Tuesday, March 20, 2001 | By: Drotuno

Angel's Embrace Chapter 26

"What a mess," I heard Alice sigh behind me.
"Don't shift until that heals," I told Quil, setting his arm. It had been a clean break, but he would be fine in a few hours. The wolves healed so quickly that you could almost watch it happen.
"'Kay, Edward," Quil sighed, wriggling his fingers just outside the makeshift splint. "Is she ok?" He pointed to my Bella still sitting by the cliffs.
"She will be...it's her first real fight," I sighed, watching my love tuck her hair behind her ears.
"She kicked ass," he chuckled, his eyebrows high.
"That she did," I smiled, standing.
I pulled out my phone, seeing Carlisle had called multiple times. I really wanted to wrap my angel in my arms, but he needed to know everyone was ok. I hit send and he answered immediately. "Edward, thank God..."
"Everyone's ok, Carlisle," I sighed, turning in my spot. I was basically doing a head count. All wolves and family were accounted for. "Jane was the only one that got away," I growled. "Bella's quite upset about that fact," I chuckled.
I walked to Jake, who was shaking his hand. It looked like two fingers were dislocated. He held out his hand and I raised an eyebrow to make sure he was ready. He nodded, grunting a curse when I popped the fingers back in place.
"How is she, Edward?" Carlisle asked.
"In shock, I think...we're going to take our time coming home," I said just loud enough my brothers and sisters could hear. Alice nodded, taking the keys to Bella's bike from Demitri and bringing them to me.
"I'm so proud of her...you take your time, but stay in touch," he pleaded.
"We will," I sighed, my eyes falling back to the cliffs. I was drawn to her and needed her soon. I knew she had been worried, but I didn't know what reaction she was having to her own actions.
With a few more details given to my father, I ended the call. "Go to her," Alice smiled knowingly. "Demitri said he would ride with the boys. You two can ride the bike back."
"Thanks, Alice," I smiled.
Demitri walked to the edge of the cliff to sit next to my Bella. His mind was worried that the events of the day were bothering her. Demitri was a fighter, a warrior and had trained many vampires in his long life. The first time you take a life, vampire or human, can change you. He didn't want that for her, especially someone as bright a spark as he considered Bella. He feared that she was dwelling on the darkest parts of the day. I couldn't have told him. She was closed to me.
"Beautiful Bella," he said softly before sitting next to her. "You know that's redundant," he chuckled. "Bella in Italian means beautiful."
"Yeah," she smiled, biting her bottom lip, "Edward told me." I smiled, shaking my head.
"I've seen many fights, you know," he sighed in a weary manner. "Newborn wars, covens out of control...it's hard killing someone for the first time."
"You would think so," Bella sighed, "but I'm not sorry, believe it or not. I can't...have them hurt my family, Demitri...I just can't. I would do it again, only this time I wouldn't drop my shield from Jane."
"Your instincts kicked in, that didn't scare you?"
"No," she snorted. "What scared me was seeing Edward in pain." I sighed, running a hand through my hair. "I was worried about Chelsea more than anything." She smiled slightly. "My brothers and sisters can handle a fight...I've seen it...even when I was human...but I knew only I could stop Chelsea..." My sweet girl was remembering the night Victoria had taken her.
"I'm glad you didn't panic," Demitri smiled, ruffling her hair. She playfully smacked his hand away. She treated him just like Jasper and Emmett.
"I didn't say I didn't panic," she laughed and I couldn't help but chuckle quietly. She was always so honest. "But when Edward stood up, and he was ok...then I knew what to do...if he hadn't been ok...well..." Her voice dropped off, but he nodded, knowing what she meant.
I couldn't be away from her any longer. It had been a hard day and I needed her warmth, her touch. As if she could read my mind, she turned. "Hey, baby," she smiled, looking tired.
"Edward, we'll see you at home," Demitri smiled, standing and patting my back.
I sat down behind my wife, pulling her back to my chest. "Is everyone ok, Edward?" She asked, laying her head back on my shoulder.
"Hmm...yes, after one broken arm, two dislocated fingers, and a dislocated shoulder, everyone should be fine. Oh, and Jasper was bit...again," I chuckled. She smiled, shaking her head.
"Just what he needs...another scar," she teased, giggling when she heard him laugh as he got into the Volvo. I heard the engines start and pull away. Even the wolves had left us.
"What are you thinking, love? Your mind is closed to me," I sighed, kissing her cheek.
"Oh, sorry...I did that to protect you earlier." She lifted the shield. I smiled at the pride she had in herself, in the comfort she was finding just sitting in my arms.
"You did an amazing job too," I smiled, "but I knew when you got here. I could hear the command you gave Seth through the pack mind."
"I'm sure," she smiled, turning her head to nuzzle my jaw. "I shielded you from my personal thoughts, Edward...it would only have caused you to worry about me..."
"Oh," I nodded. All her training had paid off. She knew exactly what she had needed to do and exactly which vampire was the bigger threat. Even though Jane was the more intimidating, it was Chelsea that could have caused the most damage.
She leaned forward, watching the water crash against the rocks. Her mind was drifting back to the same memory that I had had when I was sitting in the very same spot earlier. Victoria's face swirled in her mind, but a vision of me quickly overshadowed that memory.
