Tuesday, March 20, 2001 | By: Drotuno

Angel's Embrace Chapter 23

"Here you go, Marcus," I smiled, setting towels and fresh clothes beside him on the sofa in Carlisle's office. "You're closer to Carlisle's size, so there are a few things that should fit you."
"Thank you, Bella," he sighed. He looked ever so much better after Carlisle had healed his wounds with venom. The burns had faded away from black, and he was no longer oozing. "Are you Italian?"
"No, my mother just liked the name Isabella," I chuckled.
"It suits you," he smiled.
"Thank you," I nodded. "There's a bathroom through that door, but let us know if you need anything."
"You're a shield," he said, looking at my eyes.
"Yes," I nodded. It was odd looking at the last of the royal Volturi. He wasn't what I expected. Although he was used to people catering to him, he didn't exactly demand it. He was polite with a slightly dry sense of humor. But it was his crimson eyes – it was like they could see everything.
"How did you connect with Edward if you're a shield?" He sat up, looking at me intently.
"I was human when we met," I snickered. "Not quite the shield at that point."
Marcus chuckled, shaking his head. "Now that's a story I must hear," he groaned when he stood. "I think Carlisle wants us to all sit down. You need to hear what happened in Italy," he sighed, picking up the things I had brought him. "Thank you again...I won't be long." I left him, closing the door quietly behind me.
I joined the rest of the family in the living room. Edward opened his arms for me and I sat between his legs on the floor. "He looks better," I nodded, looking to Carlisle.
"He needs to hunt, but we'll have to send him south...out of the wolves area," Carlisle nodded. "I doubt he'll change his diet," he chuckled.
"Probably not," Demitri smiled, sliding his phone into his pocket. "Eleazar is on his way. We will try to surround Marcus with protection. We can't have Felix find out he's still alive."
"Are you taking him back to Denali?" Edward asked, linking his fingers with mine.
"I can't think of another place that could hide him," he nodded.
"Montana," Jasper suggested. "Catherine and Brandon still have a house there."
"True," Carlisle looked to Demitri, "but let him decide."
"He'll want to stay close to you," Demitri smiled, looking at Carlisle. "Alaska will be where he chooses."
"Yes, yes, Alaska's fine," Marcus sighed, smirking slightly as he sat down next to Carlisle. "Have to stay in hiding...play dead," he chuckled.
One who couldn't wait for a story, Emmett blurted out, "What happened?" I giggled softly at my big brother. I felt Edward's smile against my neck.
"Heavens, he's as big as Felix..." Marcus shook his head. "Felix," he sighed. "Where should I start?"
"How about when I left?" Demitri suggested.
"I supposed that's as good a place as any," Marcus nodded. "I liked to walk the castle alone at night. Most everyone is out or shut away in their rooms. Once you left, Demitri, I noticed Felix and Jane would walk the perimeters of the grounds together. Soon, they were joined by Chelsea, Renata and Alec...there were others here and there," he waved. "But those were the ones I noticed, because those few happened to be favorites of my brother, Aro. I saw the relationships start to shift. They were becoming more and more loyal to Felix than Aro. I warned my brothers, but they told me it was because Felix was taking your position," he sighed, rolling his eyes at Demitri.
"The night of the fire, we had had a celebration...one thing or another...it's not important, but what is...Felix had planted flash bombs in the throne room. They burn hot and fast when they explode. I saw vampires disintegrate in front of my eyes. I saw humans melt...it was awful. I saw my brothers' faces when they realized it was Felix fanning the flames, so to speak. Jane turned on them, made them lose their minds with pain, only to send them walking straight into the flames."
Demitri growled, shaking his head and staring at his hands.
"You couldn't have stopped him, Demitri," Marcus sighed. "The only reason I escaped was because I just happened to be by a window...I hid for weeks...trying to catch as much information as I could, but everyone I knew was gone. I was weak, but able to make it to the docks. I knew I had to get to you, Carlisle. You're the oldest ally I have left...and a damned good friend."
"So I stowed away on a boat...yet another fire broke out in the engine room just as we were about to dock," he chuckled, rolling his eyes again. "It wasn't an easy trip to you...let me tell you."
"Here's where we stand...first Marcus, you should know the powers that sit around you," Demitri smiled. "Meet Emmett...all strength and no shame," he chuckled. "Jasper...he's the strongest empath I've ever met...his sweet wife, Alice can see the future..."
"Decided futures, Demitri," Alice corrected, smiling.
"Yes, ok," he chuckled. "Edward...mind reader...and you've already noticed Bells is a shield. There's more...you'll meet them eventually, but later."
"Felix is back in Italy," Alice stated. "And he's sent Jane already...she's not alone, but that part isn't clear...she hasn't decided who she will bring with her."
"Yes, Marcus," Edward chuckled. "The wolves will join us as well. They are guarding the land from the Canada border almost to where we are now." Marcus' eyes widened at either hearing his mental question answered or the news of the pack. I couldn't tell which.
