Tuesday, March 20, 2001 | By: Drotuno

Angel's Embrace Chapter 37

"And then, she moved her piano back into the house," Wendy said breathlessly as Edward walked us both from the school paper to the biology lab. His smile was sweet and patient. He was happy that Wendy had found her mom. "I told her about hearing you play," she pointed to Edward, "and she wants to hear you."
I giggled, looking up at my husband. I could see him fighting his laugh. Wendy's happiness was overflowing and quite contagious. "Perhaps she can come over. Esme wanted to meet her." My eyebrows shot up. Edward rarely invited anyone over. That was always me and Alice. He nudged my shoulder, telling me to shut up.
It had taken about a month for the legal issues surrounding Wendy and her mother to clear up. Carl, once he realized that his ex-wife had testified against him, pleaded guilty to all charges and was currently awaiting sentencing. All lawyers were asking for the maximum. Alice, Rose and I took Wendy shopping in celebration.
We reached the lab and I sighed. "I'm so sick of bugs," I growled. "It seems cruel and nasty to pin them to the board and watch them struggle." Visions of an old-school vampire staking flashed through my mind and Edward chuckled.
"They have no nervous system, Bella," he laughed, tugging me to our table. "They don't feel a thing. They only sense something is wrong."
"I know this," I huffed, folding my arms across my chest like a pouting child. "It doesn't make it any less disturbing. Wasps and roaches are one thing, but butterflies and dragonflies should be free. Not to mention ladybugs."
"I see you picked beauty before usefulness."
"Don't go there," I pointed. He was enjoying this way too much from the look on his face. "They all move pollen around or act as some kind of exterminator. Some are just easier on the eyes than others. And those fat, round bumble bees are kinda cute – like flying teddy bears in yellow and black sweaters."
Well, that did it. Edward just about fell out of the chair laughing. I didn't know which he enjoyed more, my little rants or the fact that he could egg them on. I pulled out my board, groaning in frustration. My giant water bug must not have been completely dead. He had proceeded to kick everything in his reach off the board overnight. "Fabulous," I growled, picking him up by his pin and tossing him back in the jar with the formaldehyde.
I screwed the top back on, setting it on the table. I shook my head as I watched him still continue to struggle. "He doesn't feel a thing," Edward whispered against my head as I sighed.
"Yeah," I groaned, resting my chin on my hands as my water bug kicked his legs.
By the time we made it to history, I was in no mood for Mrs. Richardson. She had not taken to abusing students again, but she wasn't exactly pleasant. She enjoyed, more than most teachers, I'm sure, picking on the student that wasn't paying attention. Her voice still took a condescending tone to it. Thankfully, Edward could hear the answer in her head if I wasn't listening. Ah, the benefits of a mind reading husband.
"Castro," Edward whispered without looking up. Damn, I was caught again. I gave her the answer she wanted and she moved on to another student.
Jasper decided to help and sent her a wave of cheerfulness. She lightened up, focusing more on taking notes than making us answer. I sighed with relief when the bell rang for the last time of the day.
Alice met us in the hallway, her face blank of expression, but I heard Edward sigh. "Today?" He growled, rolling his eyes as she nodded.
"What?" Jasper and I asked, looking between them.
"Carlisle wanted to work with the Denalis and Catherine and Brandon. They'll all be at the clearing. He'll want us to join them," Alice sighed.
"Marcus and Demitri?" Jasper asked and they both nodded.
"Everyone," Edward said, opening the car door for me and relaying the message to Emmett and Rose as they walked up.
"Tanya?" I asked, turning to Alice, who was nodding with a grimace on her face. "Fan-fucking-tastic," I sighed.
We found them all in our baseball clearing. They were paired off, fighting or practicing different maneuvers. I found Brandon sitting off to the side and I plopped down next to him.
"They won't let me practice," he chuckled. "Apparently, I take everyone's powers away."
"I thought you could control it," I smiled.
"I can," he laughed, winking at me, "but that doesn't mean I want to when it comes to Tanya and her sisters," he whispered, leaning into me.
"You want to practice?" I laughed, looking at him, and he nodded. "I'll practice with you."
"Yeah," I smiled, standing up and offering my hand, "come on."
"Should I take it easy on you?" He teased, a smile playing on his face. "You are, after all, a girl."
"If you take it easy on me, you'll regret it," I threatened. "Now, there's another shield, some big oaf that can start fires and play with water, and twins that can move buildings. You will be important with that. Can you zero in on just one person?"
"Yup," he nodded, taking a crouching stance. "Let's see what you got, Bells," he laughed.
Out of the corner of my eye, I could see my family's practice come to a standstill. Marcus, Carlisle and Demitri stood together, and I knew that they would watch every second of the fight that was about to take place. Brandon and I were the two they were concerned with the most.
Then the cheerleading started. Catherine called out encouragement to Brandon. Alice and Esme to me. I heard the betting begin between Edward and my brothers, but I ignored it.
"How do you want to start this, Brandon? Do you want my shield up or are we forgoing talents altogether?"
