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Coming Home Chapter 10 - Edward


From: EAMasen
To: Bella Swan
Date Sent: Sun, Apr 18, 2010 at 5:31 P.M.
Date Received: Sun, Apr 18, 2010 at 5:31 A.M.
Subject: Hot for teacher... ;)

Okay, my third grade teacher, Mrs. Brownlow, never looked like you! In fact, I'd say she was the complete and total opposite of you. In every way.

I received both pictures, and I have three things to say... One: Blue is definitely your color. Two: What blithering, drooling idiot was dumb enough to let you go? I sure as hell hope you weren't in a "funk" for long over someone that obviously didn't know what he had, because not only are you beautiful, you've already shown me that you're caring, as well. And three: Do Jazz and Emmett know how you guys look when you go out? If not, I'm totally showing them. **teasing grin**

And yes, Bella, I talk to them about you. I haven't checked my email on a regular basis in over a year, and suddenly, I'm on the damn computer every day. They were bound to notice. As soon as they heard that you'd written me, they started talking and haven't shut up. They're convinced they have the best wives in the whole world, and I'm pretty sure the two of them are your biggest fans. Did you know you had groupies? **laugh** But yes, you're right...they are very good men, and they've saved my ass on more than one occasion. They also seem damned determined to get us the hell out of here, because when I mentioned that burger of yours, they insisted that I had to have one.

You do have an amazing outlook on things. I'm not so sure I could look back on certain situations like you do and see the bright side. Your parents' divorce had to have been hard on you; I don't care how many things were doubled. I still miss my parents, so I can't imagine what it was like being away from one or the other, or being closer to one than the other. Though, if I'd had to choose, I would have stayed with my mother, I suppose. She tended to lean on me more than my father, and I had more in common with her – piano, classic literature, history. People always said I looked just like her, but with my father's build.

Believe me, I pulled my share of pigtails back in the day to get a girl's attention. It's all because girls have our heads spinning, and we have no clue what we're doing. As far as the other hair pulling... Hmm, perhaps you're never hurt anyone. ;)

I really wish you wouldn't worry about me, but if we're admitting fears, then the one that worries me the most is that one day, these emails will stop. I've come to depend on them in a very short time, and I'm not sure what that really means. It's not like I never get correspondence, because I get the occasional "hi, hope you're doing well" from a few people that used to be on my squad, the ex's parents, and old classmates, but they aren't all that often, nor do they seem all that important.

However, I promise to be safe, because how will I ever finish your song? The gauntlet is thrown down, Miss Swan, and I accept. And I always keep my promises. But Christ, those new cookies sure do sweeten the fucking deal! LOL

I don't think I've ever cried during "Saving Private Ryan," but "Forrest Gump," on the other hand... Just kill me! When Forrest stands under the tree with the note from Little Forrest to Jenny? Yeah, just strip away all my masculinity. LOL Matt Damon, though, is cool. The Bourne movies rock, but it seems like such a safe choice for you. I'd have bet...I don't know...Hugh Jackman or something.

Skype is easy, so let's do this... There's a twelve hour difference between me and you. Next weekend is my squad's furlough, but I've volunteered to stay on base. Can we set it up for next Saturday? My midnight is your noon, so let me know if that works.


P.S. Nothing is never too forward, especially when something is an honest reaction. I'll take the compliment on my eyes, but if the guys try to catch me in that "rare moment," Bella...for you, I'll smile.



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