Tuesday, March 20, 2001 | By: Drotuno

An Angel's Promise Chapter 30

Something strange happened when one of us had a "moment." I didn't know if it was chemical, a part of being mated, or just a plain old I love you so much it hurts thing. I didn't even know if they had a real name, but that's what I'd called them since the beginning.
They never happened on a regular basis and would show up out of nowhere, taking away your breath, reason, and what felt like your sanity. Hell, I didn't even know if anyone else in the family had them. They were so personal, so intense, that a part of me never wanted to speak of them.
In fact, the first time I ever saw my Edward experience one was when we were in New York the first time, and even he didn't know what to make of it. And here he was again, having another one.
As we took a cab home, his hands were almost shaking with the need to touch me. And oh…I wanted him to touch me, but I was pretty sure the cab driver didn't want the back seat of his car ravaged, so I held his hand, gripping it occasionally when Edward would lean over to kiss my neck softly with open mouth and tongue, hardly focusing on where we were.
The cab ride was brief, the elevator in our apartment building beckoning us like base in the game of tag.
"Why are you closed to me?" he pouted as he leaned into me in the apartment elevator.
"Because my mind won't help you get upstairs and inside our room, baby," I chuckled softly, cupping his sweet and need filled face.
He smiled, dragging his tongue along his bottom lip. He pressed his forehead to my temple, placing his hand flat to the side of my face. "Bella," he groaned, and it was filled with such a longing that my heart practically shattered at the sound of it.
The elevator dinged, and he pulled away from me as an older couple joined us in the car. The woman eyed Edward, and then turned her smirking face to me. I had to fight my smile, because she knew just what they had interrupted. The old man was oblivious.
Our human company didn't stop Edward. With a devious smile, his hand met my ass and gave it a good groping squeeze as we stood silently behind them. I shot him a deadly look, but he just chuckled quietly. His eyes were so black, they would've scared the little human couple, had they been looking, but to me, they just represented all the delicious things that could be running through his mind.
The elevator dinged again, the old couple leaving us without another glance, and before the doors were even closed, I found myself pressed against the wall of the elevator with Edward leaning into me.
His mouth was on mine before I could blink, his sweet breath pushing out of him. I could taste him on my tongue. The scent of sunshine, clean linen, and pure lust wafted over me, and I just couldn't fight it. Pulling myself up, I wrapped my arms around him, trying with all that I had not to just climb his long, lean body and give into everything inside that elevator. There were cameras in there, after all – something that I'm not sure Edward was thinking clearly about, and a part of me wondered if he even cared at the moment.
Our tongues swirled together, our moans the only sound inside the car until the doors finally slid open. Edward's strong arm shot out, holding the doors as he guided me down the hallway, only to press me into our door.
"Edward," I breathed against his cheek as his mouth assaulted my neck with licks and nips and suckling kisses. "Baby, please..." I pulled his face back, begging him with my eyes to get us inside. I ran my fingers through his hair gently, trying to calm him, and said, "I promise to take care of you, but get us in the apartment."
He nodded, his breaths coming out in bursts, his eyes squeezing closed as he fumbled for the keys in his pocket.
The kitchen, living room, and hallway were blurred as we rushed through the apartment to the very back bedroom. Edward shut the door, leaning back against it. I could see him trying to slow himself down, to savor our alone time. And I could see him barely holding himself together. His control was slipping slowly.
He was so beautiful as his eyes drank in every inch of me, his fists clenched at his sides. His sharp jaw flexed as he tilted his head at me in almost a predatory manner. He took a step towards me, shedding his jacket to the floor, but stopped in his tracks when I shook my head at him.
I wanted to take my time with him, savor every inch of him. I wanted to help him with the feelings that seemed to be tormenting him.
"Sit, baby," I panted, shaking my head and pointing to the absolute best of chairs that Esme had ordered for us. It was built for two and perfectly round, the back stacked with fluffy pillows. It sat in front of a large floor to ceiling window overlooking Central Park and the night skyline of Manhattan. "Please, Edward?" I asked, shirking out of my own coat and tugging my knit cap off of my head. I tossed them both onto our bed.
He didn't move until the "please" met his ears. With a few long strides, he sat down on the edge of the chair, and I took a minute to catch my breath, Edward's eyes watching my every move.
I kicked off my sneakers and socks, tugging my sweater over my head. It, too, landed on our bed. I was now in a t-shirt and jeans as I stepped between Edward's legs.
"Do you trust me, Edward?"
He huffed a sweet, soft laugh, his hands immediately on my hips. His thumbs snuck underneath my shirt, rubbing softly on the skin of my hip bones. "Anything...I just..." He looked up at me through his incredibly long eyelashes, with so much need and warmth that I couldn't help but brush his hair from his forehead. "I just need you, Bella."
