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Coming Home Chapter 25 - Bella


Seattle... Wednesday, May 12, 2010 at 4:13 A.M.

Edward's sexy voice sent shivers of want down my spine. I pushed the sheet to my waist and scooted up on the bed, leaning back against the pillows and headboard. I kept the lights off, so the room was only illuminated by the moon as it shone through the window.

My breathing had picked up, so my words came out a little shaky and breathy as I said, "Really, Sergeant Masen? Just what would you do if you could touch me right now?" It was meant to be teasing, but it came out much more sensual, which Edward clearly picked up on.

"Oh, beautiful..." he murmured slowly with a groan. "You have no idea how much I want to get my hands on that gorgeous head of hair." His voice was as smooth as silk, like a warm caress to my ears. "Those curls are just begging for my fingers to slide through them. I just know it would be soft, and to feel it would be...mmm, so nice."

I squeezed my legs together, his words doing crazy things to the juncture of my thighs. "Wh-What else?" I asked, feeling my breath catch as he made a soft noise that sounded like appreciation.

"Your skin looks so perfect in those pictures, Isabella." This time, it came out like a purr, and it was no less sweet to my ears. "I want to touch you everywhere – drag my calloused fingers so lightly up your arms and across your shoulders just to feel it under my fingertips. I'd keep touching you, up your legs and across your stomach, to see if every part of you is as smooth as I think it is."

My free hand slid down to touch my stomach, which was bared because the shirt I'd been sleeping in had ridden up when I'd rolled over to answer the phone. As my nails lightly dragged across the skin just under my navel, I must have made a noise, because Edward groaned again.

"Beautiful, what are you doing?" he asked smoothly. "Are you touching your skin? Are you seeing how soft your stomach is? Tell me, Isabella..."

I nearly whimpered. "Yes," I admitted, not bothering to stop moving my hand lightly over my stomach.

"Oh, baby," he whispered, a world of want in those two little words. "I wish that was me... You know I wouldn't stop there, right?"

"Mmhmm," I agreed, kicking the sheet off and spreading my legs, letting the cool air caress me through my panties. God, I wanted to touch myself, but there was no way...

"Beautiful, I wanted to ask you about something you mentioned on one of the emails. If you don't want to answer, you don't have to, but it's something I've been curious about since reading it..." His voice was still soft, still smooth, but decidedly less sensual than it had been, pulling me slightly out of the haze I'd found myself in.

"Okay," I said questioningly. "Go ahead."

"Remember when I asked about the one thing you wanted right then? Do you remember what your answer was?"

Slightly embarrassed, I nodded silently, before remembering he couldn't see me. "Yes?" I answered, although it came out as more of a question than anything. Then I realized why he was asking. I'd said if I could have anything, I would want balls-to-the-wall sex... "You want to know if Mike and I had ever had sex?"

He huffed a laugh. " I'm more interested in knowing how long it's been since someone cared enough to make sure you were...happy and satisfied." The sensual caress was back, thank God. "When is the last time you had an orgasm so powerful that it felt like your entire body was a live wire, beautiful? If I were there..."

I finally did actually whimper, my hand sliding down so my fingers slipped into the top of my panties. Fuck, I wanted to touch myself, but even more, I wanted Edward to touch me. I was just about to answer him, which I heard a voice mumble something in the background, and then Edward was back, sighing.

"Sorry, Bella. This is so not the ideal place for that conversation, even as damn much as I wanted to continue."

Chuckling softly, I said, "That's all right, babe. Nothing says I can't put my imagination to use after we hang up..." I was teasing him, and I knew it.

"You mean you're going to..." He groaned again. "Fuck, Isabella..."

"That's the idea, Sarge," I said with a giggle.

"I'd better go, sweetheart, before I get into trouble here. I have a...situation...that I might have to take care of myself if I'm alone in the shower," Edward admitted.

"Oh, God," I moaned, feeling my panties get even more wet at the thought of Edward touching himself in the shower. "If you do...I expect to be told about it," I told him, only half-teasing.

"Mmm, same goes for you, beautiful. If – when – you touch yourself, it will be my hands on your sexy little body, you got me?" he asked, all teasing gone as the husky tone made my nipples pucker.

"Okay," I said, my voice squeaking embarrassingly.

Another noise came from across the line, and he sighed. "I'd better go. I want to see if I can get in the shower before anyone else comes in from out in the field for the night. Thank you for your emails and for everything in the box, sweetheart. That was the perfect surprise to come back to."

I smiled, glad that he had enjoyed everything. "Have a good night, babe. We'll talk again soon, yeah?"

"As soon as I'm able, I swear it," he said firmly.

We were quiet a minute, neither of us wanting to hang up, before I finally said, "Bye, Sarge."

"Good night, beautiful..."

There was a click, and after a moment, the beeping that let me know he'd hung up.



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