Tuesday, March 20, 2001 | By: Drotuno

Angel's Embrace Chapter 9

"Do you want to go back to the hotel, love?" I asked my angel as she stared in shock at the open space where Jake once was standing. I couldn't even think about the dissolution of the treaty until I knew my wife was ok.
She shook her head, "Um, no…I need to hunt…today has been…hard."
"I know, sweetheart," I sighed, pulling her to me. It was then that she truly lost it, a dry wracking sob bursting from her. Scooping her up, I took her to the rental car. For the first time since her change, she felt fragile, breakable.
Her mind was still open to me just like it was when I found her in her father's hospital room. Guilty thoughts upon guilty thoughts flooded my mind. She blamed herself, Jake, she even blamed her dad for being stubborn.
It's time, Edward, Alice's thoughts hit me from somewhere behind me. Take her home. Tell her it's still home. In an instant, her mental voice was gone.
I opened the car door, gently set her down and knelt in the doorway. She leaned her head back to the headrest and looked sadly over at me. "Let's hunt, love…then there's something you need to see."
"I'm so glad you're here," she breathed, cupping my face. "If he hadn't been…ok…I just don't know…" I nodded, knowing nothing would help if her father hadn't made it. I leaned in and kissed her lips, rubbing my nose with hers.
Bella hunted fast and fierce in the woods just outside of Port Angeles. Once we were back in the car, she was slightly calmer. "Where are we going…Forks?" She asked as we drove through the small town.
"Yes," I sighed. "I've kept something from you…it's time you know. And I think it will help you." She looked at me curiously, almost allowing a flutter of irritation to cross her features.
We pulled into the driveway of her old home. "Baby," she protested when I opened her door. "We can't be here…Charlie sold it…just after he got married."
"I know," I sighed, pulling the key out of my pocket.
"You bought it?" She gasped, staring at the open door.
"Technically, Carlisle and Esme did," I smiled, ushering her through the door. "For me…for you, love."
"Why?" She turned on me, her face confused and a little hurt.
"They wanted…we wanted you to keep it…to never lose it."
"But, it's not like I can come back here, Edward," she frowned, unable to stop herself from looking around. "Everything's exactly the same," she whispered, walking away from me.
It was the same. The deal for closing on the house was all contents had to stay in it. "And you can come back here, love. You're still new to this life. Enough time will go by that you will be able to come back, I promise you."
"Why bring me here tonight?" She asked from the living room. I hadn't moved from the doorway, afraid she was angry with me. When I didn't answer right away, she appeared in front of me. "Why?"
"This is your home…where you started…it can be…healing to come here. I just…" I sighed, unable to form the right words.
"Don't want me to regret anything…to remember everything?" She finished for me. "Because what happened to Charlie was expected…whether by monster or by nature? And you think I may regret it…that this was the first incident to the changing of my mind, to hating this life…"
"Yes," I frowned, looking out the kitchen window. So many memories from the house, they were smothering me. Even her human scent lingered, I closed my eyes trying to inhale the extremely faint smell of her.
She studied my face, but I couldn't meet her eyes. "Is everything still in this house?" She asked.
"Yes, love," I nodded.
"Come on, then," she said, taking my hand and leading me upstairs.
Her old bedroom was eerily familiar. Charlie had taken the personal items, but the furniture and curtains, the bed and rocking chair, all were the same and in their same old spots. "Wow," she chuckled lightly. "Scary…déjà vu." She pushed me into the rocker. "Sit. Sit where you used to and tell me you don't feel it…" I sat down and my breath caught as I looked around the room. Flashes of coming in through her window, holding her through the night, reading to each other…it was stifling. I winced, looking at the loose floorboard where I had hidden her things just before I left her.
"Look at me," she frowned, coming to stand between my legs. "I'm very grateful that you did this…but you need to understand something…home, Edward…it's where you are…not a building or a town or even a tent in the forest. I needed you tonight…although, this is freaking awesome…" she snickered, her eyes darting around the room. "You made me feel better…ok?"
"My dad," she sighed, "will die eventually, baby. I know this…Renee will too. I have come to terms with that. I don't have to like it, but it doesn't mean that I hate what I am…or this life. I made a choice. I know you, love," she interrupted me as I opened my mouth. "You like to sulk and wallow in certain things. I don't. My dad is hurt…and before anyone else can be hurt, we need to fix this."
"I don't sulk," I pouted, folding my arms across my chest. She snorted, raising an eyebrow at me. "Ok, fine, maybe I do…I just want you to be happy."
"I am," she smirked, matching my body language with her arms across her chest. "With you, it's all I know…" She reached for me, cupping my face. "This is really freaking cool." She laughed, her brow furrowing. "And to think, Jake and I joked about some other clumsy kid growing up here."
I chuckled, shaking my head and leaning my forehead on her stomach. She ran her fingers through my hair and my body shuddered, letting the stress go for a moment. "In thirty years, I want to live here," she giggled. "Just the two of us."
"Really?" I laughed, pulling back to look at her.
"Really, is that stupid?"
"No…I did that…I went home to Chicago," I smiled, tilting my head up at her. "It was after I left Carlisle…"
