Tuesday, March 20, 2001 | By: Drotuno

Angel's Embrace Chapter 32

"Where is he?" I growled, pacing back and forth in Alice's room.
"Jasper is on his way back now. Would you relax?" Alice chuckled. "Oh, Bella...he'll love it, I promise."
Tonight was the Holiday dance, but the publisher had called to let my brother know that my book was done. There was to be only one copy – printed, bound and embossed. I was already nervous about writing the damn story. I feared that actually giving it to Edward could cause me to meltdown completely.
"Bells, stop," Rose sighed, grabbing me by the arms. "Damn, I'm glad Emmett took Edward hunting," she mumbled, looking over at Alice, who was nodding. "Sweetie, relax, please?"
"I can't," I whined, shaking my head. "Writing this was important to him...what if he hates it?"
"He won't hate it," they both sighed, exasperated with my panic attack.
"Isabella Marie," Esme sighed from the door. "Come with me, little one." Feeling like I was in trouble, I groaned and followed her into Carlisle's office. "You're not in trouble," she smirked, gesturing for me to sit with her on the small sofa. "Sweetie, there's nothing that you can do that Edward would disapprove of...please believe that."
"I know," I sighed, looking at my hands. "I can't help it. It was so important to him that I write this, and now that it's time for him to actually read it..."
"I understand, Bells, I really do," she smiled sweetly, cupping my face. "He loves you so much. Just focus on that. Can you at least try?" I nodded, my face still in her hands. "Good," she chuckled, kissing my forehead. "Now...if I'm not mistaken, don't you girls have to get ready?" I nodded again, hearing the door open.
"Come on," Alice smiled, taking my hand. "Let me dress you up like old times." I rolled my eyes, much to Esme's entertainment.
Emmett and Edward were still out by the time I was showered and in a chair for Alice to do my hair. "I'm not even considering putting it up...Edward takes the shit down no matter what," she sighed. I chuckled, looking up at her as she took out the hair dryer. "But I can straighten it," she smiled evilly.
"Whatever you want, Ali," I smiled, shaking my head. There was a soft knock on the door.
"It's ok, Jazz," she said, not looking up from her work on my hair. "Everyone's decent."
The door opened slowly to reveal my brother peeking in. "Em and Eddie are still out."
"Yes, they're waiting on you to hunt," she smiled, leaning into the kiss that he was pressing to her spiky head and turning off the dryer. "So, show Bells...and get the hell out."
"Yes, ma'am," he laughed, holding out a bag for me. "I made a decision, Bells...I just hope it's ok."
I took the bag, looking up at him warily. When I pulled out the book, a sob left my chest. "Oh God...it's perfect," I breathed, thumbing through it. After worrying about it for ages, after finally getting it into my hands, I sighed with relief. Jasper's final touch on it was by far greater than I could have ever done. "Thank you," I cried softly.
"Hey," he smiled, kneeling in front of me. "Now that you have it, ease up, ok?" I nodded, thumbing through the book again. "He'll love it," Jasper whispered, ruffling my still damp hair and sending me a wave of calm.
"Yes, that's what we've been trying to tell her," Alice snorted, turning the hair dryer back on and pointing at him like a gun. "Out...hunt...and bring them back to start getting ready."
"Ma'am, yes, ma'am," he smirked at her, saluting her like the soldier he was. I chuckled at the both of them.
Once I was actually in my dress, I started to focus more on the dance than the gift Edward was getting afterwards. My dress was knee length, a royal blue. It was fitted at the top and strapless, so a bra would not be needed, and a free flowing material that fell in a graceful way around me. It made my legs look a mile long. A fact that I was sure would not go unnoticed by my husband.
Rose walked in carrying a box and Christmas wrapping paper. "Let me have it," she smiled softly. I handed the book over to her, watching it disappear into the festive box and then paper. "I'll tuck this in your bag," she smiled, unzipping my case and slipping it in along the side of the clothes that were in there. "I don't think a bow is necessary," She muttered to herself. "Nor do you need a card...I saw that inscription." She winked, picking up foundation and starting in on my make-up.
"The boys are back and they're hopping in the shower now," Alice smiled, stepping out of her bathroom in a cute little red dress. Rose was in black this time. Normally, she was the one in red.
"It's not fair that they can dress in a half an hour and still be fucking perfect," Rose growled. I laughed, biting my lip and closing my eyes as she started with shadow.
"No kidding," Alice smirked.
By the time that I did one final check in Alice's full-length mirror, Edward began playing softly at the piano. My hair wasn't straight, but fell around my shoulders and down my back in soft waves. My shoes matched my dress, a royal blue with heels that would make me slightly taller. A brief moment of thankfulness passed through me. I would have never been able to walk in shoes like that as a human. My vampiric grace was something I cherished.
"Wait," Alice stopped me, eying the chain around my neck with my wedding ring, "wear it." I gasped, looking at her like she was crazy. "No one will notice what hand it's on and the sapphires match your dress." Before I could make a decision either way, she had the chain unhooked from my neck and was slipping the ring on my left hand.
