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Angel's Embrace Chapter 4

"It hurts, Carlisle," I growled, holding my chest.
"I know, sweetheart," he sighed, rubbing my arm.
I had been fine with Edward going hunting with his brothers overnight until just about ten hours into it. It was the first week of October and the boys wanted to find bears before they all went into hibernation.
"Let me call him, please," Carlisle begged.
"No, he'll just rush home and never want to leave me…he shouldn't have to do that," I panted, squeezing my eyes closed. "We've gone three days…how come I can't make it twenty four hours?"
"You two…" He shook his head. "Ok…let's do this…let's talk about something else…anything to take your mind off of it." He pulled a chair closer to mine so he didn't have to let go of my hand.
The physical connection that Edward and I shared only reared its head when we were separated. The entire two years that we were apart, we both experienced excruciating pain. It was Carlisle that finally told us what it all meant. The electricity that surrounded us all the time fused us together. He said it was pretty close to what the wolves do when they imprint, only for vampires it was really rare.
"How was your talk with Jake?" Carlisle asked, squeezing my hand.
"Ok…good," I groaned. "He said he's going to expand the patrols to Canada."
"Good…what else did he say?"
"Um…that we should call him if we hear from Kate," I sighed, looking over at him.
"Anything else?" He asked and I shook my head. "Tell me about school, Bells, how's your senior year?"
"Ugh…" I flinched, folding in on myself for a moment. "Good…fine…I hate math."
Carlisle chuckled, "Tell me about this Joe kid I keep hearing about. What's your opinion on him?"
"He's changed…he always had a crush on me…but he's totally scared of Jasper and E-Edward," I stuttered on his name and looked to Carlisle. He nodded for me to continue. "E-d…dammit! Edward says that his thoughts are dark…that he wants to get me alone," I frowned. "He says Joe wants to hurt me…but he hasn't had a chance. The boys chase him off. I think Ed…" I just stopped, looking up at Carlisle with a begging face.
"Poor thing," Carlisle smiled. "Keep going, Bells…it's going to be fine."
"I think E-edward may lose it with him…I worry that he will hurt him. Like that guy in Port Angeles…I need you to make sure Ed…ward," I just snorted, shaking my head. "It's not funny, Carlisle!"
"It's just his name you stick on," he smiled, "I'm sorry, please go on."
"Just make sure he doesn't kill him!" I spat out.
"Carlisle," Esme rushed to my side. "It's not funny," she scolded, wrapping her arms around my shoulders and kissing my temple. "Sweetheart, let us call him…there's no harm in talking to him on the phone."
"I want to…so bad…but it's not fair to him…he should be able to go hunting for God's sakes," I pouted, but leaned into her.
"Hey," she whispered, smiling down at me. "There's a Lost marathon on tonight…that's what I was coming to tell you…"
"Really?" I asked, looking at her. "What season?"
"The last one…they are replaying the whole thing…I thought that might help take your mind off things…" she raised her eyebrow at Carlisle.
"I've been pushed aside by a TV show…I see how it is," he sighed. I laughed, kissing his cheek.
"I'm glad Emmett brought extra clothes," Jasper laughed, shaking his head. "He wrestled that last one until his shirt was in shreds." Are you ok, bro? He shifted to speaking to me with his mind.
"Yeah, fine," I snapped, rubbing my chest. "I just…"
Miss her… He thought to me and I nodded. How does that physical thing work, anyway?
I shrugged. "You know probably more than me…you feel us both," I sighed, looking over at him. "We can't be apart very long…I shouldn't be feeling this so soon…we've been able to go days…it's only been hours." I frowned, wondering if my angel was suffering.
"It's ok if you want to call her, man," Jasper smiled. "I understand."
"No, she'll just worry or it will start her reaction…I can't…have that either," I frowned, shaking my head.
"Ali says it started with something like a shock…"
I nodded. "Carlisle told us that's what binds us together," I sighed, feeling the pain ease up slightly. "It's kind of like when the wolves imprint…"
"Oh! Ok, that's interesting," Jasper laughed. I smiled and shook my head at him. "So, it's so much more than mating for life…"
"Yeah," I nodded. "I'm ok, it'll ease up every now and then."
I never thought that twenty four hours was going to be a problem. Bella and I had been apart for longer periods than that. I had left her for three days to travel with Carlisle to Italy and we were fine. We suffered, but we were fine. Hell, we even survived the two weeks Alice tried to separate us before the wedding. Sort of. I smiled to myself at the antics we all got up to, trying to steal mere minutes with her.
