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Angel's Embrace Chapter 21

"Mr. Cullen," Mrs. Richardson snapped. "If I wanted the book's opinion, I would read it. I wanted yours." Jasper and I flinched, fighting with everything that we had not to throw ourselves at the old crone. For most of the week, she had focused her attention on Edward in class.
We weren't sure if her attraction to him was the problem or if she just singled him out. Whatever it was, she was a fucking bully. And nothing he did could stop it.
"Fine," he sighed, fighting the sneer on his face. "If Hitler hadn't spread himself so thin, he wouldn't have lost. If half of his forces hadn't been in Russia, Europe would have been no problem. Not to mention the fact that his assistant wouldn't allow anyone to contact him the day the Allied Forces landed on the beaches of Normandy."
Now, you would think that his answer would have shut her up. He gave an opinion. But no.
"Too much History Channel, Mr. Cullen," she scoffed. I rolled my eyes – Edward was the History Channel. "You are watching too much TV. Good looks alone won't carry you through the harsh reality of life." She turned and I started to stand. Jasper grabbed my hand to stop me.
"No, but my parents' bank account will," Edward answered snidely. He won the students' loyalty instantly, but she turned on him like a badger. I gaped at him, unwilling to believe he just sank to her level.
"Detention, Edward."
"You asked his opinion," Jasper sneered. "An opinion can't be wrong."
I slapped my head. Why at this point in their lives they were becoming rebellious, I had no idea. Both of them could have gone on through this class and never batted an eye, but for some reason she pulled out the worst in both of them. With a combined experience well over two hundred years old, they were allowing this one old shrew to get to them.
"You can join him, Mr. Whitlock," she smiled.
"Fan-fucking-tastic," I sighed, shaking my head. It was Friday and the football game was that night. I looked at the both of them. "I may have Rose cut her brake line," I mumbled to myself. They turned to me in shock. "What?" I asked as the bell rang.
"Edward, Jasper, stay behind," Mrs. Richardson said, sitting down at her desk.
"You...both of you," I growled. "Do what she says and shut up...she's doing it to get a rise out of you...Edward, you should know this," I whispered. He nodded, too angry to speak. "I'll wait for you two outside. We'll have to rush to get to the game, Jazz," I sighed.
He nodded, focusing his efforts to calm Edward down. I walked out of the room and ran into a seething Alice. "Don't bother," I sighed, catching her before she could get through the door. "Neither will listen...and the old bat is eating it up."
"I see her...she specifically picks them...Edward especially...every-fucking-day..." She sneered, her tiny fists clenched at her side.
"I know...it's worse when you watch it in person," I sighed, leaning up against the wall.
"What the hell?" Emmett frowned, walking up to us with Rose.
"Detention," Alice and I sighed, rolling our eyes.
"You know, this is like that principal thing again," Rose sighed. "If it keeps up, Esme can come down and read her the riot act."
Emmett and Jasper had told me a story once about a principal that kept sending Edward to detention. She was enamored with him and just wanted to keep him close.
"It's the pride of it now...they'll fight her until the end," Alice growled.
"That's just great," I sighed. I turned my head to listen to Mrs. Richardson speak condescendingly to Edward and Jasper. Thankfully, they kept their mouths shut as she told them to write, "I will not speak out in class" a hundred times.
"Lines?" Rose scoffed. "What is this...the third grade?"
We all groaned. It wasn't that they couldn't do them. It was having to do them at a human pace. Knowing Edward, he hated it. He took notes at wicked speed, so writing a mundane line over and over would be torture. I heard his soft chuckle at my thoughts.
Edward, just write the damn thing...and don't let her catch you laughing. I thought to him with exasperation.
"Yes, ma'am," he mumbled too low for the crabby old banshee to hear him.
It took a good hour for them to finish and we all waited just outside the classroom. When she came out, she eyed us all. "What are you doing here?"
"Waiting for them," I answered, pointing to Edward and Jasper emerging from the room.
"All of you?" She snapped.
"We're family," Rose said, standing taller and locking eyes with the teacher. I forgot how intimidating Rose can be. She went from looking like a beauty queen to a predator in mere seconds. And don't mess with family.
"Right...foster kids," she sneered and turned to walk away. "Parents only want the pretty ones, probably leaves the ugly ones to someone else..." She mumbled to herself and turned the corner.
With a growl I started towards her, Alice and Edward catching me. "She's..." I pointed, my lip twisted in hatred, "She's...going to start having accidents."
"Bella," Edward sighed. "No, love...it's ok."
"No!" Alice laughed. "That's perfect..."
"What?" Jasper growled, his eyes still locked where Mrs. Richardson disappeared around the corner. "You mean...she'll fall down, drop stuff...spill her food?" A slow smile spread over his face.
