Tuesday, March 20, 2001 | By: Drotuno

An Angel's Promise Chapter 44

Day One:
"A whole week, Bella," Edward growled against my lips, pressing me into our front door. "I'm not kidding."
"Maybe longer," I countered, searching his pockets frantically for the keys. "Holy hell, Edward...get us inside..."
Thank God that we arrived home in the middle of the night and the neighbors couldn't see us. And thank God, Edward thought to take a cab home, instead of having the family drop us off, because somewhere between the plane landing and the cab stopping in front of our front door, we lost all control.
I'm pretty sure the taxi driver got a huge tip for our behavior, not to mention a few other kinds of tips on how to thoroughly kiss a girl senseless in the backseat of a car, because that was completely what I was...senseless.
"Inside jacket pocket, baby," he whispered, but gripped my hair on both sides of my head as he ravished my lips, making me forget what a jacket fucking was.
His tongue invaded my mouth, simulating all the places I wanted that tongue on, in, and around on my body. I wanted him on so many levels that it was overwhelming. Dragging my teeth over his bottom lip, I broke away from his searing, sexy, all-consuming kiss.
"Fuck this," I growled, reaching for his belt and snapping it open in a flash.
"You better be quiet," I commanded, while popping open his jeans and sliding down the front of him to my knees, "'cause this...I need this..."
"Sweetheart...oh, fuck," he gasped as I took his throbbing arousal into my hands.
"So hard, Edward..." I whispered, looking up at him and licking my lips, before sinking my mouth down over him.
"I've been that way through the whole cab ride," he mumbled as one of his hands slipped into my hair and the other one braced himself on our front door.
"Mmhm," I hummed around him, hearing the amazing hiss of his breath.
I had a feeling, just a mere intuition that this next week was going to be all sorts of debauchery. A full week—if not more, because I was seriously contemplating shielding us away for a month—of no hiding, no family to hear us, and free-range Dirty Edward. Hell, free-range Dirty Edward, Sweet Edward, Possessive Edward, Dominate Edward, but especially Naked Edward. That was a must...lots of Naked Edward. I would seriously consider banning clothes at least the rest of the week.
I twirled my tongue around the tip of his dick, my eyes locking with his. The sexiest, nearly trembling, crooked smile graced his lips, from not only what I was doing to him, but the last thoughts that had just run through my mind, I was sure.
His long fingers gripped my hair, his hand guiding my head as I took him in and out of my mouth, deeper and deeper. I allowed my teeth to graze against his skin as I came up off of him, only to drag my tongue back down his shaft.
I watched as his eyes rolled to the back of his head when I sucked every inch of him. I hummed around him when his hand gripped tighter in my hair, and squeezed my own thighs together when his head fell back, finally losing himself down my throat.
I faintly heard the jingle of keys and the sound of a zipper being pulled up.
"Come here, baby," Edward whispered, pulling me up into his arms. "I'm so very far from being through with you."
He didn't rush, didn't run up the stairs, but wrapped a loving arm around me and guided us into our room. Once we were inside, he turned me around, placing his hands at the base of my neck, his thumbs lovingly caressing the skin behind each of my ears.
"Bella, I want you in our room, our bed," he said, his voice pure velvet, pure reverence as he walked me backwards further into the room.
I inhaled deeply, my eyes closing at the scents around me. It was a beautiful mixture of Edward and me, light cleaning products of the service that Esme had set up, and home.
The backs of my legs met the edge of the bed, and we stopped, not able to do anything but stare at each other.
"I love you so much," I sighed, finally reaching for his face.
"Get on that bed, and I'll show you how much I love you, sweet girl," he crooned, reaching behind his neck to grip his shirt and tug it off over his head.
I sat down on the edge of the bed as he reached for the bottom of my shirt, tossing it to the floor once he'd pulled it off. Clothes were discarded as we inched to the center of our bed—his pants, my jeans, socks, shoes, my underwear all were tossed without regard to the floor.
Hands gripped, lips met, and groans echoed through our bedroom. Whispers of love and need and want were breathed across sensitive skin. And as Edward slid into me, I knew this week would be something to remember.
Day Two:
Twenty-four hours after I'd ravished Edward at our front door, we still hadn't removed ourselves from the bedroom.
I lay across our bed on my stomach, gazing up at our collection of family photos on the wall, as Edward's fingers traced nonsensical patterns across my bare shoulder, back, and bottom.
"What's your favorite up there?" he asked softly, shifting so that most of his body covered mine and his chin rested on my shoulder blade.
