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Coming Home Chaper 111 - Bella


Tampa... Wednesday, June 30, 2010 at 10:43 P.M.

By the time Edward slid all the way inside me, I felt like I was going to go up in flames. It had started with our flirting and all the sexual innuendos earlier in the evening, and then when I came out of the bathroom in only his shirt, the heat in his eyes and hunger in his expression just ramped up my desire even more. And damn, if the man didn't know what he was doing with his mouth and hands. Every touch, every stroke, every slide against skin made me burn hotter and hotter until I felt like I had reached my breaking point.

Pushing myself up on my hands, I took a deep breath to get my voice under control and then turned to look over my shoulder, begging, "Move, Edward. Please, babe. I need more."

Edward's hands tightened even more on my hips—I knew I might have bruises tomorrow, but I couldn't care less—and slowly, he began inching out of me until all that was left inside me was the head of his cock.

"Fuck, Isabella," he groaned. "You're so fucking tight like this. It's like you're gripping me with your fist. Are you okay?"

In answer, I squeezed my muscles around him and thrust my hips back, sending him all the way back in until the hair on his thighs was tickling my ass.

The strangled noise that erupted from him echoed the one in my head.

"Oh, God! More, please. Just fuck me, E-Edward!" I really was begging now. I felt like my body was crying out, aching for him to move.

That was all the encouragement he must have needed because with one last growl, Edward pulled out, thrusting back in hard.

"Yes!" I hissed, throwing my head back and rocking my hips in time with his thrusts.

With the rhythm Edward set, the way his body slammed into mine, our now sweat-slicked skin slapping against one another, it didn't take me long until I felt the flutterings of my first orgasm. From this position, his cock was hitting so deep inside me and just at the right spot. With a gasping cry, I flew over the edge, Edward's name falling from my lips.

Edward waited until I'd relaxed some around him and then slowed his strokes, a slow, even pace that did nothing to lessen how his body was making me feel.

"I love hearing you come," Edward told me, his voice husky. "To know I made you feel that good..."

His words shot bolts of lust from my ears to my clit, and I felt my pussy squeeze him in response, pulling a groan from both of us.

"Can you give me another one, sweet girl? I want to feel you come around me again."

"Yes," I whimpered after a hard thrust. "Fuck, Edward..."

I felt one hand leave my hip, and then I gasped when I felt him teasing my back entrance. I'd had no idea that I would like the idea of him playing with me there, but the first time he'd touched me, it had shocked me with the intensity I'd felt.

When Edward pulled completely out of me, I whined deep in my throat, looking over my shoulder at him.

"Relax, Isabella," he crooned, before slipping his finger from my ass up to my pussy, teasing my clit until I looked back around, relaxing into his touch. "Good girl." He hummed as he dipped his finger into my slit, pumping a few times and stroking my insides.

When he pulled his hand back, his cock filled me before I could even make a sound. after a few strokes, I felt his finger, now wet from my arousal, at my ass again.

"Tell me to stop and I will," he promised, his voice gruff, and at my nod and whimper of understanding, I felt his finger pressing gently against the tight ring of muscles to my anus.

"Ohh, fuck!" I gasped, clenching my eyes shut.

"Relax, love," he murmured, his other hand moving around to find my clit.

As he stroked the sensitive nerves, I felt myself following his command, and with a bit more pressure, just the tip of his finger pushed into my ass.

"Feel that, Isabella?" he asked, his voice dark. "Relax more. Let me in."

I felt almost like I couldn't get enough oxygen as his cock worked my pussy in a slow and steady rhythm, matched by his finger on my clit as his other finger slowly pushed in to the first knuckle.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," I groaned as he slowly began moving just the tip of his finger in and out, matching the slow pace set by his hips. My whole body was on a razor's edge, and I knew it wouldn't take long to send me over.

"Are you okay?" Edward asked around gritted teeth.

"Oh God, yes! Edward, please..."

He began to thrust a little harder again, still keeping the movements of his finger in my ass slow and easy. When he rolled my clit between his fingers and slid the finger in my ass to the second knuckle, pleasure rolled over me in waves, pulling me down until I thought I would drown in it.

I cried out his name once more, my orgasm hitting me from every angle.

That must have been enough for Edward because with a long, loud groan, he pulled his finger from my ass and thrust hard until his hips were flush against me, falling over the edge with me. My name had never sounded as sexy as it did when he gasped it, and I felt him pulse inside me as he came.

After a minute, Edward groaned, pulling back and leaving me feeling empty as he crashed to the bed beside me. "Come here, love..." His hands reached for me, his eyes hooded and worried.

I went willingly into his arms, sliding down beside him and wrapping myself around him.

"Are you okay?" He gazed into my eyes as I looked up at him, smiling.

"I'm perfect," I answered honestly, not feeling any discomfort or soreness. "That was...amazing," I finally settled on.

Sighing, he nodded as he tucked me against him, his chin on my head, which was resting on his chest. "How it gets better every time, I don't have a clue, but I'm damn well not going to question it."

"Me, either," I sighed, pressing a kiss to his chest, tasting the tang of sweat and simply Edward. Laughing, I sat up, ignoring the few twinges the new position gave me. "Come on, Sarge. Shower time. We're both icky."

He laughed, nodding. "But it was so damn worth it."

"Mmm," I agreed, kissing him when he sat up.

"First one to the shower," he murmured against my lips, "gets soaped up first."

With a grin, he jumped back and off the bed, hightailing it to the bathroom and leaving me to scramble off the bed behind him.

I giggled, knowing I'd have let him win anyway – I just loved to watch him walk away naked. I heard him doing a victory chant once he'd turned on the water in the shower. Shaking my head, I moved to the bathroom to join him, and my giggle turned to a full-fledged laugh when I walked in to find him doing a weird dance like football players who had just scored a touchdown.

Reaching up to tangle my fingers in his hair, I pulled him down to where he was hovering just over my lips. "I love you, Edward Masen," I said with a giggle, kissing him once as his own smile widened.

"Love you, too, beautiful. Now get your naked ass into the shower. I believe you owe me a prize." His eyes were alight with happiness, love nearly pouring out of him.

I had to swallow back the sadness that washed over me as I realized I had two more days with this man before we would be separated for another three months. Realizing that now was not the time to wallow, I shook it off and grinned, stepping into the shower and pulling him in with me.



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