"And you don't sulk," she teased, but I could see her mind flicker back to Charlie.
"I think he'll be ok, love," I sighed, pulling her to my lap. "Wow, this really is déjà vu," I chuckled. She smiled and nodded. "Charlie's tough…just like his daughter. He'll fight."
She looked in my eyes, searching for something. "I'll have a hard time leaving him tomorrow, but I suppose it's for the best. They can keep me posted." I nodded, pulling her closer. "Should we tell him when he wakes up?"
I was glad she sounded positive about him. "Maybe we should let Jake do it…they may let him have his guns in his hospital room," I teased.
"True," she snickered. "Not that he could hurt us, but the noise…" I chuckled unable to stop from kissing her. She stopped me though. "He'll hate me," she breathed.
"No he won't," I frowned. "No one that knows you can hate you, baby. It's impossible."
"He will…he'll think the worst of me," she gripped my jacket at the shoulders. "He'll be mad at the lies, the hurt I caused."
"I promise you, we don't have to tell him if you don't want to," I traced her bottom lip. "Jake can come clean…we can stay gone. The power lies with you."
"Ok," she sighed. She was just about to lean in for a kiss when her phone went off. She pulled it out. "Jake?"
"How fast can you get to the old Cullen place, Bells?" He breathed. I could hear him running. "I think we trapped two of them."
"Tell him we're on our way," I said and we both jumped up from the chair. I pulled out my phone, dialing Alice.
"Edward, we'll meet you there," she gushed. "We all disappeared at the old house, I figured something was up. We were already leaving."
"Ok." I closed my phone and we bolted down the stairs. "It's quicker if we run." Bella nodded, pocketing her phone. We took off through the woods next to the house. Within minutes, we were surrounded by wolves on the pathway to the old house.
"Sam," Bella smiled. A giant black wolf nodded and led us in.
The thoughts from the members of the pack were everywhere, but still focused on the situation at hand. There were many more than there used to be. The house was surrounded and yet four wolves escorted us to the house. I could hear Alice's mind, she wasn't far. "Sam," I turned to the black wolf, "There are two more with us, let them in." He nodded and trotted off, his mind telling me he would take care of it.
"Where's Jake?" Bella asked, looking at another wolf. "Seth, tell me."
Seth nuzzled Bella's hand, and looked towards the house. Jake's huge russet form was snapping at two women. "Carina," I breathed. Bella's head shot up and her eyes locked with mine. "The other one is Chelsea, love," I growled.
"If that's the case," Alice growled, running up behind us with Esme. "Bells, shield us all, she'll try to break our bond, our relationship." Before we could react, Bella folded in on herself, holding her chest.
"Now, Bella," I growled. She nodded and my thoughts were only those of my family and a few wolves that happened to get wrapped up.
"Of course she would try for you first," Esme frowned. "Bella, can you get Carina in your shield?"
"Yeah," my love sighed, recovering quickly.
"Ah, the Cullens," Chelsea sneered. "Felix said you would come after we got to that human…huh, he's always right," she smiled.
"I can't read her thoughts," I whispered, "but don't let that shield up." Bella nodded, walking slightly away from me with Seth at her side. Bella's shield was strong. Once she had it in place, there was no moving it.
"Chelsea," I smiled, "what does Felix want?"
"The same thing Aro wanted…you three," she smiled. I looked to Carina and there was no expression on her face. No emotion.
"We aren't available," I smiled condescendingly. "What else?"
"The death of Carlisle Cullen," Chelsea answered, her eyes darting to Esme when she growled low.
From the corner of my eye, I saw Bella frown. Her thoughts were of how to get her shield around Carina without touching Chelsea. They were too close together, Chelsea was keeping her hand on the girl.
"Is Aro dead?"
"Yeah, they're all dead, Felix is the leader of the Volturi now," Chelsea laughed. "And first order of business is to destroy the biggest covens first."
Damn, Carlisle was right, Alice thought to me. I nodded slightly.
"Jake, stop," I called, as he took a step closer.
"Do these beasts belong to you?" Chelsea asked, grimacing at Jake.
"They aren't pets, Chelsea," I laughed icily. "They are the Quileute Indian Tribe. They are here to make sure you don't leave. They exist because we exist. They won't let you kill anymore humans in this area."
"Felix said the Cullens were freaks…why Aro liked you is beyond me," she growled. She made her first mistake by releasing Carina's arm. Bella saw it and reacted instantly. She wrapped her shield around Carina, quietly pulling her away and pressing her against the wall of the house.
"As much as I don't want to, Jake," I smiled. "Chelsea needs to take a message to Felix."
Jake looked up at me, growled low and nodded. "Tell Felix that the Cullens and the Denalis don't want a war…we've always lived in peace with Aro."
"He doesn't care…but he has a message for Demitri," she laughed. "Tell him that his love is dead," Chelsea turned to grab Carina, but couldn't touch her. Bella chuckled, shaking her head. I fought my smile.
"Demitri?" Carina asked, her eyes lighting up. Her thoughts were clear under my love's shield. She was confused and wanted to know where Demitri was. She wasn't quite sure what she was doing there.
"He's fine," Bella smiled. "We'll take you to him." Carina nodded, observing the strange situation around her. Alice and Esme rushed to her, bringing her closer.