I snuggled closer and smiled. "I can't choose. I think that's why the collage gets bigger all the time. What about you?"
He smiled against my skin, placing a kiss there. "Hmm," he sighed contentedly, and I shifted just enough to watch his warm, honey eyes study the wall. "I do love that one Jasper took..." he noted softly, gesturing to the far right, "...where you're reading a note from me."
I giggled, grabbing his hand and bringing that same pointing finger to my lips. "I'll always love that wedding picture Renee took," I told him, using his own hand to point.
Renee had taken some of the most amazing candid pictures at the reception of our wedding, but the one we'd printed, framed, and hung on the wall was when I'd just thrown the bouquet—aimed right at a cranky Lauren on purpose—and Edward had shot the garter to the men—aimed right at Mike Newton. We were laughing hysterically. Edward's arms were around me from behind, but we were smiling at what we'd done. Nothing, and I mean nothing, but pure happiness radiated out of that picture as our eyes were locked, and no one else mattered at the reception.
"Hmm, that is a good one," Edward mused, still gazing up at the wall. "What about that one...from the football game in Portland?"
"High school, round two," I sighed dramatically, kissing the top of Edward's head as best I could and smiling at his chuckle.
Jasper had taken that one. He and I were on the school newspaper when we went back to high school, and Jasper hardly went anywhere without his camera. He'd been so sweet to capture a few really nice pictures that year. The football game, he'd told me, was a moment he had to capture on film, because he said Edward and I were exuding such love and connection at that moment that he couldn't help himself.
The picture showed Edward sitting on the bottom bleacher, with me standing between his legs. Our foreheads were touching as I played with the hair at his neck. Edward's hands were around my waist. Soft smiles graced our features as we just barely touched noses.
What was funny, and it wasn't noticeable unless you really looked, but there were people around us at the time Jasper took the photo. The field could be seen, with players looking our way, and just to the right, I could faintly make out Pam and a few friends staring at us. They were all blurry, except for us, but they were there.
"Yeah, I like that one," I snickered, biting my bottom lip.
"I really like our first prom picture from Forks," he muttered, his eyes looking up at the top of the collage.
That picture always brought strange feelings to me. I was still human in the picture, gazing up at Edward in wonder, and he looked handsome, beautiful, but nervous and unsure. What didn't show in the picture was the cast on my leg from the fight with James, but it did show the insecurity I carried about the man next to me.
The train of thought that always went with that picture was that it was the end of the junior year, and Edward was gone by September of senior year.
"Okay, what about that one? The one Carlisle took on his phone?" I asked, pointing to the bottom of the collage.
That had been taken some time between my change and our wedding, and Carlisle had purchased a new phone, but he'd snapped the picture at almost the perfect time, just testing his new toy. Edward and I were in the back yard of the Cullen's home in Forks, and I was sitting on the small wall of Esme's garden. I was smiling up at Edward as he tucked a daisy behind my ear.
"Okay, beautiful, you're right. There's no picking a favorite," he chuckled, shifting around so that he could roll me over onto my back.
"What about our names on the wall in Verona?" I asked, running my hands up his strong shoulders.
"Good one," he crooned, leaning down to kiss my shoulder. "The one of you on the beach on our honeymoon?"
I giggled, turning my head to kiss his jaw. "The one of you and the boys on stage in Boston?"
"Groupie," he teased with a deep, sexy chuckle. "Hmm, what about you in that pretty skirt the first Saint Marcus day festival?"
"Was that before or after you told me the condom story?" I laughed, my head falling back as he nipped his teeth roughly at my neck. "God, that was so cute! I couldn't stand it!"
"I'm glad I can amuse you, Mrs. Cullen," he snorted, pulling back from my neck. He lifted up and settled back between my legs.
"You do more than amuse me, Mr. Cullen," I chuckled, moaning when he shifted his hips against mine.
"Tell me," he commanded in that way that made my whole body twitch.
"You care for me."
"I do."
A hand slipped up my side and cupped my breast.
"You make me happy," I sighed, my eyes closing when his lips met the opposite breast.
"That's good to hear," he said, smiling against my nipple and placing the softest of kisses to the tip.
"It's true. You also...hmm," I sighed in complete want of him, looking up to meet his gaze, "kiss me."
"A lot," he said, slipping up my body just a little and pressing his lips to mine, only to turn his head and delve his tongue into my mouth, leaving me breathless. With just a shift of his hips, he slipped slowly and deeply inside of me.
"And..." I panted, wrapping all that I had around him to bring him closer, "...you love me."
Again, he smiled, but it was soft and loving and oh so warm. "Yeah...yeah, I do..."