"Oh, God...I missed it," I frowned, looking at it glimmer in the light.
For a brief moment, the fashion director face melted from Alice and she gazed at my hand. She smiled up at me, a ton of emotions playing over her face. "If anyone asks, just tell them Esme loaned it to you. Or it's a promise ring...but I don't think anyone will notice." She was well aware of what the ring symbolized to me. My wedding ring had been Edward's mother's ring, making it over a hundred years old. To me, it represented the creation of Edward – the man, the human. Without that ring, he wouldn't have existed. Even more, it's current history meant I was his wife, his mate – bound to him for all time. Such a heavy load that little ring carried.
I didn't say anything for a moment, and Alice let me be. "Come on," she smiled, tugging my hand. "I'll slip the chain in your bag." I nodded, watching her unzip a side pocket and drop the necklace in. She handed the bag over, leading me out to the dining room.
Edward is beautiful, excruciatingly handsome actually. And that's on a daily basis. Put him in a black suit and blue tie, he was drop-dead gorgeous. The piano stopped playing abruptly at the sight of me walking down the stairs, followed by my sisters. Every set of eyes in the room darkened as they landed on their mate.
He reached for my bag with one hand and set it down, taking my left hand to turn me around. "You look stunning," he smiled, his eyes landing on my ring. He stared a moment and looked back at me, the question all over his face.
"Alice said it would be ok," I smiled as he kissed it with reverence and pride. "And thank you."
"Oh, Mrs. Cullen," he chuckled, his eyes growing a shade darker, "it's me that should be thanking you." He took my hand and turned me around in front of him again. I laughed softly, suddenly feeling very loved, but very warm. Everywhere.
"Eddie! Quit ogling my baby sister and let's get on the road." Emmett laughed, causing both of us to turn in his direction. Emmett was impressive in a suit as well. Large, handsome with a boyish smile.
"We're taking the Vanquish," Edward smiled, his eyebrow rising. "You look too beautiful to ride in anything else." I laughed, shaking my head. Only the Cullen boys would accessorize with motor vehicles. Edward wasn't the only one. Jasper insisted on taking Alice's Porsche and Emmett didn't even think twice about getting behind the wheel of the BMW. It was a good thing the dance was at a hotel in Portland and not at the school. I couldn't even imagine the rumors that would fly if we arrived in the Vanquish.
With everyone's bags loaded and kisses and forced pictures by Esme, we drove away.
"Sweet, beautiful girl, I miss your mind," Edward sighed as he shifted gears and then picked up my hand to kiss my ring again.
"I know, baby, but can you have a little more patience?" I frowned, hating that I had to shut my mind to him.
"I just want to know what you're thinking." I chuckled as he smiled sheepishly.
"I'm thinking you look awfully handsome," I laughed, squeezing his hand as he rolled his eyes. "I can't tell you everything on my mind, but I can come close." I smirked as he nodded. "Ok, I want lots of dances with you and I can't wait to see Wendy all dressed up...and I hope Drew can finally take his opportunity to win over Pam," I giggled. "Not to mention that now that I have my ring back on, I don't want to take it off." My brow wrinkled as I looked at our entwined hands.
"Wow," he chuckled, "all of that and you're still hiding something." I laughed and nodded.
"Did I mention dancing?" I teased, narrowing my eyes at him.
"I better hold onto you all night." He smirked, his eyes landing on my legs. "Someone may try and steal you away, because you look so amazing."
"Whatever excuse you use that will justify holding me all night," I sighed dramatically, waving a hand at him, "that's fine by me."
I bit back a smile as all three cars pulled up in a line in front of the valet stand. The poor boys in their uniforms eyed each car, their mouths falling open. Emmett was the first out of his car. "It would be in your best interest," he frowned, "to make sure that nothing happens to any of these cars." He gestured to the Vanquish and then the Porsche. A heavy tip was handed over, the young man nodding vehemently.
"I'll check us in later, love," Edward smiled, offering his hand to help me out of the car. "I'll come back down and get everything."
"Ok," I smiled, taking my wrap from him and draping it over my shoulders.
The dance was on the top floor of the hotel and was decorated beautifully. It was all white with twinkling lights. The dance floor was large and centered in the middle of the room. It was surrounded by many large tables. I had forgotten that it was a dinner as well. I jerked slightly. I had never mastered the art of eating in front of humans.
"It's ok, sweet girl," Edward whispered in my ear. "You don't have to even try."
I had tried once a few years ago and Edward never made me try again. Human food stuck in my throat. It felt like dry sand and it tasted foul. Not to mention the fact that I had to get rid of it later. He made sure from that moment on that we were never in a situation where I needed to fake eating.
I looked up at him nervously. He smiled reassuringly and kissed my forehead. "We'll say you're too nervous to eat or something, love."
"Ok," I breathed, nodding. I trusted him completely.
Drew waved us all over. He had reserved a huge table for his friends and us. "Don't you clean up well?" I teased him as Edward chuckled and held my chair.
