Tuesday, March 20, 2001 | By: Drotuno

Angel's Embrace Chapter 20

I knew the second I was out of Edward's range. It wasn't when he didn't answer me, but when I felt pain hit my chest like someone had cracked it wide open with an ax. I started to turn back, but that was when an unfamiliar scent hit my senses like a slap.
I silenced my phone and pocketed it quickly. I made a specific decision to shield myself so that Alice would know something was up. Someone was in the forest with me and my family was miles back.
My phone vibrated over and over, but I had to ignore it. The scent of another vampire was too close for me to answer. I finally reached in my pocket and shut the damn thing off. I backed slowly towards home, but thought better of it and turned towards the cave that Emmett had shown me the day before. No need to bring this shit straight to our front door.
When my path was being followed step for step, I stopped. I could see the cave from where I was standing, but two vampires stepped out to block my path.
"Well, what have we here?" A huge vampire with crimson eyes, smirked at me. "Look Arty...and you said there weren't any more of us this far north."
Arty was smaller, looking a little bit like a weasel. His filthy hair and unkempt clothes gave me the indication that they were nomads, traveling together for convenience instead of friendship. "So small," Arty grinned. "Look at her eyes, Levi..."
Levi was every bit as big as Emmett and he stepped towards me. I took a step back at the same time. "Fuck...they're brown," he growled. "Are you by yourself, sweet cheeks?"
"As far as you know," I sneered. I heard the Southern accent drip off of Levi's tongue and knew I had to be facing one of Maria's creations. "How's Atlanta?" I asked, tilting my head at them. I spread my shield out just a little wider. I didn't want them anywhere near me. Arty kept licking his lips, his eyes traveling all over me in a way that made me quite nervous.
"Wouldn't know...that bitch Maria is dead and we're here on a mission..." Levi growled. "But we ran into some trouble in Washington."
I smirked, thinking trouble had to have been a bunch of angry werewolves. "I bet you did," I chuckled. "Well, good luck on that mission..." I started to walk away and Levi stepped into my path. I could well imagine Felix had sent these two as scouts to this area.
"Not so fast, sweetness," Arty growled. "It's not that I don't like Levi here...but you're certainly better looking."
"Yes, but you'll probably get further with him than you will me," I said sarcastically. I really needed to learn to keep my mouth shut one day, because they both tried launching themselves at me. My shield held firm.
"The fuck?" Arty snapped, lunging at me again and stopping about ten feet away.
"She's the shield," Levi snarled. "She's the one Felix wants."
"I'm a shield too," Arty growled. "I can't do that shit!"
"Aw, hell," I sighed, shaking my head. "Guys, I don't want trouble...I just want to go..."
"Too bad," Arty sneered. "Felix is paying us to find you and that weird ass family of yours...and now we have," he smiled.
"Yes, but I can stand here all day and you can't touch me, boys," I sighed, rolling my eyes.
Two scents hit me at once. A woodsy, canine smell and the sweet vanilla of my big brother. Emmett. I took a breath of relief and yet prepared myself for the fight that was about to come. The two vampires panicked when the same scents hit them. They looked all around them for where they could possibly be coming from.
I knew we needed questions answered before Jake and Emmett tore these two to shreds, so I launched my shield out to trap them both. Two things happened at one time: Arty's own shield deflected mine and Levi smashed into a large fir tree, my big brother planted firmly on his chest. Arty pinned me to the ground, his snarling teeth just inches from my face.
The sound of Emmett and Levi fighting sounded like the forest was being cleared. I grunted, trying to shove Arty off of me. My shield wouldn't work against him when he was pushing his own against me. I growled low, hearing the sounds of paws ripping through the ferns.
Arty's eyes grew wide when he realized he was surrounded by four of the biggest dogs known to man. "What the fuck are they?" He snarled, his hand around my neck.
"Werewolves," I gasped, kicking at him.
"I'll snap her neck," he sneered, standing up with me and slamming me into a tree. "I'll rip her apart...I'll burn her alive...fuck what Felix says. I'm not dying for this bitch."
I looked at Jake and could see the worry in his deep, brown eyes. I shook my head at him. I couldn't die. If I died, Edward died. "Help Emmett," I gasped. "Now!" Jake nodded slightly, turning to Seth. My step brother took off, following the path of destruction that Emmett and Levi had left in their wake.
Jake snarled, snapping at the air when Arty pulled me away from the tree. It gave me just enough distraction to kick out at Arty's legs. My shield still wouldn't work on him. And I couldn't make a connection to him. Lying was going to be my only hope. "Ok," I gasped as he landed on me again, his teeth at my throat. "I'll go with you...just get the fuck off of me."
Jake growled at my words, but I shot him a glance to shut up.
"That's better, bitch, stand the fuck up," Arty growled, breathing hard and still casting worried glances around him. We could still hear the battle waging through the forest. I could hear my brother's booming laugh and hoped that was a good sign.
Arty stood us up and I sighed when his grip loosened up on my throat. The most heavenly scent wrapped around me – honey, sunshine, linen. Edward, stop! My shield doesn't work on him...wait for it... I thought to him in a panic. If Arty felt even more ganged up on, he could possibly lose it.
