Tuesday, March 20, 2001 | By: Drotuno

An Angel's Promise Chapter 7

"Let me tell you about the first time a human turned me on... and I lost control..."
I winced, looking away from my angel, but she didn't let me. With gentle fingers, she turned my face to hers.
"You love me. I know this. So tell the story, because there isn't anything that would change how I feel about you. It's your past, Edward. I'm willing to hear it all." She frowned, studying my eyes. "Lost control how? Her blood, or her body?"
I huffed a laugh at that question. "Maybe a little of both," I answered, looking down at our entwined hands. Bella always touched me, left her mind open to me, during these conversations. I couldn't be more appreciative. It gave me perspective, kept me grounded.
"Those clubs were underground back then," I started, maybe thinking the beginning was the best place to start. "Emmett and Rose lived to find them. I wasn't kidding. They were really good." She smiled and nodded, squeezing my hand for encouragement and for me to go on. "Jasper wasn't ready for that sort of human interaction, so he couldn't go. Alice took me. For a while, everyone kept pushing me to find someone. I'm sure Esme has told you."
"Yeah," she nodded, turning my ring.
"And you're aware that Alice's visions can change..." I said, getting another nod from Bella. "She saw me dance with someone, but I begged her not to say anything to the rest of the family. It wasn't that I didn't trust her, but I wanted to...I don't know..."
"Feel the situation out for yourself?"
"Yes." I sighed, loving that she knew me so well. She smiled so sweetly up at me. In her mind, she knew I was old fashioned, that there was something to be said for chance meetings and keeping some things to myself. "Exactly, love. So I went. In the vision, the girl was pretty...um, with light brown hair and hazel eyes. She was small, like Alice." I smiled at Bella's giggle. "She was...attractive."
"You're stalling, handsome," Bella teased. "So she was there...you found her attractive, but her mind..."
"Her mind was...over active." I grimaced. "She was nice on the outside, but her mind was vulgar and...and..."
"Creative?" Bella chuckled. "Edward, look at me," she sighed, her face nothing but sweet sympathy. She crawled into my lap, her hand gently covering my eyes. "Don't feel you will offend me. Close your eyes. See it and say it."
I focused on the feel of my love in my lap, her scent wafting around me. It was comforting. Some parts of my life I wasn't proud of. This was one of those times. "I love you," I whispered, my brow furrowing.
"I know, sweetheart," she breathed against my lips. "I'm the luckiest girl ever." I didn't have to look at her to see her smile. It came through bright and clear in her sweet voice.
"The music was loud, almost too loud, when we stepped inside the warehouse," I continued. "I danced once with Rose, just to get used to the people, and then she and Emmett took off. I found the girl...Rachel...standing by the bar." I pulled Bella closer to me, keeping my hands on her waist. "I could tell she was...attracted to me, but Alice's vision made me at least want to try...
"What I missed was the addition to that vision, and by the time Alice realized it, it was too late. I asked her to dance, and her scent...it was potent. Nothing like you in the beginning, sweet girl, but still strong enough to make my throat ache. Still, I danced with her." I flinched, taking a deep breath, I went on. "Her mind, love..." I shook my head.
"Did she want you, Edward?"
"Did she touch you?"
"Did you want her, too?"
"No...I...I just wanted to...know."
"Did you try?"
"Yes, but...I tried too fast...too hard. I bruised her...pulled her too tightly."
I felt Bella's kiss to my cheek before she asked, "What did she want you to do?"
"Kiss her. Touch her...really touch her," I explained, shaking my head.
"What did you see in her head?"
"My body over hers," I answered, and suddenly, Bella's scent overwhelmed me. I pulled her hand away from my eyes. Her breathing was heavy, her eyes pitch black. "This...you like this?"
"Finish," she panted, cupping my face.
"I couldn't fight the venom when I was...aroused," I growled, frowning at the situation, but gripping my wife when she shifted closer to me. "My mouth was almost to her throat when Alice popped up beside us and dragged me away, pretending to be an angry girlfriend."
Bella smiled, but she continued to stare at me. Her mind was filled with gifts she planned on getting our sister. I snorted, but my head tilted at her. "Why do you like hearing what other women think?"
"Because you waited...for me," she breathed, her voice barely above a whisper. "You want me. They can think about you, but I actually get you," she purred. "Did you really hurt her?"
"I could have killed her."
"You didn't, though," she said, tilting her head at me. "Is that why you held back from me when we first met?"
I nodded. "I felt her ribs crack."
"Oh," she winced. "She lived." I nodded again. "And this was like forty years ago, right?"
"Yes, love."
"And now that you know..." She smirked, licking her bottom lip. "Are you glad you waited?"
"Bella," I growled, shifting us in a blur so that she was pinned underneath me on our bed. "Why would you ask that? You were worth every tick of every clock since I was born, my beautiful girl. I've told you before that no one was more tempting than you. I didn't touch you back then, because unlike Rachel, you were instantly more important to me than my own life. I would have rather ripped off my own arm than to hear the sound of your ribs crack. Understand, my love?"