"I was thinking about that very same thing before..." I smiled, leaning forward to look down at the shoreline.
"Were you?" She giggled.
"Yes, I was trying to ease the pain," I smiled, kissing her head.
"This is really high," she chuckled, her brow furrowing.
"You want to jump?" I teased.
She gasped, pushing me back. "Edward Cullen, that's not funny!" Her growl turned into a laugh as she crawled on top of me.
As she hovered above me, the fact that she was still in my t-shirt did not go unnoticed. I fingered the sleeve and she chuckled. "You told me to wear it," she smirked. I nodded, suddenly ravenous for her. I could barely catch my breath, I wanted her so badly. She watched my eyes darken, hers right along with mine. "I need you, baby," she groaned. "Take the ugliness away..." She frowned, leaning further over me. Her hair fell around us like a curtain.
I knew what she meant. It was ugly – the separation from each other for the day, the visions that I'm sure Alice kept relaying, seeing me writhing in pain, Chelsea trying to take me from her for the second time, her own bloodlust that kicked in for the survival of her family. Ugly. All of it. My sweet wife was beautiful, stunning. She should never see these things. Even though it was there and would possibly return, it was my job to cushion it. Or at the least, make it better once it was over.
I reached up, slipping one hand into her hair while the other wrapped around her waist. "Not here," I breathed, sitting up with her. "Too close to the edge," I panted. I was shaking I needed her so badly. I shifted back away from the edge and stood up, keeping her in my arms. Her strong legs wrapped around my waist, a groan escaping me as she pressed against the bulge in my pants. It was all I could do to walk her towards a small cluster of trees and tall grasses and not bury myself deep within her right there. My steps faltered and I paused, pressing my forehead to her shoulder. "God, Bella...I need...I want..." I could barely think much less speak.
She placed a sweet kiss to my neck. "I know, baby..." She unwrapped herself from me and slid down my front, but didn't step away. Instead, she rose up on her toes to kiss me. I wanted to maintain control, to take my time. That didn't happen.
As soon as her lips touched mine, all control left me. Flashes of the many different ways we could have lost each other flew through my mind, wrecking me. I fisted her hair, walking her backwards to press her into a tree, my mouth assaulting her. "I love you...so much," I growled, lifting her leg to my hip and pressing closer.
"I'm so glad you're ok," she breathed into my mouth.
"Me too," I smiled against her neck. "I'm better than ok, now," I whispered, slipping my hands under the t-shirt that had started this whole thing.
"More," she groaned, her head falling back to the tree as my hands kneaded everything under that t-shirt. She reached down, gripping the hem of it and tugging it off over her head. She was still in the sweatshirt-gray cotton set from that morning. I've seen my Bella in lace and silk, but the simplicity of the cotton just rocked me. "Fuck," I groaned, "you're just perfect..."
"It's just..." She started with a smirk, but I didn't let her finish. My mouth was back on hers. A wonton whimper from her hit my throat as she rolled her hips against mine. Her mind was begging for skin, my skin – and more. I could deny her nothing and I was right there with her.
I stepped back, yanking my shirt over my head and tossing it next to hers. I realized for a split second that it was stiff with venom from the three vampires I had ripped apart. Not including the one that Bella had crushed in front of me with the fiercest of feline strength. And the first one being the unfortunate bastard that had dared to plant a kick to my wife.
My love was impatient, launching back into my arms once my shirt had hit the ground. I pressed her back into the tree, my eyes rolling as her hands roamed all over my body. In her mind, she was making sure I was real, there, and ok. "I'm right here, love," I breathed, pulling back to look at her. "Look at me." Her eyes snapped to mine. "We're both ok..."
"Edward," she sobbed, her hands slipping up my chest and neck to the sides of my face. "Please...I need to feel you..."
I pulled her away from the tree, keeping her pressed to me as I lowered her to the soft, wheat-smelling grasses. A sigh of relief came from her as I pressed a little of my weight into her. She needed me to hold her together. "I've got you now," I smiled, leaning in to kiss her shoulder, collarbone.
"Good," she moaned, gripping my shoulders. I pulled back again to watch the expectant smile I was hoping to see, to relish her sweet tongue glide across her bottom lip. I was not disappointed. She slipped her fingers into my hair bringing me back to her face. I moaned with the flavor of her, with how much I really needed her. Her tongue slipped along mine, causing me to grind into her.
I laid to the side of her, reaching around to flick open the bra I loved her in. I watched as just my touch caused my wife to writhe. I cupped her breasts, leaning down to take her sweet nipple into my mouth, smiling when a graze of my teeth sent my name bursting from her lips.
I kissed the scar above her heart, my hand gliding over her navel to the button of her jeans. No longer could I bear to see her luscious skin covered. I wanted all of her. She kicked off her sneakers, letting me free her from the confines of the denim. As much as I wanted to taste her, swirl my tongue all over her, my touch was more important. I wanted to watch her unravel underneath me. And she needed to feel me.
I cupped her sex, claiming it as mine, and her hips rose up off the ground. She was hot, wet and so ready for me she was practically shaking. "I want to see you come, sweetheart...I need it," I begged, answering her whimpering cries for me to hurry.