"Karma," I nodded. "Only I'll help it along," I growled.
"Sweet," Emmett grinned. "A lesson in humility." He nodded once.
Edward sighed, looking slightly guilty. "No, I'll let it go..."
"You can't," I shook my head, "I've watched you try and she picks on you until you give in...no, she deserves this..."
"Maybe she'll be at the game tonight," Emmett beamed.
"She will," Alice smiled, folding her arms across her chest.
"Nice," Rose laughed.
"It's not necessary," Edward growled, turning to head towards the parking lot. I looked at Alice and she frowned.
"Edward," she sighed. "If it was Bella she was picking on..."
"She would be unemployed," he sneered, turning to face us. I got the impression that the word "unemployed" was putting it mildly. His eyes flicked to mine for a second at my thoughts.
"Exactly," we all answered.
He ran a hand through his hair. "What is it, baby? Why does she get to you?" I sighed, cupping his face.
"She hates her job, her life and every child she's teaching. She is ignorant to the point of being handicapped. What's in the text book is all she knows. She hates attractive people because her husband left her for his secretary...who, by the way, looks like Rose." Edward stopped, his fists balled up at his sides.
Rose snorted, fighting a chuckle.
"She's attracted..." He sighed, with a roll of his eyes, "to me...and hates herself for it. She thinks liking me is a weakness...she doesn't like to make mistakes," he finished, pausing to think about his own words.
We all waited for him to catch up. "So let's educate her about mistakes," Emmett smiled, wrapping an arm around my shoulders. Edward looked away, shaking his head.
"Normally," I sighed, brushing his hair from his forehead, "I would say you're right...to let it go...kill her with your good-boy manners, but it isn't working, baby. For some reason, when you're nice to her...it makes her all the worse." He leaned into my touch, sighing and nodding. "It's this...or I let Rose cut her brakes," I growled. No one picks on my family, especially Edward.
He huffed a laugh. "Fine," he sighed, shrugging. "Fifty bucks says she doesn't learn a thing."
"You're on!" We all laughed.
"Here," I said, tossing the keys to the Volvo at Jasper. "We'll meet you there."
"You sure?" He asked, his eyes narrowing. I nodded and handed Edward his leather jacket.
"I want to ride the bike," I smiled, looking up at my husband. He chuckled, shaking his head.
"As you wish," he smiled, picking up my hand and kissing it. He walked over to his bike and straddled it with a sexy gracefulness that was breathtaking. "Front or back, love?" He asked, pulling on his jacket.
"Back," I smiled, pulling my own jacket on. I got on behind him and pressed myself to his back, inhaling the delicious combination of leather and Edward. "And take your time getting there," I chuckled.
"Aren't you supposed to be reporting the game?" He smirked, looking back at me.
"Yes, but it's nothing that Emmett can't catch me up on," I laughed, squeezing closer as he started his bike.
He took a scenic route to the school. I closed my thoughts off to him and just enjoyed the feel of him in my arms and the wind pushing against us. I wanted him alone. I wanted to talk about the true reason he allowed Mrs. Richardson to get under his skin. He had never allowed such a thing before and I wanted to know why.
He pulled into the parking lot, turning off the engine. I got off and moved to sit in front of him, straddling the bike again. I ran my fingers through his windblown hair, leaning in to kiss him sweetly. "Tell me the real reason she bothers you, Edward," I sighed, drinking in his sweet, love-filled eyes and opening my mind back up to him.
He was quiet for a moment, his eyes traveling over my face. He reached up and tugged the tie out of my hair, letting my hair fall loose around my shoulders. "I feel...different," he started, "this time around." He frowned slightly and tilted his head at me. "Freer and more content with my life than ever," he smiled, leaning into kiss me. "Her thoughts are poisonous and she's around children...every day. She hates everyone...especially us. Normally, I wouldn't care, but it's not only us she focuses on. I want to...stop her...she doesn't deserve her position."
"We can, baby, just not in the way you want. Why can't you stop mouthing off to her?"
"She's a bully and her thoughts make me feel negative...there is nothing negative about my life anymore," he sighed, pulling me closer.
"Then, may I have a little fun with her?" I chuckled, laying my legs over his. "No one picks on you and gets away with it."
He chuckled, gliding his hands over my jean clad legs. "Like I could stop you," he laughed. "Like I would ever tell you no to something you wanted."
"True!" I beamed, kissing him roughly.
"Besides, if the tables were turned and it was you she was picking on, our siblings would eat her alive...figuratively speaking, that is," he smiled. "Emmett is practically giddy with the prospect of you teaching her a lesson."