"No talents, just one on one." With that said, he dove for me with a laugh. I snorted, knowing he had worked with Emmett before. My brother always started with a big tackle. I spun out of the way, reaching for him, but only to find him behind me.
It was a huge fight, but we were having a blast. He slammed me into a tree, shattering the trunk and toppling it over. I pinned him on more than one occasion, only for him to reverse it.
We were at a standoff at one point – I was perched on a boulder and he was circling it. When Tanya's snide comment met our ears, we both bit our tongues. "So are we going to watch them all day?"
With a wink to Brandon and a nod back to me, we both dove for each other. We made sure our fight got closer and closer to her. With a snorting laugh as he pinned me, Brandon swung his legs, knocking Tanya to the ground. We didn't even look her way when her growl met our ears, but we moved to the other side of the clearing.
"Nice," Brandon chuckled, ducking my tackle.
"Thank you, thank you," I laughed, spinning and landing on his back. He reach behind him and slammed me to the ground. "Draw?" I smirked.
"Hell, yeah," he laughed, reaching for my hand and helping me to my feet. "Good job," he smiled.
"You too."
Tanya ran up between us. "You did that shit on purpose," she growled.
"I have no idea what you're talking about," I shrugged, pulling a rubber band from my pocket. I wrapped my hair up in a messy bun, waiting for her to say something more.
"Yes you do," she growled.
"Prove it," Brandon snarled.
"I don't have to prove it, everyone saw it," she sneered, leaning in towards me.
"Whatever," I sighed, rolling my eyes, "you got too close. You should have moved," I smiled, shrugging again and turning to walk away.
"Don't do it, Tanya," Alice growled. "She'll make you regret it."
Tanya sprung anyway, not heeding Alice's warning. I heard Demitri sigh, "That is one hard-headed woman."
I left my shield down. I was tired of defending myself against this woman. She hated me, so be it. She wanted a fight and I would be glad to give her one. I shifted my position at the last moment, laughing as Tanya found herself in a thorny shrub. Her clothes snagged and ripped as she extricated herself from the plant. Diving for me again, I caught her, slamming her to the ground.
Cheers of, "Kick her ass, Bells," rang out around us. I smirked down at her. She growled again and brought her legs up between us to kick me off.
"Tanya, let it go," Mark urged with a frustrated tone to his voice.
"No," she snarled. "It should have been me," she sneered, slamming me into the boulder. I heard a large chunk crack and fall to the ground. "I should have had everything that you've been handed." I shook my head.
"I feel sorry for Mark," I growled, pushing her back and spinning when she launched at me again. "All this time you tell us you're mated and yet you're still holding onto regret. Tsk, tsk," I teased, only to make her that much angrier.
"As long as Edward remained alone, I had a shot," she snarled, landing on top of me.
"No, you didn't," I cracked up, pushing my shield against her and tossing her behind me.
"I should have been a Cullen," she grunted as I planted myself on top of her.
"And that's my fault?" I snorted, shaking my head. I wrapped my shield around her and held her still. This conversation needed to happen. "They've been around a hell of a lot longer than me. Your jealousy is not aimed in the right direction, but yet, you respect Carlisle enough not to blame him. Or any of them for that matter."
"They hated what I did," she frowned, struggling against me. "I couldn't change what I was."
"And yet you have," I pointed out. "Wouldn't Mark be proof of that? What the holy fuck do you want from me?" I growled, holding her still. "I'm tired of fighting you. I don't care enough about you to keep this shit up." There was a part of me that was fighting for control. It happened every time I was around Tanya. She could totally bring out the worst in me. Maybe it was the fact that she had tried to take Edward from me or that she almost ruined his proposal. Or maybe it was the fact that she was just fucking crazy and tried to kill me.
"Bella," Edward sighed, obviously hearing my thoughts. I frowned, looking up at him. "Come here, love."
"I want an answer, Edward," I growled, looking back at Tanya. "What? What do you want from me? We share the same family members, we share the same fucking diet, and we can't see eye to eye. What?" I snarled the last word, letting go of her and standing.
Edward started towards me, his eyes locked on mine until I heard movement behind me. "Tanya, no," he growled, diving passed me. He had her pinned to the boulder before she could make another decision. In a low menacing voice, he said, "That's enough. I've told you before and I'll say it again. If you can't rein yourself in, you can't come here. We can do this without you. One more thought like that..." He breathed, barely in control. "And I'll kill you myself." He was every bit the menacing predator that he could be, towering over Tanya with black eyes and a murderous glare. He was frightening and beautiful and perfect.
I shook my head. Edward's need to protect me was his first priority, family friends or not. I could well imagine what Tanya had been planning. I was about to stop him when Mark's growl rumbled towards me. With a sigh, I shot my shield around Edward and myself, which unfortunately included Tanya.
"Enough!" Carlisle and Demitri boomed, walking towards us with Marcus.
Jasper and Emmett grabbed Mark, restraining him. Carlisle walked up to me, placing a hand on my shoulder. He just shook his head, his face filled with sympathy. "Excellent job, little one," he smirked and then turned to Edward. "Son, let her go." My husband's glare and grip held firm. Carlisle turned to me with a pleading look upon his face.
