Tuesday, March 20, 2001 | By: Drotuno

Angel's Embrace Chapter 7

I'm sorry, Edward…she's the perfect one for him to talk to, Carlisle thought to me as Bella took Mark into the game room to play pool. We had all sat, listening to her answers. I was not surprised by any of them, but everyone else was. Eleazar found her calm and comfortable with what she had become. Brandon agreed with her on every point. Kate found her happiness to be quite charming. But it was Tanya I was actually interested in.
She wouldn't meet my eyes as Bella and Mark talked. She was of two minds when it came to Mark. She wanted him indestructible and forever, but she knew what this life could bring. Tanya's thoughts turned to guilt when Bella treated her Mark so kind. In her eyes, Bella had every right to snap the man in two for revenge's sake alone.
"Bella wouldn't do that, Tanya," I whispered, looking at her, but she still wouldn't meet my gaze.
"I know," she frowned, looking out the kitchen window. The fact that Bella was not vengeful made Tanya all the angrier with herself with her own behavior. When the pool game started, Tanya left the house. She needed time. Bella's answers had given her something to think about.
"Are you going to talk to him?" Carlisle asked. I was aware that everyone was listening.
"Probably," I sighed. "But he hasn't decided if he wants to approach me." Mark found me intimidating for many reasons. For one, Tanya had been honest about the feelings she once had for me. The fact that I could read his thoughts bothered him a little as well.
"Scare him, do you?" Jasper snickered, walking towards the game room.
"I suppose," I smirked.
I left them to their game, walking into the piano room. I sat down and played, letting my mind wander. Everything that Bella had told Mark was true and I was shocked that none of it upset me anymore. She was mine and she was mine forever. I felt a smile cross my face as I switched from Beethoven to my own new project. Bella didn't need a lullaby anymore. She deserved to be worshipped.
"What are you smiling at, handsome?" Bella asked, leaning in the doorway.
"You, love, always you," I answered my always honest response.
She switched to her thoughts. I'd come sit by you, but the mistletoe is way too tempting. She giggled, biting her bottom lip.
"Believe me, I understand," I snickered.
I'm due back for another game…I just…I really love you, Edward. I haven't told you that today.
"Damn the mistletoe, get over here," I growled, smirking when she was in front of me in an instant. "You're everything to me," I whispered, my brow furrowing. She rubbed it away. She stood between my legs and leaned down, kissing me sweetly.
"I'm not sure you guys need all this mistletoe," Esme giggled, heading upstairs. Bella smiled against my lips.
"Nope," she sighed. "I don't think we need it either." She kissed my cheek at the same time they all bellowed for her from the game room.
I went back to the piano, still working on Bella's new song. It was going to be a Christmas present. She hated expensive gifts, though sometimes I just couldn't help myself.
"Who is that you're playing?" Mark asked, looking worried at the doorway. "I don't recognize it."
"Um," I frowned. "It's mine, actually."
"Oh…" His eyebrows shot up. "Impressive." His mind was quiet as he listened to me play. I switched to classical and watched as a smile flit across his face. His mind immediately went to Tanya. He was wondering where she was, but didn't ask. He was aware of the tension in the house.
"There's no tension anymore, Mark," I answered him. His breath caught, but he nodded. "She has you now."
"I don't think she wants to keep me," he snorted, trying to make light of something that clearly bothered him.
"It's not easy," I frowned. I stopped playing and looked up at him. "Making that decision was the hardest thing I ever did." He moved in closer, leaning on the piano. I looked down at the keys and ran my fingers over them. "Bella and Brandon chose this…the rest of us didn't. We hated it…hated what we were. I used to feel…" I sighed, trying to find the right words, "soulless…like a walking demon…a monster."
"Used to?" He probed.
"Bella…" I smiled. "There's no way I can clearly explain to you…everything. As a human, she pulled me in…she smelled like the one meal I had to have…but her eyes…I could drown in them." I huffed a laugh. "You are aware of our diet…so when I tell you that I almost threw my convictions away just to taste her…" I shook my head. "But it was more…I couldn't hurt her, because in no time at all, with barely a few words said between us…I would have died for her."
"So there's the dilemma," I continued. "I hated what I was…I loved her…but how do I keep her and still not hurt her? And I damn well wasn't going to take her soul away."
