Tuesday, March 20, 2001 | By: Drotuno

Angel's Embrace Chapter 31

Must be nice...money and good looks...
Wonder what the sleeping arrangements are at their house...
Wish my hair could do that...
God...those legs...
I looked up from my phone to see my sister and wife walking across the cafeteria. For once, I could see what Bella used to talk about. We didn't fit in. Collective breaths held from just about every male in the room as the girls laughed with each other, making their way towards our table. Female minds registered my wife and sister's looks, clothes, bodies and, of course, their interaction with Jasper and I as they sat down with us.
"Hi, baby," my love beamed, plopping down in the chair beside mine.
"Hi, my beautiful girl," I chuckled at her happy face. "You're in a good mood after Algebra."
"It wasn't the class," she giggled.
"It was the lack of Matthew," Alice snorted, kissing Jasper's cheek.
"Well, that makes me happy," I growled and Jasper nodded. "According to his sister, Erika," I said, my eyes flicking to Pam's table, "Matthew is in deep trouble. Not only with the law, but at home. She had thoughts of military school brochures that their father brought home."
"Yes, but Matthew is rallying to stay here...he's using therapy as his bargaining chip." Alice sighed. "Rehab or something."
"Where's Em and Rose?" Bella asked.
"Thankfully, taking their lunch...elsewhere," I chuckled.
"Oh," my love giggled. "Your influence, big brother?" She asked Jasper with a smirk, pulling out a book that she was currently reading.
"They were working their way to it anyway. I just pushed their asses out the door," he laughed, leaning back in the chair.
"And we thank you, Jazz," Alice snorted. "Bells, we must go shopping soon. That dance is next week."
"'Kay," my love sighed, not looking up from her book. "Today?"
"We can," Alice nodded, "but we'll ask Rose later."
My wife nodded, continuing to try and shut out the noise around her. It wasn't just noise, it was the stares, gossip and curiosity that continued to follow us. I bent to her ear. "If it bothers you, love, we can take a walk instead."
"I'm ok, Edward," she smiled sweetly, slipping her hand in mine to turn my ring.
"You let me know," I said, kissing her head as she nodded.
"I thought Drew finally won Pam over," Jasper frowned, looking over at their table. "Austin manned up and asked Wendy out."
"Yes, Austin asked Wendy to the dance, but Drew," Bella snorted, "he's upset Pam still flounders around."
"They had a big fight not long after we went to the movies," Alice nodded, flipping through a magazine. "He's too good for her." My sister huffed, a scowl on her face. She and Bella liked Drew. They found him to be sweet and polite. Alice had imagined more than once that he was a little like me when I was human.
"He loves her," I stated simply. "He can't let it go. When no one's looking, they get along just fine. It's when she worries about what other people may think that the problem starts."
"Wendy told me they all grew up together, so it's hard to forget training wheels and crying over the monster in the closet," Bella sighed. "I think she still sees a little boy. Which is a shame, really. He's nice."
"Pam has a romantic view on love," I said, linking my fingers with my angel's. "She wants the fairy tale."
"Really?" Bella and Alice squealed at the same time, their heads snapping up.
"Oh hell," Jasper laughed. "I sense meddling."
"Not meddling," Alice grumped. "Help." Her grin was huge as she folded her arms across her chest, raising an eyebrow at my wife.
Bella huffed a laugh. "Ok, ok...I'll talk to him next period." She was quiet for a moment and mumbled, "He should her write a letter." I chuckled softly in her ear.
"That's a fine idea, Bella," I said, tucking the newest note I had written into her pocket. My love laughed, shaking her head. "What?" I smirked. "Some people feel more powerful and honest behind a pen than they do trying to speak the same words aloud."
You, Edward, have no problems either way, my love's sarcastic mind laughed. I shrugged, tracing her palm with my finger. In fact, she continued as she looked at me out of the corner of her eye, I'm not so sure which one is more...deadly...your voice or your written word. I fought my smile, shaking my head.
"Why, love...I have no idea what you could possibly mean," I feigned shock.
Riiiight, she snorted, biting her bottom lip.
The bell rang and she slipped her hand out of mine. I missed the contact instantly. A discontented sigh left me before I could stop it. My angel turned around in front of me, a look of worry on her face. I shook my head, told her I loved her and kissed her forehead. "I could touch you all day, love, that's all."
"Me too," she smiled. "See you soon, baby."
"So, Bells," Drew smiled, walking with me to deliver stacks of the school paper around the campus, "are you going to the Holiday Ball?"
"Yes," I laughed, looking up at him, "which, I might add, you should have already asked someone."
"Aw, damn," he whined, looking away from me. "I don't know, I think she still sees me as the boy that used to pull her hair." He laughed, but it wasn't in humor.
"You really need to prove that you're not," I said, raising my eyebrow at him as he set a stack of papers down in the gym. "You know, you should write her a letter. I've seen your work in here," I sighed, tapping the stack in my arms, "you have a way with words."
"That seems so," he shrugged, grimacing. "Junior High...check yes or no if you like me."
I laughed, shaking my head. "I didn't say to give her a multiple choice quiz, but tell her how you feel."