"We aren't going to last a full day…are we, Eddie?" Emmett smiled down at me.
"Put a shirt on," I laughed, throwing a stick at him. He dodged it nicely.
"Not yet…there's more out there…" He smiled, jerking his thumb over his shoulder. "It's ok if you want to go…"
"That's it," I sighed, standing. "I need to beat you to the next bear."
"You know," I smiled, still rubbing my chest, "I would be friends with Hurley…he's too sweet." I sat up as the last episode finished. Edward would be home soon - my pain was easing up.
"The great big guy?" Alice asked.
"Yeah, he's honest and kind…he has no other agenda…I can respect that," I nodded.
"You're a good judge on people," Esme noted. "It's something I noticed about you from the beginning." I just shrugged.
"Jasper says the same thing," Alice smiled. "He said that if Bells doesn't like someone, then they aren't worth knowing."
I smiled, shaking my head. Jasper and I have had that conversation more than once. Carlisle and Edward both think it is a part of my shield. It draws people I like in and keeps people I don't like out. When I was human, I just thought I was picky.
"You saw through Edward instantly," Alice laughed. "I saw your face in my mind when you would see through his bullshit." I giggled, nodding. "It scared him…no one…not even other vampires could do that."
"It was all in his eyes…" I snickered quietly. "He would be telling me one thing…like how we shouldn't be friends and that he was this bad guy, but his eyes said the total opposite."
"To see the ice melt on him…" Esme sighed. "I've been with Edward a long time and I watched him build that wall. I worried for years, telling Carlisle he was too young…I've never been so glad to be wrong." She stopped for a moment. "Everyone wanted him…Kate, Irina, Tanya," she growled the last name. "He just looked the other way…he was waiting."
"Don't tell her that," Edward chuckled from the doorway.
"Edward," I breathed, launching myself into his arms. Take me somewhere…anywhere.
"'Kay, love," he smiled, walking upstairs with me. I buried my face in the crook of his shoulder, breathing deep his perfect scent. "Was it bad for you?" He asked softly, sitting on the chaise in our room.
I nodded, pulling back to look at him. "You?"
"Yes," he sighed, smiling slightly and tucking my hair behind my ear. "Such a short time, too…we've gone longer."
"I know," I frowned, "I panicked…poor Carlisle." I sighed, shaking my head.
"What were you guys talking about downstairs?" He smiled, knowing exactly what we were saying.
"Like you don't know, mind reader," I laughed. "You…they were telling me how I know when someone's good or bad. And imagine…you came into the conversation." He chuckled, kissing my nose.
"You do…it's strange…I first started really noticing that when we were in New York," he said, pulling me closer.
"Bruce," I laughed. Our waiter in Greenwich Village had been completely enamored by Edward, but was a sweet man.
"Yes, exactly," he laughed, shaking his head. "Lauren's another one…Mike…especially Tanya. Angela was a good one too…Anna…"
I just shrugged. "What can I say? I'm an amazing judge of character," I smiled, kissing his forehead. He laughed, shaking his head. "I'm just glad you let me in."
"Me too, love."
"Hi, Professor Banks," Alice and I smiled, walking to our table in the back.
"Ladies," he smiled, looking up from his papers. We had taken a liking to him quickly. When Edward explained that I reminded him of his daughter and the sadness that surrounded him, Alice and I couldn't resist trying to make him smile. Edward said that the memory that Professor Banks had was of a car accident on a snowy night. He had been the driver. He survived, but his daughter didn't. Our hearts broke for him.
We were the first ones in the room. Edward and Jasper had gone to the library to grab a few books for our European History class. Alice and I took our normal seats, pulling out our Trig books. Professor Banks appeared in front of us. "Here, guys," he smiled. "The four of you did really well." He handed us our quiz papers back.
"Oh, cool," Alice beamed. "Oh boy," she sighed, looking at the doorway. Joe was walking in alone.
"What?" The professor asked.
I looked up to his face as he studied us and then Joe. "He makes me…nervous," I whispered. "He's had a crush for ages."
"Interesting," Professor Banks frowned. "You're not the first complaint. Stay away from him then, ok?"
"We try," Alice sighed. "The boys scare him…that's helpful."
"Then keep it that way…stay together," Professor Banks raised an eyebrow.
"Yes, sir," we said together, smiling. I watched him eye Joe on his way to the front. Professor Banks had turned out to be a really nice man. He had a receding hairline and sharp blue eyes. He was slightly pear-shaped, but not overweight. When he smiled, the sweetest dimples showed on his face, taking years off of his age.
