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Sin & Innocence Chapter 18

"Because that's how I said it's fucking going to go!" Edward snapped, running a hand through his hair. "We will join you in Alaska in two fucking days. Not even that – maybe a day and a half."
I winced, because he was protecting me. I needed to see the doctor before we went to Aunt Kate's, but he wasn't explaining why we would be late to Carlisle and Eleazar, who had acquired a private flight for everyone to go and wanted Edward to fly as an escort over them once they landed.
"Hey," I sighed, and Edward's head snapped around to look at me. "Easy, Edward." I turned to El and Carlisle. "If we leave in the morning, instead of now, then Edward and I can fly over Walter's cabin to get those pictures for you. And I promised Esme that I'd see my regular doctor about my back before we left," I lied smoothly.
Edward smirked, hiding it well even as he glared over at the two men, but he didn't say anything.
"But you're okay, right, sweetheart?" Carlisle verified, his eyes changing from harsh and frustrated, to warm and worried.
"I'm fine, but I promised her, Carlisle," I urged, pouring on the begging face. "Otherwise, you can explain to her why I didn't do as she asked."
"Oh, hell, no," he chuckled, finally holding up his hands in surrender.

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Sin & Innocence Chapter 17

"Christ, Bella," Rose sighed, watching me sit down next to Edward at the office conference table so he could re-wrap my arm after my shower, since Esme was taking care of baby Caleb in the house. "Are you okay?"
"Yeah," I said with a small smile and a nod. "I'm okay. Lilith got a lucky hit in. And did you say that was a gas line?" I asked, my head spinning to Edward.
The whole office was busy, but they'd come to a standstill when I arrived. I knew they'd been worried, but I'd been too damn tired to give them much after my visit to the hospital, not to mention I was totally wrapped up in Edward and the news we'd received.
"We think so..." he started, but we all looked up when Alice slapped a folder down in front of me, her face fierce, but so very upset.
"My fault," she whispered, tears pooling in her eyes. "All of it. I didn't catch that the utilities weren't off in that building. The power, yes, but the gas and the water, no. I'm so sorry, Bellsy..."
I grimaced, because she was beating herself up needlessly, so I pulled her to the chair next to mine with my free hand. "Hey...just don't, Ali," I sighed, shaking my head at her. "There's so much information coming out of this office right now, I can't even imagine how you can see clearly. No one blames you, sweetie. I certainly don't."
"I should've seen," she urged, not comforted at all. She shoved the file closer to me, and I opened it. She pointed a heavy finger to the top page. "Walter Sr. has someone that just automatically pays the bills for all of his properties. These should have been shut off, but they slipped through the cracks somehow."
I smiled sadly and shook my head again, because this would have been impossible to catch immediately, especially with the little amount of time we'd given her before going in, but Alice expected too much of herself. Without looking away from her, I called out to the crew that had been in the warehouse with me. "Alec, Em, Sam, Mickey... You guys okay?"
"Yes, ma'am," they all answered, and I could hear their amusement with where I was taking this.

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Sin & Innocence Chapter 16

"Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Cullen. You're pregnant."
That sentence hung in the silent and now suddenly stifling air for a few seconds as Dr. Powell smiled at us, but my head spun to Edward. I could see shock and relief, but mostly, I saw happiness and pride practically radiating off of him. I did a mental recount of the past few weeks and realized that I had probably discarded my pills about the time that Bethy had been taken. It was grief and terror and anger that had caused my forgetfulness.
I turned back to the doctor with narrowed eyes. "You're sure?" I breathed, not knowing whether I was scared or fucking ecstatic.
"Yes, though you looked surprised," he chuckled. "We'll have to do a sonogram in order to see how far along you are. We could do that now, or—"
"Yes!" Edward and I both urged at him – rather loudly, I might add – and I smiled apologetically at the poor doc.
"Fine," he laughed softly. "Let me set that up. You might want to get back in bed, Mrs. Cullen."

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Sin & Innocence Chapter 15

"Easy, sweetness," I whispered, catching Bella as we neared the corner. "Wait for Emmett and Alec, okay? They were just leaving Twi Towers."
Her face was pure unadulterated hate, and it was all aimed toward Lilith as she pulled her gun from the small of her back.
"Who else is coming?" she asked, glaring up at me. "Who else have we got to wait for?"
I grinned at her anger, because I knew it wasn't directed at me. "Listen, you sexy thing," I growled in her ear, leaving a biting kiss to the soft spot there. "I am not the enemy. And Sam and Mickey are headed this way. I can't risk just the two of us in a building that size, Bella. It's dangerous as fuck."
She relaxed minutely in front of me, leaning back against my chest. "Sorry," she murmured, and I kissed her neck again. "I just want this done, Edward," she sighed deeply.
I winced, because I knew that as long as Lilith and Walter were still free, still alive, there were endless possibilities as to what could happen. They could take another victim like Bella, Chris Douglas, and now Sharky. They could re-group with the D.O.A. and build another bomb. There was no telling at this point what their agenda was, because we always seemed to be one fucking step behind them. And as long as those two assholes were out there, Bethy and Bella were still in danger, as far as I was concerned.
"I know, baby," I said softly, keeping an eye on the loosened board that Miss Geneva had said was the only way in.