"Yeah...don't tell my mother," Drew laughed. "She'd put me in a suit everyday if she could get away with it." He looked quite handsome, a navy blue suit and a tie with red designs all over it making him look older, taller. I chuckled, taking Edward's hand under the table. I didn't have to know what Pam, Ariel, Britney and Rachel were thinking as he sat down. It was all over their faces. Their mouths hung open and I think Britney broke out into a sweat. Wendy, who looked absolutely adorable in purple, snickered as she watched them all.
"Damn," I laughed so softly only he could hear me, looking over at him. His face was unreadable until he looked at me out of the corner of his eye. Then a soft chuckle escaped from him as he shook his head.
Their expressions didn't change when our siblings showed up either. I leaned over to Alice. "They'd fall out of their chairs if Demitri was here." She laughed, leaning into me.
"I can't even imagine Demitri in a suit," she murmured, her eyebrow rising. I laughed, shaking my head.
I turned out that I didn't even have to fake eating. No one stayed at the table long enough to see me push away the plate of food. The dance floor was too tempting and the music was too good.
They played slow and fast, festive and contemporary. It was fun when they played the Black Eyed Peas, Beyonce, Pitbull, but when Ludacris' How Low came on, we all hit the floor. Every time the woman sang "Go Low", Alice, Rose and I would bend our knees, grinding our butts up into the boys' groins, dancing with our backs to them. Yeah, we may have practiced that song once or twice when they weren't looking.
Edward would grip my hips, pulling me closer and closer each time I would grind against him. Occasionally, I would feel his lips press to my bare shoulder. I could also start to feel something else entirely pressing in from behind me. When the song was over, I turned to him, fighting my smile.
"Don't," he chuckled darkly, guiding me back to the table. "Too sexy for your own good," he whispered in my ear.
It was all I could do not to laugh. The only thing that stopped me was knowing that I could just as easily be in the same situation. Only he had behaved so far. That was the case until Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by the Carpenters played and he took me out for a slow dance.
His eyes darkened; his hands swept my hair from my bare shoulders. Leaning in slightly, he brushed his soft lips over my collarbone and then ever so lightly against my lips as his hands traveled over me. Resting my hands on his strong shoulders, I twirled the hair at his neck through my fingers.
"Bella," he sighed, "I need..." He groaned, kissing my lips quickly. "I need to step away for a moment. Otherwise, I'll forget where we are." His smile was crooked and beautiful – and fucking sexy as hell.
"That may be a good idea," I said, fighting my laugh. "Go check us in. I'm going to step out onto the balcony."
"Ok, love," he sighed, handing me my wrap when we got to the table. He took Jasper and Emmett with him.
I took a deep breath as I stepped out into the cold night air. I had learned to control my thirst ages ago with the help of my shield. That didn't mean that the burn didn't still hit the back of my throat when I tried to go without it. Wendy and Ariel were in a heated conversation with Pam when I made it to the railing.
"Bella, tell her!" Wendy growled, pulling me over. "Tell her she's crazy if she doesn't know Drew loves her." Wendy was a bigger romantic than me.
I looked at Pam, who had tears pooling in her eyes. "He does," I stated firmly. I tilted my head at her. "Why do you fight it?"
"I don't know," she sighed, looking up at me. "Maybe because he's known me for so long or that I know there's a possibility that another prettier girl could come along."
"If you spend your life protecting yourself like that..." I sighed, looking out over the Portland skyline. "Then you'll miss out on a lot of stuff."
"If you give me the same line Wendy did...it's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all...I'll scream."
"I can't give you that line, Pam," I laughed, "because I don't believe it." She smiled, thanking me with her eyes.
I decided to tell her a little story, changing some things to make it fit. "Edward felt the way you did once," I sighed, my still heart clenching a little. "He thought I deserved better...more. He thought that I would find someone, that we were young and I would move on."
The girls gasped, staring at me with their mouths open. I nodded sadly. "Yeah, so we broke up for a little while." I sighed, turning my own ring without looking at it. "He took away my choice to love him. That's what you're doing...taking away Drew's choice to be with you."
"What happened?" They all begged.
"Oh, um...we were miserable." I shrugged. "It wasn't for long," I lied. "Pam, don't do it. Let him in. It hurts when the wall is up." I sighed, hoping she understood. "I can't promise you it will be forever. But I know you are all he talks about."
"Ok," Ariel smirked, "I have to ask...I have no filter..."
"Ok?" I snorted.
"Does it bother you that we stare at Edward. I mean, come on," she cracked up.
"Um...no?" I laughed. "First of all, I'm used to it. Second," I inhaled, smelling linen and honey, "he knows who he belongs to," I teased without looking at him. The girls all laughed.
"Indeed," he chuckled so softly that only I could hear him. I knew he was somewhere behind me, but still I didn't turn. The girls hadn't seen him yet either.
"It doesn't make you feel insecure?" Pam asked, and I knew that she was asking for her own benefit. I was shaking my head no before she finished the sentence.
