Tuesday, March 20, 2001 | By: Drotuno

Angel's Embrace Chapter 28

"Edward," I whined, "the suspense is killing me. Just ask your question!"
"I will, love..." he sighed, sitting down in my old rocker in the corner of the room. "Just sit on the bed for a moment, please?"
"Too far away," I grumbled, folding my arms across my chest.
"It's not without restraint, my beautiful girl, I assure you," he smirked.
"This room's seen a lot of that," I snorted, my eyes locking with his. Something shifted in his eyes, something that I seemed to have just touched on. "I was just teasing..."
"Tell me what it was like for you when we first met...not when I came back, love," he added when I started to speak. "The beginning."
"Which part, baby?"
"The part..." he sighed, leaning his elbows on his knees. "When I would push you away..."
"Edward, I know why you did that..." I frowned, tilting my head at him. My blood had been too much. Everything about us was restrained. His eyes were black when he looked up at me. Suddenly, it clicked. "You mean...did you frustrate me to the point of handling things myself..." I almost smiled if it weren't for the fact that we had never touched on this subject. I imagined that Edward had wondered this for years.
I shifted on the bed, making myself comfortable. I picked at my old comforter. "I have every intention of answering you, but can I ask a question first?"
"Of course," he nodded.
"What triggered this?"
"Tonight, on the beach," he whispered. "You were...touching yourself and you didn't even know it."
I nodded. I had done exactly that. I suddenly found myself wondering if, even after an infinite amount of years together, we would learn everything there was to know about sex. For a moment, I wondered if we would ever learn everything. Restraint was the key word in this soon-to-be conversation. When Edward came back, I was human and he restrained not to break me. When my past with Jacob had my emotions reeling for years, Edward restrained not to push me too far. Here we were completely open and he wanted to know about the beginning.
"You have to see my side before I tell you that yes, in fact, I touched myself..." I said firmly. He nodded, a strangled noise escaping him. "We were all hormones at seventeen...both of us," I raised an eyebrow at him. "You were my first and last love...my heart was yours instantly. I would have given you anything. You were so handsome,but it was so much more than that...you have no idea," I smiled, "and the sweet things you would say, Edward...your honesty, your professions of love...they were and still are a huge turn on."
He smiled, shaking his head. "Oh," I sighed, my brow furrowing at the memory, "and that electricity that we share...yeah, that didn't help. So, you would kiss me and I would come undone. You know that, because you had to be the one to stop it. You stopped us and would have to make an exit from this room or walk away from me in the meadow, but you put distance between us." He nodded, turning his head toward the window and back to me. "I would wait. You always gave me time before school. And the shower was the best place. I was well aware you could smell me – smell and hear everything."
"What did you think about, baby?" He breathed.
There it was. There was the reason for this whole conversation.
I chuckled, shaking my head. "First, I thought how big of a tease you were," I smirked as he huffed a laugh. "All of that," I gestured to him, "telling me I was yours, you were mine, but I couldn't claim it." I snorted into laughter.
"Bella, please tell me..."
"Simple things at first," I started, unable to deny him anything. "We were just starting. I wanted your hands on me...touching me somewhere other than my face, my hands. I wanted groping and squeezing," I shrugged. "My whole body ached for you to really kiss me. As things progressed, as we got closer, I wanted more. I wanted your body over me. And my dreams...Jesus," I groaned, shaking my head. "I would wake up needing release."
"I know," he growled. "You drove me mad."
"Good," I laughed softly. "Lord knows, you drove me crazy." He chuckled, nodding in agreement. "So...yes, love. I did. I thought about my dreams or the last time you held my face in your hands or the feel of your sweet lips on my neck...it didn't matter. I stayed in want of you." His eyes landed on my hands and I knew what he wanted. "Hold that thought...your turn...did you?"
"Oh, God, love..." He practically growled, putting his face in his hands. "Yes, more than I'd care to admit. You were so beautiful, and I was too strong physically. I was absolutely terrified of hurting you. Can you understand that?"
"Of course," I nodded, feeling my eyes go pitch black with the idea that he pleasured himself with thoughts of me. "Tell me...what did you think about?"
"Don't ask, baby," he begged. "A hundred years of porn and erotic thoughts...they came crashing down around me. It was disrespectful and vile." I groaned, my eyes rolling behind my closed lids. Suddenly he was looming over me, inhaling deeply. "The idea is...good...to you?"
"More than good," I growled, my eyes on his arms as his muscles flexed over me. "Please tell me. You have to understand that I saw it as rejection...that you didn't feel the lust..."
"Lust?" He asked, a growling laugh pushing his sweet breath over my face. "I was riddled with it...I had the whole house in an uproar thanks to Jasper." His voice was deep, husky, causing a shiver to crawl over me. "I wanted it all and yet, I was afraid..."
"Oh Edward, of what?"
"I was scared you didn't feel the same...that you could never understand what I truly was...if I was terrified of hurting you...then I was petrified that I would scare you off. And my human side couldn't bear to let you see how you affected me. I was embarrassed of that part."