"Edward," I said, walking to his side. "Look at me." His gaze snapped to mine, his breathing still heavy. "Carlisle's asking you to let go," I urged, wrapping my hand around his wrist. "Come on, love," I urged again, placing my other hand on his shoulder. "Let's walk for a moment, ok?" I rubbed his hands until the relaxed just enough for Demitri to pull Tanya away.
Kate and Esme were in front of her quickly. "Have you lived so long that your memory has faded?" Esme sneered. "We offered you a place with us – you chose differently."
"And you begged to stay with me," Kate frowned, looking at Tanya as if she disgusted her.
"Tanya," Carlisle sighed, his eyes closing, "I'm going to ask you this one time. Are you with us or not? Because I'm not peeling you off my youngest child anymore." Tanya merely nodded, a defeated look on her face. "Then take a break and calm your mate down." He pointed to Mark, who was still struggling in my brothers' arms.
Marcus wandered up to Edward and me. "She's loyal. I see it, but it's not as strong as the rest of you," he mused to himself mostly. "She has no loyalty to you," he said, pointing to me with a smile playing on his face. I snorted and shook my head.
"I imagine not," I sighed, turning to Edward. "You ok?"
"Perfect," he sneered, watching every move Tanya made before she and Mark left the clearing.
"I can tell," I chuckled. His face finally softened when he looked back to me. With a deep shuddering breath, he wrapped and arm around my shoulders, burying his nose in my hair.
I sat out the remainder of the training with Brandon. We compared notes and made bets on who would win. We talked about the powers that were heading our way. He was worried about the one Demitri had said was like Chelsea. If Brandon's loyalty could be turned, we could be in trouble.
As I watched all members of my family, I started to feel a little more confident. Even when Mark and Tanya returned, I could see the strengths we had. Edward's speed and ability to know what his opponent was thinking made him quite the force to be reckoned with. Emmett was pure strength and ease. Jasper was a calculating opponent when not facing Edward, making tactile decisions that were both deadly and brilliant.
Alice, like Edward, could see every decision made and stayed one step ahead of her opponent at all times, which worried me the most. Was she going to be able to do that when the pack was near?
The only two I couldn't watch was Carlisle and Esme. Even though they could handle themselves quite well, it was unnerving to see. Kate, though, was an interesting talent. If she got her hands on you, a jolt of electricity shot through you. It reminded me of a stun gun. It rendered her opponent useless for about thirty seconds. She shocked Edward once, and the next time she tried it, he was under my shield. She laughed, looking over at me. I shrugged with a giggle. Edward winked at me and they continued their fight. It was my instinct to protect him.
Rose was one of the coolest to watch. She was stealthy and strong. Her demeanor was calm and collected, but her reactions were quick and lethal. She and Edward had quite the match, finally falling to the clearing floor in a heap of laughter.
Mark was interesting. Even though he had never developed a talent and he was still quite new, he was showing an excellent ability to fight. He bested Rose and Esme, but couldn't quite catch Edward and Alice. He and Jasper were a draw.
The final match of the day was Catherine and Edward. Brandon and I were in hysterics, each using our mental abilities to hedge our mates' chances. It was like playing a video game. If Catherine tried to pull Edward in, I shielded him. When Edward could hear her next thought, Brandon shut down his mind reading. It was hilarious. Carlisle finally declared it a draw.
Night fell around us and Jasper built a fire. We all sat around, the sounds of the night surrounding us. As I sat between Edward's legs with my back to his chest, I listened to an owl in the distance. I could hear the same mouse rustling around in the tall grasses that the owl was hunting. And I heard when the mouse was no more.
Demitri, Marcus and Carlisle discussed strategy, while Rose and Jasper told funny stories about Emmett much to everyone's entertainment.
"What's the most juvenile thing Emmett's done?" I asked, turning to Edward with a giggle.
"You want a story?" He asked, his eyes darkening as he looked down my body and back up. I bit my lip in order not to laugh. "I deserve payment for my stories, my beautiful girl," he crooned in my ear. I sighed and shook my head.
It will have to wait until we get home, handsome. It will require a shower and a change into...um, something secret.
His chuckle was dark and sexy. "So we were living just off a golf course," he started with a smirk. My head fell back with my laugh. Edward was truly shameless. I felt a kiss to my neck as everyone turned their attention to him.
"Oh, damn," Emmett groaned, shaking his head. "Eddie, really?"
"You're so grounded when this story's over," Jasper teased.
Edward ignored them both and continued. "Emmett had purchased his first Jeep. Rose had given it every off road upgrade known to man and machine." Rose barked a laugh, nodding. "Carlisle and Esme had left for their anniversary. They were only gone a few days, but apparently that's long enough for us to completely ruin a perfectly good golf course."
"That was you guys?" Carlisle huffed a laugh.
"Yeah," Emmett smiled, a chuckle escaping him.
