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Sin & Innocence Chapter 11

God, Edward had never looked so good...or sexy, in spite of the paint that was all over his face. He looked straight out of a movie, all jagged stripes of black, green, and brown across his face, like a giant claw had swiped them there.
Maybe it was because I'd missed him terribly, or maybe it was due to the commanding aura that he was exuding, but as we climbed up out of my cell, I couldn't help but kiss his cheek. I didn't give a shit if I got paint on me or not at this point, because no matter the reason, he was saving me. Again.
"Thank you," I whispered, when his head snapped around to meet my gaze.
"Don't thank me yet, sweetness" he said, giving me that perfectly sweet, crooked grin of his. "It sounds like we have to fight our way outta here."
"And Bethy?"
"Oh, she's perfect, love," he whispered with an almost reverent sound to his voice, tugging me up the steps to the very edge so he and Alec could glance around each corner. "She told me to tell you that she did everything you told her to."
I smiled, tears filling my eyes, but I swiped at them. I could be proud of my girl later, but concentration was most important at the moment. We had to get through this shit in order to get back to her.
"Aw, fuck," Carlisle growled over the radio. "Alice!" he barked.
"Go ahead," she answered him.
"I need some sort of current thermal on this house and the surrounding area. Can you do that?" he asked.
"Give me two minutes," she replied, and I could hear her muttering orders to Rose and Makenna.

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Sin & Innocence Chapter 10

I couldn't fucking sleep. When I did nod off, my dreams were horrific. I was just fucking glad daylight had finally dawned.
Tell me who could have found you, bitch?
I squeezed my eyes closed at the memory of Miller's voice, letting out a long, slow, calming breath and glancing over when Christopher snorted in his deep slumber. Maybe it was being underground, maybe it was the waiting, or maybe it was just being away from home, away from Edward and Bethy. I never felt more powerful and in control than with Edward there to back me up. Without him and when I was alone with my thoughts, I felt a little vulnerable.
I debated and debated about telling Walter what he had coming for him. I wasn't kidding when I'd told him once that he had absolutely no idea what he'd done. He had no clue as to what he'd set in motion, because my husband's and his father's identities never really existed. Walter had pissed off the one group of people that could literally level this compound in the blink of an eye, barely breaking a sweat. I'd decided to wait, or maybe not tell Walter at all, because he could panic and take me elsewhere. Where I was sitting was the best place, because I knew at that moment, there was an angry group of men and women studying this place up one side and down the other. I had to put my faith in them.
Kurt had eventually brought me my shoes, tossing them and my socks through the bars of my cage. Once I had them on and he'd left me, I'd activated the GPS chip. I'd thought about the tools on me, about using them to escape, but I wasn't stupid. I'd seen what I would face trying to just get outside the compound, much less down the fucking mountain. Footsteps constantly walked by the top of the stairs, there were guards at just about every point on the grounds, and the fences were not just topped with razor wire... It went from top to bottom. I didn't have tools to cut that shit, and there would be nowhere to hide if I did get out of my cell.
Then there was the matter of Christopher, who snored again and rolled over in his sleep. He wasn't my new best friend, but he was being held against his will. He was verbally abused at just about every turn, and I was starting to feel sorry for the poor bastard. He'd paid his debt to society concerning the drunk driving incident, but holding him hostage here was just Lilith's sick addition to this game.

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Sin & Innocence Chapter 9

"Hit me!" Kurt said. His grin was infectious.
I huffed an incredulous laugh, shaking my head, and brought both my hands up. "Are you sure?" I asked, raising an eyebrow at him.
"Yes, hurry!" he hissed, looking back into the room, and then back to me. "Make it good, and then we're going to pretend I caught you outside, okay?"
I gave him a warning with my eyes before swinging on him. I made sure to clip the spot by his brow, causing the skin to split and bleed.
"Shit," he hissed, doubling over. When he stood back up, he looked in the bathroom's mirror and fucking grinned. "Perfect. Let's go."
He grabbed my wrist and tugged me out behind him, quietly opening the motel room door that led out to the parking lot. He urged me to the end of the property, and then turned me around. My bare feet slapped the pavement, and that was the only sound that could be heard in the darkness.
"Now, fight me...and be loud about it," he snorted.
I stopped him, just for a moment. "Why are you doing this? Why are you helping me?" I asked him, and surprisingly, he met my gaze.

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Sin & Innocence Chapter 8

The station was packed with people. Some looked like they were heading off to work, some looked like vacationing families, and the rest seemed to be making their way out through the front doors toward the gathering for Senator Ruiz's speech.
In my ear, my location, my every step, along with Lilith and Walter's position were rattled off one by one. I shifted my bag higher onto my shoulder, taking a sweeping glance around the station. To my left sat Mickey and Sam in the small food court area. Up top along the balcony that surrounded the main atrium were a few of Benny's men. Through the large glass front doors, I could see Wes standing by the drop off lane, scanning the crowd across the street and glancing inside every now and then.
I walked slowly towards the waiting area just outside a small bar. The carpet was an ugly shade of maroon, the chairs all attached together and black vinyl. Small flatscreen TVs were mounted up in the corners so that everyone could see them, playing the local news or sports – depending on which one you were watching. A small family of three sat by the windows, a businessman typed away on his laptop at the edge closest to the train platforms, but it was the last set of people my eyes finally fell on.
Walter and Lilith were sitting together, but I wasn't stupid enough to think that Rusty wasn't near. I glanced around again, finding him sitting at the bar, a bottle of beer in front of him. However, his gaze was trained behind me, back towards the food court.

