Tuesday, March 20, 2001 | By: Drotuno

Angel's Embrace Chapter 3

"Love?" I called, coming up the steps into our bedroom.
"Right here, baby," she answered from her spot in the window seat. Bella was sitting with her laptop on her knees, typing. I fought my smile at the sunbeam glinting off of her tiny fingers and legs. My wife was stunning when the sunlight glinted off her skin. "I'm emailing Jake a quick note. Maybe he can call me back in the next few days."
"I hope so," I smiled, sitting on the edge of the seat next to her. "When you're done, Carlisle wants to work with you."
"Ok," she sighed, closing her laptop. "What's he plan on throwing at me?" She asked, giggling.
"Um…nothing…you'll like this, I think," I shook my head, taking her computer and setting it on the seat. "We're all helping this time." I couldn't resist kissing her nose.
"Everyone?" She asked, looking up at me.
"Yep," I chuckled. "Come on, they're all at the field." I stood, offering her my hand.
We ran, catching up to our family in the clearing where we played baseball. Once we moved from Forks, finding a big enough space for our sports play was almost impossible. But we did. I truly think Emmett makes it his personal goal to find a place every time we relocate.
"Bells," Emmett boomed, "catch!" He threw the football in his hands with all his force. I felt the rush of her shield fall and snap back up as she caught it without even thinking.
"Football?" She asked, laughing.
Carlisle ran up to her with a smile. "Perfect," he beamed. "I think football will help with your speed and control, Bells. How fast can you make a decision or block someone…how fast can you shield a teammate…"
"Ok," she smiled. "It's better than Emmett throwing boulders at me, that's for sure."
I laughed, "He thought about it, but Carlisle told him no."
"Per my request," she giggled, patting Carlisle's arm. "Thanks. So," she turned, looking at us all with a raised eyebrow, "who's on my team?"
"Girls versus boys, Bells," Rose grinned, rubbing her hands together.
"Nice," my angel smirked. "Am I to assume that no one is allowed to tackle my teammates…is that the goal for the lesson, Carlisle?" She asked, tossing the ball to Alice.
"That's exactly the goal, Bella," he nodded with pride.
"Then, boys kick off," Emmett laughed. "Let's see if I can test my little sister's boundaries."
"Bring it," she laughed, running over to my sisters and Esme.
I told you she'd like this better, Carlisle chuckled. Your speed will be the test, though.
I nodded with a smile. Competition has always been a source of fun for us. Always. Bella joined in on that right away even when she was human, playing video games against Jasper and Emmett. She did even more now that she was on equal footing with them. They loved her for it. I adored her for it. To me, it was extremely sexy.
"Let's do this!" Jasper growled. "Oh, baby sis…is that fear I feel?"
"Not from me," she laughed, lining up between Esme and Rose. "Maybe it's Emmett…"
Emmett lifted his arm and smelled his armpit. "The smell of fear is not from me," he laughed. I just shook my head.
"Kick the ball!" Alice growled. "You're so gross, Em…let's go!"
Jasper kicked and we ran towards the girls. Rose caught the ball, taking off in a spin between me and Carlisle. I saw the move she was planning, but even as I reached for her, I couldn't touch her. She was in the end zone before we could blink.
"You mean…like that, Carlisle?" Bella laughed, winking at me.
"Yes, Bella…" he shook his head with a smile. You…speed…hit her with it…see how fast she can react.
Emmett kicked off again, specifically aiming for Bella. I poured all my speed into the run, catching her at the same time she caught the ball. I wrapped her up, laughing as she giggled into my chest. "Damn," she groaned. "Shit! How the hell am I supposed to let the ball in and keep you out?" She snorted, kissing my cheek.
"Be quicker, love," I smiled, standing and helping her up. "Line it up," I smiled, "right here." I pointed to the ground.
Rose played quarterback for the girls, but before she threw, Carlisle instructed my angel. "Bells, this is tough…you have to control not only your own shield, but all your own teammates, no matter where they are…plus, you have to drop the shield for whoever catches the ball, re-shielding them right away."
"Ok," she frowned, nodding and lining up on the end, opposite Jasper.
"Hike!" Rose snapped, falling back. I aimed for her, but couldn't touch her. She threw the ball with a grunt, smiling. I turned to see Esme catch it and avoid getting tackled by Emmett. He slid right passed her.