She nodded, her breath hitching. "Blue," she stated, a smile playing on her lips.
"Blue, Edward. See for yourself," she smiled a little more.
I chuckled, my own growl unable to be stopped as I lifted her t-shirt off over her head.
"Mm, love...very nice." I smiled, leaning down to place a long, wet kiss to the scar over her heart. The set she was wearing was a cobalt blue, satin thing, that was just sinful on her. I gripped the top of her yoga pants, and she lifted her hips so I could tug them down. I stared unabashedly at my beautiful wife. "I think I'm the lucky one, sweetheart," I chuckled, shaking my head to clear it. I could barely think a straight thought.
"Whatever you say, Edward," she giggled, rolling her eyes. "It's too quiet in here." Her thigh tapped against mine to get me to turn our music back on. I hit the play button and raised an eyebrow at my girl. "Don't judge me," she laughed, her head falling back. "Just listen."
I chuckled at my silly girl, but the words to Music of My Heart by NSYNC and Gloria Estefan were really amazing. My breathing stopped. If my heart still pounded, it would have come to a standstill, as well.
You'll never know what you've done for me. What your faith in me has done for my soul...
You'll never know the gift you've given me. I'll carry it with me (yeah...yeah...)

Through the days ahead I think of days before. You made me hope for something better (yes you did). And made me reach for something more.
You taught me to run. You taught me to fly. Helped me to free the me inside. Helped me hear the music of my heart. Helped me hear the music of my heart. You've opened my eyes. You've opened the door to something I've never known before. And your love...(love) Is the music of my heart.. (music of my heart).
"I know the song, baby," he whispered, his eyes darkening, the teasing gone from them for the moment.
My Edward only needed to hear a song once in order to know it—twice, and he owned it. The music, the flow of the song that was playing wafted around us as he leaned down over me to kiss my forehead, cheek, and down my neck. The words from the song I had picked ghosted from his lips across my skin, as he traced them across my throat and over my shoulder.
I tugged at his t-shirt, and he allowed me to pull it off, but he went right back to kissing every inch of my skin, the song still leaving his lips ever so softly. He slipped down my body, his hands flat against my skin as he arched my back to unhook my bra. With slow, deliberate movements, he swirled his tongue over my stomach and up my sternum, keeping my body bowed.
"Edward," I gasped, as his tongue twirled around my nipple, hardening it to an almost aching point. His eyes locked to mine as I gripped his shoulders.
"Undivided attention, my love," he said, his voice like warm velvet, caressing the skin of my breasts as he switched to my other nipple. "I promised, remember?"
"Yeah," I whined, my brow furrowing as he planted an elbow at my head, leaving his other hand free to explore my side, thigh, bottom. Gripping under my leg, he lifted it, turning his head to kiss my thigh and opening his mouth to suckle the sensitive skin just behind my knee. I just about jackknifed out of our bed at the sensitivity of that insignificant section of flesh.
Letting my leg fall back to the bed, his fingers tickled their way to the apex of my legs at the same time he loomed over me, capturing my mouth with his. He moaned when he found me wet for him, aching for his touch.
My hips rose up from the bed when he palmed me between my legs possessively. "As beautiful as these are on you, love," he panted, looking up at me through his eyelashes, "I want them off. I want to help with this." He glided his fingers over the outside of my underwear. They were soaked. He gripped them at my hip, the sweet snap of them being ripped from my body rang through the bedroom.
"Edward, please," I begged, burying my face into the crook of his neck. I felt his fingers weave into my hair at the same time his other hand palmed me again, slipping through my wet heat. Edward bent my head back to lave his tongue up my neck. I cried out as his fingers met my core, and I raked my fingernails down his back with one hand and gripped a fistful of his hair with the other.
My favorite sound erupted from Edward as his whole body reacted to me. There was nothing like the soft, sensual moan that he let loose. It was as close to a feline purr as he could get, making him sound deadly but aroused at the same time.
"What makes you this wet, my sweet girl?" he crooned in my ear, holding me close as I started to meet the rhythm of his hand.
"What about me? My touch? My mouth?"
"Your voice," I growled, my eyes rolling back as he curled his fingers just right and pressed his thumb against my sensitive nerve. "I feel it...everywhere."
I felt his smile against my cheek. "So if I asked you to come for me, my love...would you? Would you let me feel that sweet pussy on my fingers?"
"Oh fuck," I sobbed, shattering at the way those words sounded coming from him. It wrecked me every single time. I was lost to him. My whole body arched off the bed, my toes curling as he continued to push his fingers into me to ride out my spasms.
He rolled us to our sides, his brow pressed to mine. I wrapped my arms around his bare torso, pulling myself closer to him, my body still trembling. I tangled my legs with his, unable to figure out why he still had his pants on.