"Emmett got it in his head that if we tied a tire tube to the back of the Jeep, we could basically grass ski," Edward chuckled. "But we didn't have a tube at one o'clock in the morning, so Emmett said that the next best thing would be one of those heavy machinery tires. You know, they're about four feet in diameter...they're used on cranes and bulldozers," he said, looking at me. I nodded with a laugh and he went on. "We found one just outside the maintenance shed. We chained the tire to the hitch of the Jeep and drove out onto the course. The goal of the game was to sling the guy in the tire off," he laughed and his brothers joined him. "With every turn and hill we'd hit, the tire would gouge these giant ruts. The entire eighteenth hole was destroyed. There were skid marks from the Jeep and huge holes where we would land, not to mention everywhere the tire was dragged, the grass was gone."
"We lost track of time," Edward continued, "it was sunrise before I heard the mind of the caretaker."
"Oh hell," Brandon laughed, his head falling back.
"Not only was it going to be a sunny day, but Emmett had just turned the Jeep so that Jasper swung around in the tire. He took out five trees in one swoop, just like a straight razor cuts hair. The poor caretaker thought a tornado had touched down. Luckily, he ran the other way, so that we were able to drive away undetected," Edward laughed.
"And just where were you?" Esme huffed to Alice.
"Riding with them," she cracked up, "it was a hell of a lot of fun." Even Rose was nodding next to her.
The whole campfire exploded into hysterics.
"You know, that man reported it as a tornado," Carlisle laughed. "Never a dull moment," he muttered, which only caused the laughter to kick up again.
"Now," Edward whispered in my ear, "what color?"
What color do you want? I smirked, turning to look at him.
"Black," he grinned.
"Done," I smiled back, fighting my laugh.
"So, Bells," Jasper chuckled, "what are you going to do with your contract money?" He wrapped an arm around her as we walked back to the house. Bella had signed the contract just in time to make the cut off. Her payment had arrived a few days later.
The Denalis, Demitri and Carina all decided to go into Portland for the next few days. Brandon and Catherine were off hunting, but would be back later. All I wanted was to get my wife home. Visions of what torturous black underthings she could possibly don to push me over the edge was flooding my mind. And she knew it.
Bella looked at our brother like he was crazy. "Um, nothing," she snorted. "Tell me you just deposited it in our account." She begged, looking up at me.
"I did," I smiled. The words "our account" made me smile. When I first met her, she wanted nothing to do with my money. It was a characteristic of hers that was charming, but once we were married, I insisted that we share everything. She was over the top happy that she could contribute back to me. I could have cared less.
"Nothing?" Jasper gasped. "Come on, you have to celebrate with it or something."
"We'll see," she sighed, linking her fingers with mine. Her mind drifted to our desire to go to Africa.
"Perfect, love, really," I sighed, kissing her head.
"Yeah?" She smiled, and then thought, How about for our anniversary? I nodded, probably looking like a child, because she giggled and squeezed my hand.
"I think that's a fantastic idea," I grinned.
"I want to know!" Jasper pouted. Bella laughed, shaking her head.
"Africa, Jazz," she smiled, "I'll save it for that."
"No!" He whined. "You have to do something stupid and nonsensical with it. Just something completely dumb."
"Why?" She laughed.
"I don't know," he shrugged, "it just sounds like a fun idea. You could rent out a club or take it to Vegas," he grinned.
"Right," she drawled out, "because taking my mind reading husband to play cards is completely ethical." I laughed, my head falling back. The whole family chuckled on that one.
"Ethics, schmethics," he chortled. "I'll come up with something. Mark my words," he pointed to her, opening the back door to the house for us.
"Fine," she said, waving him away, "let me know what you come up with." She was giving in to shut him up and I couldn't help but laugh. "I'm going to take a shower." She ran upstairs, shutting the door behind her.
"Son, before you go," Carlisle stopped me, "could you join me in my office?" I nodded, following him. "Have a seat," he pointed to the chair. Medicine, Edward? He smirked, switching to his thoughts, a way we've always communicated.
"Yes," I nodded. "When we leave the country, I want to practice again." His mind filled with pride and I shook my head. "It's time, don't you think?"
"If anyone can do it, it's you, son," he smiled. "Pediatrics?" He clarified and I nodded. He knew me well. He knew that I preferred to work with children. Ok, he thought with a nod. We'll have Jenks work up the papers once it's time to go. I'll bring you in as an intern.
"Yes, sir," I nodded. I started to get up, but he raised a hand to stop me.
"One more thing," he sighed, "Bella. How's she handling things?" His mind flashed with the concerns he had been curious about: Felix, Marcus, school, Charlie, Jake.
"Fine," I nodded, "though Tanya's behavior was uncalled for tonight," I shook my head with a low growl. "Bella tries so hard to ignore her, but Tanya can't seem to let things go. I apologize for my reaction, but Bella didn't have her shield up and Tanya's mind went to a dangerous place."
She threatened Bella's life? He asked, his mouth open. I nodded, frowning. I fear that Tanya hasn't been stable of mind in a very long time, son. I know she wants to help us, but...