I looked to the side and Jasper had Bella on the ground, laughing. "Bells, you have to protect yourself too, silly!" He shook his head as he helped her up.
"Bella, that's really important…" Carlisle frowned, looking up at me. That's the last thing we need…her unselfishness making her forget to protect herself. I nodded in agreement.
"Ok, ok…again," she sighed. "Kick it off…"
Emmett kicked off again, this time Alice catching the ball. I took off for her, and she smiled, turning when she saw what I was planning. I couldn't touch her. My hands slipped right by her. She did the same to Carlisle, causing him to run into Emmett. When we looked up, all four women were in the end zone, giving each other high fives. I smiled.
"That's my girl," I laughed.
"Ok, Bells, kick off…" Carlisle smiled. "Let's try something different. How many of us can you stop?" She looked at him with a furrowed brow. "Stand in front of your teammates, don't move. Using just your shield, stop us before the end zone…got it?"
She nodded, stepping up a few steps. "Rose, kick off," she said, turning slightly.
"You can do this, Bella," Esme whispered. "Make them all eat dirt," she laughed.
"Nice, Mom!" Emmett growled. I chuckled, shaking my head. For some reason, Bella brought out a really funny side to our mother. I think it was because, with Bella, the numbers were now even - four girls and four boys. Not to mention the fact that Esme considered Bella her "baby".
Rose kicked off, the ball landing in Jasper's hands. We all ran right with him. His feet were knocked right out from under him and he tossed the ball to Carlisle. I don't think he was able to take two steps before he was knocked to the ground. Emmett snatched the ball from him, running full force at Bella. With a smile at me, I felt myself being knocked into Emmett, both of us hitting the ground. We fell into a pile, the ball bouncing away.
"Remind me not to piss my wife off," I laughed, flopping over onto my back.
"No shit," Emmett chuckled, helping me up. "She rocks, though."
"Yeah," I smiled. "Love, you want to try the speed thing again?" I laughed as she rolled her eyes at me.
"Yeah," she nodded, tossing the ball to Emmett. "Just me, ok?" She looked at Carlisle, who nodded in agreement. I could see her train of thought. If she could get it down without anyone else to worry about, then she could work on adding others into the mix.
"Come on, baby, you can do this," I said, lining up at the other end of the field. She nodded.
Don't hold back, Edward…I need to get this. She thought to me. I nodded at her. As soon as the ball left Emmett's foot, I took off, heading straight for her. She caught the ball, but I was still able to wrap her up. "Shit," she smiled, wriggling underneath me. I don't know what's worse, she thought, laughing, not getting this or wanting you right there. Her little thigh slapped against my hip.
"Later…get this first," I chuckled, kissing her forehead. "Again," I said against her skin.
"Fine, but the other is much more fun," she teased, walking away from me.
"Yes…yes it is…" I mumbled, shaking my head to clear the thoughts that flooded my brain. Sometimes it was damn near impossible to think straight around her.
Emmett kicked again, I barely waited for the sound of his foot touching the ball. I was on her just as the ball came into her hands, but her shield shoved me away. "There it is," I smiled, standing up from the ground. "Nice job, love."
"Excellent, Bells," Carlisle smiled. He ran the same thing a few more times, adding the girls. Before long, Bella had them all protected and was able to shield me from tackling her.
"Ok," Bella smiled, glancing behind her once. "Last time…come at me…fast as you can." Her eyes landed on me. "I want to try something."
"Alright, Bells," Carlisle chuckled. What's she up to?
"There's no telling," I sighed, smiling over at him. "But I'm sure it will be something."
The four of us lined up at the opposite end from the girls. "She's oozing mischief, Ed," Jasper chuckled quietly.
"I know, I see it in her eyes," I whispered back, shaking my head. "We're going to regret this, I think."
Rose kicked the ball and Carlisle caught it. We all ran straight at Bella. About mid-field, we hit an invisible brick wall, all of us stumbling back. With a giggle from Bella, we suddenly found ourselves smashed together in one big group hug.
"Shit, Bells!" Emmett grunted, struggling in vain. "As cool as that was…I think Carlisle's hand is on my ass."
"No, it's mine," Jasper growled.
"Baby, let us go…there are parts of Emmett I should never be this close to," I mumbled into his shoulder.
"You like it…admit it," Emmett laughed.
The girls were in hysterics. She released us and we separated with a huge exhale. Bella collapsed into Esme on the ground. They were all holding their sides with laughter.
