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Coming Home Prequel: Bella - by JenRar

Prequel: Bella’s POV
Seattle... Saturday, February 6, 2010 at 2:13 P.M.
“Wait, wait, wait,” I huffed, shaking my head. “Somebody actually wrote that to one of the guys in their squad?”
I was hanging out at home with Alice and Rose, my two best friends. Jasper and Emmett, their husbands and also friends of mine, were currently serving with the Army in Afghanistan.
Alice nodded, looking disgusted. “Yeah, the bitch actually blamed Sergeant Masen for it all. Like because he joined the military, she had to stay with him and be alone, lonely – and cheat, according to Jasper.”
I shook my head again, incredulous. “How does he know she cheated? Did she say that?”
Rose snorted. “As if a spineless bimbo like her would ever admit to that? Hell no. Emmett said Sarge called a mutual friend of theirs, who mentioned something about a professor and extra credit...” She stressed the words extra credit, rolling her eyes.
“Geez, that’s awful,” I muttered, mainly to myself.
Soldiers had it rough enough. Thousands of miles away from their friends and family, in a lot of cases surrounded by desert or jungle and in the middle of a war zone. To get treated like that... Alice was right; there was no better word than bitch. To get treated like that bitch had treated him was terrible.
“It gets better, though.” Rose snickered when Alice snorted in agreement. “Emmett and Jasper convinced him to send back a whole bunch of pictures of hot women—”
“Jazz said they asked around and got fifty pictures!” Alice interjected, laughing.
“—and sent them to her along with the picture of herself the slut had asked for, telling her that he wrote so many different women, he couldn’t remember which was hers, so to pick her photo out and send the rest back,” Rose concluded smugly. “That was all on Emmett and Jasper. Em said he thought of the pictures and Jasper came up with the idea about what to write.”
“God, that’s just evil. Genius, but evil,” I admitted.
“Isn’t it just?” Alice grinned. “I almost feel sorry for the girl.”
Shaking my head, I refrained from saying anything. I knew from stories that Charlie, my father, had told me, as well as stuff I’d heard from Emmett and Jasper, just how hard a soldier’s day-to-day life could be, outside of the actual fighting. In my opinion, the bitch was getting everything she deserved...and she was lucky it wasn’t worse.
“I feel so bad for the guy,” I said after a minute. “I wonder...” I pulled my lower lip between my teeth in thought.
“You wonder...?” Alice asked after I’d been quiet for a bit.
“Do you know anything about him?”
“He likes to read,” Rose answered first. “Emmett said he’s always borrowing books from everyone.”
Alice looked at Rose and nodded before turning back to me. “I know he likes music. I sent a set of headphones for his iPod once when his cord frayed. Jasper noticed them in the trash and knew whose they were, so he asked me to get a new pair for him.”
“Why?” Rose raised an eyebrow questioningly.
Shrugging, I said, “I was thinking about sending him a care package. I know Charlie used to love getting them, and I know your guys always appreciate the ones from you. I just feel so bad for him and want him to know he isn’t alone...that someone is thinking about him and thanking him for his service – unlike some people.”
My girls smiled and nodded.
“That’s a great idea, Bells,” Alice said. “I’ll email you the address when I get home.”
“Ooh, are you gonna send cookies?” Rose grinned. “If so, you’d better send enough for the boys. It’s been a while since they got some themselves.”
“Yeah, I’ll send cookies,” I laughed. “But I can’t promise they’ll get some. How about I make enough for you guys to include the next time you send stuff yourselves?”
They both agreed, and with that, we settled in to watch the movie we’d picked out.
Sunday, I woke up and decided I was going to bake and go shopping so I could send off the care package to Sgt. Masen on Monday morning.
I knew I couldn’t send chocolate chip cookies because they would just melt everywhere. After a quick check, I realized I had all the ingredients for my cinnamon sugar shortbread, which were not only delicious, but they would travel well, too.
Just over an hour later, the kitchen was clean and I was pulling the hot cookie sheet from the oven. I knew I should wait until they were cool – in fact, I knew I shouldn’t steal any at all – but they smelled and looked so yummy that I couldn’t help but immediately take two, almost juggling them in my hands because they were so hot. They were melt-in-my-mouth delicious.
I let them cool while I went to get dressed to go shopping.
Walmart was always a madhouse, and Sunday afternoon was no exception. Winding around all the people was kind of a pain, but I was having fun tossing things into the cart that I thought Sgt. Masen would be able to use. I’d done some research online, and using that and my knowledge from helping box up care packages for soldiers in general, I had an idea of what I wanted to include. Deodorant, toothpaste, sunscreen, mouthwash, baby well as other normal hygiene products.
I made a stop in electronics and grabbed a few movies. I thought about stopping by the books, but decided to go to the bookstore after Walmart instead. They would have a much bigger selection and give me more room to manuever.
All of that plus the cookies would make a decent care package, I figured, especially from a stranger. I would write a letter and include it with the box, telling him that if he wanted something specific, to let me know. I hoped it would let him know that even though he didn’t know me, I supported him and his guys and was rooting for them while they were over there.
If it made him smile and gave him a little bit of hope, all the better.


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