"Marcus said her loyalty is with all of us but Bella," I frowned.
"Yes, I feared as much," Carlisle frowned, looking at his hands. "Please tell Bella that when it comes down to it, to watch herself around Tanya. Even though Tanya will fight beside us, she may allow someone to get to Bella. Understand?"
"Do we really need Tanya?" I snarled. "If she does just that, Tanya will declare herself my enemy."
"I know," he nodded, "mine too. But, Edward, we need everyone. Just tell Bella to be cautious. Tanya hates her on mere principle now. She sees her as the thief of 'what could have been'."
"It's deeper than that," I frowned. "She doesn't have feelings for me anymore, but she's so jealous of my wife's...well, everything. She hates her for her talents, her relationships with the family, her looks, her happiness, her...just everything."
"Her moral integrity," Carlisle chuckled. "Nothing angers Tanya more than when Bells walks away." I chuckled and nodded. He paused for a moment. "I'll sit down with the Denali family soon and talk about this. Perhaps Kate and Eleazar can control her just until this whole thing with the Volturi is over."
"If they can't, Carlisle," I growled, standing, "I will control her myself. I can't have anything happen to Bella. Period." He nodded, agreeing with me wholeheartedly. His last thought was how well Bella and I had fought together side by side. "Thank you," I smirked, "our connection helps."
"I imagine it does," he smiled. "Not to mention the fact that you'd protect each other from even the smallest threat." I looked up at the ceiling when the shower upstairs shut off. I looked back to Carlisle with a raised eyebrow. "Go!" He laughed, "And remember to tell her to be careful around Tanya." I nodded with a chuckle and bolted upstairs.
I found my wife in front of the vanity in our bathroom dressed in her robe, starting to brush her wet hair. "I heard," she frowned, "and Alice already told me about Tanya," she sighed, her hands falling to her side. She turned to me, leaning a hip against the counter. I folded my arms across my chest and leaned in the doorway.
"Carlisle will talk to Kate and Eleazar," I frowned, "maybe they can do something about her." I pushed myself away from the wall and reached for her brush. "Let me."
She smiled and turned in front of me, our eyes meeting in the mirror. "She doesn't scare me, Edward," my love smirked, "at all."
"She hasn't since you were human," I teased, slowly pulling the brush through her hair.
"I thought when Mark came into the picture that she would mellow out," Bella sighed, tilting her head back for me.
"If you think I struggle most with what I am," I smiled, "it's nothing compared to Tanya, love. She has lived a very long time, conquering many, many men, human men. To find herself mated so late – much later than me, I might add – is a bit of a shock to her. And you, my sweet girl, are everything she will never be." I leaned in and kissed the back of her wet head. She was quiet as I brushed the tangles out of the back of her hair. "Turn around," I smiled, lifting her up on the counter.
"Enjoying yourself?" She smirked.
"Yep," I nodded, forcing a serious face as I stepped between her legs. I set the brush down and used my fingers instead. I just needed to touch her; I didn't care how or what the circumstances were.
Bella traced her finger over the design of the t-shirt I was wearing, her mind running through the practices she witnessed that night. She leaned into one of my hands, turning to kiss my palm as my other hand continued to play with her hair. She was nervous enough about the Volturi, and adding Tanya's threat just multiplied that anxiousness tenfold. And when my Bella was nervous, her self doubts came through. She didn't understand why Tanya could possibly be jealous of her. In her mind, Tanya was too beautiful, confident and knowledgeable about the world.
"Hey," I frowned. "How many times do I have to prove how beautiful you are?" I pressed a kiss to her forehead, pulling her closer to me. "How smart you are? How unbelievably sweet and compassionate you are?"
For once, she didn't throw out the old "You're biased, Edward" comment. I expected it and I was disappointed. She was truly feeling a little off. "Let me show you something," I smiled, setting her down on the floor and turning her to face the mirror. Her gaze met my own, not herself. "Don't look at me, look at you," I smirked, shaking my head. "May I?" I whispered, tugging at the belt of her robe. She nodded, her brow wrinkled.
I slowly pulled the belt open, revealing just the center of her tantalizing body. Glimpses of black lace peeked through. "Look at you," I sighed with the want of her, slipping the robe off of her shoulders and dropping it to the floor, "you're stunning, Bella. Jealousy rages around you everywhere we go, love. I hear it. It's not just Tanya. Mmm, and thank you for this," I growled, dipping my finger just inside the front of her thong.
"You earned it," she chuckled, her eyes watching my hands as they traveled over her body in the mirror.
"I did," I nodded, placing a biting kiss to her shoulder. Her breathing picked up as well as the scent of her arousal. "I want to take you in front of this mirror, beautiful," I whispered against her neck, "I want to prove just how sexy you are. I want to show you what you do to me."
"Edward," she groaned, the wanton sound going straight to my groin. Her hips instantly arched back against mine, grinding into me. I purred at the sensation, my eyes closing and my hands gripping her hips. She didn't say anything else, but her mind noted my clothing. With a smirk, I tugged my shirt off over my head.