"Actually, as disturbing as that was…it was an excellent job," Carlisle murmured. "She not only stopped all of us, but held us captive…" His mind was filled with pride in her.
"Sorry," Bella gasped, falling back over when Alice shoved her. "It was Esme's idea!"
"Traitor," Esme laughed, kicking at her.
"Figures," Carlisle snorted.
"I have to wash my hand now," Jasper muttered, walking towards the small creek at the other end of the field. Alice and Rose tried to hold back another peel of laughter, but failed miserably.
"Hand? Hell, I think I need a shower," I growled, rolling my eyes at another wave of laughs.
"Oh come on, Eddie," Emmett walked up, wrapping an arm over my shoulder. "It wasn't that bad…I'm mad sexy."
"Em," I growled. "That was the first and last time I will ever be that close to you." Emmett laughed, patting me on the back and walking away.
You don't think Emmett's sexy, baby? Bella teased.
"Hell Fu-…"
Edward Anthony Masen Cullen if you say the word FUCK in front of the family, you are in deep shit! Bella's face was in shock.
"Oh, my bad, love…" I laughed. "You sure?" I teased, taking a step back. "I mean…there's so many versatile uses for the term…"
I really mean it, Edward! Her eyes were dark fire as she stood up from the ground. She liked that no one knew about our dirty talk. I wouldn't dare take that from her. But I honestly couldn't help myself from teasing her.
"There's the adjective, the adverb, the verb…that's my favorite…" I was ticking them off on my fingers as she stalked towards me. "Oh! And the noun…that's a good one too."
She took off running for me and I headed for the shelter of the trees. I didn't get far. I may be fast, but she can still trap my legs with her shield. Soon, I found myself pressed into a tree.
"You think it's funny, Edward?" Her growl was low.
"No, love," I laughed. "I wouldn't have said it, I promise." I felt the release of her shield and I stepped away from the tree. "God, you're beautiful when you're angry with me." I smiled, cupping her face. Her eyes softened immediately. "I swear I wouldn't have said it, but thank you for stopping me…I was just teasing you."
"You better be…Esme would go into shock if you said that!"
"I know," I chuckled. "Besides, it's much more…intriguing to say it to you."
"I am sure I don't know what you're talking about," she sighed dramatically, turning away from me.
"Oh…I think you do," I growled, lining up behind her. "See, love…I think you know exactly what I mean when I say I'm going to fuck you senseless up against this tree." I slid my hand down her arm and brought her hand up to the tree right next to us. She groaned at my words, leaving her hand still touching the trunk. I tugged the hair tie out of her hair, wrapping the dark curls around my hand. Pulling her head to the side, I licked up the side of her neck.
"Edward," she groaned, shaking her head at me. "Are they all still right there?"
"Nope," I smiled against her skin. "Take your shield down…you tell me." She relied on my abilities too much Carlisle noticed one day. Never trusting her own. I heard her inhale, tasting the air for the scents. "Well?"
"Gone," she smirked, turning in my arms. "Your English lesson on the word fuck is interesting, baby…please explain…"
"Later…" I growled, grabbing her by the side of her shirt and pulling her to me. Her eyes were still black, but they smoldered with lust. It will always be a surprise that it was me that did that. She reached up and gripped my neck just as I lifted her up by her bottom. She wrapped her legs around me as I pressed her into the very tree I spoke of a moment earlier.
"Please, baby…adjective," she smiled against my neck as I pulled her shirt away from hers, latching my mouth onto her soft skin.
"You're so fucking beautiful…" I bit lightly on her collarbone.
"Noun?" She barely breathed, slipping her warm hands under my shirt.
"There's nothing…" I lifted her shirt over her head, growling at the blue lacy thing she wore underneath. "…like you and me and good fuck." The scent of her arousal hit me like a freight train.
"And ver..erb?" I smiled when her voice broke as my fingers ghosted between her legs.
"Mmm…my favorite," I whispered in her ear. Her scent was wrecking me, but I couldn't stop. "All I want to do is fuck you, my sweet girl," I crooned into her ear, flicking open her bra and stripping it from her.
"Ugh…" Her head hit my shoulder, but her hands still continued to blaze hotly over my skin, slowly pushing my shirt up. "You forgot one, love…" She smiled against my neck, licking up to my ear. "Interjection…Fuck! Edward, I need you inside me…now!"