"Hmm," I smirked, "you shouldn't be." I giggled as he chuckled deeply, burying his face in my neck, but he held the rest of himself away from me. "That part of you is nothing to be embarrassed about. Please tell me what you thought about..."
"Everything," he whispered, reaching up to unbutton my shirt. "I wanted to see you naked...I was obsessed with it. My imagination is not as good as the reality, my love," he chuckled, parting my shirt and exposing my bra and bare stomach. His eyes softened at his permanent mark over my heart, his finger tracing its shape. "I wanted to feel your skin on mine...you were so warm and my skin so sensitive. I craved it." He traced my bottom lip with the same finger he had been tracing my scar. "I wanted your mouth on me. You have no idea what watching your sensual lips did to me."
I cupped his face with both of my hands, slipping down to the buttons of his shirt. I slowly pulled his shirt apart and yet, he still kept his weight away from me. "Show me?" I asked, meeting his black gaze. "Show me what I did to you..."
He shrugged the rest of the way out of his dress shirt, tossing it aside. He flicked open his jeans, kicking them off the end of the bed. To see Edward's naked, perfect form above me was breathtaking. He was rock hard as he planted a hand next to my head, looming over me again. He reached down with his other hand, tugging on my jeans. I shimmied out of them and my underwear, sprawling bare beneath him.
"To have seen you like this..." He breathed, his eyes traveling all over me. "I would not have held back." I watched with unbridled lustful fascination as his long fingers wrapped around his cock. His biceps and forearms flexed with the movement, causing my breath to catch in my throat.
I couldn't stop my own hand from cupping my breast, my legs squirming for friction. We were watching each other, sharing moans of wonton need. "Fuck," I breathed as his thumb circled his tip, spreading the moisture that had already seeped out. Watching his hand take care of his own desire was beyond anything I could possibly explain. I had no words, just a throbbing need as his hand gripped his shaft.
My whole body arched towards him, my hand slipping between my legs. "That's it, baby..." He purred, watching my hand slide through my own wetness. "Does it feel good?"
"Yes," I growled, my head flying back, my hips rising off the bed as my own finger brushed against my most sensitive area. But I couldn't keep my eyes from him for long. I strained to watch him.
His strokes over himself became quicker, harder, his breathing heavy and in short bursts. I was so close to coming hard with the sight that braced over me, but there was one thing I needed to know. "D-did you do t-this...back then...did you lose yourself when I was asleep?"
"Yes, Bella."
"Oh, fuck," I sobbed at the thought that he couldn't stop himself in my room, that his need was too great, his desire too large. I slipped a finger into my own core, writhing under my own touch.
"Come, love...let me see..." He begged, his voice strained. "I can't hold back, Bella. So fucking sexy underneath me."
My orgasm hit me with a force I wasn't expecting as his words, along with the slight twist of his strong arm, tossed me over the edge. "Edward," I gasped, my eyes rolling back, my hips trying to reach him. "Please..." I pleaded, my hands itching to take the place of his own. I had to grip the bed linens in order to stop from taking over. "On my stomach, baby," I crooned, "mark me as yours."
Of all the things I could have said to him, that was the one thing that caused him to lose control. "Bella," he growled, his eyes deep ebony, filled with lust, "you are mine!" The snarl that he let loose vibrated the whole bed, my body and I could have sworn it rattled the window pane. I felt his hot seed spill on my skin, but it was his face I couldn't take my eyes off of. It was feral, but beautiful – my Edward was all vampire at the moment he came across my skin.
Without pause, he reached down and lifted my leg. His perfect cock never softened as he buried himself into me to the hilt. "Fuck, baby," he breathed, his body melting to mine. "There will never be anything that feels as good as this..."
My breath caught at the feeling of him inside me, deep and twitching. I felt his come between our stomachs and I moaned at the erotic feel of it. "Never," I growled, gripping his shoulders as my body instinctively opened for him and wrapped around him.
We didn't say anything, our bodies speaking for us. He let out a moan as his lips met mine, his tongue begging for entrance that he never needed to ask for. I drank him in, my own moans sounding foreign to me as he drove into me with a controlled slowness. For every lick, kiss and taste he was administering against the skin of my neck and breasts, I was losing myself further from the feel of him.
I whimpered when his eyes locked with mine, his tongue circling my nipple. "Come for me again, baby," he said, placing a soft kiss to the tip. As his teeth scraped the sensitive skin, he snaked his arms under my back and held onto my shoulders. His pelvic bone brushed against my clit with every thrust his hips made.
My eyes never left his as he did the same to my other nipple. "God, Edward..." I writhed, his mouth causing a memory to flood me. The night he first stayed with me – his lips traveling the length of my neck, his nose inhaling my scent. If I would have known then what his mouth could do, he would have stood zero chance. Vampire strength and discipline or not, I would have made him mine. I watched his mouth twitch into a slight smile against my breast at my thoughts. I shattered underneath him, no longer able to stave off the burn that he was creating inside of me.
