Tuesday, March 20, 2001 | By: Drotuno

Angel's Embrace Chapter 29

"It is not my fault Edward's spoiled," Esme gasped. "It's Carlisle's."
"Right," Alice and Rose sighed together. I bit my lip in order not to laugh.
"Ok," she sighed, "so maybe I paid him a little more attention than the others." She shrugged, smirking shamelessly. "You have to understand, Bella...he was with Carlisle before I was. He was so strong when he helped me through my first years. He was calm, reading my mind to predict when my thirst was too much. And he could barely determine if it was mind or voice that he was hearing. Sometimes that talent just about drove him mad, little one."
She sighed, pausing the conversation as we passed a couple holding onto each other. Her eyes softened as she looked at them and stopped us in front of a store we all wanted to shop in. "Edward was kind, smart, and so sweet. I wanted him to find love so badly that I encouraged him to the point of annoyance. I just knew he would be exactly what he is now. Loving, caring and tender. But as time went on, he watched the couples around him and he became bitter."
"Oh, Bells," Rose sighed, "as much as we tease Edward...that part is true. I don't think he was jealous exactly, because he removed himself so far from us most of the time. But he tried so hard to be...ok...with being alone."
"You guys are killing me," I sighed, my soul aching to just go back home.
"So here's where the spoiling came in," Esme giggled. "It started with just watching my son. I tried to see what brought him the briefest moment of happiness and I would exploit it. The piano was the biggest one...I would make him play for me for hours, because his face would relax. He would lose that tension that he carried."
"Cars were another," Rose smiled. "Edward and I share a love for fast, expensive cars. I couldn't help it either...I suppose we are all responsible. He and Emmett loved any new technology that would come out...just imagine that for eighty years." I laughed, trying to even conceive a technological timeline.
"It was different with me," Alice smiled sweetly. "By the time Jasper and I came along, every one of them had already had their addictions or whatever. With me, I gave him someone to talk to...we bonded really fast."
"I tried so hard to make him happy," Esme said, her voice trembling with emotion. "I knew it wasn't the same as what a mate could do, but I love him as if he were my own...just like the rest of you. It broke my heart to see him build the wall around himself. And when he left us for those ten years to try to live on his own...I missed him so."
"But he didn't ask for much, Bells," Alice smiled. "He was used to doing things for himself. If he wanted something...he got it. If he wanted to see someplace, he'd go. But there was no joy in it. It was a thirst for knowledge more than anything."
"So if he wanted something, even if it was as small as a new radio or some new CD..." Rose sighed. "We encouraged him to go get it, because we lived for that one bright flash of happiness."
"So if that constitutes spoiled, then Mrs. Cullen," Esme laughed, "you are indeed responsible for it...because you caused the biggest, brightest flash of happiness we've ever seen."
"I know," I laughed. "I can't deny him of anything."
"She fell for the face today," Rose chuckled, elbowing Esme.
"Not the puppy face!" Our mother gasped and then shattered into her beautiful laughter. "He has no shame..."
"No, no, he doesn't," I giggled. "Come on, let's get this done."
As our shopping excursion progressed, we found ourselves in hysterical laughter, talking about our men. For some reason, nothing was sacred. Almost nothing.
"Come on, Esme," Rose laughed as we all sat in a row getting our toenails done, "spill...what's the most romantic thing Carlisle's done?"
"There's not one specific thing. Each wedding or renewal of vows was bigger and better than the one before, but the first was too sweet. He recruited Edward, I'm sure." She smiled, her eyes glazing over. "He led me out to a small field where they had set up an entire outdoor bedroom and there were candles everywhere. How the two of them didn't start a fire is beyond me." We all laughed at the thought of the two of them lugging furniture out to the middle of nowhere.
"And you?" I asked Alice.
"I think..." She sighed sadly. "I think Jasper trying to help me find my past was the sweetest thing ever. We traveled all over the South and he never got bored or impatient."
"What about you, little one?" Esme smirked. "What does Edward do that just pushes your buttons?"
"Um..." I laughed, struggling to hide the one true thing. Nothing pushed me closer to the edge than Dirty Edward. But Esme would cringe at the language. "There's not one thing," I chuckled. "His voice is deadly. And he says some of the sweetest things."
And naughty, I thought to myself with a smirk.
"There's more to that..." Rose laughed. "Tell us, Bells...come on."
"Holy crap!" Alice gasped. "You so aren't spilling. What does my brother do?"
"Do?" I asked, feigning confusion. "He plays the piano..." I laughed at their groans. "And the guitar..." I sighed when their pleading faces wouldn't go away. "Ok, fine. I won't spill on everything, but I'll tell you this...I don't know if it's our connection or what, but there are times when we don't even have to speak. Everything around us just disappears. The look in his eyes...it makes me feel like we're the only thing that exists."