"And all Felix has is Alec and Jane...Chelsea of course?" He smiled, looking at us all.
"He's added to his forces," Alice sighed. "He did that here and took them back with him...I don't know what powers they have..."
"Bella's is stronger," Edward answered an unheard question, squeezing me closer. "Marcus wanted to know if your shield was as strong as Renata's."
"Definitely stronger," Demitri chuckled. Marcus focused his attention on me, his eyebrows raised. "Eleazar is convinced she's the weapon that will stop them."
I sighed, pressing myself closer to Edward. I turned his ring with my fingers. I didn't want to be a weapon, I didn't want to fight, and I damn well didn't want to go to war. But I would if I had to. Edward immediately whispered words of love and comfort.
"Relax, Bells," Jasper frowned, pushing calm my way.
"You won't fight?" Marcus asked.
"I will," I sighed. "I don't want to...but I will...the thought of losing any one person in this room scares me."
"Especially Edward," Marcus noted, his brow wrinkling.
"I won't survive it," I whispered, feeling Edward kiss the back of my head and telling me he loved me.
"No, you won't," Marcus agreed. "Your connection is too strong. One can't live without the other. In fact, this whole room is unlike anything I've ever seen."
"You've heard my theories on that Marcus," Carlisle chuckled.
"Yes, diet...I'm wondering if you might not be right," he smiled, shrugging. "Bella, when were you changed?"
"Almost five years ago."
"Have you tasted human blood?
"No, sir." I shook my head with my nose wrinkled and he chuckled at me. "Do you struggle with bloodlust?"
"Not anymore, my shield helped at the beginning."
"Not one drop of the natural food source and no complaints..." Marcus looked at Carlisle. "We need to talk about this more, but I have to hunt. Where am I allowed to go?"
"I'll take you," Demitri nodded and stood up. "We'll head south."
I won't survive it.
No, you won't.
One can't live without the other.
I sighed, running a hand through my hair. Those were the only thoughts running through my wife's mind in a frightening circular pattern as she showered upstairs.
Damn, Ed, she's scared to death. Jasper's thoughts were filled with concern.
"I know," I sighed, sitting forward on the couch, my elbows on my knees. The pattern started again and I covered my face. She was breaking my heart.
Alice came in to stand in front of the both of us. "No school...we're out of here today. I don't care what we do."
Carlisle came in, wondering where Bella was. "Where's Bells...I want to..."
"No!" The three of us growled. Jasper and I stood quickly.
"She's finished with training," Jasper frowned.
"She's scared, Carlisle," Alice pleaded.
"She's done," I snarled, turning to Alice. "Figure out what we're doing. I want her out of here for the day."
"Ok," Alice nodded, looking at Carlisle like she was daring him to argue.
"Edward, we need to be prepared. Marcus wants to see..." Carlisle started, but stopped when Esme came to stand in front of him.
"No, honey," she said softly. "She just found out that we're going to war...on top of that, we are depending on her almost completely...and if that wasn't enough...if something happens to Edward, she won't live through it...and the other way around. They are leaving...they are getting her out of here. I don't care if they take her to fucking Disneyland, she's not training today." Esme raised an eyebrow at him. "Marcus can see her another time...she needs a break. With the move, Charlie, Joe, fighting those two nomads, and that awful teacher at school...she's done...she's fried. I won't allow it today, Carlisle. I understand where we stand, but she's going to burn out."
Holy shit, did Esme just drop an f-bomb? Jasper thought to me in shock. I nodded, looking at him out of the corner of my eye. Esme never said anything harsher than "damn".
She also didn't stop. "She's an almost five year old vampire...a twenty four year old woman, barely married. She's amazing and brilliant and listened to everything we've taught her...any of us. She's leaving..." Esme turned to the three of us who were still shocked into utter stillness. "There's a beautiful little fair in Portland," she smirked, "but it's up to you...it's just a suggestion." Emmett's mind exploded with hope from his room upstairs.
The shower from our room upstairs shut off and all sounds ceased. I frowned, looking up at the ceiling.
"I didn't think about it that way," Carlisle mumbled. "Of course, take her..."
I nodded, but I didn't need his permission. I was getting my angel out of the house. Period.
Take your time, Edward...we'll figure out something, but we are all going. She needs to play...have fun. She's too stressed out. Alice was adamant about getting Bella out of the house. Visions from my sister's mind of Bella snapping, losing control if she trained today flooded my mind. No, we were definitely leaving.
I went upstairs and quietly opened the door. Bella was still wrapped in a towel from her shower, lying length ways across our bed. Her legs were dangling off the side of the bed at the knee. She didn't move when I entered the room and shut the door.
"Hey, sweet girl," I whispered, lying down beside her. A sob escaped her and she rolled to me, wrapping her arms around my neck. "Oh, baby, please don't cry."
I can't lose you...I just can't...it seems like I just got you... Her mind was overflowing with fear and love and panic.