I turned back to Alice. "If I'm not the first complaint…"
"Yeah, I know…then why hasn't something been done?" She sighed, frowning. "He makes the weirdest decisions," she whispered. "I try not to look unless it concerns you, but he's really strange. He'll decide at like midnight to go for a walk…I really hope no one's getting hurt. Like I said, I try not to look…maybe I don't want to know."
"Me too, but Edward seems to think he could hurt others," I sighed.
"Brace yourself," she sighed. "He's going to stare at you in ten seconds, but the boys will be back in twelve."
I laughed, covering my face. Alice's timing was fantastic. It didn't help that she enjoyed the boys' bullying of Joe.
"Three, two, one," she giggled. Damn, if she wasn't right. "And…busted."
Jasper and Edward walked in the door, their eyes scanning the room. As soon as they saw Joe's eyes on me, their eyes blackened. "Joe?" Jasper smiled. "Blackboard's that way, buddy," he sneered, pointing to the front of the room. Joe turned in his seat, his face unreadable.
Even Edward cracked a smile on that one. Professor Banks coughed back a laugh, but straightened his face quickly.
Edward sat down, kissing my head. I handed him his quiz back. "Thanks," he smiled. "You talked to Banks about him?" He asked, tilting his head.
"He said we aren't the only complaint," I frowned, looking over at him and back to Edward.
"Interesting," Edward mused.
"We thought so," Alice and I said together. I turned to her laughing, "Stop that! We've been doing that all day!"
"I cannot help that we're on the same page today, Bells," she defended. Edward and Jasper chuckled at us.
I turned to Alice. "Halloween party next week," I smiled.
"Oh! I know…are we going?" She asked, and the boys shrugged. She gave me a sign to shield her and I did. "I know exactly what you're wearing," she laughed, her eyes sliding passed me to Edward.
"Me too," I smiled, making my decision.
"Holy crap, we are on the same page today!" She beamed, leaning into me.
"You two scare me sometimes," Edward chuckled.
"No kidding," Jasper mumbled.
"Please, love?" Edward begged. "Please tell me what you're going as…"
"Oh, Edward," I shook my head. "I can't, Alice will kill me. I want this surprise for you," I pleaded.
He pouted fabulously and my resolve almost cracked. The Halloween party was that night and he had been successfully kept in the dark for a week. His patience had worn out, but I loved him all the more for it. He was too cute trying to pry information out of me.
"Isabella Marie…if you tell him…" Alice rushed up to the table in the cafeteria. "Edward, drop it! She's not going to tell you…"
Edward chuckled, "Damn!"
"And that's why we're leaving school separately today," Alice huffed, folding her tiny arms over her chest. "You," she pointed to Edward, "can't be trusted."
"I won't apologize for that," he laughed, kissing my head. "Going shopping?" He asked, his eyebrow was raised dangerously.
"Yes," I smiled. "And…no, you can't know where we're going."
"There are ways of making you talk," Edward whispered in my ear. His lips lightly brushed against my earlobe and I groaned.
"Shit," I growled. "Edward, if you don't stop…" I giggled and stood up. Alice stood up, switching places with me and sticking out her tongue at him.
"You two are mean," he laughed, folding his arms and rolling his eyes. We both shrugged, pulling out my art homework.
"Ali, fix this for me, please?" I begged. The whole pencil drawing, shading thing just didn't work from my hand. She pulled it to her and added a few touches here and there.
"That's cheating," Jasper accused.
"It's no different than checking your essays, Jazz," I sighed. "You and your run-on sentences…" Alice handed it back to me and it was much better. "Thanks," I sighed.
"My brain works faster than my fingers on the keyboard," he pouted. We all laughed at his put-out face.
The last two classes of the day were slow and torturous. Slow, because Alice and I really wanted to get our costumes. Torturous, because Edward never gave up his pleading or his seduction for information. I finally had to shield myself from him, causing a laugh to escape him in the middle of class.
"Why don't you have a car?" I asked Alice as we drove out of town.
"I never needed one," she shrugged. "I always liked riding with Edward…even when Rose and Emmett would drive separately. We bonded quickly when Jazz and I joined the family. Edward's gift fascinated me."
"Yeah, he told me…but what about now?"
"I don't know," she smiled. "No one complains when we borrow one, so…" Her face went blank. "Jesus…God in heaven," she breathed.
Her face was pained when I looked over at her. "They're evil," she gasped. "But they'll be perfect," she said to herself. Her gaze snapped to mine. "Ever seen the movie Grease?" She asked, smiling wryly.