I smiled and nodded, reaching down for the hem of his sweater. I pulled it and his t-shirt off at the same time, leaving my husband in just a pair of black jeans. I knelt down and untied his shoe laces, tossing one sneaker at a time over my shoulder. Once his socks were off, I urged him further back into the chair.
"I know what you need, baby," I soothed, my brow furrowing at just how beautiful he was when he was like this – so sweet, so cuddly, and undeniably sexy. "You need to be touched," I said, my voice trying to be firm. His hands slipped under my t-shirt again, but this time, it was my back he caressed with gentle touches. "You need kisses." I smiled, bracing my hands on the back of the chair and looming over him.
"Yes," he agreed, sighing deeply, a sound that said pure relief as our lips met.
I controlled the kiss. I purposefully kept it slow, deep, and languid, pulling back almost completely when he gripped me roughly. I smiled down at him, using my shield to pin his hands to the seat of the chair.
"Shit, Bella," he whined, his head falling back in frustration as he gave up fighting me.
"Let me take care of you, baby," I urged, running my hands up his gloriously bare torso. "I believe I have a payment to make."
Before the words were completely out of my mouth, his head shot up to look at me expectantly. When I pulled my shirt off, the sexiest, laziest smile crept over his features. "That's...different," he said, his voice taking on a husky tenor.
"I like it. Plaid is cool," I said with a grin, nuzzling his nose with mine. "Alice hated it."
He snorted, but licked his lips as he gazed up at me. "Alice's opinion is moot," he growled, trying to fight my shield again.
"Stop fighting me," I commanded gently, poking his chest. "I promise that I won't be long. Edward, I just need to touch you. Please, let me." I realized my voice cracked on the last plea, my eyes locking with his. "I love you so much. And it will help you."
He nodded slowly, all the struggling ending instantly when my lips met his shoulder. "You're so beautiful, sweet girl. And you're not the only one that needs to touch."
As I straddled his stomach, I stared down at him, opening my mind to him.
I wanted to kiss him, fuck his mouth with my tongue. I wanted to drag my teeth over his collarbones. For one split second, I wished I could mark him, put some sort of stamp that said Bella's Property on his impervious skin.
"Oh, it's there already, baby," he growled, looking up at me. "On every inch of me. Trust me."
I smiled, releasing my shield from his hands, but took them in my own, linking our fingers together. "I know, but..." I sighed, leaning my forehead to his and pinning his hands to the back of the chair on each side of his head. "You're mine, Edward," I stated simply.
"Yeah, I am," he stated breathily, with a small but silly, crooked smile, closing his eyes when I placed soft, feathery kisses over each one.
I turned my head, capturing his bottom lip with my mouth. We both moaned and then sighed as our tongues met again. He let me lead the kiss, allowing me to claim him. His hips rose up under me, grinding, seeking some sort of friction.
Breaking from the kiss, I let go of his hands. "Leave them there, baby," I said, slithering down his body, tracing my fingertips over every inch of his chest, before coming to rest on the waist of his jeans.
"Tell me," I said, looking up at him. "How do you want me?"
"I want to see the rest of my payment," he smirked, but then groaned when I chuckled, tugging open the buttons of his jeans.
"I know you do," I snickered. "It's yours. One request...just don't rip them. They're cute, and I'd like to keep them for more than a disposable toy for you."
"You're my toy, Bella. Please hurry," he begged, smiling and shaking his head at me when I giggled again.
I knelt between his legs, releasing him from his jeans. He was hard and twitching in my hands as I licked the liquid at the tip. I wanted to purr at the hiss that released from my husband. Looking up at him through my eyelashes when his hands touched my head, I used my shield to pin his hands up by his head again.
"Dammit, Bella..."
"Just...feel, Edward," I whispered, finally engulfing his cock deep into my mouth.
Due to my shield, he couldn't move, couldn't buck into me, and couldn't grip my hair like he normally did. I reveled in his beautiful face as he panted, watching my every move.
I traced the vein on the underside of his arousal with the tip of my tongue and cupped his balls at the same time, finally swirling around the tip and loving the taste of him. He moaned deep and low, his eyes rolling back, but unable to keep from watching.
I took him in all the way again, my tongue flat against him, humming around him, which caused a string of foul profanities to burst forth from that perfect mouth of his. My underwear flooded at the best sound ever.
"Oh, baby," he groaned, his fists clenched by his head. "Shit...more, more, more..."
I hummed again, speeding up my ministrations, wrapping my other hand around the base of him and giving him a good squeeze as I took him to the very back of my throat. When I swallowed around him, he fell apart, another string of sexy, foul words blessing my ears.
