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Coming Home Chapter 30 - Edward


Afghanistan... Friday, May 14, 2010 at 5:38 A.M.

I rubbed my face, closing my laptop. "Fuck," I groaned, glancing up at the clock and wondering if I had time to call my girl. I didn't. My squad was due on patrol in twenty minutes, and I still needed to grab something to eat in the mess tent.

Something had told me there would be an early morning email, and I was glad I'd checked, but now I wished I could call her, write her back, something. I could tell Bella's big heart was fucking shattered over little Christopher. The positive was that he got to keep her as his teacher, but dammit...

"Yo, Sarge! Let's go," Jasper called from his bunk.

"I'm starvin', man!" Emmett added, slamming the door open.

After storing my laptop away, I shouldered my weapon, spinning it to my back. The mess tent was full, loud, and filled with everyone from overnight squads coming in to the medical personnel on break.

I sat down with my tray, now no longer hungry.

"Did Bells email you this morning?" Jasper asked, frowning at me from across the table.

"Yeah," I said, grimacing.

"Did she kick you to the curb already?" Emmett laughed, smacking my shoulder. "What the hell did you do?"

"Fuck, no, she didn't, and I didn't do anything!" I growled back, rolling my eyes at their laughter. As we ate, I told them about little Christopher, but it seemed Jasper was already aware of it.

"That's rough, Sarge," he sighed, shaking his head. "Ali emailed me, too. She said Bells was upset. The girls get attached to those kids after working with them for a year, you know?"

I nodded, because I could tell Bella loved her kids at school. "She's so upset that she and the girls are going to see her father this weekend," I told them, standing up to throw away my trash. "And while she's there, she's going to tell him," I groaned, rolling my eyes when the asses laughed again.

"Charlie's cool," Jasper chuckled, slapping my shoulder and giving it a grip. "He's licensed to carry a weapon in public, but he's cool."

My face must've said it all, because Emmett snorted, shaking his head.

"Relax, Sarge. Charlie's laid back, and yeah, she's all he's got, but all it'll take is a good word about you from us...which we've already given to Rose and Alice...and he adores them." He grinned, liked he'd solved all the world's problems.

"The simpleton has a point," Jasper mused, looking up at me as we made our way to the Humvee. "Yeah, Charlie's tough to get to know, but he's a good man, respects Bella's opinion, and uses Alice and Rose as backup."

We piled into the truck, and Emmett started her up.

"He may be skeptical of this situation you and Bells are in, but he'll come around, especially when we take you back with us," Emmett added, pulling through the gates of our base. "And don't give me any shit, bro. You are definitely coming back with us. We're your family now, man."

I snorted, but the sentiment shocked me. I'd been alone for so long, even when dating Tanya, that I didn't know what to make of it, but I knew that I wanted to be with Bella, and with her came these guys and their wives. It was an uneasy, yet amazing feeling.

Our patrol was the perimeter of the base, keeping an eye on the main roads that the locals used just as much as we did. Once we were far enough out, Emmett stopped just off the side of the road, pulling out a camera from his pocket.

"Rosie asked for more pics, Jazz," he said. "Full gear, this time."

"We should send some of the three of us. I bet they'd like that. Bellsy, too," Jasper added, hopping down from the truck. "Set the timer, Em, and then set it up on the hood."

I had to hand it to them...they knew how to ham it up for their wives, and I couldn't help but join in. The idiots posed separately, together, weapons at the ready, sunglasses, without sunglasses, with me, without me, flexed muscles, stupid grins, and attempted sexy pouts. It was fucking hilarious. Before I knew it, it was time to move on to another position.


"I want to call Bella," I said softly, mainly to Jasper beside me as we leaned against the truck, but I knew Emmett was listening as he checked out an abandoned car. "And I want to send her those pictures, too. You know, while they're with her dad. I want to cheer her up."

"That's a good idea," Jasper agreed. "We can't do much for them, but we do what we can."

"Aw, hell," Emmett groaned suddenly. "I knew I forgot something. Remind me to sleep in a shirt tonight..."

"Huh?" I asked, looking to Jasper.

"Rose asks for one of his shirts that he's slept in every now and then," Jasper explained with a chuckle. "She says it makes not having him at home a little more bearable because she says the smell of him isn't in their bed after she washes the sheets."

My eyebrows shot up. "Oh," I said, nodding, but finally deciding what I needed to do.

"She'll like that," Jasper whispered, giving me a knowing look. "It'll be like sending her a hug. Do it. Alice wears an old set of my dog tags...says that's all she needs to keep me close. But Bells..." He stopped and grinned. "She likes her big t-shirts to sleep in. Alice complains enough for me to know. Send it."

I chuckled, thinking she'd said the same thing in her last email, and then nodded and checked the time. Our shift was almost over. "Let's wind it up for the day, guys," I ordered, walking around to the passenger side of the truck.

"Here," Emmett said, tossing something to me over the truck.

I caught the camera's memory card, looking up at him.

He grinned. "You send them."


From: EAMasen
To: Bella Swan
Date Sent: Fri, May 14, 2010 at 5:13 P.M.
Date Received: Fri, May 14, 2010 at 5:13 A.M.
Subject: I'd give anything to be able to hug you...

Sweetheart, I'm so fucking sorry. You need to know just how badly I want to be there for you, to hold you. You have no idea. I'm glad to know that Christopher gets to keep you as his teacher, that he has something stable in his life that he can trust. And obviously, he trusts you, Bella. At least you don't have to worry about him now. You can keep an eye on him, see how he's doing, and be there for him.

I'm going to call you in a few minutes, beautiful, but at least you'll have this for later. Okay?

I'm glad you're going to see your dad. It's good that you've got someone who can be there for you. Though, should I be scared that you're telling him about us? Em and Jazz say no, but they aren't carrying on a long distance...whatever this is with his daughter. LOL They said to have Alice and Rose put in a favorable word with him. Give me their emails! Quick! LOL

If he asks you what my intentions are, Bella, because every dad does... You tell him that my intention is to get out of this desert and to you so I can treat you like the angel you are.

Let's see...favorite subject in school... Phys. Ed. Sex Ed? Yeah, definitely Sex Ed. LOL No, I liked P.E., but I liked history and English, too.

That's it, I can't take it. I need to hear your voice, and I can't wait any longer.


P.S. I'm attaching some pictures that I hope put a smile on your beautiful face. The guys and I thought it would.



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