"I've got you," he whispered, making sure I was looking at him. My climax had been intense, but after not seeing him for two days, it was not enough.
I knew the last song was the last one that I had added, so when it changed, I pulled back to look at him. I knew the song. My mother had played it when I was young. But knowing that Edward picked it for me put in a whole different light.
Edward became quiet as the song's words surrounded us. I gently pushed him on to his back, listening as I tugged at his belt. Nights in White Satin by the Moody Blues was more like poetry than lyrics.
Nights in white satin. Never reaching the end. Letters I've written, never meaning to send. Beauty I've always missed with these eyes before. Just what the truth is, I can't say anymore.
'Cause I love you. Yes, I love you. Oh, how I love you.
The timing for this song couldn't have been more appropriate. I couldn't imagine what he was thinking when he first added it, though. My Edward was telling me that even though other women found him attractive, he couldn't see past me. His love for me made him blind to everyone else.
I tugged off his shoes and socks, dropping his pants off the foot of the bed and leaving him in his deep red underwear. I smiled, looking up from my position between his legs. "I like the red," I purred, crawling up his body to straddle his thighs. He huffed a laugh, reaching for me, but I caught his hands, pinning them beside his head. "Yeah, red is sexy," I smiled, my lips just barely touching his. Wanting to hear it from his lips, I asked, "What do you want, Edward?"
"Touch me," he breathed, arching his neck to capture my lips.
Our mouths were open, breaths ghosting between us as they slipped slowly, softly against each other. Tongues flicked out for quick tastes, but only for brief licks and nips.
"Everywhere?" I asked, letting his hands go and trailing my fingers down his arms to his chest.
I gripped the top of his underwear and pulled them down, adding them to the pile of clothes at the end of the bed. I massaged the muscles of his thighs, working my way from the tops of his knees to his hips, only to bend down to leave open mouthed kisses to his stomach. As I laid over him, nipping and licking at each of his nipples, I felt his arousal twitch hard against my stomach, causing me to gasp.
"Bella," he growled, weaving his hands in my hair and pulling me up to his mouth. "I've missed you," he whispered against my lips. "Please, love."
"Sit up," I nodded, staying in his lap as his arms wrapped around me. "You have to hold me this way. I don't have control, baby. I want you too much," I panted, unable to stop my hips from grinding over him as I hooked my arms around to his strong back. "Too much, Edward," I said again, practically vibrating as I licked up his neck and left biting kisses to his sharp jaw line.
"Then let's lose control together, love," he growled, roughly grabbing my hair and pulling my head back so that he could nip and suck at my neck. "Feel like redecorating?" He smiled against my skin when a lust-filled laugh escaped me.
"Not right this second," I groaned, lifting up slightly just to feel his cock between my legs. We weren't even connected yet, and my whole center clenched at the feel of him slipping through my wetness.
"Later, then, Martha Stewart," he teased, lifting my body up to position me over his erection. He looked up at me as I pressed my forehead to his, bracing my hands on his shoulders. "Right now, I want my wife to fuck me. And hard, baby."
"Fuck, yes," I breathed, my eyes rolling back as I sank over him.
There were moments between us when all human thought and touch were an impossibility for us. We were, after all...not human. I felt my eyes fall into a black abyss, as his eyes did the same. I felt venom pool in the back of my throat when I tried to speak, my gaze following his Adam's apple as he swallowed thickly. We were, at the moment, on the same fucking page. And a small, barely audible internal part of me wondered if our bed, bedroom, or even the house would survive it.
Edward's hands roughly gripped my ass, squeezing and pulling me against him. My fists shot to his hair, holding him to my chest as he bent me back to ravage my breasts. I rolled my hips over him, taking him as deep as I could get him.
"More, Bella," he growled against my skin. "I feel...I need fucking more."
I braced my hands back against his thighs, using the leverage to ride him harder, faster, all the while his hands groped, squeezed, and caressed anything on my body he could reach out and touch. My body writhed in a wave from my head to my hips when his thumb brushed roughly over my clit.
"Oh, please...I need to come," I begged, my hands gripping his thighs as he rolled his thumb over the the little bundle in a maddening figure eight. He used pressure, speed, and my own moisture, and I was shaking and clenching around him. I could barely catch a breath.
With blinding speed, he flipped us, the bed creaking ominously. A deep, guttural growl emanated from his chest as he buried his face in my neck, lifting my leg to the crook of his arm. My other leg wrapped around his waist, my heel digging into his ass to pull him closer.
My hands braced the headboard, but when Edward sat back on his knees, driving into me, the wood splintered beneath my grasp. "Fuck, Bella," he panted, his eyes roaming all over me as he watched me drop the broken pieces of wood. "I love you like this," he said, his face beautiful combination of pride, lust, and pure feral vampire.
We rolled again, or at least, we rolled once I wrapped my legs around him and turned him unexpectedly. With an evil smile creeping over my face, he chuckled darkly, his tongue dragging sexily across his bottom lip.