Chelsea growled loudly, taking a step. Jake snapped at her face and several wolves stepped closer. "Don't test them," I growled. "They will kill you."
"Why not you?" She sneered, but there was fear all over her face.
"Our diet makes the difference," I sighed, looking at my family and back to her. "You are a threat, we aren't." She stared at me for a moment. "Jake, escort her to the water…see that she doesn't turn back. If she even flinches, she's all yours." Jake huffed a deep chuckle, nodding. "You tell Felix we don't want to fight, but we can give him one. All we want is to be left alone…the wolves will protect this land. He should realize that by now."
"He'll come back for her," Chelsea growled. "He'll come back for Demitri…for all of you." She pointed and Jake snapped again. She drew her hand back quickly.
"Then, we'll stop him…" I sighed. "If the Volturi is truly gone, like you said, then there are no holds barred, Chelsea. We'll fight to survive, we'll fight for the right to live the way we choose…no matter how many of us there are." I turned to Bella. "Lift your shield," I whispered. "I need to hear her. If anything changes, you know what to do."
"Ok," I nodded, bracing myself for Chelsea to rip Edward from me. I slowly pulled my shield from him. There was nothing at first.
"Jake," Edward smiled, but it didn't reach his eyes. "Go ahead and take her…"
Chelsea glared at Edward and there was a punch to my chest. I growled low, my knees giving out just a little, my arms folding across myself. "Shit!" Alice gasped. "Bells, put it back…he's leaving with her…"
"Bella, focus," Esme wrapped her arms around me. "Remember…he loves you, sweetie…put it up."
I glanced up in a haze of pain, flinching when I saw him take a step. Jake realized what was happening and rushed to Edward, growling and snarling. Jake shook his large head back and forth, pushing at Edward to keep him away from Chelsea.
Chelsea's attention wavered and I was able to take one deep breath before wrapping my shield around my husband. "Edward," I groaned, leaning into Esme. Alice rushed to her brother's side and tugged him back.
"Get her out of here!" Edward snarled. The wolves obeyed quickly, snapping at Chelsea. They marched her off encircled by six wolves. She wouldn't stand a chance if she attempted to escape. "Bella?" Edward sighed, walking up to me and cupping my face. I watched as a smile flickered slightly on his features. I let out a breath and stood up. "Thanks, love."
"Ok, I'm never letting that happen again…that could have gone all wrong," I shook my head.
"Esme," Edward frowned, "Carina is about to break down."
"Oh, don't cry," Esme sighed, "It's over." My heart broke for her as I watched her cling to Esme. Italian tumbled out of her mouth with gushing emotion. I caught "Thank you" and "Demitri" a number of times, but didn't understand much of anything else. Esme conversed with her flawlessly, as did Edward and Alice. She was much calmer as we made our way back to the hotel.
She was absolutely stunning. Even with bright red eyes and dirt smudges on her face and arms, she was beautiful. Her olive tone showed through even with her vampire complexion. Her long dark brown hair hung in waves down her shoulders and back. She had a sweet smile full of worry that showed two dimples in her cheeks, making her look almost child-like.
Jake called as we walked and let us know that Chelsea was gone and in the water. That she didn't try to escape once. Anna called and said that Charlie's status had changed to stable and that he was still in a drug induced coma, but that the doctors seemed positive.
"I know we need to get home, but I want to see Charlie one more time," I sighed, lying back on our hotel bed. Alice and Esme had taken Carina to their room to get her cleaned up.
"I know, love," Edward smiled, stretching out beside me. "I had planned on it. We'll go later. Our flight doesn't leave until just before dawn."
I bit my lip, my brow furrowing. I was trying not to let everything build up on me, but I was failing. With Charlie in the hospital, Edward's arrival, finding Carina and Chelsea's threats, I was slowly losing it. "Thank you for coming to me…I know I said it before…"
"There was no stopping me," he chuckled, but looked at me with so much love that I could feel it pressing in on me.
"I was handling the being apart…everything else…" I just looked up at him.
"I know, baby," he sighed, covering my body with his. It was like he was trying to hold me together. "Quit worrying and kiss me," he chuckled. "Everything else can wait."
I smiled, threading my fingers in his hair. "Come here, then," I sighed. What started as something sweet, turned heated in mere seconds. We went from light chaste kisses to long, deep, groping explorations. I whimpered as his hand fisted in my hair, turning my head. His other hand couldn't find a place to settle, gripping my shirt and finally slipping up under it.
I released Edward's hair, grabbing his hips and grinding him into me. "God, Bella…I want…" He growled, his head falling to my shoulder. "You feel so good…"
"I need this…" I begged, my frustration almost palpable. "Please touch me, Edward…"
If there was something else we needed to be doing, it was forgotten. With grunts and playful tugging, our clothes were removed, allowing us to tumble back into each other.
"Touch you where, love?" Edward asked, his voice husky.
"Everywhere," I sighed, touching as much skin on him as possible. I felt him smile against my neck as my body jerked, his hands covering every inch of me.
"Don't move," he smiled, getting up from the bed. He walked into the bathroom, coming back with a small bottle in his hands. Watching Edward walk naked across the room was grace and beauty incarnate. His arousal made me lick my lips. "Patience, baby…it's yours, but let me give you what you wanted," he smirked, catching my blatant stare. "Turn over."