"What changed your mind?"
"Not so fast…" I chuckled. "I was a coward…I ran from her…the whole thing completely. In order to keep her safe, I removed myself."
"I know this part…" He smiled. "You don't have to tell me. Esme tells your story better than she probably would Cinderella."
I smiled. "All the women in this house are romantics…my wife is their leader."
I heard that! Bella laughed from the other room. I fought my chuckle.
"Ok, fine," I sighed. "So once I had her back…I couldn't let go…couldn't tell her no…and couldn't live without her. She got hurt…terribly hurt…she wasn't lying to you when she said that it was either change her or watch her die." I shook my head and frowned at the memory. "It's Bella that makes this life infinitely better. She made me realize that we aren't soulless or monsters. That we can take it all and make it good or it can be really tough. Ask any of them."
His mind wondered if I regretted any of it.
"Not one damn minute," I answered. He nodded and smiled. "But give Tanya a chance to see it, Mark. She's been around a very long time. She's seen terrible things."
"She's done terrible things," he sighed. He liked Bella and he respected my honesty. He was a good man and took Tanya for all her faults. I, in turn, respected him for that.
"We all have," I nodded and began to play again.
I smiled as I watched Edward walk in to the hotel to check us in. It was easier to do it before we went out, so we could go straight up to the room later.
I watched the girls at the counter, their eyes glazed over at first glance at him. The one at the computer could at least speak. I wasn't so sure about the other one. Poor thing. Her mouth hung slightly open as Edward handed his credit card to her. I fought a laugh. He was mouth watering to look at and his velvet voice did nothing to help. You could feel its tenor all the way to your toes.
He looked quite handsome in the black jeans, black v-neck sweater with a charcoal gray t-shirt underneath. He topped it off with a black sport coat. He radiated sexy, money and with the poor girls, aloofness. As he walked back to me, his thighs caught my attention again. The way they filled the legs of his jeans made my breath hitch. My husband was sinful.
"What are you thinking?" He smirked as he got back in the car.
"Did she finally breathe?" I teased, looking up at the girl at the counter as she fanned herself.
"She has a heart murmur," he chuckled. "I wonder if she knows."
"She does now," I laughed, shaking my head.
I remembered a time when something like that would make me jealous, but there was no fear of loss anymore. He was mine. I belonged to him. Which made me ask the next question as he turned the corner and pulled in front of the club. "Before we get out, baby…let's talk," I touched his arm. He nodded and pulled into a space in the back of the lot.
"Bella…" he frowned. "You don't…have to."
"Do you want it?" I asked, reading his face for any flicker of doubt.
"Yes," he shook his head. The answer was barely a whisper, but I heard his need loud and clear.
I studied him for a moment. "If it were me asking this of you…would you do it? If I wanted to see you dance with another woman…would you do it?"
"Yes, of course," he said, his gaze meeting mine.
"This is yours…what I need to know is ground rules, love," I tilted my head at him. "I won't share you…I won't be shared. It goes no further than the dance floor. I need to know what is ok with you and what isn't." He shook his head, unable to answer. "It's ok if I dance with someone like I would Rose or Alice…"
"Yes," he nodded, a slight smile on his face.
"Touch this person, let them touch me…"
"Yes." His eyes closed and he clenched his fists lightly.
"This is a rave club, Edward…it is possible that they will try to kiss…"
"Ok, good to know…" I nodded. "It might be difficult…Ecstasy makes people feel funny things."
"It affects the sense of touch," Edward sighed, sounding like the doctor that he has been two times over. "The skin feels warm to the touch and when touched, the person feels something close to orgasm."
"Yes," I smirked, having seen the affects first hand once when my sisters and I went out. Girl's nights out were rare, but we had been shopping and took the whole day to ourselves. "No one will approach me with you around, baby…so you will have to leave me alone."
"I know," he smirked, licking his lips. I fought the urge to just forgo the whole thing and hit the hotel room like a whirlwind, but he wanted this and I wanted it for him. He needed to know that he was normal. That just because he hadn't voiced something didn't mean it was gross or dirty. Dirty could be very fun. I should know, Edward could give me dirty like no one on earth. He just couldn't want it for himself.