"Yeah…sure…oh hell, the boys are coming as the Thunderbirds, aren't they?" I groaned. I suppressed a shudder at the thought.
"It is movie icons this year…" She sighed, nodding.
"You know what this means, right?" I laughed. "You are totally going as Rizzo!"
"Ooh, you're right…but…" She stopped, raising an eyebrow at me. "You are still doing the same thing…I can't wait to see Edward's face. You may not stay at the party long…that vision keeps changing," she giggled.
"Oh…then, I'm definitely staying the same," I laughed.
"Grease?" Jasper asked, gawking at Emmett.
"Hell, yeah," our brother nodded as he rode with us to the costume store. "Girls love that damn movie!"
"You might as well, Jazz," I laughed. "They'll know all about it in a matter of minutes."
"Oh, I don't care…you're the one they're holding out on," he chuckled.
"I know," I growled. It wasn't that they were holding out on me and I knew that Bella wanted to surprise me, but I just really wanted to know what my wife was dressing up as for the damn party.
Emmett laughed, shaking his head. "Bells lets you in most of the time…it's the few times she doesn't that drives you bat shit crazy. You're spoiled…do you even remember when you couldn't hear her thoughts at all?"
"Vividly," I smiled, shaking my head. I had grown used to reading my love's face before her mind was open to me. And it was only open now when she chose to let her shield up. Emmett was right. Bella showed me anything I asked of her.
"Let her have her surprise, Eddie," he chuckled as I parked the car. "The girls never make a big deal unless it's totally worth it."
"Fuck, he's right," Jasper gasped. "You know…the world is a twisted place when Emmett starts to make sense…" I laughed, getting out of the car before Emmett's fist flew.
B: Running late…it's Alice's fault. We'll meet you at the dorms.
"Come on, Jazz," I called, walking down the stairs and pulling on the leather jacket. "The girls are going to meet us there."
"Alright…are you putting that greasy shit in your hair?" He asked from his and Alice's room.
"Definitely not," I frowned. I was pretty sure Bella would kill me if I did. She liked my hair just the way it was.
"Good," he sighed. "That shit smells funny." I had to laugh. This was not the Jasper that followed Alice to my family decades ago. That Jasper had been quiet and was only there because Alice wanted to be. That Jasper would never have gone to college. He barely made it through the high schools we forced upon him. That Jasper would never have played music on stage just because it was all in good fun.
Jasper participated in things with the rest of the family, but it wasn't until Bella came along that he really let his guard down. He saw a beacon of light in her that changed his whole perspective.
"I'm just saying," he said, walking out of his room. "It stinks."
"Fine," I sighed, shaking my head. "Let's go."
The party was something we had always gone to. The girls loved to go, dressing themselves up. Every year had been funny. The first year, my brothers and I had really messed with Alice. We purposefully made strange decisions just to mess with her visions. It was in payback, really. The girls had surprised us then too.
One year - Emmett and Rose's last year at Dartmouth - we went as couples. I smiled to myself, remembering that Bella wanted to go as Wesley and Buttercup. The problem with that was her lust had driven poor Jasper insane. He was Peter Pan, Alice was Wendy - the tights didn't allow him to deal with lust very well that year. We didn't stay long.
The place was chaos when we walked in. In situations like this, I try to ignore the minds. Inebriated thoughts were repetitive and sometimes angry. I looked around and saw a few familiar faces.
"Hey, aren't they the girls from the cafeteria?" Jasper asked, looking in the far back corner of the room.
"Yeah," I nodded. They had changed lunch periods after a few years. We rarely saw them anymore.
"Oh, my God," Jasper laughed. "Hand me the keys to the car…" I did, but stopped when his mind went completely blank. "You are so leaving early tonight, brother."
I turned to the direction he was staring to see a dream standing in the doorway. "I'm a dead man," I groaned, pinching my nose. It was all I could do not to rush at her.
"Yeah…you probably are," Jasper laughed.
Bella was dressed in the smallest, sweetest cheerleader uniform, ever. It was red, black and white, her hair up in a ponytail with matching ribbons. Her minuscule skirt was pleated, her legs going on for days, ending in white socks and sneakers. "What. Movie. Is. That. From?" I barely got out as I stared at her bare midriff.
Bring It On. Alice's laughing mind hit me. And this was her idea…not mine. I barely registered that she was dressed to match Jasper's costume.
"Oh, I'm sure," I breathed, walking to her.
"Still think I'm mean, Edward?" Bella smirked and I shook my head. I couldn't stop my eyes from roaming all over her. "Since my personality won't allow me to be a real one…this is as close as you get, baby." She giggled, cupping my face.