Beginning at my feet, my arches, he began a massage with the lotion. He worked his way up one leg, sparking desire deep within me. He chuckled when I grunted in frustration as he started over with the other leg. His nimble fingers dug deep into the flesh of my shoulders, back and bottom. A purr from me vibrated the whole bed. My mouth hung open as wetness hit the tops of my thighs. "Mmm…and I'm so not done yet," Edward breathed, urging me to turn onto my back.
This position was even more erotic, watching his hands work my skin and muscles. His eyes were black, never leaving mine. When he reached the tops of my thighs and met my breasts, my body was shaking for him. "Edward, please," I begged, unable to stop my hips from rising. The feel of his hands and the silky feeling of the lotion was pushing me closer to the edge. My soaked core was throbbing. "It hurts…I need you inside, baby…"
I felt his arousal twitch against my hip as he leaned over me and kissed me, pressing me into the bed. He needed this as much as I did. He settled between my legs and thrust into me before I could even take a breath. "Fuck," I breathed, my body arching at him as he filled me completely.
"As you wish," he smiled, thrusting into me with a delicious grind. My body was already goo after the massage that he had given me. There was nothing I could do, but writhe under him.
With biting kisses to my neck and long slow licks to the scar over my heart, Edward took me away from everything. He allowed me to drown myself in the essence of him, the world and its problems around us ceasing to exist for just the moment that he was inside me.
"Look at me," he growled sexily. "I need to see your stunning face when you come for me." I locked my eyes on his as his cock slipped over the sweet spot deep inside me. I fisted his hair again as my body exploded under and around him. "I will always be here for you," he breathed, pressing his head to mine. "You're all that matters."
He sat back, lifting my hips and driving into me. "Damn, I can't hold out much longer, baby…" He brushed his thumb over my clit and my body shivered with its over sensitivity. He growled low, pulling my hips tight to his as we both fell over the edge.
Edward's body fell onto mine, his entire weight feeling amazing as he pressed into me. We kissed slowly and lazily, continuing to touch and caress. "Shit," Edward sighed, his head falling to my shoulder. "Alice needs you…"
"Ok," I whimpered as he pulled out of me. I pulled on Edward's shirt, hearing him growl behind me. I didn't say anything, but turned around and lifted an eyebrow at him. He chuckled, ogling my entire frame and shrugging. "Pants, silly…" I laughed just as Alice knocked on the door.
Alice was feigning ignorance when I opened the door. "Yes, Alice?" I snickered as she rolled her eyes.
"I know that you're not busy," Alice sighed and Edward chuckled in the background. "You're more Carina's size…I need some clothes for her."
"Oh! Sure, come grab what you want…the bag's in the bathroom." I pointed behind me, but she was already pushing through the door. I just rolled my eyes and sat on the bed.
"Alice," Edward's voice warned, sitting on the bed next to me in just his black jeans. "He'll have a heart attack if you surprise him."
"Don't you dare call Demitri!" Alice growled from the bathroom.
"Oh, poor thing," I snickered. "You'd really do that to him?"
"Yes," Edward sighed and Alice beamed. She added, "A good surprise during all this shit…hell yes…"
"I'm out of this one," I raised my hands. I turned to Edward, "What would you have done if Alice surprised you with me?"
"Thought you were a dream," Edward chuckled, leaning back against the headboard. "And that's the vision Alice sees…"
"Please don't ruin it, Edward," Alice begged, walking to the side of the bed with a stack of my clothes. "I know you have sympathy towards him…let me have this…"
"Fine, Alice," Edward smirked, shaking his head. "Did you leave my wife any clothes?" I laughed as Alice rolled her eyes.
"Your wife packs brilliantly now…so, yes," she huffed. "You made a fine student, Bells."
"Thank you, thank you…now, get out, Alice," I laughed. "I need a shower and I want to go see Charlie one more time."
Alice walked to the door. "Oh, Sue will be there…she wants to talk to you two."
I looked up at Edward. "She knows?"
"She's revered by the pack…I saw it in their minds…so she might have known all along," Edward shrugged.
"Damn," I frowned. "Charlie will really be pissed if even his wife knew about us and he didn't."
"You have to decide, Bells, and I can answer that," Alice smiled. "But I doubt he'd stay mad for long."
"That's what I tried to tell you, love," Edward smiled from the bed.
"Ok! I'm going!" Alice growled, slamming the door behind her. I turned around to ask Edward what that was all about and he shot up from the bed and tossed me over his shoulder.
"Shower, baby," he chuckled as I squirmed in his arms.
"Guess we don't have to go through the window this time," I sighed as Edward led me through the doors of the hospital.
"No, Alice said it would be fine…that Charlie stays asleep," he smiled, taking my hand, bringing it up and kissing my fingers.
We walked to the door of Charlie's room to see Sue humming to herself as she fussed over my dad's hair. She looked up and her smile was warm and watery. "Bella," she breathed, walking over and wrapping me in a hug. "Stubborn man," she sighed, looking over at the bed. "I tried to tell him to stay out of the woods…I tried to tell him that there was something bigger here…but he didn't listen."
"How's he doing?" I asked, leaning over and kissing my father's forehead.