I just huffed a laugh, shaking my head. "Come on, then…" I opened my door, but he was there to help me out. As we walked through the parking lot, I asked one more question. "Do you have a preference?"
"No," he sighed. "They won't be who I'm looking at."
"Good answer," I laughed and he squeezed me closer, a chuckle nervously leaving him.
Rave clubs are loud and pounding. A continuous thumping. It's almost an audible assault on our all too sensitive hearing. When we walked in, I could see all of the family was already there. Ghianna and Irina were already dancing. Kate was at the bar, flirting with an unsuspecting human man. She winked at us when she saw us arrive. Kate and Tanya were the original succubae. They loved their human men.
Our siblings waved us over, having claimed a table big enough for everyone that was with us. They had pushed a few together. Demitri was with them, watching Tanya and Mark on the dance floor. He leaned over to me and said, "I want to thank you for talking to him."
"He should know it all," I frowned. "Tanya and I will never be friends, but she makes him happy." Edward kissed the back of my head, leaving his lips there.
"She does," Demitri nodded. "I envy them. I envy you all."
"One day, Demitri," I smiled. "Hope, remember?"
"Hope," he sighed, picking up my hand and kissing it. I could see women eying him all over the club. He was exceptionally handsome, but his heart belonged to Carina. He paid them no attention. In some ways, he reminded me of Edward. He was strong, loyal, but sensitive and sweet.
It took an hour before things got really heavy in the club. It filled with warm human bodies. They smelled of alcohol and sweat and lust. I saw that Jasper wasn't able to contain any of it. His black eyes were only on Alice and it was hitting the rest of the club. Hard. Rose dragged me out onto the dance floor and I stayed. I had to avoid Edward's gaze, his eyes alone would draw me to him like a moth to a flame.
Plenty of men pushed against me, but I moved away. The heat from the bodies around me was almost stifling. I turned away from Rose to see a girl pop a pill in her mouth. Her eyes were glassy, but a brilliant blue. She was a tiny thing, like Alice. Her hair was dark brown, slightly blue under the lights of the club, like a raven's wings. She caught my stare and slid to me past a couple that I recognized as Kate and the man she had been flirting with at the bar.
Without a word, the girl smiled. The heat coming off of her warmed me all over. My breath caught as she touched me. She gasped at the contact with my cool skin. She was pretty and insecure about stepping up to me. But the drugs she was using helped her push the fear aside. I could read all of these things in her young, round face. She wore her emotions just like I used to. Her scent was floral mixed with arousal.
She put her hands on my hips and we stepped into each other. Using my peripheral vision, I could see our table. Edward was watching, but Jasper's eyes were black onyx, pushing everything out to the dance floor. I felt it instantly. I had purposefully left my shield down.
The girl's hands were all over me, trying to cool herself as well as increase the feeling. When my eyes glanced passed Edward and I saw his hand glide down to his pants for one long adjustment, I moaned, my eyes rolling back in my head. I pulled the girl to me and she ground her hips up my thigh. Her heat was searing.
I brushed her hair from her shoulders as she gripped mine at the base of my neck. It was almost too much. I felt wetness cover the tops of my thighs. I watched her lick her lips and stare at my mouth. I was almost done with her. I couldn't kiss her. I didn't want to kiss her. I wanted Edward.
My breath caught as I felt Edward's body line up with mine from behind me, taking my attention from her to him instantly. He must have seen what she wanted. I heard him inhale, smelling how turned on I was. His growl was low and soft in my ear.
The girl's face never changed as they both sandwiched me. His deep voice in my ear made my core throb. "Do you want to come, love?" He asked, his hands pulling me back to his steel hard arousal. "Right here…in front of everyone…"
"Fuck yes," I gasped as his hand slipped between us from behind and up my short skirt. I reached behind me, gripping his hair as the girl continued to caress my stomach and hips.
"She wants you," Edward growled, his fingers slipping my thong aside. "But who do you want to make you come?"
"You…fuck, only you…" I was shaking with need. The girl was oblivious to our conversation. She wouldn't have been able to hear it anyway. His fingers teased me, circling my entrance, but never allowing me to have what I wanted.