"Yeah, baby...like this," he chuckled again, gripping my hip with one hand and our fingers together with the other. He pulled my body over his, still helping me keep our rhythm as his legs bent behind me to thrust into me harder, deeper.
"You like that I'm as strong as you, Edward?" I smiled against his jaw, twirling my tongue down to his ear. "You like that your mate can fuck you hard...all night...never tiring?"
"Mm, Bella," he rumbled, his teeth scraping against my shoulder. "You have no idea."
"I want a new bed, baby," I snickered in his ear. "Make it necessary."
"Fuck, I'm so close," he said, but his voice—it was an amazing mix of growl, laugh, and whine. I smiled against his neck, loving the power surging between us. He was enjoying the sweet, delicious torture we were both dishing out.
All of the worry of being away from each other for the last few days was gone. We were just Bella and Edward, flowing with the circular moods we both seemed to be feeling—lust, love, teasing, and strength.
"Come, my love," I urged. "We've got time. I'm so not done with you yet."
"With me, baby. With me," he begged, his neck arching back, and I couldn't help but lick up the tendon that jutted out from his collarbone to just behind his ear.
I growled low and deep when the fingers of his one hand gripped my ass, the other snaking between us to find my swollen bundle. With his finger pressing on my other entrance, his thumb circling my clit, and his cock completely consuming my every thought, my eyes squeezed shut, and I saw stars when my climax totally made me lose control.
Gripping the sheets by Edward's head, my fingers ripped and shredded all the way through to the mattress down to the springs. "Fuck, Edward..." I gasped, my forehead hitting his as he pulled my hips flush to his.
"God," he breathed, his eyes locked onto mine when a shudder throughout his entire being shook us both. "I needed that so badly," he huffed, his eyes rolling back when his head and arms fell limply back down on the bed.
"No shit," I panted, burying my face in the crook of his neck. He gently wrapped his arms all the way around me. "Oh yeah...welcome home." I smiled at his sweet laugh.
"Damn," I smirked, leaning in the doorway from our bathroom to our bedroom. I pulled my hair up into a ponytail as I surveyed the damage. We needed to hunt, but I wasn't sharing Edward with anyone today. We were only going out to the closest forest.
"I ordered another mattress, sweet girl," Edward chuckled, looking up from tying his sneakers.
"Well, that's a good thing," I laughed, shaking my head. Our bed was a twisted mass of sheets, springs, and wooden shards. It had officially lasted all of three months—if that—and in the twenty-four hours since he had been home, we had destroyed it. "I'm thinking metal frame...you?"
Edward smiled widely, looking over at the pile of rubble. "I don't think it will matter," he laughed, looking back to me with a wicked gleam in his eye. "Though Emmett would be proud."
"Please do not compare us to those two," I huffed, rolling my eyes. "We are our own force to be reckoned with."
"So true," he laughed, "so very, very true." He tied his other sneaker and stood up. "You ready?"
"Yeah," I smiled, taking his hand. "Can we play today?"
"What did you have in mind, love?"
"I don't know," I shrugged. "I wouldn't mind seeing some of England. We've got the whole day, and it's a good day for us outside." He smiled so sweetly, tilting his head at me. "Let's get...lost," I grinned.
"No plans? Other than a hunt?" he asked, scooping me up onto his back and walking downstairs.
"Exactly," I said, kissing his ear. "Let's go be...kids. Not students or doctors or hundred year old vampires...just kids."
He set me down on the kitchen counter and pulled two jackets out of the foyer closet, handing me one. At first, I thought he was ignoring the question, but he smirked as he tugged my hood over my head and set me back down on the floor. "You need to see Stonehenge," he chuckled, "so let's go."
After an unnecessary call to Alice to meet the mattress delivery, because she was already heading over, and a stop for gas, we took off into the countryside. We stopped briefly, both of us hunting quickly. It was needed after Edward's long week and our twenty-four hours of lovemaking.
I closed my eyes to the scents flowing into the open window of Edward's car. The soft classical music playing in the background just made me that much more relaxed as he sped down the twisting road. I smiled when Edward picked up our linked fingers, kissing my wedding ring softly. I turned my head, staring over at him as I rested my head back in the seat.
God, he was so handsome, just breathtaking. And he was dressed like the high school student I had met so long ago. With dark blue jeans, a gray t-shirt, and an open gray button down, he flooded my mind with memories.
"What are you thinking, silly girl?"
"That I was busted staring at you," I laughed, biting my bottom lip. "What was the story you were going to tell me?"
He grinned, turning his gaze from the road to chuckle at me. "You mean, instead of the Dirty Dancing story?"
"Yeah," I snickered, nodding.
He kissed my ring again and set our hands down in his lap. "Well, I know you liked stories that you were around for, but didn't know about..."
"I do," I agreed, smiling and nodding. "It's like seeing both sides of the story."