"It used to...I'm aware of his looks," I chuckled as they giggled with me. "I used to think I was not pretty enough to stand next to him." I heard Edward growl low behind me. "But it was all in my head," I said to Pam, raising my eyebrow.
"Whatever," Ariel scoffed, waving her hand at me. "You're gorgeous, he's gorgeous...you're the perfect couple. Sorry we stare...he's like movie star hot."
"That he is," I laughed, shaking my head.
"Well, him and your friend," she blushed.
"Ah, Demitri," I smiled, biting my lip. "Yes...he does turn heads. However, he's just like a big dorky brother to me. I can hardly see past that. And I'm sorry to say he's married."
"Dorky! I don't think so," Ariel huffed. "He's married, really?" I nodded, smirking at her.
Her eyes glazed over, shifting passed me. Pam's eyes followed hers.
"Ladies," Edward crooned from right behind me, dazzling them even more. "Love," he started and the girls sighed, "come in before you get too cold."
"Ok," I smiled, finally turning to face him. His tie was slightly crooked as was his smile. I reached up to straightened the tie, my eyes meeting his. They were liquid honey, warm and sweet.
"Pam, I was told that Drew was looking for you," Edward said as I continued to primp him. We all turned to look at her.
"Damn," she growled. "Ok, ok...I'll think about it." I could tell she didn't want to say anything in front of Edward.
"Edward, I'll meet you inside...give me just a minute, ok?"
"Yes, ma'am," he smirked at me and then leaned in to kiss my forehead. He bent to my ear. "You owe me more dances, Mrs. Cullen." I huffed a laugh, knowing he said my name on purpose just low enough to grab my attention.
"I know, but this will only take a second." He nodded and went inside.
I turned around to see them all staring after him.
"I would fucking melt," Ariel murmured.
"Hey!" Wendy and I laughed as I snapped my fingers at them.
"My bad," Ariel blushed.
"Pam, what are you going to do?" I sighed, making her focus. "I mean, do you like Drew?" She nodded. "Care about him a lot?" She nodded again, tears pooling in her eyes. "Love him?" I asked, tilting my head at her.
"Yes," she sobbed. "I don't know how to do this." She groaned, fidgeting in her spot.
"You don't have to do anything," Ariel growled. "Just go be with him. He's already told you how he feels. That letter took him days to write."
"He wrote you a letter?" I asked, smiling and trying not to pat myself on the back.
"Yes, it was so sweet," Pam nodded, a smile creeping up on her face.
"Come on," Ariel tugged Pam's hand, pulling her inside.
"You didn't have anything to do with that letter at all, did you?" Wendy chuckled.
"I might have mentioned something," I laughed, walking inside with her.
The night was truly fun. My brothers and Edward eventually shed their jackets along with most of the remaining male student body. I danced with Alice and Rose. I fought Emmett with everything I had not to dance the Macarena. Unfortunately, he won.
"It's almost time, you know," Jasper chuckled, pulling me out to the dance floor. "Shield me."
I did, looking up with a nervous tremor shuddering through my body. I hadn't realized that the dance was almost over and I would be giving Edward his present. My brother didn't say anything, just enveloped me in a calm, relaxed emotion.
"Thanks," I sighed. "I know, I shouldn't be nervous. He asked for the story."
"Here's what I know," Jasper smiled, dipping me so that I squealed into laughter. "You get nervous no matter what you write. Whether it was Carlisle and Esme's story or an article for the school paper. But this..." he chuckled, shaking his head. "This just happens to be a little closer to home."
"I guess," I nodded.
"All you artsy-fartsy people are like that," he laughed. "Alice with her designs for clothes, Edward with his music...even Esme with her homes. It's has something to do with pouring your heart and soul into something and then setting it out for others to look at."
"Alice gets that way?"
"Yes...and I should know," he nodded smugly.
If someone were to ask me to describe my relationship with Jasper, I wouldn't be able to do it. On more than one occasion, Edward had mentioned that we saw something in each other that we both needed. I could be silly with Emmett, but Jasper was a crutch for me to lean on. I often thought it was because he was the last to join the family before me and wanted to make sure I stayed happy and comfortable.
"Thanks again, Jazz," I sighed, turning as Wendy rushed up to us.
"Look, look, look," she beamed, pointing out the long glass doors that led out to the balcony.
"Hell, yeah," Jasper chuckled as we all watched as Pam and Drew lost themselves in one hell of a kiss. "I'm so teasing him when we get back to school."
Wendy and I snorted, looking up at him and back to the door.
"Well, it's about damn time," Austin laughed, joining us and taking Wendy's hand.
"Ew...that's my brother!" Ariel gagged, but smirked and rolled her eyes when we all scoffed at her.
As we all laughed and teased them when they came back in, the song changed. My heart caught in my throat as I remembered the last time I had heard the song. My eyes scanned the crowded ballroom for Edward, finally locking eyes with his as he completely lost focus on the conversation he was having with Emmett and Todd.
I don't think I could have kept away from him if I tried.