The dance floor was a throbbing, grinding single unit. Not one person looked at us. They were all hips against hips, hands on skin.
My hips arched back against him, begging him, pleading with him. "I'm so fucking hard, love…you have no idea." I had every idea. His arousal was grinding between the cheeks of my ass. It was taunting me, telling me everything. He had pulled his hand away to make his point, but he went back, teasing me again.
"Edward," I growled, turning my head to him. He did two things that pushed me over the edge. He wrapped my hair around his right hand, pulling my head to the side, and his left hand buried two fingers into my core. When his mouth attached to my neck, the girl's attached to my collarbone, both licking and sucking on my skin. I came so hard, but not a soul in the place knew it but me and Edward.
I gripped them both, one hand in Edward's hair and the other on the girl's hip. She would most likely have bruises the next morning. My breath caught in a high pitched moan, my mouth hung open as their mouths continued to suck on my skin. Edward's hand rode out my spasms that didn't seem to want to stop. He bit my neck, feeling me twitch around his fingers again. "Who makes you come?"
"Kiss me…now…prove it," he growled. I turned my head, latching my mouth to his. The rumble in his chest vibrated through me to the girl in front of me. She gasped at the sensation, grinding on me harder.
I felt her leave us as the song changed. The front of my body felt cold when she took the heat away. I turned in Edward's arms, my tongue and mouth still being assaulted by his. He let go of my hair and his hands palmed my bottom, pulling me flush to him. His erection was twitching against my stomach.
"Make me come, love…" he begged, breaking from my mouth. His head hit my shoulder, his breathing heavy in my ear.
"But," I touched the waist of his jeans. "Just like this?" I breathed, gliding my hand over the shape of him on the outside of his jeans. He nodded, his hips pushing against me.
"I assure you…I'm already there," he gasped, his head tilting back slightly. I leaned up and kissed his neck, laving my tongue over his Adam's apple in slow open mouth kisses. With one long stroke of my hand, he fell apart right there in my arms and in his jeans.
Again, no one saw a thing. Too many distractions, too many bodies.
The air, the sensations, trembling from the both of us - it was all too much. "Air, Edward," I gasped. "Someone smells too…take me outside, please."
He took my hand, tugging lightly. "You can't shield?"
"Not yet, just…" I shook my head, unable to even finish the sentence.
As soon as the wintry night air hit me, my head cleared. I leaned against the wall, putting up the shield that stopped the smell of tempting human blood from reaching me. Edward leaned next to me, his forehead to my temple. I reached up, cupping his face and bringing his face closer. "You ok, love?" Edward whispered against my lips. I nodded, ghosting my bottom lip along his, kissing it and gliding my tongue over it.
Edward braced his hand on the wall beside my head, positioning himself in front of me. "I need more of you," I breathed into his mouth. I grabbed his belt loop and pulled him in closer. I felt restrained, yet out of control. I gave him slow licking kisses, sighing as he returned them.
"Hotel, love…" he groaned, kissing the corner of my mouth, his tongue trailing across my lips.
"'Kay," I whimpered, looking up at his eyes finally. They were black, probably matching my own. His breathing was calming now that we had been outside a moment.
"I…leave the car," he stuttered. "I'll text Emmett to drop it off." He wrapped an arm around my shoulders and guided me through the parking lot and onto the sidewalk. It was a short walk to the hotel. Smart planning on Edward's part, I was sure of it.
The same girls were at the front desk when we walked through the lobby towards the elevators. I felt their eyes on me as he pushed the button on the wall. Just as the car arrived, Edward picked up my hand, kissing my ring. I barely registered the girls' fallen faces as the doors closed.
Edward turned to me in the elevator, tucking my hair behind my ear. "Too much?" He asked, kissing my forehead and nose, skipping my mouth to kiss down my cheek.
"No…God no…" I groaned, still shaking from one of the most intense orgasms I had ever experienced. I felt his smile against my neck.
"She really wanted you," he breathed against my skin, "she wanted to kiss you."
"I know," I nodded, running my fingers through his hair and keeping his face at my neck. I could feel him hard against my hip when he pressed into me. The elevator doors opened with a sounding bell.
With a speed we only used when no one was around, we were inside the hotel room. I barely had a moment to register that it was a beautiful room with a fantastic view of the city. Edward walked me backwards, his mouth assaulting mine.