"Carlisle thinks that's your shield," Alice smiled, patting my leg. "And that's not the juicy stuff."
"Damn," I whined. "I don't spill juicy stuff...gimme a break, will ya?"
"I bet Edward has a wicked dirty mouth," Rose guffawed as I fought hard to keep my face passive. "I've heard him wrestling with Emmett. They thought they were away from us women, but they weren't. I heard him..."
"Edward would never!" Esme gasped and I thanked God, the stars above and anything else up in the sky that she didn't know just how fucking sexy Edward's dirty mouth was.
"Dirty talk is hot," Alice chuckled, shaking her head. It took everything in me not to agree with her.
"Yeah," Rose sighed, a dreamy expression taking over her face.
"You would know," Esme smirked at her. "Emmett's mouth doesn't get any dirtier. I've threatened him on more than one occasion to wash his mouth out with soap."
"Come on, Bells...anything," Rose begged.
"Ok, fine," I growled. "He writes me letters everyday at school. Did you know?"
"No!" Rose and Esme gasped, smiling, but Alice nodded with a smile. She would know, because Jasper watched me melt every day when I read them.
"Oh, I bet those are good," Esme giggled, leaning into me. "Does he give Mr. Darcy a run for his money?"
"He must," Alice giggled, answering for me. "Jazz says she drives him crazy when she's reading them." I laughed, nodding.
"Jasper says I radiate warm and fuzzy feelings," I chuckled.
"Oh, no...that's not all he says you give off," Alice cracked up.
"No, I imagine not," Esme smirked, looking at me out of the corner of her eye. My face must have been cringing in fear of revealing anything else to them. Her gaze softened. "Can you blame him?" She sighed, a beautiful smile playing on her face. "He waited so long for you, sweetie...I can imagine he would tell you every minute of every day just how much he loves you." Suddenly, I just really wanted to be home. I nodded, absently rubbing my chest. "Ok, that's what I was waiting for," she smiled, taking my hand in hers. "We'll go home, Bells."
As we walked out of the salon, Rose leaned over to me. "There's nothing wrong with keeping the good shit to yourself. Edward doesn't spill to his brothers either." I smiled, looking up at her.
I pulled out my phone, unable to keep my emotions from bursting from me. I texted Edward quickly.
B: I love you so very much, do you know this?
Edward's reply was almost instant.
E: Yes, my sweet girl. And I love you...What stories did Mom tell you?
B: Nothing I didn't already know. ;)
E: Good! Come home to me...there's not a spot on you I don't want to kiss.
I groaned, shaking my head to clear it. Before I could react, Esme grabbed the phone from me. "Ooh, damn," she laughed, waving her hand in front of her face, "he is good."
"Give me that!" I snorted, snatching my phone back. "There are some things a mother shouldn't know," I huffed, which only caused her to laugh harder.
With one last check on my reservations, I closed my computer and went back upstairs to our room. I glanced around, thinking my life used to be so clean, neat, organized. Boring. I fought my smile as I took in the chaos surrounding me. Bella's shopping from the day before was tossed carelessly into the chair by the window, our clothes were everywhere. She had come home and we had never joined the family back downstairs, choosing to lose ourselves in each other. The result of that was evident all over our room. I wouldn't go back to neat and organized for anything in the world.
"I'll pick it all up in a minute," my wife giggled from our bed.
"That's not what I was looking at," I smiled, tilting my head at her. She was lying across the twisted sheets, typing away on her computer. All she was wearing was underwear – a sea green set that just added to her perfection. It was a rainy, cold morning, a bluish haze drifted in through our window, caressing her bare legs. She rolled to her side to look at me with a raised eyebrow.
"And just what, Mr. Cullen, were you looking at?"
"Bella, you're laying across our bed in...well...just that," I breathed, gesturing from her head to her toes. "It's kind of hard to ignore. Not to mention the evidence of last night all around you," I mumbled.
"I do love your honesty," she giggled, shaking her head. "I was getting dressed, but a memory hit me and I needed to get it down. Your story is almost done, baby," she sighed, typing a quick sentence and shutting the computer.
"Really?" I couldn't hide my excitement for her version of our beginning if I tried. She had read mine so much that the binding of my old journal flopped open flat. I wanted it, needed it. And I couldn't exactly explain why. "Which memory?" I asked, lying down on my side facing her.
"Do you want me to tell you, or do you want to wait and read the whole thing?" It was an innocent question and I couldn't be more conflicted about answering it.
"I'll wait," I finally answered, wrapping my arm around her waist and bringing her body flush to mine. "This is...hmm," I smiled, licking my bottom lip as my hand slipped into the back of her boy shorts to palm her ass, "very pretty...and I'd hate to ruin it, love."
"Then don't," she smirked. "I kind of like it...that's why I bought it."