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Sin & Innocence Chapter 7

"I was wrong," Benny stated angrily when we rushed into Gravity's office. "I totally expected a phone call, but she emailed Gravity's office account," he huffed, typing furiously on the computer.
Alice was right beside him, working just as hard, and from what I could tell, she was tracking the origin of the email, whereas he was researching what looked like a bus or train station.
I looked around the room, and though no one was saying anything, the room was slowly filling with people. Alec, Sam, and Emmett took seats around the conference table. A bleary eyed Jasper was standing next to Makenna, both stirring cups of coffee. Eleazar leaned against the wall in the back of the room. The only one I didn't see was Wes, and for a moment, I wondered if he had already left to go talk to Walter Bridges' parents.
"Benny, please!" Bella begged in a whisper. "Give us the email..."
"Here," my dad said softly, pulling a page from the printer. He looked to me, his gaze fierce, pointing to the paper. "I want you in the air for this."
That being said, I was nervous when I sat in a chair, tugging Bella to my lap so that we could read Lilith's email together.

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Sin & Innocence Chapter 6

The light was bright when someone turned it on, and I jumped and covered my eyes with my hands.
"Get up, you brats," the mean man yelled. He was the man from the farm, who was there when I wanted to ride the horse, and the car ride to where we were now. He wasn't nice at all.
I tried hard not to cry, because the last time Abby and I did, it made the mean man so angry at us. He yelled and took away our dinner. The lady had to make him put away his gun. Guns were dangerous. I knew that, 'cause Daddy said so.
"Jesus, Kenny, could you be more of an ass?" the other man asked, pushing him away. "Go pack your shit."
I sat up in bed next to Abby. I was still sleepy, because I didn't like strange beds. I liked it when my mommy and daddy woke me up or when I could wake them up. I missed them. I wanted Mommy's hugs and Daddy's breakfast.
Abby wiggled away from them, closer to me. "Don't t-touch!" I told him, because Mommy always told me no one could touch me if I didn't want them to.
Kenny went back to the room next door and left us with the man with black hair like Aunt Alice. This man wasn't as mean as Kenny. I didn't like him at all.
"Fine, I won't touch," he said, holding up his hands and rolling his eyes. "But we gotta get going, so up. Outta bed."
Abby tugged my shirt. "Potty," she whispered.
"Yeah, yeah, potty," the man said. "Go on...the both of ya."

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Sin & Innocence Chapter 5

"Bella Swan...Cullen," a voice on the other end started. It was neither male nor female. In fact, it sounded filtered. "Do I have your attention now, bitch?"
"Yes," I breathed. "Who is this?"
"Oh, I'm sure you have a clue," the mechanical voice stated with a crazed chuckle. It sounded broken, evil.
Wes came to stand beside me and Edward, his face grim as he spoke low into his headset. "Alice...trap and trace on Bella's phone."
"You won't catch me," the voice sang to him over the line. "I just wanted to make sure Bella was paying attention."
"What do you want?" I snapped, snatching the phone from Edward's hand.
"A little of this...a little of that," the voice sighed dramatically. "And a whole lot of money. What's the price for family these days? What would you pay to get yours back? Payback's a bitch, baby. Stay tuned..."
The call ended, but everyone around me was still and silent. I looked to Wes, who was still on his own headset.
"Throwaway phone," he muttered, nodding like he'd guessed that would be the case. "Trace it as best you can, Alice. Anything on the SUV?" he asked her, sighing deeply. "Well, let me know what you get." When he hung up, he knelt down. "The plates on the SUV were stolen, but Alice is running a search for anything or anyone connected to Lilith Laray that may have a car..."

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Sin & Innocence Chapter 4

"What do you mean she's killed before?" I snapped, my pacing stopping at the foot of Rose's bed and my hand gripping my hair.
"She means exactly that," Bella stated from the doorway, and I spun to look at her. "Lilith has...hurt people. Badly."
Bethy was in her arms, so the conversation was on hold, and I was totally busted, because from the look on my wife's face, she'd heard everything.
Bella kissed Bethy's temple. "Go ask Aunt Alice if she's about ready to go home. You've got school tomorrow, pretty girl," she told her, setting her on her feet.
"Okay, Mommy," Bethy sang, taking off down the hall.
Bella's eyes landed on Rose, and then me. She took a deep breath. "Ashley wasn't Lilith's only child. She had another little girl – Bree. Bree was two years younger than Ashley, and Lilith let her drown in the bathtub, because a telephone call was more important than a toddler splashing around in a soapy, slippery tub."
My wife's nostrils flared as she stated these things, but she paused for a moment.
"It was how Lilith lost custody of Ashley to the state to begin with," Rose explained, wincing up at me when Bella wasn't looking.

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Sin & Innocence Chapter 3

Lilith fucking Laray. My hatred for her could barely be contained, but I just didn't want to talk about her. She'd come damn close to getting her little girl killed several years ago, and it had taken every resource I had at the time to get her back to a safe place. But it had been all for fucking nothing.
The Greenes had been an amazing couple, full of love and life, and had made even more amazing parents. Ashley had adored them from the beginning. She'd settled in to school, gotten her grades up, and had even started making friends, when her mother was granted a visit. One moment they were at the park; the next, Lilith had made a run for it.
We never did find out how she was able to get away so quickly, but getting Ashley back had been a pathetic display of trial and error. I shook my head, trying to focus on the case at hand as I got out of the car. There were things about the Greenes that wracked my frame with guilt.
As if he could still sense my mood, Edward's large, warm hand slipped into mine as he led me across the street and down the sidewalk. He said nothing more about Lilith, but his thumb rubbed soothingly across my knuckles, calming me more than I could even explain.