"Finally…fucking alone," he growled against my lips. "I plan on taking advantage of every minute."
"Good," I growled, feeling my back pressed into the cold glass of the window. I wrapped a leg around his waist. He pushed into me again, his hands gripping my shirt and shoving it up into a bunched mess just over my breasts. He ripped my black lace bra completely from my body, my shirt shredding with it.
I gasped when I felt the cold of the glass touch my skin. I didn't know what was more overwhelming - the feel of Edward's hands on me or the frozen glass.
"Cold?" He asked, a smile played on his lips as he knelt before me.
"Fuck the cold, Edward…fuck me, now!" I growled, needing him to finish what he so plainly started.
"Patience, love," he crooned, smirking at my frantic behavior. "There are…things I'm going to do…mmm, love," he shook his head, ogling my body and biting his bottom lip. His hands caressed my bare upper torso, coming to rest on the waistband of my skirt. With one swift tug, it was ripped from me and tossed in a tattered heap by his feet.
I stood before him in a black lace thong. His thumbs rubbed the wetness between my legs. My underwear was saturated. "Who makes you this wet?" He whispered, sucking his thumb in his mouth, swirling his tongue around it and taking in my taste.
"You," I panted, watching his tongue flatten against his other thumb. With an impatient growl, I gripped his shirt and tore it from his body. "I need you, please, Edward!"
A deep rumble pulsed in the air around us as my underwear barely made a sound when he tore it from me. He picked up one of my legs and then the other, lifting me up completely off the ground. My skin squeaked against the glass as he lifted me up, his hot breath gusting into my throbbing center. I groaned a soft sob of relief when his mouth finally touched me, when his tongue finally twisted into me.
I reached up, gripping the curtain rod and knowing it wouldn't hold me. I ground against his face for release. Any release. "The things you do to me, Bella," his deep voice growled into me. His tongue made a slow circle around my entrance and flattened over my now hyper sensitive nub.
"Shit," I gasped, my eyes rolling back. I felt the metal of the curtain rod collapse in on itself in my grip.
"Tear it all to hell, baby," he looked up at my hands. "Any destruction is worth what I watched tonight." He nibbled, licked and sucked my clit into his mouth. Just when I was about to come, he spoke again. "I saw you, love…I saw your face when I touched myself. For me? All of it?"
"Ye-es," I groaned, writhing against his face. "Just you…" He bit down on my clit and I exploded. I let go of the curtain rod, realizing I was about to rip it out of the wall. I gripped his hair instead, throbbing in his face.
He pulled me from the window and we both landed on the bed in a pile of arms and legs. I forced Edward onto his back, crawling up his body until I could attack his mouth. He sighed and I moaned, delving our tongues into each other. His hands slipped down my back, gripping my bottom and grinding me against him. I broke away from his mouth, sliding down his body, leaving biting kisses on my way to his stomach. I palmed his erection, smiling against his skin when the most delicious sound escaped his beautiful mouth.
I sat up slightly, looking up at him as I carefully flicked open his jeans. "Love…" he growled as I teasingly shimmied them off of him.
"Mmm," I licked my lips. My husband was always commando. Something I had to force myself to forget at times in order to live a halfway normal existence. I tossed his jeans away, reaching up and gripping his cock fiercely. "So hard, baby," I whispered, twirling my tongue around the tip of him. "Hard for me…or for her?"
"You!" He growled, frowning, his hips bucking up and his hands gripping the bed covers as I took him completely in my mouth. I dragged my teeth slowly along his ridge. "Oh fuck, baby…" He moaned, meeting my eyes. "You came so hard on that dance floor…"
"I did," I smirked, taking him into both my hands and pumping him hard. "Your fault…did you know when I was wet?"
"Yes," he gasped. "Two hundred and thirteen people in the club…only your scent called to me…" He bucked his hips again and I heard the fabric of the bed linens tear. I sank my mouth back over him, feeling him hit the back of my throat. "Love…I'm…" He didn't need to finish. He came hard in my mouth, his sweet flavor hitting my mouth.
I was pinned under him instantly, my arms and legs wrapped around him. The bed groaned with our wrestling. "This room may not survive until check out," Edward smirked. I bit my bottom lip, giggling softly.