I nodded, because that was all I could do. I nodded, because I suddenly lost the ability to speak. And I nodded, because I could feel just how much he did love me.
Day Three:
"He's totally gonna kick that guy's ass," my usually sweet girl growled as we spent a lazy day on the sofa.
"You think so?" I asked, trying not to laugh at her excitement.
"Well, he should," she huffed, folding her arms across her chest.
We were watching movie after movie, the most recent being—and the one that had my wife in such a state—The Expendables.
While the movie wouldn't win any awards, I had to admit it was at least entertaining. It had every big name from just about every huge action film ever made, but it was Jason Statham's character that Bella was yelling at.
His character came back from a mission to find his girl with another man, but when he paid her a second visit, he saw that she'd been beaten by that other man. And that was what had my girl all tied up in knots on our sofa as she growled at the TV.
"You just like that Ducati he's riding around on, my love," I teased her, nudging her with my elbow.
"Mm, that is a sweet bike," she giggled, looking over at me, her chocolate eyes sparkling with mischief. "And no…I don't need one."
I laughed, my head falling back. My girl knew me all too well.
"Fine," I sighed, pulling her to me and laying us down on our sides. "Looks like you're getting your wish. He's truly kicking not only the guy's ass, but all of his friends' asses, too."
"Good," she growled. "He deserves it! What the hell was she thinking?"
I grinned, shaking my head, but unable to keep myself from kissing the back of her head. I took a deep breath, and said, "Believe me, he wants to do more than just beat him up. You wouldn't let me…"
"Edward, don't go there," she whispered. "I couldn't let you kill Jacob. Period. It wouldn't have been right."
"Humph," I scoffed. "I disagreed at the time, but you ended up right."
"Jake was so…confused, and I wasn't any help," Bella said, pausing the movie and rolling over to face me.
"Oh, Bella," I chuckled darkly, "I almost didn't heed your advice, sweet girl. I wanted…he hurt you, and I just about…"
Bella giggled. "And look at me now," she sighed, wrapping her arms around my neck. Her lips met mine softly. "Maybe I just didn't want to see you kill someone I'd grown up with, Edward, despite what he'd done…"
I breathed heavily through my nose, flashes of her bruises, her tears, her clinging to me in her dreaming state playing like a film in my mind. "Maybe…" I conceded slightly. "However, I'd like to see him try to hit you now," I chuckled.
"He'd walk with a limp," she muttered, rolling her eyes at my laugh. "All four legs, mind you…"
"Exactly." I grinned proudly. "Watch the movie, baby, before I decide to test your strength myself," I purred in her ear.
"Tease," she laughed, turning over and starting the movie up.
Day Four:
I knew that we wouldn't be left completely alone for a week. It was irrational to think that we would be. Though my family stayed away, understanding our personalities without teasing, other people in our lives didn't know about the week-long seclusion we'd chosen to hide ourselves in.
I also knew my wife just couldn't be home and not take care of the place. Esme had set up a cleaning service to open up our house, as well as the Cullen home, prior to our return, but my Bella liked doing her own laundry, putting it away, and straightening the house. It was her way—I was told by every woman in my family—of making our house a home. Nesting, they called it.
Bella also liked fresh flowers, something that she most likely learned from Alice and Esme. Esme would grow the flowers, but Alice loved to place random bouquets throughout the houses we'd lived in through the years. And that was where my girl was when our private little bubble of seclusion burst—the front garden, picking flowers for the top of my piano, as loads of laundry washed in the machine in the back room.
"Hi, Mrs. Baxter," she chirped, seeing the old neighbor lady cross the street.
I watched from the music room window as the old woman trundled up the path to our front garden. She was a sweet woman, and my wife absolutely adored her. But apparently, things had changed while we'd been away.
"Oh, Isabella," Mrs. Baxter said, smiling sweetly and gesturing to the flowers in Bella's hands, "aren't those fantastic. You're lucky that gardening service took care of them while you were away. I trust you're back for a while?"
"We are," my girl sighed in relief. "We had a family emergency that took us back to the States for quite a while. How are you?"
"Well, my dear, that's why I came over. I wanted to let you know that Mr. Baxter passed while you were gone," the old woman sighed, and I flinched at the sadness, the loneliness in her thoughts.
"Oh, no," my Bella gasped, taking Mrs. Baxter's hand. "Come inside. I'll put these in a vase and make you a cup of tea."
I shot upstairs to put a t-shirt on, having only been wearing jeans while sitting at my piano, and my girl was mentally warning me as she helped Mrs. Baxter up our front steps. By the time I came back down, the both of them were coming in the front door.