He was quiet as we stopped at the cafeteria and then the office. "A letter? Really?" He asked, looking like he was ready to grasp at straws in order to come up with the right choice of action.
I sighed, biting my lip. "Drew, you'll be a senior next year and college after that. How much time will you waste? If you like her, tell her...make her listen. If she rejects you, then it's her loss and not yours. You need to make sure you did everything on your part. Don't you think?"
"Yeah," he groaned, a pained look on his face. "I'll ask her. What's the worst that she could say? No?" He huffed, shrugging.
"Marcus," Alice, Rose and I smiled, coming in from the garage.
"Ladies," he smiled, standing up from the sofa to greet us. Every man in the room followed suit. We laid our shopping on the table and joined what apparently was an impromptu meeting. I tried my best not to roll my eyes at the sight of Tanya sitting in the love seat with Mark. The two of us had finally come to terms. The terms were we both pretended that the other did not exist.
Edward's chuckle at my thoughts did not go unnoticed. Shut it, I thought with a wink, sitting down on his lap next to Esme. Alice and Rose joined Jasper and Emmett on the floor. The room was full. Besides Tanya and Mark, Kate, Irina and Ghianna were standing on the far wall. Eleazar and Carmen sat in the chairs next to Marcus. I sighed a worried sigh when I didn't see Demitri and Carina. They must have still been away in Italy.
Edward squeezed my hand at that last thought, nodding as he rested his chin on my shoulder.
"I guess we can start," Carlisle sighed.
"Not yet," Alice smiled. "Let Catherine and Brandon in first. They'll be at the door in ten seconds."
"Thank you, Alice," Carlisle chuckled, standing up to open the door just as Brandon raised his fist to knock.
After they were welcomed in, Brandon shot Tanya an icy stare. She missed it or chose to ignore it, directing her attention to Marcus.
"We've heard from Demitri," he started, his soft voice commanding the attention of the room. "Felix has indeed been rebuilding. Carina reached the underground, hoping to find more than she did, but still was able to retrieve information for us. Demitri's old servant was in hiding and told them she had made her escape once Jane came back without Chelsea."
"She compared Felix's reaction to the news to that of an atomic bomb going off. He's livid. The servant said that the last rumor she heard was Felix's decision to move the Volturi to America." He paused, looking at Alice. "Are you picking up anything from him?"
"It's easier to pick up Jane since I've seen her in person," Alice sighed. "I haven't seen anything that is bringing them our way yet."
"Good," Marcus nodded. "Like I said, Felix is rebuilding. According to what Demitri could see, there is a newborn army being made." He shook his head.
"Who's still left from the old days?" Ghianna asked, frowning. She had originally worked for the Volturi when Marcus and his brothers, Aro and Caius were still running it.
"Renata, which surprises me," Marcus said, turning to her. "She hated Felix, but she and Jane were close. Alec, of course...he goes anywhere his sister goes. Stefan and Vladimir..."
"What?" Carlisle growled. "They hated to be under Volturi rule to begin with."
"Yes, but apparently Felix has promised them some...freedoms...in return for their loyalty." Carlisle scowled, but said nothing more. "And Garrett."
"The nomad?" Kate frowned and Marcus nodded. "What the hell is Felix promising them?"
"Their own domains, I imagine," Marcus guessed. "Power can prove very tempting and an even bigger ally."
"Yeah, but what powers are we looking at here?" Emmett growled, looking around the room like he was taking inventory. He frowned, but set his gaze back to Marcus.
"Felix has no talent to speak of. You are aware of Jane's. Alec's is similar to hers only on a bigger scale. Renata is a shield, but nowhere near the power of Isabella. The only way she can shield is to touch the one she's protecting."
"What the hell good is that?" Emmett snorted, winking at me. I smiled, shaking my head.
Brandon chuckled, giving my brother a fist bump.
"I understand what you're saying, Emmett," Marcus smiled, "but what we don't know is if Felix's newborns have any talents. My brothers liked to collect powerful vampires. Aro wanted to meet Edward and Alice for ages." He sighed, a slight moment of sadness passing over his features. "And I can certainly understand why..." He smiled at the both of them. "Though Aro...his arrogance wouldn't have handled the completi l'anima that envelopes you and Isabella," he said to Edward.
With that one statement, I knew. Marcus was well aware that his brother was responsible for the death of Didyme, Marcus' wife and mate. Edward squeezed my hand again, this time, leaving it tightened in his grip. I turned his ring on his other hand until he relaxed.
"Without Chelsea," Marcus continued, "and the addition of the wolf pack, we should have no problem."
"What are we talking about numbers-wise?" Jasper asked. "I mean, this room alone could take down a newborn army. And how would he get them here?"
"Boat...it would be the only way. He would charter it or buy it...sailing over with them. And you know as well as I do that newborns are volatile and could attack each other on their way here."
"They keep trying the Washington area. Eventually they will try Alaska," Tanya finally spoke up. "Could we get everyone there in time if that's where they chose to land?"
"I don't know, Tanya," Carlisle sighed. "We've barely made it the last few times they've tried to get to us." His eyes landed on me. It had been a close call getting to Edward and my brothers when Jane attacked. "I, for one, want more information from Demitri before we make a decision. If an emergency should arise, we could move you back to our house in Forks...letting the wolves know, of course."