I took a few steps with him, feeling his grip relax just a little more. I took one last chance and shot my shield out around him. Feeling it catch hold, I slammed Arty into the ground with a growl. I landed on his chest, my hands now at his throat. Jake was in his face, his teeth snapping. My shield still held firm. The only person that could touch him was me.
Jake snorted in my face with frustration. He looked at me and then to Arty, begging me to let him go. "I can't, Jake," I growled. "He's a shield too. As soon as I release him he can protect himself."
"Shield us all, love," Edward growled from behind me. "Do it, now!"
I widened my shield, enveloping Jake and Edward. "No, wait!" Arty begged.
"What?" I growled. "Make it good. Smell that?" I asked, sniffing the air, the stench of Levi was gone and vanilla hung heavily in the air. Emmett had won the fight. "That's your buddy Levi...he just finished his conversation with my brother."
"Fuck," Arty winced. "It's nothing personal...I didn't want to do this...but Felix saved us from the clean up he did in Atlanta...he promised us a permanent place...a place where we didn't have to hide what we are." Italy I guessed, but didn't bother to ask.
Jake snarled in his face, long tendrils of saliva dripping from his mouth.
"Let me up, please," Arty begged. "And get that thing away from me."
I stood up and smiled as Jake pushed at him with his giant head. I knew my best friend; he was just checking to make sure he could still touch him if need be.
"Stupid bitch," Arty mumbled, standing.
Well, that did it. If there was any hope for Arty, he just threw it out the window. Edward landed on him in a blur of movement and the sounds of feral, guttural snarls, Jake right there with him. I closed my eyes to the sound of tearing, growling and screaming. I sat down hard at the base of a tree, leaning my head back with a sigh.
"Bells," Jasper ran to me. "You ok, little one?" I nodded, rubbing my neck.
When the sweet smell of smoke hit my nose, I opened my eyes. Edward was walking with Jake in human form back towards me, smug smiles on their faces. I hauled myself up from the ground, launching into Edward's arms and wrapping myself around him completely.
"Bells, are you alright?" Jake asked, sighing with relief.
"I am now," I mumbled into Edward's neck and he gripped me tighter.
"Let me see you," Edward whispered, pulling me off of his shoulder. His fingers were so tender, so soft as he traced my neck and face.
I'm ok, baby. I sighed, drowning myself in his eyes.
"Nice job, Bells!" Emmett boomed, laughing loudly.
"You too, Em," I chuckled, still not able to look away from the person that mattered most.
"Matters most, is right, love," Edward sighed, drinking in my features like he was making sure I was real.
The sweet smell of roasting vampire wafted around my face and I grimaced. "Was killing him necessary?"
"Did you hear what he called you?" Both Edward and Jake raged.
I looked between the two of them and sighed. "It wasn't the first time someone has called me that and it most certainly won't be the last. A woman can wear that title with pride occasionally."
"Amen, Bells," Alice giggled. Edward looked at her like she had three heads. I couldn't help the laugh that barked out of me. Even Jake chuckled.
"Never mind the murderous thoughts he had of selling you to Felix," Edward said dryly.
"No...that was a different story...but the name calling..." I stuttered. "Screw it...thank you both."
"What did they say before we got here?" Demitri asked, walking closer. He was a little wary of Jake and the pack.
Despite the fact that I held my own, I was still a little shaken with how close a call it had all been. Edward hearing my thoughts, tilted his head at me and let me think in silence. I leaned forward and kissed his forehead, snuggling my face into his shirt.
"Home first, please," I begged into Edward's neck. "I'll tell it all...but at home."
"Ok, baby," Edward sighed, not even bothering to set me down. "Come on, Jake...round them all up."
"Sure, sure," Jake nodded, his voice still filled with worry.
I had to smile at my La Push boys laughing and stuffing their faces on our back deck. Jake had left Sam in charge back on the reservation, but Quil, Embry, and Seth had joined him in the pursuit of the two vampires that were now smoldering ashes in the middle of the forest.
"Maria's really dead," Jasper frowned, shaking his head. For the second time, I saw my brother struggle with what to feel. It was strange seeing an empath at a loss for the correct emotion. I'm sure I could trace his circular thinking. He hated what Maria had done to him, made him do to others, and yet without her, he would never have met Alice.
"Exactly," Edward whispered in my ear. "Though his pride in you is overshadowing most of that." I sighed, leaning back against him. He had not let me go since the forest. "Nor do I intend to," he chuckled, squeezing me closer.
"Did you feel it?" I asked, turning to face him. "When I got too far?"
"Feel it?" Jasper snorted. "If he were human, I would have thought he was having a heart attack."
"He's right," Edward sighed. "Yes, instantly. I tried to contact you..."
"I had to shut the phone off. I thought I could avoid them, but it was too late. I'm sorry if I scared you guys." I frowned, looking at my family.
"You rocked!" Emmett boomed, grinning like a fool. "You did what any of us would have."
"Geez, Bells...if I had known we were pushing them right at you..." Jake started, sitting down after calling Anna. "I hadn't intended to follow them so far, but we didn't stop to think. What were you doing so far out? Hunting?"
"Testing Edward's range," I sighed.
"What was that verdict?" Carlisle asked, sitting forward. We had filled him in as soon as he got home from the hospital. He was highly upset with the New Volturi's tactics aimed towards us. Me in particular.
"Ten miles," Edward and I said in unison, our grimaces matching.