"Hello, Mrs. Baxter," I greeted her.
"Edward." She smiled, blushing slightly. "Welcome home. It's nice to have you two back."
"Thank you. It's nice to be back. What brings you over this morning?" I asked, even though Bella was already starting a kettle for water.
"Oh, Edward," my girl sighed, "Mr. Baxter passed away while we were gone."
"I'm very sorry. Is there anything you need?" I asked her, while helping her sit down at our kitchen table.
"Oh, I'm sure I can come up with a few things for a strong back," she chuckled, falling into the chair with a sigh.
"Anything, okay? You just let us know. May I ask what happened?" I inquired as I took a steaming cup, milk, and sugar from Bella so that she could put her flowers in a vase.
"The fool smoked like a bloody chimney," she huffed, rolling her eyes. "He'd been told by every doctor to slow down, to get a complete checkup, but he didn't listen, the stubborn old goat," she chortled, but I could see the tears, smell them as they filled her eyes. "Heart attack," she finally said after a brief pause.
I wasn't quite sure where to take the conversation, but my Bella did.
"How long were you married?" she asked, kissing my cheek, before sitting down across from our neighbor.
"Oh, now…let's see… Fifty two years," she said with a smile.
"Wow," Bella gasped with a smile.
I listened to both women's minds as I left them to chat, sitting back down to my piano. Bella couldn't quite grasp fifty two years married, but Mrs. Baxter was remembering every detail of hers. She was still quite sharp.
They'd married in the late fifties, both young, both still in school, but they'd been eager, in love. It was a small church ceremony just outside of London, where his family still resided. Mr. Baxter was studying journalism, finally taking a position in London, and he worked there until he retired just a few years back. They'd lived in the same house across the street the entire time.
From what I knew about the old woman already, she was an independent soul, tutoring children in her spare time, but really, she enjoyed just being Mrs. Baxter—a thought that caused me to smile, before starting to play.
I didn't want to disturb them, but I'd missed my piano while we'd been gone. I started softly, but detailed, keeping to classical. I fed off of the moods in the kitchen, so Chopin was first, followed eventually by Debussey, making my Bella giggle.
"Clair de Lune makes you smile like that?" Mrs. Baxter chuckled.
"It does when he's been playing it for me since we met," Bella laughed.
I snorted into a silent laugh, but played the song that reminded me of the first time my girl ever sat in my car. It reminded me of her scent, her secretive smiles, her stunning blushes. It reminded me of the first time I realized that there was more to the beautiful girl than I was expecting. She liked classical literature, classical music, and me.
I grinned, but was quite grateful my back was to the two women in the next room.
"He's talented," Mrs. Baxter noted. "What will you do now that you're back, Isabella?"
Normally, my girl corrected her name with everyone, but not Mrs. Baxter, and for a moment, I was curious as to why.
"Edward's taking a break from the hospital, so we may travel a bit," my Bella explained the way we'd discussed. "I may take a few classes again next year. We're really just playing it by ear. But for right now, we're just getting settled back in."
"Oh, which reminds me! Edward," Mrs. Baxter called.
"Yes, ma'am," I said, getting up and leaning in the doorway, though I knew what she was about to ask.
"There is something you can do for me. I have a few things boxed up that I need to put away in my attic. Would you mind?"
"Not at all," I told her, shaking my head. "Whenever you're ready."
Bella said her goodbyes and told Mrs. Baxter that she'd check on her later.
"Thank you, and I'll give you back your husband as soon as possible," she laughed softly.
"That's good to know," my Bella laughed, giving me a wink as I followed the elderly woman back to her house.
Mrs. Baxter was quiet, mentally noting her house was too silent, too empty, and my heart went out to her. She pointed to three rather large boxes that were standing in her living room. They were things she wouldn't dare get rid of, but couldn't bear to look at, either. They'd belonged to her husband.
In all reality, I could have taken all three boxes up to the attic in one trip, but I couldn't in front of her, so I carefully toted each one up there, putting them in the closest open space.
Once I was finished, I turned to her. "I am sorry for your loss, Mrs. Baxter. We're not far, if you need anything."
She smiled sweetly, nodded, and picked up a vase. "Give this to Isabella. It was a gift at my wedding, but she'll put it to better use, I think."
I chuckled. "I'll tell her. She'll love it," I told her, knowing that my wife would love the history behind it more than the actual vase itself.
I started down the driveway, but she stopped me.
"Thank you, Edward."
"Yes, ma'am," I said with a wave, but almost stumbled at her sadness.