With one last suckling kiss to the tip of his dick, I stepped off of him, taking his jeans down and standing up to remove my own. He sat up, pulling me back between his legs, his fingers lightly caressing my hips and thighs.
The set was really cute, and I'd had no intention of using it as a payment, but it worked. They were every color of the rainbow, plaid, with cute matching boy shorts.
"Mm," he breathed, leaning in to kiss my stomach. "That's even better than I was expecting. And I have enormous expectations, Isabella." His voice rumbled with a deep, smooth purr, setting my whole body on fire.
"That's not your...expectations," I teased with a lick to my lips just to taste him again, snickering when his eyes, gleaming with lust and mischief, shot up to mine. "And I believe the term is gi-normous."
"Perhaps you're right," he smirked, his tongue flicking out to swirl in my bellybutton, his eyes still locked with mine. "Flattery will get you...everywhere, my beautiful, sexy girl."
"Good," I moaned when his fingers gripped my bottom. "Then maybe it will get you to scoot back into that chair, Edward."
He dragged me with him as he settled me on his lap again. This time, the only barrier between us was the thin fabric of my underwear. He leaned back, wrapping his arms around me. He played lightly with the bra's clasp, his eyes begging me to let him remove it. With a just slight nod from me, it was open and on the floor in the blink of an eye.
He was quiet as we both sat touching each other, my hands flat against his abs and pecs, my thumbs brushing across his nipples. His hands were gently cupping my now bare breasts, his face filled with want and fascination and an emotion that I couldn't quite place.
"Tell me what you're thinking," I whispered, leaning down to place a soft kiss to his lips.
"I'm thinking that I'm so very lucky," he started, pulling me back to his lips, his fingers lightly ghosting down my spine as I laid over him. "I hear everything you think, everything you love about me, and sometimes, it doesn't seem real."
"It is," I confirmed, pressing my forehead to his. Our eyes locked, but his hands never stopped gliding over every inch of my exposed skin.
"I know, trust me. I see how happy I make you...and I never, ever thought it would be like this, Bella," he said, his voice breaking on my name. "I'm sorry I ever doubted it."
I pulled back a little, studying his sweet, yet tortured face. He was still dealing painfully with his moment, but handling it well. "Me, too," I said with a shrug. "But I wish you wouldn't go there..."
"I'm not," he promised, shaking his head. "I just love you so much. You asked what I was thinking, and that was it. That this is so damn good, and I never want to mess up."
"You can't mess up," I told him with a smile, cupping his face. "You're better than you think. Damn near perfect at this husband, mate, lover thing."
He nodded, a small smile tugging at his lips. "I'm lucky—not because how beautiful you are and that you're mine, because you're truly stunning—but because you love me so much."
"I do," I said, finally hearing in his voice his breaking point. "Make love to me, Edward."
"Just like this," he whispered after carefully helping me out of the last piece of clothing. He sat back in the chair, keeping me on his lap. "I want you as close as possible, baby..."
I nodded, my mouth meeting his. I gasped against his lips and tongue as his hard cock slipped through my wet folds.
"So wet already," he moaned, gripping my hips and recreating that same friction. "Always ready for me..."
"Yeah," I whined, weaving my fingers into his hair. We were stomach to stomach, nose to nose, but he wasn't inside yet. And I really needed him inside, considering the whole conversation had been touching foreplay. I was so ready, it was painful.
Hearing every thought, he lifted me up slightly and guided me down over him swiftly. I cried out as my eyes rolled into the back of my head, my fingers gripping his hair and his shoulder.
We moved slowly, our mouths barely touching, sharing each gasp, each moan, each deep growl. I gripped his strong shoulders as he guided my hips, eventually leaning me back to capture my nipple in his wet mouth.
I cried out again when his teeth scraped lightly over the sensitive peak.
"My name, baby...say it," he begged, looking up at me through lust hooded eyes as he dragged his tongue flat over the other nipple, not wanting to leave it out.
"Edward," I breathed, sitting back up and rolling my hips aggressively against his, trying to take him deeper.
"Call it out when you come for me, sweet girl," he said, his hand snaking between us to brush against my clit.
He only had to apply the briefest of pressure, the simplest of circles around my nub, before I shattered over him, calling his name again and taking him over the edge with me.
"Bella," he growled, burying his face in my neck and placing a long, slow kiss to my skin. "Baby..."
"More?" I asked, wrapping my arms around his head. I twirled my fingers through his hair over and over as he nodded slowly. "'Kay," I sighed, smiling into his hair when he lifted us up out of the chair.
The next thing I knew, we were deep under the covers of our bed, and Edward loomed over me in the darkness of our comforter bubble. His face was so beautiful as he said, "I can never get enough of you, baby... It consumes me, love."