Her body rolled in a wave when my finger slipped through her wetness. Her head flew back and her legs opened wider. For me. I moaned, a smile creeping up my face. I did this to her. No one else, but me. Just watching her want me made me so incredibly hard—it never failed to amaze me.
She was close already, her walls clenching hard around my fingers as I slipped them inside her. "Forget everything, love...just feel me. Let it go...none of it matters but what's right here," I whispered, leaning in to lick the sweet skin just below her ear.
"Edward," she growled, her hips rising again, meeting the rhythm of my hand. "Fuck...yes..." She grunted, her body losing all control. I could watch her come all day, every day. Her face relaxed just beautifully, flawlessly, her eyes onyx in lust.
Her tiny hands gripped at my torso to bring me closer. "You have way too many clothes on, Edward," she growled, and I couldn't help but chuckle. When my wife truly wanted something, she took it. I found myself naked before I could blink as she shoved my pants down.
"Better, sweet girl?" I growled, biting at her neck and settling between her perfect legs.
"Yes," I sobbed, pulling Edward as close to me as possible. I didn't want one inch of space between us. He listened to my thoughts, letting every bit of his weight down on me and giving me exactly what I needed. He linked our fingers together, pressing them above my head. The sweetest feeling of heaven came over me as he slipped inside of me. I had him back.
"You never lost me, love, I promise you," he whispered, skimming his soft lips down my cheek to my neck. My mind shut down as his tongue swirled against my skin, sucking and licking. We were so close. I could feel every muscle in his stomach flex as he drove into me. His every exhale was my inhale.
Suddenly I needed to look at him, feel him. I released his grip, rolling him onto his back. "They tried to take you from me..." I cried, touching every bit of his torso I could get my hands on. "They can't have you," I sobbed, leaning down to brush his lips with mine. "You're mine," I whispered.
"Exclusively," he gasped, his beautiful head arching back as I sat up, grinding against him. He was stunning as his hands guided me over him, his bottom lip captured in his teeth. His eyes were black fire, but filled with more than just lust. They were filled with love, worry and relief.
Edward sat up, cupping my breast with one hand and holding my arching back with the other. "Oh God," I moaned as his mouth captured my nipple, rolling it on his teeth and the roof of his mouth. I felt my whole body jerk when his flattened tongue glided over my sensitive peaks, every nerve ending lighting on fire.
"That's it, baby," he crooned against my sensitive skin. "Just feel me...feel me taste you," he said, twirling his tongue again around the areola and nibbling on the nipple. "Feel me fuck you..." he growled, grinding me down over his twitching cock. "And feel us come together, love..." He breathed, his hand slipping between us. My forehead bumped into his as his touch felt like a lightning bolt had surged between us. "Feel what you do to me, Bella," he groaned.
Gripping his neck was the only thing that stopped me from losing complete control of my limbs. I came completely undone, shuddering as my spasms wouldn't stop.
"Shit, Bella," he gasped, his eyes rolling back as my muscles clenched in a way they never have before. He came, stilling my hips, but there wasn't any calming my insides. I buried my face in the crook of his neck, my body still twitching. He wrapped his arms completely around me, grounding me, stabilizing me. "Shh," he whispered, placing the sweetest of kisses on my cheek and shoulder. "I've got you..."
"I know," I mumbled into his skin. I wound my arms around his strong back. I traced a lazy line up and down his spine, taking as many lung-filling breaths as I could. I had fought all day to breathe and now I could. Finally, I sighed in contentment.
"Hey, beautiful," he smiled against my shoulder. "Let me see your face." I lifted my head and he tucked my hair behind my ear. His eyes were a deep gold again, searching mine for any sign of distress. "Not distress," he chuckled. "I was going to give you a choice...we could stay in Olympia tonight...meet everyone at the club tomorrow...it's selfish, but..." He smirked, shrugging adorably. "Or we go home."
"They'll want us home...Carlisle and Esme especially...they'll want to see us," I sighed, rolling my eyes at the pout that was already forming on his face. "When did I become the responsible one?" I murmured, smiling as he chuckled.
"When you married me," he laughed, his head falling back.
"Great," I sighed dramatically. "So you're maturity reverses with age...that's fantastic." I chuckled as his laughter started all over. "I'll make a deal with you..." I smirked, raising my eyebrow.
"Ok," he smiled, raising his own.
"We go home now...let them fawn all over us...but we stay in Olympia tomorrow night...hmm?" I asked, running my fingers through his hair, picking out pieces of grass.
"Hmm...I think those are terms I can live with, Mrs. Cullen," he smiled, kissing my nose.
We extricated ourselves from each other's embrace, getting dressed at our leisure. When we got to my bike, Edward turned to me. "You did an amazing job today, love. Really."
"Thanks," I sighed. "Let's hope it's awhile before they come back, huh?" He nodded, kissed my forehead and straddled the bike.
"Front or back, baby?" He asked, starting the engine.
"Front," I smiled. "You can hold me all the way home."
"Yes, ma'am," he snickered.
"We're ok, Mom," Edward sighed as Esme squished his face, planting kisses on it. She had already spent five minutes doing the same thing to me.