"Oh, but you're so tempting," I sighed, rolling onto my back and pulling her on top of me. Both my hands slipped into her panties, gripping her bottom a little harder. Her hands braced on each side of my face, her legs on each side of my stomach.
"I have more," she teased, sitting up straight.
"Really? What colors?" I grinned, my hands unable to stop themselves from caressing her thighs, hips and up her sides.
"I shouldn't tell you...some of them are a surprise," she shrugged adorably, fighting her smile. Her fingers traced my face and jaw, running her thumb across my bottom lip.
"Just tell me the colors," I countered, smiling her favorite smile. She saw right through me, laughing at my terrible attempt to charm her.
"Are we still going away for a few days?"
"Yes, ma'am...right after we leave La Push on Thanksgiving Day."
"I'll make a deal with you, handsome," she purred, leaning down over me to softly kiss my lips. She left a trail of warm, wet kisses down my jaw to my ear. "Tell me something you've never told me before about yourself and I'll not only tell you the color, but for every new story, you'll see a new set."
A breathy, wonton laugh escaped me. "How much shopping did you do yesterday?"
"Plenty," she giggled, probably at my reaction more than the question.
"And the subject matter of these stories?"
"Edward Cullen...there's no loophole." She chuckled into my neck and I laughed, thinking she knew me too well. "Tell me a story and you'll see a new set, new style. We can carry this game all the way through our weekend. I don't care what story you tell me. It just has to be something you or a member of our family hasn't told me before."
She sat back up. "This," she gestured up and down her glorious body, "is a freebie. Tell me something before we leave today for the mall and you'll see what else I have."
"Dangerous, sexy girl," I growled, sitting up. "Why stories, my love?" I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her lips quickly before she answered.
"You have been around a long time...share it with me. I want to hear it all. You've seen and done so much...I just want to catch up."
"Ok," I smiled, liking the idea. A lot. A whole hell of a lot. "So," I cleared my throat, swallowing hard, "you'll ask for a story when you have...hmm, oh God...something new on?"
"Yes," she laughed, "exactly. Are you game?"
"Oh, yeah, Mrs. Cullen," I nodded vehemently. "And since you were so sweet and kind as to give me this fantastic freebie...which, I might add may just get me through the shopping today, I'll tell you one now." Her sweet laugh was my reward. "So," I frowned dramatically, shifting her on my lap a little, leaning up against the headboard and bringing my legs up behind her, "get comfortable, love."
I reached up, tucking her hair behind her ear. "Let's see...I've told you before that I wanted to go off to war when I was human– the first World War – but did I tell you that desire didn't change once Emmett joined us? We wanted to join the Allied Forces in World War II."
"Yeah, but..."
"Who's telling the story?" I laughed, picking up her hand as she bit her bottom lip, fighting her smile. "Of course we couldn't – which Carlisle was so kind to remind us. They did physicals for entry into the service. So, Emmett and I came up with a plan to pose as officers and hide during sunny days. We thought ourselves the perfect soldiers...we couldn't be hurt or shot and our strength, hearing and stealthy hunting capabilities were outstanding for fighting the Nazis."
"We weren't wrong!" Emmett boomed from somewhere in the house. Bella giggled, rolling her eyes.
"Carlisle wouldn't let us, saying we would come back changed men. That the temptation of human blood surrounding us would be too much – it would be everywhere, you see. On some level, we knew he was right, but the news reports we saw at the movies and heard over the radio would just push us to lose our tempers about doing something, anything to help."
"You went," she whispered, her mouth falling open.
"Yes, ma'am. Reports of the concentration camps finally met our ears and despite the begging of our family, we went. We couldn't stand the thought of it," I sighed, shaking my head. "Eleven million people...million, Bella...they died in the most gruesome and horrible ways all because they were 'different' – and that didn't include the loss of soldiers on either side. Emmett just about lost his mind. He wanted to go straight for Hitler," I chuckled, remembering the outlandish ways we would imagine killing the most hideous creature to ever walk the earth. And not one of them was a quick and easy death.
"I'll tell you, we didn't stay in Europe long. We worked with the French Resistance to liberate one camp and stop a German supply train, but that's all we could handle. Carlisle was right. Both of us experienced bloodlust more than once before we admitted that we couldn't do it, that it was so much bigger than we were."
"Killing Hitler would have been easier," she frowned. "I've seen pictures of those camps, Edward. All that pain, misery. How did you handle hearing those thoughts...all of them?"
"I didn't, at least not very well anyway," I sighed, picking up her hand and kissing her fingers. "The camp we went to was small, but it was a cacophony of different languages in my mind. It was pure terror, nothing but noise. They were convinced we were angels sent from God. I couldn't see that, considering how many necks we broke just to open the gates."