I nodded, bringing him to me by wrapping my arms and legs around him. "Then love me, Edward."
There wasn't a feeling as debilitating or as wonderful as what Bella called our "moments." I've never felt a sensation like it. It was as if I suddenly possessed tunnel vision, and at the end of that tunnel, there was only her. And I just couldn't get to her quickly enough. I couldn't touch her enough, kiss her enough, or even look at her enough. And I damn well couldn't claim her enough.
If I thought about it, I'd probably realize that I'd been having them just as long as she had – back to when we met, when she was still my fragile, beautiful human girl. Hell, the first time in our meadow was probably one, and I didn't even know it. I wanted her to love me, wanted her to run, and wanted to be with her forever. It's a totally daunting feeling, especially when you added my old habits from being alone for so damn long. I was a cranky old man that suddenly fell head over heels in love like the seventeen year old boy I was frozen as.
I took a deep breath, pressing my lips to the immortal scar above her heart as her fingers traced nonsensical patterns on my back. I couldn't stop from kissing her forehead, her nose, her lips, pulling back to see her loving gaze locked with mine.
I was almost completely back to my senses, the moment having just about thoroughly shut me down. It was times like those that I was really grateful for Bella's ability to stay focused, because the cab ride to the apartment alone could have been...embarrassing. Whatever triggered the feelings had dissipated, leaving just my love for my girl.
"I love you," I sighed, my brow furrowing at how I just had to blurt it out.
She smiled, reaching up to tug the covers down just to see the time, only to yank them back over our heads. "I love you, too, Edward. And I want to watch the sun rise with you. Hold me in the chair, baby."
Tearing the comforter off the bed, we snuggled into the chair, overlooking the skyline. I situated Bella between my legs and wrapped myself and the blankets around her.
We weren't home alone at this point, the family having returned a few hours after we left them at the skating rink. Emmett was the most vigilant, trying to give us space. He was still feeling a touch of guilt from the fight. His mind and heart had shattered at the cries he saw coming from Bella that night. He never, ever wanted to see his baby sister that upset again. His guilt was especially sharp, considering he was the one that had hit me.
"Kevin sleeps so soundly," Bella muttered, her head tilted back on my shoulder.
"You did, too…" I smiled, kissing her neck.
She chuckled. "I was in the safest house on the planet. What else did I need?"
I snickered, kissing her again. "And that's how Kevin feels."
"Good," she sighed, rubbing my thigh.
She was still post-coital – all sweet, quiet, and cuddly – smelling like me and freesias and still a touch of lust. I flattened my hand on her ribs, my thumb just barely brushing the underneath of her breast, testing just how much lust was still lingering.
"Edward," she snickered huskily, nuzzling my jaw.
"Seventeen," I reminded her with a soft chuckle, cupping her breast fully. Her giggle was sweet and sexy as she writhed in my lap, which caused me to hiss sharply when she brushed against my renewed arousal. "This is how you watch the sun rise the right way," I teased, skimming my hand slowly down to the apex of her legs.
She fought her sounds when I cupped her sex possessively, completely aware of everyone that was home, switching to thoughts just for me. You have to keep me quiet, baby...
"Shh, listen," I said, smiling when you could barely hear other amorous activities in the house.
"Oh," she giggled, but it turned into a sweet moan when I slipped my fingers through her wet heat. "More," she whispered, her back arching against me, her hips rising up with the rhythm I'd set.
I lived to watch her come undone at just my touch. To see her mouth hang open, her breathing pick up, and her body undulate with every thrust of my hand, was like living art. Art that only I could create. It was heady and overwhelming, but humbling at the same time. My Bella made the most perfect and sensual muse.
"Come for me, my sweet girl," I urged softly in her ear, suckling on the spot that caused amazing reactions all over her body. I rolled her nipple between my finger and thumb, making her gasp and arch up again.
She turned her head to me, and I knew what she wanted, so I kissed her senseless as her whole body clenched down on me. Without removing my lips from hers, I gripped her waist and positioned myself at her entrance, slipping her down over me. We both moaned, breaking from each other's mouths.
"So good," I panted, squeezing my eyes closed as she rode me slowly, with swiveling hips and gripping hands.
"Oh, yeah." I nodded frantically, wanting to say things that I knew I shouldn't, especially not with the entire family home with us. Instead, I took advantage of the access I had to her body, groping her, gripping her, feeling her soft curves in my hands.
The blanket fell away from us, giving me the most delicious of views reflected back to me in the window – my claiming of my Bella in front of all of New York.
"Tell them, my beautiful girl," I crooned in her ear as my finger circled her clit slowly. "Tell the whole world who you belong to."