She was lonely; she missed her husband, because he was all she knew. Despite her independence, she was feeling truly alone for the first time in years. Her husband had always worked, but he came home almost the same time every day. Her children were grown, with lives of their own. She wasn't quite sure what to do with herself.
I stopped, turned around, and looked at her. "Mrs. Baxter, my wife and mother will be making cookies for the kids at the hospital next week. I'm…um…pretty sure they could use your help…"
"Biscuits, Edward," she chuckled, nodding, "and I'd be glad to help. Have Isabella come get me."
I smiled, understanding the correction, and waved again.
I walked into my house, hearing Bella in the laundry room. I leaned in the doorway, just to gaze at her.
"I'm sorry our week was interrupted, Edward," Bella said softly, looking up from the basket she was currently folding.
I shrugged and smiled, holding out the vase. "She sent you this."
"Pretty," she cooed, "but why?" She turned the vase over in her hands, looking at the detailed flowers painted along its side.
"She wanted you to have it. It was a wedding present to her. She said you'd use it more than she would," I told her. She set it down carefully. "She's also going to help with cookies next week."
My girl laughed, shook her head, and went back to our clothes. "Edward Cullen, I will get you to help me bake one day!"
I laughed, holding my hands up in surrender. "No, I wasn't trying to get out of it, but she's lonely, sweetheart. I just thought… I mean…"
Bella stopped and stared up at me. "You gave her something to look forward to…"
"Yeah, kinda…" I shrugged again, not knowing how else to put it.
She pushed the clothes back on the little counter, saying, "Come here," and hopped up to sit in the space she'd cleared.
I walked to her, stepping between her legs by instinct. She was wearing light sweatpants and a t-shirt, looking like the girl I first met.
"That was really sweet, baby," she said, wrapping her legs around me to pull me closer.
"They'd been together twice as long as they'd been single," I explained with a grimace. "I can't imagine how she feels right now, despite hearing her thoughts."
My sweet girl reached up to brush my hair from my forehead. "Lost," she sighed quietly. "I'm pretty sure she's feeling hollow…"
I nodded, letting her pull my head down so that she could kiss my forehead. I studied her face as she looked up at me, and we were quiet for moment.
"I'm lucky," I sighed, taking a cleansing breath. "I…we…never have to feel that."
"No, we don't," she said, a sad little smile curling the corners of her mouth. "I'm glad you see it that way, Edward. For a long time, you didn't."
"I know," I whispered, leaning in to press my lips to hers. I pressed my hands flat on her back, just to be able to feel as much of her as close to me as possible. "I know," I said again.
"Forever, Edward…"
I nodded vehemently, kissing her again. What started as soft, comforting, slowly built like a forest fire, raging around us. I gripped the back of her hair, turning her head so I could deepen the kiss, fill her mouth with my tongue. I suddenly was ravenous for her.
"Do you…" I panted, squeezing my eyes closed in order to be considerate of my Bella…and her time. "…have to finish this?"
She smiled against my cheek. "I don't have to do anything. Our house. Our rules."
"Good," I growled, scooping her up off of the little counter and tossing her over my shoulder, "because we've been out of bed for far too long."
My girl squealed into a laugh as I tore through our house. "You're still baking cookies next week, mister…"
I grinned, smacked her bottom lightly, and tossed her onto our bed. "We'll see…"
"Oh, no," she huffed, fighting her smile in order to maintain her sternness as she pointed a finger at me. "There's no 'we'll see,' Edward!"
I chuckled and tugged my t-shirt off. "Negotiations later…"
She snorted into a laugh as I landed on top of her. "Hmm," she mused, her eyes sparkling with mischief, "the things I could get you to do…"
"Some things…you don't even have to ask," I chuckled darkly, finally succumbing to my desire to kiss her. "Some things," I whispered against her cheek, dragging my lips to her ear, "I'm more than willing to do for you…or to you."
"Edward," she moaned, feeling my arousal press against her thigh.
I smiled down at her. "Let me show you…"
Day Five:
"Hey, Dad," I sang into the phone, trying so hard not to sound as breathless as I was.
Edward's head shot up from my stomach, a small smile playing on his lips that screamed indulgence, frustration, and "I'll be over here when you're done talking to your father."
"Sorry," I mouthed to him as he sighed, kissed my forehead, and got up.
"No worries, love," he chuckled softly.
"Bells! So, you're back home, huh?" Charlie asked in my ear, as I watched my gorgeous husband lift himself up from the couch where we'd slowly tangled ourselves into a really fabulous knot.
