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Coming Home Chapter 101 - Bella


Tampa... Friday, June 25, 2010 at 10:47 P.M.

As Edward led me out of the club, his arm strong and sure around my waist, I was nearly vibrating with need. Dinner itself had been perfectly romantic and sweet – and so needed. But after... We had worked ourselves up to a frenzy after that, beginning with the kissing and touching during dessert, all the way through what had come damn close to him giving me an orgasm right there in the middle of the dance floor. By the time I came out of the bathroom and Edward had pinned me against the wall, I'm not sure it would have even taken his touch. His smooth, sexy voice with a few sweet words whispered huskily in my ear would have done the trick.

Edward's hand on my waist squeezed me closer as we made our way to the SUV. Before he could open the door, though, I spun around so my back was to the car and then pulled him closer to me. I needed to feel his lips on mine, and I couldn't wait until we got back to his house for it.

"Kiss me," I pleaded, threading my fingers into his short locks. "Please, ki—"

Edward wasted no time, capturing my lips with his as his hands moved to press me tighter against him. His lips were firm and warm, suckling first my top and then my bottom lip, tasting them, teasing, nipping, and caressing every part of my mouth with his tongue. I could feel the stubble on his cheeks, the wiry hair on his arms against mine as he pressed me back against the car, and it still wasn't enough.

Feeling like a wanton hussy, I broke the kiss and gasped, "Touch me. Oh, God, please, I need more."

I knew we should wait until we got home, but I needed to come so badly, I ached for it.

Edward must have known that because as his mouth crashed down to mine again, he slid a hand down my side, all the way to my knee, and then he hitched my leg up, holding me open for him to press his straining cock against me through his pants. I had a fleeting thought that the dry cleaner would have to get the evidence of my arousal out of the front of Edward's pants, but the moment he thrust against me, everything else but that singular moment fled from my mind.

As he continued to fuck me through his clothes, his mouth opened at my neck. Edward sucked at my pulse point, marking me where everyone would see.

When he pulled back, the glow from the lights of the parking lot were just bright enough for me to make out his features. "Do you want to come, Isabella?" he growled softly. At my fervent nod and quiet whine, he thrust his hips harder. "Then do it, love. Let me hear you."

Edward latched himself back to my throat, his teeth taking stinging bites of the tender skin, soothing them with his tongue, and when he slammed hard into the cradle of my thighs, I came. There was no more warning, nothing leading up to it, but his movements yanked me off the side of the cliff and gave me no choice but to bite my lip so as to not scream his name as I flew into the abyss.

"Fuck!" Edward hissed, and from where he was pressed into me, I could feel his cock jerk in his pants, so close to coming himself.

Tugging his head back up to my lips, I swallowed the heavy breaths as he tried to get himself under control.

"Oh, Isabella," he huffed. "You are too damn tempting for your own good. Get in the car before I take you right here in the parking lot."

I started to tease him that I would be perfectly happy with that, but one look at his face told me he had reached his breaking point, and even I knew he wouldn't be happy if we had sex out in the open. What we'd done was already too much for public eyes, and we'd been lucky there'd been no other people coming and going as he'd brought me to orgasm.

Nodding silently, I kissed him once more before lowering my leg from his waist and turning on shaking legs to climb into the SUV.

As soon as Edward closed the door behind me, he stalked around the front of the SUV and climbed into the driver's seat. He looked all kinds of hot and sexy, frustrated, and so fucking on edge as he pulled out of the parking lot that I had to squeeze my thighs tighter and bite my lip to hold back the moan that threatened to escape.

I knew the drive was close to half an hour from the restaurant to his house, and I wasn't sure how I would survive. When he reached down to adjust himself for the third time in five minutes, I wasn't sure how he would survive, either. And just the sight of the heel of his hand pressing hard against his cock through his pants made my breathing pick up. I couldn't wait any longer. I needed to feel him.

Reaching over, I curled my fingers around his length, feeling the soft but scratchy fabric under my palm. His groan as I began to stroke him would have told me how good it felt, even if the twitching of his erection hadn't done that already. He was so long and hard, and I could feel the spongy head as my hand slid to the top. Running my fingernails across the fabric had his hips arching off the seat and a curse falling from his lips.

"Bella, love... Fuck! I won't make it home without exploding if you keep doing that," he told me, his voice low and so growly, I had the image of him suddenly bursting into a wolfman.

As I watched his chest rise and fall with his labored breaths, his hips pistoning up as if he couldn't help himself, and the white of his knuckles as he gripped the steering wheel tightly, it all became too much again, and I started stroking him, unable to stop myself. Down to the base, sliding my fingers around to cup his balls and squeeze gently, and then up to the tip, where my fingers searched out the outline of his mushroom head, all before starting the process all over again.

I was so focused on his body and his reactions that when he suddenly turned the SUV off the road, it surprised me enough that I let him go.

"Oh no, Isabella," he huffed. "You can't stop now..."