"Y-you," she breathed, her head falling back to my shoulder.
"That sounds so good, baby. Again," I begged, dragging my teeth along the side of her neck and finally biting down just to feel her growl so sexily.
"You, Edward," she moaned through gritted teeth, trying to stay as quiet as possible as she shattered around me.
Gripping her hips, I buried myself inside of her as deep as I could, completely losing my control.
Bella wrapped us up back in our blanket, curled into me, and nuzzled my neck. We both stayed quiet as the sun finally rose to another dreary day, occasionally losing ourselves to long, sweet, deep kisses. I had no desire to leave the spot we were in, but the house was starting to come alive.
We ignored Esme making Kevin's breakfast. We ignored Jasper and Emmett playing video games. And we ignored the great debate of whether to charter another flight or fly commercially. Neither of us had an opinion on the matter. But Alice changed everything.
"We don't have a choice!" she stated loudly to Carlisle, but it was totally for our benefit as well. "We need to leave today, or we won't be able to get to the airport. Charter the flight now! Tomorrow will be sunny. And I want to see Charlie!" she snapped, the whole house practically cringing.
Bella snorted, turning in my arms. "Guess we're leaving today, then..."
I chuckled, kissing her nose. "You think, sweet girl?"
"Holy crap, princess," Kevin huffed from the hallway. "Settle the hell down. We'll get you guys ready. Damn."
I chuckled, happily hidden in mine and Bella's room as I helped her pack our bags. There wasn't a snowball's chance in hell I was going anywhere near Alice when she was frantic like today. The only flight we could manage with as many people as we had going was commercial, and it left in almost four hours. We were crunched for time, and Alice was not happy about it.
"Coward," Bella said with a grin, leaning in the door of the closet. "You should be helping them load the cars."
Emmett's booming voice interrupted me before I could speak.
"And I want to hunt fucking bears while we're there...Gawd, I miss fucking bears!" he growled, and in his mind, I could see him flinging his duffel bag so that it landed near the front door.
"Emmett, language!" Esme snapped from somewhere across the apartment. "I will use a bar of soap on the next set of lips that drops the F word in my presence! If you think I'm joking, try me!"
"Oh, damn," Bella snorted, her eyebrows rising high. "Yeah, never mind. Now I see why you're hiding."
"Because I'm brilliant," I chuckled, handing her a few shirts and a couple pairs of jeans. "Alice is pushing this state of affairs, and poor Jasper can't do anything but send it out to everyone else. Have I told you lately that I love the fact that you're a shield?" I asked, wearing the crooked smile that she loved so much.
"Actually, no," she huffed, rolling her eyes at me dramatically. "You should tell me more often. Think of all the disturbing things you're mentally missing out on these days, thanks to me, Mr. Cullen."
"Mm, and you're smart, too, Mrs. Cullen," I added, stalking towards her. "And beautiful and funny and talented..."
She snorted into a laugh as she backed away from me. "And you, sir, are pitiful when it comes to schmoozing me. Pack, Edward. You can regale me with all sorts of compliments once we're on the plane."
"'Kay," I chuckled, wrapping an arm around her and pulling her in for a rough, quick kiss.
When we had one large bag packed and ready to go, we finally emerged from the room and added our stuff to the pile at the door.
"Would Esme really wash your mouth out with soap?" Kevin grinned from the counter bar stools.
"Yes," Emmett growled from the living room. "Don't tempt her."
"That's awesome!" He laughed, shaking his head. "I would just about pay to see that right there."
Bella and I chuckled with him as she walked over to him. "You'll be okay here? And you're spending the holiday with your sister?" she verified with a raised eyebrow.
"Yes, my goddess," he answered, turning to me. "I know, I know. Do exactly what they tell me, Heavy E. Don't go anywhere alone, and don't take candy from strangers..."
"I could care less about the candy," I said with an eye roll to his chuckle. "Just be careful. Demitri and Marcus are close if you need them. And we'll all be back in a few days. The girls want to spend New Year's here in the city."
"Hell, yeah!" Alice and Rose cheered from down the hall. They both emerged with happy faces and two bags each.
"We'll be fine," Adrian confirmed, sitting down next to Kevin.
Finally, the whole family was ready to go. With hugs from the girls, Adrian and Kevin promised to be safe and that they would call if they needed anything.
I fell into my seat by the window in First Class with a relieved sigh. Despite how excited I was to be seeing Charlie, travel was truly a pain in the ass.
By the time we got seated on the plane, I was on edge. First, there was the major debate of scanner versus pat down at the security gate—where we had to choose pat down, because Carlisle was terrified they wouldn't see the heat from our bodies or our non-beating hearts or whatever else he was paranoid about. Then there was Rose's almost meltdown at the ticket desk concerning her extra bag. Added to all of that was Emmett's constant checking on me due to his needless guilt over Edward's injury. I wanted to smack someone, just for some peace and quiet.