Edward shot me an eye roll and a wink, walking out of the living room in nothing but a pair of pajama bottoms.
"Yeah, we're home, Dad," I said, trying to keep the whine out of my voice as my head fell back onto the seats of the sofa. "We're just getting settled back into normal. How are you?"
"Well, that's kind of why I was calling, because Sue said I should tell you…give you the chance,"—he snorted into the phone—"to say 'I told you so'."
I giggled, shaking my head. "Okay, Dad, I give. What did you do now?"
"Sue finally got me to go get a physical," he harrumphed.
My grin fell, and I closed my eyes. "And?"
"The doc says I have to stop eating at the diner," he chuckled.
I snorted into a laugh. "Wow, I've only been saying that since I moved in."
"That's what Sue said," he snickered. "But other than the fact I have to eat Cheerios every day, I'm just fine, Bells."
"Good," I sighed, squeezing my eyes closed. "Keep it that way, Dad. Do what they tell you…everything. Got me?"
"Loud and clear, Bells," he vowed, and I could almost imagine him nodding into the phone. "Sue said to tell you if I step one toe out of line, she's calling you."
I laughed. "I knew I liked her."
"My life no longer belongs to me," he sighed dramatically into the phone.
"You've lived quite the bachelor's life, Dad. It all ended when I moved to Forks."
"Love you, kiddo," he said with a chuckle. "Check in soon, okay, Bells?"
"Sure, Dad."
"I got a call to go to, kid. Talk to you soon, huh?"
"Love you…"
I set the phone down on the coffee table, wondering what I would feel the day the news about Charlie's health wasn't good, wasn't delivered with a laugh. I could imagine my step-mother wasn't the reason behind my father's trip to the doctor, because I knew Charlie. Now that he knew about us, now that he knew that I would live way past him, he would want to be there as long as he could. He would never say it, but I saw right through it.
I was still lying on the couch with my legs hanging off the end, when Edward strolled gracefully back into the room. He walked to the end of the sofa, holding my legs when I playfully kicked at his thighs. He said nothing, just gazed at me as his fingers caressed my calves.
"Charlie has high cholesterol," I told him in a quiet voice. "No more diner…"
He smiled, picking up my leg and kissing the top of my foot. "Sue finally got him to the doctor, I see. He's okay then?" he chuckled, kissing the other foot.
"Yeah." I smiled and nodded, biting my bottom lip at the simple touch of his hands on my skin.
"I'm glad you still have him, Bella," he said so sincerely. "I'm glad you didn't lose that in this life."
"I'm very lucky, Edward," I told him. "In many, many ways."
I looked at him, and it seemed like he had something to say, but he stayed quiet, just looking at me. He was so handsome, his features smooth, calm, and happy since we'd been home, just the two of us. For a moment, I wondered if my face showed the same.
"Yes," Edward whispered, nodding and smirking. "I imagine Marcus would say we were a healthy green."
I giggled, holding my arms out for him, but he shook his head, swallowing thickly.
"Where were we, baby?" I asked, laughing when he pulled my legs around him, which caused my ass to slide up onto the arm of the sofa, leaving most of my weight on my upper back.
He grinned, gripping my thighs. "Let's see," he mused with a false sincerity. "I believe I'd commented on the fact that you're only wearing my t-shirt."
"Yes, a fact that made my underwear end up over there," I chuckled, pointing to the recliner in the corner.
"Exactly," he huffed, his brow wrinkling, but his smile was barely hidden. "Then, I believe I told you what seeing you in my clothes does to me. Do you remember what that was?"
"Um," I said, looking up at the ceiling and tapping my chin as his fingers skimmed ever so lightly up my thighs. "I think you said it made me look… What was the word?"
"Delicious," he purred, his eyes black as pitch as he licked his lips. "Take that shirt off, love…"
I reached down, gripping the hem, and wriggled out of his t-shirt. I let it fall to the floor beside the sofa, which left me completely naked on the cushions.
"Did you know why I wanted a week to ourselves, Bella?" he asked, but his voice was husky as his breath pushed out against the skin of my thigh.
I shook my head, because all thought processes left my brain the very second my eyes watched his tongue glide up skin. In the position I was in, I practically had a front row seat to what he was doing.
"I'm sure you have an idea, love," he said, gliding his tongue over the crease of my leg.
Oh, he was so doing this on purpose. He was making me watch him torment me. He was deliberately avoiding the places I wanted his mouth the most.
Edward fought his smile by hiding behind a kiss to my mound. "Mm, baby, I wanted to be able to have you at a second's notice. I wanted to fuck you, lick you, claim you any time the thought crossed my mind."