"I do," she smiled sadly, reaching up to brush my hair from my face. "But I wouldn't have let you go," she sighed, tilting her head at me. In her mind, she called me her "Guardian Vampire". I had to chuckle, but I loved that she thought of me that way.
"You never have to worry about that," I smiled, pulling her close. "With all of this," I smirked, running my hands all over her, "I don't need to go anywhere, my beautiful girl."
"See, Emmett?" Rose growled. "Why didn't you say that back then?"
Bella gasped, her hand flying to her mouth. "He's going to say something stupid," I whispered in her ear.
"I told you that you were welcome to come along, Rosie," Emmett defended. A loud smack resounded through the house and Bella and I both winced. "Ow! What? What did I say?"
"God," Drew growled, plopping down beside me, "I don't fucking get it. She looks at everyone but me." He frowned, watching Pam and Ariel flirt with some older boys in the food court. Emmett and Jasper were in the shoe store with Todd and Austin, trying on new sneakers. My wife and sisters were with Wendy, picking out new eyeglasses.
"Give her time," I sighed, leaning back and crossing my arms across my chest. "Bella says she likes you...maybe she just doesn't know how to show it." All of that was true, but I had heard it straight from Pam's own mind. "Have you actually asked her out?"
"Last year, but I haven't had the guts to ask her again."
"What?" Emmett chuckled as he and Jasper joined us. "Aw, Drew...man, you have to fight for what you want. You really like her?"
"Hell yeah, since we were kids." Drew nodded, looking from Emmett, to Jasper and back to me.
"You have to tell her, man," Jasper smiled, his talent registering Drew's complete and utter fear at the idea of laying his heart on the line.
"It's scary, telling her everything...you need to show her," I urged.
"Compliment her," Jasper added.
"Kiss her!" Emmett laughed. "Screw the other stuff."
"You sound like Bella," Drew laughed. "She told me girls like to be kissed like you just can't control yourself." I laughed, shaking my head.
"I bet she did," I chuckled. "Scary that she agrees with Emmett," I sighed, ducking his punch.
"Shy is one thing," Jasper smiled, "but you're totally missing opportunities. For example...where will you sit at the movies tonight?"
Drew was a quick kid; with a smirk he answered, "I'm supposed to say next to her, right?"
"Way to keep up," Emmett chuckled. "And we're seeing that scary movie...what will you do when she jumps at some creepy part?"
"Hold her hand?" Drew asked.
"That's good, but an arm around her is better," I said, getting agreements from my brothers. "She'll feel safe, protected, even though it's just a movie."
"What if she shrugs me off?" Drew frowned, looking at his hands.
"She won't," we all said.
"But that," Emmett growled, pointing to Pam still flirting, "should never happen."
"Yeah, she's doing it make you jealous," Jasper nodded, "don't let her."
"I can't go all Neanderthal on her and drag her away," Drew gasped.
"No, but you can call her attention to something else," I chuckled. "Distract her. Go."
I sat up, resting my elbows on my knees, and Jasper sat down next to me. "Fifty bucks says she gets pissed," Jasper chuckled.
"Fifty says it works," I smiled, unable to look away from what we just started.
"Fifty says he tries to kiss her during the movie," Emmett laughed.
Drew faltered just a moment, his mind flying to try and come up with something to distract her from the boy that was now touching his love's shoulder. He only needed something simple. His eyes locked on a kiosk in the middle of the walkway and he made his decision.
"Pam," he called, "come help me pick out a new cell case."
Her eyes widened, her heartbeat sputtered. She looked at the boy in front of her and back to Drew.
"Will she?" Jasper cracked up.
"Hell yeah," I laughed as she immediately walked to Drew. "Thank you," I smiled, pocketing my winnings. "And you're on for the kiss...he's too shy to do it," I smirked, pointing at Emmett.
Emmett and I both turned to Jasper. He was picking up heavy lust vibes from Pam, but nervousness from Drew. "Hmm...fifty says she kisses him."
"Interesting," I nodded.
"I can tell you exactly who kisses who in the movie tonight," Alice chuckled, walking up with Rose and Bella. Wendy had walked over to grab something to eat at one of the restaurants.
"Normally, I would be able to pass that information on, but it seems someone is shielded," I smirked.
"Cheater," my wife smiled, winking at me.
"Only hedging my odds, beautiful," I smiled.
"Sure you are," Rose laughed. "I'm with Jasper...she kisses him."
"I'm with Emmett," Bella smirked, giving her biggest brother a fist bump, "and don't think I didn't hear you!" She pointed at me, raising her eyebrow.
"Alone again," I sighed, shaking my head. "Alice can't cast a bet." My little sister just shrugged, looking at us all knowingly.
You're alone in the bet, my handsome...not for anything else. My wife thought to me with a serious expression on her face. "Let's head to the theater," she smiled, holding out a hand for me. "Round everyone up."
