Tuesday, March 20, 2001 | By: Drotuno

Angel's Embrace Chapter 43

The sun rose in London to a misty morning. A fact that I truly loved. Who knew when I left the sunshine of Phoenix all those years ago, that my happiness would depend on rain? I looked over at the reason for that and smiled. Yeah, he was worth it. If the sun never beamed on me again, I'd be just perfect.
"What's the smile about?" He asked, picking up my hand and kissing it.
"You, love, always you," I answered, smiling when he chuckled at the stealing of his line. "Are we there yet?" I laughed, leaning my head back to look out the window.
"No, Bart," he chuckled. "You watch too many cartoons with Emmett," he snorted.
"Sue me," I giggled, shrugging. "You're completely missing the intelligence of Family Guy," I smiled, "Brian is hilarious."
"The dog," he huffed, feigning his offense, "figures."
"Yeah, the dog. The dog that has a drinking problem, can drive a car, and is the only sane voice in the house," I argued.
"Clearly you're wrong," he sighed, shaking his head, "when Stewie is obviously the more intelligent member of the family."
"You do watch it!" I gasped, "After all the shit you gave me? Oh, Edward...you're in so much trouble."
He stopped the car, his laughter causing him to lean his head on the steering wheel. "I teased you once. One time," he laughed. "And it was like two years ago. Jasper Tivo's it now. We watch it when you girls go shopping."
I shook my head, at a loss for words. I looked out the window and I realized that we were parked in front of our house. I recognized it from all the pictures in the file Edward gave me. I looked back at my now quiet husband, who was studying my reaction. "Show me," I whispered.
"Yes, ma'am," he smiled. He opened my door and led me up the sidewalk, pulling the keys out of his pocket as we stepped up on the porch. My house was a grayish blue with white trim and shutters. There was a garden in the front and back yard. It was two stories but more the size of a brownstone than a full size house. I loved it instantly.
Inside definitely needed Esme's touch, but it was still perfect, because it was ours. I squealed when Edward picked me up to carry me over the threshold. "You're gonna do that with every house, aren't you?" I laughed, grabbing his face and kissing his lips as he nodded like a child.
There was a staircase in front of us and a long room to my left. To my right there was a smaller room with nothing but windows. I smiled and pointed. We both said, "Piano."
Edward set me down on my feet in the kitchen that had obviously been redone. There was marble counters and new appliances. There was also a breakfast nook with a large built-in booth. It just needed a table. The second story held two bedrooms, both with their own baths.
"Esme's going to have a field day with this place," Edward mumbled, wandering away into the other bedroom.
"Too late," I giggled, following behind him. "She's already had the sketches and ideas started for weeks," I smiled.
"I know I said it was yours to make your own, but one request?" He asked, turning to me. I nodded for him to continue. "Leave the exterior blue," he smiled, licking his bottom lip.
"That's it?" I laughed, wrapping my arms around his neck.
"Yeah," he shrugged, reaching down to cup my bottom and picking me up. I locked my legs around his waist as he pressed his forehead to mine. "I just really liked the color when I added it to your file. I was happy this was the one you picked."
"Good," I smiled, "and thank you." I leaned in kissing him softly, only to find my back pressed into the wall.
"No," he moaned against my lips, "thank you." With a gripping hand to my bottom and one in my hair, he kissed me with a hunger that I wasn't prepared for. His hips slowly and rhythmically pressed against my center over and over.
"Bella," he growled, breaking from my mouth and leaving open mouth kisses down my neck. "I need," he sighed, grunting when I pulled his face back. "I want..."
"I know, but not here," I smiled, "I want it done before we...huh," I laughed, "christen this place." He smirked sexily, his eyes black as he dove back for my neck with an evil chuckle. "However," I sighed, my eyes rolling back as his teeth scraped my skin, "that room of yours...I can't wait for that."
He huffed a laugh, smiling into my neck. "We'll have to go shopping then," he teased, sucking so perfectly on the soft spot behind my ear that I gasped, my limbs pulling him in closer. How the hell did he do that?
"Fine," I said, my voice cracking. "Let's just get it done, Edward," I growled, forcing him to look at me. "You're so fucking deadly," I laughed, as he unleashed his full pouting face.
"But you love me," he smirked.
"Unconditionally," I sighed, kissing his forehead.
"You're not coming in?" He smiled, knowing exactly why I was going to stay in the car.
"Edward Masen," I growled, raising my eyebrow at him, "I'm not coming into a public place full of mattresses. You're not fooling me, I see your eyes," I sighed, shaking my head. His eyes were, in fact, pitch black. His mood had not changed since he had me pinned against the wall of our future bedroom.
At the sound of his real name, his face softened, but those eyes stayed onyx. I think I only made matters worse. "I swear I'll behave," he smirked, holding his hands up. "I won't even hold your hand. Please?"
Damn it, the please!
I stood up out of the car, glaring at him. "One wrong move," I warned him, "one word from Dirty Edward inside this store," I pointed, trying not to laugh as he fought his smile, "and I'll wear my shield for a week."
"No," he frowned, shaking his head. "Ok, ok, ok," he sighed, his eyes lightening slightly, "I promise, but can we at least get in there, Bella? The quicker we get in there, the quicker they can have it at the house." He smiled, holding the door open for me. "Because, baby," he sighed, biting his lip slightly, "I really need this delivered and soon." His brow wrinkled as he took a deep breath.