My muscles clenched around his hardened shaft. His head flew back in ecstasy as he buried himself deep inside of me, coming with a purr this time instead of a snarl. He rolled us to our sides, pulling me closer, but keeping us connected in the most intimate of ways. I pulled his forehead to mine, closing my eyes to the feel of his hands ghosting up and down my back.
I kissed him softly, my breathing starting to even out. "Tell me, handsome," I smiled. "Just when did you defile my bedroom?"
He chuckled, his face looking as if he would be blushing if he could. He pressed his lips against my neck, leaving them there as he spoke. "After prom..." He whispered. "You were stunningly gorgeous...I had held you all night. Feeling your body so close for so long...Love, I was wrong..."
"No, not wrong, Edward," I smiled, running my fingers through his hair. "Just old-fashioned," I teased, laughing when his chuckle shook my body. "What happened?"
"You fell asleep in my arms," he smiled, pulling back to look me in the eye. He reached up, lovingly brushing my hair from my face. "Your dreams were instant. My name from your lips...it did things to me after dancing with you all night." He paused, leaned down and kissed my lips sweetly. "I told myself to leave, to give you a minute...I got up from your unbelievably strong embrace to give myself...distance...but when I got to the window, you called out for me. You begged me not to leave. It was like you knew when I wasn't touching you."
I traced his eyebrow as he continued his story. "I sat in the chair, losing my mind," he chuckled. "You were quite...verbal...that night. And detailed."
"Oh hell," I groaned, unable to not laugh with him.
"I wanted to give you what you wanted...I just...I couldn't..." He sighed, looking forlorn and leaning into my hand on his face. "I didn't know what I was doing or what I wanted. I just knew I wanted you..." He shrugged adorably, a sweet, almost innocent smile playing on his lips. "Before I knew it, I couldn't stop myself..."
"My chair?" I laughed, my head falling back. "God, Edward, I love you!"
"As I love you." He laughed with me, wrapping his arms all the way around me.
"Can I ask you something?" I chuckled, still shaking the image of Edward pleasuring himself in my old rocker out of my head.
"Anything," he smirked knowingly, my thoughts were no secret to him.
"Is it being back in high school that has us reminiscing? I've noticed it more and more lately. With La Push tonight and, well here now..."
"Probably," he nodded, kissing my forehead. "I like it."
"Me too," I smiled.
"How's my story coming along?" He teased, grunting as I gripped his sides.
"You'll get it when I decide you can have it!" I growled, squirming and squealing as his long, slow strokes along my back turned into tickles. I felt him harden inside of me, causing a growl to escape me. I pushed him onto his back, taking him all the way in again. "It's going to be a long night, baby," I purred, licking up his neck.
"Yes, ma'am, I'm afraid so," he breathed, gripping my hips. I smiled against his skin, reveling in our power over each other and the fact that we were alone.
"It's Bella, right?" I heard behind me in Algebra class. I rolled my eyes at Alice's restrained giggle. I turned to face Matthew.
"Yes," I nodded, my side vision catching Pam in a sneer. We didn't really have class that day. Mr. Thompson was out and the substitute gave us a free period as long as we kept the noise down.
Matthew leaned forward. He smelled like cigarettes and the smell of a closed off room, musty. There was a hint of beer in there too. "There's a bunch of us going to hang out down by the coast this weekend. My cousin's getting us beer, and I was wondering if you wanted to join me."
"I don't drink...beer," I smirked, hearing Alice snort behind me at the joke. "I also wouldn't join you because I have a boyfriend, Matthew." Pam sighed with a little relief from behind him. She really needed to figure out what she wanted.
"I could show you a good time," he said, ignoring my statement. Something about the boy's innuendo was disturbing. "That pretty boy of yours couldn't have a clue what to do with that body..." He muttered to himself, his eyes traveling all over me. I fought my growl, my urge to hit him. I wasn't meant to hear what he said, but my sharp hearing caught it anyway.
What bothered me the most was that I knew Edward was watching this through my thoughts right that very minute. Alice huffed a laugh and I turned to her. "We have plans," she stated, her chin jutting out just slightly. "Family commitment."
"Matthew," I sighed, turning back to him, "as flattering as the invitation is...no thank you." Suddenly, I remembered it was a holiday weekend. "Aren't you going to be with family? It's Thanksgiving."
"Hell, no," he scoffed. "My definition of family doesn't necessarily have to be blood related. You should get that."
"I do. I was just curious," I sighed, standing when the bell rang.
"Oh, hell," Alice sighed. "Brace yourself. He just made a really stupid decision." I groaned, staring at her, but she didn't elaborate.
We all walked out the door together and I smiled when Edward and Jasper were waiting for us. My smile faded at the looks on their faces. Alice linked her arm in mine just as Matthew whispered in my ear.
"Let me know if you change your mind." His hot breath in my ear wasn't as shocking as the feel of his lips brushing my earlobe. I saw Edward move, but it was me that snapped.