"You're not to be apart anymore," she scolded, her face was terrified. "Carlisle...no more," she insisted.
I really had no problem with that. Neither did Edward from the look on his face.
"Honey, it's irrational to think they could be together at all times..." He started, biting his tongue when she snapped at him.
"No more!" She growled and then set her eyes on us. "Not until this Felix is ashes under my feet. This was too close a call." She took a deep breath and we knew we were in for it. "It's one thing to go to the store or hunting in the same town...it's another to be an entire state apart."
When the "mother bear" came out in Esme, it was best to just smile and nod.
"Yes, ma'am," we all mumbled, giving her wary glances, but loving her for just being Esme.
"And to think..." Edward sighed, "we could be in a hotel room...right now..."
Hey! I laughed, my thoughts betraying me. As much as I agree with you...she needed to do that. Imagine how bad she would be if we waited until tomorrow night to stroll in here. I raised an eyebrow at him. He was chuckling, his hands raised in surrender.
"Don't sweat it," Emmett sighed from the sofa as we made our way into the living room, "we got the same thing when we got home." He shrugged, his face clearly saying, "What can you do?" We all loved Esme, but she really did make us feel like the children we were in her mind. And we wouldn't change it for the world.
I picked up my laptop, shielding my thoughts and sitting down to write. I had finally taken Carlisle's advice and just started writing. I had gotten pretty far, but struggled around the time of the van incident.
I loved that his first instinct was to save me, but I hated that it led to an argument. His cold demeanor at the hospital and his cold shoulder for weeks after would always bother me. I know that he was trying to keep his distance. I know that at the time he believed he was a horrid monster that just wanted the fragile human's blood, but it seemed like time wasted to me.
Upon looking back, he was only mine for six months before he made the decision to remove himself from my life entirely. Again, I understood why he did it, but it didn't make reliving the memory any easier.
Jasper plopped down next to me, reading over my shoulder. For some reason, he was the only person I allowed to read my writing so far. He made a fantastic editor. "Can I send this one off too?" He teased.
"No," I snapped. "You haven't even heard back about the first one."
"True, but I bet this one gets a response..." He chuckled, his eyebrow raised.
"This is for Edward," I sighed. "Period."
"We'll see," he smiled, kissing the top of my head. "And for the record..." He pointed to the screen. "He fought every second of every day not to fall at your feet during that time." I heard Edward chuckle from the piano room. He and Emmett were getting things ready to pack into the cars to take to the club tomorrow night. "I should know," he tapped his temple, "because that man invented the warm and fuzzies..." I laughed, leaning into my brother. "The problem was..." He chuckled at my laugh and the fact that Edward was leaning in the doorway to listen. "We had no clue as to how to handle the once angry, stern, sexually frustrated, bitter...well, you get the picture...once he started with the warm and fuzzies..."
"Damn," I shook my head.
"I'm not sure that was warm and fuzzy," Emmett chuckled from the other room. "But Jasper spread it all over the house..."
"Yeah, not warm and fuzzy," Rose chuckled. "More like hard and blue."
"Aw," I groaned. Edward sighed, shaking his head. Knowing my husband like I did, he must have suffered terribly. Wanting me and unable to give in.
"Sympathy?" Jasper cracked up. "Don't feel too sorry for him...at the time he didn't know what he was missing. Deny him now...the whole house would explode."
"True," Edward sighed, turning with a laugh to go back to packing guitars. I couldn't even laugh about that. I would be just as responsible for fanning the flames as he would.
The worst part, the part I couldn't tell him, was that I would have given in to him. Seventeen and inexperienced – I would have given him anything he asked of me. My heart and body was his. I knew it the day we went to the meadow, the moment his lips met mine for the first time. It was heartbreaking that he didn't trust himself then – too long he had been the monster.
"What are you guys singing tomorrow night?" I asked, changing the subject.
"Don't tell her!" Emmett growled from the next room.
I sighed, begging Jasper with my eyes. "He actually hasn't made up his mind," Jasper whispered with a smirk. "So I couldn't tell you if I wanted to."
"Damn," Rose and I smiled, shaking our heads.
I walked upstairs, setting my laptop down on the ottoman in our room. The sun was setting outside and I was supposed to be getting ready to go. I had written most of the sunny day away, pausing to play a video game here and there with my brothers. The boys had loaded the cars with their instruments while I got lost in memories.
Carlisle had been right. Sitting down and just letting the moment to moment memories flow from my fingers made starting my and Edward's story a hell of a lot easier. As I would scan through what was written, it began to sound like diary entries. It seemed fitting in a way. Edward wanted our story from my point of view and he was getting it in the same form as I had read his.
I heard the shower shut off and couldn't stop myself from turning to see the artful, chiseled beauty that was my husband. His face was one thing – sweet, handsome, perfect – but his body was another completely different thing. It was like looking at the angel Gabriel without wings. He was the definition of ethereal, tantalizing, pure sex on two flawlessly strong legs.