I took a second to stop and really take a look at him. I could almost bet that seeing our first house together triggered Edward's moment. For him, it had to have been a huge deal to have bought a house just for me, his wife, his mate. Our first house, together. I really should have seen this coming. "Why didn't you say something?" I sighed, restraining myself from touching him. He shrugged, barely able to take his eyes off of me when the salesperson approached. Can you focus enough to get through this? I thought to him.
"Yeah," he nodded, squeezing his eyes shut and turning to the clerk.
I tried to stay invisible, tried to stay out of Edward's line of sight. If he couldn't see me, he could concentrate and not stumble over his words. I damn well couldn't touch him. He was losing it and losing it quickly. I needed him preoccupied to finish this up, so I made a decision that Alice should call him. I blew out a breath when his phone rang. God, I just loved her.
"I'll finish, Edward," I smiled, "answer it. It might be important." I took another deep breath when he stepped outside.
"Which one, Mrs. Masen?" Harry asked, tilting his head at me. I pointed to the one Edward had tried to decide on.
"How soon, Harry?" I asked, pulling out my credit card and eying the door at the same time. I fought my smile as Edward looked relieved, yet confused at the same time as he listened to whatever Alice was talking about.
"Now, if you'd like," he smiled, "it's here and I can have the driver out in about an hour."
"I'll pay extra if he follows us now," I urged, using Edward's old trick of a sweet smile to dazzle the human.
"Um, yeah, ten minutes?"
"Perfect," I sighed, sliding my card across the desk.
I walked outside to see Edward end the call with Alice. "Who was that?" I asked innocently.
"Alice," he frowned, his eyes devouring every inch of me. "She said that she needs to go shopping when she gets here and that Imelda is sending you a care package with her..." His voice trailed off as he reached up to cup my face. "She also said to tell you 'You're Welcome'." I snorted, but leaned into his touch. "You're so beautiful, sweet girl," he sighed, stepping closer.
"Can you drive, handsome?" I asked and he nodded. "Slow enough for that truck to follow us?" I clarified as the delivery van pulled away from the back door. He nodded again, pulling his hand away from my face with a pained look.
As soon as the driver stepped out of the truck in the driveway, I knew I was going to have a problem. I sighed in frustration as his eyes traveled up and down my body. It was the low, deep, feral growl from my side that made me nervous. "Almost, baby," I whispered to Edward, kissing his tightly clenched jaw as he stared at the driver, who was pulling the mattress out of the back of the van.
There was a grunting huff that escaped poor Edward. "Mine," he rumbled under his breath.
"Yes, love," I crooned, trying to keep him calm. In all reality, I had never denied Edward this long. That was our dilemma. We always gave in to each other whenever and where ever it was needed. It escalated the issue since my husband was obviously having a serious moment.
It seemed to take forever for the guy to take away the old mattress and put the new one on the bed. I seriously suspected that he was dragging his feet on purpose. It didn't help matters that Edward had his hand inside the back pocket of my jeans, squeezing and caressing. It really didn't help that he was whispering words of need and love and want so close to my ear that his warm, sweet breath engulfed me every time I inhaled. And it really didn't help that I was right there with him and he could smell it.
When the front door slammed behind the exiting delivery guy, my sweet, needy Edward lost all restraint. With a deep, rumbling feline like purr that made my center throb, he tossed me over his shoulder and flew up the stairs.
As we landed on the bed, clothes were ripped and shredded under desperate fingers. Edward's hands were shaking and his breathing was heavy as he stopped all movement and dropped his head to my chest. "I really need to be connected to you. Now, baby," he begged.
"Please," I growled, forcing his face up so that his eyes locked with mine when he thrust into me with almost a sob. My head flew back as he drove into me, licking and sucking my neck at the same time. His mouth was hot, wet, and sensual against my skin.
"Oh God, Bella," he gasped, his mouth breaking away from my skin. "You're so beautiful when you're under me like this. I love you so fucking much. Do you know?" He asked as his hand squeezed my breast only to continue down my body to hitch my leg up higher around his waist. "Did you know that I'd give you anything – take you anywhere?"
There it was. There was what he needed to get out of his system. It wasn't just the house, although that was a major part of it, but it was the end of dangerous times, the playful day spent in Verona, and it all hit him at once. His love for me was overflowing to the point of madness and he couldn't contain it. I saw it all in his eyes.
"Yes, Edward," I sighed, reaching up and threading my fingers into his hair.
He dove for my mouth with a murmured, "Good," planting his elbow at my head and lifting my hip so that he could go deeper inside of me. Swiveling his hips, he hit the spot that made me cry out his name.
"Please, sweet girl," he begged, kissing me deeply with a fervor that was causing the coil in my stomach to wind tight. "Please come," he sighed, "I won't last much longer. I've never needed you to come so badly." He rested his forehead to mine, his mouth hanging open with a stunning combination of need, awe and pure desire. That look, along with his powerful thrust, caused me to fall over the edge – caused me to grip him to me and cry his name out. In that one moment, with that one look, I never felt more beautiful, more loved. He was everything to me. I was everything to him. And sometimes, we just couldn't control it.