"Please, calm down, love," I begged, burying my face in her neck. God, she smelled so good – like soap, strawberries and just Bella. She was still warm from the shower, her hair still damp. I brushed it away from her face, disentangling the wet strands as I went. She took a shuddering deep breath, trying to let what I was doing unwind her. "Do you know how much I love you?" I asked, a smile playing on my face.
She sighed and nodded. I saw her mind. She was afraid to speak, afraid that all that would come out of her was wracking sobs. She was fighting it. For me.
"Nope, I don't think you do," I snickered, pulling back and planting a kiss on her forehead, nose and chin. "I love this spot right here," I smiled, kissing her just below her ear. "But you know that...we've compared that list, haven't we?" She fought another sob, nodding. "I love the scent of you just out of the shower," I whispered, kissing that same spot again, flicking my tongue over it and letting my lips linger there. "You smell sweet, clean...and so warm."
"Hmm, what else?" I asked, frowning in mock concentration and tugging the towel open. She gasped when she was deliciously naked beside me. "So beautiful," I sighed, letting my eyes take every inch of her in. "I'm so lucky," I chuckled, shaking my head. "I have everything I could ever wish for right here," I sighed, leaning down to kiss her flat stomach. Her breath caught, her eyes watching my every move. I let my hand replace my lips, rubbing her stomach softly. "I love the way you love me...the way you protect me...the way you believe in me," I frowned, running my hand up her stomach between her breasts. My finger traced the scar over her heart where I had made her mine for eternity.
"And I love that you'll do it forever," I smiled. "And we will have our forever, baby. This, right here," I tapped her scar, "proves it." A small whimper burst forth from her and she turned her head away from me. "No, you look at me," I sighed, tilting her chin back my way. "You need to hear this. We belong to each other, Bella. I won't let anyone take that from us. If I have to tie you to me, we'll be together."
"Edward," she whispered, her breath hitching.
I bent down and kissed her scar, inhaling her skin. "I love that you would do anything for me," I said, unable to not kiss the nipple that was right there, hardening just from my words, my touch. I took it into my mouth, her whole body arching closer. I traced my fingers just under her breasts, eliciting a wonderful moan from her. I swirled my tongue around the peak, doing the same to the other one.
"What else?" I asked, running my nose around each nipple again, kissing the skin between her perfect breasts. "I love your brilliant mind and your giving heart," I sighed, tracing my finger over each hip bone. To know her body as well as I did was a gift I would never take for granted. Her arousal hit me, wafting around me, enveloping me in the scent that was only ever meant for me. I breathed it in, relished it.
She reached for me, but I stopped her. "Let me...this is all for you, love," I smiled, kissing each finger of each hand. I got up and knelt between her legs that were still hanging over the side of the bed. I kissed each knee, every scar that she had from her childhood, setting each foot on my shoulders. "I loved that sweet, charming, clumsy girl I first met," I chuckled as she snorted and rolled her eyes. "I love even more the strong, graceful woman that's hungry for me right now," I growled, looking at the wetness at the top of her thighs.
"Please," she sighed, her head falling back.
I kissed her feminine lips, letting my tongue lick the perfect flavor of her. Her hips rose from the bed, a sweet growl vibrating around me. I put my hands on each thigh, rubbing lightly as I leaned into the essence of her. I couldn't help the growl that left me as I swiped my tongue from one end to the other, twirling around the little nerve bundle.
I purred at her taste, resting my head on her thigh. "I love that your body recognizes me," I said, sinking a finger deep within her. "It pulls me in, begs for me," I growled, adding another finger. I kissed her clit, sucking it into my mouth and letting my teeth graze it lightly.
Edward, please...more... her mind begged. My voice was sending her closer to the edge than my ministrations.
I smiled against her wet flesh, licking her again. "I love that no one...no one," I growled low, "has touched you but me. I love that it's my hands, my body that you crave."
Yes...only yours, she panted. Why she was remaining silent, I had no idea. Maybe she was aware that we weren't home alone. Or just maybe she was still upset, but I would take whatever communication she wanted.
Her body constricted once and I knew she was close as my fingers curled inside of her. I said the one word I knew would cause her to come undone. "Mine," I growled, twisting my fingers and laving my tongue flat over her oversensitive nub.
"Shit," she gasped, her body arching up off the bed, her feet on my shoulders. She was grinding against me as her body shattered. Edward, I need you...please. Inside.
I shed my clothes, crawling up her body and dragging her to the center of the bed. I planted my elbows at her head, her legs wrapping around me out of instinct. "And I love you...just you, all of you," I smiled.
"I love you," she gasped, gripping my hair and pulling my face to hers. I ravished her mouth, slipping into her. Her body melted to mine, her warmth and wetness surrounding me. I nipped at her bottom lip as her mouth hung open. Her eyes rolled back as I pulled back out and thrust back in with a torturing slowness. She was stunning as her breath caught and her little hands locked onto my shoulders. Her fingers dug into my flesh, pulling me in closer.
