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Coming Home Chapter 100 - Edward


Tampa... Friday, June 25, 2010 at 7:32 P.M.

"Sir, your table in the Dessert Room is ready," the older gentleman stated with a smile toward Bella.

The place I'd decided to bring Bella to was loaded with local history, not to mention a high standard. The place was rich with tradition, even all the way down to its staff. It's not that I cared about all the pomp and circumstance that went with the place, but I really just wanted to spoil my girl. And despite her protestations to the contrary, this was the first time I'd had a chance to do that, which had started with the jewelry I couldn't help but get her.

We'd been sitting in a room paneled by dark, rich woods, lit by candlelight, and waited on hand and foot, but really, we'd ignored all of it, because we just talked – non-stop – and laughed...a lot. Bella had told stories about the kids she'd taught, her dad, and Seattle, and I'd talked about my parents, about growing up in Chicago, and shit that happened during my basic training. I would've thought with as much writing and talking that we'd done since the beginning, we'd know everything about each other, but it just wasn't the case. Or maybe it was just a need to know more...always more.

As we were led into the other room, I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. She was stunning, absolutely flawless – from her hair, to her dress, down to her shoes, which did things to her legs I could barely describe. More than one male head turned in her direction as we passed through other dining rooms – and a few women, if I were to be honest. The waitstaff was just about falling over themselves to help her. It made me smile with an obscene amount of pride that it was me she was with – a completely different feeling than what I'd felt with the asshole on the beach. He'd looked at her like he wanted to eat her, which he'd paid for dearly his first training day.

"Babe, I don't know if I can eat another bite." Bella giggled once we were seated side by side. She glanced around the table, which technically was its own little closed-off room. "But thank you for all of this," she said, waving a hand around.

Chuckling, I picked up that same hand, kissing the back of it. "I wasn't going to eat anymore, either, but I thought...a cognac and a cappuccino wouldn't hurt," I suggested, ordering it when our new waiter made his appearance. I needed the latter if I was to continue to drive, because I'd already had a few glasses of wine with dinner. "You're welcome, though. But I'm not through with you yet, sweet girl."

The table's closed-off walls gave the illusion of privacy, so I took the opportunity to kiss her once our drinks were delivered. Brushing her hair off her shoulder, I caressed her neck with one hand, while the other one couldn't stay away from her beautiful legs. It was a slow, lazy kiss that we took nowhere. It was relaxed and familiar, like we'd been kissing our whole lives instead of just one damn week. That last thought caused my heart to sputter, because that only left another week before I lost her for three fucking months.

Pulling back just a little, I kissed her forehead as her fingers trailed along my jaw line. "Are you up for dancing?" I asked her, grinning at her sweet, soft laugh.

"Yeah," she finally answered, taking a sip of my coffee. "Definitely."


By the time I parked the car downtown, I was already ravenous for Bella. I wasn't sure how much grinding and dancing I could take, but I was going to give it a shot. In all reality, I wanted to find a deep, dark shadow, park the SUV, and pull that girl into my lap, but I couldn't do that to her.

"Stay there," I told her softly, and I shut off the car and got out, walking to her side.

Turning her to the side to face me, I stepped between her legs, which kept her blocked from the street's view. Bella smiled, reaching up to tug me by my tie.

"Take it off; I won't need it here...but I do really need to fucking kiss you," I told her, shrugging out of my suit jacket and unbuttoning the top few buttons of my shirt once she slid the tie from around my neck.

Both items were tossed somewhere into the car, but we were back on each other instantly. One of my hands slipped into her hair, while the other slipped up her leg and under her dress. Bella's legs wrapped around me, bringing me flush to her and causing me to grind one long, slow time, just to hear that sweet gasp against my mouth.

However, I froze when my hand met lace and silk. Pulling back, I glanced down at her. "What are these?" I asked, fingering the edge of her panties.

"Pant... Oh!" She laughed, her head falling back. "I forgot, Edward! The dress was so short, and the girls dressed me..."

"You're in so much trouble, Isabella," I told her, lowering my lips to her ear, nipping and licking at her skin as I slipped my other hand up her dress. Grasping the edge of her underwear, I slid them slowly off of her, pocketing them instantly. I barely caught a glimpse of black and lace, and I could feel that they were already damp. "Wet already, sweetheart?"

"Yes," she breathed, gazing up at me through long eyelashes. Her make-up gave her a look of pure sex, of desire and uninhibited need.

"I told you no panties tonight," I crooned in her ear. "Now...none all weekend."

My girl laughed, but it was sultry and sexy. "Whatever you say...Sarge."

My mouth crashed back into hers, my fingers exploring her now bare sex, teasing and touching but never really giving her what she wanted. I wanted her wet and swollen when we danced. I wanted her to hold back everything until I could drink from her. And I was willing to bet we wouldn't make it home before I pulled at least one good orgasm from her.

Her hips started to meet my rhythm, and that's when I finally pulled away, pressing my forehead to hers. "Come dance with me," I said, but it really was a request. Had she said no, that she wanted me right then, I wasn't going to argue, but she slid gracefully down to the sidewalk, taking my hand in hers once I'd rolled up the sleeves of my shirt.

The club was a constant thrum of sultry beats, writhing bodies, and flickering lights. I guided Bella to the middle of the dance floor, losing ourselves in the middle of the sea of bodies. Some were coupled off, some were more than two, but I could barely take my eyes off of the girl whose back was pressed to my front as we swayed to Rihanna's "S and M."

Sweeping the hair off of her neck and keeping a hand flat against her stomach, I held her to me. I dropped long, slow, wet kisses down her neck, knowing that I was playing with fire because that turned my girl on to no end.

We danced to a few more songs, had one drink, and were back out onto the floor. This time, it was Britney Spears' "Hold It Against Me" that had me gliding my leg between hers, pulling her closer, not only to hide my erection but to seek some sort of friction. I had a feeling we weren't going to last long. Gripping her hair, I tilted her head back, much like the first night we met face to face, to tease the soft skin just below her ear with my lips, tongue, teeth. The sounds that I felt more than heard from her only spurred me on that much more. But when my fingers slipped stealthily up her dress to find her utterly saturated, I groaned, my forehead falling to her shoulder.

"Christ, love," I moaned in her ear, grinding her up my thigh just to bring her closer. "Fuck, Bella... We've got to go..."

"Please, babe," she whimpered, nuzzling my jaw. "But I need the restroom first..."

I nodded, peeling myself off of her and taking her hand. I led her to the hallway where the restrooms were, leaning against the wall to wait for her. My head fell back to the wall as I tried to get myself under control, but it all fell apart when she reemerged in front of me. Grateful no one was paying us any attention, I spun her, pressing her into the wall.

"God, sweet girl, I want you so badly," I whispered against her neck, taking advantage of the wall that was blocking us and slipping my hand up her dress in order to caress her perfect ass. Teasing every entrance, reveling in the wetness that coated my fingers, I told her, "I want to fuck you six ways from Sunday, Isabella."

"Damn it, Edward. Get us out of here," she begged, grabbing either side of my face and forcing my gaze to hers. "Please..."

Swallowing thickly, I nodded, stepping away from her, but offered her my hand. "Let's get the fuck out of here, baby."



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