Edward was holding back, gripping my hip fiercely. When he dove for my neck again, I scraped my teeth over the skin of his shoulder. "Let go for me, baby," I said, placing a long, wet kiss to his collar bone. "Edward, let go."
"Bella," he growled, his breath hitching and his whole body shuddering as he finally climaxed. He buried himself to the hilt, spilling inside of me with a gush of air leaving his lungs and my name on his lips like a prayer. He collapsed on me, and I smiled against his neck, placing sweet kisses to his skin.
"Let me see you," I sighed, pushing at him until he rolled to the side. He wouldn't allow much space between us, but I was still able to run my fingers through his hair. "I'm sorry, sweetheart, I didn't know."
"Me either," he smiled so sweetly. "It just sort of," he shrugged one shoulder, "sneaked up on me."
"It happens," I smiled, kissing his nose, chin and forehead. "More?"
"More," he frowned and nodded, rolling onto his back and pulling me with him.
From this position, I could control him, give him everything. I slowly sank down over his renewed arousal, my breath catching as the beauty of Edward arching up to me stunned me for a moment. He was very strong, very smart and very powerful, but I realized in that moment that I truly owned him.
"Yes, baby," he nodded, his hands gripping my hips and guiding me over him. "You do own me."
I hadn't even realized my shield was up. "Like you own me," I gasped, a whimper escaping me when his thumbs brushed roughly over my nipples.
"Yes," he nodded. Knowing exactly what I needed, he sat up, wrapping my legs around him and enveloping me in his embrace. "Tell me you love me," he said, kissing my lips with short nips and licks.
"I love you," I nodded, gripping his strong shoulders, "so much."
"Tell me you want me," he commanded, biting at my neck only to swirl his tongue over my skin.
"Always, Edward, I always want you."
"Tell me you're mine," he purred, leaning me back to take my nipple in his mouth.
"I am yours," I gasped, writhing in his arms as he bit down on my nipple and rolled it in his mouth.
"Tell me forever, Bella," he said, his breath catching in his throat as he kissed my scar with a reverence that only he could give.
I sat up, taking his face in my hands, "Forever, Edward." He reached between us, applying pressure just where I needed it the most and I shattered in his arms.
"Sweetheart?" Edward called from outside the bathroom door. "Alice just called. They'll be here today."
"Ok," I said, rinsing the conditioner out of my hair. "Does she need us to pick them up or do anything?"
"Yeah," he said, sounding closer to the shower.
"Are you sneaking up on me?" I giggled.
"Yeah," he laughed. I shut the water off and opened the shower door. He was waiting for me with a huge, fluffy towel. "Like a moth to a flame," he chuckled, shaking his head.
He had been busy all morning on the phone. Some of it was Cullen money business, some of it was to Jenks to get all the correct paperwork for our identities done and some of it was normal, everyday things. He set up a gardening service for both houses, along with security systems. I spent most of the morning cleaning his room, making the bed and unpacking a few clothes until we could move into our own house.
He wrapped the towel around me and lifted me out of the shower, chuckling when I giggled into his sweet smelling neck. "What time?" I asked as he was enjoying drying me off just a little too much.
"They were boarding the plane in Rome, so a few hours," he smiled, kneeling before me to dry my legs. "I need to turn in the rental car."
"You need a car of your own," I countered.
"We are on the same page today," he chuckled, wrapping the towel around me and securing it under my arm. "Do you want to come with me?"
"Yeah," I nodded, padding into the bedroom to pull out my clothes. "What were you thinking this time?"
"Jaguar," he smirked.
"Fitting," I teased, raising an eyebrow at him.
"Yeah, that's what Jasper said," he laughed.
"I've missed them," I smiled, tossing my towel in the hamper. As much as I loved my alone time with Edward, the family dynamic was important to me. Silly times with Emmett and long talks with Jasper were very close to my heart. The relationships with my sisters were just as needed. And I missed Carlisle and Esme something awful.
"Me too," he smiled, licking his lips as I pulled on my jeans. I just laughed and shook my head at him.
"Not a chance," I snorted, "we're busy today."
"That doesn't mean I can't enjoy the show, beautiful," he smirked, leaning back on his elbows on the bed that finally got made.
"Shameless, Edward."
"Edward's shipping the piano here?" Esme asked softly as we walked down the sidewalk. A girl's day out was needed. I was never so happy to see them arrive the day before.
"Yeah, it will be here in like two and a half weeks," I nodded, looking over at her.
"That makes our time short, but we can get it done. Maybe we can move you two in at the same time," she said, sounding like she was just thinking out loud.
"Why is he bringing it here?" Rose asked, a smile playing on her face.
"I wanted it," I frowned. "He watched me melt down at the thought of it sitting all covered up for an undetermined amount of time. It seemed wrong. I felt homesick."
"He'd give you anything," Esme giggled, shaking her head.
"He would," I laughed. "So, Carlisle's all transferred?"
"Yes," she nodded, "and he'll be bringing Edward in next week." I smiled, sighing at the thought of being separated from him after spending day in and day out together for years straight. What the hell was I going to do with myself? And not to mention trying to avoid thoughts of him in hospital scrubs. I bit back a groan when I realized he would be commando under those very scrubs.
"Absolutely not," Alice laughed, shaking her head and guiding us into the menswear store. "No, no, no," she giggled. "Only for work, but you must not let him go like that."
