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Coming Home Chapter 19 - Bella


Seattle... Saturday, April 24, 2010 11:24 A.M.

"Bella, sit still," Rose huffed as she wrapped another section of my hair around the big curling iron.

"Sorry," I mumbled before fisting my hands in my lap in an effort to stop moving.

Alice giggled from her spot on the bed. "I thought we beat all the nerves out of you earlier."

I shook my head, drawing another growl from Rose, and sighed. "Not really nervous. Just...excited, I think." Although the butterflies in my stomach had tripled in the last hour alone.

I'd thought long and hard last night about today, but I'd woken up with a new determination and sense of how right this all was. The girls had helped me a lot. After I'd told them about falling in love with Edward, Rose had told Alice she'd pick her up within thirty minutes, and Alice had said she'd bring the wine. We had stayed up half the night talking about the positives and negatives of being involved with someone in the military and what that meant for me and Edward. I'd cried on their shoulders – I'd never expected to fall in love with someone who was halfway across the globe and putting his life on the line almost every minute of every day...

In the end, my girls had helped with not only their words, but their hearts.


"Do we wish our husbands were home?" Rose asked, studying the glass of wine in her hand. "Hell yes." Looking up at me, she shrugged. "But I wouldn't trade Emmett for anything. Not even the life I always thought I wanted – a husband who was home every evening, one to go out with every weekend...and I always thought I'd have kids by now, but that isn't something we want to do until he retires from the military."

"It's hard, sweetie," Alice said, smiling sadly. "But every time I see Jasper's face and hear his voice on Skype, I'm complete again. Whenever I'm feeling it hardest or having a bad day, a smile or email from Jazzy helps make the day easier. Is it harder than having him here every day? Of course. You have to decide if it's worth that."

"Besides," Rose said with a waggle of her perfectly shaped brows. "The distance totally sucks, but the reunions are so worth it!"

We all laughed, but my head was still going a million miles a minute.

Would it be hard? Yes, the hardest thing I'd ever done or would ever do. Could I handle it?

When I looked at Alice and Rose as they sat there talking about their husbands and the love they felt for them came shining through in every word, I knew. They had helped me realize that yes, it was dangerous and scary, but it was also totally worth it. I decided right then that if Edward was truly the right guy for me, I would find a way to deal with what he did for a living.


"Okay, well, here's what I think you should wear," Alice said, interrupting my thoughts.

She was holding up a pair of dark, skinny jeans and a new gray shirt. It was thin, with short sleeves and a black chevron sort of pattern on the front, making it pretty, but casual.

"Not something...sexier?" I asked uncertainly, pulling my lower lip between my teeth.

"Not this time," she said as she shook her head. "You want to look cute but not like you're trying too hard."

"Also," Rose added, "you want to look like yourself, not some trollop who wants nothing but to sex him up."

Alice and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. "Trollop?" we repeated with a giggle.

Rose waved her hand airily before setting the curling iron down and picking up the paddle brush. "Whatever. You know what I meant." As she brushed out my hair, she said, "This will leave plenty of waves and movement but take out all the curls."

Rather than answering verbally, I simply smiled before looking back down at my hands and picking at my newly painted nails.

"Stop it," Alice huffed, coming over and taking my hands in hers. "You'll ruin the paint job."

Twenty minutes later, I was dressed, my hair was done, and Alice had applied just a light amount of makeup to "make my eyes pop," according to her. She had gone light on blush and lipstick – opting for gloss that I could reapply right before calling Edward if I needed it, since I'd most likely chew it all off in my nervousness – and added dark brown shadow to the inside corners of my upper lids, accentuating the brown of my eyes. As I looked in the mirror, I had to admit that I looked great.

"Thanks, you guys," I said, pulling them both in for a hug. After a moment, I gently shoved them away and grinned. "Now get out of here. I've got things to do."

With a few more hugs and calls of "good luck!" they left the house.

I waited until they'd driven away to lock the door and then turned to my computer. Glancing at the clock on the wall, I saw that it was five minutes to noon.

Sitting down, I opened Skype and clicked on Contacts. Adding Edward's name took only a few seconds. Nervously, I clicked Video Call, watching as the program tried to connect me to the man who was half a world away and waiting for my call.



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