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Coming Home Chapter 50 - Edward


From: EAMasen
To: Bella Swan
Date Sent: Thur, May 20, 2010 at 8:32 A.M.
Date Received: Wed, May 19, 2010 at 8:32 P.M.
Subject: At least the drug induced visions are entertaining...

My love...

I'm so fucking bored! And it's only day two of being stuck alone in bed. The only reason I want to stay in bed is when I'm finally with you. When I'm alone in bed, I think of you, and that is still a problem.

Hmm...a secret circus performer... Does that mean you're all bendy and stuff? Or maybe you just tame lions for a living? I know! You secretly wear really big shoes and bright wigs. No, wait, that shit's just frightening. Never mind. But let's go back to the bendy situation... LOL

I'm so glad that Christopher is doing better, sweetheart. That's the best news! I can't believe that your school year is almost over. It makes me wish I was stateside. I think I'd beg, plead, crawl on broken glass to get you to come to me, even if it was just for a day. Of course, once I have you, I may not let you go.

Okay, so we'll drop the 20 part of it. Just...Question Time... Marriage and kids, huh? Let's see how best to answer this. I envied my parents' relationship because what the Wicked Witch and I had never measured up. She wanted marriage, kids, the picket fence, but she wanted those things as a status symbol, not because she wanted them with me. I avoided the topic. Always. I mean, if I didn't even want to admit that going to college together was not something I wanted, then getting married was absolutely out of the question.

Marriage is the ultimate in commitment to me, love, because I can only imagine doing it once. So yes, I see myself married in the future. The fact that I'm discussing it with you means more than you imagine. I think the same goes for kids, too. I'm certainly not opposed to the idea of kids. And I find myself smiling like an idiot as I write this, because I can't wait to figure all this shit out with you.

Oh, Isabella... Are you sure you're asking how big my...piano is? Are we back to that again, you nosy little thing? ;) I'm pretty sure I've given you...ample hints. LOL

My piano is a baby grand, so it will take up a lot of space, sweetheart. Are you sure about moving it? Really? It would mean a lot if I could bring it with me, because yeah, baby...I would love to play for you. Anytime, anything you want.

Guilty pleasures are kind of funny around here... You'd be surprised just how many military men are hooked on reality shows, soap operas, and romance novels. LOL Video games are an easy thing to get addicted to, and I do play occasionally. Emmett and Jasper play Madden football all the time. It's obvious that I have a sweet tooth, Bella, so your cookies feed that pretty damn well. But I will admit that there is a group of us that are kinda wrapped up in that new show... Once Upon a Time. We can't help it, because every last character from every fairy tale we'd heard about as kids is in it, but they're all living in modern times and they don't know who they are! Even funnier is watching these giant men arguing about Cinderella, Snow White, and Rumpelstiltskin. **laugh**

My turn for a question. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Physically, it would probably be my hair...though I've learned to live with it. It just sticks up every-damn-where, no matter what I do to it. While I've been over here, I try to keep it cut close. Emotionally, I guess I wish I could just block shit out and not worry about the next few months. I just want time to fly. I'm ready to start my life over...with you.

I'm going to make my way down to the mess tent, beautiful, then take some meds and go back to bed.

I love you so fucking much,

P.S. I'm a weak and desperate man, Isabella, especially when it comes to you. You're responsible for whatever happens when you send those pictures you're about to pose for. Have mercy on me, love. And if you don't, then brace yourself for the consequences.



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