"You can hear her ten miles away?" Esme chuckled. Edward nodded with a smile filled with unabashed pride. "Amazing," she whispered.
There's that smug look again, I teased, raising an eyebrow at him. He chuckled, kissing my cheek.
"Sue me," he smiled.
Is it the fact that you can hear me so far? Or that, as your mate, I'm the loudest and clearest? I thought to him. Upon the word "mate", he smiled widely.
"Yes," he laughed, apparently answering both questions.
I looked around at my family, both vampire and wolf. As much as I would have liked to stay and play. I wanted Edward alone. I didn't care what had to be done to get that result.
Alice, upon hearing that decision, helped us without pause. "Bells, can you finish up the last of the shopping? I never picked up the school supplies for tomorrow," she smirked.
God, I just freaking love her! I bit back a laugh. Edward nodded into my shoulder, fighting his own chuckles.
"Yeah, I'll go...come on, Edward...I'll let you drive my car," I laughed as he shot up out of the chair and set me on my feet. "School supplies for six people. Fabulous," I sighed dramatically.
We didn't get two miles towards the store before he pulled the car over. I was in his lap in a heartbeat. "I panicked, love," he growled, shoving his fingers into my hair on each side of my head. "I didn't know what to think when you got too far."
"I know," was all I could say, falling against his lips. It was an all out assault on each other. Gasps and moans, whimpers from me – tongues twisting. All in order to get closer.
"Jesus, Bella," Edward growled, licking kisses down my neck. "As soon as I saw you were ok..." He dove for my mouth again, tangling his tongue with mine, and then back to my neck. His hands moved from my hair to my ass, pulling me against him. "You looked so fucking ravishing...so fucking sexy holding your own...it was all I could do to hold back," he purred.
I could help the giggle that burst forth from me. "My, my...Mr. Cullen, you find your angry wife to be sexy when she was about to rip someone's head off for threatening her family and happy bubble?"
He saw the humor then, snorting into laughter. "Mmm," he smiled, pulling back to look at me and licking his lips. "You have absolutely no idea..."
"Apparently not," I teased. With a roll of my hips over his arousal, I smirked, "Though I think I might have a clue."
To hear the groaning growl and see his mouth hang open was my reward. His eyes fluttered closed and his grip on my ass tightened. "Bella," he whined. "As much as I want you...it's almost rush hour...this street won't stay deserted."
A car flew by just as the words left his mouth. "Damn," I sighed, pressing my forehead to his. "You owe me, Mr. Cullen...seriously."
"More than I could list for you," he chuckled, kissing my nose. "However, I do recall the promise of a bath, Mrs. Cullen."
"Nice," I beamed. "That's right. Ok," I sighed, crawling off his lap and into my seat. "Let's get this done...I owe Alice a thank you for at least letting me make out with you."
"Yes, she does deserve one," he chuckled, starting my car and pulling back onto the street.
We walked into the local chain drug store, deciding to split up to get the task done quickly. Edward knew what type of pens his siblings liked and I grabbed the necessities of notebooks and paper. To buy in bulk was the only way to go.
I pushed the cart down the aisle, my head turning at the sound of a familiar voice. "Jesus Christ," Pam groaned. "Could he get any hotter...seriously?"
Edward, stop flaunting your hotness and get over here, I thought to him with a snort.
"It's not on purpose," he pouted in an insanely adorable manner, which caused me to just about double over with laughter.
"I'm well aware you can't help it, baby," I giggled, trying to get my laugh under control.
He set a few things into the cart with a disgruntled sigh and a flicker of his eyes passed me. She's staring? I asked and he nodded. She's thinking dirty thoughts about what's mine? I growled low and he nodded again with a smirk. What's your opinion on PDA, Edward?
"We're sixteen...isn't it par for the course?" He asked, stepping closer to me. "Mark what's yours, baby," he whispered, "take it all if you want."
No need to give her a lesson in dirty, drug store sex, love, I snorted. Just kiss me. Something in that joke caused his eyes to blacken, his mouth to twitch into a deadly smirk.
"You mean I can't take you against these shelves like I want?" He crooned, again stepping closer. "Bend you over that display over there and make you scream my name...because my body is begging for it," he growled low.
Fuck, Edward...don't do this...I can barely handle it in private, much less in the middle of a store.
"How about if I wanted to lay you out on that checkout counter and devour your sweet pussy until you were writhing under me?" Edward's body was now flush with the front of mine.
"You're the fucking devil," I growled, squeezing my eyes closed as my underwear flooded.
"How about pulling you onto my throbbing cock in that chair over there and let you ride me for an hour?" Edward said almost snarling.
Just fucking kiss me, Edward! I screamed in my head, barely able to get my breathing under control. I want all of those things, however no one gets to see your naked perfect ass but me!
"That's right," he chuckled darkly. After all of that, he places the sweetest of kisses on my lips, leaving me aching for more. His hands pulled me flush to him, cupping my ass.
"One day..." I sighed, rolling my eyes. "One day I'll just melt into a puddle of goo...then what will you do?"
He had no answer, nor did I expect one. He just laughed, wrapping his arm around me – another form of PDA for the girls behind us.
I watched as my angel bid farewell to Jake and Seth, standing on her toes to kiss their cheeks. "Thanks, boys," she smiled, ruffling Seth's hair. "Tell everyone hello from us, ok?"