He indulged my interruption with a sweet smile. "Yes, I know, love. So I had never told you about the bets in the family. There were two."
"What bets?"
"They concerned the two of us," he chuckled, shaking his head. "One was when we first met. That was all Emmett. He and Jasper made a bet that I would snap in Biology one day."
"What? And drain me?" I cracked up. It was funny to think about now, but poor Edward had suffered with my scent in the beginning.
"No." He shook his head. "Just kiss the shit out of you."
"That's even better," I snorted, my head falling back. "Obviously, I don't remember you ravishing me in Mr. Banner's class, though that would have been fantastic, so what did you have to do?"
"They made me go to five really busy stores and ask for Playgirl," he laughed, shaking his head. "They considered me a pansy for not kissing you in class."
"Aw," I crooned, leaning over and kissing his cheek. "Just a gentleman, Edward...there's nothing wrong with that."
"Thank you," he said haughtily with a single nod of his head.
"And the second bet?"
"When I came back to you," he smirked, looking over at me. "They bet again." His gaze was fire as he touched my cheek softly. "Only this time, Esme and Rose were in on it. Alice, of course, knew the outcome."
"And?" I asked, practically bouncing in the car seat.
"It was the night we first made love, baby," he smiled, tracing my bottom lip with his thumb. "That fight started the bet. Remember they all left?" I nodded, frowning at the huge fight Edward and I had gotten into. "While they were gone, the girls said they knew we would do it – that it was time. Emmett and Jasper said I was too chicken." He laughed, winking sweetly at me.
"Ooh, what did the girls make them do?"
"They had to wash all the cars, drive to the store, and buy feminine products, all while in drag," he snorted, almost having to correct his steering.
"Stop it!" I gasped, my mouth hanging open. "Where the hell was I?"
"Sleeping, beautiful girl," he chuckled. "You didn't see most of the foul things our brothers can get up to in the dead of night."
"Obviously," I giggled, shaking my head. "Damn, those are good bets. Note to self for future issues with Emmett."
Edward laughed, pulling into a parking lot. Once we were out of the car, he took my hand.
I tugged him to a stop. "You were never chicken, Edward." I smiled, standing on my toes to kiss him. "Despite that fight, that's my favorite human memory."
"Yeah?" His crooked smile crept up his gorgeous face as his arms locked around my waist.
"Yeah." I nodded. "You were perfect, and it was time." I pressed my lips to his chastely, only to pull back to see his sweet face.
"It was, and I love you," was all he said, squeezing me close and swinging me up onto the sidewalk. "Come, beautiful. I can't wait to show you this."
Bella's suggestion of just "getting lost" couldn't have been more perfect. To see my sweet girl just playing, happy and laughing, it made me rethink what I was doing all day at the hospital. I wanted to see her like this everyday, because I knew deep down, that all it took was me to make her this happy.
"There's a part of me that wants to climb up there," Bella chuckled, looking up at the towering structure. The tall vertical stones were crossed by one humongous stone.
"You can't, silly," I laughed, loving the wicked gleam in her eye. "We aren't the only tourists."
"I know." She smiled, biting her bottom lip, and teased, "But admit it, you do, too."
"I do." I smiled, agreeing. "I didn't get to the last time I was here. Carlisle wouldn't let me, either. You aren't supposed walk amongst the stones, anyway."
"That's a shame," she sighed, but turned to walk further down the path.
Her fingers reached out, lightly tracing over the fence as she looked around. I loved taking her to places she'd never been to. It was like seeing them again, but through open and warm eyes. New eyes.
"Tell me about this place," she smirked, leaning against a smaller post in the ground. "I know you can quote like an encyclopedia, so hit me, my brilliant husband..."
I walked to her, bracing my hands on each side of her head. "There are many theories as to how they got here, you know. Aliens, humans, God himself...but the stones date back to around thirty-one hundred BC. They are made of Bluestone, Sarson, and Welsh Sandstone. Some say it was built for astronomy—to worship lunar and solar activity. Or," I smirked, "human sacrifice."
"Maybe vampires lifted them up there," she teased, looking back over her shoulder and giving the sight an appraising glance. "Just a total bloodbath in the center." She cracked herself up with that one, and I couldn't help but kiss her forehead. "Call Marcus," she said, grinning. "He's older than dirt."
I laughed, my head landing on her shoulder. Turning my head, I placed a long, slow kiss to her neck. "He's not that old, Bella." I chuckled, kissing her cheek.
She leaned into my lips, her arms snaking up around my neck. "I know," she sighed contentedly. Her eyes glanced passed me when an older couple walked by, giving us a sweet smile. They spoke to each other in Polish.
"We remind them of themselves when they were young." I smiled, looking down at my girl. "She's telling him that she still looks at him the same way you're looking at me right now."
"Oh," she crooned, watching them over my shoulder as her brow furrowed in the most adorable way.
