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Coming Home Chapter 42 - Edward


Afghanistan... Tuesday, May 18, 2010 at 11:12 A.M.

"Damn it," I groaned, pushing my laptop away from me and shaking my head. I took another bite of my lunch that I wasn't really tasting.

"Sarge, you all right?" Jasper asked, nudging my elbow with his own.

We were all fucking exhausted but pissed off that we couldn't find the assholes that had blown up our transport truck. It was like they'd disappeared off the face of the Earth. My theory was that they were hiding out in the mountains not far from the village. We had no choice but to find them because until they were stopped, we couldn't let anyone pass on the road. Without passage, there were no supplies.

I reread Bella's email again and shook my head. If she thought someone was putting something in the water, then she was delusional. My girl was fucking gorgeous, sexy, and full of life; she was bound to get hit on. I knew she didn't want this Mike guy back, simply from the way she'd laughed at him, the way that her sexy-as-hell temper had flared. What pissed me the fuck off was that he didn't believe her when she'd told him she was taken. The asshole cheated and lied...and he doesn't believe her? What the fuck?

"Yo,'re bending your fork, dude," Emmett pointed out.

"Sarge?" Jasper said, taking the fork from me. "Spill. What the hell did Bella say? Is everything okay?"

"Her ex wants her back," I muttered, feeling like a jealous asshole, but dammit, there wasn't shit I could do about any of it when I was half a world away from her.

"Mike?" Emmett asked, grimacing when I nodded.

"What did Bella say?" Jasper asked again, glancing at my computer like he was about to see for himself.

"That he doesn't believe her that she has...a boyfriend," I grunted, trying to bend my fork back to its original position.

Emmett huffed, his face no longer that of the jovial guy he usually was. He pointed to my computer, saying, "We need that and the CO's office. Let's go."

My eyes shot up, and I turned to Jasper, who shrugged, but a slow smirk crept over his face.

Throwing our trash away, we walked back to the CO's office, dumping everything onto the desk. Emmett grabbed my computer, opened it up, and pulled up a website.

"Sarge, order something," he chuckled, gesturing to the screen where a flower delivery website was up. "If you do it now, then Bells will get them by the time she's going to lunch tomorrow...well, technically today...I mean, our today is her tomorrow... Fuck! You know what I mean!"

Jasper and I cracked the fuck up but watched as he pulled a small notebook from his back pocket and then picked up the phone, muttering, "Stupid little shit..." He waited as the phone rang, and even though we couldn't hear the other side of the call, my eyebrows shot up when he boomed, "Mike! It's Emmett...McCarty. You know, Rose's husband..." He paused, grinning like the evil bastard he could truly be. "No, man...she won't let me buy the gun from you, but thanks. Hey, listen... I need a favor, man. I know you still work with Bella..." He paused again, shook his head, his voice dropping low and threatening. "No, Mike...I'm well aware of the fact that you aren't together, and I promise we'll talk all about it when I get the fuck out of this desert, because she's like my little sister, but for now, I need a favor." He paused again, huffing in frustration. "Yes, I'm fucking calling you from overseas, dipshit. Now, listen. Bella's boyfriend, Edward, is going to send her something tomorrow, and I need to make sure that she stops by the school's office on her way to lunch. Got me?"

"Oh, that's fucking perfect," Jasper whispered, smacking my chest with the back of his hand. "Get to orderin', Sarge... Something pretty – but not roses. They're too...ordinary."

I closed my mouth that had fallen open at Emmett's not so subtle threat to Mike – hell, I didn't even think they knew each other – but I started looking at the screen. Scanning quickly through what seemed like a billion arrangements, I finally settled on something that looked so...Bella. It was simple, beautiful, and natural, but fun...just like she was. After filling out the message that I wanted attached, I paid for it and then nodded to Emmett, who was still enjoying scaring the shit out of Mike.

"Yo, Mike. I really just don't want to hear it," he grunted, rolling his eyes. "Now...make sure she gets her gift tomorrow, or I'll know all about it. And it won't be just me you'll have to answer to. Not only will I tell Bella's father about that Remington that isn't, but when we have our little chat about just what you did to Bells...I won't be alone. And I'm telling you, you won't like Eddie when he's pissed, man, so back off his girl." Emmett paused again, nodded once, and said, "Good." When he hung up, he muttered, "Pussy."

Jasper grinned, giving Em a fist bump. "Rose still won't let you have that gun, huh?"

"Hell, no," Emmett chuckled, already back to his happy self. "Feel better now, Sarge? It's as close to pissin' on a tree as we can get from here, but..." He laughed, shaking his head. "Trust me...I owe that flower website a huge kiss. Saved my ass from the doghouse more times than I can count..."

"Think he'll do it?" I asked, opening up an email to send my girl.

"He'll do it," Em chuckled. "You have no idea how badly Rosie wants ahold of him for that shit he pulled on Bells. She's only holding back because Bella isn't all that razzed over it. He'll do it because he's scared shitless of me."

"Thanks, Em," I said with a nod and a fist bump before they left me to my email.

"No problem," he said, waving me off. "You'd do the same for me... Now I need some sleep before we back out in a few hours..."


From: EAMasen
To: Bella Swan
Date Sent: Tues, May 18, 2010 at 11:43 A.M.
Date Received: Mon, May 17, 2010 at 11:43 P.M.
Subject: There's nothing in the damn water, Isabella...


You probably have no idea, but you're extremely desirable. You're fucking gorgeous and sexy and all things that make men want you, myself included. Mike gave you the oldest line in the fucking book about being a shoulder to cry on, and that's because he knows he fucked up with you. It doesn't matter if he doesn't believe that you're long as YOU believe it. If he doesn't take your no seriously, then knee him in the balls. Believe me, I would if I could. He told you that you were trying to make him jealous because he IS jealous, baby. He lost the most amazing thing, and he knows it now. How did you put it? His loss, my gain. Don't let him get to you.

We're still looking for those insurgents. We'll be going back out in another few hours, so I need to get some sleep, but I just had to email you. Fuck, love, I miss your voice. I'd rather call you everyday, but it's just not possible. But I am being careful, I am being safe, because all I want is what you in my arms every night. It's all I can focus on...getting to you. All I want is to wrap myself around you and never come up for air, Bella. I want to physically cling to the one thing that has made my life infinitely better.

You said to let you know if I needed anything... Well, all I need is for you to keep doing what you're doing. Every email, every phone call, and every package you send me keeps me from losing my mind. October is so far away, and that thought kills me.

I've got to go, sweetheart. I hate it, but I have to be alert for when we go out again. I guess you'll get this before bed, so sweet dreams, love. Dream of me...

Always yours,

P.S. Commando? Isabella, trust me when I tell you that the only time I want you with me. Hell, when you're with me, I'm not sure I'll want you dressed at all, but if the case arises where we're in public, just knowing only I can touch you...unhindered, any time will drive me mad. Fuck, I can't wait to feel you...



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