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Coming Home Chapter 41 - Bella


From: Bella Swan
To: EAMasen
Date Sent: Mon, May 17, 2010 at 11:42 A.M.
Date Received: Mon, May 17, 2010 at 11:42 P.M.
Subject: What IS it with men?

I swear, it's like someone put something in the water here in Washington... First, it was Jacob Black. Then this morning? It was Mike Newton! He came swaggering into my classroom before school started, acting all smooth and suave (like I was really going to believe that now? Frankly, like I ever really did... LOL). He said he'd heard about me having to call DCFS and knew I would need a shoulder to lean on, so he'd be glad to lend me his "wide, strong shoulders" (his words, not mine) for anything I might need.

After stopping myself from laughing, I asked what Lauren would think of if she heard about it. He said he'd learned over the weekend that she had lied about being pregnant, so he was ready to take me that he wasn't burdened down. *rolls eyes* I said no, thank you, my boyfriend had given me all the comfort I'd needed. He didn't believe that I really had a boyfriend, even after showing him the photos I had of you. I think his exact words were, "Come on, sugar. You know you miss me. No need to try to make me jealous." When I repeated my answer of no, thank you, he just winked and turned to leave, calling over his shoulder that he'd give me space now, but when I was ready to drop the whole "pretend boyfriend" story, let him know.

What the hell did I ever see in him, anyway?

Annnnnyway, enough about him. lol

I'm sorry to hear about the men who were killed, honey. I can't even imagine how rough that must be over there. I hope the ones who did it are found quickly and that no one else gets hurt or killed in the process. I'm glad you had my silly little emails to come back to. I would write you ten a day if it helped get you through the shit you have to deal with. If there's ever anything you want or need from me, you know you can always just tell me, right? Don't ever be afraid to ask.

I loved hearing that about your parents. I'm so happy they had each other for as long as they did, and it breaks my heart that their time with each other and with you was cut short. I know if they are looking down at you now, they have to be so damn proud of you and the man you've turned into.

Oh ho! You seem to like the idea of me going commando, Sarge. I wonder if I should try that the next time we Skype... If you like that idea, you might be interested to know that there have been many nights where I've foregone the T-shirt and panties to sleep in, choosing to sleep naked instead. I like the way the cool sheets feel against my skin, and I like how my body feels when the breeze comes in through the window or from the fan, blowing across my chest or between my legs, especially if I'm...flushed or overheated. ;)

I need to go. Lunch for the kiddos should be over soon, and I need to grab something to drink and prepare the math lesson for this afternoon. I hope you're getting some much needed sleep, babe. Please, please be safe while you're out later. Remember, I'm here waiting for you when you get out, so I need you to be careful until I get you here with me!

'Til next time... xoxo


P.S. Edward, just so you know... When you have me in your arms, I'll have everything I need. Puppies, kittens, goldfish... Sure, a pet would be great, but you? You're what I want in my arms every night.



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