Emmett put is two fingers to his mouth, letting a shrill whistle echo through the mall.
"Well, that was subtle," Jasper snorted. "But it worked." The large group of us made our way towards the theater.
"I'm glad everyone came," Bella sighed as we sat down in our seats.
"When do you think you'll hear from Charlie?" I asked, lifting the armrest between us and pulling her to my side.
"Maybe after the movie," she smiled, laying her head on my shoulder. "Why are we seeing a vampire movie?" She snorted adorably.
"Because you and I were outvoted," I laughed, kissing the top of her head.
"Figures," she smiled, tilting her head back to look up at me. I kissed her nose, unable to resist her lips. I took her bottom lip, my tongue lightly tracing it.
"Yeah...not sitting next to you two," Jasper chuckled, walking past us with Alice. Bella smiled against my lips, pulling back.
"But you're so not sitting next to them," she pointed, her eyebrow rising. Drew had taken his seat a few rows down next to Pam. "You won't cheat on this bet, Jazz," she laughed as he flipped her off.
"Um, my love?" I chuckled, catching a sight I wasn't expecting.
"We didn't plan on them," I smiled, jerking my chin towards Wendy and Austin. He took her by the hand, entwining their fingers and sitting on the same row as Pam and Drew, just further down.
"That's a bet I wouldn't have taken...they're both so shy," my love sighed. "So sweet."
"Another Happily Ever After, Mrs. Cullen?" I whispered in her ear as the lights went down for the previews to start.
"You'll have to ask Alice," my angel shrugged. "Happy for now, maybe. The only Ever After I believe in is ours," she smiled.
"Smart girl," I chuckled against her lips.
The movie was just gross. And Edward and I spent most of the two hours making fun of it. I knew Emmett could hear us, because occasionally he had to hide his laugh. Rose was no better.
What we kept our eye on the most was how things were progressing between Pam and Drew. He had followed Edward's advice and wrapped an arm around her. Neither one of them would make eye contact, but they also couldn't wipe the smiles off of their faces.
I chuckled at the same time Edward groaned when Drew finally took his chance to lean in for the kiss. "Fork it over, Cullen," I whispered, kissing his cheek as he pressed the fifty dollar bill into my hand.
As we bid farewell to everyone in the parking lot, my phone went off. "Charlie," I said, looking up at Edward. "Hey, Dad," I answered.
"Ok, Bells...the raid went down. We got some of the boys, but not Matthew Simmons," he growled. "He slipped through a grate in the wall of an apartment complex and disappeared. But his friends," he chuckled, "they couldn't turn on him quick enough."
"So much for that family he spoke of," Edward said dryly.
"So what happens now?" I asked, sitting down in the car as my husband held the door for me.
"Well, if he denies being there and we can't put him at the scene, then he got away. A good lawyer will get him off, Bells, so keep your friends away from him."
"Thanks, Dad," I sighed. "We'll see you tomorrow...love you."
"Love you too, sweetie."
As I pulled one of Edward's long t-shirts over my head to cover the next set of underwear, I had to smile at myself in the mirror of our bathroom. The stories that Esme and my sisters had told me weren't enough and I had suddenly realized that Edward had lived over a hundred years, the entire twentieth century, and I wanted to hear everything.
His reaction to my lingerie was all the inspiration I needed to make this whole thing just a little bit more fun. A game. But he looked like he enjoyed the idea of sharing with me.
To watch his eyes darken shamelessly when I walked out of the bathroom was all the encouragement I needed. He was sitting on the side of the bed, picking softly at his guitar, wearing just his jeans that he had worn to the movies.
I walked over to him, taking his guitar from his hands and setting it against the wall. I stood between his legs. "No music, sweet girl?" He asked, fighting his smile.
"Nope...it's story time, baby," I sighed, cupping his face and leaning in to kiss his forehead.
"Hmm," he smirked, reaching to the hem of my shirt, "so there's something new under there..."
"Yes," I laughed, smacking his hands away. "It's all yours after the story."
"Ok," he chuckled, swiftly scooping me up and settling us in our chair. "Not one peek?"
"No," I huffed, "talk first...reward later." He laughed, kissing my neck sweetly.
I was sideways on his lap, one of his arms on my back, playing with my hair. The other picked up my wedding ring that was hanging on the chain and kissed it sweetly. He studied my face for a moment, and I could imagine the plethora of stories he was trying to decide on.
"Did you know that for every school we enroll, we request a student and faculty list?" He asked, continuing to play with my ring.
"No, but I can maybe guess why," I said. "To see if you know someone or they've taught before and transferred."
"Exactly," he smiled, "we found that out the hard way."
"Oh boy," I sighed, a smile playing on my lips.