"Sure, sure," Jake smirked. "Good job today, Bells...thought you were going to take the chore away from me and Edward," he chuckled.
"Almost," she sighed, shaking her head. I truly believe she would have if the rogue vampire had made one more threat against her. In all the training we had done with her, she was never in so much control, never so aware of everything around her. She had sensed my presence immediately, telling me to wait. As sexy as I found her, I had never been more proud.
With waves and calls goodbye, Jake and the pack ran off into the forest lining the backyard.
"Come on, Rosie," Emmett snickered. "I have feet that need rubbing."
"Yuck," Jasper and Bella cringed.
"Be grateful that's all you hear," I shuddered, tapping my temple and causing their laughter.
"I'm glad this shit ends at midnight," Rose growled. "Your ass is grass at school tomorrow," she sneered, glaring at Emmett. He wasn't worried at all, but just chuckled and led her into the house.
Bella's tiny, warm hand slipped into mine and tugged me behind her. She led us upstairs into our room. Silently, even her mind shut to me, she pulled me into the bathroom. She started the water, turning to me with a serious expression on her face.
She smacked my hands playfully when I tried to remove clothes, so I let her do what she wanted. Slowly, with a concentration that was almost unnerving, she undressed us both, pushing me into the tub.
With a finger to my lips, she crawled in, straddling my thighs. She washed every inch of me until I was practically shaking. "Bella, please," I whispered, knowing she wanted the quiet.
She lifted over me, kissing me deeply, slowly. As she slipped down over me, we both groaned softly. It was perfect and messy, causing both of us to laugh. We lost ourselves in each other, healing the emotional wounds of the day.
"Were you scared, love?" I asked, pulling her on top of me. We were buried in the covers of our bed.
"When my shield was deflected, yes, just a little," she frowned and I couldn't help but rub at the wrinkle between her eyebrows. "All I could think was to not bring it to the house and to make sure that I made it." Her mind flooded with how neither of us could exist without the other. She had made it a point to survive for me.
It was something we hardly touched on anymore. Even though I thought about it just about every day, we hardly mentioned that one couldn't live without the other. It was a fact of our lives, a constant.
"You did a damn fine job, baby," I smiled, wrapping my arms all the way around her.
"I think I freaked out a little when I couldn't let him up," she sighed, crawling up on top of me. She nuzzled her face into the crook of my neck and traced lazy lines across my shoulder. "I kind of froze."
"It's ok...we all work as a team, love." I let my fingers follow vertebrae down to her tailbone and back. "Everyone plays a part. That's why we all like to train with you."
"You mean it's not to torture me?" She giggled and then sat up, her legs on each side of my stomach. God, she was beautiful as the hazy morning glow seeped in through the window. "Wow, you just disappeared on me..." She snorted, placing her hands on my face to make me focus.
"You're so beautiful," I breathed, taking in every inch of her body.
And yours...tell me, she thought, leaning over to kiss my lips softly.
"All mine," I whispered. "Is that reassurance for school today?" I smirked.
"No, just for me," she smiled into my cheek. Her hands were everywhere, sliding up my torso and neck into my hair. "How much time do we have?"
"Not enough!" Alice boomed from downstairs. "Get your asses out of bed!"
"Damn it," Bella groaned, her forehead hitting my chest. Both of our bodies shook with my laughter. My angel's head shot up, her gaze locking with mine. Ok...this is for school...tell me again.
I sat up with her, the covers falling away from us. "You're mine, love." I kissed her forehead, "Every inch of you. From your nose," I chuckled, kissing it softly, and she wrinkled it adorably, "to your toes." I laughed, picking up her foot. She giggled, trying to squirm away from me. She squealed as I bit her big toe, rolling me on top of her.
"Did you think I was fucking kidding?" Alice squawked from just outside our door. "Get the hell out of bed. It's the fucking first day!"
We tried to muffle our laughter, but failed miserably. "God, Alice..." Bella chuckled. "When did the tiny dictator come out in you?"
"Shut it...just get moving." Alice huffed, walking away from the door.
"Fine," we both groaned when our touch separated.
Trying to fit in again at the average high school, I drove the Volvo with Alice and Jasper. Emmett drove the Jeep. We parked together at the edge of the parking lot.
Emmett hopped out of his Jeep, stopping us all. "Lunch after third period?"
We all nodded. Emmett lived to sit together at school. He suffered through the facade of eating, just to watch the humans. He wanted to know who was threatened by us, who had admirers. He enjoyed the way Alice and I could work the cafeteria the first day.
First days for me are always difficult, my mind assaulted with the thoughts and daydreams of people staring at us. It usually takes most of the day before I can acclimate myself to the minds of teenagers with raging hormones. I sighed as we walked down the hallway.
"Too much?" Bella looked up at me, taking my hand.
"At first," I nodded. "I can focus on my favorite mind, though," I smiled, kissing her head.
"If it helps, though..." She paused, her eyebrow rising. "It might be best to shelter you from my own daydreams today. I dressed you quite...hmm...well." She smirked, biting her bottom lip.
"Then suffer the consequences," I teased, leading her to our first class. She chuckled and shrugged, sitting down at the table in the chair next to mine.