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Sin & Innocence Chapter 14

"Well, they'll have to fucking show themselves eventually," Carlisle sighed, leaning back in one of the conference chairs in Gravity's office.
"Right," Jasper agreed, pointing to the board. "They have no money, and everyone they know is being monitored. Is Wes at Walter's parent's house now?"
"Yeah, he left after he dropped Makenna off," Edward murmured, his eyes locked onto pictures of Walter and Lilith. "Mickey went with him to see for herself what they were like. She wants to know if he could be trusted."
"Hey, pixie, did we ever find out if the Bridges have property outside the country?" Emmett asked, pulling down cleared aerial photos of properties that we'd had local police check into.
"Not mine," she called out, typing furiously.
I chuckled, because there was so much research going on in the computer room that I was afraid we'd blow the power and the internet. Alice was pulling everything she could – legal or not – concerning Lilith Laray, because we needed to know her complete history. Rose was doing the exact same for Walter Bridges, even though we thought we had everything already; we just wanted to be sure. I was tracing the history of the D.O.A., trying to find out if there were other communes like the one on the mountain top.
"That's mine!" Mack called out, typing away and clearly frustrated. "And no. I haven't finished yet. You know, it's a big damn globe, guys!"
Rose and I smirked at each other, especially when the boys apologized behind us and moved on to the next question.

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Sin & Innocence Chapter 13

There wasn't much that could stop the breath of relief that came with pulling in my own fucking driveway, despite the FBI guards that let us in. The beautiful, fidgety woman at my side in the back seat of Eleazar's SUV couldn't wait, either. Bella was about to burst open at the seams, she needed to see Bethy so badly. I couldn't blame her, because the last time my wife had seen our daughter, she was setting her out a window in order to save her.
The shit with Walter and Lilith was far from over. We still needed to find them, because we'd all promised Eleazar that we'd help. And Bella wanted to catch Lilith, simply to get her off the fucking streets. By now, there was no telling what that crazy bitch was capable of.
Bella's new theory on Lilith was that she killed her youngest child, Bree. She was convinced that it wasn't an accident, that Ashley had simply found her little sister after the fact. Armed with this new line of thinking, Bella ordered Alice to dive into Lilith's life as deep as she could go, stating that in order to stop future issues, we needed to go back to the beginning. We needed to know what made Lilith fall off the deep end mentally. If Walter was using Lilith as a driving vehicle to this shit, then we needed to know everything.
Eleazar was continuing to run the investigation, in cooperation with Benny and Wes. Our suspects – Roy, Earl, Bobby, and Kenny – were now being held in a military facility until further notice. El wanted every single person attached to this threat before he finished prosecuting them, because he wanted them all. I really think he moved Kenny to a military base to keep his ass alive and safe from me. As far as I was concerned, he deserved no less than what his buddy, Rusty, had received. Preferably at my own hand. But they wanted to keep him around to continue to ask him questions. I was pretty sure they were keeping him around to use as bait, but no one had confirmed that suspicion. Kurt, however, wasn't to leave Eleazar's side, at least until he was deemed safe from Walter; there were Feds already guarding his mother and sister, while his father, the good doctor, was awaiting trial.

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Sin & Innocence Chapter 12

"Are you sure you want to be in there for this shit?" Edward asked, cupping my face as we stood just outside the barn.
I nodded, but in truth, I wasn't really sure. There was a part of me that was aware of what my husband, his father, and their crew were capable of when it came to interrogation, and having been a victim of torture once before, I was a little nervous to watch, but the stronger part of me wanted to know what the men had to say. Sure, Edward could tell me after, but it wouldn't be the same.
I looked past Edward to see all four prisoners handcuffed to chairs, while Alec and Sam stood with watchful eyes behind them. The injured man from the guard shack hadn't made it through the night. A table had been set up, and the only thing sitting on it was what looked like a black toolbox – or maybe a tackle box. Eleazar and Carlisle were huddled together in deep conversation off to the side where the TNT had once been stored. It had been safely removed by some of Eleazar's men. Felix guarded one entrance to the barn, while Eric had the other. Mickey was sitting alone on a bale of hay, most likely waiting for me.
I rubbed my sweaty palms on my clean jeans that Edward had been sweet enough to bring with him, showing he'd been more than hopeful when it came to rescuing me.
I nodded up at Edward again. "Yeah...yes, I'm sure."