I gripped the front of his shirt in my hand, shoving him into the lockers behind us. "You can stare...you can drool...and you can talk all the trash you want, but don't fucking touch me!"
"Shit," he gasped, his eyes wide.
Alice's quick and low words of warning were in my ear. "Let him go. You have to stop Edward...now. Mr. Fuller's walking around the corner in thirty seconds."
I turned to look at Edward, watching as it was all Jasper could do to hold him back. Drew wandered into the circle that was gathering around us. "Edward, man, what the fuck?" His eyes locked onto me still with Matthew pinned to the lockers. "What did I tell you, dude?" He strode to Matthew. "He will kill you, dude." He sighed with an eye roll. "Bells...you ok?"
"Yeah..." I sighed, releasing Matthew's shirt.
Edward, I thought, making him lock eyes with me. Calm down. It's my fault that I overreacted. Once he was focused on me, I knew he would settle down.
A wave of serenity enveloped the entire group of people in the hallway, causing some to even lose interest and walk away. I let out a breath of relief, locking eyes with Jasper, who was finally able to let Edward go. My brother gave me a quick nod.
Edward walked to me, cupping my face. "Sorry, love...you ok?" I nodded, rolling my eyes. He chuckled, shaking his head. "I'm certainly glad you like it when I touch you," he whispered. He turned his attention to Matthew. "Touch her again...and I'll finish where she left off," he said, his voice pure control and menace.
"Told you, jackass," Drew chuckled, tugging Matthew from the lockers. "Fucking moron."
"Do you fight all of her battles?" Matthew sneered as he turned to head down the hall.
"Not all...only the ones that would give me the greatest pleasure," Edward replied in a bored voice, "but as you can see, she can defend herself. Though, I prefer it if she sheds no blood...she leaves that to me." The last two words were said in a deep threatening tone that caused Matthew to flinch. I had to fight my smile, because Jasper and Drew snorted in appreciation. Even Alice bit back a giggle at my side as Matthew rolled his eyes and walked away, passing Mr. Fuller as he made his way down the hall just as Alice had predicted.
Drew turned to Pam, Ariel and Wendy. "Stay away from that kid...he's trouble."
"That he is," Edward agreed, wrapping an arm around me. "He's hiding something," he said to Drew and the girls.
"I'm glad it's not just me," Wendy frowned.
"Yeah, Pam," Ariel sighed, her brow furrowed. "He's kind of a jerk, but his sister's sweet though." Pam looked discouraged, but didn't argue. I hoped that if she didn't take Drew's advice, she would at least listen to Edward.
"Ok, ok," Alice sighed dramatically, rolling her eyes. "There's nothing to see here," she chuckled. Wendy and Ariel giggled, even Pam smirked.
"Yes, pixie," I laughed, "lunch time..."
"Spill it, handsome," I smirked, sitting next to him at our table, "what's 'touchy-feely' hiding?"
"Who the fuck is 'Touchy-Feely'?" Emmett growled, looking at me.
"Matthew..." Alice sighed. "He thinks he's the next Romeo..."
"Romeo committed suicide," I laughed.
"The same thing can be arranged for Matthew," Edward smirked. I chuckled softly, shaking my head.
"His feelings are twisted," Jasper frowned. "Is he high?"
"Yes," Edward nodded. "And he's looking to make everyone else that way. He's a pusher...a dealer. That family he told you about is a group of kids that consider themselves a gang."
Emmett snorted, looking between us all. "An angry, suburban, SUV driving, Xbox playing, Nike wearing, mall shopping...real and for true gang?" The whole table cracked up.
"Yes," Edward chuckled, "but that doesn't make him any less dangerous or stupid."
"You mean for them," Rose frowned, her eyes locked on the tables that Pam's and Drew's friends sat. Wendy and Ariel looked uncomfortable as Matthew came to join them.
I turned to Jasper. "Time for a drug article, don't you think?"
"Hmm, let's call Carlisle..." He chuckled. "How many gross pictures can he get us? Ooh! You think he'll let us visit the morgue?"
"Ew!" I gasped. "And you call me a freak," I turned to Alice, who just shrugged.
"That party he invited you to is a rave...underage kids drinking, doing drugs," Edward sighed. "He wanted you there so he could give you Ecstasy."
Mmm, but you do that without drugs, I thought, smirking at him. He fought his smile and caressed my thigh under the table. "I could send Charlie..." I shrugged.
"Smart girl," Edward crooned, his hand slipping just a little higher. "You'll have to find out where it is."
"I guarantee Wendy knows," Jasper nodded, his eyes on the table as they all whispered around Matthew.
"She will," Alice added. Matthew didn't matter to me, just my friends. I needed to make sure none of them showed up at the party he was talking about.
"It has to be an anonymous tip, Dad," my love said, lying back on our bed. She had finally found the exact location of the party that Matthew had invited her to. It was early, but she had left a message at the station for him to call her when he got in.
"Sure, sure, Bells," her father sighed on the other line. "And I know...I can't be there. My last name will give you away..."
"Right...exactly," she sighed.