"Your mind is constantly in the gutter then, Edward," I teased, my voice cracking on the last word when his breathy laugh ghosted across my wet center, awakening every nerve ending I had.
"As you know, Isabella, our minds can process a great many things at the same time," he crooned, applying pressure to my thighs so that I would open up for him.
"So what you're telling me is…that while you're playing the piano or helping Mrs. Baxter across the street pull that branch out of her yard, you're fantasizing about licking my pussy, baby?" I asked, with an innocent lilt to my voice.
He grinned, licking his lips. "Absolutely. Always. Licking it, kissing it, fucking it… the list is endless, my dirty mouthed girl."
"That should be perverted, Edward…but God, it's hot," I giggled, shaking my head. "I love that."
"I'm glad you approve, baby," he said, leaning in closer to my center. "I want you to watch me eat you alive, Bella. You taste amazing, love."
My breath caught in my throat when his tongue snaked out, gliding over my pussy. To feel it was one thing; to watch him, with his eyes locked onto mine, was another level of sexy altogether. And it wasn't just that. He knew exactly how to bring me to the very edge of oblivion and stop. He knew that I loved long, flat licks over my whole center, that I loved long, hard, sucking kisses to my clit, and he knew exactly when to add his fingers.
I could barely watch him, but when my eyes rolled back, his mouth left my flesh. "Oh, no," he growled. "Eyes on me, or you won't come, sweetheart."
His fingers curled just right, and my hips rose up off the arm of the sofa, trying to meet the same rhythm that he was creating.
"Eyes on me, love," he commanded, leaning back down over me once my gaze locked with his. "That's my girl…"
Again, he tortured me with everything he knew would push me. It took all I had to keep my eyes on his, as my body started to fill with the burn, the tingles that always started in my stomach and spread throughout my limbs.
"Tell me when you come, baby," he said, dragging his teeth lightly across my clit.
"Now, fuck…now," I groaned, my breath catching in my chest. "God, Edward…"
My fingers clenched into a fist, my toes curled, and my whole body arched as he drank everything that I gave him. Edward hummed in appreciation as my whole being went limp. With one last kiss to each hip bone, he crawled up my body.
"Don't move me," I sighed, "because I think I'm paralyzed."
He chuckled softly, brushing the hair away from my face, his smile sweet, but a little smug. "Impossible, beautiful."
"I think you're wrong," I panted, reaching for his face with weak arms, and he turned to kiss my palm. "And I think you do that to incapacitate me…"
He laughed softly, his head falling to my shoulder. "I do that, because you taste like all things perfect…like love and warmth and pure lust. It's quite addictive, my love," he said sexily against my neck, placing a loving kiss to the soft spot behind my ear, suckling the skin.
His hips shifted just enough for me to suddenly realize that he didn't have his pajama bottoms on anymore, and his arousal was steel hard against my thigh.
I moaned at the feel of him, my hands slipping down his back just to feel every muscle, every hard edge of him. And he felt so good.
"More, Edward…" I said, sounding a little like whining.
He pulled us up further on the couch, his mouth still open against my neck. He growled low when his arousal slipped through my wet heat.
"Let me love you, sweet girl," he whispered, his teeth gliding across my throat. He licked up to my ear, growling a purr when his tip slipped just inside my entrance. "Wider, baby…"
My eyes rolled back as my legs spread for him, letting him completely take me over. With one full thrust, he filled me completely, making me feel totally and utterly whole.
Day Six:
I closed my eyes, letting the feel of a soft breeze relax my whole body as Edward's fingers twirled a lock of my hair. We had one more day left of our week, but I knew we needed to hunt soon. The reality was that we really couldn't seclude ourselves away from everything and everyone.
"Tomorrow is the last day, baby," I sighed, curling into his side as we lounged in a hammock in our back garden.
"I know," he said, but a smile played on his lips.
I set my chin on his chest as we swayed softly in the late afternoon breeze. I rubbed his chest over his shirt to make him look at me.
"Alice texted me. They want to see us…"
"And we need to hunt," he finished, picking up my hand and kissing my wedding ring. "She texted me, too, sweet girl."
"I have an idea," I said, grinning and crawling on top of him.
"Tell me, my smart girl," he chuckled, letting me link our fingers together and press them above his head.
"I'm—and this is just me—personally not ready for…um, permanent family interference," I said diplomatically.
He laughed, leaning up and kissing my lips. He squeezed my fingers, saying, "Go on."
"I say we go tonight, leaving all of tomorrow just for us," I suggested. "And then…" I sang, causing another laugh to escape his perfect smile, "…we stay home another week."