"He's breathing on his own already…" Sue smiled. "They are thinking a few more days and they can allow him to wake up." I looked up at Edward who was flipping through the chart again and he nodded in agreement.
"Jake feels awful," Sue sighed, sitting down in the chair, "but there wasn't anything he could do. He would have died otherwise…and I heard about the Cullen house…" She looked up at Edward. "The boys are really…how did they put it…stoked," she chuckled, "with how you handled that."
Edward chuckled, shaking his head. "They did a fine job themselves," he smiled. "I worry that it will get worse."
"Jake too," Sue sighed. "That boy barely sleeps as it is…the safety of the whole tribe…hell, the whole northern part of the state…rests on his shoulders."
"He promised us that he would tell us if he needed us," I said, turning from Charlie's bed and looking at her.
"And he will…" Sue sighed.
"We'll be back, Sue," Edward frowned. "I need to see what Carlisle wants to do…but I fear it won't be long. One more attack and Jake may not be able to handle it."
"Thank you," she smiled. "I hope that he won't need your help, but…" Her face was tired and sad. "What's the story behind all this?"
Edward sat down beside her and gave her the history of the Volturi - well, as much as he could in one sitting. He also let her know about the fire and the loss of the royal brothers. He asked Sue to please relay the history and tell Jake to call immediately if there are any problems. He also assured her that when we came, there would be more than just the Cullens. We told her we were leaving that morning, but to please keep us posted on Charlie's condition.
"Charlie absorbed that whole conversation," Edward said as we got in the car. "He recognized our voices instantly," he sighed, looking over at me. "His meds had worn off just a little. Love…we're going to have to tell him."
"I figured," I nodded. "Let's go home…let's get Carina back to Demitri…at least some good can come of this…"
"So right, sweet girl," Edward smiled, leaning over and kissing me.
We went back to the hotel, loading up both rental cars. Carina looked amazing after Alice was finished with her. She was wearing my long, black skirt and sweater.
We turned in the rental cars and checked in on the plane. "Does Carina have ID?" I asked as we walked towards the terminal.
"Jasper called in a huge favor," Alice smiled, pulling out a brand new passport. "Jenks never worked so fast or complained so much, but he was brilliant."
"The two of you," Esme smirked, "will have to sit in coach." She pointed to me and Edward.
"Fine," I said, snorting when Edward groaned. "Don't be a brat…you'll survive," I frowned, poking him in the chest. He bit back his smile and rolled his eyes. "Spoiled ass vampire," I mumbled, walking to a magazine rack. Esme's giggle lilted around me as she and Alice laughed at us.
"You think I'm spoiled?" He asked as we finally sat down in the back of the plane.
"Oh yeah," I laughed, looking over at him. "You spoiled yourself before me…now I just make it worse." His smile was childlike and beautiful as he tilted his head slightly and looked at me through his long eyelashes. It was the smile he used when trying to stay out of trouble. It had almost taken over as my favorite - not quite, but really close. I honestly had no idea if he was consciously aware that he was doing it.
"Define spoiled," he smirked, his voice was low and deadly sexy.
"Oh here we go," I sighed, shaking my head at his quiet laugh. "You didn't need the Vanquish and the Volvo…you could have lived with just one of them. You don't need the best suites at hotels, the most expensive electronics or even another guitar. Spoiled is getting everything you want even though you don't need it."
"I wanted you…"
"Don't bring me into this…that's a need…you need me," I giggled as his laugh barked out of him. He touched my face lightly and kissed my temple. "Without me, you'd still be cranky and mean."
"True," he smirked, his eyes sparkling with humor and love. He loved it when I pointed out his shortcomings. I think he felt a little human when I did it.
"Now," I sighed, my face pure innocence, "what is so bad about these seats?"
He fought his smile and made his face serious. "My legs are too long for this space," he whined, pointing to his knees touching the back of the seat in front of him. "The flight attendants are right there, making noise…thinking dirty things about the captain and each other and me as they walk by." I really had to fight not to roll my eyes.
"And that's any different than school, how?" I snorted, raising an eyebrow at him. I picked up one of the magazines that I had bought and flipped through it. I put it down and looked over at him. "Your knees touched the bottom of the desk in Forks…no complaints…and love, we all think dirty thoughts about you," I laughed, leaning in to kiss his cheek.
"Yes, but I was thoroughly distracted in Forks," he chuckled.
"Um…and that same distraction is still sitting next to you…shut it, you'll survive."
"Again, true," he smiled, shaking his head.
I switched to thoughts. Plus, handsome, you are totally missing the benefits of being back here. I sighed, looking around and back to him. He raised an eyebrow sexily in question. It's no football game…but…
His growl cut me off and his eyes were dark instantly. I bit my lip to keep from laughing. "Here?" He asked, looking around at the fact that there were people in front of us and across the aisle beside us.
Well, I was going to give you a choice, I shrugged, thumbing through my magazine again. The bathrooms are right behind us…or I can ask for a blanket. I didn't need to read his thoughts to see that the Mile High Club just flitted through his mind. My magazine was ripped from my fingers and I couldn't help but laugh, my head falling back.
"I can't choose," he growled.