English class with Edward again. I sighed, leaning back in my chair. The last time we took this class together, it was Romeo and Juliet. It was my senior year at Forks and I was still human.
Mrs. Harris, according to her name on the blackboard, stood up once all the students were in their seats. She passed out the syllabus for the year. I snorted when I saw Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.
I wonder if the lion be to speak, I chuckled, looking at Edward. He fought his smile.
"No wonder, my lord: one lion may, when many asses do." He answered perfectly and almost silently in my ear.
Testing him, I thought, picking another part entirely, My love! Thou art my love, I think.
"Think what thou wilt, I am thy lover's grace."He smirked, folding his arms across his chest in triumph.
"Shakespeare's too easy...that's like Jasper studying the Civil War," I snickered softly.
Edward smiled, shaking his head. He took my hand quietly under the table we were sharing. "Yet you seem to find something new in it every time," he whispered.
Spanish was next and I was well aware that Edward was fluent. As we left the classroom, I wondered if I could ever catch up with him. "You're getting there," he smiled, squeezing my hand. We had been working on it. The more we traveled to Isle Esme, the more I picked up. It was amazing how the vampire mind could retain something when only heard once.
"Writing it is a whole different story," I sighed. "Algebra," I grimaced, pointing to my classroom. No matter the level of the subject, I still hated math.
"Alice will protect you from x and y," he chuckled, handing me my bag. "See you at lunch, sweetheart," he sighed, kissing my forehead. Edward and Jasper were taking a Current Events class together. They felt it helped with keeping an eye on things. They could search newspapers and internet sites and still be at school.
"Love you," I mumbled, scowling at our parting of ways.
I sighed as I walked in, heading to the table where Alice was already sitting. At the table next to hers, Pam and Ariel were huddled together whispering. Behind them, two more of her friends were listening in.
Alice giggled, looking at me as I sat down. "You made out in the drug store?"
A laugh barked out of me before I could stop it. "I kissed him," I whispered back, leaving out the sudden verbal attack of Dirty Edward that Pam would have never even heard. "Is that what they are gossiping about?" I asked and she nodded.
"And he grabbed your ass," she chuckled.
"Yeah, he did," I laughed shamelessly, Alice joining me.
"They hate you for it," she smirked.
"They can build a bridge and get over it," I chuckled, shrugging.
"True, but be prepared, they will test him soon," she frowned, looking passed me and back. "Pam's made a decision to see if he's...and I quote...'a cheater'."
"Seriously?" I frowned and she nodded, rolling her eyes.
"She's been in this town a long time...he's fresh meat...her friend behind her is crushing on Emmett," Alice chuckled. I looked over and it was a short girl with dark hair and glasses, freckles covered her nose. She looked really sweet.
"Poor thing," I sighed, looking at Alice with sympathy. If she tried Rose, it wouldn't be pretty.
Mr. Thompson stood up and called the roll. Alice had to poke me when the name Isabella Swan was called. "Here," I sighed. "Damn," I snorted, looking over at her. "That will take some getting used to."
The cafeteria was similar to the one in Forks. Tables scattered about the large room. On one side was the food line and the other side was the salad bar. "Where?" I asked Alice as we followed a crowd of students through the double doors.
"Em's here," she pointed.
We joined Emmett and Rose at a large round table at the back of the room. "This is the best part of first days," Emmett chuckled. "Watching the humans try to figure us out," he snorted.
"I was one of those once," I scolded.
"Yeah, well...you scared the shit out of us instead," he smiled, ruffling my hair.
The tray full of food sat untouched in the middle of our table. I pulled out A Midsummer Night's Dream and started to read. I discovered in college that it was easier to ignore the stares if I lost myself in something else.
Alice started to giggle, shaking her head. "Strike out," she mumbled, turning to me. "Pam thought she would be all slick and talk to Edward...but he intimidates her to hell and back."
"Yeah?" Emmett laughed. "That's the chick from the bookstore, right?"
"Yes...and don't tease...she has a friend that's eying you," I snorted, looking up to see Pam's friend from Algebra catch her foot on the table leg and just about hit the floor face first. She hadn't watched where she was going, but stared at Emmett instead. She was now suffering her friends' laughter and a deep crimson blush covered her face.
"Serves you right," Rose snorted, poking Emmett's arm.
"Aw, damn," he frowned. "I hate that shit...I'll never understand how Eddie deals with it." Poor Emmett had explained to me once that he felt sorry for the girls that crushed on him. That he hated hurting anyone's feelings, but he couldn't help that he was mated for life. A fact that he couldn't exactly explain to them. My big brother, the teddy bear.
"With style and grace," Rose chuckled. "He ignores it."
"Not completely..." I corrected, going back to my book. In all reality, he had learned to ignore it. Before I came along, I truly believed it had started to make my angel bitter, angry. All those broken hearts and not one appealed to him.
"One did," Edward chuckled, sitting next to me. "And that's the only one that counts," he winked. "Did you succumb to the tortures of x and y?"
"I survived," I sighed, "I forgot my last name, but I survived." I snickered, shaking my head.
"Roll call?" Jasper asked and I nodded, smiling. "Yeah, that shit gets me the first day when we switch up."
Looking at Jasper, I just realized he was in my next class. "What are you doing for the paper?"
"Photography," he smirked, leaning back in his chair smugly. Apparently, his habit couldn't be broken no matter how many times I tipped him over.