His back was to me as he dried his hair roughly with a towel, every muscle in his back flexing. I couldn't stop from allowing my eyes to caress every inch of him. Beads of water clung to his back like they too loved him. From his wide shoulders and strong arms to the tapering of his rib cage to his waist, my eyes drank him in. My gaze fell to his perfect ass, wincing with want when he shifted his position to dry his chest and back. I clenched my fists in order to restrain myself from not reaching out to touch. I didn't want the delicious sight before me to end.
"If you keep staring, sweet girl, we won't be leaving," he finally chuckled, busting me completely.
"And?" I giggled, raising an eyebrow when he turned to me. I leaned in the doorway of the bathroom, my hands jealous of a mere towel as he secured it around his waist. This was one of those times that I was grateful for my shield, glad I could keep some things to myself. "I lost track of time writing," I sighed, finally giving in to my desire to touch him. I reached up and ran my fingers through his wet hair.
"It happens," he smiled sweetly. "You had such a hard time starting, that I didn't want to stop you."
"And the fact that I'm writing it just for you...hmm, that's not selfish at all," I teased, tracing my finger down his chest and around the towel that was sitting low on his hips. He smelled so damn good – soap and shampoo mixed with honey and sandalwood. And it was all intensified with the wet heat of the foggy room. My mouth watered.
"Completely selfish," he smirked, leaning into me. "About as selfish as the thoughts you're shielding from me."
I bit my lip in order not to laugh. "Thoughts that could keep us from making it tonight," I chuckled. "Thoughts that will keep my mind occupied until we graduate from the next college."
"I have a few of those," he chuckled, pulling me by my waist flush to his warm, damp body. I moaned, unable to stop myself, turning my head as he pressed kisses to my neck. Sometimes, he knew exactly what he was doing to me – other times, not so much. At that moment, he knew precisely what he was doing. "You should get ready," he whispered, pressing my back into the door frame.
My eyes rolled, and I squeezed them shut in order not to rip that towel from him as his lips ghosted around the shell of my ear. My head hit his shoulder as soon as I felt what the poor towel could not hide. "Edward," I groaned, my arms snaking around him, my palms slowly gliding down to the small of his back. "I'll have to take a cold shower," I sighed, "because we don't have time for what I want to do to you."
I felt him smile against my ear. "It seems I need one too," he snickered, grinding into me. "Can you wait, my Bella?" He asked, pulling me back to press his forehead to mine. "We'll stay tonight in the city."
"'Kay," I sighed, closing my eyes and inhaling the scent that was just about to drive me mad. I leaned in and traced my nose along his collarbone to his neck and across his jaw. "Can I have a kiss to tide me over?" I breathed against his lips.
He turned his head just slightly, pressing his lips to mine. I could taste his breath on my tongue as the air rushed out of us. "Ugh," was the only thing that my brain could muster as I drank him in, his tongue slipping along my bottom lip asking for entrance.
I tried to maintain, but I failed. My hands had a mind of their own as they pushed under the towel at his waist. It pooled at his feet and I gripped his ass, pulling him closer.
He smiled against my mouth, breaking from me to kiss along my cheek. "Dangerous, my girl," he chuckled. "You're teasing me." I could feel every inch of him against me, his warm, wet skin under my fingers. His arousal pressed into my stomach and my whole body ached for the want of it. He chuckled sexily as my fingers dug into his back and my forehead pressed to his. I was panting to try and get control. His confident smirk was hard to miss.
"God, Edward...back away," I laughed. "Go...get dressed!"
He stepped back, licking his lips. "Yes, ma'am...this," he motioned between us with a sexily raised eyebrow, "we finish later."
"Oh, yeah," I sighed, pushing him out of the bathroom and closing the door behind him. I rolled my eyes at his laugh on the other side of the door. Patience was not going to be easy to find.
As I looked around the club, I noticed there were people of all ages. I was totally aware of the table full of guys on the other side of the room ogling us. I could very well imagine what we looked like from their perspective: three very young girls – a blond, a brunette, and one raven's black – sitting alone in a club with drinks in front of them. Did we look like we were waiting to be picked up? Absolutely not, if you looked at the face Rose maintained in these situations. She radiated unapproachable, and thankfully, it carried over to me and Alice.
"Not a chance! You talk to them," I heard one tell the other. I smiled down at the drink in front of me, stirring it slightly with the tiny straw.
"You know, that's the only drawback to coming to these places," Rose sighed, a smirk playing on her face.
"True," Alice nodded. "But, fuck...if it's not worth it," she giggled, shaking her head. Alice and I had a serious addiction to watching Edward and Jasper play live in front of an audience. We had passed that addiction to our sister without shame or delay.
"Yeah," Rose said, the smile creeping up on her face. "What is it? Is it watching everyone want them?"
"Yes," Alice and I said, smiling and nodding.
"Or the fact that every word they sing is to us?"
"Yup, that too," Alice and I collapsed into hysterics.
"Maybe it's because they're just damn good at it," she mused, her eyes traveling over the stage.
"Probably," Alice and I cracked up. We just couldn't help it.
"How about...maybe it's because we spent decades hiding amongst the humans, not wanting to stand out...but this lets them do just that..." Rose frowned. She seemed to almost make that comment to herself, but her words caught our attention. Alice and I froze, our mouths dropping open. "What?" She asked, looking between us.