"This Simmons family is a little screwed up, honey," Charlie started and my head shot up from my guitar. "I ran a background check on this kid. He's trouble. Nothing that you guys can't handle, but the kids at the school..." I could hear him rustling papers around on the other end of the line. "Matthew has been arrested for underage drinking, drunk and disorderly, B and E, resisting arrest without violence, and assault...that last one was in his own house. He blew up on his mother and sister."
"Damn," I growled, frowning. "Why isn't he in a detention center?"
Bella passed my question on and Charlie answered, "He was...he just got out. Parents moved, thinking it was a fresh start, but apparently the kid still sees his old friends from Los Angeles. All of that was when he was sixteen. He's seventeen now. If they arrest him this time, he'll be treated as an adult...I can almost guarantee it. His record will haunt him."
"Thanks, Dad," Bella sighed, sitting up and pulling a pillow to her. She wrapped her arm around it, hugging it.
"How will you keep those kids away from this party, Bells? You said he was inviting people..."
"Alice..." Bella snorted, "she's planning an everyone at the mall thing to entice them to stay with us. A few won't be a problem, there's one or two that were tempted according to Edward."
I nodded, turning the tuner on my guitar. Todd and Pam were really leaning towards going. They lived for their popularity and their curiosity of Matthew was making them want to go.
"If there's one thing I've learned being a cop, you can't save them all, sweetie. Just do your best, but don't mention it to anyone," Charlie sighed, sounding tired. "You can't let them know this was your call."
"Ok, Dad, call me when it's over," she frowned.
"I will. Are you guys coming up for Thanksgiving?"
Bella's eyes locked with mine. I nodded and shrugged. "We can go if you want, love. Maybe we can get out of Truth or Dare," I chuckled.
"Oh yeah," she said, her eyes lighting up. "That's a yes...we'll be there."
"Bring everyone, honey. The boys need another football lesson. They say the last one was a fluke," Charlie chuckled.
"Whatever," she snorted. "See you then, love you, Dad." She ended the call and tossed her phone on the bed.
"For the first time, Emmett's happy we're not playing Truth or Dare," I chuckled, hearing his booming mind downstairs. He was looking forward to another hard hitting football game. He and Jasper had liked being able to tackle as hard as they wanted without fear of hurting someone. Not to mention, it was more than just family they were playing against.
"What about you?" She smiled, slipping off the bed and kneeling behind me on the ottoman. "Will you play this time?"
"Yes, ma'am," I nodded, leaning into her as she wrapped her arms around my chest from behind. She planted the sweetest of kisses on my shoulder. "I didn't play last time, because Charlie wanted to talk to me." The conversation we had concerning Bella's happiness was something he had needed to get off of his chest.
"And what did you talk about?" She smiled against my skin.
"You, sweet girl," I said, closing my eyes as her lips traveled up my neck. Warm tiny fingers ghosted over the skin of my chest and stomach. "He thanked me for making you happy."
"Really?" She gasped softly, her lips coming up off my neck.
"Mhm," I nodded, turning my head just slightly to look at her. "We talked about why I left," I frowned and she kissed my cheek. "He hasn't quite forgiven Jake...so I explained how imprinting works."
"He may never forgive him," my love whispered, pressing her forehead to my temple. "That's just my dad."
"True, love."
"Play for me before we go to school. It's the last day before Thanksgiving break and we'll be busy all weekend...we rarely get this chance," she requested, nuzzling my jaw.
It was still dark outside, the sun hadn't risen yet. I was going to ask her if she wanted something specific, but her mind was open and she didn't care. She just liked it when I sat in our room, playing softly, even if it was just practice. She liked even more that I didn't wear a shirt when I did it. I bit back a smile and played softly for her.
I started with a Spanish style song and then some songs she would recognize. I could deny her nothing. Had she asked me to stay home and play for her all day, I would have done it without question. She stayed wrapped around me from behind, occasionally placing kisses to my shoulder, neck and hair. Her sweet mind was fascinated by the muscles in my forearms, unable to stop a finger from tracing them as they moved.
Without thinking, I played Wild Horses and she moaned wantonly behind me. "I will never hear that song and not think of our first night back together at your house," she whispered against my ear. Her tongue flicked out just slightly, tasting the skin of my earlobe.
She was right. It was just after my return. She had come to stay the weekend and had fallen asleep. Her nightmare had filled me with guilt to overflowing amounts. She had found me playing this song, apologizing to me for causing my sadness. I will never deserve the forgiveness that she constantly gave me.
It was the first time I truly let go with her. I dropped every restraint, every gentlemanly thought, touching her for the first time. At the time, I just craved her touch. I had been without it so long that there wasn't a part of me that could have stopped. Two years of missing her to the point of agony and twenty four hours of her complete forgiveness, she could have done anything to me and I would have taken it without complaint. Had she asked me to make love to her that night, I would have. I wanted to be owned by her. No more running, no more pain, no more separation. I gave in to the fact that she had been my mate, my true love – mine. Even though she had been human and I could have broken her physically, it was an impossibility. There wasn't anything about me that could have hurt her and I had finally come to terms with it.