Oh, my little writer, she was deadly. I couldn't help the smile that crossed my face as I pulled her from the tree. She dropped her feet to the ground and I pulled my shirt over my head, tossing it next to hers. She gripped the waistband of my jeans, pulling me to her. She unbuckled my belt, sliding it from the loops and dropping it at our feet. As one tiny hand palmed my now excruciating arousal over the material, the other was slipping into the waistband at my ass and forcing my jeans to fall low.
I couldn't take anymore. I flicked open her shorts, shoving them down. She stepped out of them at the same time as my jeans finally set me free. "Tree," she growled. "You promised."
"I did, love," I smiled, wrapping her arms around my neck and lifting her up. I slid her down over me and both of us groaned. "God…just wait…" I growled, holding her still. "You feel so good…I could explode, love." My head fell to her shoulder and I tried to not come just from the feel of her.
"Shit, Edward," Bella said through gritted teeth, "I will explode…move, please…" Her legs gripped me, shaking her entire little body.
There was nothing - absolutely nothing - like making love to my wife. I had abstained for a century before she had come along and once I had tasted her, there was no going back. A century. But I wouldn't change anything, knowing what I know with her. We had learned everything together about each others' bodies and minds - not to mention wants and needs. With her, I could be the insatiable seventeen year old, the still practically newly married man, who was forever bound to the most stunning, dangerous creature ever created. It took a while before I realized that she had been put on this earth just for me. Sometimes, I didn't feel like I deserved such a precious gift.
She gasped as I pulled out, thrusting back into her. Her mouth hung open, her forehead pressed to mine. She let out a sound close to a sob, gripping my hair and turning my head. Her kisses were hot and messy. I couldn't help but grind into her harder.
The tree trunk groaned, pieces of bark dropping to the forest floor. I broke from my angel's mouth, cupping her perfect breast and latching on to the nipple. When she arched, the poor sapling we were up against, gave up its fight. A loud crack resounded through the woods and a rumble replaced it as the tree hit the ground.
"My bad," Bella whispered into my ear, licking the shell. "Lay me down…"
I pressed her into our pile of clothes, closing my eyes at the feel of her smooth legs wrapping around me. "Shit, baby…you feel too good…I'm so close."
"I know…come with me…I want to see your face," she gasped.
She reached between us, touching herself. I growled low, pressing my head to hers and watching her hand. Her head flew back as she shattered around me. Leaving her hand where we were connected, the sensation of being inside of her and her fingers around me pushed me over the edge. Her name echoed through the woods from my lips.
She pulled my head to her shoulder, wrapping her arms around me. I was completely enveloped by her. I nuzzled her neck, drinking in the scent of her. "Well, at least it wasn't another bed frame." I chuckled, kissing her sweet skin.
Her soft laugh shook me slightly, her breath warm against my neck. "It might have been one day…we didn't exactly give it a chance…" She giggled, twirling my hair at the back of my head.
"Nah…pine's too soft for us," I laughed, pulling back to look at her.
"Um…yeah…tempered steel is too soft for us, baby," she teased. Her brown pools were sparkling with love and happiness. She kept her shield over her eyes just for me. If she were to lift it, they would have been a beautiful ochre or butterscotch. But the brown was perfect - just very Bella.
"True, love…very true."
Carlisle finally sat down with the whole family, voicing the same concerns he had to me in his office a few days prior. He wanted everyone on the same page. He let us know that he was in contact with Demitri just about every day and they were both hoping to hear that Aro had moved his attention onto something else.
Much to my siblings' excitement, he announced more practices in the future for my shield. They had all enjoyed themselves immensely playing football and couldn't wait to see what Carlisle came up with next. Hockey, Capture the Flag, and soccer were all offered as suggestions. They all sounded like a hell of a lot of fun to me.
It was a drizzly Sunday. Everyone was home, but they were quietly doing their own thing in different parts of the house. Emmett and Rose had been in the garage all morning, tuning everyone's cars. Occasionally, I could hear the sound of a tool hitting the hard floor or the purr of an engine. It was a pastime they really enjoyed. Once in a while, Edward would join them, especially when it came to our bikes or his Vanquish.
Alice and Jasper hadn't really emerged out of their room, but I could hear Jasper picking on his acoustic guitar.
Edward and I were in the living room, reading silently. The TV was on, the volume barely up on an all news station. We were lengthways on the couch. My head and back were on Edward's chest, my hand with the book was resting on his raised knee. My head rose and fell with every slow, deep breath he took.