"That may be it," Alice shrugged. "They are extraordinarily talented. They enjoy playing, but it gets old playing at home for just the family. And they can't exactly sign up for the school talent show."
"Although, how funny would that be?" I chuckled, my sisters joining me. Our conversation was cut off when the lights went down. Our boys were up first.
I watched as Edward picked up the guitar I had bought for him, Jasper grabbing the bass next to it. They pulled them over their shoulders almost in sync. Emmett made a big show out of sitting down behind his drums, a set that I noticed kept getting bigger. Soon, we would have to lower him down into them.
They were heartbreaking to look at. Edward ran a hand through his hair, causing heartbeats to pick up all over the club. Emmett smiled, tapping his sticks together and swooning sighs met my ears. Jasper stepped up to the mike and girls all over the club groaned in want of them.
Edward started with a bluesy sound, Emmett and Jasper joining him. But Jasper sang the beginning.
Well you've heard about love givin sight to the blind
My baby's lovin cause the sun to shine
Shes my sweet little thang...shes my pride and joy
Shes my sweet little baby...I'm her little lover boy
Edward sang the next verse, fighting a smile ten miles wide, but he failed. He so enjoyed this with his brothers. They were picky about what they sang to us, picky about getting it just right. The meticulous side of Edward was proud of perfecting a song, but the romantic in him had a hard time containing the happiness that being with me brought out in him.
Yeah I love my baby...heart and soul
Love like ours wont never grow old
Shes my sweet little thang...shes my pride and joy
Shes my sweet little baby...I'm her little lover boy
It was Emmett's turn for the next verse and it was really, truly fitting. Rose cracked up when he sang it, practically growling about getting mean.
Yeah I love my lady...shes long and lean
You mess with her...you'll see a man get mean
Shes my sweet little thang...shes my pride and joy
Shes my sweet little baby...I'm her little lover boy
Well I love my baby...like the finest wine
Stick with her until the end of time
Shes my sweet little thang...shes my pride and joy
Shes my sweet little baby...I'm her little lover boy
Yeah I love my baby...heart and soul
Love like ours wont never grow old
Shes my sweet little thang...shes my pride and joy
Shes my sweet little baby...I'm her little lover boy
Edward's guitar solo had everyone on their feet. I shook my head, fighting my own swoon and desire to rush the stage. And he was mine. I got to take him with me! It was funny that under normal circumstances, all three boys could be really still. It wasn't the case when they were on stage. Edward would walk from one end of the stage to the other, his fingers flying over the strings. Jasper would walk to the front, just out of hands reach.
The round of applause was deafening. They had done an amazing job, but my heart jumped into my throat when Edward took his guitar off and walked to the piano. He sat down, waiting until Jasper had changed guitars. I sighed, again fighting my desire to run to him, to sit with him on the bench like I did at home. He took every opportunity to tell the world he loved me.
The song started with just piano and Edward's beautiful voice.
Oh - thinkin' about all our younger years
There was only you and me
We were young and wild and free
Now nothin' can take you away from me
We've been down that road before
But that's over now
You keep me comin' back for more
Jasper and Emmett kicked in with a heavy sound, making the song sound bigger, thicker.
Baby you're all that I want
When you're lyin' here in my arms
I'm findin' it hard to believe
We're in heaven
And love is all that I need
And I found it there in your heart
It isn't too hard to see
We're in heaven
Oh - once in your life you find someone
Who will turn your world around
Bring you up when you're feelin' down
Yeah - nothin' could change what you mean to me
Oh there's lots that I could say
Just hold me now
Cause our love will light the way
And baby you're all that I want
When you're lyin' here in my arms
I'm findin' it hard to believe
We're in heaven
And love is all that I need
And I found it there in your heart
It isn't too hard to see
We're in heaven
I've been waitin' for so long
For something to arrive
For love to come along
Now our dreams are comin' true
Through the good times and the bad
Ya - I'll be standin' there by you
I groaned at the end of the song, Alice laying her head on my shoulder. It was her way of holding me back, keeping me from launching myself into Edward's arms. Of all the thoughts, he heard that one, his head snapping up to meet my gaze. His brow furrowed and he fought his smile as he strapped my guitar back on. I sent him thoughts of love and need, chuckling when his head tilted in warning. His eyes scanned the room and back to mine. He just told me that there wasn't anything we could do about it right that second.
Edward took the front of the stage with a wink my way, but this was Emmett's song. No doubt about it. It still amazed me how he could play drums and sing, but he did. And they had a blast with it.
Girl, you really got me now
You got me so I don't know what I'm doin'
Girl, you really got me now
You got me so I can't sleep at night
Girl, you really got me now
You got me so I don't know where I'm goin', yeah
Oh Girl, you really got me now
You got me so I can't sleep at night
You really got me
You really got me
You really got me
Please, don't ever let me be
I only wanna be by your side
Please, don't ever let me be
I only wanna be by your side
Girl, you really got me now
You got me so I don't know what I'm doin', yeah
Oh yeah, you really got me now
Got me so I can't sleep at night
You really got me
You really got me
You really got me
Oh no, no, ah
Girl, you really got me now
You got me so I don't know what I'm doin'
Ah girl, you really got me now
You got me so I can't sleep at night
Girl, you really got me now
You got me so I don't know where I'm goin', yeah
Oh yeah, you really got me now
Got me so I can't sleep at night
You really got me
You really got me
You really got me
Oh Oh Oh
As far as I was concerned, they couldn't pack up quick enough. I was already impatient to finish what we had started in our bathroom, but after Edward's song, I was almost sick with need.