"I won't hurt her...but she should be humbled."
"Just so you know...you've opened Pandora's box...the whole family is planning on participating. I can't be left out," he laughed.
"Now, that's what I'm talking about!" I stood from the bike and he helped me off.
The stands were fairly full when we reached the high school stadium. I saw Edward grimace for a split second with that many minds assaulting him. "I can shield you..." I suggested, frowning. Not for a moment would I want him to suffer just because I had to be somewhere. For the first time in a long time, he acquiesced. I wrapped my shield around him, keeping it as close to us as possible. "Better?"
"Much," he sighed, taking my hand and starting up the stands towards Emmett. He was saving us some seats.
"Geez, Bells, could you have taken longer?" Emmett smirked. "Jasper's on the sideline with Alice, taking pictures."
"'Kay," I nodded, sitting between him and Edward.
"Oh, and I picked these seats for a reason, little one," Emmett grinned, his eyes glancing to my right. In the row in front of us, sat Mrs. Richardson herself. I felt the smile creep up my face. Edward chuckled at my evil grin.
"You'll have to watch the game, Em," I said, pointing to the field. "I can't watch her and remember what I need to write for the paper."
"No prob!"
Watching Mrs. Richardson was amazing. She really was angry at the whole world. She snapped at students around her. For people bumping into her, for couples that were too close or kissing. If they were happy, she wanted to put an end to it. And I finally figured out why she picked on my husband and Jasper. They radiated happiness as of late. It irritated her to no end.
"You're my happiness," Edward chuckled in my ear, kissing me quickly.
"Mr. Cullen," Mrs. Richardson growled. "Tone it down," she sneered, looking back at us with a hotdog in her hand. A low snarling growl escaped me as I watched her bite into her snack. Edward gripped my hand, but watched as I carefully shot my shield out to smash that relish-smeared, ketchup covered dog right into her face.
She could blame no one except her own heavy hand. I had wrapped my shield over it and squeezed. Emmett snorted into a guffawing laugh, leaning into me. I couldn't help but laugh with him. It was contagious. I turned my face into Edward's chest and giggled.
"Yeah, this will be too fun for words," Rose snickered, giving me a fist bump behind Emmett's still laughing back.
My phone went off in my pocket. I pulled it out to see a text from Alice. She was down on the field with Jasper.
A: That was fucking perfect! ;) But she's pissed everyone around her is laughing.
Edward and I looked around and realized who we were sitting near. Pam and her crew were wiping tears from their faces as they laughed. Drew and his few friends were barely keeping their glances covert. Even Mr. Morgan was hiding his smile behind his hand. There were a few faces I recognized, but didn't know them – they were all roaring with laughter.
"Wendy!" Mrs. Richardson snapped. "Get me something to clean this up!"
"Oh hell no!" I frowned, watching Wendy bolt from her seat in pure fear and barely make it down the bleachers to the snack bar without tripping. She returned almost as fast with a handful of napkins. A cool almost fall breeze blew through the stands and I shot my shield out again, blowing the floral skirt up around the old woman when she stood.
"Bella," Edward cracked up, burying his face in my neck. Emmett was practically on the floor.
"Damn," Rose laughed. "That's the biggest girdle I've ever seen."
My phone went off again.
A: Get the hell out of there, she's going to turn on Edward next!
"Oh, shit," I grimaced. I grabbed Edward's hand, telling Emmett that I was heading down to the field to help Jasper. We went out the opposite way of Mrs. Richardson, ignoring her screeching at everyone around her.
Alice met us at the bottom of the stands. "All those people and she would have taken it out on you!" She growled, pointing to her brother. "I don't fucking get it."
"I do," I nodded. "Monday is a whole new beginning. She's going to stop picking on people." Jasper waved me over from the fence and I joined him.
"Is Bells shielding you?" Alice growled. "I've been talking to you for twenty minutes!"
"Yeah," I snorted, "sorry." I tore my gaze away from my angel who was surrounded by football players to look down at my sister.
"Damn," she huffed. "Never knew how spoiled I was until it's taken away...anyway," she glared at me as I chuckled at her, "Carlisle is calling a family meeting when we get home...no emergency."
"Ok," I sighed, looking back up from our sideline seats to check on Bella. She was dwarfed by the players and I frowned at how vulnerable she looked. I snorted when I realized she wasn't. My instinct to protect her went beyond her immortality.
When the game was over, my eyes stayed glued to the players that watched her walk away from them towards me. "Take the shield off of me, sweet girl," I smiled, but it was not in humor. Alice snorted and got up to join Jasper with the players.
"I don't know," she frowned, standing between my legs and turning to look at what I was glaring at. "Edward, no," she begged. "It's not worth it...and I can well imagine what they're thinking. It will only make you mad."