"I agree," Marcus sighed, sitting back down. "I'm not worried about the war. I just don't want them to catch us unawares."
The discussion continued for a little while longer, but no more information was given and no other decision was made other than to wait. Everyone from Denali but Tanya and Mark took Marcus back to Alaska.
"How was shopping, sweet girl?" Edward asked in my ear.
"Fine," I smiled, knowing what information he was fishing for.
"Don't worry, Bells," Alice laughed. "It's going in my room for the moment. He just decided to peek."
"Oh did he?" I laughed, turning to face him. Esme snorted, looking at the two of us.
He tilted his head, looking at me through his long eyelashes. "I did not," he pouted.
"Yes, he did...look at that face," Esme cracked up.
Edward sighed and shrugged, smirking when my thoughts hit him. You'll find out soon enough. He chuckled, nuzzling my neck.
We were laughing when a snarl exploded from Tanya. "I fucking heard that!" She scowled, staring at Brandon.
"Good," he smiled, "hear it again. You're a fucking whore." Mark got up with a growl and Catherine stood up.
"Oh shit," I breathed, standing. "Jasper!"
"On it," he sighed, sending a wave of calm over everyone, but it wasn't working. I shot my shield around Brandon just as he stepped forward.
"No, not in this house. Esme will kick your ass," I sighed, pulling him to the wall. "Outside, Brandon."
"Fine, Bells," he sneered, his eyes never leaving Tanya.
"I said...let's go!" I shoved him as he fought me.
"I don't think so, Mark," Edward growled, catching him before he could launch at us. "Bella...get him outside, please, love," he grunted, holding Mark back.
"Come on, Brandon," I sighed, shaking my head as I followed him through the kitchen and out the back door.
"You know," he growled, turning to face me, "it's not that I had to be changed. I love my life...I love Catherine...but the fact that the bitch used me and never fucking acknowledges my presence. It fucking pisses me off!"
"I know," I sighed, walking with him. A light rain had started to fall. "It's not worth it. She'll drive you insane if you let her."
"You would know," he snorted, realizing what I meant.
"Right?" I smiled. "Look, Demitri's tried and tried to get her to apologize and it doesn't happen. You just have to be the bigger person. She's well aware of what she did, Brandon."
"She tried to kill you, Bells..."
"Yeah...and take my husband...and stole your humanity...and...and...and..." I laughed, shrugging. "I never see her. She's mated. We ignore each other. If you're expecting her to step up and take ownership of her mistakes, it won't happen."
"Well, well, well," Emmett snorted, joining us outside. "Always fun and games when Tanya's around. You ok, dude?"
Brandon nodded, unable to keep a smile off of his face when Emmett was nearby. "Yeah, sorry. I shut Jasper down in there. I wanted to be mad."
"He'll get over it," Emmett chuckled, slapping Brandon's back. Brandon's talent was strange. He was able to shut down someone else's gift, rendering them powerless. Eleazar called it the Black Hole effect.
"Yeah, well, thanks for leaving mine. I'm not kidding when I said Esme would have hurt you," I smiled, frowning as I saw Mark burst through the backdoor, everyone else hot on his tracks. "Oh, shit," I sighed. "Mark...don't...it's not your fight," I growled, wrapping a shield around him. He came to a dead standstill.
"Bella," he frowned, struggling as I held him firm. "Did you hear him?"
"Yeah...I heard him. It's still not your fight. She did him wrong, Mark, and you know it."
"It figures you would take Brandon's side," Tanya sneered from the front door.
I sighed, looking over at my brother. Emmett frowned, shaking his head. "Maybe you should just let everyone go...may the best vamp win," he smirked.
I huffed a laugh, coming really close to doing just that. "Really?" I asked, my eyebrow rising.
"No, Bells," Mark sighed. "I'm fine...you can let me go."
Before I could take my shield down, Tanya was in my face. "Let him go."
"Get out of my face," I snarled. "Or it may be you I decide to toss into that tree over there," I growled, pointing to the fir at the far end of the yard.
"Try it." She growled, lunging for me, but my shield stopped her. There was a part of me that just wanted to snap her apart just like I did Chelsea.
"Bella, stop," Edward said, stepping between us. "You can't do that, love."
"I know," I frowned.
"No matter what decision you make, Tanya," Alice sighed, "Bells will win."
I looked over at Alice, trying not to laugh at the smugness in which she just delivered that latest vision. I shook my head. "Fine...you can all kill each other." I scoffed, walking away towards the house and hearing Emmett's laugh.
I smelled Tanya before she got too close. Without thinking twice, I wrapped my shield around her and slammed her to the damp ground.
I walked away, I frowned, looking at my husband as Tanya writhed on the ground. Tell me what her problem is!
"You." He sighed, fighting his smile as he walked up to me. "I told you once...she's jealous in more ways than you could possibly imagine."
"Shut up, Edward," Tanya snarled. I smiled, biting my lip.
I fucking love that you can read minds...have I ever told you that? I thought to him, fighting my laugh.
"Do tell, my love," he feigned innocence, "I don't believe you have." He wrapped an arm around me. "Let her go," he whispered in my ear.