He played with a curl of my hair ever so softly, probably not even realizing he was doing it. He was reading something for his Economics class; I was reading for my last Modern Lit class. Stephen King was the subject and I chose the fairytale he wrote for his children. Eyes of the Dragon was turning out to be a really good read.
Slipping into such an odd story and sitting so quietly, felt as close to sleeping as I could get. I felt a kiss to my head. "Do you miss sleeping, love?"
"Was my shield up?" I smiled, shaking my head. I left it up for him so often that I sometimes forgot about it.
"I don't miss nightmares," I frowned, marking my place in my book and closing it. "Can you hear the story I'm reading if my shield is up?" I asked, turning in his arms and resting my hands and chin on his chest.
"Parts," he smiled. "Not enough to be able to keep up." He closed his own book, setting it on the floor. "What do you miss about sleeping?" He asked, not to be distracted.
"You holding me all night, but you do that anyway," I smiled. "Good dreams…some times they were like watching a movie…or living one, really. Being able to shut down, shut things out…but it's not something I think about, at all."
"What human things do you miss?" He asked. I studied his face and saw nothing but curiosity. This conversation was an iffy one for Edward. Sometimes he would worry that I would come to regret choosing this life with him. That becoming a vampire, immortal and forever, would make me miss something that being human could have given me. If this conversation were at the wrong time in the wrong mood, Edward would fret over it.
"Chocolate," I giggled. "It was all healing…just this plain, perfect, sweet thing. It was good for headaches and sadness…it coped with frustration…all sorts of frustration." I raised my eyebrow at him.
"Chocolate does all that?" He asked, laughing softly and brushing the hair from my face.
"And then some…"
"What else?"
"I can't think of anything…if I say the sun, I remember our last trip to Isle Esme. If I say human interaction, then I see the mean things people are capable of doing and I don't want to be a part of it." I sighed, thinking for a moment and Edward let me pause. "I'm not lacking anything."
"You don't ask much, either," he smiled, touching the tip of my nose with his finger.
"I don't need anything…you…this," I waved to the house, meaning the family. "The occasional escape…" I laughed.
Something was on his mind, but I saw him breathe deep, shoving it aside. "At one time, I thought maybe your tastes would change and you would…partake…in indulgences like the rest of us," he chuckled. "But you haven't…you're still easy to make happy…"
"Yup," I giggled, pushing myself further up his chest. I kissed his lips softly as he smiled at me. "I can tell you what I don't miss," I smiled. He nodded with a smirk on his lips. "Shaving every few days…legs, armpits, bikini area…I hated it. I don't miss plucking my damn eyebrows. Why women have so much hair and we have to get rid of it…" I rambled, loving the chuckle that was coming from it. "I don't miss my period or cramps…for damn sure. I sure as hell don't miss pimples." He was laughing hard, shaking his head.
"I don't miss bruises or falling or stubbing my toe…" I laughed. "I don't miss feeling insecure or fragile…" His gaze softened at that last statement and he touched my cheek with the back of his hand. "And I don't miss how cool your skin was to me…" I took his hand in mine and kissed his palm. His skin was warm to me, not hard like stone, but pliable and soft.
I giggled when his arousal grew against my stomach. Edward, why did I just get punched in the stomach…can't you control that thing? I thought, laughing when his head fell back. He shook his head, laughing and covering his face. Does it have a mind of its own?
"Yes," he cracked up. "It's all your fault." Edward laughing was stunningly sexy. When I first met him, he didn't laugh enough. He was sweet and too serious, hating what he was. He was always a gentleman, but never silly around me. It wasn't until he returned to me that he let himself shine through.
I wasn't doing anything! I giggled, shaking my head.
"It doesn't matter," he countered, pulling me up to his face and kissing me fiercely and quickly. "I'll have a talk with it later…" He said, trying to look serious. I laughed, burying my face in his neck.
Don't bother…it won't work, I thought. It's completely stubborn…just like its male counterpart. He wrapped his arms around me, kissing my head, his body still shaking with laughter.
"You're right…" He sighed, smiling. "There's really nothing I can do about it."
I just honestly think it won't listen. I smiled against his neck. I lifted my head when my phone rang. "Jake," I smiled, looking at the screen. Edward smiled, sitting up with me when I answered. "Hey Jake," I said into the phone.