"They need to know you're mine," I growled, smirking when her arousal hit me. She did love it when I staked my claim. I gripped her ass with both hands, not caring who was watching. I pulled her in closer as she wrapped her arms around my neck. "Mine, Bella," I sneered.
"Mm," she smirked. "Say my name, baby."
"Mrs. Cullen," I chuckled into her ear, licking the sweet shell of it. "My wife," I smiled as she groaned into my hair.
"Lucky ass pretty boy," one of the players growled.
"You are pretty," my angel teased, cupping my face.
"And very fucking lucky," I snickered, turning my head to kiss her palm. More arousal hit me when I cursed, gripping her ass again. "Hmm...no underwear, my beautiful?" I asked, purring despite myself.
"Uh huh," she giggled, shaking her head no. "These jeans...it just won't..." I cut her off with a wet, sloppy kiss. "Edward," she breathed, twirling my hair at the back of my head, "let's go to the pond. Please?" As if I could deny her. I could see her mind and she needed to hunt.
"Oh, my Bella, whatever will we do at that pond?" I crooned, nuzzling her neck and placing a long kiss on the soft spot below my angel's ear. My fingers slipped slightly up her sweater, tracing the edge of her jeans.
"Mr. Cullen," I heard behind me.
"You've got to be fucking kidding me!" Bella growled, pulling back to look behind me.
"Bella," I warned. "Let her keep her verbal venom aimed towards me. If she turns it to you, there's no telling what I'll do." Bella frowned for a moment, but nodded, biting her lip.
"Yes, Mrs. Richardson?" I smiled politely standing up and turning towards her. "Love, pull that shield now, I need to hear her." Bella nodded and it was a slight shock at some of the minds that hit me. The stands were almost empty, people heading out to the parking lot. The teacher in front of me was filled with foul and mean thoughts.
"Mr. Cullen, if you can't keep your hands to yourself, you'll find yourself in my detention many, many more times," she huffed, an evil smile creeping up her face. "Miss Swan, do you have a problem with that?"
"No, ma'am," my love sighed, her hand gripping mine for control.
"That's good...you'll thank me when you don't end up pregnant and alone...when he leaves you for it," she said, laughing slightly.
"Right," Bella scoffed, unable to stop herself. My sweet wife debated on blurting out that she couldn't have children, but finally decided that Mrs. Richardson didn't deserve such personal information.
"Mrs. Richardson...as much as we appreciate your concern, your jurisdiction does not cover outside school events," I sighed, trying my best to keep my temper.
"Reading the school rules, Mr. Cullen?" She growled, clearly upset that I had her cornered.
"Do I need to, Mrs. Richardson?" I countered, causing her mouth to gape like a fish. Her mind reeled, knowing I was right and fighting every second of it. "I could have my father come down to Mr. Fuller's office and verify whether or not I am in the wrong. Come on, Bella, Dad wants us home soon." I tugged her hand, pulling her away from our teacher.
"See you Monday, Mr. Cullen," she sneered, watching us walk away.
"Looking forward to it," I smiled, waving back at her.
"That's my man," Bella smiled, leaning into me. I chuckled, kissing the top of her head.
When we got to my bike, I straddled it, leaving room for her in front of me. "As much as I want to take you straight to our pond, Alice informed me that Carlisle is calling a family meeting. So we have to stop at home first, sweet girl," I sighed, wrapping my arms around her when she sat in front of me.
"Ok," she frowned, turning to look at me.
"She's telling me it's not an emergency, love," I smiled, tucking her hair behind her ear.
"Good," my angel sighed in relief. "I would love for there to be no emergencies for awhile."
"Me too," I smiled, kissing her forehead.
"Home?" Emmett asked, walking by us towards the Jeep. "Short stuff says Carlisle needs us."
"Yeah, let's go," I sighed, starting my bike.
"Dad!" My Bella beamed when we walked into the house and saw him sitting at the dining room table with Sue by his side. Carlisle, Esme, Demitri and Carina were with him.
"Bells, I've missed you!" Charlie chuckled as she accidentally squeezed him too hard. I smiled at the thoughts in his mind. She was no longer vulnerable and he took comfort in that fact instead of dwelling on the horror of why she was indestructible.
Carlisle smiled at the both of them, thinking it had turned out a good idea to let Charlie in on everything. He was becoming quite the ally.
"Edward," Charlie smiled, gripping my hand. "Sit down, son, we have news."
"Yes, sir," I smiled, taking the chair next to Bella.
"It seems," Carlisle smiled, "that Charlie here has done us a huge favor and stopped all the camping and hiking in the Forks area. So far, no one has been hurt...even with the two rogues that came through here last weekend."