"'Kay," I sighed, taking my shield from her. Her face was in full pout as she stood up and dusted herself off.
"Yes, Bella will still win if she didn't use her shield," Alice and Edward said in unison, both with a bored tone to their voice. Emmett guffawed, Brandon giving him a fist bump.
"Is that what you want, Tanya? To fight me?" I asked calmly. "Is all of this my fault according to you?"
"She doesn't understand how you can walk away, love," he sighed.
"Edward, get the fuck out of my head," Tanya sneered.
"It's like looking into a clear glass of water," he smirked, shrugging. "You're so transparent." He rolled his eyes. "And no, you can't beat me either." She scoffed, but knew he was right.
I snorted, shaking my head. "I can walk away because you aren't worth it. In fact, I was just telling Brandon the same thing. See, for some reason, he needs an apology from you. I've heard plenty of them and know you never mean them. It's a waste of time for everyone involved."
"Tanya," Mark sighed, tentatively touching her hand, "sweetie, just let it go. Bells has been really good to me. And you did do Brandon a disservice."
"Yeah, but Mark," Brandon snorted, opening his arms for Catherine as she walked to him. "I've changed my mind...I need nothing from her." I watched as Tanya closed her eyes, fighting her temper.
"Yo, T?" Emmett smiled, wrapping a heavy arm across her shoulders. "Look around you. There's a war coming. If you can't trust the person next to you, then we'll lose. You're gonna need every one of us and we need you...you have to understand that."
"Yeah," she sighed, finally taking Mark's hand.
"Wow...the world is scary when Emmett makes sense," Alice mumbled, walking past us and into the house. Edward and I laughed, following behind her.
"Shit," Alice growled, "I'm watching for too much at the same time. How the hell did I miss a storm?"
"Sweet!" Emmett beamed, his eyebrows rising up and down.
"Not sweet," Rose growled. "We have tests today...we can't skip."
"Oh, today's gonna be hell," Jasper groaned. "I can't even get Bells to shield me from all the lust."
"What time, Alice?" I sighed. "Are you certain we can't skip?"
"Around mid-day."
"No, we can't skip," my love sighed, setting her bag down on the dining room table. "Alice and I have a test in Algebra and we have one in English and Biology." Her eyes met mine and I didn't have to read her mind as to know what she was thinking. It had been a really long time since we hunted during a thunderstorm. Suddenly, it was all that I wanted.
"Oh, shit...I'm staying home," Jasper whined. "It's already starting."
"Sorry, Jazz," Bella sighed, shaking her head.
"Oh, little one," he chuckled, "it's not just you."
"Ok, so the plan?" Rose sighed. "Because, Emmett, we have three tests of our own. First, second and fifth periods."
"No one makes it to fifth period," Alice chuckled. "So...we'll all meet at home tonight?"
"Got it," Emmett laughed. "Come on, Jazz...you'll survive until lunch, right?"
They say that the anticipation of something to come makes it better once you actually get what you want. Whoever said that never had to listen to my wife's thoughts in the middle of a tenth grade English test.
Her eyes glazed over, staring out the window as the rain began to fall. It was a soft, light rain, the heavier weather not due to start until later. She had absolutely no idea how sexy she was with her pen resting on her bottom lip.
Visions of our honeymoon flashed through her mind. I closed my eyes, seeing lightning bolt across the sky over Isle Esme. I heard the ripping of my t-shirt and the wet slap it made as Bella had dropped it on the sand of the beach. I could practically taste the essence of my angel, rain water, and her arousal as she remembered me licking up her neck and pressing her onto the beach sand. I could almost feel the electrical current that charged around us as her hard nipples rubbed against my bare, wet chest.
"Bella," I breathed as quietly as I could, my hands fisted in my hair.
I'm so sorry, baby, she thought to me, fidgeting in her chair. I chanced a look at her and immediately felt remorse for saying anything. She felt terrible that she couldn't stop. She could no more stop the memories than I could. We had experienced a storm after Isle Esme, but it wasn't as strong as our honeymoon. We both ached for it.
"Soon, love," I sighed, tangling her leg with mine. She asked if she should shield her mind from me, and I shook my head no. I'd rather hear her mind than anyone else's in the world. Between her thoughts and my own it was going to be a long day, though. We had decided to skip the Biology test, leaving after her and Alice's Algebra test. Alice had said the storm would really open up around lunch time anyway.
Spanish class, however, was all my fault. There was no excuse for my behavior, except for the fact that I loved Bella's reaction when I spoke dirty, especially when there wasn't a thing she could do about it.
We were supposed to have paired off and translated a paragraph into Spanish. I had done that immediately, the rest of the class translating noisily around us. I leaned into her ear, whispering, "No puedo esperar hasta que usted sea mojado para mí literalmente."
I cannot wait until you are wet for me in every way.
"Edward," my angel's voice warned. Her Spanish had improved quite a bit. It helped that I was fluent as well as every member of my family. We had all caught her up.
"Voy a tomarle tan difícilmente. No podemos llegar a nuestra charca aprisa bastante," I breathed, meaning every word. I am going to take you so hard. We cannot get to our pond quick enough.