"Bells," he gushed. "How are things?" His voice brought a wave of homesickness that wasn't prepared for. Warm days in his garage and hot sodas flashed through my mind. Watching sports with Charlie and cooking for the two of them, the memory made my breath hitch. Edward saw it all and kissed my head. Then, without warning, fights and punches flickered through my head, Jacob and me nose to nose, yelling and fighting. The last flash was Jake looming over me and asking me who I wanted to be with despite all that he had done for me. "Him" was all I had said, meaning Edward and resulting in Jake backhanding me. I flinched.
Edward sighed, pulling me close. "It's ok, love. It's not like that anymore," he whispered. "You're passed that and you know it."
I drew in a deep breath, closing my eyes and nodding. "It's good, Jake…how's Anna and the kids?"
"They're great," he laughed. He told me all about first steps and colic, rambling on and on about Izzy and Eddie. He had named his children after Edward and me, telling us we were responsible for saving his wife's life years ago. His droning allowed me to straighten my thoughts out and focus on why I needed him to call me in the first place.
"Before you ask," Jake chuckled, "Charlie's fine. He and Sue are in Florida with Renee and Phil, believe it or not." My brow wrinkled, wondering how that was possible. "Happy birthday, by the way…do you still count it?" He laughed.
"No," I snorted. Alice had tried the first few years, but if no one else was going to celebrate theirs, mine was off limits too. "So they all got together for my birthday?" I asked, laughing. I was laughing, but something about that made me a little sad.
"Yeah, it's tradition now," he sighed. "They miss you…I can't say that I blame them, I miss you too." He felt for them. He could call me, but they couldn't. I was dead to them. Edward and I had to fake our death to my parents. They were getting quite suspicious a year or so after we left for Dartmouth. I never came home for visits or holidays and Charlie was starting to get angry.
"Me too. Listen, there's some things you might need to prepare for…" Edward reached for the phone and I nodded. "But, Edward wants to go over it with you, ok?"
"Yeah, sure…is there something wrong, Bells?"
"Maybe…here, let him tell you, 'kay?" He agreed and I handed Edward the phone.
"Hello Jacob," Edward said smoothly into the phone.
"Ed! How's the east coast, dude?" Jake boomed. I had to smile. At one point, the two of them swore to kill each other, but now they actually communicated really well. Without Jake, despite all that had happened in our relationship prior to Edward's return, I wouldn't be around anymore. It was Jake as the Alpha of the pack that gave Edward permission to change me.
"Fine, Jake," Edward snickered. "Listen, I think you need to put the pack on alert…" He began and told Jacob everything we had heard in the last few weeks. He told him who and what the Volturi were and why they were interested in us. Edward explained how Aro felt about the gifted vampires and how he had seen us in the minds of Carlisle and Demitri.
"No problem, dude," Jake said, "we'll expand our perimeter to Canada if we have to."
"Thank you, Jake," Edward sighed. "And I'm sure I don't have to tell you their diet isn't like ours…"
"Ooh! Real bloodsuckers, got it…" Jake chuckled into the phone. Edward smiled, shaking his head. "Can I talk to Bells one more time?"
"Sure, Jake," Edward handed me the phone.
"Yup?" I smiled, taking it from him.
"So…before Anna smacks the shit out of me and steals the phone…are you ok?" He asked sincerely.
"Yeah, just concerned…" I sighed. "I don't know if they will come your way, but I don't want anyone hurt. We can call you or text you if the Denali family hears or sees anything."
"That's fine, but that's not what I meant and you know it, Bells," he sighed, chuckling a little.
"I'm fine, Jake…better than fine…perfect."
"That's what I needed to hear…" He sighed again and I could almost hear him shaking his head. He wouldn't mention it, ever, but he still had issues with the way he had treated me. His guilt was hard for him to live with sometimes. "I can't have my best friend unhappy…I would have to do something about that…"
I laughed, shaking my head at the thought. "Let me have Anna…I hear her pacing, Jake…" He laughed, mumbling something about the hearing of Superman.
"Bella," Anna sighed into the phone. "Did you get your videos and pictures?"
"Yeah, Anna, thank you so much…I had a feeling it was you sending them," I giggled. Edward kissed my head, leaving me to the girl talk on the phone.
"Are you kidding? Jake's rarely home…I see his sleeping face more than anything," she growled at his laugh in the background. "Not only is he trying to take classes at the community college, but he works with Embry and Quil at a garage fixing cars…not to mention patrols."