"Oh," I groaned, my brow wrinkling. "We're so not staying," I chuckled, still not able to stop ogling her. My hands were aching to touch her. I felt them stiffen into claws at my side.
She smiled, kissing my lips quickly. "You look good, baby. I'm glad you didn't put that stuff in your hair, though." I nodded, thinking I really did know her.
"Thank you, love…but…you," I pointed up and down. "Um…yeah…no words…sorry, baby." I huffed a laugh unable to think straight.
"Wow," Alice laughed. "Edward's fucking speechless." I nodded and shrugged.
"Come here, baby," Bella smiled. "Let's go outside for a moment." You look like you need to get something out of your system. She tugged my hand, leading me outside. A few turns and a couple of trees later we were alone. "I wanted to give you this, but if it's too much, Edward…"
I didn't let her finish. My mouth was on hers before I could think, my body pressing her into the tree behind her. Her breath hit my mouth in a rush, making me lean into her all the more. My hands touched every bit of skin I could find, which was a glorious amount I noted. As bad as I wanted to wrap her ponytail around my hand, I didn't want to mess her up. She was perfect. I planted my hands on the tree behind her, afraid that I would ravish her right there. My head hit her shoulder. "Not too much," I growled against her neck. "You're fucking perfect. When we leave here…I'm going to eat you alive, Bella." My fingers dug into bark, trying not to shred her tiny outfit.
"Jesus," she panted. Her hands were on my chest, pushing me back. "I don't want to leave just yet, baby…" Her eyes met mine and a smile played on her lips. "Let me help you…let me take the edge off, Edward." Her warm hand glided over the zipper of my jeans. I squeezed my eyes shut, breathing heavily. "Mouth or hands, love?" She whispered, leaning closer to me and skimming her lips across my jaw.
"Hands…I'll ruin you if you're mouth comes anywhere near me," I leaned into her temple, kissing her cheekbone as my jeans came undone.
"Ok," she said soothingly. When her warm hands wrapped around my aching arousal - that had been firmly in place since she walked in the door - a sound escaped me that I didn't even recognize. "Keep your hands on that tree, baby," she smiled, kissing my neck while her hands gripped me hard. I nodded, feeling the bark crumble beneath my hands. "Did you know I would give you anything, Edward?" She asked against my jaw. "I did this for you…you wanted it so bad, love," she smiled, taking my earlobe in her mouth.
"I did…don't stop…I need more," I breathed, feeling the sap from the tree sticking to my fingers as I gripped harder. If I let go, we wouldn't make it back to the party.
It didn't take much, just the feel of her tongue on my neck and the firm grip she had on my erection and I was done. "Oh, fuck…" I growled, ripping two fistfuls of the tree out of the trunk. I dropped them to the grass. When I could see again, she had already zipped my jeans back up. "Damn, I want to touch you…"
"Not with that on your hands," she giggled. "Better?" I nodded, leaning my forehead to hers. "Is it too much, Edward?"
"No…no, you're stunning," I smiled crookedly. "I can't remember my name, but you're flawless."
She giggled, "It's Edward Cullen and you need to wash your hands."
"Right…ok," I chuckled.
Bella pulled me back towards the dorms. Just before the door to the main house, I stopped her. "Thank you, love. I'll be right back. See if you can hunt down Alice and Jasper."
"Ok," she smiled, walking on in. I groaned at the sight of her legs, shaking my head at the perfection of her skin that showed on her lower back.
"Dangerous creature," I mumbled.
I heard that, she thought to me, laughing as she walked to the other side of the building. I chuckled as I found the bathroom. Once I cleaned up, I went in search for Bella, Alice and Jasper.
I found them all outside, Jasper gripping my jacket. I couldn't stop the growl that burst forth from me. "Easy, Eddie…Bells just snapped," he laughed. "She came out and was talking to Alice and a girl from History class and Joe walked right up to her. Her patience with him just ran completely out."
I watched as she pulled him aside. Her eyes were black pools of rage. "What do you want from me, Joe?" She snapped. "Do you have a death wish?"
"No…you look…" He started and I felt my lip curl in hatred.
"I am married, Joe," she sneered. "That will never change. So, what do you want? Because I am getting tired of stopping them from ripping you limb from limb…"
"I just want to be friends, Bella…"
"No. You. Don't." She glared at him. "And even if you did…it'll never happen."
"You don't know that…"
"Christ," she growled. "Look, Edward will kill you…don't you get it? And I don't want that to happen."
"See? There is friendship there…" The fool smiled.