"Edward, please...please, be quiet," she begged, her head hitting her hands. "One more test..." She muttered to herself.
"Usted es tan hermoso. Puedo refrenarme apenas de tocarle," I sighed in frustration, my hand caressing her thigh under our table. You are so beautiful. I can barely refrain from touching you.
"Baby," she growled through her teeth, looking up at me, her eyes ebony with lust. She grasped my hand in hers. I can't hold back...please! Her eyes closed as a small rumble of thunder rolled some distance away. The humans in the classroom wouldn't have heard it, but we did.
My Bella began to shake, her eyes still closed. Her mind was frantic with a way to make it through her Algebra test. "Oh, God, Bella...I'm sorry," I sighed, running a frustrated hand through my hair. I wanted her so fucking badly. I could hardly see straight. Her arousal was all around her, emanating from every pore. I felt my own eyes darken at the smell of it. "Sweetheart...really. I'm so sorry." As much as the selfish part of me loved her reaction to mere words, I was truly pushing her to a breaking point.
"Just..." She huffed a laugh, shaking her head. "Have patience," she smiled, her eyes begging me. As the bell rang, she turned to me and said, "Confíe en que cuando le digo… nuestra charca no sabrá qué la golpeó."
Trust me when I tell you...our pond will not know what hit it.
"That's my girl," I growled, kissing her head as we parted for what was to be our last class of the day.
Jasper was in his own personal hell by the time I made it to Current Events. I tried to calm my lust down, but his own need was not helping. He, in turn, tried to keep his thoughts clean, but it was useless. It was the longest hour and fifteen minutes I had ever spent.
"Where?" He asked as the bell rang and we made our way to the girls' classroom.
"Northwest, you?"
"The northeast part of the preserve..." He sighed, leaning against the lockers.
I nodded. We all had to separate. Emmett and Rose barely made it through their second test before they left. Not one of us would drive, leaving our cars to be picked up later. Lightning flashed across the sky as the Algebra class let out. The deep, rolling thunder vibrated the lockers around us.
Bella could barely look me in the eye as she walked out of the classroom, handing her backpack over to me. Her breathing picked up, causing my own to falter. I never saw Jasper and Alice leave us as we stepped out into the parking lot. I unlocked the Volvo, setting our things inside.
The sky completely opened up and we lost it. I slammed the car door, pressing my beautiful, now panting, wife into my car. "Not here," she breathed, staring more at my mouth than anywhere else.
"Just a taste, love," I begged, bracing my hands on each side of her head, our lips mere centimeters apart. The rain was keeping everyone away from the parking lot. We were, for the moment, alone.
"We won't stop...you know this." Her words were contradictory to her actions as her leg hitched up around my hip. I couldn't help the deep growl that escaped me as she started to grind against me. "But one kiss couldn't hurt," she whispered to herself, her hands slipping into my now damp hair.
That's all I needed to hear. With a whimper from her and a grunt from me, our mouths finally collided. Her other leg wrapped around me and I found myself holding her entire weight as I pressed her into the side of my car. Our tongues in constant contact, we turned our heads to deepen the kiss. The only thing that separated us was clothing – my jeans and the thin fabric of her underwear. Her skirt had ridden up just high enough that I could feel her warmth.
I fisted her wet hair to get it out of her face as I licked the rain water from her neck. "Edward...let's go." She begged, bracing her hands against my chest, yet her head tilted, so I could have more access.
"Ok," I sighed, unable to stop sucking at her flesh. "Let me carry you...I need your touch, baby."
"I don't care what you do, just get us into the woods," she growled, gripping at my shirt as I tongued her ear.
I smiled against the soft spot on her neck. Thunder caused us both to jump, Bella setting her feet down on the ground. I turned in front of her, and she climbed up on my back like she did when she was human.
I ran as fast as I could, skirting the edge of the school. Once in the shelter of the trees, I poured my speed on, trying to get us to our pond as quickly as possible. As Bella's teeth grazed against my neck, I didn't know how much farther I could go without spinning her to my front and pressing her into the closest tree.
The problem was that neither one of us had control. We had made love countless times – in rain, snow, oceans and fields. We had allowed instincts to kick in when hunting carnivores, but we had only experienced this feeling two times and had no way of knowing how we would react. We only knew that we craved it.
My angel's tiny hands slowly unbuttoned the top few buttons of my shirt, tugging it so that my left shoulder was exposed. My running faltered when her lips met my wet skin in an open-mouthed, biting kiss. I felt her smile against the crook of my shoulder, her mind enjoying what she was doing to me.
"You mean I can't do this," she crooned, licking up my neck, "to the mighty Edward Cullen without him faltering as he runs. I thought running was like second nature to you."
I growled low, "I'll show you second nature, my sweet girl." I spun her around to my front as we finally arrived at our pond. Her mouth crashed into mine as I pressed her into a mossy boulder. Bella had described to me that it felt like being plugged into an electrical outlet during our first storm. She couldn't be more right. Lightning forked across the sky, causing both of us to growl.
Bella shoved my shirt over my shoulders and it fell to the ground in a wet heap. Her touch was like fire to my skin, branding every inch of my torso. My own hands couldn't stop from slipping through the beads of water on her smooth, strong legs under her skirt to grip her ass. "Skin, Bella...take that shirt off!" I begged, grinding into her.
