted her to hear.
"Touch me, Edward...everywhere," she begged, licking down the side of my neck. "Yes, like that, please," she growled as I cupped her breasts and roughly ran my thumbs across her nipples, taking one in my mouth and grazing my teeth over it. Her head fell back and I couldn't resist biting her neck and licking to take the sting away. I did the same thing all the way to her shoulder.
"Baby," she sobbed, pressing her forehead to mine. "I need to come, please...I'm so close." Her elbows were on my shoulders, her body trying to melt with mine.
"Kiss me, love...you're going to scream when I make you come."
Her mouth crashed into mine as my thumb pressed her clit. Her breath caught, her mouth hung open as she shattered around me, my name exploding from her lips. "That's it, baby, give me all of it," I crooned, licking at her mouth. "Come all over me."
She still continued to ride me. "Your turn, love," she breathed, "you're close, I feel it." I nodded, guiding her over me. "Kiss me, Edward..." I latched my mouth to hers, biting her bottom lip as I came with a muffled growl.
Her body relaxed against mine, her kiss was slow and languid. I traced my fingers up and down her spine. As she kissed me, her thoughts caressed my mind. Here's how the last day of this commanding thing will go...You're gonna order me to bathe you and that's the end of it.
I chuckled against her lips, pulling back to look at her. "Yes, ma'am," I smiled, tucking her hair behind her ear.
"The sexy voice stays...the rules go," she giggled, twirling the hair at the base of my neck. I listened as her internal dialogue told me that it wasn't worth trying to change us.
"Too true, love," I smiled, kissing her nose.
"Ok, Jazz, how does this work?" Bella asked, tying her sneakers.
"Eddie and I are going to stay here...you, Em and Alice are all going to take off. Every now and then, I want you to think a question and Edward will text you if he can hear it," Jasper smiled, looking between us all.
"So, if you don't text me back, you can't hear me..." Bella clarified, looking at me.
"Yes, love," I said, pulling out my phone.
"Ok, we're out of here," Emmett smiled.
I watched them walk away, unable to stop myself from letting my gaze fall on Bella's tight jeans.
You're watching my ass, aren't you, Edward? She thought to me. A laugh huffed out of me and I immediately answered her with a text.
E: Without a doubt. As if you could stop me.
Her laughter rang out loud and clear from the forest. I chuckled, shaking my head.
"We're going to test Emmett and Alice on you too," Jasper said. "So listen for them as well. As soon as you can't hear them, they stop...Carlisle wants to know the range you have for everyone."
"Alice and Bella will most likely be the strongest," I sighed, now understanding Bella's frustration with training. I didn't remember all the stress that went into putting my talent to the test.
"That's our guess too," Jasper nodded.
Ok, Eddie, two miles out...who can you hear? Emmett's booming mind hit me.
E: Everyone...keep going. I sent my text off, telling Jasper how far they were.
I noticed as she ran, Bella let her mind wander. I smiled as she relived our weekend. It wasn't that my commands turned her on, it was my voice. Deep and husky were the words she used to describe it. But as much as it was erotic, she still liked us better.
E: Me too, love.
Now that's eavesdropping! I heard her laughing mind hit me.
E: It's hard to ignore seeing myself naked in your mind, Bella.
Mm, true...it's hard to ignore seeing you naked in person, baby. We're four miles out, who can you hear?
E: Emmett is fading, but I still hear him...You and Alice are still clear.
I was only getting flashes of Emmett's mind at this point. "It's like the stronger the thought, the better I can hear him," I turned to Jasper.
"So if he's just letting his mind wander...you can't hear much, but if he's aiming a thought at you, it's more clear?" He asked.
"That's good to know," Jasper nodded. "We'll try that with me and Carlisle later. I bet you can hear Carlisle pretty far too." He was thinking that the stronger the relationship I had with someone the further away I could hear them.
"Maybe," I sighed, thinking this was going to be a long day.
Edward, Demitri and Carina are almost home...send them out too. Alice's mind was still perfectly clear.
E: Ok, I'll send them out...tell Emmett to stop, he's completely out of my range.
Ok, tell Jasper that Emmett was six miles out, Bella thought to me. Her mind was the strongest. It was as if she was still standing next to me. I told Jasper Emmett was out.
At around eight miles away, Alice's mind started to fade. At ten miles, Bella left my mind completely and my chest constricted.
E: Bella, that's it, stop.
I sat down, rubbing my chest. "She's too far!" I growled, looking up at my brother.
When I didn't hear her, Jasper tried calling her cell. No answer. "Shit, Eddie," he frowned, looking down at me.
"Edward...what's wrong?" Demitri asked as he and Carina came out onto the deck. I could barely breathe at the loss of Bella's connection.
Edward! Alice's mind hit me. There's someone here.
"Alice," I gripped Jasper's shirt. "Call Alice...now!"
He didn't hesitate. "Alice, sweetie..." He started, frowning. "Let's go...all of us."
As we got closer to Alice and Emmett, I could hear the panic in my sister's mind. Edward, she decided to shield herself and I can't see anything from her!
I relayed the message to Jasper, Carina and Demitri, who were struggling to keep up with me. I could tell Bella's mind was shielded. I was closer to her, so the pain had subsided slightly and I was able to concentrate. Now there was just raw fear coursing through my body. Nothing could happen to her. I wouldn't survive without her.
"Edward, I'm sorry," Alice sobbed, meeting up with us. "I didn't see...they didn't decide to do anything...I can't see them, because the wolves must be close...they must have tracked whoever is with her."
"Just get me to her, Alice," I begged.
Jasper pulled out his phone. "No!" Alice barked. "She's not answering for a reason..."
"Where's Emmett?" Jasper asked, a worried look on his face.
"He took off for her when you couldn't hear her," Alice sobbed again.
"Felix?" Demitri growled.
"I don't know!" Alice snarled between gritted teeth. "I can't see a fucking thing!"
"Focus, Alice," I snapped. "Just do the best you can." I forced myself to go faster, willing my angel to be ok. I just hoped Emmett got to her soon. I knew my brother would do anything it took to keep her safe for me. I just prayed he wasn't too late.


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