Alice's head popped up from the seat in front of me. "Overzealous flight attendant in less than..." She paused, closing her eyes and then opening them again. "Ten seconds."
I chuckled, looking up at the yummy sight of my Edward stowing our carry-on bag in the overhead compartment. His t-shirt and sweater lifted just slightly, giving me the absolute best view of his sweet, lickable abs and that fantastically sexy V that disappeared into his jeans. But as always, Alice was right.
"Can I give you a hand with that, sir?" A tall, leggy blonde with too much perfume and too much make-up slithered up to his side, her eyes drinking in every inch of him – including the few inches of his bare stomach. My lickable stomach.
Edward closed the compartment door after helping an older gentleman with his bag, turning to her to most likely decline with the best of manners. But my patience was done.
Jasper felt it before I did, but I'm not sure I could've been stopped. He groaned, "Oh hell..."
"Does he look handicapped to you?" I snapped, feeling my eyes darken. "Really? You left the elderly woman to struggle behind you for the last two minutes, but you ask him if he needs help?"
My family froze as she paled under my gaze, and for a split second, my shield shifted to push her away. I fought like hell to keep it in, and Edward flinched slightly in my peripheral vision.
"I...well...I didn't see..." she sputtered, the scent of her sweat already contaminating my air.
"No, of course you didn't see," I huffed, rolling my eyes. "Maybe if you did your job, instead of..."
Edward finally moved, taking his seat beside me and picking up my hand with a wry smirk curling at the corners of his mouth. "Don't finish that sentence, my love," he said so low only I could hear it. "I don't feel like seeing you arrested today for assault." His eyes flickered to a smug Alice, who could barely contain her giggles.
"Humph," I snorted, folding my arms across my chest. "Fine. You people are seriously testing my limits today," I muttered, glaring at the attendant.
Rose stood silently behind her, and when the woman didn't move, she said, "Truly...it would be best if you moved along." Her glare on the flight attendant was unwavering and scary. When Leggy continued up the aisle, Rose turned to me with a wink. "Nice, Bells. And I get in trouble for the bitch at the skating rink..."
I snorted, rolled my eyes, and turned my gaze to the window.
"Sweetheart," Edward whispered, and I could totally hear the amusement in his voice as he tucked my hair gently behind my ear.
"Don't," I sighed, refusing to look at him. "She was wrong, rude, and marinates in something musky." I switched to my thoughts, finally meeting his gaze. And you're fucking mine!
He barked a laugh, but reined it in quickly. "With pride, love..."
"Whatever," I smirked, rolling my eyes again. "Emmett should buy his own plane or something. This shit..."
"Bella," Esme warned from the seat behind us. "Don't you start, too."
"Sorry, Esme," I said, pouting, kicking the back of Jasper's seat when he chuckled.
"Baby, stop," Edward chuckled, picking up my hand and kissing my wedding ring. "Look at me," he urged, and I leaned my head back to gaze at his still very amused smile. He mirrored my position, cupping my face. "How's your shield?"
"Fine," I mumbled, suddenly just really needing to have his arms around me.
"Come here," he told me softly, and I burrowed into his neck, breathing deep the only scent that could calm me. "You're so beautiful when you're angry..." He chuckled, placing a kiss to the top of my head.
I snickered, kissing his neck. "You mean when I'm all jealous."
"That wasn't jealousy. She was foul, Bella. You felt it before I heard her thoughts."
"Technically, Alice saw it all first." I smiled at her giggle.
"So..." he sighed into my hair, turning my ring over and over. "Tic Tac Toe or Hangman?"
I laughed, my face burrowing deeper into his chest to muffle the sound as we both lost our composure to the old inside joke going back to the flight on our honeymoon.
We cracked up again when Carlisle snorted, "I don't get it. Why is that funny?"
We changed planes in Atlanta for the last leg of our journey to Sea-Tac. As we settled into our seats again, I noticed we were sitting in just about the same spots as the last plane. Emmett and Rose were to our right across the aisle; Jasper and Alice were in front of us. And Carlisle and Esme were behind us.
There was no leggy blonde on the second plane. This time, she was a red head, and she was all over Carlisle.
Just before take off, she asked Carlisle if he needed anything, using her cleavage as her negotiating perks. When Esme growled low, raising an eyebrow at her, she stepped away. But Edward was overjoyed that it wasn't him, much to the disappointment of his brothers, who had placed a bet that I would snap on the next plane and be arrested as a terrorist.