"I don't want that to happen, because you aren't worth it…not because I care for you in any way, shape or form. You aren't worth what that will do to him or his soul…I won't allow it," she sighed. "Joe…this is the last time…I am telling you…not asking you…not begging you…telling you…Leave. Me. Alone." She meant every word.
"I can't," he whined. And in his mind, I saw that he couldn't. His obsession with her had moved way beyond what he could control. He had a mind like a criminal, canny and evil. He was already working out a way to get her alone. She had pissed him off.
"Bella," I called. I turned to Jasper, "He's insane. If I get near him, he's done. I'll end him."
"Yup," Jasper nodded. "It's not lust I feel from him…it's control…I don't know when that changed. There's lust there…but it's under the surface."
Alice tugged on Bella's arm. "Joe, I would listen to her if I were you. Look," she pointed to us. "All they want is a word from her…they'll do it, I swear." Joe's head jerked up, his eyes widening when he saw that we had been there the whole time. His face paled, his fists clenched at his sides. I took a step forward and he flinched. I wasn't worried for Bella, if he touched her she'd knock him flat out. She could also kill him and that I couldn't have.
"Bella, come here, please," I called softly. With one last glare at the boy, she turned with a huff, her long, thick ponytail swinging back and forth behind her.
"I'm sorry, Edward," my angel frowned, folding her arms across her chest. "He just made me mad."
"I see that," I sighed, "but don't apologize to me, love. Ever."
Alice's mind flashed with the violence that was coming from Joe. He was deciding to get even with her and us. Alice's eyes locked with mine. "Damn," she growled. "He's angry now…"
"Not angry…he's been slapped with reality. He had an imaginary relationship with her in his mind…she just caused that to disintegrate. Publicly." I looked down at my sweet angel. Her beautiful face held a scowl as she bit her bottom lip. She was staring in the direction that Joe had run off. I couldn't help but reach out to smooth the crease between her brows. "Let it go," I said, pulling her to me. "Do we need to leave?" I asked and kissed her forehead.
"No!" Both girls protested. Jasper snickered, rolling his eyes. "Not yet," Alice pleaded.
"Ok, ok," Jasper sighed. "Come on, then," he smirked, "let's see how they did on that haunted house they've been building for a week."
"Useless," I laughed. The four of us walking through a haunted house was ridiculously ineffective. If Alice couldn't see what was about to happen, then I read the mind of the person in costume. But it was all about Jasper. He lived to scare the humans, sending waves upon waves of fear through the darkened maze. Bella shielded us from him, laughing as our classmates ran screaming through the exit.
We stayed for a few hours. As Alice and Jasper danced, I pulled Bella to my lap. We were in a chair in a secluded corner of one of the dorm's main rooms. She sat sideways on my lap, her feet on the arm of the chair.
Her beautiful mind was open to me and I wondered if she was aware of it. Her focus was on my hand and fingers as I lightly touched the smooth skin of her ankle, gliding to her knee cap. Her breathing hitched and she bit her bottom lip when the pads of my fingers met her thigh.
We should go, baby, she thought to me.
"Not yet," I whispered, looking back at her legs. "We will…I just…I need this," I finally was able to say.
It's why I did it, Edward, she smiled so sweetly at me, reaching up to run her fingers though my hair. I love seeing you like this.
"Speechless and incompetent?" I asked, chuckling.
Yes, she laughed. Unable to stop yourself…to want me so much that you lose control.
"Always," I frowned, my focus on her other thigh, my palm flat.
Not always, baby, she smirked, thinking of our first kiss. How her passion as consumed her and it felt to her that I could so easily push her away.
"Baby, no…you know why." I looked up at her. My heart broke if she thought that I didn't share her passion. I just didn't know what I was doing then.
Yes, of course, my sweet, silly man, she rolled her eyes, picking up my hand to turn my ring. You resisted for so long, Edward…waiting for me. I nodded, leaning in to kiss her neck, still caressing her thighs. I was lucky…I came into this relationship with new and ready hormones…you had to learn to use yours again…I love that you are. I see the changes in you. I'm yours to play with…I love that you have fantasies about me.
"Do you?" I asked, pulling back.
"Yes," she laughed, finally giving me her sweet voice and laugh. "Last Halloween was a big one for me." I smirked, pulling her closer. "Oh…you made a good Wesley," she groaned, her brow wrinkling. "That's what I'm telling you, baby," she leaned into my neck kissing me just below my ear. "If I told you I wanted something…you'd give it to me…please know I would do the same for you."
"You have," I smiled, sliding my hands up her small skirt. "Oh," I groaned. "What's under there?" My voice sounded whiny, but I didn't care.