"As fantastic as that sounds," Edward chuckled, "you're forgetting plans with Esme."
"Oh, yeah…cookies." I sighed, frowning in defeat. "I'm feeling selfish, Edward," I said with a pout.
"Me, too." He nodded, pausing just for a moment. "If we go now, then we could be back by morning. They'll understand if we're not ready, baby."
"I hope so, because she said the boys want to go out, but…"
"I know," he said, placing a kiss to my lips.
Day Seven:
"Were they mad we left?" Bella purred against the skin of my neck.
"No, baby," I assured her.
We'd given into our family for just a few hours after our hunt in the woods just behind Cullen Manor. We made plans to get together the next week. Esme and Bella decided what day they were going to bake cookies, after Bella told my mother all about Mrs. Baxter's loss of her husband.
We gave in, playing a little music, but Esme was the one that kicked us out, telling us that it was okay to want to go, to be alone. Her mind was filled with understanding and sweet thoughts. She wanted to spoil us; sending us home was the only way she could come up with. She knew it was temporary, swearing to me that she'd explain it to everyone else.
So as I laid my sweet girl down on our bed, I felt truly spoiled. Bella always teased me about it, Esme always claimed some responsibility of it, but it was more than that. I felt spoiled by life in general. I had a wonderful family, a set of parents that had always been there for me, no matter what, and in my arms was the best thing that had ever happened to me.
"This room is awful quiet," I whispered in her ear.
"I added to it, Edward," she giggled.
"Oh, she beat me again!" I growled, but shot her a wink when I got up to turn on our iPod to the Bedroom Playlist.
"What did you find, my love?" I asked, hearing the first few notes of a beautiful piano piece.
"Just listen." She smiled, but her eyes were filled with a deep, deep emotion.
I heard her mind. The song was titled I Will Love You by Fisher. And as I listened to the words, I lost the ability to speak, because they were so real, so very powerful, yet simple. The woman's voice was haunting and emotion-filled, a piano her only accompaniment.
'Til my body is dust
my soul is no more
I will love you, love you
My wife opened her arms for me, and nothing could have stopped me from falling into her embrace. With long, slow kisses and gentle, urging hands, we carefully undressed each other, falling back into each other's arms.
My girl giggled when my fingers played the piano on her ribs, her hands cupping my face, whispering, "I love you," against my chin, jaw, and finally, lips.
'Til the sun starts to cry
and the moon turns to rust
I will love you, love you
Bella pushed me onto my back, climbing atop of me with a sweet grin, a happy face, and again, I felt like the luckiest man that ever walked the earth. This stunning creature took me from dark nights, self-hatred, and what felt like an evil life, handing me a perfect existence. She gave me smiles, laughs, happiness that I didn't think I should have, could have. She handed me love on a silver platter, that I would never take for granted again.
She leaned over me, kissing me softly, sweetly, but so deeply that I couldn't help the wanton moan that rumbled through my chest. With my palms flat, I pressed them to her back, just to bring her body closer to mine.
And I need to know - will you stay for all
time...forever and a day
Then I'll give my heart 'til the end of all
time...forever and a day

I smiled at the chorus, thinking that could have been written by us. We'd promised each other forever, and we meant it. As long as one of us walked this planet, the other would be right by their side, holding their hand.
I rolled us again, kissing my Bella like it would never be enough, and I wondered if it ever would be, because she was everything to me. She represented all that was light, happy, and free. She represented beauty and sin and perfection. Perfection meant just for me. She was mine in every sense of the word.
I looked down at my wife, whispering all those same things that just ran through my mind, telling her that she was mine, and I was hers. I wanted to tell her that with all that we'd been through since the very beginning, sometimes it just seemed insignificant when she held me like she was right then.
We didn't care about James and Victoria. We didn't care that I'd had to change Bella because she'd been hurt—we were just glad I had. We didn't care that we'd fought in wars, killed to protect each other, because we'd do it again in a split second. And we didn't care that next week may be back to normal or that we may start school some time in the near future.
What we did care about was the amazing connection we shared—a connection that we just recently learned made us different. It made us strong and powerful, yet weak and easy prey. The connection kept us together and happy and close. It made us…us.
We cared about our family and just living as best we could. We cared about each other, and as I slowly slipped into her warmth, I closed my eyes, because I'd finally found what it took me a hundred years on this earth to find. I found my love, my mate, my best friend—I found my true home.
'Til the storms fill my eyes
and we touch the last time
I will love you, love you
I will love you, love you...


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