My favorite part of the night came when they emerged from the back of the club. While Emmett reveled in the applause, Edward made a bee-line straight to me, ignoring the hands that reached for him. He walked into my arms, his forehead pressing to mine. "I think my sweet girl's patience has just run out," he smirked, his arms wrapping around my waist. I nodded with a whimper, closing my eyes as he planted soft kisses to my cheek and lips. I barely heard the hisses of envy or registered him guiding me out of the building.
It would always amaze me that when one of us couldn't think straight, the other one took over. I suppose that was the connection we had, filling in the spaces where the other lacked, but Edward was calm while I was not. I was in a frenzy for him as we watched the doors close on the elevator of the hotel. I pulled him roughly to me by his long sleeves. His hands were gentle, soothing. Mine were everywhere.
"Easy, baby," he crooned into my ear, placing a sweet kiss there. "I promise to take care of you...of everything," he whispered. "We aren't due home until school on Wednesday morning. I am taking every minute until then to make sure you feel so good, love."
"Not helping," I practically vibrated in his embrace, pleading with my eyes to take the edge off. His voice was more caressing than if his hands were on me.
With a wicked gleam in his eye and a smirk on his face, he shed his jacket, hanging it on the camera in the corner of the elevator. He reached behind him and flipped a switch, the car coming to a dead standstill. I groaned when I realized he was giving me a fantasy from my human days.
"We won't have much time, love," he whispered, pressing me into the wall. "I imagine security will notice soon..." His hands ghosted down my sides, hitching one of my legs up around his waist. I was in a short skirt and it rode up as he pressed into me. The only barrier between us was his jeans and the thin fabric of my underwear. "But I want to take that edge off, baby. Once we're in our room, it's my time...I want to take you slow and deep, love," he crooned, dragging his tongue up my neck as his hand slipped underneath my skirt.
He set my leg down, putting my hands on the rail. He knelt before me, his eyes never leaving mine as his hands massaged my thighs. Up my skirt they went, gripping the top of my underwear and dragging them down. I stepped out of them, smirking as he stuffed them in his back pocket. He pushed my skirt up around my hips, trailing his nose up my thigh and lifting one of my legs over his shoulder.
"Hmm," he whispered, "you have lost patience..." He licked my wet heat and my eyes rolled.
"Yes, ages ago, Edward..."
He used one hand to spread me before him and the other to reach around to grasp my bottom. He wanted me to grind against him, wanted me to come quickly. My hands gripped the rail as I lost myself in the feel of his mouth on me. I felt the metal bend in my grasp, form to my hands as his tongue delved into my throbbing center and then sucked my clit hard into his mouth.
I couldn't stop the noises I was making, the grinding I was doing against his face and he encouraged it all.
"Let me hear you," he growled against my flesh. I was so needy and so close that one word from Dirty Edward was all it took. "Does it feel good when I devour your sweet pussy, my beautiful girl?"
"Oh God, yes," I gasped, my head hitting the wall of the elevator and my hips pressing hard against his face as his teeth grazed my nerves. My knees gave out and I slid down the wall. Edward gathered me into his arms, rocking me as I came down from the sweet high he just gave me.
"Now, you're mine," he smiled against my neck.
"Hey, Dad," my sweet girl answered the phone, rolling onto her back. We were in the shape of a T on the hotel bed. We had been watching a movie just enjoying the fact that we were alone. Her head was on my bare stomach, her dark locks sweeping over my skin. I reached out, unable to resist running my fingers through it.
"No, Jake's right...we're fine. And no one was hurt," she sighed. "It's a good thing no one was camping, Dad, they had quite a few with them."
"That's good, Bells," he sighed. "At least I can do something. Jake is reminding me every day just how easily I could get hurt again."
"I don't doubt that," she giggled. "He was convinced I would kill him when you were in the hospital the last time."
"Oh!" He chuckled. "So, it's your order of protection I'm under?"
"Absolutely," she smiled, tugging my t-shirt that she was wearing down a little further over her underwear. I snickered, tugging it back up. She smacked my hand away with a hushing sound.
"Why aren't you in school, Bells?" Charlie asked, unable to hear his daughter now wrestling with my tickling fingers.
"It's sunny, Dad...can't go out...we go back tomorrow," she grunted, holding the phone between her ear and shoulder and gripping my hand tightly with both of hers. I laughed as quietly as I could. She sat up with an evil smile, grabbing a pillow and smacking me with it. She got off the bed to stand in front of the sliding glass doors.
"Well, come up, then."
"We're kind of stuck where we are, Dad...how about this weekend?" She asked, sitting down on the arm of the chair in the window. Her legs glinted with the sunbeam that shone through the glass in front of her. I rolled onto my side just to look at her, my head resting on my hand. I loved my wife in the sunlight.
"That would be great, Bells," he said, sounding excited. I was never so happy for her. Having Charlie back in her life was a big deal to her. "Call us when you know for sure what time you'll be here."