"Oh yes you can, I have faith in you," I smirked, snatching my magazine back. "You have until the seat belt sign goes off." Edward had wanted a hand job in public, but I just offered him something so much more tempting.
To watch Edward pout over something like this was just too adorable. It was one thing when he let dark thoughts overcome him. It was another when it was all in fun. He folded his arms across his chest, looking at me out of the corner of his eye. It was all I could do to ignore him. Edward was so used to giving me everything I wanted, that making a decision for himself was nearly impossible.
The plane taxied down the runway and we were in the air. I left him to his decision and read my magazine with no idea what I was looking at. He hadn't moved - even after the seat belt light went off and the flight attendants walked up and down the aisle two times. I gasped when the magazine was ripped from my hands for the second time.
I looked over at my husband to find him practically shaking. He didn't let me speak. "Go into the bathroom and I'll be there in four minutes," he growled so low that I knew I was the only one that could hear him. His gaze was so intense that I could barely nod in acquiescence.
As I stood, I could feel his hands ghost down my body when I stepped past him. I bit back a groan. To say it was the longest four minutes of my life - human or vampire - would be an understatement. I leaned against the sink, looking at the tight space and wondering how my tall Edward was going to deal with it. He didn't have to knock, I could smell his heavenly scent just as he was standing outside the door.
"You're evil," he growled low, locking the door behind him. His body pressed against mine and I was forced to sit on the edge of the tiny vanity.
"No…I'm not," I smirked, wrapping my arms around his neck. Edward's hands fisted my shirt at my hips and pulled me with vigor. My legs instinctively wrapped around his waist, my short skirt riding up.
"I want you, right here," he growled.
"Shh," I put my hand to his lips. "You can have anything you want, but you have to be quiet."
The most beautiful combination of a moan and growl escaped his lips as he crashed into me. His hands slipped under my shirt as his tongue assaulted mine. He roughly rubbed his thumbs over my nipples, causing me to squirm on the vanity. Keeping one hand under my shirt, the other snaked under my skirt. His breath caught when he felt how wet I was, his mouth hanging open as he pressed his forehead to mine. He didn't say anything, just locked his eyes to mine. His thumb rubbed me through my panties and my eyes rolled back. I gripped his neck, shaking with need. He ripped my underwear from my body, pocketing them with a smirk. I smiled back, shaking my head.
I let go of his neck, pulling open his jeans and forcing them down with my feet. Again, I licked my lips at the sight of him. Nothing turned me on more than knowing he was commando. A fact that I was certain would have driven me out of my mind when we were at school in Forks. I reached around to his perfect ass and pulled him to me. He moaned as his tip slid through my wetness. "Love, please," he whispered into my ear as he bent to my neck. My mouth hung open as he trailed open mouthed, biting kisses up and down my throat.
My fingers dug into his ass, trying to maintain the silence that was in the tiny room. His hands slid down my sides, under my thighs to the backs of my knees. With a swift tug, he tilted me perfectly, his tip lining up with my now soaked core. I dove for his mouth as he plunged into me, knowing the sound that would escape him. He growled low, taking my breath away.
My head fell back, breaking my mouth from his. A sound close to a sob erupted from Edward as he buried his face in my neck and continued to pound into me. His hands groped me and gripped at my hips. He was trying to stay quiet and ground himself at the same time.
His mouth attached to my neck as my muscles tensed around him. "Don't make a sound, love," he smiled against my skin. My body shook violently as I shattered around him. I was panting, my eyes squeezed shut in order not to let out a sound. Edward continued to thrust into me, my spasms only increasing as my body threatened to come again.
"So fucking gorgeous," he growled, pulling back to watch what he was doing to me. My heels constricted in on him. My arms wrapped around his shoulders. I anchored myself to him. I felt him twitch and I locked eyes with him. We both knew he was close. We both knew he was just about to come undone.
He dove for my mouth, pushing his desperate sounds into me instead of allowing them out in the open. I swallowed them, giving him a better fantasy than even he wished for. He stilled my hips, pulsing into me with a shudder throughout his entire frame. He broke from my mouth, pressing his temple to mine, his breath escaping him in heavy bursts. His warm breath on my neck gave me goose bumps.
I reached up and cupped his face. "Another four minutes…I'll join you back out there," I whispered, kissing his forehead, cheek, and chin. He nodded, squeezing his eyes closed as he pulled out of me. I helped him right his clothes. With a quick hand through his always unruly hair, he left the bathroom, giving me a smirk and a wink on the way out. I bit back a laugh, hopping down from the vanity.
I counted out the four minutes and headed back out to my seat. Did anyone even notice? I asked, sitting down next to him.
"Alice," he laughed, shaking his head. "I can hear her laughing from here," he chuckled, looking over at me.
"She doesn't count," I laughed, knowing she could hear me. I studied his face, reveling in the freedom I saw there. "You ok?" I smirked, cupping his face.