"I could care less," I smiled as he playfully nipped at my collarbone. He palmed my left breast, licking slowly around the nipple of my right. I arched up and he wrapped his arm under my waist, pulling me closer.
"Me either," he smiled, biting my other nipple. I whimpered, grinding against his stomach. "I'll buy the damn hotel if they give me shit about it," he chuckled as I laughed under him.
"At least we would have somewhere to be alone," I smiled, tugging him up to my face. He pressed me back into the bed with his heavy kiss. I wriggled under him, causing him to slip just into my entrance. I dragged my nails down his back to his ass, pushing him into me. "Yes," I growled, my eyes rolling back and my neck arching. Edward attacked the exposed skin, licking up to my ear.
"I'm going to fuck you so hard, love," he whispered, reaching down and picking up one of my legs. "I've needed you alone…" He thrust into me with a soft purring growl.
"It's never enough…"
"I know, love…" He planted his free arm by my head. He knew exactly how to touch me to cause me to fall apart. A swivel of his hips made him glide against my sweet spot, causing a gasping cry to fall from my lips. His sweet torturing tongue licked just below my ear, whispering words of adoration.
"My sweet girl," he breathed, letting my leg go and taking my hands into his. He planted him above my head, pressing his forehead to mine. I gripped his hands hard and wrapped my legs high on his waist as he continued to drive into me. My breath caught as his pelvic bone hit me just right and his cock slipped over my sweet spot again. He read me like a book, doing it over and over until I shattered around him.
I pushed him on his back again, the bed giving another groan. I planted my feet on his shoulders, my hands on his thighs as I rode him in the most incredible position. "Jesus, baby," he growled, gripping my thighs, but never taking his eyes from where we were connected. I felt him twitch in me, getting close to his release.
He rubbed his thumb over my nub and my head fell back, my voice gone. He pulled his hand away. "Use me, love…make yourself come…" He grabbed my legs and pulled them to his sides, sitting up.
I gripped his shoulders, burying my face at the crook of his shoulder as I rose up and down over him. I gyrated on him and my body began to shudder. "Edward…"
"Please, love…" he gasped, pulling me to him. "Come with me…" I did and he gripped my hips as his orgasm pumped into me. We collapsed over onto our sides, settling under the covers, our eyes never breaking from each other.
Edward pulled me on top of him, kissing the top of my head. I sighed in contentment at the feel of just skin. I couldn't help but move over him, taste him. "Did you bring the bags up, baby?" I asked, thinking he was getting one more thing tonight.
"Mmhm," he nodded, "bathroom."
"There's something I want to do," I smirked.
"Whatever you want," he smiled, looking more relaxed than I had seen him in days. I scrambled off of him, hopping off the bed. "Except that!" He laughed as I went in the bathroom.
"I didn't say I wasn't coming back," I snorted, rummaging through my bag. I found what I was looking for and walked back into the room. "You can wait," I growled, watching his muscles flex as he wrapped a hand around himself.
"No, get over here," he smirked. "What did you bring?"
I held up the lube I had packed, tilting my head at the sexiest thing I had ever seen. "God, that's just…" I shivered, watching him keep his erection. His hand, his arm muscles flexing - just so damn hot.
"And we need this, why?" He asked, raising a perfect eyebrow at me.
I took his hand and placed it between my breasts. "Wasn't there something else you wanted, love?"
"Oh, fuck," he growled, pinning me on my back. He continued to run his hand between my breasts as he straddled my stomach. He took the tube from me, squeezing a little in his hands and over his erection. "Push them together, baby," he breathed, his eyes rolling back as he pushed between them. "Jesus…"
Ok, Edward's sexy, sweet, romantic…but nothing was as erotic as his whole body pumping above me. Every muscle flexed and rolled, every thrust ended with a soft grunting growl. I felt the wetness hit my legs from just watching him. "Fuck," I looked up at him, my brow furrowed. "And you call me dangerous…Jesus Christ…" I growled.
"You feel so good, love…everywhere…"
"I need to touch you, Edward," I begged. I couldn't push my breasts together and touch him at the same time.