I remember what you wore on our first day
You came into my life and I thought, hey,
this could be something
Cause everything you do and words you say
You know that it all takes my breath away
And now I'm left with nothing
As the lyrics floated over me, flashes of the Volvo on a rainy day during a lunch period caused my breathing to falter. Hand prints on the windows, clothes in piles on the floorboards, fingers threaded in hair, lips on skin, heads thrown back in gasps of pleasure.
Maybe it's true that I can't live without you,
Maybe two is better than one
And there's so much time to figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone
And I'm thinking that two is better than one...
Faintly I heard someone call my name, but everything faded away as Edward took my hand and pulled me into his arms, his lips pressing to my forehead. His hands sank into my hair, mine slipped up his chest to his shoulders.
"Do you know I remember every song we've made love to?" He breathed, his lips ghosting down my cheek to my ear. "Every song we've danced to?"
"Me too," I sighed, nuzzling my nose against his cheek. "Even our first Prom," I smiled, slowly stepping up onto his toes like I did for our first dance.
"Bella," he chuckled against my neck, sending a shiver down my spine.
"I suddenly forgot how to dance, Edward," I smirked, pulling back to look into his warm, honey eyes.
"It's all in the leading," he smiled sweetly, taking one of my hands in his and wrapping the other around my waist.
"Right," I sighed, pressing my lips to his chin. I turned my head and laid it on his shoulder, my forehead touching his cheek. I watched as our hands entwined together, lacing fingers and straightening back out only to glide softly against each other. "This song, Edward."
"I know, sweet girl," he sighed ever so softly, his sweet breath causing me to pull him in tighter. "I can't even bear to clean your hand print off of the window."
"Edward," I groaned, shaking my head. I pulled back and stared at my sweet husband. "We should go soon. I have something for you, Mr. Cullen," I smiled, tilting my head at him.
"And just what is that, Mrs. Cullen?"
"Your Christmas present," I smiled.
"It's too early, love," he frowned. "I don't have yours with me."
"I don't care...I can't wait."
"Bella," I sighed, feeling slightly guilty, "it's not right."
"Edward, please?" My love begged, stepping off of the tops of my feet. "This is...important. Plus, I can't go another week shielding my thoughts from you."
If any argument could have won, it was that one. It had been a torturous few days as she hid from me. But I let her be, knowing that she liked trying to surprise me.
"Please? Or I'll chicken out," she pouted, worry all over her beautiful features. "You can give me mine any time..." She continued to ramble in the most adorable way that I couldn't help but chuckle.
"Ok, lead on, beautiful. Let's tell everyone goodbye," I smiled, guiding her with my hand at the small of her back.
Most everyone was still on the dance floor as we waved, gathered our things and headed for the elevators. Bella was quiet as we descended from the top floor to the next one down for our room. She was biting her bottom lip, her brow wrinkled. I reached over and dragged my thumb across her mouth until her bottom lip popped from between her teeth. "Why are you so nervous, baby?"
"You'll see," she sighed, taking my hand as the elevator doors opened.
I couldn't help but study her perfection as she walked around the room. Her purse and wrap landed haphazardly on the table by the window as she immediately kicked out of her shoes. The dress she was wearing flowed with every step she took, fluttering around her like curtains in a summer breeze. She picked up our bag and tossed it onto the bed, unzipping it and reaching in.
"Edward, please sit...I'm nervous enough without you watching my every move," she sighed, turning to look at me as she pulled a small package out of the bag. I huffed a laugh at being busted and sat down in a chair at the table.
"I can't help it," I smiled, making her stand between my legs. "You look...amazing tonight, love."
"Thank you," she giggled nervously. She looked away from me out the window over the Portland skyline. "You asked me to do something for you and I did," she sighed, looking back at me. "But as I finished, I wanted it to be more for you..."
She handed over the package. I took it without looking at it, only at her. "Is this..." I started, but she was already nodding. We were getting really good at knowing what the other was about to say, with or without her shield.
"I need you to know before you open it..." She started, her eyes intensely staring into mine. "I had to write this as if you weren't reading it, so it's really honest. It was the only way the memories would resurface."
Once again, I saw her anxiety when it came to reading something that she had written. I'm not sure if she was worried about it's content or if she thought I wouldn't like it. "Bella, you know no matter what's in here...it won't change anything," I said, tilting my head up at her.
"Yeah, that's what Carlisle said," she smiled, shaking her head. "Open it, baby, before I lose my nerve and snatch it back."
I tucked it under my arm dramatically which resulted in the laugh I wanted. "Not a chance," I growled, smiling as she laughed again. She sat down in the chair opposite mine and waited as I ripped the paper off.
I don't know what I was expecting when I asked her to write our story. I had assumed that I would have read it like the other one, on her computer. I certainly wasn't expecting what was resting in my hands.
It was a book bound in the softest of leather, a shiny black. It was soft like an over used Bible. On the cover, embossed in gold was the Cullen crest, a roaring lion. In the bottom left corner was my initials: EAMC. The edges of the pages were also gilded in gold, with a satin black ribbon as a bookmark. The spine was blank, except for another smaller crest at the very top.