"Where are we?" I asked, not bothering to look around as my hand began its movements once more.

"Some side road. I pulled off into a small group of trees."

Finally looking around, I saw that I could still see the road, but when he reached down and moved his seat back, I found that I wouldn't have cared if we'd been in the middle of a busy shopping mall's parking lot or on display at a car show. I needed him, and if he was willing to let me have him now, I wasn't going to argue.

"Come here," Edward commanded softly. The growl was still there in his voice, but love was completely mixed in with the need, and I was powerless to resist.

Hiking my short dress up, I clambered over the center console as Edward unbuttoned his suit pants and pulled down the zipper. The head of his cock was sticking out from the waist of his boxer-briefs, and just before I straddled his thighs, he jerked the elastic down and freed his erection. It bobbed, slapping against his skin when he pulled his shirt up and out of the way.

"Fuck me, that's hot," I growled, planting myself on his lap.

I leaned in and kissed him as my hand moved between us to stroke him, swiping at the precum that was liberally coating the head of his cock now.

One of Edward's hands reached between us and found my lower lips, sliding between them as his other hand tangled in the curls at the base of my neck, tilting my head so he could take control of the kiss. As he finally pushed two fingers inside me, he tugged sharply at my hair, baring my neck to his lips.

"Come again for me, Isabella," he said in that commanding tone of voice that prevented me from doing anything but what he'd ordered.

When he curled his fingers and bit down on the juncture of my neck and shoulder, I shattered, not bothering to hold back my cry as his name came spilling from my lips.

Before I could catch my breath, he removed his fingers from my hair and between my legs and used his hands to lift me over him. Tugging me forward so I fell against his chest, Edward moved one hand to guide his cock as I slid down over him.

"Oh, God," I moaned, dropping my forehead to his. His answering groan told me he was feeling as overwhelmed as I was.

"Move over me, sweetheart," he huffed, his hands sliding up my side and around to cup my breasts. "Ride me."

I'd only been on top once before, and that wasn't long after I got here in Florida, but the way Edward was looking at me, his face in shadows and visible only by the moonlight streaming in through the window of the SUV, I knew I didn't have anything to be nervous about.

I began to rock my hips, feeling his cock stretching me, filling me completely. Once I was comfortable, I realized I needed more. Using my knees on the edges of his seat, I lifted up and slid back down, just like I'd done in his bedroom only a few nights before. It felt amazing, feeling like I was in control over both of our pleasure.

After several minutes, though, Edward decided it was time for him to take some of that control back. He began pistoning his hips up and down, meeting me thrust for thrust. I had to slam my hands up to the roof of the SUV so I had some leverage. With one hand on my hip, guiding my movements, Edward slid his other hand around to palm my ass. He squeezed the cheek, smacking it gently—not even enough to sting—before squeezing it again. Leaning forward, he captured a nipple between his lips, sucking for a moment before tugging it with his teeth.

I clenched around him, pleasure rippling through me, and he released my nipple, his head flying back to the headrest in response. When his hands moved to my clit and the cleft between my cheeks, stroking me in time with our movements, I knew I wasn't going to last long.

I'd never had my backside played with during sex before. Rose loved anal play, but Alice hated it, so I had never really had an idea of whether or not I'd enjoy it. But when Edward brushed his finger across my puckered hole, putting just the slightest amount of pressure there at the same time as the fingers of his other hand flicked my clit, I knew it was something we would have to explore further at some point in the future. He did it again, pressing just slightly harder this time, and I felt the tight ring of muscles clench around the pad of his finger.

That was all it took. I thrust my hips down on him, unable to cry out or catch my breath as my orgasm slammed into me.

Mine triggered his, and suddenly, Edward cried out, and I felt him pulse inside me, over and over again, as he came.

With a breathless whimper, I collapsed to his chest, the now sore muscles in my arms and legs protesting the movement. "I l-love you," I gasped against his shirt, which was damp from the sweat of his exertion.

His "I love you, too, my sexy girl" came out just as breathy and exhausted as mine had, and his arms tightened around me as we both just sat there, unable—and unwilling—to move for what felt like hours.

Finally, Edward glanced at the clock on the dash and groaned. "We need to go before we get caught."

Giggling, I looked up traced the sharp line of his jaw. "It's not exactly public, but it'll do for now," I teased, escaping his tickling fingers as I carefully made my way back across the console, knowing I was going to make a mess of the seat, but not caring a single bit.

When we finally pulled up to the house, Edward grabbed his jacket and tie before coming around to my door. He stopped me before I could get out of the car. "Thank you for tonight, sweetheart."

I smiled, cupping his face. "Dinner was perfect, and dancing and dessert were amazing," I told him honestly. "Thank you for the jewelry"—I held up my wrist—"and for giving me a wonderful night out."

He kissed me softly, his lips just barely caressing mine, and then sighed. "Let's go inside."



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