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Coming Home Chapter 27 - Bella


Seattle... Wednesday, May 12, 2010 5:39 A.M.

Going back to sleep after that phone call just was not possible. My entire body felt on edge, like with one spark, I would go up in flames. I shifted on the bed, and that small movement alone made my still-aroused body throb.

Remembering Edward's voice made me hotter still. There was nothing sexier than his sharp wit and wicked sense of humor, but he was so good-looking, and that voice... Deadly.

Just thinking about his voice telling me how he wanted to touch me had my fingers sliding into my panties, finding me slick and swollen with arousal. I didn't need to pull out the toy I kept in my bedside table drawer. All it took was playing those deadly words over and over in my head as I slid two fingers inside myself.

"I want to touch you everywhere – drag my calloused fingers so lightly up your arms and across your shoulders just to feel it under my fingertips. I'd keep touching you, up your legs and across your stomach, to see if every part of you is as smooth as I think it is."

With a press to my clit with my thumb, Edward's name rolled off my tongue as I came – hard.

It was many long minutes after that before I was able to force myself out of bed and into the shower, where, with the help of the detachable shower head, Edward's name echoed off the shower walls once more.


From: Bella Swan
To: EAMasen
Date Sent: Wed, May 12, 2010 at 5:03 P.M.
Date Received: Thurs, May 13, 2010 at 5:03 A.M.
Subject: Cookies for dinner? Naughty boy!

Speaking of naughty... God, Edward... Knowing that you went from talking with me to thinking of me when you came just...does something to me. Damn, babe, I'm glad I didn't read this during my lunch break! I wouldn't have been able to concentrate at all this afternoon.

That thought is so sexy. To imagine you with your hand wrapped around yourself, stroking... How do you like it? Would you want my hand squeezing a little tight, giving a little twist around the head when I reached the top? Or do you want it nice and gentle, just bare touches of my skin to yours? I have to wonder if my hand would reach comfortably around you. I have small fingers, after all. I might have to use both hands to make you feel good...unlike when I used just one on myself this morning...


It's very handy having a detachable shower head. ;)

As for when the last time someone other than myself took care of me in that respect? Way too long. Mike was...okay. Certainly nothing to write home about. LOL He was more concerned about getting his than giving, so I was left unsatisfied more often than not. Honestly, I'm not sure why I was ever with him, especially now, when I know how a man can turn me on with just a few words. Before Mike, there was a guy in college, but that didn't last long at all. He had nothing going on upstairs and ended up being not nearly as funny as I first thought he was.

Ahh, the Army shirt. That was my dad's from years and years ago. I filched it from him back in high school for some reason, and it's been the shirt I wear to sleep in ever since. That was really the closest thing to myself I could think to give you without packing myself up in the box. Just realize that I'm not giving it to you... I want you to keep it close and keep it safe, and then you can deliver it back to me personally when I meet you face to face. Deal?

My turn for 20 Questions, babe. I've got two this time...

What is your biggest turn-on in the opposite sex? For me, it's a sense of humor and gorgeous eyes. Guess who has both? ;)

Also, what was your favorite toy growing up? Cabbage Patch Kids until I was about 10, when I got my first Beanie Babies. Don't judge. :P

I'm glad talking this morning helped. Anything I can do, you have to know I'll do everything in my power to do it. If all you need is a soothing voice, that's certainly something I can handle. After going that long without seeing your words, hearing your voice was just...better than I can explain.

Missing you every moment,

P.S. Just so you know... Your name was on my lips this morning, both in bed and in the shower. Keep talking to me like you have been, and it definitely won't be the last...



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