"Alice," I snorted, laughing even harder at the looks of confusion on Rose and Esme's faces. "But he hates them."
"You don't give him a choice," she growled, raising her eyebrow at me.
"Will you two spill it?" Rose huffed, but chuckled when we made it to the underwear aisle. "Oh," she snorted.
"What am I missing, ladies?" Esme smirked.
"Edward needs underwear," Alice and I laughed.
"And this is a big deal...why?" Esme asked, holding her hands up.
"Edward doesn't wear underwear," Rose guffawed. "Though I think his new...um, uniform will be setting a new precedence."
Esme gaped like a fish, and we all burst into giggles.
"There are many layers to your son's personality, Esme," I reasoned.
"Just not many layers to his clothes," Rose laughed.
Well, that did it, we completely lost composure in the store. It was a huge debate, but Alice helped me choose boxer-briefs. While there, I picked up some new shirts for Edward, not to mention ties. Esme explained that during rounds he would be dressed more like Carlisle. We had been in school so long that my husband's wardrobe had more of a youthful feel, not business attire. It was like starting all over. But, unlike shopping for me, shopping for him was fun. Imagining him in certain colors or outfits was great. And Alice was always the final say.
Interior renovations started on our house almost immediately. It was Esme's housewarming present. We decided to keep the kitchen the way it was, adding a table to the breakfast nook that she fell in love with as well.
When it finally came down to Edward's first day with Carlisle, I was happy for him and nervous to be without him all day, but my siblings had plans to keep me busy. I had to convince Edward to wear underwear first.
"I don't like them," he smirked, handing me the wadded up black pair I had laid out for him.
"Just at work," I pushed his hand back towards him. "For me? Please?" I begged, folding my arms across my chest. "I can't let you out of my sight, knowing how girls think. And what they stare at, Edward," I growled. "It's hard enough that you going to work is a huge change for me. Just do this one thing?"
His face softened into a smile and he sat on the edge of the bed with the towel still wrapped around his waist, pulling me between his legs. "I know it's a big deal, sweetheart. And I thank you for letting me do this," he sighed, kissing my cheek. "Is this an Alice thing?" He asked, tilting his head at me.
"It's an Alice and Bella thing, please?"
"Well, that's two forces I won't fight," he chuckled, taking the underwear back from me. "Only at work," he growled dramatically. I smiled in victory, leaning my forehead to his. "What will you do today, sweet girl?" He smiled, wrapping his arms around me.
"The bedrooms are done in the house," I stated, running my fingers through his still damp hair. He smelled like heaven when he was fresh out of the shower. "We're meeting the shipping company. Our boxes arrive today." I grinned in spite of myself. "Oh and Emmett's taking you to pick up your car on the way in. They called, it's ready."
"Good," he smiled, kissing my nose. "Are we still just storing stuff at the house until the rest of the place is finished?" I nodded, pulling back from him. "And the goal is to move in by the time my piano gets here?"
"Mmhm," I nodded again. "You have to get dressed, baby. And you have to do it soon," I laughed, licking my bottom lip. He chuckled, nodding and standing in front of me. He kissed me softly with a whispered, "I love you," pulling on the underwear.
"Holy Jesus," I groaned, shaking my head to clear it. If Edward going commando was sexy, then Edward in boxer-briefs should be registered as a deadly weapon. They hugged him like a second skin, clinging to the parts of him that I lived to touch – his thighs, his ass, and holy hell, the things it did to his cock. My mouth fucking watered.
"What?" He asked with the absolute most adorable face of confusion.
I just shook my head back and forth. "I have no words," I huffed, shrugging like an idiot. "In fact, just...get dressed," I waved him on. "I really have to leave this room." He laughed, reading my mind and every last dirty thought that flitted through it at the sight of him in those underwear.
"I'll remember that," he teased as I slammed our door behind me.
I dropped into my car with a sigh, smiling when my phone alerted.
B: Can you pick me up at our house? Emmett and Jasper went to help Esme unload their stuff. And don't say it. I know I need a car. ;)
I chuckled, shaking my head. My sweet wife had been so wrapped up in our house and all it's renovations that she kept pushing the necessity of a vehicle to the back burner. I also knew she wasn't ready to try driving in England yet. This was one decision I was leaving up to her, though it didn't stop me from teasing her.
E: On my way, beautiful. Be there in 10.
B: Did I ever tell you that you're my hero? Lol
E: You have me wearing underwear...I won't wear tights.
B: So much for my plans...just get here, silly.
My head fell back with my laugh. Despite that I was only on my third shift at the hospital and despite I was more challenged than I'd ever been, my life felt just perfect.
I knew that Bella needed an adjustment period every time we moved, but this was different. We went to being by each other's side all day, every day, to being away from each other for long stretches. I worried more about that than my actual job. Would she get bored? Would she panic if we separated too far? Would the move and all that it entailed be overwhelming? Alice said no. Jasper said no. Bella said yes, but that she would learn to deal with it. She said that a mind as brilliant as mine shouldn't waste so much time worrying about her, to go out and save the world.
There was nothing like her faith in me. I used to envy Carlisle. He had someone that believed everything he did was for the best. He had someone he could vent frustration to, bounce ideas off of, and shut the world out with. I envied my siblings for having playmates and partners. I was always off to the side. Not only did I have all of those things, but I had more, because my love not only completed me, but gave me my family. I was whole.