To say it was beautiful would be doing it a disservice. And it was so very...me. It looked new and old at the same time. It was heavy and begged to be read.
"You had it published?" I asked, my voice sounded incredulous.
"That..." She pointed, huffing a laugh. "That would be the only copy. Mind you, I had to copyright it in order to hand it over to someone else to do that." Her voice trailed off as I opened it to the first page.
The dedication was to me.
My Edward,
As difficult as this was for me to write, I realized that there was something beautiful, ethereal about our beginning. People say that love is magic. They know nothing. What we had then was special and unequivocally perfect, despite our lack of knowledge as to what to do with such a special kind of love.
From the first time I laid eyes on you until now, I have loved you, and will continue to love you until the end of time.
This story is for you, my one true love, my Guardian Vampire...Not only did you save me from monsters, but from myself as well. My life was empty, a half-life until you, and I couldn't be more grateful.
As I wrote this, I could not find any regrets. Not one. What I did find was the foundation to what we have now. And that is something I will never be able to find words for, Edward. What we have now is so far beyond what is in these pages, that it would take volumes for me to explain how your love for me lifts me up, carries me, makes me feel whole.
You told me once that I was your life. I realize what you meant by that. I see it every day. I feel your love every day. Do not let what happened after the end of this part of our lives make you feel guilty. See our whole story for what it is...just us.
I love you.
Yours forever,
My angel was quiet as I flipped through the book one more time before setting it down on the table. "Bella," I said, my emotions choking my voice. "Come here," I sighed, pulling her onto my lap. "It's beautiful, sweetheart. Really. Thank you." In reality, I just didn't have words for what she had done for me. It was too much and so perfect, that I was unable to form a true and complete thank you. Combine all of that with how stunning she looked and I was useless.
"You're welcome," she smiled as I tucked her hair behind her ear, my fingers gliding over her bare shoulders. She reached for my tie, tugging it and slipping it off of me. "You're not gonna read it?" She chuckled, running her fingers through my hair.
"Oh I will," I smirked, pulling her closer as she unbuttoned the top few buttons of my shirt. "In fact, I can't wait to sit down to it. Just not...now." I raised an eyebrow at her, licking my bottom lip.
She bit her lip adorably, fighting her smile. "What could you possibly have in mind, Mr. Cullen?" She teased, standing up from my lap quickly. I gripped her hips and pulled her back between my legs.
"I'm determined to find out exactly what you're wearing under this dress, Mrs. Cullen," I chuckled, sliding my hands all over her.
"Tsk, tsk, Edward," she giggled. "You ought to know better...in order to see the prize you have to tell a story," she said, her hands on her hips.
"Once upon a time," I growled, standing in front of her, "there was a beautiful princess."
"Edward," she sighed, rolling her eyes as she backed away from me. I just kept stalking towards her with a chuckle.
"What? Isn't that how all stories start, my love?" I asked innocently. "This princess had no idea she possessed the strongest of magical powers..." She giggled again, shaking her head as the back of her legs hit the side of the bed. "She could tame the most savage of beasts with just her smile."
"Edward, come on," she laughed as I slid the zipper to her dress down, letting the fabric pool around her feet. I bit back a groan, seeing my gorgeous wife standing in front of me in just a pair of black lacy underwear.
"She could bring the most heinous of creatures...to their knees," I whispered, dropping in front of her. "One day, she met the most terrible of monsters. He was arrogant and stubborn. A snarling, growling beast." Her head fell back with her laugh, her whole body shaking. I had to fight my own laugh to continue to tease her. "He was ancient and set in his ways, but couldn't fight the power of the princess." By now, she was covering her face she was laughing so hard.
"He tried to fight her, but it was of no use...for her beauty alone stunned him." I leaned in, pressing a kiss to her stomach. Inhaling her sweet scent of freesia and strawberries, my nose trailed from one hip bone to the other. "Her scent was so strong that it caused his mind to shut down." I looked up at her with a raised eyebrow as she continued to laugh at me. I dipped a finger just inside the waistband of her underwear, tugging it slightly. "Everything about the princess drove the monster mad with desire. He tried using his gruff demeanor to push her away, but he was a fool. She was way too powerful." I pulled the lace down over her hips, and she stepped out of them. "The monster was fighting with all that he had to keep her safe from dragons and evil witches, but at arms length at the same time." Bella snorted into laughter again as I looked up at her with a smile.
"Edward," she whispered, her brow furrowed. She cupped my face, pressing her lips to mine.
I smirked, continuing my story. "Finally, after fighting it and fighting it, the monster succumbed to the magic spell that the princess cast over him." I leaned in again, kissing the soft curls at her apex, my palms flat as they caressed her thighs and around to her bottom. "It was useless to fight her, he realized. She was too beautiful, too smart...she knew exactly what to say and do to make the monster hers forever." I lifted her leg, setting it on my shoulder. I kissed the inside of her now wet thigh, allowing the scent of her arousal to waft over me.