I buried my nose in her hair, inhaling Bella's scent as deep into my lungs as I could take it. "Now, he's telling her," I whispered against her temple, "that she was just as beautiful when he met her. And from his memory, she was very pretty." I smiled, looking over at them.
"That's so sweet." My angel smiled. "Um, Polish?"
"Yeah." I nodded with a smile. "How'd you know?"
"I'm getting the hang of this whole language thing," she giggled. "Thanks to you, I have Spanish down pretty well. My Italian is coming along. Esme's trying to teach me French." She laughed, rolling her eyes.
"Smart girl," I crooned, kissing her quickly. "There is that benefit of our lives, love. The mind is capable of more."
"Oh please," she huffed with a smile and an eye roll. "It's certainly a perk, but not what I would consider a benefit."
"Okay, perk," I conceded, if I were to go with her way of differentiating the two. "So... the benefits?"
She laughed, and I would have sworn if she could, she would be blushing. "Besides the blindingly obvious that we get to keep each other?" She raised a dangerous eyebrow at me.
"That's a given, Bella." I laughed as she pushed away from me with a dramatic sigh, but I knew she was playing. "Benefits, love...let me hear them."
"In the car," she promised, smiling and taking my hand. "I want the gift shop first."
After buying Emmett a t-shirt that said Stonehenge Rocks, that even I had to admit was perfect for him, we got back into the car.
"Okay, benefits," she said, curling her legs under her and turning towards me. "Have you forgotten how it feels to have the flu?"
"Actually, yes..." I frowned, looking at her. "I barely remember my last days."
"Well, sick with a fever or throwing up isn't fun. Never having that...that's a benefit."
"No sickness, got it. Keep going, but that's still just a perk."
"Perfect hearing and vision," she said happily.
"Perk," I countered.
"Fine, smart guy." She smiled, folding her arms across her chest. "You tell me."
"You...you are the only benefit, baby." I shrugged. "Everything else is a perk."
"Your speed, your gift, your memory..."
"I would give them all up. You were the only thing I ever really wanted in this life, and the only thing I thank God for everyday. I don't know if he hears me, but I do it anyway."
"Edward," she sighed, looking at me so sweetly. I cupped her chin with my hand and brought her lips to mine.
"Thank you for today," I told her softly, smiling.
"We're not done yet," she snickered against my lips. "Can we walk a little in the city?"
"Baby, we can do whatever keeps that smile on your face."
"Did you find something?" I asked Bella, when I found her flipping through a book. We had wandered around the city for a few hours, and my love could never resist a book store. Ever.
"Always," she giggled, shrugging with an innocent expression on her face. "You, too, I see."
"Yeah." I nodded, handing over two books that I wanted. "I haven't just sat down and read in ages."
"Okay." She smiled, adding them to the pile in her arms and heading to the cashier.
I paid for them all, ignoring the young girl's thoughts behind the counter, and took the bag. She thought I was perfect, and was jealous of Bella. We were quiet as we walked hand in hand along the Thames.
I searched for Bella's thoughts, but she was shielded from me. Sometimes, she didn't even know she did it. "What are you thinking so intently about, sweet girl?" I asked, sitting down on a bench and pulling her to my lap. "You've been quiet since the car."
She curled into me, breathing deep. "You've always said your goal was to spoil me," she snickered softly, playing with the collar of my shirt. "You've succeeded, but not the way you think. You've spoiled me with you."
"Time with me?"
"Yeah," she said ever so softly. "I miss this," she sighed, wriggling closer to me.
"You think you're selfish for saying that?"
"So much. It makes me feel just terrible."
"Please, don't," I begged, pulling her back to look at her stunning, but worried face. "We've been inseparable since I came home to you, so it's completely understandable that we feel...anxious apart. Not to mention when we are too far apart, we're in pain."
"Emmett has a theory." She smiled so softly, huffing the sweetest chuckle. "He says...despite our connection, it's all because you changed me." I smiled, nodding. It was a really good theory. "He said that you gave me this life...taught me everything, that I depend on you to guide me through this life."
"You've had help from them all," I chuckled, "but he may be right. Carlisle changed him, but he also changed Esme, and they are pretty attached like we are. There may be something to that theory. Do you feel you depend on me?"
"Oh yeah." She nodded, her face serious. "Every little new thing, I just want to run it by you. I never want to...screw up or make some awful mistake. I just remember learning so much at Dartmouth, but you were there. You slowly guided me, making sure I didn't move too fast or lose control."
"My sweet girl," I smiled, shaking my head and cupping her face. "There's no way you could screw up. You took to this life so easily. You've been changed for almost six years. And still you feel this way?"
"Yes." She nodded, biting her lip.
"Doesn't having Jasper at school help?"
"Jasper is not you," she countered, frowning. "I love him. He's fantastic, but he's not the approval I look for or the guidance I want. And I'm awful for saying that."