She giggled softly into my neck. "Some sort of bloomer situation…it gets better."
"Ok…now we have to go," I fought my smile, but her laugh was too adorable. "Creek?"
"Mmhm," she smiled and nodded.
We left the keys to the Volvo with Jasper and Alice. They had planned on staying a little while longer. We walked away from the school, heading towards the trees. Once out of sight in the woods, we ran to our special place.
Edward was quiet on the run to the creek. I really did wonder if the cheerleader thing had been too much. The fact that he voiced his fantasies was very important to me. He had suppressed everything remotely erotic or sexual for so long that he felt wrong allowing the thoughts. It wasn't that he didn't want me. God knows, he did. But his mind wasn't free to wish for something, to dream of different things. Edward was a gentleman and it was deeply ingrained in him. As his wife, he had nothing but love and respect for me. He still thought some things were inappropriate.
When Edward first came back to me, he allowed himself to be with me in a sexual way even though I was human at the time. He's an extremely loving, passionate and giving man. He would give me anything I wished for. I loved the dirty talk and he was so good at it that it was scary. I remember passing notes with him in class when I was human, discussing fantasies. His were tame then - fabulous, but tame. I knew he had more in him, but held back.
So when talk of going back to high school in Portland came up and he mentioned the cheerleader thing, I was thrilled to be able to give him something. He presented it as a joke, but I saw his eyes darken when he said it. I knew then that he meant every word.
I felt myself being lifted up and set on the boulder in the far corner of our clearing. It was flat like a table and just the right height. We loved that damn rock. His eyes were pained as he took me in, his fingers lightly touching me everywhere. "Tell me what you're thinking, baby," I said, cupping his face.
"That I don't know where to start," he chuckled nervously, his eyes barely meeting mine. "There's so many things I want to do to you, but I can't decide what's first," he smiled.
I smiled, biting my lip as his fingers traced the edge of my top, caressing the skin of my stomach. "Let me help," I said, pulling him closer. He was still standing and I pulled him between my legs. I slipped my fingers into his hair, bringing his lips to mine. It was a slow, languid kiss, relaxing him slightly. A sigh escaped him as he deepened the kiss, suckling my tongue and bottom lip. His hands slid smoothly up my thighs to my bottom, pulling me closer. My stomach twisted at the same time that our tongues did. I turned my head, drinking him in. The taste of Edward was something I don't think I could ever live without.
I felt his hands grip the bottoms of the underwear that came with the uniform. I leaned back to allow him to pull them off. "The rest stays on, love," he growled into my neck as I wrapped him back up. I smiled, nodding against his shoulder. This was all about him.
A pain-filled, breathy laugh broke from his lips as he looked at me - all of me. "Oh Bella," he practically shook with anticipation. He picked up my leg from under my knee, kissing it lightly. "Do you know why a cheerleader?" He asked, his brow furrowed. I shook my head no. Who was I to judge? I preferred Edward with a guitar on his lap or sitting at a piano. I loved Possessive Edward, telling me over and over that I was his - that he owned me. Yeah, that was just sexy.
"Me either," he chuckled darkly, "but you're fucking perfect." He picked my leg up higher, inhaling my scent from my knee to the hem of my short skirt. "Tell me another fantasy, baby…" He placed a sweet kiss at the top of my thigh, picking up my other leg and starting over.
"The piano again," I groaned, feeling his tongue on my skin. "It's been too long…we're never home alone."
"Hmm…true," he whispered as he lifted my skirt. "I want another storm," he rumbled, slipping his fingers through my wetness. Edward and I couldn't even begin to control ourselves during a thunder storm. We had experienced one on our honeymoon and one other when we went away on a weekend a year ago.
"Hell yes," I squirmed under his touch. "We'll have to go away for that…I th-think," I gasped the last word as his tongue followed what his fingers had done. My head fell back and air stuck in my lungs.
"Most definitely," he crooned into me. Edward was relaxing a little more.
"I want to hunt lions in Africa," I growled, knowing that carnivores drove us way beyond our animal instincts. Seeing Edward hunt a real lion - mane and all - was something that I had to see. I had thought about it more than once since the panther on our honeymoon.
The growl that he let loose shook the whole boulder as he broke from his ministrations to my wet center and looked up at me. "Damn," he growled again, vibrating me to my very core. His eyes studied my face. "We are really doing that…I'm not kidding." I can't believe he had never thought of it.
I nodded vigorously. "Please," I begged.
"Anything, love," he smiled, going back to my now throbbing core. "God, Bella…you're so wet."