In her hazy human memory, she let that night come back to her as well. Our tentative touches, our kisses – all on my piano bench at the Forks house and then up to my bedroom. In her mind, I watched as she thought I was a dream. A sad dream. Something about us couldn't be stopped that night. When she remembered that I picked her up and set her on my lap, friction urging us for more, I couldn't play any longer.
I set my guitar down and she crawled around to my lap. "Come here," I whispered as she straddled my lap. Her fingers slipped into my hair, her eyes filling with a love that was breathtaking. "It was a dream for me too," I breathed against her lips, wrapping my arms all the way around her. "Touching you like that...seeing you, really seeing you for the first time...you were beyond stunning."
"I wanted you to be real," she whispered, her voice barely there. "I was glad you didn't stop."
"Me too, sweetheart," I nodded. "I don't think I could have anyway," I smiled.
"Me either," she giggled, brushing her lips against mine. "You wouldn't let me touch you," she giggled again.
I cupped her sweet face in my hands. "Control, baby. I was barely clinging to it. Don't think for a second I didn't want you to. It was new. All of it. And we were...healing, my sweet girl. It was better that night was all about you."
"It was perfect," she smiled sweetly. "You swore to me you would never leave me, and you've kept that promise."
"I always will," I sighed, bringing her in to kiss her. I could hear Alice's mind become restless, but trying to give us privacy. She was aware of Bella's complaint that someone was always home, but we would need to leave for school soon. Emmett and Rosalie weren't all that concerned about school, but Jasper was. He was looking forward to the article on drug abuse that he and Bella were writing. He was quite proud of it.
As we kissed, taking our time with every brush of our lips, every lick of our tongues, I could smell my wife's heady arousal. "My Bella," I groaned, my eyes rolling back as her tongue did things to my ear that had to be illegal. "School, baby...I don't ever want to stop you, but we should get ready." I couldn't help but grip her bottom and pull her closer – my actions betraying the words I was saying.
"Edward," she growled, scooting closer to me so that our bodies were flush. She sounded so much like a threatened kitten at the moment, that I couldn't stop my chuckle. "Don't laugh," she smiled against my neck.
"Sorry, love," I sighed, pulling her back so that I could stare into her delicious brown pools. "If it were my choice, this is where we would stay all day..."
"Then what's the problem?" She teased, licking her bottom lip as a smile crept over her beautiful features.
"Never a problem, just poor timing, Mrs. Cullen."
She sighed and nodded, knowing we were unable to stop ourselves most of the time. She knew, like I did, that our love created a selfish bubble around us, making us forget everything but each other. She tilted her head at me, sighing again, but this time in defeat.
"Ok, ok, you're right," she shrugged. "I'm getting dressed," she pouted, and it was so cute that I couldn't resist one more kiss.
"Don't," I begged, pressing her lips to mine. "I want you, always. Don't ever think that I'm rejecting you."
"Oh, Edward," she chuckled menacingly, "if I didn't think you were right, I'm well aware of what buttons to push to get my way."
"I know you do, my shameless girl," I smirked.
"I know rejection and this..." She growled low, rolling her hips over my arousal and eliciting a wonton groan from me. "That's not rejection."
"Evil, Bella," I said, my voice sounding pained as my head hit her shoulder.
"Welcome to my world," she giggled, wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing the top of my head. "And sometimes it's just your voice that does it."
"Maybe I should apologize for that, then," I chuckled into her neck. If I could be sweating, it would be rolling down my face with the restraint I was using not to toss her onto our bed and have my way with her.
"Don't you dare," she laughed, bringing my face up. "I love every second of it."
I stared at her sweet face, wanting to say anything, but I was lost in her beauty. "Can we...I need..."
"A few days of getting away?" She finished for me.
"Yes, please..."
"I would really like that," she whispered, smiling so softly. "Surprise me," she giggled, slipping off my lap. "It really doesn't matter where – just a night or two."
"Really?" I smiled, unable to hide my shock. "You hate surprises." Though I loved to plan them, I usually didn't. Even as a human, she didn't like me to surprise her. Our honeymoon to Isle Esme was a surprise as well as a trip to New York for Valentine's Day. My mind reeled with the possibilities of what I could do.
"Normally," she smiled, leaving me with only that answer as she went into the bathroom to get ready for school.
Instantly, my mind went to work. I knew better than to go far – Carlisle was still concerned with the threat of the New Volturi, but that didn't mean we couldn't go somewhere. Anywhere my love had never been.
My family wanted in on the action immediately. Their suggestions hit me like a ton of bricks.
Los Angeles
But it was Esme's suggestion that hit home. Redwood Forest, Edward. It's beautiful. Carlisle rented a cabin down there once by the ocean.
"Perfect, Esme, thank you."
You deserve it, son, her sweet mind hit me. Take that girl away for a few days. There's never privacy around here. Why do you think I visit your father's office so much?