She reached between us and tugged her rain-soaked shirt over her head and threw it down. Her bra didn't stand a chance as I bit through the fabric just to get to her. I couldn't even remember what color it was once it was gone from my sight. My angel's head fell back as the cold rain fell on her now exposed breasts. I licked the drops from the tips of her nipples as her hands threaded into my wet hair to hold me closer to where she wanted.
"Edward," she breathed, her voice so wanton that I twitched between us.
"Oh, God! Fucking say that again," I growled, my hand finally gripping her underwear and ripping them off. All that she was wearing was her skirt. And it had to go.
I pulled her away from the boulder, setting her on her feet. Our hands fumbled, trying to remove the last of the offending clothes. Thunder boomed again as we crashed back into one another, completely free of clothing.
"Shit," Bella gasped as what felt like an electric shock jolted through the both of us. She gripped my face, pressing her forehead to mine. "Edward, I'm going to explode...please do something."
I pressed her back into the boulder, lining myself up with her entrance. Her legs wrapped around my waist as I buried myself deep within her. "Fuck," I gasped, squeezing my eyes closed as she immediately came around me, pulling me in even more.
"Damn, baby," Edward growled into my neck as a shudder ran through him. "Do you smell what I do?"
I lifted my head from his shoulder, inhaling everything around me. The rain was coming down heavy, the thunder rumbling around us. We had been in our little clearing for less than an hour and we couldn't get enough. "Mountain lions." I growled, my eyes locking with his. He nodded, a menacing smile spreading across his perfect face.
"Come with me, and we'll share them." He sneered beautifully. He bit his lip as he slammed into me with a swivel of his hips. And not for the first time since the storm started, did I come unraveled in his arms.
The scent of the panthers was close. Two of them. And they were just outside our clearing. They never stood a chance. Edward and I were so overcome with lust that we moved as fast as the lightening that sparked across the Oregon sky.
"Take him, love," he growled, "and I'll make you feel even better as you drain him."
We tackled the big cat together, my teeth at its neck. My eyes rolled back as I felt Edward's hands on my ass as I leaned over my kill. When his tongue slipped through my slit, I sucked harder, drinking my meal down with a fervor I'd never felt before.
It was sensory overload. The warmth and strength from the blood filling me, the coil tightening in my belly, and Edward's unbelievably erotic, lust-filled growls into my core – it was all too much. I came with snarl, gasping as I pulled my mouth away.
"You taste like the both of us," Edward purred, licking up to one of my buttocks and leaving a biting kiss. "We fucking taste amazing."
"Your turn," I said, sneering over my shoulder. My eyes flickered to the other lion that was pacing around us. She wasn't quite sure what to make of us. Water dripped down Edward's bare skin as he stood up. He shook in anticipation as he stalked her. Since my change, I've seen Edward hunt an innumerable amount of times. But never naked. My mouth hung open, my breathing coming in short bursts as I watched every muscle flex under the surface of his smooth, marble skin.
My nipples hardened to even harder points as he wrapped his strong arms around his kill, taking her down neatly. He held her in his grip as he drained her and I fell to my knees in front of him. I sank my mouth over his twitching erection, his whole body vibrating with the rumbling growl he let loose.
I looked up at him, watching as he gripped the lion hard and hearing a bone crack from inside her. He pulled his mouth away from its neck, blood staining his mouth as his head fell back. He tossed her aside, gripping my hair as he came hard in my mouth with a roar. "You're right...we do taste good," I growled, licking my lips of blood, Edward and the taste of myself that was left from when he was last inside me.
"I told you," he chuckled darkly. He fell to his knees in front of me, his mouth meeting mine. "God, Bella," he growled, biting my bottom lip. "I fucking need more."
All I could do is nod as I pushed him onto his back and crawled up his body. "Let me hear it," I sneered, needing Dirty Edward more than I could possibly explain.
"Is that sweet, tight pussy ready for me again, my beautiful girl," he purred, his hand snaking between us as I leaned over him nodding. "Mmm, it is," he crooned. "I want to fuck you until the sun comes out, until walking tomorrow is an impossibility for you." I smiled, dragging my tongue across my bottom lip and nodding in agreement. "I want my cock so deep inside you, that you can taste me in the back of your throat."
"Yes," I growled, diving for his neck as he gripped my ass hard. With one quick thrust, he sheathed himself inside me. A whimpering cry left my lips right at his ear, causing him to grip me harder, twitching inside me.
We were beyond words as the rain finally started to let up. The sun had long since set, the stars starting to peek out through the rain clouds. Edward was leaning against the boulder as I sat in his lap. We were still connected intimately, our kissing was never ending.
I broke from his mouth, dragging my lips down his jaw and burying my face in his neck. Edward wrapped his arms around me completely, nuzzling my ear. "Let's go home, sweet girl."
"'Kay," I sighed, sitting up. "I could really use a shower," I chuckled, kissing his lips softly. He smiled and nodded, a carefree laugh escaping him.
Tugging on wet, dirty clothes was uncomfortable, but necessary as we redressed in silence. I carried my shoes as we walked home. The house was quiet and empty when we walked in, everyone still out.