"No," I sighed. "You're not. You have no idea how much I miss seeing the new things you experience. No fucking idea, Bella." I frowned, running a hand through my hair. "Emmett's right. I changed you. You are mine in all senses of the word. I am responsible for you as your sire, your husband, your mate, and your best friend." She seemed to absorb these words with just a nod, but her mind was still closed to me.
"But then there's the other part of me," she smiled, tilting her head at me. "I love seeing you do something just for you. I love watching you with the kids. It's...amazing to me. I know if I told you right now I wanted you to quit, you would. I don't want that. I want to give you everything that you've given me. I just needed to talk about it, I guess." She shrugged one tiny shoulder with a deep sigh, turning her head to look out over the water.
"You don't need my approval, my love. Guidance, I understand, because I still go to Carlisle after a hundred years. He changed me, so there are times even I have questions." She nodded, turning back to me. "I love you. So much. And I miss this...married couple playing all day thing."
She smiled, kissing my lips softly. "You're everything to me."
"And you are to me," I nodded. "I want to take you home and prove that to you."
She smirked, quirking an eyebrow up at me. "Really, Dr. Masen?"
"Oh, yes, ma'am," I chuckled. "Besides, we'd better see what Alice did to our room while we were gone."
"I trust her," Bella snorted, standing up from my lap. "Besides, we'll just destroy it again in another three months." I laughed, kissing her forehead as I threw an arm around her.
We were home in moments, racing upstairs with a laugh, but Bella stopped short in the doorway. "Oh, wow," she gasped. "That's not Alice's doing. That's Esme."
"Damn, that looks really nice," I snorted, looking at a beautiful wrought iron bed. "The meadow..." I smiled, looking back at my girl, who was nodding.
The bed was intricately designed, with metal ivy winding up to a canopy. Wispy white material covered the top, like soft clouds. There were even small butterflies and flowers along the vines. I shook my head again and looked at Bella, who was touching it with a glazed look in her eye.
"I miss the meadow," she whispered, looking up at me with a pained expression.
"I think Esme knows that." I smiled sadly, sitting down on the edge of the bed and pulling her between my legs. "She's trying to help, my love."
She nodded, but didn't say anything as she looked at the bed again. "It's really pretty," she said finally. She smiled, looking back to me. "Don't break it," she laughed.
"I'll make no promises," I chuckled, slinging her onto the bed and laughing as she squealed underneath me.
"Hey," I growled when Bella snatched my book out of my hand. She giggled, crawling up into my lap. She was fresh out of the shower, smelling like warm, sweet strawberries and wearing nothing but one of my t-shirts.
"Hey, what?" she smirked, peppering my neck with kisses.
"You just can't interrupt a man when he's reading..."
"I just did," she laughed, "but I can stop." She tossed my book back, slipping off my lap like a lazy cat. I grabbed her by the ankle, dragging her back across the bed.
"Hmm, no." I shook my head. "It's too late now. I've lost the rhythm and the whole zone I had sunk into..." I feigned seriousness, but she saw right through it. "I'm afraid there will be punishment, Isabella."
"Promises, promises," she scoffed with an eye roll, still trying to squirm away. "Listen to him...Isabella..." She laughed, her head falling back as I buried my face into her neck.
"Listen to her...she thinks I'm joking," I growled, biting roughly at her neck and pinning her arms over her head. "Don't you think you deserved to be punished?"
Her eyes blackened as I pulled back to look at her. "Yes, sir," she growled, but it came across as a sensual purr. The corners of her mouth twitched as her mind flooded with a game we'd played once. We didn't play it often, because I hated barking orders at her. I wanted my angel on a pedestal, not on her knees.
"Naughty, my sexy girl," I rumbled, looking at her out of the corner of my eye. "Blindfold?"
"No, sir," she breathed, shaking her head vehemently.
"Take that shirt off," I commanded, sitting back on my heels while still between her legs.
She sat up slightly, shirking my t-shirt off and tossing it next to her. "Damn," I sighed, licking my bottom lip at just the sight of my wife naked before me. "Turn over."
She rolled onto her stomach, and I couldn't stop myself from reaching out and touching the perfection that was her back. Sweeping her hair over her shoulder, I braced myself over her to drag my fingers down her spine. Circling over the sweet dimples just above her ass, I leaned over to nip at her shoulder blade.
"Tsk, tsk," I crooned in her ear as my hand cupped one of her firm ass cheeks. "Just what should your punishment be?" I mused, taking the shell of her ear between my teeth. Her hips rose with every grip of my hand, but I pushed her back down. "So many possibilities," I sighed, bring my hand back with one swift smack.
The sound that erupted from her, the scent that saturated the room, was mind blowing.
"That is certainly one option," I said, fighting my smile behind her. Cupping the other cheek, I let my hand fly again, growling low when her hips rose up again. "But, alas, no," I sighed dramatically. "It seems you enjoy that way too much." I smirked when her low growl met my ears, her mind reeling with disappointment.
Slipping my hand between her legs, I had to fight my reaction to her arousal. She was soaking wet. Dampness had leaked between her thighs, and her whole body pushed against my hand, aching for release.