"More…tell me more, Edward," I collapsed back as his tongue twisted inside of me. His thumb rubbed roughly over my clit and my legs jerked. He needed to do something, I was so close.
"I want you to ride my cock at a drive-in movie…where you can't make a sound," he smiled against my skin.
"That's a car thing and a public thing…" I smiled, but then gasped when he slipped a finger inside me. I felt his chuckle more than heard it. Yeah, Edward was definitely more at ease now, because he didn't wait for mine.
"I want to fuck your perfect tits, Bella," he growled, adding another finger and lightly biting down on my swollen bundle. I cried out at what he said and what he was doing to me. "I want to fuck you in the desert of Arizona under the stars…you said it was stunning…I'm willing to bet that you outshine them all."
I shattered. Edward had never once mentioned Arizona to me. A growl ripped from me that I couldn't control, my hips ground into his face. When I had calmed down, I sat up feeling almost feral with desire for him. He caught up instantly, yanking me from the boulder. "It's yours," I growled, wrapping my legs around him. I tugged at his jacket, pushing at it to drop it to the grass at our feet. His face was that of surprise and total lust as he shrugged out of it. "More," I snarled into his neck, biting him roughly.
"I want a hand job in public," he growled, slamming me down into the grass. I tugged his shirt off over his head. My fingers were clawing at the button of his jeans. "Like in class or at a football game…" His lip was curled menacingly, but I could tell he was letting go.
Once I had his jeans undone, I rolled us over, straddling his thighs. I pulled the jeans down and he lifted for me to strip them from him. I settled over his throbbing arousal, grinding on him roughly. His hands gripped me, grinding me against him again. "I want to watch you dance with another woman," he smiled, biting his bottom lip.
Interesting. I raised an eyebrow at him. "I'm too selfish to share you, Edward," I said, leaning over him and taking his nipple in my mouth.
"Dance only," he snarled. "No one touches you but me," he sneered. "You're so fucking sexy…it drives me wild that you turn everyone on." With that, he lifted my hips, slipping swiftly into me, my tiny skirt settling over him. My breath caught and I gripped his sides. "They can't have you," he frowned, his hips rising up to meet my rhythm.
There it is, I thought, smiling. Tell me I'm yours, Edward.
"You are fucking mine…you've been mine," he growled. His eyes were black, fiery pools of lust. "You were mine the day you were fucking born, Bella."
He didn't stop. "You were fucking made for me," he breathed and I swiveled my hips, causing his eyes to roll back.
"Yes," I practically screamed. When he sat up, I gripped his shoulders, my mouth attacking his. He wrapped my legs around him, lifting me up and down and bringing us closer to release. One of his hands cupped my breast over the top of my small shirt. His thumb roughly pushed against my nipple. I whined into his mouth, trying to pull myself closer to him. "Yours," I bit back a sob, shaking to try keep my orgasm from coming. I wanted the moment to last.
It was all for nothing. As soon as his smooth, velvet voice whispered, "All mine," in my ear, I fell apart. He pulled my head back so he could watch my face as I unraveled in his arms. Edward stilled my hips, his mouth slightly open as he came with a roaring rumble. His head hit my shoulder and we both gasped for air we really didn't need, but our bodies panted anyway. I buried my face in his neck, my fingers tracing lines up and down his spine. I felt his head turn and he placed light kisses to my cheek and jaw. My sweet Edward, the gentleman, was back. I loved him more than all of my other Edwards combined.
"I love you," I smiled against his neck. He pulled back slightly, his smirk in place.
"Even after all that I just confessed," he chuckled.
"Because of all that you just confessed," I giggled. "Never stop." He smiled against my skin and nodded.
The next morning, I rumbled down the stairs to find everyone, including Carlisle, sitting at the table. I frowned at the sight. Everyone's face was so serious. "What's wrong?" I asked and Edward pulled me to his lap, turning my wedding ring. He only did that when he was upset about something.
Carlisle slid a newspaper over to me and I read a headline. Young Girl Attacked at Ivy League School During Halloween Function. "Shit," I breathed. I looked at the picture of a girl about eighteen or nineteen and growled. "He did this…didn't he?" I looked back at Edward. His face was filled with anger. "Joe did this…"
"I don't know, love," he sighed, leaning back in the chair.
I looked at the picture of the young girl again. I had unleashed something in Joe when I got mad at him at the party. The girl was my height, weight and a brunette. I shook my head, hoping that somehow Joe would be caught. From the looks on my family's faces, I was sure they were going to intervene. I almost felt sorry for him.


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