"I'm close, baby…"
I arched my head back, changing the angle and he fell apart over me. I made sure to lick everything he gave up. He planted his hands on each side of my head and the bed gave another groan. We both smirked at the sound.
Edward kissed me hard, unable to say anything. He wove his fingers into my hair and settled in half on top of me. His whole body shuddered, a little more tension leaving his frame. "Baby, are you ready?"
"For what, love?" I asked.
"It's going to be a long night…" He chuckled, burying his face in my neck and rolling back on top of me.
"We have to go soon, love," I whispered into my angel's neck. It was just about time to check out.
"I know," she sighed, pulling the covers over our heads with a giggle. I chuckled at her, settling back on top of her.
I couldn't get enough alone time with her. To just have her mind, her body, her thoughts the center of my attention was peaceful and comfortable. To not have to worry about who was listening or who I could hear - it was heaven to have her wrapped around me.
If I thought she was a dangerous creature before - nothing prepared me for her dancing with the young girl at the club. To see someone else want her and not have her was just about my undoing.
I stared down at her, unable to not smile with her as she kissed my cheek, chin and neck. She knew what she was doing and a giggle escaped her again as I grew hard against her stomach. "Shameless, Edward," she snorted adorably, running her fingers over the small of my back. She tangled her legs with mine.
"Who's shameless?" I chuckled, playfully biting at her neck. "Who knows exactly what they're doing right now?"
"Me," she laughed, pulling my earlobe into her mouth. "Sue me…I know it's Christmas Eve…and I know they want us home…but damn, I can't stop, baby," she growled, pulling back to look at me.
"We could run away," I teased, kissing the scar over her heart. "A thought I've had for months now…"
"Alice would find us," she chuckled, rolling her eyes. "There's no escape…"
"I know," I sighed dramatically. "Plus, your present is at home, baby."
"Yeah, yours too," she smirked. "Fine," she sighed, frowning, "we can go…just…a little more…please."
I could deny her nothing and we lost ourselves again. Finally able to break away, we showered and dressed. We laughed hysterically when I paid for the damages in the room, which included the curtain rod, a bent bed frame, a cracked headboard, a few shattered shower tiles and the bathroom door. I was just glad it wasn't the same two girls from the night shift.
Bella's phone alerted as we got to the car. "Damn," she whispered as she looked at the message. She looked up at me. "Jake," she frowned, handing me the phone.
J: Bells, just to update you…attacks in Seattle and campers gone missing on the Olympic Trail. Charlie investigating 'animal attacks'
"Let's get home," I nodded, handing the phone back to her. "Tell him thank you and to shadow Charlie in the woods."
She nodded, texting him back quickly. She looked up at me. "Carlisle may move soon, huh?"
"He might," I sighed. "He's been considering it. Getting closer to Jake is not a bad idea love. Teaming up with the pack would be safer."
Her phone went off again with an answer from Jacob.
J: Well, duh! But just so you know…there are new scents around the old Cullen house.
"They're looking for us," I sighed when she read the message to me.
Alice met us in the garage with a worried look on her face. "They're out of hiding, Demitri is about to go insane."
"Yes and they're stateside," I nodded, walking into the house to see Demitri pacing a path in the living room carpet.
"Yeah, how'd you know?" Alice asked.
"Jake," Bella and I answered. She nodded, giving Demitri a pat on his back as he paced by her.
"I have to find them," Demitri growled. His thoughts were everywhere.
"Not yet," Carlisle said from the dining room table. "We don't know how many and we don't know what they want…Patience, friend."
"I know, but…"
"They're in Forks, Carlisle," I said, interrupting Demitri. "Jake just messaged Bella. Attacks and disappearances."
"Family meeting…that includes you, Demitri," Carlisle sighed. Emmett, Jasper and Rose emerged from the game room. Esme took her place next to Carlisle at the table. "Now, Eleazar and Carmen left trying to find a few friends on their way back. Kate, Ghianna and Irina flew out this morning. Ghianna hasn't heard from anyone either, but she knows Felix," Carlisle paused as Demitri growled, shaking his head. "She said when she left Volterra, she overheard Felix. He was on the phone to someone in the courtyard, telling them how he could do a better job than Aro…this whole thing may have been a plot to begin with."