"Her spell was three simple words, and it worked," I smiled as she giggled again. I trailed my nose up her thigh to her mound, whispering, "Just like that she had him. Owned him."
"I love you," she sighed, caressing my face.
"That's the spell," I nodded, finding it hard to resist her much longer. I needed to taste her. "Those simple words kept the monster by her side forever. He fought for her, protected her, loved her. And she in turn taught him that monster is only a state of mind. She taught him that the spell worked both ways...that he owned her too. Together they slayed many dragons, had many adventures...and they lived...happily ever after."
The most beautiful of wanton sounds met my ears as my mouth met her sweet core. Her tiny fingers slipped into my hair as she tried to hold me to her. As if I would run. I gripped her ass, pushing my tongue as deep inside her as I could go. Her taste, her smell, it flooded my senses, causing a feral growl to escape me. She gasped at the vibration it caused, bucking into me. Suckling her warm, wet flesh, I licked up to her clit, my teeth grazing against it. I looked up at her to see the most stunning of visions, my wife with her head thrown back as she slowly started to unravel. Slipping two fingers into her and feeling her walls constrict around them, I sucked harder, flicking my tongue over her sensitive nerve.
"Jesus, Edward," she growled, grinding into my face as she was so close. Curling my fingers just right to hit that sweet spot inside her and twirling my tongue over her nub, I watched with selfish satisfaction as my angel fell apart above me.
My eyes rolled into the back of my head when her heady flavor met my tongue. I couldn't help but moan in the taste of her, the feel of her sex clenching and throbbing against my mouth. I tried to let her calm down from her spasms, but her body jerked again when my nose brushed against her swollen bundle of nerves.
"Baby," she growled, one hand tugging at my hair, the other gripping my shirt as another wave of ecstasy rolled over her.
Her knees gave out and I caught her, depositing her on the bed. She ripped the shirt off of me as we both crawled to the center of the hotel bed. She was scooting back on her bottom and I was stalking her, crawling on all fours to get to her. She licked her lips at the feral look in my eye. Her mind was wide open and everything about me was pushing her limits.
My pants were half undone, slipping low on my hips, her fingers gripping at my shoulders to bring me closer. A low, growling purr rumbled through me as I loomed over her. Her perfect mouth hung open in expectation and want. Her breathing was in pants and her arousal increased as she tried to push my pants down the rest of the way with her feet.
I chuckled darkly at her. "Get rid of them, my Bella," I growled, chuckling again as she grabbed the waist of my dress pants and tugged hard. They shredded under the strength of her hand.
"Better?" She purred, dragging her tongue along her bottom lip. I nodded, growling again as she opened her legs for me and settled me between them.
Fire ignited between us as our skin touched. My erection slipped through her folds as we both writhed in just the feel of one another. We used to gasp in shock when the electricity surged through us when we connected. Now we relished it, basked in it. For we knew what it meant.
"You look so..." I smiled evilly, licking my lips. "So fucking tasty," I growled, leaning down to circle each of her hardened peaks with my nose, denying myself another mouth watering taste of her.
She arched under me, making her breasts loom in my face. Changing her position like that made them seem fuller, tighter underneath her skin. "Touch them, baby," I whispered, "show me what you want done to them."
I was still holding myself away from her, hovering over her on all fours. Her eyes darkened, a feline-like purr meeting my ears. Both of her hands slipped up her ribcage to cup her own breasts, her palms bringing her nipples to puckered points. My fingers dug into the bedding that was under my hands. I could barely refrain from pushing her hands away and growling, "Mine."
"Is that all you want, my angel?" I crooned, watching as her eyes rolled back when she pinched and rolled her own peaks. "You just want them touched?"
"No," she growled, her gaze locking with mine. "I want that filthy mouth of yours on them!"
I smiled, a dark snicker escaping me. "I just made you come twice with this filthy mouth on that delicious pussy, baby. Is that not enough?"
"Oh God, Edward..."
She writhed under me, her mind filled with the need for my mouth on her skin, the need to close the space between us. "Oh, I'm too far away, am I?" I asked, leaning over her and taking one of her nipples into my mouth. I lost myself in her eyes as she watched my tongue on her.
Everything else left her mind, except for the need to kiss me. It was an explosion of thoughts all centered around my mouth on hers, our tongues slipping together. I pulled away from her nipple with a pop, her need suddenly becoming my own.
I inhaled the skin from her collar bone to her neck. Laving my tongue up to her chin, I lapped at her mouth. In her mind, I was teasing her, taunting her with the one thing that she truly wanted. "Say it," I growled against her cheek. "Say it and it's all fucking yours," I stopped, pulling back to look at her.
"Just fucking kiss me, damn it!"
"That's my girl," I breathed, finally giving in. Our mouths were hot, wet, tongues fighting for dominance. Her warm hands slipped under my arms to my ribs, pulling me closer. With open eyes and her mouth suckling my bottom lip, she watched as my mouth fell open when her fingers wrapped around my shaft.