Positioning myself behind her, I pulled her hips up so that she was on all fours. "So fucking beautiful," I growled, unable not to keep my own wanton sound from escaping as I slipped two fingers through her folds. I bent down, leaving a biting kiss to her bottom and delving my fingers deep within her. She bit off her cry, my name wanting to burst forth from her. "Uh uh," I smiled against her ass. "You let every sound out. You just can't come until I say so. Understand?"
"Yes," she panted, and I noted that the "sir" was already gone from the game.
I couldn't stop myself from tasting her. She was too aroused, smelled too damn good that close to my mouth. I pulled my fingers from her, opening my mouth against her wet center. Licking and sucking at her flesh, I pulled her closer to my face as she ground against me.
"Oh, fuck," she breathed, almost sounding like a sob.
My thumb brushed once against her clit at the same time I delved my tongue in to capture more of her flavor. Her whole body clenched hard. My girl was close. I pulled back completely, smirking at the frustrated moan that escaped her.
"I know," I chuckled darkly, kissing her in the middle of her back. "Stay just like that."
I got off the bed and walked around to stand in front of her. She looked up at me fighting that beautiful, wry smile as she licked her lips. She knew exactly what I wanted as I played with the waistband of my sweatpants. With a sharp look to my eyes, she reached out and tugged me closer by my pants.
Say it, Edward, she practically snarled in her mind.
"Take it," I smirked, biting my bottom lip as her hands snaked into the front of my sweatpants, her nails lightly scratching at the skin of my stomach and hips. She pushed them down, licking her lips again as they fell to my ankles. I sank my fingers into her silken, dark locks, gripping her tightly. "I want to see it when I fuck your mouth."
There was a shared moan that erupted from the both of us as her mouth sank over me. Her eyes locked with mine, but I couldn't hold her gaze. She felt too good, so wet. My head fell back as she gripped my base hard, pumping me with the same rhythm as her mouth. She was consuming me.
My Bella's eyes were black fire as she continued to watch my face. If I ever saw the predator in my wife, it was when she truly wanted me. When there wasn't anything I could do about it—not that I had any desire to ever deny her.
Deeper and deeper she took me, her tongue flat against my base. With one hand on my hip pulling me to her and the other slipping stealthily down to my balls, my eyes squeezed closed. "Fuck, baby," I growled, losing the edge that I had maintained during our little game. I couldn't help it. "You feel fucking phenomenal. So close," I gasped, pulling her hair tighter, but she popped off my cock swiftly.
"Together, Edward," she begged, pulling me on top of her. "I want to come with you."
"'Kay," I nodded, pushing her back and diving for her mouth. She wrapped her arms and legs around me, moaning into my kiss and giving my bottom lip a long suckle. Sliding my hand down her arm, across her ribs to her hip, I lifted her slightly and buried myself in her wet warmth.
"Fuck," she cried out, her head falling back, causing the air to rush from both of us. "Tell me you love me, please," she begged, gripping my shoulder with one hand and pulling my neck to her mouth with the other.
"So much, baby," I growled, pulling out and slowly pushing back into her. My eyes rolled with the feel of her mouth on my skin, her tongue swirling up my neck. "I love you so damn much."
Bracing my elbow by her head, I kissed slowly down her jaw to her ear. "Forever, my love. Always. I won't ever stop loving you. You are the reason I breathe."
"Edward," she panted, pulling my forehead to hers. "Baby, I'm..."
"Wait for me," I said, nipping at her lips. Still holding her slightly above the bed, I swiveled my hips, knowing she would cry out my name again. I felt her entire body shake, trying to hold back her climax. "Not yet, beautiful." I smiled down at her, my forehead still pressed to hers.
In her mind, she struggled to hold back, but she knew it would be intense once we let go together. And in the very back, in a very small corner of my angel's sweet mind, there was a sadness that in a few hours, we were going to resume our schedule.
"Oh, God," I growled, "now, love. Come for me...now."
As intense as our combined climax was, it was quieter than I expected. We clung to each other, our gazes never wavering, our lips barely brushing together. If I had been human, I would have been completely useless, spent. As it was, I still collapsed on top of her.
The sun was just barely peeking in through our dark blue curtains, casting a stunning shimmer along Bella's arm and neck. I pulled back, listening to her mind and tracing the glow with a single finger.
The past weekend had meant so much to her—just playing and laughing and not seeing anyone, but she knew it wasn't feasible all the time. She was sad it was coming to an end, but felt healed and a little more sure of things, since our talk on the river.
As I bent low over her immortal scar, placing a long sweet kiss there, both of our phones began to ring.
She sighed, rolling her eyes. "And so it ends," she smirked, kissing my lips quickly before we regretfully separated. "Kevin," she chuckled, holding up her phone.
"The hospital," I frowned, looking at mine. With one last long look at each other, we answered our phones and began to get ready for our day.


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