"Excellent," Bella smiled.
"Now, I've called some of the local sheriff's offices and let them know there were some bear attacks...you guys are now covered from here to the Canadian border. The announcement was made today to avoid all campsites and forested areas," Charlie smiled.
"Good, that will make it harder for a human to get cornered alone," Demitri sighed, leaning back in his seat. "If Felix sends anymore scouts, they will have to risk exposure in order to hunt."
If any of this shocked Charlie and Sue, neither their faces nor their minds reflected it. Jake must have been working with them, explaining things to them. They just nodded in agreement.
"Charlie!" Alice and Rose squealed, coming in from the garage and rushing to him. The whole room chuckled.
"There are my girls!" Charlie laughed as they both planted kisses on his cheeks. Bella smiled, shaking her head. Her father had always had a soft spot for my sisters.
"Charlie," Emmett smiled, slapping his back. "How are the old stomping grounds?"
"Completely safe," Charlie nodded with pride, catching them up quickly on what he had done.
"I'm sure there's no doubt," Jasper chuckled. "Charlie is a force all on his own," he winked at Bella.
"This is true," my love snickered, shrugging.
"Charlie, Sue? Can I get you anything?" Esme offered, standing to head into the kitchen.
"And eat in front of you all?" Sue snickered, shaking her head.
"It is unnerving," Bella giggled, "but we promise not to stare." I chuckled, kissing her head.
"Yeah, the game is on, Charlie!" Emmett beamed, turning on the TV.
"Ok, big guy," Charlie smiled. "I'll be in there..." His mind filled with questions for his daughter. But he only asked one. "How's school?"
"Besides Mrs. Richardson?" Bella snorted and my sisters growled. "Fine...we'll survive."
"Gladys Richardson?" Sue frowned. "Used to be Gladys Bellows...she was a teacher on the res for a while. Nasty woman..."
"Uh...yeah!" We all laughed.
"Who's she picking on?" Sue's eyes narrowed.
"Edward," Bella and Alice growled.
"No!" Esme snarled, coming in from the kitchen. Her mind was racing with thoughts of someone picking on her first child.
"Don't you start," I pointed to my mother, unable not to laugh. "It's bad enough that I can barely keep these two from slicing her tires." I gestured towards my sister and wife.
"Brake lines," Alice and Bella corrected, shaking their heads.
Charlie laughed. Hard. "Oh hell, son...you're lucky she's still alive..." He shook his head. "Bella's protection of you is downright scary! I saw that firsthand. You get her, Bells," he laughed, getting up from the table to join my brothers in front of the game. My love laughed as she watched him settle in on the sofa.
"I'll go down there," Esme growled.
"No," I sighed. "We're...handling it."
Esme's eyebrows shot up. Carlisle chuckled, "Oh boy. Am I going to get a call?"
"Probably," Bella giggled. "Just prepare yourself."
"Oh, Bells..." He shook his head. "And you were supposed to be the well-behaved one."
"I am!" She gasped, folding her arms across her chest in the most adorable pout. I couldn't resist her. I pulled her onto my lap, kissing her head.
"She is, Carlisle," I chuckled. "It's me, apparently, that can't keep my mouth shut."
"And who could blame you?" Alice grunted, her brow furrowed. "That crazy bat seeks you out!"
"She was removed from the res school," Sue sighed. "She was there a few years ago. Jake and Seth both had her...of the two, it was Seth she picked on."
"The sweet, well-mannered one!" Esme frowned, eying me for a moment. "What's her problem?" Her mind was just about made up to go down Monday morning to have a chat with the principle.
"Mom, no..." I warned, raising an eyebrow at her. "We'll let you...but only as a last resort."
"Pride," she scoffed, going back into the kitchen to finish Sue and Charlie's meal.
"The only thing I can think of," Sue shrugged, "is that she was going through a divorce at the time. Her husband was the assistant principle then and left with this blonde office woman. He was quite handsome, if I remember correctly."
"Wow," Bella snorted. "Bitter much?"
I laughed, hugging her close. "Ok, enough angry old shrew talk," I chuckled. "Let's watch the game, love." The way that everyone was rallying around me for protection was new and made me slightly uncomfortable.
"Bells!" Esme growled. "If you can't handle it...you call me!"
"Yes, ma'am," Bella giggled as I rushed her from the room.
"Silly, over-protective girl," I growled in her ear, sitting down on the couch with her.
"That's me," she sighed, leaning back against my chest.
By the time that Charlie and Sue left, I really needed to hunt. I had needed to go prior to getting home from the game, but shielding myself from them drained me.