"Aw, Mom!" I growled, shaking my head at her laughter. As I got dressed for the day, I wracked my brain to figure out how to set up our trip and make arrangements without Bella finding out.
I'll handle that, Alice's mind jerked me out of my own thoughts. I looked up to see her standing in the doorway. I'll give you just enough time to make your plans, but I won't separate you for long. She doesn't fight the shopping thing anymore...so we'll go after school.
"Thanks," I nodded, turning when the shower shut off in the bathroom. "I won't need long," I mouthed and my little sister nodded, knowing that we didn't want to be apart any longer than we had to. Esme's request that we stay together was something neither of us bothered to argue with.
I waved Alice from the door, closing it softly just as my wife came out of the bathroom wrapped in just a towel. Yeah, I thought to myself as my eyes traveled over every inch of her, we definitely needed to get away.
"We're going shopping with everyone tomorrow," Bella growled, "but fine, Alice."
"That's not shopping. We'll end up at the movies anyway," Alice pouted. "It's not like you couldn't use a trip, Bells." Bella rolled her eyes at our sister's urging, but didn't fight her.
My instinct to defend her was huge, but I really needed a few minutes to set up our time away. I took Bella's hand as we walked through the school parking lot, picking it up and kissing it.
"Who's going with us tomorrow?" Jasper asked, looking over at Alice. My brothers and I weren't particularly fond of shopping with the girls and normally they didn't force it upon us, but all three had pleaded with us to come along. Emmett and Jasper were no better at denying their mates than I was. We knew it wasn't about shopping as much as being together in public with friends.
"Pam and Todd are still undecided. I'm not sure about Britney and Rachel...they usually will follow Pam anywhere, but they are undecided with this." Alice paused, her eyes unfocused. "They actually want to go with us...they are trying to convince them to forget about the party."
"Good," Bella and I sighed, walking the opposite direction as Alice and Jasper and making our way to our first class.
"Today is a worthless school day," I chuckled, sitting next to my love in English. "No one learns a thing the day before a holiday break." Most of the teachers were planning on taking it easy today. In their minds, they were just as ready for the break as the students were.
Bella looked up from her book and smiled at me. "Yes, I know, but it won't hurt to be here." I flinched when Erika's mind traveled into territory I had no desire to witness. "Uh oh," Bella sighed, looking around. "Poor thing," she smirked. "I don't have to read minds to tell you what she's thinking," she teased.
"Do tell, smart girl," I chuckled, leaning on my elbow to focus on my wife and not the thoughts around me.
"Hmm," she mused, fighting her smile and letting her eyes travel over me, "let's see...I'm sure that the way you looked at me just a moment ago was what started it. She is probably fantasizing about you looking at her that way."
"Good, what else?" My amusement could hardly be contained.
"Your hair...she wants to know what it feels like," Bella snorted. "It's always deliciously rumpled, my own hands can barely stay out of it." With that said, she reached up and brushed it from my forehead.
"Are you sure you can't read minds?" I teased, fighting my laugh. Those were indeed Erika's thoughts so far.
"No, not my talent," my angel sighed dramatically. "Next...your hands. You've slowed your movements to a graceful pace – decades of practice, I'm sure. Everything about them is deliberate in action. Here's where I could get jealous...she wants to know what they feel like touching her, tucking her hair back like you do mine." She let her finger trace each of my fingers that had been playing with an ink pen.
"Keep going," I whispered, my smile slipping. It was like Bella was making love to me verbally as the actions progressed in the mind of Erika.
"Oh, well...I'm not sure where her experience lies at this point, but my own thoughts would be focused on your lips, your mouth next." She smiled as I nodded slowly in awe. I was sure my eyes were darkening. "Which would then lead to what it would feel like to kiss you, taste you. How it would feel if your tongue met hers, twisting in the most intimate of kisses. How would you taste? Sweet? Warm? She doesn't know, so her thoughts have to be running every scenario."
"Bella," I groaned, her voice was killing me. "How did you know this?"
"Because I've been there," she laughed softly, biting at her lip. "The last thought before she snaps out of it will be when you can't restrain yourself and press into her – be it a wall or door, you kiss her into oblivion, because every girl wants to be kissed like you can't stop, like it can be avoided no longer."
"That was...impressive," I chuckled, shaking my head to clear it. I glanced up at Erika, who gasped and turned away. "Really impressive. Did you really..."
"Yes," my love nodded, looking like she could be blushing like she did when she was human. She looked back at her book, fighting a smile, my shy human reemerging before me.
"When, beautiful?" I whispered into her hair.
"All the time," she giggled. "From the very beginning to when you came back...to now. I can't stop it," she sighed, looking up at me. There was an embarrassment there – a plea for me to not tease her over this. How could I? When my own mental images concerning Bella had traveled down the exact same path so many times that there was no way to count them.
"I hope you never do," I sighed, drowning in her eyes.
"Tell me again why we're going shopping after school?" I whined as Alice and I plopped down in our seats in Algebra.
She studied me for a moment, a smirk playing on her lips. "Shield."