He nodded, leaning in to lay his head on my shoulder. He placed a sweet kiss to my neck, nuzzling me, inhaling me. "Mine," he whispered, kissing my neck again.
"Yes, love, yours," I smiled, playing with his hair.
The flight could have been long and tedious, considering that we were sitting in the back, but my angel made me forget where we were. She took my simple wish of one thing and turned it into so much more. I was practically putty when she was done with me.
I looked over at her as we drove home from the airport. Alice, Esme and Carina were in the car behind us. "It's not that shocking, baby," my love snickered from the seat beside me. I chuckled at her, shaking my head. "There's a reason there's a club," she laughed, looking up at me. "It's the thrill of it."
"You hang out with Rose too much," I teased, picking up her hand and kissing her fingers.
"Esme," she corrected and laughed at my horrified expression.
"I could have gone centuries without knowing that," I growled, but unable to not join her laughing. "Please…never mention Mom again after sex," I pleaded.
Her head fell back to the headrest as she laughed at me. She squealed when I grabbed her exposed thigh and tickled her relentlessly. "Ok, I promise!" She gasped, fighting my hand.
I was relishing this brief moment of joy with her. With everything that was going on around us, we needed it. As we pulled into the driveway, I saw that Demitri was there. Bella had loaned him her motorcycle and he took great care of it as he traveled between here, Montana to see Catherine, and Toronto to visit Tanya.
Alice had been correct in stating that I had sympathy for the man. I knew what it felt like to leave the one I loved behind. I knew the agony that accompanied that absence. And I knew the minute to minute fear that something could happen when I wasn't looking - the desperation that came with that, knowing that even if something did, I couldn't be there to stop it. Stupid decisions had terrible consequences.
So when he met us in the driveway, joined by the rest of the family, I knew this would be a reunion worth remembering. "We should leave them alone, you know…" Bella sighed, smiling in happiness and sympathy for our friend.
"He hasn't seen her yet," I smirked. Just as I said that, his mind exploded. "He has now," I laughed, getting out of the car and opening her door.
We all watched as his face, clouded with confusion at first, turned into something not even joy could describe. Carina ran at him and he caught her into his arms, walking away with her. Italian words of love and apology spilled from both of them.
I looked at my family. Esme was a mess, my wife and sisters were completely entranced and my brothers were nodding. "Nice," Emmett smiled. "How the hell…when the fuck…spill it!" He finally barked.
"You know…I couldn't have said it better," Carlisle laughed, looking up at me.
"There's a lot to discuss," I frowned. "At least that's the best thing to come out of it."
We walked into the house and sat down. I would have liked Demitri to hear it all, but I had a feeling we wouldn't be seeing him for awhile. We caught everyone up with all that had gone on with Jake and Charlie. We told him about the wolves cornering the two women and how Bella had shielded Carina. Carlisle beamed with pride. I forwarded the warning and the threats given and let him know that Chelsea had admitted that Aro, Caius and Marcus were all, indeed, dead.
Carlisle was quiet for a moment, his mind saddened by that news. It turned to protectiveness for his family and familial extensions, and mixed with anger towards Felix and his threats.
"We're going to have to help," he sighed, looking around at all of us. "And we're going to have to pull in everyone we know."
"Do we wait for Jake?" Jasper asked, frowning.
"Bells, Edward…do you think he'll call or suffer out of obligation?" Carlisle asked.
"He'll call, Sue said she would make him," Bella nodded. "I know him. I've never seen him so frustrated…but a lot of that had to do with Charlie in the way…he'll call if he needs us."
"He lost two?" Emmett frowned and we all nodded. "Damn…thirteen years old," he growled. "That alone deserves some ass kickin'…they aren't my favorite people, but they can't help what they are…anymore than we can."
Bella's eyebrows shot up to her hairline. She and Alice exchanged shocked glances.
Jasper's mind turned to military thinking. I sighed at his thoughts, but knew he was right. "We don't have a choice, Edward," he frowned. "We've taught her everything, but that…"
"I know," I growled, "but I was hoping that we wouldn't get that far."
"Bells," Jasper smiled. "Now you need to learn how to fight."
"Sweet!" Emmett beamed, snatching her up off the sofa. "Let's do this!"
"Emmett!" The whole room yelled, including my angel who was pinching his side.
"Ouch, ok," he frowned, setting her back down.
With an eye roll at Emmett she turned to Jasper. "What do you mean…fight?"
"Defense, offense…evasion…" Jasper ticked off on his fingers. "Maybe a little covert action…your shield covering a whole battle zone where no one can see you."
"Interesting, Jasper," Carlisle smiled.
"You don't want this?" Bella turned to me. She reached up and rubbed the wrinkle between my brows.
"It's not that," I said, taking her hand. "Just the thought of something going wrong…"
"That's why we're here," Jasper smiled, giving Emmett a fist bump.
"We need Demitri," Carlisle nodded. "We also need Ghianna and Eleazar…I need as much information as I can get about who we're going up against."
"You need to talk to Carina…she can tell you exactly who's with Felix," Alice smiled.
"What about moving?" Esme asked Carlisle.
"We wait…we wait for Jacob…until then, let's get to work," he said standing and offering his hand to Bella. "I think it's finally time for Capture the Flag."