"Better?" I asked, smiling when she muttered, "For now."
Her eyes continued to track the movement of my hands as, with my palms flat against her skin, I touched every bit of her I could. I started at her thighs skimming up to her stomach and sides, eventually cupping her breasts over the material of her bra. A whimpering sigh escaped her as her nipples hardened to diamond hard peaks under my touch. I couldn't help but grind into her from behind.
"God, Bella," I growled, "your sounds, the feel of you...so good." I pushed her hair from off of her shoulder, unable to stop myself from tasting her sweet skin. My thumbs brushed roughly over her nipples again as I sucked hard on the soft spot behind her ear. "As sexy as this is," I said, tracing my lips over the shell of her ear and dipping my fingers just inside the cups of her bra, "I think what lies underneath is sexier."
I reached between my chest and her back, flicking open the offending garment, my eyes rolling back as her breasts were revealed in the mirror. "This too," I whispered, my palms flat as they slipped under the waistband of her underwear at her hips. "Not that I'm ungrateful, God knows," I chuckled. "I do love that you wear these for me." I pushed them down and she stepped out of them. The scent of her arousal exploded into the small room.
My wife's mind was begging for more. More skin, more touches – just more.
"I'm going to give you a choice, Mrs. Cullen," I said, knowing that the sound of her name would just add to her desire. I was not disappointed. Her head fell back to my shoulder, her lips against my neck. "Wait, baby," I groaned, wanting her mouth on me more than I could describe, but I wanted this first.
"God, Edward," she moaned, her eyes locked on mine in the mirror, "kiss me and then you can do whatever you want to me." Her hand reached back, her fingers threading into my hair as she pulled my face to hers. Her mouth was wet, her kisses hungry and needy. I couldn't help but moan into her mouth as I felt just how much she wanted me. Her tongue slipped along mine, the flavor of her divine.
My hand cupped her mound, my mouth breaking from hers as I watched her reaction in the mirror. Her body arched again, an amazing purring sound muffling into my neck. "Your choice, my love," I whispered against her temple, my fingers slipping through her warm, wet folds. "I can make you come just like this," I toyed with her clit, "or I can take you right here," I growled, grinding into her.
Her mind reeled with both choices, but her decision was clear. Oh my God, Edward, fuck me, she panted, trying to turn in front of me. You're fucking killing me.
"Done," I growled, kicking out of my jeans quicker than I thought possible. I turned her to the side and bent over her. "You're going to watch this, Bella," I whispered. "You're going to watch me fu...take you." She smirked in the mirror at me, knowing I just about let Dirty Edward out in a full house. My head hit her shoulder, a huffing laugh escaping me. "Damn, I want you so badly," I growled, shifting my hips so that my cock slipped through her warm moisture. Her hips backed up to mine, her mind telling me to hurry.
With one thrust, I buried myself deep within her. My teeth latched onto her shoulder, my eyes squeezing closed until I could gain control. With a growl, she arched into me, forcing me to pull out and thrust back into her. I bit her earlobe, "You watch that mirror, you tell me we aren't perfect together, that you aren't stunning."
Bella braced her hands on the wall and the vanity top as I took her hard in front of the mirror. Her eyes were pitch black, not watching herself, but reveling in where we were joined as one. Every time I would pull most of the way out, her breath would catch as she watched my cock disappear back inside of her. In her mind, it was the sexiest, most erotic thing we had ever done. She didn't think she was sexy, she thought we were sexy together.
"Mmm, yes, Bella," I nodded, gripping her ass and pulling her to me harder and harder. The sound of our skin meeting filled the room. "Come here," I snarled, pulling her up and facing her to the mirror. I lifted one of her legs and entered into her again.
Holy hell, Edward, come with me, please, she begged, her eyes rolling back. In her mind, she couldn't even watch anymore, the feelings alone were too much.
"You first. I want to make you come as many times as you'll let me. Can I do that, my love?" I asked against her neck, my tongue trailing up to her ear. I took her hand, my fingers over hers and together we circled her clit. "Feel that?" I asked, my own breath catching when our fingers were on either side of my cock filling her. She nodded, her eyes squeezing closed. "Open your eyes, Bella," I growled, feeling her muscles constrict around me. She locked eyes with mine in the mirror. "You watch how beautiful you are when you come for me." I pressed her clit hard, her coil finally snapping. Her mouth hung open in a panting cry, her eyes ebony. It took all the control I had not to come with her.
I slowed down, allowing her a moment to come down from her high. She set her leg down, saying, "I need to face you." It was almost torture to slip out of her long enough for her to turn around and hop up on the counter. She wrapped her legs around me, pulling me back into her.
"This is the better view, baby," she breathed, her brow wrinkling as she leaned in to kiss me. She was always much happier when we were face to face. She preferred to look at me, to see my eyes, to have access to kissing me.
It was her turn to touch, to caress. Her hands pulled me in closer, gripping my ass. I leaned her over the counter, taking one of her sweet nipples into my mouth. Her body arched up closer to me, her head falling back. I watched myself lick her, suck her in the mirror, my cock twitching hard inside of her at the sight.