"Bells," Jasper smiled, "let's get this done." He pointed to the computer he was pulling up the game pictures on.
"I...I can't, Jazz," I sighed. "I need to hunt..."
"Come on, sweet girl," Edward stood, offering me his hand. "We should have gone after the game." I nodded, unable to argue.
We made our way deep into the forest, taking out a small family of deer together. By the time we had raced each other to the pond – yet another place we could call our own – I was feeling ever so much better.
"Hey!" I laughed as Edward tackled me into a soft section of ferns. He playfully bit at my neck with a chuckle. "Happy we're alone, are you?" I teased.
"Hell yes," he laughed, biting at the other side of my neck and shoving his tickling fingers under my sweater. I squealed under him, trying to push his hands away, but all he would do was tickle that much more.
"Baby, please!" I gasped, writhing under him. "Uncle, mercy, anything!"
"Fine," he sighed dramatically, rolling over and pulling me on top of him. "You're no fun," he smirked, flinching when I smacked at his arm.
"That's not what you said the last time we were out here," I laughed.
"Hmm," he smirked, his eyes darkening. He rolled us back over and said, "I believe I said that you were stunning when you were open and ready for me..." He pushed up my sweater, tossing it aside. "Is that right?"
"Among other things," I groaned as his tongue traced my collarbone up to my neck and his hands cupped my breasts. "But I don't want a repeat of last time, Edward...tell me you love me," I sighed, pulling his face to mine. I wanted Sweet, Slow, Sexy Edward. I wanted him to know he was loved and protected. The same feelings that he gave me.
To watch his eyes soften at my thoughts was too much. "Oh, baby...I know..." He whispered against my lips. "I know more than you think I do, sweetheart. And I love you so much..."
With each item of clothing we removed he told me he loved me. That the only thing in the world that mattered was me. He kissed every inch of body, telling me our story and how he had loved me from the minute he saw me. He gripped my hair, kissing me as deep and passionate as he ever had, it seemed. He settled between my legs, telling me that being with me as a human made him feel strong and protective, but being with me as a vampire made him respect me as an equal. But when Edward told me that there was nothing like making love to his wife, I shattered around him, pulling him into me as close as I could get him.
"Stop running!" Mrs. Richardson snapped at two boys chasing each other down the hall. "Delinquents," she muttered when she thought no one could hear her. "Abortion should be retroactive." Alice's mouth fell open, turning to me in shock.
"Edward's not fucking kidding, she has no right to teach kids," she growled low in my ear as we walked behind the old bat towards the cafeteria. She was carrying an armful of books, waddling quickly with huffing breaths escaping her. There was a discarded spiral notebook in the hallway up ahead and I smirked at Alice. "Oh shit," she giggled.
Just as Mrs. Richardson stepped over the notebook, I shot my shield out to make her stumble. Her books went everywhere, papers fluttering all around her feet. I didn't want her to fall, just cause her a little trouble.
"This way, now!" Alice snorted, tugging me down a different hallway. "She would have made you help her and then you would not have held your tongue," she told me as we got around the corner to the other side entrance.
We were still giggling as I fell into the seat beside Edward at our table. "What did you do?" He chuckled, looking up as Mrs. Richardson huffed and puffed her way into the lunchroom. "Never mind, I don't want to know..." He laughed, kissing my head.
"I do!" Emmett boomed, watching her leer at students on her way through the food line.
"She just dropped a bunch of stuff in the hallway," Alice said innocently, shrugging.
"Nice," Jasper chuckled, giving Emmett a fist bump.
We all watched as she sat down with a few other teachers, most of them avoiding her gaze. She pulled out a stack of papers and started to grade them with a red felt-tipped pen at the same time she began shoving an ungodly amount of food into her mouth. "Mr. Russo," she barked with her mouth full, looking at Drew with a raised eyebrow. "Detention...you don't throw food...period."
"I was just tossing a roll to Todd," he tried to explain.
"That's two detentions, Andrew," she sighed, not even bothering to look up from her papers.
"Foul beast," I growled, wrapping my shield around her hand again. Her pen exploded, red ink splattering everywhere. "Karma's a bitch," I sighed, smiling as Emmett could barely keep his laughter down to a dull roar at the sight of her red dotted face. It looked like she had the chicken pox.
"Karma has a new name, my sweet girl," Edward chuckled. "And it's not bitch."
"She's going to look this way in five seconds," Alice warned. We all focused our attention to Emmett who was handing me a sheet of paper.
"Here's the basic rundown on the game, Bells...you type it up, ok?" I nodded, still trying not to laugh. There was nothing she could do about the laughter that surrounded her. Even her coworkers had to bite their lips in order not to lose it.