Rondell Garcia said...

Your decisions make no sense... I don't get it, but please let me list them.

1) The increasing friendship w/ JB. Anna/Seth, almost anyone I get but not him.

2)You let go Chelsea after she was neatly tied in a bow. Why? She even said that she will be back w/ felix and others. She even posses an actual threat directly to bella n edward w/ her talents.

3) Why is bella going onto a battlefield with out her shield around her or edward???. Even if she doesn't have a fighters mentality, edward should know, he is a mindreader for goods sakes with a 4 mile range!!!. Plenty of time to pick up on stray thoughts and danger. seriously wtf?

4) Why the HELL did Edward tell bella to lower her shield on him?, when moments ago she had bella on her knees when she attempted to break her bond w/ endward. And two seconds after she listen to that stupidity, she was on her knees with a broken hearth, and edward was on his way walking to another woman. STTTUUUUUPPPPPPIDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. wtf?

5) Why did you let Chelsea LEAVE??????????. She is mostly holding all the new bonds in place, so why the hell would they let her go?????. Kill her, kill the bonds, kill the threat!. Done and Done. WTF?????

You writing is good, but the remedial decisions....smh....are really keeping it from being great.

Edwardsmyobsession71 said...

Again with you, Garcia. Ellipses have three dots, followed by a space. Want me to list some more of your shit? Why the hell are you reading something that is so obviously beneath your higher intelligence? Drotuno is an epic author, who could, and should be published at a moments notice. Your constant flaming and bashing on a viewable profile is sad and disturbing. I'm still waiting to see your "perfect" story. Get on that... and be sure to let me know what you do so I can personally let you know how "perfect" it is. Go the fuck away. It's people like you that ruin the fun of fan fiction for the rest of us.

Jenny said...

Yeah, I totally don't get why this guy keeps reading if he obviously doesn't like the story or agree with how she wrote it. DON'T LIKE IT, DON'T READ. It's as simple as that. And while an author appreciates (or should appreciate) constructive criticism, his "reviews" aren't that. He's more than crossed the line into flaming territory. Asshole.

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