"Oh hell," I laughed, shielding our thoughts from Edward. He would not be pleased, especially in the class I shared with Matthew.
"You need to shop like a wife shops for her husband," she said so low that only I could hear her. She raised an eyebrow at me.
"Oh, our weekend...so he's planning something. Good, I wanted him to," I smiled.
"Yes, he's very excited that you've granted him a surprise," Alice laughed. "And you'll love it."
"Say no more." I held my hand up. "Let him have his fun." I eyed her again. "Just tell me...will I need to go crazy at Victoria's Secret?"
"Hell yes," Alice squealed and clapped. "Some things will not survive the trip."
"Nice," I chuckled. "Ok, I'm taking the shield up...Edward will get nervous about this class."
"Oh right," Alice nodded, her eyes slipping past me to Matthew. He was chatting softly with Pam, but she seemed to be brushing him off. "She's pissed," Alice chuckled, "Ariel went over her head and told Pam's mom about the party...she's not allowed to go. She can go to the mall with Ariel and us, but not to the party."
"The end justifies the means," I sighed. "As long as they stay away from him."
"The bad boy will always be attractive," Alice shrugged. "I don't get it."
"Me either," I shook my head and turned back to her. "You realize we just agreed on that and we're married as vampires to vampires. Wouldn't that by definition make them bad boys?" I laughed.
"Only if they weren't vegetarians," she guffawed, leaning into me.
"This is the dumbest conversation we've ever had," I snorted, shaking my head.
"I doubt it," she giggled. "It most certainly won't be the last."
As we walked out of Algebra, we looked out over the school. "It's snowing," Alice smiled. "That's fun." She turned her attention to Edward and Jasper, who were leaning against the lockers waiting for us. "Stop, Edward...it wasn't for long."
"Yeah, but," he frowned, looking between us and then glared at Matthew as he walked by.
"We kept it short," I smiled. "I promise nothing happened during that five minute conversation."
"He was nervous as a cat with a long tail in a room full of rocking chairs," Jasper laughed, slapping an eye rolling Edward on the back. "I told him you two would keep it short."
"I didn't like it," he pouted sweetly, taking my hand and leading us to the lunch room.
"You're so spoiled," I laughed, poking his side.
"It's your fault," he smirked, sitting down at our table with Emmett and Rose.
"I will not assume full credit for that," I said, shaking my head. "I will admit to making it worse, but not your spoiled ass in its entirety. I don't know who started it before me, but that's not my fault."
"Esme," the whole table cracked up.
"Remind me to have a word with Mom when we get home," I sighed, my eyes narrowing at him as he laughed shamelessly.
"It won't do any good," Emmett chuckled. "He was the first," he teased in a whiny voice.
"Then, it didn't help that she fawned all over him when he was always alone...she gave him everything," Rose laughed, catching the roll that Edward threw at her and setting it down.
"It got worse when Alice and Jasper came along," Emmett continued, laughing when Edward flipped him off. "Esme felt bad about another couple making him feel left out."
"So," Jasper chuckled, "Mom encouraged him to do things that made him happy...so there you have it."
Oh, but his face! I was getting the saddest puppy face I had ever seen on human, vampire or puppy. "Aw, poor baby," I laughed, taking his face in my hands. "This face was what did it," I chuckled, running my fingers through his hair. He was fighting a smile for changing the whole thing around.
"Exactly," my whole family sighed.
"And you're just as susceptible to it as our mother," Rose laughed. "There's no hope for him now."
"I can't help it," I smiled at his chuckle. "But I'm still talking to Mom when I get home," I growled, raising my eyebrow at him.
"She'll deny it," Edward smirked.
"She can try, but apparently...I have witnesses," I giggled as the family laughed at us.
"Actually, she can shop with us," Alice beamed, pulling out her phone.
"Nice," Rose smiled, "it's been a while that we've had a true ladies day."
"Even better. Maybe she can tell me a few stories as we get pedicures," I teased, laughing when Edward groaned.
With snowball fights in the hallways and hardly a teacher that felt like teaching, the rest of the day flashed by. We made our final plans with Drew for the next day, and I turned with a pout to Edward.
"I know, love," he sighed, trying to rub the worry from my forehead. "It won't be long and if it's too much, call me. I'll come to you."
"It won't be necessary," I sighed, lifting up on my toes to kiss him. "I hate being away from you, but it's just a few hours." I didn't know if I was saying that for his benefit or mine.
"Mine," he chuckled against my lips. "I need to hear it too."
"'Kay," I smiled, kissing him again and taking the keys to the Volvo he was holding out for me.
"Come on, Esme's meeting us there!" Alice giggled from the backseat. With one more kiss, I got in, starting the car. "When I talked to her, she said she had lots of stories to tell..." Alice beamed, looking up at Edward through the window.
"Love you, baby," I laughed, backing out as he growled at all of us.
"Love you too," he sighed, a smile playing on his lips as he shook his head.
Alice cranked the volume of the radio as we pulled out of school, heading to the mall. It was really going to be a girl's day out.


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