"You guys are ok, right? You have everything you need?" I asked, frowning at Jake working so hard.
"We're strapped, honestly, but who isn't these days? Well, you guys aren't, but having a savings account for a hundred years must have some fabulous interest rates." She laughed and I joined her. "Two kids, one with colic…Eddie hasn't slept through the night in weeks," she sighed, sounding exhausted.
I frowned, making a mental note on coming up with a way to help them. Jake wouldn't take help if I handed it to him, his pride wouldn't allow it.
"Oh! Jess had her baby since I sent those emails," Anna gushed. "So pretty…a little girl. Haley Dawn…she's chubby and so sweet!"
"Oh, you have to send those pictures, please," I smiled. She said that she would and continued to catch me up on everyone. Sam and Emily were fine, raising three little ones - two girls and a boy. Quil made an excellent father, silly and sweet.
"Oh," she groaned. "And Lauren," she laughed, "she married Mike, but you know that. Well, they're divorcing…should be final in the next week or so. He cheated on her." I forgot that Anna would know Lauren through Jessica.
"No!" I gasped. Alice and Rose bolted in the living room from two different directions. I forgot they could hear the conversation anywhere. "Shut up! Spill it, tell us everything," I laughed as Alice and Rose sat on each side of me.
"Not once, not twice, three times, Bells!" She guffawed on the other end. Alice was beside herself, laughing. Why the three of us lived for the gossip concerning Lauren and Mike Newton was beyond me. Rose coughed back a laugh.
"Lauren knew about the first one and had forgiven him…they were in therapy about it. Then, this girl shows up pregnant, claiming Mike is the daddy." Oh, hell, this couldn't get any juicier. "It wasn't, they did a test, but then that just exposed affair number two. The next one, poor Lauren walked in on…" She took a deep breath and said, "The best part, Bells…they are all brunette with brown eyes."
My sisters collapsed behind me in a fit of laughter. "Shut the hell up, both of you," I growled, smacking at them. "Tell me you're joking, Anna, please."
"Nope…it seems he has a…um, preference…" Anna snorted. "It's a good thing she thinks you're dead, Bells…or I think she'd kill you." Well, hell, that's all it took. Rose and Alice fell to the floor in hysterics.
"I will never live this down," I groaned.
"I hear them," Anna laughed. "Sorry, Bells…hey listen, Eddie's crying…I gotta go. Let us know if you hear anything and Jake will watch for you. Give everyone my love."
"Ok, bye Anna," I sighed, rolling my eyes as the laughter exploded again. "Shut. Up." I kicked at my sisters. "It's really not funny."
"Oh yes…it's hilarious," Rose sniffled, trying to sit up.
"Fantastic," I sighed, shaking my head. "I'm glad you two are amused."
"They aren't the only ones," Jasper laughed, bending over against the wall. Emmett was patting him on the back with one hand and holding his side with the other. Edward just rolled his eyes.
"Emmett!" I growled. "For some reason, this has to be your fault…it goes back to that going away party…it has to," I fell over on the sofa, sighing.
"No, it doesn't," Edward smiled, "Mike has always felt that way about you." He was kneeling beside me.
"Not helping," I groaned, rolling my eyes. "Mike is just so…"
"Gross?" Alice asked.
"Idiotic?" Rose piped in.
"Delusional," I growled, "but those things work too." Edward nodded beside me, a disgusted look on his face that probably matched my own. "Too bad you didn't throw him against the wall before he asked me out," I mumbled and Edward's smile was brilliant. "You could have saved a whole lot of women the trauma."
"I still can," he beamed. "Let's book a flight!" He was excited like a child, I couldn't help but laugh. Even our siblings laughed at that.
"Tell me you haven't been sitting alone for long," Alice frowned, sitting next to me at our table in the cafeteria.
"Not really…about a half an hour or so, why?"
"Edward doesn't want you alone at school with Joe around," she shook her head.
"I know, but I'm in a full cafeteria, Ali," I sighed, motioning a finger to the large room.
"Yes, but The Jerk is thinking about talking to you today…don't let him," she growled. "See?" She glared as Joe made his way towards us.
"Shit fire and save matches," I sighed, shaking my head.
"He's got a death wish, really. I say…we give it to him," she laughed.
"Tempting," I nodded, looking at her.
