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Coming Home Chapter 40 - Edward


From: EAMasen
To: Bella Swan
Date Sent: Mon, May 17, 2010 at 10:23 P.M.
Date Received: Mon, May 17, 2010 at 10:23 A.M.
Subject: I know I'm late getting back to you...

Hey, sweetheart.

I'm sorry I'm late with my reply. We've been out overnight dealing with a situation in a village not far from base camp. One of our transport trucks was attacked en route here with some supplies. My squad was out searching for the insurgents that did this shit. Not only did we lose our supplies, but we lost 2 infantry men and a driver. Fuck! I'll be glad when I can get the hell out of here.


You have no idea just how much I needed all 3 emails from you, even if they were as simple as to tell me you'd put yourself on Edward-restrictions. I'll take all I can get at this point, because I know we've got to go back out tonight. In fact, this email won't be as long as usual, because I need to sleep for at least a few hours.

I promise that I'm not trying to kill you, beautiful. LOL However, I do think we'll slowly torture each other until we're finally face to face. But what a sweet pain it is... You're so sexy and open that it's hard to resist teasing you. And Isabella, if the panties are an issue...leave them off. I don't mind.

Puppies, kittens, goldfish... Hell, Bella, I don't care at this point. I can't wait to be able to truly think about those kinds of things. I'd buy you the world and hand it to you if I could. The very second I have you in my arms, I'll get you any damn thing you want.

My parents... They were college sweethearts and fiercely in love with each other. There wasn't much that they argued about, really. I think what I admired the most was their devotion to each other, which I guess included me, too. They knew each other so well, depended on each other. They were faithful, always, and would look at one another like no one else was there. It killed my father to watch my mom fade away because he couldn't fix it, and once she was gone, it was like he had nothing else holding him to this Earth. I knew he loved me, but she was his life...he couldn't help but follow her. Their love was what I admired most.

I'm glad you had a good time with your dad and the girls, but I'm also glad you're home safe. However, if this Jacob Black needs another reminder that you're uninterested, let me know, beautiful. I'll be happy to do more than just pose for a fucking picture. He's got a phone, right?

As much as I hate it, I have to go, love. I promise to email again as soon as I can. Try not to worry too much, okay?




Canyaceme said...

Be sure you keep Edward safe! Couldn't handle anything happening to him.

Naughty Hisbella said...

Why am I getting a terrible feeling???? This story is just amazing!!! Thank You for letting us read your words!!!

katcot said...

Please promise this will have a HEA. I have loved this story so far.

Evelyne-raconte said...

I'm totally in love with your characters. Charlie is a good dad. Take care of you.

tds88 said...

Everyone's getting that eerie feeling of doom about to happen. I love the subtle little changes in how Edward addresses Bella.

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