"Never, love," Edward chuckled, hearing my thoughts. "But feel free to keep trying."
"Not on the first day!" Alice and I laughed. She must have seen me flicker over the decision quickly.
"How is it when you two are in school, your brains sync up?" Emmett laughed, his head tipping back.
"Don't know," we both answered. I sighed, rolling my eyes and adding, "But it goes way back."
"It's scary," Jasper snorted. "That's all I'm sayin'...it's just scary."
"I imagine it is," I sighed, laying my head on Edward's shoulder and going back to my book. I felt the lightest of kisses to my head and I slipped my hand into his, finding his wedding band. I turned it slowly, tuning out the loud chatter of the lunchroom and the teasing Emmett was taking about the poor girl with the crush. I wondered for a split second if the poor thing even had a name. I had missed it in Algebra.
"Wendy," Edward whispered. "She reminds me of Angela...too nice to hang around with that group of girls."
"They are...interesting," I snorted.
"Yeah, Edward, watch out for Pam," Alice growled. "She's making some strange decisions."
"Mind reader," he sang, rolling his eyes. I huffed a laugh and went back to my book. "Besides, she tried find the courage...but ran off."
"Coward," I sighed. "You're perfectly harmless." And fucking mine, I thought, causing him to laugh and bury his face in my hair.
"Amen," he growled low. I felt something at my hip and watched as Edward slipped a folded up piece of paper into my pocket. He never forgot anything. "Not when you ask for something I don't," he smirked, kissing my temple.
The bell rang, signaling the end of the lunch period. "Come on, Jazz," I sighed, stowing my book in my bag and standing. I turned to Edward. "See you in Biology," I smirked.
"Yes, ma'am," he chuckled. "Maybe the teacher will show a film." I groaned, watching him walk away laughing at me. Knowing him, he already had read the mind of the teacher. He turned around one more time with a smug smile. Damn it.
As Jasper and I made our way to our classroom, I pulled out Edward's note.
My Sweet Girl,
Do you know how much I love you? Sometimes it seems like I can't say it enough. Other times I feel the words will cheapen the sentiment.
You are, by definitions, my life, heart and soul. Just being away from you for one class makes me ravenous for you. Makes me want to tear doors down and steal you away, planting kisses anywhere my lips can touch.
There's nothing I'm looking forward to more than sitting in Biology with you again. Our beginning, our start was rough, but it was ours. To relive it again with you as my mate, my partner, my wife means more than I can put on one sheet of paper.
My love, always,
Jasper leaned over my shoulder as I read Edward's beautiful note while walking to class. I shoved his face out of my space with a laugh.
"Passing notes?" Jasper gasped, feigning shock. "Wow, it must have been a good one," he chuckled, fanning himself. "You're radiating warm and fuzzies."
"Shut it, Jazz," I smiled, tucking the note back into my pocket.
"My brother is making up for lost time...he came from the letter writing generation," he smiled, wrapping an arm around my shoulders.
"Yeah," I sighed, unable to wipe the goofy grin off of my face. "He beats Mr. Darcy all to hell," I laughed.
"Tsk, tsk," my brother chuckled, holding the classroom door open for me. "Still...passing notes...shame, shame."
The school paper classroom was filled with copy equipment and computers. The teacher was a good looking young man. According to the blackboard, he was Mr. Morgan.
Jasper and I sat down at a table, our heads turning as the door flew open. "Pam, I said no," Wendy growled, slamming the door behind her. She saw us and blushed again, pushing her glasses further up on the bridge of her nose.
"Wendy," Mr. Morgan chuckled. "Those friends of yours are going to give you ulcers."
"Don't I know it," she mumbled, rolling her eyes.
"We have a new staff this year, I see," Mr. Morgan smiled, picking up a sheet of paper. "Jasper Whitlock and Bella Swan...welcome guys...we lost the others to graduation last year. Where's Drew?" He turned to Wendy.
"He's coming," she sighed, sitting at the table in front of ours. "He's just slow, but he was at lunch."
"Ok, no biggie."
Mr. Morgan seemed like a truly nice man, straight out of college. In fact, I would be willing to bet he was close to my true age of twenty four. His dark hair was swept back from his face, his smile unassuming and quick. His eyes told everything. They were deep chocolate, like my own, filled with happiness and a carefree gleam.
"Well, Drew knows the routine," he sighed. "Let's catch you two up." He spent the next few minutes explaining the schedule for the paper. We printed once a month and were graded on content and layout. He liked the class small due to the fact that it wasn't a big paper to begin with. There would only be four of us.
Once Drew finally walked into the door, Mr. Morgan gave out the list of assignments. Jasper and I were supposed to cover the first football game of the season. The rest of the remaining half hour, was filled with getting to know each other.
"Weren't you guys in the city...bookstore, right?" Drew asked, turning around to Jasper and me.
"Yeah, we saw you there," Jasper nodded.
"You're new in the area?" Wendy smiled. Edward was right, she was really nice. Nervous, but nice. Her heart was beating like crazy.
"Yeah, we moved from the east coast," I smiled, nodding.
"Is it true? You're all one family?" Drew asked.
"Drew...that's just freakin' rude!" Wendy snapped, smacking his shoulder.