"Your love means everything to me," I whispered in her ear as I kissed down her neck, dragging my tongue over her skin. I reached down and picked up her leg, bringing it between us. I kissed the inside of her knee, driving into her a little harder.
I couldn't get her close enough. I wanted to take away her fears, her panic. The danger that was hanging over our heads was nothing. It didn't matter. All that mattered was her. She needed to know that, feel it.
"Harder," she groaned, her head flying back. "I need to feel you, please." Another sob escaped her and I silenced it with my lips, delving my tongue into her sweet mouth. She took it, suckling it, her mind wanting more.
"No more crying," I growled. "I'm here, baby. We'll get through all of it...together."
She pulled my forehead to hers, her little body shaking with the need to come again. "Together...promise me," she growled, her eyes heavy with lust and sadness. A touch of fear still lingered there.
"I promise," I breathed. "I can't lose you either, Bella."
A gasping, high whimper burst from her. She came with a fierceness I had never seen. Her trembling form clinging to every inch of me, she cried, "Edward...I love you so much."
"I know, love...I do," I panted, letting go of her leg and burying myself as deep inside her as I could, coming right along with her. My head hit her shoulder, my whole weight bearing down upon her. She nuzzled against my neck, her breathing still heavy.
Her mind thought of getting ready for school, which surprised me. I would have thought for sure that she could have heard the argument downstairs. She must have been too wrapped up in her own thoughts to hear.
"Nope, no school today," I smiled against her shoulder. "We're getting out of here for the day."
"Ok," she sighed, running her fingers through my hair. Her face still buried in the crook of my shoulder. She rubbed her legs over my ass and back up, reveling in the feel of our skin touching. "Where are we going?"
I pulled back to look at her. "I'm not sure," I smiled. "But somewhere fun. Alice is in charge of it all." I heard Alice's laughing mind hit me and couldn't stop my chuckle.
Bella smiled, shaking her head. "Should I be scared?" She teased, kissing my cheek.
"Terrified," I laughed. "There's a rumor it's a fair...Emmett will drag you on every ride," I sighed.
"Sweet!" Our brother boomed from somewhere downstairs. "No school!"
Bella snorted into laughter, shaking her head and looking away from me again. "How long can we stay away?"
"However long you want."
She nodded, still not meeting my gaze. She stared towards the wall that we had covered in black and white photos. Our wedding, family outings, Charlie, Jake and his family. I watched her face, fascinated as her eyes changed from the black lust to the beautiful chocolate I so loved.
"I want to stay overnight somewhere," she sighed, still staring at the frames. "Just us...later tonight."
"Yes, ma'am," I nodded. "Consider it done."
She smiled, turning back to me. "Thank you," she sighed, looking at my mouth and back to my eyes. "You spoil me," she snickered.
"Now, she gets it!" I laughed, shaking my head and squeezing her close.
My sweet angel burst into a giggle, burying her face back into my neck. "Yeah, yeah, I get it," she mumbled.
"And we should ride Gravitron and the Ferris Wheel...don't forget the Zipper," Emmett rambled in the backseat like a twelve year old. I just snorted, looking out the window.
"Maybe there's a game room," Jasper added. "Air hockey!"
I knew this whole day was for me. I knew that they were all worried. I wasn't stupid. I was fucking scared – that's what I was. I couldn't shake the feeling either. Jasper tried multiple times to send me cheery waves. I finally shielded myself from him and my thoughts from Edward. What I wanted more than anything was the night alone with Edward. I could be quiet, letting his presence soothe me. If there was any way I could have forgone the fair, I would have.
"Not a chance, Bells," Alice sighed from the backseat. "Get over it...you're going."
I rolled my eyes, still staring out the window as Edward parked the car. Before I could blink, Emmett had snatched my door open, tossing me over his shoulder. "Emmett," I growled. "Put me down!" I heard Edward sigh, but the rest of my siblings laughed.
"Nope, you're with me for a little while," he chuckled. "You didn't ride anything with me the last time we went to a fair."
"I didn't want to vomit," I huffed. "You ride things forty times!"
"Four...not forty," he corrected, setting me on my feet so he could pay our admission. "It's on me, Bells. The rest of them can figure out their own way to get in," he grinned, keeping a hand on me. "Come on," he said, wrapping an arm around my shoulders and guiding me down the main thoroughfare.
Sweet smells assaulted my senses. I looked around and saw cotton candy and candy apples. Who the hell ate deep fried Twinkies? I shuddered at the thought.
"We'll ride this first...start you off slow," he snickered as we got in line for the Ferris Wheel.
"Emmett," I groaned. The last time I was in a Ferris Wheel was with Edward and we didn't exactly behave ourselves.
"Get in," he laughed. "I'm well aware of what you did on this ride the last time." I groaned again and gave in.
As we lifted up off the ground, I stared out at the view. The fair wasn't crowded and the day was cloudy. "Hey," my brother growled, slapping my knee. "What's got you upset?"