"When Jasper finally took to our diet, Alice wanted to try going to school with the rest of us," he started. "He struggled, but he's explained that to you." I nodded, knowing that for many, many years Jasper was only with the Cullens for Alice's sake. "So, when he was ready, Carlisle enrolled us all. We were living in Chicago at the time. With such a large city and the fact that we had been in school in Alaska the year before, it never occurred to us that we would run into someone we knew."
"You did," I gasped.
"Yes...she was a teacher at that point, but we had gone to school with her in Boston. Apparently, she had won a scholarship to NIU and stayed. It was fine until I walked into her classroom. She recognized me immediately...she had a crush..." He rolled his eyes adorably.
"Of course she did," I chuckled. "How could she not?" I teased, squeaking when he poked my stomach.
"Hush," he smirked. "Anyway, there I was...looking exactly the same...walking into an eleventh grade class. We had been in the same grade together before, but over ten years prior. She froze. She wasn't sure if she trusted her eyes or her mind at that point."
"What did you do?"
"Left the classroom. Alice had seen my decision, but not as to why. Hazel...that was her name. She couldn't even decide whether she was crazy or not." He sighed and I could see remorse written all over his face. "We had to move."
"Why do I think that's not the end of that story?"
"Because it's not, smart girl," he chuckled. "I went back...to check on her."
"Was she ok or did your handsome face push her over the edge?" I laughed.
"Listen," he growled, a smirk on his face. "If you can't behave...no story."
"No story...no prize," I purred in his ear, toying with the bottom of my t-shirt.
"I could just take what's mine," he whispered against my neck, his hand at my back slowly creeping up my shirt.
"You could, but you won't. Finish...please?" I begged.
"I let a year go by and I went back," he started, looking at me out of the corner of his eye like I would interrupt again. I bit my lip in order not to laugh. "She was still teaching, but her mind was unsure...confused. She thought about me...a lot." He sighed. "I watched her at the school, following her home to her apartment. From the fire escape across the street I watched as she would talk to herself." I sighed in sympathy.
"She wrote letters back home, asking about us. Her desk was filled with correspondence," he frowned. "Our lives had to remain secret, so I wired Carlisle. My first reaction was to get rid of her. Jasper and Emmett agreed."
"Edward, no!"
"Your reaction was like Carlisle's. No one should die, no human should die at our hands." I nodded and he cupped my face, slipping his hand into my hair. With long sweeps, he ran his fingers through it. He was grounding himself. "Rose came up with the best plan. She told me to dress up to make myself look older to purposefully run into Hazel. She said to mention my 'younger brother' that was still in school. To make it sound like he looked just like me."
"Did it work?"
"Yes," he sighed, "to a degree. But her crush never went away. She tried coming on to me." He rolled his eyes again.
"She has good taste," I smiled.
"And you taste good," he chuckled, kissing my neck with an open mouthed kiss.
"So what happened?"
"I declined her advances in a gentlemanly fashion and came home," he smirked.
Edward pulled back and I lost myself in his golden eyes. I reached up, running my fingers through his hair. There was a question I always wanted to ask, but never had the courage. This story opened that curiosity back up for me.
"Can I ask you something?" I sighed, turning in his lap to straddle his legs. His hands immediately went to my hips to pull me in closer.
"Of course, but I really want my prize," he pouted.
"And you'll get it," I smiled. "Why did you wait...why did you stay virtuous for so long? How did you resist temptation? It would have been easy for you...beautiful women find you attractive every day."
"You mean have sex just for the sake of curiosity? Or are you asking if there was someone that tempted me?" He frowned, but his face was open and honest.
"Yes, both," I sighed. "I mean any number of women, human or vampire, would have been eager."
"First of all," he smiled, "no one was as tempting as you. It's important to start there, Bella. You have no idea what happened to me when you walked into my life. Did I find women pretty before you? Sure. Did hearing erotic thoughts around me for a hundred years create a need for knowledge? I suppose." He stopped for a moment and picked up my wedding ring. "But I also know what one night stands and empty sex does to someone. I hear it. We will never know that feeling, love, because this," he held up my ring, "is really important. And it means so much." I smiled and kissed him softly.
"A vampire was out of the question...talk about empty. Unless you're mated, it's just feral and animalistic, " he chuckled when my nose wrinkled. He knew I was thinking about Tanya. "Jasper and Emmett suggested on more than one occasion to just get it over with...they told me that it was as close to drinking blood as feeling good could get." He smirked, shaking his head. "I was trapped in a seventeen year old body and confused as to why everyone around me had someone and I didn't. It crossed my mind to just 'get it over with' and find out what everyone was going on about, but every time I would consider it, I felt sick."
I gasped, staring at him with my mouth open.
"Yes, sweet girl, you've said the same thing...about Jake." He sighed, warm eyes staring at me. "I wanted what I saw around me. A connection more than just sex. If I asked you the same question..."