"It's complicated," Jasper chuckled. "We're all foster kids. We are really lucky...some kids aren't. Edward and Emmett are adopted."
"Do you want to be adopted?" Drew asked, getting another slap from Wendy. "What? I wanna know!"
"No," I laughed. "And it's fine," I told Wendy, "don't leave bruises." She smirked, but rolled her eyes at the back of Drew's head. "My father's still around, so I can't be adopted...but he can't take me back either." I recited the story that Rose made me commit to memory.
We avoided the next barrage of questions, thanks to the bell. I knew that Drew would ask about the obvious coupling among us. As we stood, Wendy asked, "What do you have next?"
"Me too, come on," she smiled, "I'll show you where the lab is." We walked in silence for a few minutes. "Don't let Drew bug you," she sighed, looking over at me.
"He's curious...it's understandable," I smiled, shrugging. "It's a big family and Carlisle and Esme have more patience than I've ever seen dealing with us all."
"Your parents?"
"Yeah, they can't have children of their own...so she brings home strays," I laughed, causing Wendy to laugh with me. "Actually, it's Edward that brought me home, Esme just decided to keep me."
Wendy smiled, her eyebrows rising. "So you're..." She blushed and stopped.
There it was.
"Together..." I finished with a giggle and she nodded. "Yes, Edward has saved me more than one time...and would have continued to do it, but once Esme saw how much we loved each other and depended on each other...she helped me emancipate myself from my father. If we hadn't started dating, I don't know where I'd be." The whole story made it sound like Charlie was abusive and Edward, as my boyfriend, took me away from it all for my safety. And his parents sheltered me from it. It was an easy story and aside from the Charlie part of it, was pretty damn close to the truth.
"Well, then adoption is definitely out," she snickered. I laughed, liking her dry humor instantly. "But how did Edward and Emmett get adopted?"
"Carlisle is a doctor," I started, thinking this was the easiest part, because this was all truth. "He was taking care of Edward in the hospital, both he and his mom had pneumonia...and Edward's mother died. He had no other family. Emmett was close to the same thing. Only he was abandoned at the hospital, the parents weren't ever found."
"How can people do that?" She growled, shaking her head. "Just drop off their kids like a dog at the pound?" The reaction from her seemed like more than I was expecting from an average sixteen year old. Her expression changed, showing an age old grief that she hid well.
"It's ok," I smiled. "We have it better than we can explain."
"Oh," she frowned, placing her mask back on. It was subtle but there. "My friend likes Edward...I want to warn you..."
"I know...I met her before school started." We stopped at a locker and Wendy traded out books.
"No...you don't get it...Pam usually gets what she wants."
"She can try," I snickered. "But she will be sorely disappointed."
Wendy eyed me for a moment, a smile playing on her lips. "Hmm...should be interesting. I might enjoy her being told no for a change."
"Aren't you friends?" I laughed.
"Our parents were...like forever, but I rarely have time for the things Pam gets up to," she sighed, again a dark sadness fell over her features. "She's spoiled and uses it. She can get most of our friends to do just about anything." She stopped in front of a classroom door. "This is it," she smiled, opening the door.
To say the words déjà vu would be a far cry from describing my feelings. Even though the classroom was completely different in layout and size, not to mention I was met with warm honey eyes instead of black ones, the slow turn of Edward's head with a slight tilt of innocent sexiness was exactly the same. As I walked across the classroom to join him, I thought, Should I shield my thoughts? Make you suffer like the first day? I chuckled when he frowned, pouting like a child and shaking his head just once.
I sat down beside him, stowing my bag under our table. "Hey, sweet girl," he smiled. "I see you made friends with Wendy."
"She's really sweet...and she's on the paper too," I nodded. "Which reminds me, Jasper and I have to cover the game on Friday. Mr. Morgan made us partners."
"Ok," he smiled, his eyes traveling around the room and back. His long fingers played with a pen in a restless gesture that he saved for school. "This is..." He started, chuckling softly.
"I know," I smiled. It's all I can do not to kiss you. I thought, watching his eyes grow dark. Thank you for the note, by the way. Jasper said I radiated warm and fuzzy feelings all over the place. His head tilted again as he looked at me through his long eyelashes. A sweet, stunning smile spread over his features. Had I been human, my heart would have stopped altogether. In fact, I heard several heartbeats sputter behind me.
"You're welcome, love," he sighed, his eyes flicking passed me. "It seems you've won the loyalty of Wendy, she's determined not to go along with her friends."
"I don't think that loyalty was too strong to begin with," I smiled, taking his hand and turning his ring. I noticed he sat on my left lately, so that I could have access to it. "I get the impression they drive her crazy."
"I can see why," he growled low. I didn't have to look to know they were staring at him. However, his body language changed. Instead of sitting forward, facing the board, he placed his foot on my stool, his knee touching my thigh. He just marked his own territory, removing any doubt that he wasn't available. I placed my hand on his thigh, rubbing my thumb over the fabric of his black jeans.
Mr. Carter came in pulling a television cart behind him. I sighed, fighting my smile and shaking my head. With a glance over at Edward, I could see him laughing silently.
"Welcome to Biology," Mr. Carter started. "This first semester we'll be dissecting frogs...and soon, so I want you to see this film first. We will be covering a lot this year, so prepare yourselves."