"With what you've told me about him," Carlisle said to Demitri, "it wouldn't surprise me."
"Felix is arrogant," Demitri frowned. "I can't imagine who he could have gotten to go along with him."
"Eleazar mentioned twins…Alec and Jane. He said another shield…Renata."
"Renata has nothing on Bella," Demitri laughed, winking at my angel. "She had to touch someone in order to shield them." Emmett playfully punched Bella's arm and she laughed, shaking her head.
"Chelsea was another name mentioned…" Carlisle raised an eyebrow. "The problem is…we don't know who is alive, who's with Felix and who's dead. Alice sees faces, but doesn't know them."
"And Carina," Demitri's pained face looked up at me.
"Demitri, I saw her…I know what she looks like in your mind…and she is still with Felix as of the vision that Alice showed to me. I wouldn't lie about this…" I sighed, feeling Bella's hand in mine under the table.
He reminds me of you so much…she thought to me. We need to get her back for him, baby. I nodded to her, squeezing her hand. He was intense like I was when I couldn't be with my Bella. I felt for him.
"What I need to know is…" Carlisle started. "Do we stay here or move to Portland early? Jake may need help soon."
"I vote stay here just a little while longer," Jasper answered, frowning. "Here's my reasoning…if they can't find us on the west coast, maybe we can draw them this way."
"What about the south, Jazz?" Carlisle asked. "You spoke to Peter…he said that Maria has started making newborns…"
"No…" Bella gasped. "Without rules…humans will suffer…they'll be turned against their will."
"Yes," Jasper nodded. "Maria could very well take a place like Atlanta or New Orleans and turn it into a war zone. I've seen it. The police, the news…they'll blame it all on crime or serial killers…but it won't be."
"I'm ready to move," Esme frowned, shocking us. "I have a place…I worked a little faster this time once the fire happened in Italy. I just have to close on it."
"Close on it," Carlisle sighed. "We may need to head that way soon. But…" I frowned. "I vote we wait for Jake…see if he can handle it." I watched as his mind was trying to organize his thoughts. "They will reveal themselves shortly. But I think…I think that they are going for the biggest coven first. That's us, including the Denali's."
"Why?" I asked. "What would be the point? We have always been under Aro's protection even though we were different…"
"Aro may be dead, Edward," Carlisle sighed. "As well as Marcus and Caius…though Caius never really had any patience for us. If they get rid of us…"
"Then the vampires that don't want to be under Italy's rule any longer will have nowhere to go…" Bella answered, frowning.
"Exactly," Demitri nodded. "I bet you hear from Europe soon…"
"But they won't know where we are," Emmett sighed. "So should we move?"
"No," Alice breathed, her eyes glazing over. "Not yet." Her vision was of Felix, but everything went black." She looked to me and we both said, "Wolves."


Rondell Garcia said...

What a bunch of remedial decisions. Carliise is trying to protect his family, and thier peaceful way of live I get that. But, Its a bunch of wait and see. If Felix ends up attaching himself to the southerners then what?, They need to do some recon, and attack when their numbers are small. Waiting only allows your enemy more time to prepare. I don't know how Demetri can stand it, knowing his women out there getting it put to on a daily basis by some asshole.

If it was Edward they would've flown over there.

Why are they leaving it to the wolves?. You as a writer seem to hold them in some high regard. The wolves will get slaughtered as soon as the meet up with alec. Alec will hold them in place or Jane would bring them to their knees. Im surprised, you have yet to mentioned that bella told jake about the Volturi gifts. They won't know what is happening to them till its too late. Again, why the hell is Jake the main point of contact for bella?, Why not seth???, this part always makes me wanna puke when i read it. You really need to go a meeting of abused women to know how stupid this part is to read. She can't forgive Tanya, but she can forgive Jake!, and so can Edward for that matter.Get the 'f' outta here!. What wrong with you?.

If you ever had to watch youy mom or a woman get abused, and humilated, and made to feel worthless, you would KNOW that your fairy tale of wanting a happy circle for Bella with and thru Jacob 'woman beater' Black, is just BULLSHIT!!!!!.

Well, its only in that part your story sucks ass, but everything else is good. Seriously keep the ''happy'' interactions w/ JB to a minimum. Talk about puke city.

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