"Love and sex," I said, picking up his hand and linking our fingers together, "were never important until I met you. They came together as a package deal all wrapped up in you."
"Exactly," he nodded. "I feel the same way. I was never tempted further than a pretty face. I can appreciate beauty, but there was always something wrong. I was waiting for you, love. So they were too tall or not intelligent or their mind was as shallow as a puddle. I wouldn't like their voice or whatever – the list was endless. My whole family complained I was picky. Everyone but Esme," he smiled softly. "She told me to take my time. She said that all of it was worth waiting for and that I was a better man than to allow a one night stand. She said I was so much more than that."
"She's a smart woman," I laughed, hearing our mother chuckle somewhere in the house. "And I'm very lucky."
"I'm the lucky one, sweetheart," he smiled. "Everything I could have ever wanted and some things I didn't know I needed...is sitting right here. I waited a long time for you, but it was really, really well worth the wait."
God, I just couldn't resist him any longer. My mouth crashed into his, catching him by surprise, but he caught up quickly. I let out a whimper when his tongue collided with mine, swirling together. I sat up on my knees – to hover over him, to deepen the kiss, my stomach pressing against his chest. He growled low into my mouth when his hands slipped up my shirt to discover a thong.
"Baby...I really need to see what's under here," he breathed against my mouth, his hands caressing my back and ass underneath my shirt.
"'Kay," I smiled, reaching down and tugging his t-shirt over my head.
"Oh, f..." I kissed him hard in order to not let his breathy curse out into the open.
Easy, tiger, I thought to him, smiling against his lips. As much I appreciate all that Dirty Edward says and does, we are home...in a full house. However, he better come with us on our weekend. I pulled back with a raised eyebrow. They already have suspicions on whether you talk dirty. He chuckled, looking me in the eye. He had such a wicked, naughty gleam in his eyes that I almost laughed.
"Really?" He smiled.
Yes...but I have neither confirmed nor denied anything.
"Jesus," he growled, his eyes traveling all over me. It was an orange set. Not a color I would normally buy, but it was too pretty to resist. It was a beautiful combination of lace and satin. "God, you look like a tangerine I need to peel," he smirked, licking his bottom lip.
I was still on my knees slightly over him, my hands braced on his shoulders. I laughed softly, pressing my forehead to his. "I don't care what you do to it...just kiss me."
He didn't have to be told twice. His hands slipped up my back to pull me in closer, our mouths met again, wet and hungry. I moaned, arching into his hands as they cupped my breasts over my bra. I gripped his hair, my forehead back to his as I watched him pull the material down and latch onto my nipple. My eyes rolled back as he sucked hard on one painful nub while his hand was cupping the other, pinching and rolling. I arched again, forcing them into his face.
Harder, Edward...more please... I let my thoughts beg him. He smiled against my skin, reaching around to pop the offending garment off of me. As he slipped it off, he kissed every inch of my skin across my shoulders, sucking hard on my neck. My knees could no longer hold me and I sat back down on his lap, grinding against him.
"Bella," he gasped, covering my mouth with his again, his hips meeting a rhythm that I didn't even realize I had set.
Edward's hands were everywhere, cupping and squeezing my breast, up my back, gripping my hip and pulling me against him hard.
"Love, I need you...now." He growled low against my lips. His hands gripped the sides of my thong, shaking slightly. He wanted to rip them, tear them from me.
"Rip them," I growled, biting roughly at his neck and slipping my hands between us to rip open his jeans. "Now, baby." The button popped off and the teeth of the zipper completely stripped open.
My head fell back with a gasp as he tore my underwear off my body. His jeans shredded in my hands and I tossed them aside.
My breath caught in my throat, a moan escaping from Edward as he palmed me between my legs. "So wet, baby...for me? I make you this wet, love?" He whispered so softly in my ear, his fingers teasing my entrance. I nodded, gripping his shoulders, my fingers digging into his muscles as the heel of his hand applied pressure just where I needed it.
I don't trust my voice, Edward. Fuck me, please... I grunted in frustration, pressing down on his hand a little more. I want to scream it... He nodded in understanding, lifting me up and guiding me back down over his rock hard shaft. A shudder ran through me, my muscles twitching at the complete feel of him filling me, of becoming one with him.
I rolled my hips, taking him in further, deeper. "Mm, like that, love," he whispered, helping me to grind on him. His eyes rolled back, his breath caught as I continued to gyrate over him. "Don't stop," he panted, pressing his forehead to mine, our gaze never breaking.
I nipped at his lips, my eyes closing when I was unable to keep my mouth from his. A deep moan rumbled from Edward as my tongue met his at the same time my walls clenched hard around him. "Damn, you feel so..."
Fucking perfect, I finished for him, pulling his earlobe into my mouth.