I pulled up in front of our house, smiling as I heard the music blaring. I walked in to see my most adorable wife dancing and singing as she unpacked the kitchen. I bit back my laugh as I leaned in the doorway. She was wearing shorts and a tank top, her hair in two braids. There were smudges of paint on her elbows, knees, and the side of her neck. But it was the song that made me smile.
Cause you were Romeo - I was a scarlet letter,
And my daddy said "stay away from Juliet" -
but you were everything to me-
I was begging you, "Please don't go"
And I said...
Romeo take me somewhere, we can be alone.
I'll be waiting; all there's left to do is run.
You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess.
It's a love story, baby, just say yes
She reached over, turning the iPod off. "You can stop staring," she laughed, "the show's over."
"Damn," I chuckled, pushing away from the wall. "I missed you today," I sighed, realizing that just being in the same room with her made my breathing easier.
"Me too," she smiled, hopping up on the counter and opening her arms for me. "How many today?" She smirked, resting her hands on my shoulders.
"Bella," I half-whined, half-laughed.
"Tell me," she laughed, wrapping her legs around me.
"Two," I muttered. "Just two, I swear."
"Only two nurses thought naughty things about you today?" She asked in a doubtful tone. "Tsk, tsk," she shook her head, "I will have to go up there this week, huh?"
"You'll be happy to know they notice my wedding ring first," I said with pride.
"Well there's that, at least," she sighed, but she was happy.
"There's that and the fact that 'Uncle Carlisle' speaks often and quite loudly about you," I chuckled. We decided that introducing me as Carlisle's nephew would be easier to explain our youthful appearance.
"That's Esme," she giggled, her head landing on my chest. "I swear I'm not blackmailing Dad at all."
"Like you could find something to blackmail him with," I snorted, lifting her face up by her chin.
"True," she breathed, wrapping my tie around her hand and tugging slowly. "Kiss me," she begged.
Our kiss was slow and sweet, a reunion of sorts. It was a way to reconnect after being apart all day. For all the worry I had about our separation, it was clear to me that I missed her just as much as she missed me, if not more. I missed her during rounds, during meetings, during training with Carlisle, who would make me go call Bella just so I could concentrate again.
I sighed when the kiss ended, pressing my forehead to hers. "You've been busy today."
"When I could keep Emmett out of our boxes, yes," she snorted. I chuckled, shaking my head. She and my brother would always act like children together. We all loved to watch it. It made the atmosphere surrounding them light and full of laughter. "Speaking of Emmett," she growled. "Look," she pointed to her knees and elbows.
"I thought you had painters coming in," I laughed, kissing each paint smudged spot.
"We did!" She huffed, "But do you think that stopped him?"
"Um, no," I laughed, scooping her up off the counter and walking around to see what was done.
"Go upstairs," she smiled, holding onto my shoulder. "Our bedroom's done, but the other one is the storage for now."
"'Kay," I nodded, climbing the stairs with her in my arms. As I walked into our bedroom, I felt the smile creep over my face. "You have been busy," I said, kissing her and setting her on her feet.
Not only was the room finished, but it was completely furnished and decorated. I could see influences from our rooms in Forks, New Hampshire, and Portland. The walls were a light tan, the furniture a cherry, but with clean lines, more modern. Navy blue curtains flowed in the early evening breeze that matched the comforter. Sitting in the middle of our bed was the stuffed lion and lamb that I had won for her. A sight that truly warmed me.
As always, she hung all of the pictures that meant something to us, including a few new ones. "You framed it," I smiled, turning to her.
"It's art," she smirked, shrugging. In the center of all the photos, the picture I took of our names on the wall in Verona hung proudly.
"Those are new," I sighed, looking at a few pictures I had never seen.
"Jasper," she nodded. "Apparently, he took them when we weren't looking. He wanted us to have them. He knew going back to high school was important."
There was a picture of us at a football game. I was sitting on the bleachers and she was standing in front of me, our heads pressed together. There was the two of us dancing at the Holiday Ball. There was even one from the Halloween party at Pam's house. Bella was playing pool and I could just be seen in the doorway of the room, watching her.
"Oh, and he said this one was for you," she smiled. She pointed to a picture of just herself. The most beautiful soft, sweet smile caressed her features as she read what looked like one of my notes. One of her hands was holding the paper, while the other was lightly tucking her hair back. If I ever saw her love for me, it was in that one picture. "I don't remember him taking that," she giggled, "but he said I was giving off warm and fuzzies and he couldn't resist."
"I want another copy of that," I huffed a laugh. "That's coming with me to the hospital."
"Ok," she laughed, "I'll tell him."
"Which note?" I asked, a smile playing on my face.
"There's no telling," she sighed, shaking her head. "I still have them all."
"You do?"
"I can't bear to part with them," she nodded, smiling up at me sheepishly. I kissed her forehead, nose and then lips. I loved that she loved every part of me, even something as simple as notes passed in class.
She showed me the progress on the rest of the house. The bathrooms weren't quite finished and they had painted what we were already calling the music room. Bella said the piano and even all the guitars and drums could go in there if her brothers wanted it. The living room was scheduled to be carpeted and painted in the next day or so. She showed me where all our boxes were and I laughed when I saw a few were actually cracked open and rummaged through by Emmett.