"Is that why you brought me up here? A heart to heart?" I asked sarcastically.
"Yup!" He beamed. I stared at him, debating on just bottling everything up or not. But Emmett's sweet open face just stared back at me. If anyone could take it, he could. I exploded.
"All of it," I frowned. "All of it is upsetting. Between a war that's coming...and guess what? I'm the secret fucking weapon...surprise!" I growled, folding my arms across my chest. "And the one fear...the one fucking thing that I know all about...that I live with everyday...I die...Edward dies...I can't have it!" I looked out at the fair, catching a glimpse of bronze hair and sighed. I looked back to Emmett. "I feel it...every time we're too far apart. It's excruciating, agonizing pain. I feel it when someone tries to take him from me. I feel it when I'm going to the fucking store. He feels it when he leaves to go hunting with you."
"I know." Emmett sighed, sympathy filling his sweet face. "I watched my brother for years. He's everything I can't be. He's quiet and controlled...but he was sad. And hard to live with sometimes. He taught me everything about this life. Hunting, control of my thirst, money. He gave in when I felt like being silly or crazy. And when you came along...boy, did he change...not for the better at first, because he was just a little freaked out, but I saw it. I saw that he needed you." Emmett looked down at his hands. "You know, you and I didn't talk about things when he left. I begged him not to go...we almost fought over it."
I sighed, trying to figure out where my big, normally goofy brother was going with such a serious topic.
"I really like my brother now. I loved him and respected him before. But I really like him now. I owe you a thank you for giving me a new friend, not just a brother. And if you think for one second that I would let something happen to either of you...well, you've got another thing coming."
I dove into his arms with a sob and he wrapped me up, placing kisses on the top of my head. "Don't you worry about anything," he sighed. "And you'll see...this war? It's nothing. So don't sweat it. We'll all be there...Big Em's got your back."
Leave it to my not so serious brother to make everything ok.
"Look at me," he growled, setting me back in my seat. "You...you've got this awesome thing that you can do. I know they've scared you. But you use it like a champ. And you're so protective...of Eddie especially, that when it comes down to the nuts and bolts of the situation..." He huffed a laugh. "Well, let's just say...I feel fucking sorry for the bastards."
I snorted a laugh, shaking my head. I looked down at my jeans, picking at a piece of lint stuck there. "For the first time in my life, I'm happy, Emmett. Whole. I can't lose it. I can't handle the pain of even the thought of it."
Emmett looked out over the fair as we reached the top again and sighed. "I had a baby sister when I was human, Virginia...Ginny, we called her. She was the only thing I regretted leaving behind. The only thing..." He smiled to himself and looked back at me. "But I got my little sister back. I won't let anything happen. I'll fight the demons of hell...I promise. Could be fun, you know?"
I laughed, my head falling back. "Only you would think so."
"True," he shrugged. "You told Marcus you would fight...did you mean it?"
"If Felix was waiting for us after this ride...could you handle it?"
"Yes," I growled, frowning.
"Then fuck it...you've got this...it's just a waiting game. You're letting the 'what-ifs' get to you. Eddie used to do the same thing." Emmett raised an eyebrow at me.
I took a deep breath and let his words flit around in my mind, absorbing them at their basic essence. The ride came to an end and we got off. I locked eyes with Edward who was shaking his head at the two of us. You know...the world is a twisted place when Emmett starts to make sense, I thought to him with a sigh. He chuckled and turned away from us all.
"Hey," Jasper grinned. "They got one of those bouncy things with all the balls...come on!"
"Shit," I sighed as I was tugged away again.
Vampires that can't behave shouldn't really go out in public. Honestly. Since the fair wasn't that busy, the operators of each ride weren't really paying attention. When Jasper tossed me into the blow up thing, the wrestling match began. Emmett pelted us with balls and I shielded myself from them. It was when Edward tackled me with a chuckle that I finally let go of my fear and paranoia. The first true laugh escaped me as I buried my face in his chest.
"There she is," Edward smiled, kissing my cheek. "You're beautiful when you smile."
"Biased," I sighed with a smirk. He laughed, shoving me further down into the balls.
"Holy fucking hell!" A girl screamed, running out of the haunted house.
"You really shouldn't do that," I chuckled, looking up at Jasper. "Honestly. One day someone is just going to pass the hell out."
"God, you think so?" He asked, looking hopeful.
"That's so wrong, Jasper," Alice giggled. Neither one of us could stop from laughing at the idea.
"Just wait until Mrs. Richardson comes back," he chuckled, rubbing his hands together.
"Oh hell," Edward chuckled, taking my hand and linking our fingers together. With one swift move, he twisted us around into a deep, dark corner of the haunted maze. My back was against a wall, his body pressing in on me. His mouth was on mine before I could think another thought. I couldn't help the wonton moan that rumbled through me. He reached down hitching my leg up around his waist. His tongue slid against mine, sweet and possessive, gloriously erotic.