"Yes," he growled. "More love. Let me hear that mind."
I smiled against his neck, knowing I hadn't done this in a while. You want me to tell you how good your cock feels, baby? How wet you make me? How when you're so hard...all I want is you in my pussy?
"Yes," he growled, picking me up and laying us down on our bed. "More."
For Edward to beg for dirty talk was rare. But I was only too happy to oblige. I gripped his ass, pulling him in deeper and causing a feral snarl to escape him. He lifted up my leg, leaving it in the crook of his arm as my other leg hitched around his waist.
I can't wait to come all over you, Edward... I growled, my whole body arching as he hit the spot deep inside me to make me unravel. There...don't stop...you feel so good...like your cock was made for me...
"It was," he growled, leaning down to capture my mouth in a searing kiss. He dragged his tongue down to my ear. "You're so close...do you want to come, sweet girl?" He crooned ever so softly in my ear.
Yes...fuck, yes...come with me. I reached between us, circling my finger around my sensitive nub. If possible, Edward's eyes darkened even more. Do you like it when I touch myself, baby?
"God, yes," he breathed, squeezing his eyes closed. "Come all over me, Bella...I want to feel what I do to you..." His voice was rich, soft velvet in my ear. And it was all I could take. I arched like a bow under him, my toes curling in the ecstasy that overtook me.
His erection grew larger, his breathing coming out in pants as he came undone above me. He let my leg drop as he buried himself to the hilt, coming with a low, rumbling growl. God, I loved the feral side of him. The side that, as a human, I rarely saw.
I tangled my legs with his as he pressed sweet kisses to my shoulder and neck. He pulled back the covers to our bed and we crawled under them, Edward tugging my back to his chest. A small breathy laugh escaped me when I realized everyone was preoccupied in the house.
"We started something," Edward chuckled, kissing my bare shoulder.
"Oops," I laughed softly. "I feel sorry for Jasper sometimes. Never an emotion of his own."
"Don't feel sorry for him now," Edward laughed, burying his face in the crook of my neck and breathing deep. I could tell that it was affecting us as well. Our breathing changed as our touches became less comforting and more exploratory. Edward grew hard against my ass. "Do you want me to shield it?" I breathed, trying to stop myself from ravaging him again. The lust that Jasper was emitting was intense.
"No," Edward smiled against my skin as he dragged his lips down my shoulder. "Enjoy it...for once they won't care what we say," he snickered, cupping my breasts with both hands.
My hips arched back, causing him to slip between my cheeks, hard and ready. He groaned in appreciation, moving closer to me and slipping between my hot folds. I shifted again as he skimmed his hand down my thigh to pull my leg back over his.
"Hmm, baby, right there," Edward crooned, his tip meeting my entrance. His teeth lightly latched onto the skin of my neck as he pushed all the way inside.
We lost ourselves again, the whole house in an uproar. The others' sounds were drowned out by our own quiet murmurs of pleasure. A secret language that only we knew. Whispers for more and harder met smiles and teasing hands. At one point, I wasn't sure where I ended and Edward began.
We rolled and wrestled, our lust just feeding the rest of the house. Not anyone bothered to stop or care. Our bed was a twisted mass of sheets, covers, arms and legs all night long.
I watched the sun rise as I rode atop Edward. His hands were gripped in mine and pressed into our mattress above his head. As he came hard inside me, his neck arched back, exposing a slight sparkle to his skin. Leaning down, I swirled my tongue over the shimmer. "Mine," I growled possessively. He was just beautiful.
"Yes, love...always..." He smirked, pulling his hands free from mine so that he could wrap his arms around me.
In reality, the circular process of lust could have gone on forever. If I hadn't shielded us and Jasper hadn't found his control, the rest of the couples would have started the whole thing over again.
It was Thanksgiving Day and we were due in La Push later that afternoon. After we had straightened the room and showered, I went down to the table to type for a few minutes until everyone else was ready. Edward played softly on his guitar in the seat next to mine.
As couples drifted into the room with us, getting their own stuff together, I noticed with a smirk that no one said a word. Esme started to cook a few dishes in the kitchen to take with us, but otherwise stayed quiet. It was only when Emmett came down that something was said.
"I just want to thank my little sister for last night," he smirked, wiping a fake tear away.
"Right, because it was all about you, Em," I said, rolling my eyes, but never looking up from my computer. "Glad I could be of assistance." Edward chuckled and a laugh barked from Esme in the kitchen. "Though it's Jasper you should thank."
"Not true, Bells," Jasper laughed from upstairs. "You two started it. There was nothing I could do to stop it."
"Yeah, can't find it me to apologize for that," I mumbled, receiving a laugh and kiss on the head from Edward. "I'm sure you'll all get over it."
"We'll find a way, Bells," Esme cracked up from the kitchen.


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