I knew it would happen. As soon as the movie started and the lights went out, my body ached for Edward. If we thought it was bad the first time we watched a film in Biology, it was nothing compared to what I was feeling this time. This time we knew. This time we were well aware of our electric current and what it meant. This time we could practically feel the wonton need blazing off of each other. Even worse, we knew what it would take to scratch the itch we were both suffering from.
Edward hooked his foot under the rung of my stool and slowly and silently pulled me closer. He picked up my hand, kissing it softly, his tongue flicking out to taste my skin. My breathing picked up and I squeezed my eyes closed, fighting the urge to straddle his lap. A low groan escaped him when he heard my thoughts, his head turning slightly my way. I was ever so grateful he had picked the table in the back. There was no one behind us to read our body language.
Mr. Carter had sat down at his desk in the front, the rest of the class watching the film with glazed over expressions on their faces. As the film showed the slicing open of the unfortunate frog, most of them groaned in disgust.
Keeping my fingers at his mouth with his left hand, his right settled onto my thigh, snaking up to the hem of my denim skirt. "Edward," I breathed, grateful that our hearing was better than the humans that surrounded us.
"I can't, love," he looked over at me. "I can't stop." His face was pained. "I wanted to touch you then. Just like this," he whispered, his hand slipping further up my skirt. I put my hand over his, trying to comfort his distress, but all it did was kick the electricity up a notch. He sunk his beautiful mouth over two of my fingers and sucked them softly. His tongue swirled against them, eliciting a stifled moan from me.
"Shh," Edward chastised with a slight smirk, leaning to my ear. "Stay quiet, beautiful girl..."
My hips jerked as his fingers slipped over my now soaking underwear. I couldn't help but reach out and grip his thigh. As his fingers pushed my underwear aside, my mind reeled. Fuck, Edward...don't stop...please...
"Never," he growled in my ear, his body closer to mine and picking up my other hand. I palmed the outside of his jeans under the table, unable to stop myself from sliding the zipper down. Two barely audible sounds escaped us as I released him from his jeans and his finger slipped inside of me.
The movie and ignorance went on around us as we lost it in the back of the classroom. We were purging the insatiable need we had, reliving the past the way we really wanted to. We were rewriting history.
I was writhing under his touch, my hips working with his hand to meet the same rhythm. He licked between my fingers at the same time that his thumb brushed across my clit, shattering me completely. I gripped his cock hard when I came, causing him to inhale swiftly. His mouth hung open as he tried not to make a sound as he lost his control, my hand catching his release.
I licked the essence of Edward off my hand just as the lights came back on and the bell rang. We took our time gathering our things, Edward taking my bag from me. When I looked up, the room was empty. Mr. Carter had taken the TV cart out of the room. I spun in front of Edward, pulling him to me by the front of his shirt. My lips crashed into his and we were both able to moan with abandon. He cupped my face, turning my head to deepen the kiss.
I opened my mouth to his, massaging his tongue with mine. Our two flavors mixed, sending a shiver down my spine. "Baby," he breathed against my mouth. "One more class...we'll be late."
"Ok," I sighed, resting my forehead to his lips. "No offense, but I would have never been able to be that quiet if we had behaved like that the first time the movie was played in Mr. Banner's class."
"No offense taken," he chuckled, wrapping his arm around me and guiding me down the hall.
Jasper met us in History class, his eyes looking between us. "My, my," he chuckled. "And just how was Biology?"
"Sit down and shut up, Jazz," I laughed, Edward chuckling beside me.
"I guess warm and fuzzy escalated to something else entirely," he teased.
"I'm not even going to acknowledge that comment," I growled, fighting my smile.
Edward groaned beside me, staring up at the front of the classroom. A dowdy, angry looking woman walked up to the blackboard and started writing her name. Mrs. Richardson.
"Oh, hell," Jasper laughed, looking around me to his brother. "Her name should be Robinson...right, Richard Gere?"
"Shut up," Edward growled, shaking his head.
"Wonder if she's registered herself as a pedophile yet?" I mused, watching her with a tilted head. Her eyes landed on Edward and she looked at him like he was her next meal. And she was large enough to probably eat him whole. I watched as she fought it, shaking her head and sighing.
"Not funny, Bella," Edward said, but he couldn't stop the huffy laugh that escaped him. "And the answer is no," he sneered.
Jasper and I laughed, trying to hide it behind our hands.
You can't stop your sexiness, my sweet man, I thought to him with a smile. It oozes from your very pores. Do you want me to shield her thoughts, love?
He stared at me for a moment, obviously debating. "Not yet...she's moved on." I nodded, letting him handle it the way he was used to. "However, she's looking for any reason to keep me after class."
Jasper snorted again, shaking his head. "Then pay attention, bro. You better be on your best behavior in here."
I bit my lip in order not to laugh. It's good she doesn't teach Biology then. Edward snorted, trying to turn it into a cough. He turned to me with a wink as Mrs. Richardson started class. Her eyes landed on him again and I sighed, feeling for him. It was going to be a long last hour.


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Sorry, but Bella did not win that fight. Her shield was deflected and she herself was tackled w/ teeth on her at her neck. That does not sound like a victor to me.

I see that it is difficult to kill or watch someone being killed. Most other fanfics make her a killer, but im glad you guys are taking your time with her development.

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