"Hey, Bella," Joe's voice broke. "I was just wondering if you had your Trig book with you. I forgot mine and I need to check my homework."
"Nope," I lied smoothly, "Sorry."
"Are you going to that party at the dorms this Friday?" He asked, looking ever so hopeful.
I turned to Alice - our true entertainment planner - with a raised eyebrow. "Are we?" I asked, laughing at the look of nausea on her face.
"Probably not," she sighed. "We have other plans, but you can ask Edward if we can change them…" Her eyes flicked to just behind Joe. My husband was walking in. I winced at the look on his face. His patience with the boy was just about at its end.
"Joe," Edward said in a low, deep voice. Joe's face flinched at the soft tone as if Edward had raised a hand to him. "How is it that you have been told multiple times that those two ladies are off limits and I still find you talking to them when you think I'm not around?"
Edward, easy… I thought to him. Don't lose your composure, baby. His eyes flicked to me and they were black with rage. Please? Just let him walk away. Look at his face, he's looking for an out…
Joe was fidgeting, his eyes nervously darting around for an exit from Edward's intense stare. "I just was…I need to borrow…Trig book…" His brow broke out into a sweat, his hands shook as he wiped his face. He groaned when Jasper arrived to stand next to Edward. "I don't mean anything by it…I know she's married…" He looked like he was about to cry and I hoped that wasn't Jasper's doing.
"Pal," Jasper shook his head. "It doesn't matter what you know, what you think you know, or even what your religion is…we," he motioned to Edward and himself, "don't like you, man. You creep us the fuck out…and when you are around them," he pointed to me and Alice, "it makes us nervous…got it?" I suddenly was very grateful for Jasper, he was able to keep Edward from losing it and handle the situation better than I expected. He glanced over at me with a wink and a smirk, feeling my thankfulness. He took the whole situation and turned it into a great big guy thing - a pissing contest - something that happens just about every day at school with guys looking at other guys' girlfriends.
"Ok, got it," he breathed, shaking his head. "I swear I don't mean anything…" Edward's eyes narrowed at him.
"I don't care," Jasper laughed, but it was not in humor. "Just leave them alone. Seriously, man." Joe must have thought something bad, because Edward took a step towards him with clenched fists and his jaw set. Jasper threw his hand up to Edward's chest, stopping him. "Next time, we won't be so kind, Joe. Get out of here."
I looked around the cafeteria and no one was really paying attention to us. There were too many people, too many conversations for it to be of any interest.
Joe nodded, releasing a breath that he must have been holding and walking quickly out the doors. Alice groaned, shaking her head and looking at the two of them. "Edward, sit," she said. "You can't do that." Edward's head snapped away from his gaze of the doorway to her.
Edward, come sit with me, please. I thought to him. Whatever you're thinking, stop…just let it go. Ok?
Jasper slapped Edward's back and took a seat next to Alice. Edward finally flinched, turning around and walking to sit next to me. I leaned over and kissed his cheek, taking his hand in mine. "Do we need to go home, baby?" I asked, pushing his hair from his forehead. He shook his head no, but stayed quiet.
You're sexy when you're angry, I thought to him, giggling quietly. His eyes softened then, flicking to me. Even more so when you get all possessive and stuff, I snickered, biting my lip. His mouth twitched up into my favorite half smile and he shook his head. Come on, tell me I'm all yours and no one can have me and our day can go on… I was in a full on laugh at this point. I apparently cracked myself up.
"Bella," he said, trying not to laugh. "Ok, enough," he chuckled, pulling me on his lap. I tried to force a straight face, but I couldn't. I collapsed into the crook of his neck. "You think you're funny, don't you?" He asked in my ear.
"She must be, because it worked…whatever she did," Alice giggled. "Her laugh is fucking contagious."
"That it is," Edward sighed, chuckling softly. "Thank you, love."
"Come on, class time…" Jasper chuckled, shaking his head and standing.
When they were a few steps away from us, Edward kissed my ear. "Mine," he growled low. "You're fucking mine," he crooned against my neck.
"See? That's what I'm saying," I smiled, kissing him softly and rubbing my nose against his. I stood from his lap and he took my bag, carrying it for me. He smirked, shaking his head.
"I just love you," he sighed, wrapping his arm around my shoulders and kissing my head.
"I love you too, baby," I smirked, leaning into him. "Now, our day can go on," I laughed when he rolled his eyes.


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