"What are your plans for tomorrow?" I asked, locking up the house and opening the car door.
"Well, they're coming to finish the bathrooms and paint the living room. Esme and I have more furniture to pick out," she sighed, a smiled playing on her face. "Are you sure you don't want a say in any of this?"
"As tempting as shopping is," I chuckled, raising an eyebrow at her and starting the car, "no." She giggled, shook her head and looked out the window as we pulled away. "Stop by the hospital tomorrow," I blurted out. It sounded more like a command than a request. "Please?" I added to try and soften my desperate tone.
"Yeah, ok," she smiled. "I'll text you when we know what time."
"Come on, Miss Sara," I sighed, chuckling when the four year old squeezed her eyes closed and shook her head. She had not listened to her mother and pulled a hot pan from the stove down, burning her hand pretty badly. Her mind was frantic with the idea of the needle that was in my hand. "What's your favorite color?" I asked, trying to distract her.
"Pink," she huffed, eying me warily. She wasn't to be fooled.
"And your favorite movie?" I smiled, knowing that she was holding onto particular toy.
"The Little Mermaid," she beamed, holding out the red headed doll.
"Tell me the story," I sighed, wanting to hurry, but didn't have the heart to step away from her.
"Awiel lives under the water and saves a human boy," she started and just when she wasn't looking, the shot went in her arm. She flinched, but never even stopped the story. "And Sebastian...he's a cwab...he's bossy and twies to keep her out of twouble."
She told me the whole story as I checked her vitals. Emmett would have said she had an Elmer Fudd speech impediment.
"Dr. Masen?" I heard from behind me.
"Yes, Eden?" I said, standing up and turning to the nurse.
"Your wife and aunt are here," she sighed. Of all the nurses, Eden had been the most tiresome on my mind. She was young, fresh out of nursing school and one of the two I had mentioned to Bella the day before. She had vivid fantasies about me. She liked that I was American, adding to her already exotic opinion of me.
"Thank you," I said, nodding, unable to keep the smile from spreading over my face. "Sara needs her bandage changed," I said, noting the child's chart.
"Yes, Dr. Masen," she crooned. I rolled my eyes and walked out of the room.
"Hey, beautiful," I smiled, kissing my wife's forehead and Esme's cheek. "How's the shopping going?"
"Like you care," Bella laughed, her eyes slipping past me to watch Eden walk behind the nurse's station. "One of two?" She smirked, folding her arms across her chest.
"Yes," I groaned, "daily."
Her eyes stay glued to you, handsome. She chuckled, shaking her head.
"Yeah, I know," I said, "but come, let me show you two around." I turned to Eden, "Page me if I'm needed." Eden nodded, but her eyes dropped to Bella. My wife's beauty intimidated her. "Carlisle's in the ER today," I said, looking over at Esme.
"I know, he called," she smiled. "We'll stop by on our way out."
I gave my girls the tour, ending up in the courtyard of the hospital. Fresh air was needed, but Bella's scent was more healing. "Is it different this time?" Esme asked.
"Yes," I nodded. "The advances since I've been away from medicine are amazing."
And your outlook is different. Esme noted internally, watching Bella as she slipped her fingers into mine and turned my ring. My wife's mind just wanted the quiet of being together for the few minutes we had. It was why she hadn't said much. I wish you could see your face. So happy.
I nodded, leaning over and kissing Bella's head just as my pager went off. I looked at it. "Well, you'll both get to see the ER. Carlisle's paging me."
As we walked through the doors, I turned to my wife. "Sweetheart, if you're staying, then shield the both of you." The scent of blood was almost overwhelming. I caught words like accident, jaws of life, and broken glass. "And if you leave," I kissed her head, "I love you and I'll see you later."
"Ok," she nodded.
Carlisle caught sight of us and quickly kissed us both only to drag Edward off. I caught bits and pieces of the issue at hand. There had been a auto accident and a child had been thrown from the car. Carlisle was dealing with the mother and Edward had been called in for the child. The mother was begging someone to tell her about her little boy.
"Come here," Esme said, tugging my arm. "I want you to watch your husband. I want you to see a side of him you've never seen." She kissed my cheek and smiled with so much pride, she was practically glowing. "I know you love hearing about his history. Watch him. Watch his past come to life."
Edward moved with a gracefulness that only he could pull off in a panicky situation. The child had lost too much blood and was failing. He called out for what he needed, blood, plasma, meds, opting to hook the IV's up himself. And he was swift and precise. He was calm and intense. He was beautiful. He also was holding his breath, but I couldn't blame him. Machines beeped and alerted as he worked quickly to stabilize what looked to be a toddler-aged child. Nurses reacted to every command he gave, putting their faith in someone that may have looked young, but did not act it. I saw their nods of respect and their swift obedience.
My eyes drifted to Carlisle. It was like watching a mirror image. I could see them both concentrating on not just the emergency, but every movement of their hands, trying to stay at a human pace. The mother was at least vocal, but the child was not at all. I winced when Edward quickly slipped an air tube down the child's throat. Immediately, the beeping calmed, the heart rate leveled out.
Edward called for tests, glancing over at Carlisle with a nod and saying, "Internal bleeding...possible skull fracture, but I'll know more in a minute." The child was rolled out on the bed to be taken to whatever tests he needed. Edward joined a now calmer and mostly likely medicated mother. She answered his questions about the child's history and how the accident happened as he slowly pulled his gloves off.