After a long, hot shower, I took our wet clothes down to the laundry room. The soft sounds of Edward at the piano filled my ears as I came back into the living room. I leaned in the entryway, watching as my Sweet Edward lost himself to his music. The lights of the Christmas tree caught my eye and I realized I only had a few weeks to get done what I needed. Shielding my thoughts, the piano stopped abruptly.
"What was that, my love?" He chuckled.
"Shut it, Edward," I laughed, running up to our room. "You'll find out when I'm damn good and ready," I squealed as he tackled me onto the bed.
"Please?" He begged.
"No...don't," I shook my head. "It's really important."
He studied my face, brushing my still damp hair back. "Ok," he smirked. "Just know this...I could torture the information out of you."
"Please?" I begged, looking up at him through my lashes.
"Is that the face you fall for?" Edward laughed, shaking his head.
"Yes, every damn time," I giggled with a nod.
"Ok, keep your secret," he chuckled, kissing my head.
"Thank you," I smiled, kissing his cheek, "I promise you won't be disappointed."
"I never am," he sighed with a smile, standing up and pulling me up with him.
I sat at the dining room table, letting Edward's music soothe me as I did research for what I wanted. I fought my laugh as the rest of our family dragged themselves in through the door, looking the worse for wear. Emmett's clothes were completely caked in mud and torn in some places. Rose's usually perfect blonde hair was soaking wet.
Jasper and Alice came in looking like they had been through a shredder, laughing as they raced to their room. "Damn," I chuckled. Thinking I truly needed Jasper's help, I decided to ask him later.
"Yes, he'll do it!" Alice yelled from their room.
"Thanks, Jazz!" I laughed.
"Yeah, yeah," I heard him sigh and Alice and Edward chuckle.
"I'll need a printed copy, Bells," Jasper whispered as he dragged me from the lunch room to the school paper room. "And you better shield us or he's gonna know, for real."
"Been there, been doing that all damn day," I sighed. "He hates it, too...though he'd never say anything."
"Yeah," Jasper nodded, "not much longer. Let's print it, and I'll take Em's Jeep to drop it off. I'll be back before our last class."
"Ok," I sat down to the computer, popping in my thumb drive. "How long did they say it would take?" I asked, clicking the print button.
"A few days, why?"
"Because he may get it at the dance, or at least in the hotel room after the dance." I smiled, unable to wait to give Edward his Christmas present. Not only was he getting my completed version of our beginning, but he was getting it published and leather-bound.
"He'd really like that," my brother chuckled. I looked up at him as the pages started printing, my expression and emotions must have been crystal clear. "Really, Bells...he'll love that you couldn't wait. He'll love even more that it's not just a computer file. Seriously."
"I hope so," I sighed, leaning back in the chair and crossing my arms over my chest. "This was...hard to write in some places."
"I know, little one," he smiled, sitting next to me. "I wish things had been different for you two...easier."
"Oh no!" I shook my head. "I love everything about our beginning. It's just some things wouldn't come out clearly."
"You think he underestimated your feelings?"
"I know he did...he told me he did," I smiled sadly. "I was human. He wasn't, and hadn't been for a very long time."
"That part is true," Jasper nodded, adding more paper to the printer for me. "Alice tried to warn him. Carlisle and Esme knew it immediately. You mated. It was instant...human or not."
"We were clueless," I laughed, shaking my head. "You guys had never seen anything like it and I was only seventeen. I hope he can see it that way now."
"Oh, he does," my brother chuckled, ruffling my hair.
I sighed as Bella left the lunchroom early with Jasper. I knew they were planning something for me, and it was driving me crazy.
"Edward," Alice growled. "Don't start. You mess this up and you'll break her heart, I swear to God! This isn't like that trip..."
"I'm not, I swear."
"Eddie," Emmett laughed, "don't peek, don't pry...nothing."
"I won't! Damn," I frowned. "I promised I wouldn't do that again."
"Yes, but this is really, super important," Rose sighed, her head tilting at me.
They all were blocking their minds from me. I smiled, shaking my head. They protected my wife, their little sister, with a fierceness that had slowly increased over the few years we had been married.
"Jasper's borrowing the Jeep for an hour," Alice smiled at Emmett.
"Sure, yeah," he nodded. "Just as long as he's back before last class."
"He will be."
"So what's left to do before the dance, Alice?" Rose asked, a smile playing on her face.
"Pedicures, that's for sure...and hotel reservations."
"Done," Emmett and I both said.
"Horny bastards," Rose laughed, shaking her head.
"Let he...or she...who is without sin, cast the first stone," I chuckled, my eyebrow raised.
"Hell yeah," Emmett boomed, giving me a fist bump.
Alice laughed, "Absolutely."
My phone rang. I pulled it out and answered it quickly. "Carlisle?" I frowned. He never called us at school.
"Edward, Marcus called...Demitri and Carina had to go underground. He lost contact with them." Our father spoke quickly and quietly, but we heard every word. I looked up to see Emmett, Rose and Alice listening intently. "He seems to think that they will head back to the states."
"Good," I sighed. "We can protect them better here. What happens now?"