I popped up over the seat, pointing to Esme. "See?" was all I whined, causing everyone in my family to crack up. "It's not so funny...when it's Dr. Feel Good."
That line, of course, caused Emmett and Jasper to burst into song.
Esme raised a dangerous eyebrow at me, a smug smirk planted firmly on her face. "It's an enormous responsibility to be married to handsome men, little one. It's best you learn that now. It's not always easy to scare off tramps..."
I giggled, giving her a wink. God, I loved her madly. She always knew just what to say to make me feel better. "It's a constant battle, Mom."
"It is." She smiled, giving Carlisle a sharp elbow to his ribs. He just rolled his eyes like Edward normally did.
Edward poked my ribs with a chuckle. "Sit down, silly girl. We have a game to finish."
We were playing our own version of Scattegories. We even went as far as to pick up a few notebooks during our layover in Atlanta. Emmett, Jasper, and Rose were playing, as well. We picked a letter of the alphabet, picked a category, and then only had thirty seconds to write down as many items as we could, starting with that letter. Thankfully, no human was paying attention to exactly how fast we were all writing, but we had faith in Alice to tell us.
Emmett wanted to forgo the letters and just write lists of things. Not surprisingly, they were disturbing lists, but I think he was just trying to get under Rose's skin. Porn movie titles, sexual positions, and euphemisms for the female anatomy were just the tip of the iceberg.
"Speaking of lists, sweet girl," Edward crooned in my ear as we all took a break from the game. The attendants were passing out drinks and snacks.
I snickered, turning to meet his gaze. It was deadly warm, sexy, and totally focused on me. "You...behave," I growled low, switching to thoughts. You do realize we are on a plane, with the parents behind us, and nowhere to go...
He chuckled, nodding slowly, but slid his notebook towards me.
You said you wanted to compare lists again. Tell me.
I pulled the book to me, answering him back.
I much prefer showing you.
My curiosity can only last so long, beautiful, he answered quickly with a scribble of his very pretty penmanship.
I smiled, shaking my head and loving the fact that we were passing notes like we were in middle school in order to avoid the family's curiosity.
A countdown from 10. Together.
He laughed, nodded, and wrote, You first.
I pretended to scrutinized his entire being with a raised eyebrow, which caused him to chuckle again. I looked at his sweet, happy face and sighed, picking up the pen.
You know, this is hard. I could write a thousand things on just your face.
He smiled, leaning over to kiss my temple. "Me, too, love, but you're so stalling..."
"Damn," I chuckled, shaking my head.
10. Shoulders – bare and strong and looming over me.
He nodded and added his own.
beautiful neck and collarbones. It's the best of places to kiss.
9. Thighs... and there are too many reasons why...
9. Then I must go with legs, too. And I agree...too many reasons...
8. That sweet ass.
I wrote that with a giggle, pushing the notebook back to him, and he picked up the pen with a snort and an eye roll.
I'm afraid your perfect little bottom is higher on my list, sweet girl. 8. Your laugh. I want to hear it all day, every day.
Okay, so I melted a little with that one. I picked up the pen and thought hard. In all reality, what I wrote next was everything about him that I loved in its simplest form, but he studied me, hearing my thoughts.
7. Your heart and mind. And this list is useless without it.
I agree. And your soul, too, love. That's my 7 as well.
So we were getting sappy and sweet, but not for long. With an evil grin, I took the pen from him.
6. Your stomach...and abs...and that little V thing...and your chest...I want to lick them for days...
The pen was snatched from my hand.
I get it! See how you like it... 6. Those perfect breasts of yours. They taste so sweet...and they fit my hands...
5. That big, perfect...only I ever get to revel in it's beauty...cock. It's all mine, it's perfect, and it's the sweetest tasting thing on you.
He growled low, and his eyes were pitch for a split second when I looked up at him. I smiled, licking my bottom lip, just imagining the taste of him. My eyes betrayed me, as they glanced down to his lap.
"Bella," he whined, his head shaking back and forth in a warning.
"Your game...deal with the consequences," I teased, kissing his lips roughly.
"Fine," he smirked, taking the pen from me again.
5. That pretty little bottom of yours. See? I told you it was higher on my list.
I giggled, rolling my eyes.
Really, these should be higher, they kind of tie with number three, but whatever... my 4 is your hands. I love them with an addiction only rivaled by a heroin addict.
Edward laughed, his head falling back to the head rest of his seat, and then he said, "Okay..." With a chuckle, he pulled the notebook towards him and gave me the signal to shield him. I frowned and settled my shield down over him. With the deadliest of smirks, he began to write.
Oh, love...the hands fit with my number 4... That beautiful pussy of yours calls to me every minute of the day... There's nothing better than...