"Bells," Esme said, breaking me out of my bubble. "We should go," she smiled, taking my hand. "I hear another ambulance heading in."
"Ok," I breathed, allowing her to tug me away.
I had earned a new respect for him that day. I thought I knew every side of my Edward – intense, sweet, angry, even naughty. I knew him to be so very smart, but seeing him capable was something that just added to my love for him. To see him confident in his decisions and looming over a child like the angel I knew he was, I was lost in my love for him. And just knowing that he felt unsure of himself for so long, made me sad. How many lives could he have saved? How many children were old adults now due to his actions from decades before?
"What the hell is that emotion?" Jasper laughed, peeking his head inside the spare room as I tried to organize what needed to go downstairs into the living room. "I'm sensing...awe and guilt...there's some lust thrown in there too." He smirked, leaning in the doorway. He had been with me all day, keeping me company, though I think he and Emmett were on strict orders from Edward to keep the construction workers focused on work and not me. He had come over once Esme had dropped me off after our visit to the hospital. "Not to mention pride."
"Yes, yes," I sighed, going back to the box in front of me. "I'm feeling all of those things...and then some, I'm sure." I leaned on the box of movies, bracing my hands on the sides. "He's...fucking amazing, Jazz," I breathed, looking up at my brother and really good friend.
"You saw him at work today, huh?" He smiled, nodding in approval. "Shines a new light on him for you?"
"Oh God, yes," I nodded.
"He's something else," Jasper said, sinking to the floor with his back to the wall. "He's different this time. And he's going into it really wanting it, not just following in Carlisle's footsteps. You did that."
"I did nothing."
"You did everything. Don't discredit yourself," he argued. I shook my head and went back to my box. We both smiled when Emmett and the girls came in the front door. "Up here," Jasper called. "You need to find a way to put a lid on all of that emotion. He'll be here soon, I imagine."
"I know," I nodded and turned to Emmett. "Am I glad to see you. Here," I smiled, "go tame that monstrous entertainment system you and Edward just had to get." Emmett smiled his boyish smile and grabbed a few boxes, rumbling down the stairs.
"It was too much," Alice sighed, sitting with Jasper.
"No, it was educational," I snorted. "I'll be fine. He hasn't shocked me in years. Today he did."
Rose chuckled, nodding and taking the box I handed her. "I imagine he did."
By the time that Edward came in through the door, we were all in the living room. His smile was happy and sweet as he beamed at all of us hanging out together. The radio was on quietly in the background as Emmett and I played a video game, and I could tell by the look on Edward's face that he wouldn't mind coming home to the same sight every day.
Watching him leave every morning all pressed and clean was nice, but it was when he came home that I loved. His sleeves were rolled up to his elbows and his tie was loose with a few top buttons of his shirt undone. His hair looked like he ran his hands through it all day. I imagined that his poor scalp helped him with every decision he had to make throughout the day.
"There he is," Emmett boomed, pausing our game and setting our controllers on the coffee table.
Edward plopped down on the sofa with a contented sigh and a tired smile, pulling me back to wrap an arm around me. Placing a kiss to my head, he said, "Every time I come here, it looks different."
"Yeah, Esme's really convincing when she sets her mind to it," Rose chuckled. "I think the music room is the last to be worked on."
"Well, that and unpacking all those God forsaken boxes upstairs," I sighed, laying my head against his chest. He smelled slightly of the sterile environment he worked in, but warm honey and fresh linen still wafted over me.
He chuckled, rubbing my arm lightly with his fingertips. "I can help tomorrow. I don't go back to the hospital until my overnight shift the following day."
"Really?" I squealed, my head shooting up. The whole house chuckled. "Oh, I'm so putting you to work," I sighed, shaking my head.
"She's not lying, bro," Jasper laughed, standing and walking to the kitchen.
"I'm at your command, love," Edward smirked.
"Excellent," I smiled, rubbing my hands together. He smiled and kissed my forehead.
"Here, Ed," Jasper smiled, handing him a package. "She said you wanted one."
"Yes, indeed," my husband beamed. He flicked open the paper to reveal the photo that Edward had liked so much from upstairs. "For my desk," he said, his eyebrow rising.
"We can have t-shirts made if you want," Alice teased, shaking her head.
"Uh, no," I snorted, rolling my eyes. "Oh," I turned to Edward. "What happened with that little boy?"
"He's stable," Edward nodded. "No internal bleeding, but a concussion. He couldn't breathe because his larynx was bruised. He was damn lucky. His mother said he bounced out of the car."
"Damn," Rose frowned. "No car seat?"
"Not even a seat belt," Edward sighed, shaking his head.
"Idiots, humans are determined to kill each other," Alice growled, standing. "Come on, guys," she smiled at me, reaching for Jasper's hand. "Let's go."
"Are we leaving too?" Edward asked, looking around the living room. "This looks good. Emmett hooked everything up for you?"
"Yes, he did," I nodded. "And no, we don't have to leave. The house is done except for that last room." I smirked, wrapping his tie around my hand. "If you want, we can stay." I tugged him to me, shifting us until he was braced over me.