"'Kay...love you, Dad," she smiled, ending the call. She turned to me with a smirk. "You're rotten," she snickered.
"You shouldn't cover up," I shrugged, chuckling. "And we're not stuck, baby...if you want to go see Charlie..."
"We're stuck," she insisted, with a raised eyebrow. I smirked, shaking my head. "I'm not leaving this room until we absolutely have to," she smiled, getting up and walking to the side of the bed. "You're cute in pajamas," she giggled, pointing to the navy blue lounge pants I was wearing.
"And you're cute in my shirt," I growled, grabbing her and slinging her onto the bed. She squealed and giggled, her legs squirming and kicking at me as I loomed over her. As much as we needed this release, this time to let go, I wanted to talk to her about the incident on the cliff. I stopped tickling her and she stopped fighting me. I brushed her hair from her face, tucking it behind her ear. "Should we talk, love?" I sighed, leaning in to kiss her lips softly.
"Are you breaking up with me?" She teased, giggling.
"Not funny, Bella," I growled. She was too cute as she bit her bottom lip to stop from teasing me more. I saw it in her mind. "I'm not ever getting rid of you," I snarled, biting at her neck.
"I know, Edward," she giggled. "But isn't that what they say when someone wants to break up? We need to talk," She said in a deep voice. My silly girl, my sunshine. I couldn't help but chuckle at her, shaking my head. "Ok, ok," she sighed. "What are we talking about?"
"What happened the day before yesterday...do we need to talk about it?"
"I suppose," she sighed, cupping my face. "You're worried about me...about what I'm feeling after I killed two vampires..." She stated it as a fact and I nodded.
"Yes...Demitri was right...it can change a person," I frowned. She reached up and rubbed my furrowed brow with her thumb.
"It didn't occur to me that way," she shrugged. "I saw my family in need. You in need. It was something that had to be done without question. You are still the same after killing James, Victoria...and however many you did on the cliff...what makes that different for me? You were defending me...I did the same."
"I don't know..." I shook my head. "I guess it seemed different."
"Is this a girl versus boy thing?" She growled. I laughed and shook my head no.
"No...it's a 'my wife' thing," I smiled. "I just want to make sure that you're ok...it's my job, Bella..."
"And you're really good at it," she smiled. "There will never be a complaint."
"I want to be...good at it," I sighed. "Sometimes I feel like I'll mess up...that I'll do or say the wrong thing."
"As long as you're honest, baby...the rest we can work through." Her eyes softened, filled with love and understanding. "You don't give yourself enough credit. You told me once that you had forgotten some of your human instincts. That might have been the case, but because they came back to you, you're more human than a real human is. You feel everything so deeply...you care so much...and you say it all. It's a good thing, Edward."
"You taught me that...all of it," I frowned, tilting my head at her.
"It was there before me, love," she smiled, lifting her head from the bed to kiss my cheek. "I was just the lucky one that you chose to give it to." I kissed her forehead, letting my lips linger against her skin. Her words warmed me, filled me with a contentment that I couldn't begin to express.
"So, you're ok?" I whispered, pulling back to look into her eyes.
"I'm ok," she smiled. "As long as I have you...I'll always be better than ok."
"Good," I smirked.
"Good," she snickered, slipping her hands down my back and under the waistband of my pajamas. "Now, about these pants..."
"Are we leaving from here and going straight to school?" My sweet girl whispered, crawling up on top of me.
"Yes, ma'am," I sighed as her lips traced my jaw line. She pulled the covers over our heads with a giggle.
"There's a part of me that could stay right here forever," she sighed, pressing her lips to mine. I chuckled at her, my hands caressing every bit of her skin that I could touch, starting with her thighs, over her bottom and up her back.
"We could," I smirked. "But we would have to leave eventually."
"You mean room service doesn't have mountain lions and deer on the menu?" She laughed into my neck.
"There is that point," I smiled, my hands still traveling all over her. "There's Alice...and Esme...they wouldn't let us."
"True," she sighed, "and the fact that you have part of Emmett's drum kit in the car."
"Yes, that too...he would be upset. Jasper would miss you at school."
"School..." she groaned, peeking out to look at the clock and sitting up with a sigh. "Is camping still the excuse?"
"Yes, it works...it always has," I sighed, sitting up. "Come on, we need to get ready and then check out."
We stood up and my Bella snickered as she looked around the room. "Not too much damage this time."
"Well, the towel bar in the bathroom..." I chuckled.
"The table in the corner," she winced.
"Is the bed sitting crooked?"
"Hmm...maybe..." She smirked.
"Not to mention the rail inside the elevator," I teased.
"Damn..." She frowned. "I'll pay for that myself...that was...wow!" Her eyes were wide as a smile crept up her face.
"Shameless girl!" I laughed, picking her up and tossing her over my shoulder. She giggled as I set her in the shower and turned the water on her. She squealed, pulling me in with her.
Despite our best efforts, we just barely made it to class on time. I could hear Alice's laughing mind all the way to English class. I couldn't even find it in me to feel embarrassed. I sat back in my chair, my eyes on Bella, already planning our next alone time together.


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