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Coming Home Chapter 22 - Edward


From: EAMasen
To: Bella Swan
Date Sent: Sun, Apr 25, 2010 at 5:01 A.M.
Date Received: Sat, Apr 24, 2010 at 5:01 P.M.
Subject: I can't even sleep...


Lickable? Really? Don't tease, Bella. I'm surrounded by smelly men in the desert 24/7! That's not fair. I can't even begin to tell you where you look "lickable," so at least TRY to help me keep my sanity?

Dammit, I hate this shit. I don't know any other way to tell you this but to just say it. We've got to go back to Kandahar. They swear to me it's the last time my squad is going, but I never trust a thing they say. Ever. They're telling me two weeks, at most, but that means two whole fucking weeks without your words, your voice, your sweet face. There's no communication allowed there, and I know you'll worry. Hell, I'm worried. The place is crazy, with buildings being bombed and random riots breaking out in the streets – and the targets are innocent civilians. They need my squad there to police those least until we get more reinforcements.

I will do everything in my power to get us all back here safely, Bella. I promise you. I have something worth fighting for now. You're the light at the end of this shit. I never had it before, but now I do, and I swear I'll fucking fight for it. Before, I was just doing my job. Now? It's you, beautiful. It's your sweet face, your words...those amazing cookies...that gives me focus on what's really important.

You have NO IDEA what it meant to really talk to you only mere hours ago. I haven't slept a wink because I don't want to forget the sound of your laugh or the real color of your eyes. The fact that you want this, want to take the chance on me, and want to risk it all for whatever it is that we're doing... Bella, it means everything to me. You've given me something no one ever has, and that's hope. I didn't even realize that it was gone until your first letter showed up.

The only thing that bothers me is that I know you'll worry. I'm giving you the only thing I have to give you to hold onto, and that's the music you asked for. I'm attaching it to this email. One of the songs was something I composed for my mother; the rest, you'll recognize as classical piano pieces. And yeah, that's me playing. My mother started recording me at a young age in order to help me with my tempo, so recording myself had become a habit by the time I started composing. They're yours, along with any part of me you want.

We're pulling out of here soon, but I just couldn't go without one more check for your words, and then I couldn't leave without letting you know where we were going. The very minute we get back on base, I'm calling you, beautiful. I'll apologize in advance if it's late and a school night.

I printed your picture. I wanted you to know, and even though it's black and white and on regular printer paper, it's mine. It's going with me. I couldn't go without something. I'll miss you.

Hugs and kisses back,

P.S. 20 questions, right? Okay, I've got one for you. Have you ever felt this way about someone before, Bella? Ever? Because the answer for me would be a resounding...No.



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As usual you gals bring it on~! Great chapter, makes you just want to reach and hug the stuffin' out of the boy~!

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