"We're going to move everyone from Denali to Forks...just to be on the safe side. We need to call Jake and let him know."
"Yes, sir," I nodded, standing. "I'll let Bella do it. They love talking to her."
"We should let Charlie know as well."
"She should call him too," I nodded, walking out of the cafeteria and heading to Bella's classroom. My siblings walked with me, still listening.
"Edward, have Alice watch for Demitri. I was afraid this would happen. If she didn't know he was going to make this decision, then the two of them had to do things quickly," he sighed, sounding frustrated and tired. He had kept quiet about the New Volturi's hatred of our family, but now it affected us on a true personal level. Carlisle and Esme had taken to Demitri and Carina as their own. It was the real reason he didn't want them to go to Italy in the first place.
The bell rang, signaling the start of the next class. I hung up with Carlisle, promising him that we would call everyone we needed to. I knocked quietly on Bella's classroom door.
Mr. Morgan, who I had come to respect and like simply for his kindness to my wife, opened the door. He smiled, looking behind me to see my siblings, and his smile fell.
"Excuse me, Mr. Morgan. I was wondering if I might speak with Bella. It's a family emergency."
"Sure, Edward...Bella," he said, turning to allow her to step outside. "Bells, if you need to go, just let me know. I'll write your excuse."
"Thanks, Mr. Morgan," she said, but her eyes were wary as she looked at each one of us. When the doors closed, she asked, "What happened?"
"Demitri and Carina went underground, love," I sighed, pulling her away from the door. "Marcus lost contact with them today. Baby, call Jake and Charlie, let them know that the Denali's will be coming to stay in Forks at the old house, ok?"
"Yeah," she nodded, pulling out her phone. "Jake..."
"Hey, Bells...what's new?"
"We're sending the Denali's to the Forks house. You should know."
"Ok, so we'll keep an eye out. What's the problem?" Jake sighed. I could hear both of his children in the background laughing.
"We lost contact with Demitri. I don't have all the details, but we need to keep Marcus safe."
"Wait...he isn't a...vegetarian, Bells."
"I know, but he'll respect your land, Jake. You won't have to worry. Eleazar takes him hunting, he's never alone," Bella cringed, waiting for what Jake may say.
"Ok, but he can't cross the old lines, Bells...I hate to do that...but," Jake paused.
"No, really, we understand and he will too," she sighed and started pacing. A habit on the phone I realized she had picked up from me.
"Sure, sure, Bells...send them on."
"Ok, let me call Charlie...I gotta go." She hung up with Jake and immediately dialed her father.
"Dad, we have some news..." Bella stopped as I reached for the phone. I wanted to discuss this situation with him.
"Charlie," I said when she handed over her phone.
"Hey, son, what's wrong?"
"As I'm sure you're aware, Demitri and Carina had gone to Italy, but we recently lost contact with them. I wanted to make you aware that we would be sending some of our extended family to our old house in Forks for their safety..."
"That's a shame," Charlie sighed, "I like Demitri...he would have made a good cop." I smiled and agreed.
"Yes, sir," I chuckled, thinking he had no idea. I couldn't think of a single criminal running from the law that could escape Demitri's talent.
"And that Carina is as sweet as they come. You'll keep me posted, Edward, right?"
"Absolutely, sir, but you might want to rein in the campers and hikers in the area...just to be safe, Charlie."
"Is Jake aware of this?" He asked as his cruiser roared to life in the background.
"Yes, Bella just called him."
"Ok, son...we'll handle it. I hope you hear from them soon...I'd hate to think they got themselves into something terrible. I know your father cares for them."
"He does. We'll let you know," I sighed, ending the call after he said to tell Bella he loved her.
"Greece," Alice gasped, causing us all to turn around. "Demitri just made a decision to sneak into Greece."
"Good," Emmett frowned, folding his arms across his chest. "Maybe that means they are trying to get back home where they belong." We all nodded, Bella sighing and leaning into me.
"Alice..." I started.
"Yeah, I'll call Jazz and catch him up," she smiled and pulled out her phone. "He should be just about finished with what he's doing." Her closet inventory began in her head and I chuckled.
"I get it...mission impossible." I laughed, causing Bella to giggle into my chest. "Do you want to finish the day or go home, sweetheart?"
"We can finish." She shrugged, standing on her toes to kiss my lips. "We only have this week before Christmas break and this coming Saturday is the dance," she smirked adorably.
"Yeah, it is," Rose smiled. "Ok...see you guys after school." She took Emmett's hand and led him away. Alice was already walking to her class, her conversation with Jasper coming to an end.
"See you in Biology," Bella smiled and started for her door. "I hope they're ok, Edward." She frowned, pocketing her phone when I handed it back.
"Me too, love." I kissed her forehead, heading to my Algebra II class. Suddenly, I was very grateful for my strong opinionated wife and sister. If I had gone to Italy with Demitri, would I have been able to escape? The thought that I had come so close to going – a stupid and rash decision on my part – made me wonder if Alice's vision would have come true. I suppressed a shudder as I realized I could have left not only my family unprotected, but it would have been the end of Bella.
I vowed at that moment to never make that mistake again. And I prayed that our most recent additions to the family would make it home safe.


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