"God," Rose grimaced. "Watching her eat is worse than actually eating human food."
"I don't know," Edward smirked, his eyes flicking over to watch her. "Damn, you may be right..."
"Hell, you would think she was starving, the way she wolfs that down," I gagged.
"She's not starving," Jasper chuckled. "Just look at her."
"Wonder if she wants this," Emmett mused, the wickedness in his eyes practically glowed. He shifted the tray of food on our table.
"Fifty bucks if you take it to her," Edward and Jasper chimed, pulling out the money and slapping it on the table.
"Emmett," Rose warned, but she couldn't help but smile. It was way too easy.
"Hundred bucks?" He asked, grinning and looking back and forth from his brothers to Mrs. Richardson. Edward and Jasper nodded fervently, almost holding their breath with anticipation. "Shorty...what's the outcome? Detention?" He asked, looking over at Alice.
"Yeah," she nodded, smiling. "Today...after school."
"Done!" He beamed, grabbing the tray and standing.
"Holy hell," I gasped, "he's really going to do it."
"Yes," Edward and Jasper cheered in a hiss. I was pretty sure that they could get Emmett to do just about anything.
"He would have done it for you...for free," Edward laughed, winking and kissing me quickly.
We watched as he walked with a slight bounce in his step towards the large, cranky woman. "Mrs. Richardson?" He smiled politely.
"Ah, the other Mr. Cullen," she sneered, her eyes flicking over his giant posture. "What is it? I'm on my lunch..."
"Yes, ma'am, I see that," he chuckled. "You looked so hungry, I thought maybe you needed more..." Two of the teachers at the table had to get up, their laughter barely muffled. "You see, my little sister doesn't feel well...hate to have it go to waste." Alice bit back a laugh as she put her head down.
"Did you spit in it, Cullen?" She growled. "You think I would fall for something you've obviously thrown on the floor first?"
"No, ma'am," he shook his head vehemently. "I'll just leave this for you...I know you want it...you ate yours so...quickly."
Our whole table snorted into laughter, leaning on one another to keep from truly exploding.
"I don't think so," she sneered, but eyed the tray of food. "Detention, Mr. Cullen...my room after school. Maybe you'll learn not to play nasty tricks..."
"Whatever you say," he smiled, slowly backing away from her. She got up from the table, leaving Emmett's delivered tray right where he left it. As soon as the door closed behind her, we all lost it. He picked up his money, kissing it softly. "Thank you!" He laughed, waving it in the air.
"Christ, that's worth waiting for you after school," Rose snorted, kissing his cheek.
"Come on, Bells," Jasper smiled. "Paper time."
"'Kay," I smiled, still shaking my head at what I had just witnessed. "Later, baby," I leaned in kissing Edward softly. I felt another note being slipped into my pocket. "Should I read this around Jasper?" I asked, my eyebrow rising.
"No," he laughed, "probably not." He shrugged like his dirty notes couldn't be helped. He alternated between sweet and dangerous. I never knew what I was going to get. He winked at that thought from me and walked away.
"Holy crap!" Drew smiled when we got to the class room. "Was that your brother?"
"Yeah," Jasper and I snorted. Jasper added, "That was a bet, dude."
"Excellent," Drew beamed as Wendy giggled at the corner computer.
We heard a muffled laugh from behind and we turned to see Mr. Morgan fighting his amusement. "I know nothing!" He chuckled, holding up his hands.
I took the class time to type up Emmett's notes and start the layout with Jasper. Our article was looking really good. When the bell rang, I was surprised to see Edward standing in the doorway. Hellooo, handsome, I chuckled. He smirked, shaking his head.
"No Biology...per Alice," he said softly in my ear. "Someone cuts themselves...she can't see the outcome, so we are to skip our next class, love."
"Ok," I nodded. "Have you met Wendy, Edward?" I smiled, feeling her stare from my side.
"No," he smiled, bowing his head politely at her, "nice to meet you, Wendy." Her heart fluttered at his voice, his sweet smile. I myself could be rendered speechless by him. He fought his smile as he looked to me.
"You too, Edward," she smiled, "see you in Biology."
"Actually, Wendy, Bella has an appointment...we'll be back for History," he smiled.
"Ah, that's why the fabulous escort," she smirked, walking out the door. "See ya!"
"I really like her," I chuckled, taking his hand as we left the room. "So what will we do for an hour and twenty minutes?"
"Come with me," he smiled, tugging my hand. He led me down to the auditorium, opening the door quietly. "No one's here this time of day," he smirked, stepping up on stage.
Behind the curtain was an upright piano sitting in the darkness. For that hour and twenty minutes, Edward played softly just for me. Everything from my new song, to my old lullaby. From classical favorites of ours, to things he was writing brand new and hadn't finished.