I snatched book and pen from him, quickly turning the page over. I gave him a pointed glare and opened my mind to him. You let Dirty Edward out on paper? Have you lost your mind?
He covered his face with his chuckle, shaking his head and waving for me to go on. He was so adorable at the moment, looking all naughty and yet totally busted, that I wanted to kiss him senseless.
He leaned over, kissing my lips softly after hearing my thoughts. "Please finish...I'm dying to know the rest..."
I snorted, looking at him out of the corner of my eye as he continued to laugh quietly.
Fine...my number 3 is your hair. It's just you...and it's soft and crazy and I love it.
I have a feeling our lists will mesh towards the end. Your hair is my number 3 as well.
2. Your mouth...and all the fantastic things you do to me with it.
Again...my number 2 is the same. And since DE isn't allowed in print...I can't elaborate, my sexy girl.
My laugh barked out of me, causing a few stares our way, but we ignored them.
My number 1, most absolute favorite thing is your voice, baby. Whether you're just humming to me, or telling me you love me, or singing, or even talking about finances, I could listen to you all day. It's soothing and sweet. It keeps me calm, and it drives me crazy. It can pull me out of the darkest of bad moods.
The look I received was so warm, so sweet, that I couldn't help but reach up and cup his face. "I love you," he mouthed to me, slowly taking the pen again.
Your eyes are my number 1, love. They're warm and soft, the sweetest of chocolate. They pull me in and tell me everything about you, even when I can't hear your mind. They fill with love when you see me, and I could drown in them. They are the very first thing I noticed about you, and the last thing I want to look at should I be pulled from this earth. They are the very essence of you, and the epitome of your love for me. And I should thank you more often for leaving them brown.
Yeah, he totally got kissed to oblivion for that one. And if it had been a game, he'd have won hands down. I had to force myself to pull away from him, lest I molest him in the middle of a completely full airplane.
I thought the flight would never end. As Edward and I snuggled under his leather jacket, both with an earbud in our ear, I just breathed deep the essence of leather and him. We were listening to a wide range of songs on his iPhone, both him and other talents. I nuzzled his cheek, linking our fingers together under his coat as I turned his wedding band slowly, comfortingly.
I forgot one on my list, but perhaps it's a stand alone thing...
He chuckled, kissed my ear, and asked, "What's that, baby?"
Your musical talent, Edward. It's everything about you that I love. It's a constant sound coming from you.
He smiled, taking a deep breath. "That is a stand alone thing, because I love your stories."
I grinned, looking up at him from his shoulder. "You mean like the ones I gave to Toby?"
"Mmhm, indeed. They're fantastic."
Hundred year old vampire likes children's stories...who knew? I teased, giggling at his poke to my stomach.
The pilot announced our approaching landing, just as I lost myself to Edward's sweet kisses. We pulled apart with a groan and a sigh of relief for the end of the long plane ride.
I smiled, looking out the window and handing him back his leather jacket.
"What's that sweet smile for, beautiful girl?"
"Christmas at the Forks house," I explained with a grin, biting my bottom lip.
He chuckled, but his face held a reverent glow of understanding. "Home," he said, kissing my cheek and knowing that the Cullen home in Forks would always mean something above and beyond special for us. "I say we at least go to our meadow once."
"Oh God, please!" I begged, cupping his face. "Can we?"
"Anything, love," he promised. "We can get your car out of storage, too, baby."
"Ooh, damn," I gasped, having forgotten all about my old refurbished Ferrari. Rose and the boys had done an amazing job fixing up that car. It ran like a dream.
The plane landed, and we grabbed our stuff, renting two cars. My breath hitched as the "Welcome to Forks" sign finally came into view. I sniffed the air, memories flooding my mind, heart, and soul.
"I didn't get a chance to introduce myself...I'm Edward Cullen," he'd said, his eyes a sweet light honey, with a voice as smooth as silk. And he was just as beautiful then as he was now.
"I said that we shouldn't be friends...not that I didn't want to be..."
"So why'd you move to the wettest place in the Continental US?"
"How old are you?"
"How long have you been seventeen?"
"How'd you get in here?"
"Through the window. I like to watch you sleep...it's fascinating."
"So the lion fell in love with the lamb..."
"What a stupid lamb," I breathed, just melting under his sweet but tortured gaze.
"What a sick, masochistic lion..."
I turned to see Edward's warm gaze on me, reliving every moment through my thoughts. He huffed a small, light laugh, but nodded once. "Yeah, sweet girl."
I nodded, my face pained, I was sure. "I love you," I mouthed to him.
He picked up my hand, looking to the road in order to turn onto the hidden driveway of our old, but first true home. "Me, too, baby. And welcome back, love."


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