Pressing our foreheads together, we looked between us to watch her hand glide up and down my erection. "Harder, sweet girl," I begged, my eyes squeezing closed. Her thumb circled the tip gathering my juices and slid back down with a twist and grip. I gasped, my hips bucking into her hand.
"Bring it to me," she growled, licking her lips. "I want it."
I straddled her torso, gripping the headboard that I knew was just about to meet it's demise, and growled as she sank her mouth down upon me.
Fuck my mouth, Edward, she thought to me. Wood splintered beneath my hands as I pulled out of her and pushed back in over and over. We could have never done this when she was human. One of her hands cupped my balls while the other gripped my ass and I was losing it. And losing it quickly. I was already throbbing for her in the elevator on the way to our room. Everything else between that time and now was just pushing me over the precipice that I was teetering on.
"Shit, Bella," I growled, my forehead hitting the wall and cracking the plaster. "Oh, baby...I'm so fucking close." I shook my head, trying to deny it, but it was all for nothing. As soon as her moan vibrated around me, I shattered. She licked all of me, smiling against my skin as I shuddered, growled and hardened again instantly. "Oh the things you do to me, love," I breathed, moving back down to lay to the side of her.
She giggled low and sexy, burying her face in my neck. Her lips pressed to my skin, her tongue gliding up the tendon up behind my ear. "I want more of you," she whispered, pulling me on top of her. I planted one elbow at her head, gripping her hair and the other traveled down her side to her thigh, hitching her leg up around my hip.
"What do you want, love?" I asked, caressing her thigh and biting at her neck.
"Make love to me, Edward," she sighed, her body undulating under me in a slow, tormented way. It was like she couldn't stay still for the want that was coursing through her.
It wasn't Fuck me, Edward or I need you inside. She wanted what she had labeled Sweet Edward. Her labels of my different moods will always make me smile. Not because she differentiated them all with a name or a title, but that she loved every last one of them unconditionally.
"Look at me, Bella," I sighed, pulling back to gaze into her lust-filled pools. With a shift of my hips, I lined up at her entrance. "I want your eyes on me when I thank you for your present, beautiful," I smiled, brushing the hair away from her face. The most amazing, stunning expression crossed her face as I slipped into her. Her breath caught and her eyes widened as she took me all the way in, surrounding me in her wet warmth.
"You'll never know what it means to me, love," I smiled, pressing my forehead to hers as I pulled out most of the way and drove back in her. "I don't have words to express it."
She cupped my face, her breath hitching as she pulled me in for a kiss. Her mind told me everything. She was worried that I wouldn't like it, that I would regret some of our past, that I would see things through her eyes that I may not have known. But most of all she had poured all of herself into it, only to hand it over to me for keeping. She was feeling naked emotionally.
"Oh, baby," I whispered, kissing down her cheek to her ear. "There isn't anything that you haven't given me that I won't guard with my life. Especially, your heart and soul."
"How you saw us is important to me...without it, we wouldn't be right here," I sighed, pulling back to look her in the eye. She nodded, a small adorable whimper meeting my ears. Her hips rose up to meet mine, matching a rhythm that only the two of us created. Her body twitched violently around me, and I knew my wife was close. "Come for me, Bella..." I pleaded, driving into her with a little more force. "Give me everything."
She dove for my mouth, her teeth nibbling roughly on my bottom lip as her orgasm washed over her. My thrusts continued as she shuddered around me. She hitched her leg higher, her head flying back as I hooked my arm under her knee. She came again as I brought it between us, hitting her at a completely different angle.
"Edward...shit," she growled, her whole body seizing up on her. I could hold back no longer. Thrusting deep with a snarl, I came hard inside of her, my head hitting her shoulder.
"Ok, that would have killed me as a human," Bella chuckled, nuzzling my neck. I huffed a laughed into her shoulder, nodding. "My heart would have stopped after four orgasms."
I lifted my head with a smirk. Kissing her knee, I let it down. It hit the bed as dead weight. "Then we should celebrate your indestructibility." I raised my eyebrows up and down, causing a hearty laugh to burst from her.
"We need to restrict your time with Emmett," she giggled, cupping my face.
"Maybe," I laughed, shrugging.
My sweet, insecure wife returned immediately. "You really like the book, Edward?" She asked, her eyes slipping passed me to the table on which said book was sitting.
"I think it's perfect," I nodded. "I can't wait to read it, love. Thank you...for all the hard work and stress I know you put into it...only because I wanted it."
"I had to force myself to forget you were reading it," she smiled, rolling her eyes. "There were thoughts and memories that," she huffed a laugh, shaking her head, "well, they probably ranked me up there with Lauren or Jessica back then."
"Oh, really?" I chuckled. "I have to read it now," I teased, starting to get up.
"Oh, hell no," she laughed, holding me to her. "Not yet. Wait until I take a shower or something to start it. Just hold me for a little while."
"Until you tell me to stop, baby," I sighed, rolling to my side and pulling her back to my chest. "For as long as you want."


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