Tuesday, March 20, 2001 | By: Drotuno

Blood and Glory Images

Banner for Blood and Glory created by Barburella!  Thank you!!

Carlisle's 750i

Edward's Challenger

Air Force Ribbon

 Edward's Personal Helicopter

Edward's Air Force Apache Helicopter

Bella's Mustang

 Bella's Childhood Tree House

 Edward's Tat by NoelleSeven


sugunary said...

Love the blinkie, Bella and Edward have my 13 yr old's dream cars.

P said...

I came late to the party but I am enjoying " The Gravity Series" immensely. I was wondering who the 2 ladies are that you have as Mickey and Mack in the blinkie?
= )

BeLynda Smith said...

I LOVE this story. This is better than EVERYTHING Stephenie Meyer came up with.

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