"Edward," I breathed, smiling into his neck as his tongue did things to my ear that was causing me to grind against him. "What are you doing?"
"Isn't it obvious?" He chuckled, pressing into me more.
"Unh, yes," I gasped, nipping at his neck.
"I thought so," he laughed, setting my leg down. "I just needed to kiss you, love."
"Ironic place you chose," I laughed, my head hitting his chest. We were in a room with a coffin and Dracula, bats and cobwebs fluttering above us. Edward's laugh was deep and sexy.
"I wasn't paying attention," he chuckled, wrapping an arm around my shoulders. "I had my eyes on other things," he crooned, his hand ghosting down to my ass and settling there as we walked.
"We won't make it the rest of this day if you keep misbehaving," I groaned.
"I can't help it," he sighed, a beautiful smile playing on his face. "I was worried about you."
"I know," I said, leaning into his side. "I'm ok." With Edward, I didn't have to elaborate. He could see my thoughts, judge my face for whether or not I was lying. I wasn't. A deeper conversation could wait until we were alone or not at all. He would deal with it either way. We both felt the same way about our connection. Most of the time we didn't think about it, but he knew I had just gotten a little overwhelmed.
"Good," he smiled, scooping me up onto his back and walking out of the haunted house.
"I'm not riding that again," Alice and I snapped, sitting down with Rose on a bench.
"No shit," Rose winced. "I hate rides that go upside down."
"Party poopers," Emmett grunted, grabbing his brothers and running off again.
"No," Alice gasped. "There's no fucking way..."
"What?" Rose and I growled, looking at her.
"It seems we weren't the only ones ditching school today," she smirked, looking off into the distance. Rose and I followed her gaze and chuckled. Walking in a large group was Pam, Ariel and a few other girls, Drew and his two friends, Todd and Austin.
"You would think..." Rose started with a laugh, "that when Edward ignores someone...they could take a hint. I heard about this Halloween party coming up. Are we going?"
"Yes," Alice laughed. "She thinks she can slip you something in your drink..." Her eyes rolled at the thought.
"Oh! Is that her plan?" I laughed. "I was wondering..." My eyes followed Edward and my brothers as they walked away from the ride, heading towards the games.
Pam caught sight of him and stopped in mid-step, causing Drew to run into her. She turned, grabbed Ariel and followed my husband.
Edward, I thought with a chuckle. His posture stiffened slightly and he turned towards me. You have someone following you. I couldn't stop my laugh as he rolled his eyes. Hmm, makes me want to mark what's mine, baby... I purred, fighting my smile.
Even from the distance, I could see his eyes darken. He crooked his finger, calling me to him. Alice and Rose laughed as I got up from the bench almost too fast. They followed me. I was almost to him when Drew stopped me.
"Well, well," he laughed. "Looks like half the school skipped today."
"Hey, Drew," I smiled, "yeah...we couldn't resist." My eyes slid past him just to make sure that Edward wasn't mad. He was trying his best to ignore Pam and her clones.
Drew followed my gaze, frowning at the sight. I tilted my head at him. "You like her."
"Who?" He snapped, his face in a panic.
"Pam," I whispered.
"Yeah...but she likes him."
"She can't have him," I laughed. "She'll figure it out."
"You would think so," he sighed, shaking his head. "I know she can be shallow...but you don't see the girl that spends the night with my sister."
"It doesn't matter to me," I shrugged, watching Alice and Rose drag Jasper, Emmett and Edward to play a basket ball game. Pam hung back, watching them all.
"She is trying to take Edward. She's done it before, taken another girl's boyfriend. Do you trust him?"
"With my life."
"Yeah, I heard about that...Mrs. Richardson is a bitch," he growled. "She shouldn't have done what she did to you in class."
"Come on, Drew..." Todd whined.
"Go fucking play something!" Drew snapped, waving his friends away. I chuckled, when Todd flipped him off. "Ass..." He smiled. "Anyway, I don't know how to...deal with it." We sat down on a bench, letting everyone else play games.
"Edward's tried to ignore her...he's too...kind...to just tell her to go away...that's not his style."
"Yeah, he seems cool...it's not his fault, really..." Drew put his elbows on his knees and studied his sneakers. "I was so close last year...we had gone out once..."
"You have to make her focus on you," I said, smiling as Alice joined us.
"You know, that party coming up...that's a good opportunity," she beamed.
Drew looked at her like she was crazy for knowing what we were talking about. "Eavesdropping, Ali?" I chuckled.
"Can't help it," she shrugged with an adorable smile. Drew snorted into a rough laugh and then got quiet.
"He really saved your life?" He asked, looking up at me.
"A few times," I smiled. "If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be sitting here right now."
"Ain't that the truth," Alice sighed, leaning against me.
"Maybe that's what it takes," Drew mumbled. "What the hell do girls want?"
Alice and I laughed, looking over at him. "You can't just ignore what she's doing...you have to fight for her," Alice smiled.