"If I want," he smirked, nuzzling my nose with his. "You're giving me a choice between a full house and our own quiet empty one?" He chuckled. "Ok, option B, it is." I giggled, shifting under him again so that he settled between my legs.
"Thank you for coming by today, baby," he smiled so sweetly.
"How many today?" I teased, biting my bottom lip.
He sighed, feigning frustration, but said, "Just one."
"She's got it bad, Dr. Masen," I laughed and then sighed, "though, I can certainly sympathize. I've had it bad for years." He smiled, kissed me softly and sweetly, and pressed his forehead to mine.
"Are you ok with this, love?" He asked, suddenly serious.
"Am I ok with being away from you all day? No, but I'll get used to it. Am I ok with you saving the world? Absolutely," I smiled. "Am I going to find things to do? When this damn house is finished, sure." I sighed and leaned into his touch as he brushed my hair from my face. "I found that seeing you today helped a little, so I can do that. I can stop up if I just need a moment of your time."
"Yes, of course," he smiled. "It helped me too. It's difficult for me to be away from you too, Bella."
"I know, baby," I said, cupping his face. "But you're really good at what you do. You should have been doing this all along."
He was shaking his head no before I even finished the sentence. "No," he frowned, "I wasn't ready. I wasn't in the right frame of mind, sweet girl." He kissed me, hard, swirling his tongue over my lips and pulling back. "You did that. You made me see what I was capable of." Suddenly, his face took on an ancient sadness. "Besides, if I had been doing this, I wouldn't have met you. And that...hurts...to think about."
"Oh?" I huffed a laugh. "You don't think clumsy old human me would have ended up in your ER?"
He laughed, setting his head on my shoulder. "Ok, point taken."
"We'll figure it out, Edward," I sighed, emotion making my voice thick. "I want you every minute of the day. I want to be able to reach out and touch you, but we've done the selfish time. It's ok to try other things."
"What are you going to do?"
"My book is done," I smiled, nodding when he beamed. "It's in publication now. Jasper told me this morning."
"My brilliant girl," he chuckled, kissing my head. "What's next?"
"I have a story to rewrite," I sighed, smirking at him.
"Ours, really?" He laughed, shaking his head. He looked so young at the moment that I almost lost track of the conversation.
"Yeah," I nodded. "I have to change it, but I'll do it. Jasper and I may take a class or two, we're still debating."
"Whatever you decide, you have my full support," he whispered, leaning down to kiss my neck. His lips traveled slowly over my skin, up to my chin and back down the other side.
"I know," I smiled, my body reacting to his ministrations instantly. I reached up to tug his tie off and dropped it to the floor. He pulled back, allowing me to unbutton his shirt, our eyes never leaving each other's gaze. I pulled his shirt out of his pants and shoved it down off of his shoulders. He fell back into me, his lips meeting mine with a hunger, a need.
I dug my nails into his back as his hips pressed into my aching center. I moaned when his hand lifted my shirt, cupping my breast. Arching into his grasp, I sucked his bottom lip into my mouth and sighed when it elicited a beautiful sound from him.
"God, baby," he growled against my mouth, "I want more. I feel like I haven't touched you in ages," he whispered, ripping my shirt from me. I cried out as he scooted down to take my nipple in his mouth, cupping the other breast. Both nipples peaked to a sensitive, almost aching point as I threaded my hands in his hair to hold him close.
"Edward," I breathed, my eyes closing as he bit at my stomach, dragging his lips from one hip bone to the other. "Please, baby," I begged. He was right. It did seem like ages since we were alone, though in all reality it had only been a day. Maybe it was being all alone and not in the other house with the family. Maybe it was the fact that we were in our own house, unhindered by lack of distraction. Or maybe it was all the changes we were going through and about to face that caused us both to lose control. Whatever it was, I needed him.
"Come on, my love," he crooned, picking me up. "I want to make love to my wife in our bed," he smiled, kissing me with abandon as he walked us upstairs.
We fell on to the comforter in a pile of arms and legs, moans and sighs leaving both of us.
"Clothes," he growled, fumbling with my shorts, "too many fucking clothes."
"God, just rip them," I finally gasped, frantically trying to get a grip on his belt.
A loud tearing sound hit the air and finally we were skin on skin. "Thank God," he growled, allowing his weight down on me for just a moment and letting the feel of just us take over. "We'll figure it out, right, love? We'll figure out how to make it work?" He asked, kissing my lips with licking nips.
"Yeah," I nodded, "We love each other. We can do anything."
He threaded his fingers into my hair, planting his elbows at my head. "You're everything to me, just fucking everything," he breathed, his eyes searching mine.
"I love you, Edward," I gasped, my head flying back when he entered me slowly, sensually. God, he felt so good. He felt like home. He felt like the other part of me reconnecting, meshing back together.
"Oh, my sweet, beautiful girl, I've been in love with you my whole life," he whispered, pressing his forehead to mine. "I just had to find you."
"I'm glad you did," I sighed, cupping his face and losing myself in his kiss, his taste, his warmth.
I didn't know what this next stage in our lives meant. I didn't know if we – and I say we, because I knew my sweet Edward had just as tough of a time being away as I did – could handle the days apart, the new separate directions we were going. I knew that we could fight through anything. I knew that this immortal life gave us options, choices. And I knew without a doubt that if things got rough, we could find our way back to just us.


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