I shifted closer to him, pulling out his note and he snatched it from me with a laugh. "Let me tell you what it says," he smiled, wrapping an arm around me. My mouth fell open at the dirty things he whispered in my ear on our way to history.
"Mm, that's a date," I laughed, kissing him just before he opened the door.
Jasper was frowning, watching Mrs. Richardson belittle a boy sitting in the second row. "Kenny, I don't care that you didn't mean to...no homework should be handed to me looking like this," she sneered, holding up a page that had clearly fallen into the water at some point. It was wrinkled and smeared, rustling as she shook it in his face.
Poor Kenny didn't look like he had much and paper probably was not the first thing on his mind. He also looked scared to death.
We took our seats next to Jasper as quietly as we could, but her eyes locked on us anyway. "You're late," she growled.
"No, we're not," Edward smiled, pointing to the door as the bell rang.
Jasper squeezed his eyes closed, turning his head away from our nasty teacher. He was trying not to laugh. Snickers rang out softly through the room. "You can join your brother in detention, Mr. Cullen," she snapped, glaring at him to say anything. "Open your books and read chapter three," she huffed, heading towards her desk.
Jasper's eyes widened when he felt my mischievous emotions rise to the surface. I wrapped my shield around her chair, tugging it just as she was about to sit down. It looked like her fat legs had pushed it back and it rolled. She hit the floor, vibrating the entire room. "Oomph," was the sound that escaped her.
Edward covered his face, opening his book and shaking his head. The room was so quiet, that you could have heard a pin drop even with human ears. It was Jasper that was keeping the room calm. She looked like she could kill someone at this point. When she was finally able to sit down, she glared at all of us.
It was the quietest hour I have ever sat in a class. What I was truly afraid of was how she would be treating Edward and Emmett after school.
Edward shook his pen to get my attention. He had been taking his own notes, but I saw that he had something written for me.
Don't worry, love. There's only so much she can do. She can't hurt me.
I know, baby, but she's so mean...no one should be mean to my family, I thought to him, frowning and turning a page in my book.
I know, but she's already wondering why bad things are happening to her...
I couldn't stop from looking over at him. He fought his smile, flicking his eyes up to see if she was aware we were communicating. She wasn't. In fact, it looked like she was asleep.
Can Jasper influence dreams? I bit my lip to stop my smile.
Edward smiled, writing again.
Ask him.
I wrote a quick note and Jasper nodded, barely trying to stop his smile. He focused his attention to Mrs. Richardson and then back to me. He jotted something down.
Which emotion?
I told him to go with his gut. He smirked, raising an eyebrow at me. I sat back in my chair, folding my arms across my chest. Edward matched my pose, crossing his long legs out in front of him.
With a soft snort, Jasper looked up at Mrs. Richardson. She twitched slightly in her sleep, her hand opening and closing.
"Oh hell," Edward barely made a sound in my ear. "Lust...shield us, love." I nodded with a smile, doing as he asked.
"Mmm," she sighed, her legs shifting under her table. I had to bury my face in my hands. "Yeah, like that," she murmured, her hands flexing again. Her pen fell from her grip and rolled onto the floor. "No...I need...more," she groaned. Jasper was starting to look quite proud of himself. And by now, the whole class was watching her in shocked and amazed silence.
"With your tongue...those long fingers...mmm, that hair," she urged. Suddenly I stopped laughing and looked over at Edward.
"It's you...she's dreaming about you..." I growled and he nodded, a disgusted look on his face. "Wake her."
"No," he laughed, looking past me to Jasper. "Fear...nail her with it." Jasper covered his mouth to stop from cracking up. He nodded, looking intently back at her.
"What?" She groaned, frowning in her sleep. "No...Aaaaugggh!" She screamed, slapping her hands down on the desk. "What the...Jesus," she breathed. Her heart was pounding in her chest.
She had scared the room more than anything. The students bolted from their seats when the bell rang. She looked at Edward and flinched slightly. I had to get out of the room.
"I'll wait outside for you," I smiled, shoving a chuckling Jasper towards the door.
"Yes, ma'am," Edward smirked.
"I'm here!" Emmett boomed, grinning widely. "The party can officially start!" He chuckled, slapping a laughing Edward's back. "Hey, Eddie, what did you try to feed her?" Drew was right behind him, shaking his head at my big brother.
Jasper and I chuckled as we sat down on a bench at the end of the hallway. Alice and Rose joined us as we all waited patiently.
"What a damn start to a new school year," Rose snorted into laughter.
"No shit!" We all laughed. I couldn't imagine what the rest of the year was going to be like.


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