Your turn, Edward, come hard for me, she growled, see how fucking gorgeous you are when you come in me.
"Together," I breathed against the swell of her breast. "Please, Bella," I begged, my eyes closing, trying to hold off my impending orgasm.
She reached between us, touching herself, and I was done. I pressed my forehead to hers, our mouths barely touching as we both shattered, gripping each other fiercely. I pulled her from the counter and walked her to our bed. I laid her down, still connected to her, bracing my elbows on each side of her head. My lips crashed into hers as her fingers gripped my neck, slowly slipping down.
Poor Dirty Edward, my love teased as she kissed up my neck and pressed her hands to the small of my back. He almost escaped, the poor thing.
I chuckled, burying my face in her neck. I playfully bit at her neck. "He did," I laughed, "he needs to be heard sometimes."
"Indeed," she smiled against my neck. Apparently, he has something important to say. We should let him out soon.
"Oh, he does, love, he does," I chuckled, rolling us over so that she was straddling me.
Everything he says is extremely important to me, she smirked, leaning over so that her hair fell in a curtain around us.
"I know it is," I teased. "If he comes out now..."
Our secret will be out. I don't think so, Edward. She kissed me hard, her little body grinding over me. I gripped her hips, knowing we were about to lose ourselves again. As much as they are curious, she growled, kissing down my neck, there are some things that are mine and mine alone.
"Yes, ma'am," I nodded, understanding completely.
What would he tell me, baby? Would he tell me that he loves it when I ride his cock?
"Oh yeah," I sighed, my eyes rolling back as she sat up. Her hips rolled over me, an amazing sensation on it's own, but when she clenched her muscles around my cock, my breathing stopped momentarily.
Would he tell me that I was his, that he owns me? Because it's true. I'm so yours, Edward.
"Yes," I growled, guiding her over me, watching her mouth hang open as I hit the sweet spot deep inside of her. "Mine," I moaned.
Would he tell me how fucking hard he is for me? To come just for him?
"Yes," I hissed, rolling us back over and driving into her. She was pushing me over the edge. Her last statement as she clenched around me was all I could take.
Would he tell me how fucking stunning I am when I come, because no one else can fuck me like this?
"Bella," I growled, burying my face in her neck once again and spilling inside of her. Every expletive was on the tip of my tongue as I came and I bit her neck to hold them all in.
"I guess that's a yes," she teased, burying her face in the crook of my neck.
"Uh huh," I nodded, smiling when her giggle shook me.
I spent the last few hours we had left before we had to get ready for school showing her just how stunning she was. We almost drove the house into a frenzy if it weren't for the fact that she finally had to shield us, taking sympathy on them more than I did.
"Hey, Bells," I heard Jake's voice over the phone just as I sat down to the piano. "Charlie and I wanted to let you guys know that 'Operation See-Wolf'," he snorted, "has begun. And before you ask, yes, we did, in fact, appear in front of Mike Newton."
The girls exploded into laughter, huddling together on the phone. I could help but join them, a laugh barking out of me.
"Oh God, Jake," Bella giggled, holding her side, "please tell me you video taped that!" Jasper bolted into the room to hear the answer.
"Yes! Hell, yes," Jake laughed. "I'll email it later. It was hilarious, Bells. I've never seen a guy turn so white. He gives new meaning to the term pale faces."
The girls fell over each other in laughter. "Sweet," Emmett laughed, shaking his head.
"Wait until you see the video," Jake continued, "he looks like a fucking cartoon running away. He forgot to turn the knob to the door and just about knocked himself out."
"Stop it," Bella gasped, shaking her head.
"The sad part was," Jake chuckled, "there was some girl there with him and he left her outside."
"A blonde?" Bella gasped, looking between Rose and Alice. They all held their breath, waiting for the answer.
"Nah, a brunette."
It was my turn to laugh. "Guess who's cheating again," I guffawed, unable to duck the pillow Bella threw at me due to laughing so hard.
"Dammit," she growled. "Next time, snap his neck," she frowned. "He's a pig."
"Charlie would shoot me, Bells," Jake laughed. "But if I see Mike, I'll be sure to let him know you always thought of him that way."
"Thanks, Jake," she laughed.
"Sure, sure," he sighed, "now, let me finish what I'm doing and I'll have Anna send that video. Ok?"
"Ok," she chuckled, ending the call.
Jake had started showing the smallest member of the pack, which happened to be a thirteen year old by the name of Severn (Vern to his pack), to humans just as the winter started coming to a close. They would reveal only once or twice every few days. So far only a handful of people had called Charlie to let him know. He would go out to the scene to investigate and make a report. We were to let him know immediately when Alice saw Felix heading our way. Once she saw him coming, Jake was to expose the wolf much more often and scare a few more people. When Charlie felt that there were enough complaints, he would enact an evening warning that people should stay indoors if possible. The warning would keep most of the residents of Forks behind closed and locked doors when the newborn army came into town.