"Girls want..." I paused, thinking for a moment and biting my bottom lip. "They want to be protected and yet free and independent. They want to be told they are beautiful and smart. They want to be taken care of and needed. We're complicated," I snickered. "And we want to be kissed like you just can't stop yourself."
"Yeah," Alice sighed with a dreamy expression on her face. "What she said." I looked at her and huffed a laugh.
"Damn," Drew laughed. "And I could have done flowers and candy..."
"Well, that's a start," I shrugged. A little white lamb appeared over my shoulder and I laughed, taking it. I looked back, upside down to see Edward chuckling over me. "The set is complete," I teased. He had won me a lion the last time.
"They must be together," he smirked with a raised eyebrow. The statement meant more than just my stuffed animal collection.
"Yeah, they do," I sighed as he leaned over to kiss me.
"Hello, Drew," Edward smiled, "I see we aren't the only ones skipping."
"Hell yeah," Drew nodded, standing up. "Here...take it," he said, offering his seat. "I was just getting girl advice."
"Oh," Edward chuckled. "These two would have given it whether you wanted it or not."
"Hey!" Alice and I growled. Both boys laughed at our indignation.
Drew's thoughts must have been decent. Edward was genuinely nice to him. He looked at me out of the corner of his eye and gave a slight nod. "Good," I sighed to myself. I didn't want to deal with anymore human crushes for a while. Edward sat next to me, kissing my head with a chuckle.
"So you're coming to the party tomorrow night?" Drew asked us.
"Definitely,"Alice nodded.
"Cool, see you then," he smiled, walking away.
I looked down at the lamb in my hands. "Thank you," I smiled, looking up at him and losing myself in his sweet expression. He sighed, fighting to find patience. In my peripheral vision, I saw Pam watching us. It was all I could do not to touch him to prove a point.
He chuckled at my smirk. "Shameless, Bella," he laughed, leaning in to kiss me sweetly. "Are you about ready?" He asked, kissing my forehead. Pam huffed, walking away, her friends following her.
"Yeah," I sighed.
"I know you guys are dropping us off," Alice smirked, "but get home early. We have to talk about this party...it's not a costume thing...so no worries there, but she's planning something...I want us to have our own plan."
"Fine, Alice," Edward and I sighed.
"Edward, wait," my angel moaned as I pressed her into the hotel elevator wall.
"I can't, love," I growled, kissing her neck roughly. The doors opened to our floor, a bell sounding. I pulled her away from the wall and walked her down the hallway. Her mouth attacked mine and I could barely open the door.
"We really need more alone time," she growled, weaving her hands in my hair, her breathing heavy against my lips. "We wouldn't be this way if we did..."
"Yes, we would," I chuckled, tossing her on the bed and landing on top of her.
"Ok," she laughed, her head tilting back, "you're probably right."
"I know I'm right," I sighed, biting her neck playfully. "I want you all the damn time, love."
"Me too," she groaned, her hands snaking up my shirt. Her warm hands slid up and down my back and into the waistband of my jeans. "All the time," she growled. She pulled my shirt up over my head, tossing it away.
"Tell me," I breathed, dragging my lips along her cheek.
She pushed me onto my back, straddling my waist. "In class, I watch your hands and want them touching me," she groaned, leaning over to kiss my mouth roughly. She took my hands, linking our fingers together and pushing them above my head. "I want them all over me..." She whispered, kissing down my neck. "I watch you walk and I want to wrap my legs around yours, feeling your muscles flex."
"Bella," I growled, writhing under her, but she held my hands firmly.
"You'll turn your head just right and I want to lick your neck, taste you on my tongue," she said, dragging her tongue up my neck and licking the shell of my ear. I growled low, my hips bucking under her. "Your shoulders," she sighed, biting lightly on my collarbone, "I want them looming above me...they're so strong, I want to hold onto them when your inside me."
"Bella, please," I growled and she let go of my hands. I tugged her shirt off, tearing her bra away. I cupped her breasts and she arched into my hands. I pulled her slightly up so that I could latch on to her peaks.
"Oh, fuck...and that mouth," she moaned, her hips grinding against me, "I want it on me all the time...everywhere." I bit down on her nipple sucking hard. I left one, a soft pop escaping as I latched onto the other one.
At the same time, we reached for each other's jeans. They tore from our bodies, flying through the room. "Fuck me, Edward...please..." She growled, tearing her own underwear off.
I pounced with a feral snarl, flipping her back over. I rolled her onto her stomach, lifting her hips to mine. In one swift move, I plunged myself into her. "Like this?" I growled, bending over her, swiveling my hips as she took me in to the hilt.
"More, baby," she grunted, her hands gripping the covers of the bed. I wrapped her hair around my hand, pulling her head to the side and biting her neck. The sound of our skin slapping together filled the hotel room.
