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Coming Home Chapter 7 - Bella

From: Bella Swan
To: EAMasen
Date Sent: Fri, Apr 16, 2010 at 4:30 P.M.
Date Received: Sat, Apr 17, 2010 at 4:30 A.M.
Subject: I'm so sorry...


I was so sorry to read about Carlos. Loss of life is always a hard thing, but to know he has a baby that will grow up, never knowing him? That's heartbreaking. Please know that everyone in your squad and Carlos's wife and family are in my thoughts and prayers. He died a hero, and while that is probably no consolation now to his loved ones, in time, I hope it brings them comfort.

Losing both your parents in such a short time at such a young age must have been rough. Both my parents are still alive, so I consider myself lucky. Even though I'm not close to my mom anymore, I know I'd miss her if she were gone. Consider me your pseudo-substitute family, then. No one should be alone in this world – especially not over there.

Now, on to more pleasant topics!

I'm glad you made it back safely from Kandahar. I was worried. I've kinda become attached to your emails – or at least to your praise for my cookies! That's great that you enjoy the peanut butter ones as much as I do! Please let me know if there's another kind you would like, or if I should just keep surprising you. I have a few others up my sleeves you might like, or I can just stick with what we know you like.

I had a fellow teacher recommend the coffee since I don't drink the straight stuff. I'm glad it was the right choice!

If I'd know I would get THAT reaction to the music sheets, I'd have sent them sooner! *ponders what I'd get if I sent a whole piano* ;) In all seriousness, I hope you can put them to good use. I know having a creative outlet can help overcome a world of negative emotions. Of course, I expect a song of my own now: Isabella's Overture in A Minor sounds about right, does it? LOL

Speaking of my students... There's a little boy named Christopher. He's shy, quiet, and seems afraid of his own shadow sometimes. He's so thin, it worries me. Earlier today, I saw a bruise on his arm when his shirt sleeve moved up as he put on his backpack to leave school. I'm going to keep a close eye on him, make sure he has enough to eat at lunch, that sort of thing. If I see anything else to raise my suspicions, I will speak to the principal and call Social Services. I hate to think that he is living with abuse, but I'm worried that is what is happening.

Then there is a little girl in my class – her name is Jessica – who has a crush on a boy named Eric. She's always doing the cutest thing with her hands, turning one upside down and holding it against her eye like the lens of a camera, while using the other hand to make it look like she's taking a picture. He pretends to his friends that it bothers him, but I've seen him ham it up for her several times. Kids these days start so early! I swear, I didn't start stalking – erm, paying attention to – boys like that until high school! *grin*

Oh man... I have the TV on in the background, and a commercial just came on for Red Mill Burgers. That's a local place, so I doubt you've heard of it, but they have THE best burgers on the planet. In fact, that's where Alice, Rose, and I are going for dinner tonight. I try and eat healthy most of the time – otherwise, I couldn't afford to enjoy everything I bake! – but when I go to Red Mill, all bets are off! They have a Bleu Cheese N' Bacon Burger, which is what I usually get, although if I'm REALLY hungry, it's the Double Bacon Deluxe with Cheese. That's in addition to the to-die-for fries and onion rings (the girls and I usually get some of each to share between us) and the Truffle Mint, Creamsicle, or Butterscotch shakes. Mmm! If you ever make it out this way, I'll have to treat you to lunch there. No burger will ever be able to match it after, I promise you!

Well, now that I've made you insane with jealousy over my next's time to sign off. I need to get ready to meet up with the girls. We're going shopping before (and after, if Alice and Rose have anything to say about it. *sigh* LOL) dinner.

Til next time,

P.S. I watched Stripes last night when it showed up on cable as I was flipping through channels – I love that movie! – and I kept picturing you as Bill Murray's character, giving this puffed-up speech. Would you be my Big Toe, Edward? (And if you don't get that reference...well, that's it for this friendship. *grin*)



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