It was a brilliant plan. I had to give Jake all the credit for that one. Charlie was ok with posting bear alerts and keeping hikers and campers out of the woods, but he was at a loss as to how to protect his people. Jake had come through safely and efficiently. Not to mention he was probably having a blast doing it.
It wasn't long before Bella checked her emails and the video was there. Hooking it up to the TV, Emmett played it as we all rushed to watch it. Jake was right. It was hilarious.
From the edge of the woods, the camera caught Mike kissing a short brunette in what I assumed was his front yard. Bella groaned, shaking her head as the resemblance to her could not go unnoticed.
Jake's quiet laugh could be heard as Vern's wolf form emerged into the frame. He was small enough to almost be confused with a real wolf. He was a mixture of a reddish-brown and silver-gray. Jake could be heard giving instructions.
"Tell him to shuffle around and let out a growl," he snickered, trying to keep the camera steady.
The growl that Vern let loose might have been a little over the top, but the reaction from Mike was just as dramatic. Our whole living room exploded as Mike left the girl and ran up the steps to his house, only to smash into the door and fall flat on his ass. Emmett and Jasper played that particular part over and over before we could move on. I had to admit, it was just as funny happening backwards as it was forwards.
Rose hopped up to the laptop and unplugged it from the TV. "You really have to save this as your background."
"No!" Bella whined, falling over on the couch. "Mike Newton is not going to be what I look at every time I turn that thing on." She stopped, sitting up. "But a screen saver on the other hand," she giggled. "Give me that!" With Emmett's help, she set the whole video to play as her screen saver.
"So Bells," Jasper smirked. "Let's go to Vegas."
"Damn," she sighed, looking up at me. "I totally thought he'd forget." I laughed, shaking my head.
"Ok, maybe not Vegas," he mused, pacing in front of us. His mind was working overtime to figure out something that she could just spend her money frivolously.
"No cars. You have the bikes," he mumbled to himself. Bella started to shake her head and laugh. "A boat? Hmm, no."
"Do we have to spend all of it, Jazz?" She asked.
"No," he stopped, looking at her out of the corner of his eye. "What did you have in mind?"
"I don't know," she frowned, biting her bottom lip, but her thoughts were crystal clear. She wanted another open mic night. It had been quite a while since the last time we went. She looked at me, narrowing her eyes.
"There's no spending involved with that, love," I teased. "In fact, it's free. But if that's how you want to celebrate, it's yours."
"What? What does she want?" Jasper looked frantically back and forth between us.
Alice started to giggle and clap, bouncing on the couch, chanting, "Oh, please, oh please!"
"What?" Rose, Emmett and Jasper bellowed.
"Open mic night," Alice and Bella said at the same time.
"Ok," Jasper nodded.
"Nice," Rose beamed.
"Consider it done, little one," Emmett nodded. "In fact, all songs are your choice."
"Oh?" My Bella laughed as her eyebrows rose up in surprise. "That will require some thought." Her eyes lit up, looking over at me.
"Well, I might have one I may want to do, love," I said, tilting my head at her.
"Ok, one less I have to stress over," she chuckled, kissing my cheek. "Let me know when, guys."
"Soon," Alice gasped, her face going blank, but her mind was flashing with visions of Italy. Felix was on the move. "Felix has decided to move."
"Damn, Alice, how long?" I growled.
"He's planning to be in Spain at the port in less than a month," she whispered, her eyes closing. It was her way of focusing. "They've bought a huge boat, a giant yacht. They will be here by the time the snow melts," she growled, her eyes opening. "They'll land just this side of the Canada border, heading south to Forks."
"Well, shit," Emmett growled as everyone jumped into action. Bella immediately called Jake to let him know, only to turn around and call Charlie. Jasper called Marcus and Demitri while I called Carlisle.
"Well, we knew this time would come," Carlisle sighed on the other end of the phone. "We're ready, son. I know it may not feel that way, but we are. Have everyone get ready to head to Forks at the drop of a hat, Edward. And have Bella arrange a meeting so that we all – and I do mean all – of us can make plans."
"Yes, sir," I sighed. "Meet at the Forks house tomorrow?"
"Yes, I can rearrange my schedule. Make sure Marcus and Demitri can be there. And call Catherine."
"It's all done, just name the time," Bella said, pulling her phone away from her ear. She was back on with Jake.
Once the time was agreed upon, everyone went into action. We packed cars and clothes, preparing to stay a few days in Forks if necessary. I knew that once we set the plan, we would have a Cullen meeting right after. I was not looking forward to scaring Bella with talk of what could happen if we were separated. In fact, as I watched her shut the lights off in our room and grab our bag, I vowed to do everything within my power to make sure we weren't separated. I just hoped I could do it.


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Mike Newton Prank Video, HAHAHAHAA. Tanya fight w/ bella without her shield was alot closer than I would've thought. They were about even. Bella was 'forced' to use her shield.

'T' has some mental issue. I really feel for Mark. To hear her say all of that, like he wasn't standing there must have been crushing!. SMH. I don't know if a small talk would've been enough to get me over that emo hill.

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