"Oh, I'll give you more," I sneered, sitting back and gripping her hips. I pulled her to me over and over, palming her perfect ass. I reached around her, pressing her clit hard and she came so quickly that I don't think either one of us was expecting it.
I leaned back over her, still grinding into her. "I see that we have the same problem, my beautiful girl. I watch you walk and all I want is your legs wrapped around me. I want my hands on your ass at all times. When your hand is wrapped around a pen...all I can think of is what it looks like stroking my hard cock," I licked her from her shoulder to her ear. "And your lips...I want them everywhere..."
"Yes," she growled, arching her hips up to me, coming again with a scream. I growled, sucking her neck hard as she pushed me over the edge.
We collapsed on the bed and I pulled her to me. "Where the hell did that come from?" She giggled as we rolled to face each other.
"No idea," I smirked. She reached up, running her fingers through my hair, her expression soft.
"Thank you for today," she smiled, kissing my lips softly.
"I would do anything for you," I sighed, letting my mouth linger close to hers. "Things have gotten overwhelming..."
"Yes," she sighed, her sweet breath engulfing me. "And I panicked."
"It's ok," I smiled, kissing her again. "It happens to the best of us." She giggled, snuggling closer to me. I couldn't help but wrap my arms around her, holding her as close as I could. Her mind was calm, filling with contentment. She was happy we were alone. "Me too, love."
"You have one hour with her," Alice growled at Carlisle and Marcus. Bella laughed, shaking her head. "We have a party to get to...and, by God, we're not gonna miss it because you two want to test her limits."
I chuckled at the nervous faces of the two men. "She's small...but scary," I laughed, shaking my head.
"I see that," Marcus smiled, his eyes still wide. "Bella...please let me apologize for scaring you the other night...I meant no harm. Your connection with Edward is so strong...I have never seen anything like it."
"It's fine, Marcus," she smiled, standing off to the side. "Go ahead, Emmett," she sighed, shielding herself. Emmett tried to tackle her, but couldn't touch her.
We had to work quickly to show off Bella's shield. Alice wasn't kidding that we only had one hour. She sat impatiently on the side, tapping her tiny foot as we tested Bella's limits.
"Hold still, Bells," Jasper laughed, throwing baseballs at her as hard as he could, catching them as they shot back to him. Emmett joined in, pelting her in a rain of baseballs. She rolled her eyes, launching her shield out trapping them and knocking them to the ground.
"Bells!" They growled, fighting her shield and losing quite ungracefully. She giggled, letting them up.
They're too easy, she thought to me. I shook my head at her, glad she was feeling a little better today.
"Impressive," Marcus chuckled.
"She can shield us all," Carlisle beamed with pride. "I've watched her control her own bloodlust and others. She protected Edward from Chelsea, taking Carina away from her. She can split that shield up. She can stop Jane..."
"Can she fight?" Marcus asked.
"Yes, yes...Bells rocks," Emmett chuckled. "But can she stop Pam from touching Edward?"
Before anyone could blink, Bella landed flat on Emmett's chest, a deep growl vibrating from her. Emmett laughed, rolling with her, but it was too late. She shoved her shield back at him, pinning him to the tree behind him. They both looked up with smiles on their faces as a large branch fell to the forest floor beside them. "Damn," they both laughed.
"Fifty bucks says that hundred year old tree bites it," Jasper chuckled, holding up the money.
"No...but it won't be the same when they're finished. I bet it's majorly damaged," Demitri piped in, holding up his ante.
"They forget the tree," Rose sighed, "the boulder cracks wide open."
"I'm with Jasper," Carlisle chuckled. "That tree doesn't stand a chance."
"Bella bests him...a straight forward win," I smirked, adding to the pot. "Trees and rocks unscathed."
"I'm with Edward," Esme chuckled.
"Alice?" Marcus laughed.
"I'm not allowed to bet," she sighed, rolling her eyes. "I know who wins."
"Are you guys done?" Emmett and Bella asked, laughing.
"Yes, ma'am...good luck, love," I chuckled.
The match was fierce and fast, laughs and growls escaping them both. They would tease and taunt, the ground vibrating with every pin and fall. Bella shot her shield out with force, smashing Emmett into the tree, more limbs falling around them. Half the bark crumbled to the ground. Emmett groaned into a chuckle, rushing Bella towards the boulder, but she jumped up landing on it with a laugh.
She hopped off the boulder, landing on his back, her teeth at his neck. He scowled, but chuckled when she ruffled his hair.
"Demitri with the win," Alice sighed, rolling her eyes at the groans and the grumbles. "It's time," she smiled. "Bells lets go."
"Here, Eddie, there's a growth on my back," Emmett grinned, carrying my wife on his shoulders. "You want it?"
"Absolutely," I smiled, reaching for her. "Good job, baby," I said, kissing her forehead.
She wrapped her arms and legs around me, just barely brushing her lips to mine. Come on, Edward...I have some territory to mark tonight.
"Yes, ma'am," I chuckled, setting her down. Pam's party was definitely going to be interesting.


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