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Coming Home Chapter 108 - Edward


Tampa... Wednesday, June 30, 2010 at 6:34 P.M.

"You assholes are so goin' down!" Emmett boomed, wincing when Rose smacked the back of his head.

Jasper had overheard a few officers talking about the Fun Center, and he'd looked it up on his phone. Once he'd seen what it contained, he'd been on it like white on rice – go-karts, video games, mini-golf...the latter of which was what was causing Emmett's excitement.

"Emmett," I hissed, jerking my chin to a family a few holes away. The place was quiet due to it being the middle of the week, but there were still a few kids around.

"My bad, Sarge," he muttered, and then turned to the family. "My bad!" he yelled, which made the two little girls giggle, along with Alice and Bella. Rose merely smirked and rolled her eyes. "I didn't see them..."

I sighed, but even the parents were sort of amused, so I dropped it. Emmett was hard to stay mad at. Hell, even perfect strangers could tell he was harmless. All he had to do was flash his dimples, and they were done for.

"So how's this going to work?" Alice asked, handing out the putters.

"Couples tournament," Emmett suggested, taking a few practice swings. "Losers buy the go-kart rides."

"Doesn't he remember the scorpion?" Bella muttered, which caused me to chuckle.

"Mental block," I whispered in her ear. "Happens to soldiers all the time. Watch him swing it. Baseball bat, see?"

Her laugh was beautiful, but it was her wry glance over her shoulder that made me kiss her cheek.

"Come on, love. You any good at this shit?" I asked, taking two golf balls out of the basket.

"Um, no clue. Guess we'll find out," she giggled, shrugging a shoulder, "but I'm not good at baseball, either, so maybe that's a plus."

Grinning, I rolled my eyes at her. "I won't make you eat a scorpion if we lose. I promise."

"You have blue balls," Jasper chortled, pointing to my hand and sounding eerily like Butthead, which only caused Emmett to pull out his Beavis impression, screaming, "I'm Cornholio!"

Bella chuckled, taking one of the blue golf balls from my hand with a raised eyebrow. "A shame, really..."

"Not this week," I said with a grin, dragging my tongue along my bottom lip. "The desert? Every fucking email and phone call."

Her head fell back with her laugh, and I pulled her back to my chest, placing a kiss on her exposed throat. There was a part of me that knew deep down that it was already Wednesday, that Saturday was fast approaching, and I didn't fucking want to let her go. I didn't want to let her out of my sight, even to go to work. Now that I had her, now that I knew exactly what I'd be missing, the three months without her were going to be pure hell. But I wouldn't have given up a single second of what I'd been given the last week and a half, because all of it had just reaffirmed my love for her – our love for each other.

Even the Tanya situation had been needed, because I was finally able to shut that door for the last time. After dinner the night before, I'd spent hours lost in my girl. Something about the freedom of it all had caused some sort of flood gate to open up, and we'd been almost desperate in our lovemaking. In fact, underneath our clothes were a fair amount of love bites that I didn't even remember getting or giving – until I saw them in the shower this morning. I guessed there was a part of Bella that had worried that my walking away from the only family I had left would bother me, but it didn't. My memories would always be with me, but my heart belonged to her. And my family was the four other people currently fighting over who was teeing off first in a simple game of mini-golf.

When it came time for us to play, I absolutely couldn't resist messing with my girl.

Wrapping my arms around her from behind, my hands over hers on the putter, I whispered, "This is sort of like pool," I started, smiling against her ear when she groaned softly. "It's all about the grip, the angle, and the...follow-through."

"All to reach the hole," she added, grinning down at her feet as we ignored everyone else.

"Mmm, exactly, sweet girl," I crooned in her ear. "Use the sides to your advantage... And timing is everything."

Bella giggled softly, shaking her head. "Edward, you're not really helping."

I laughed, took a step back, and waved her on. She wasn't bad, actually, and we started to hold our own, though each and every hole became a sexual innuendo. By the time we reached the one with a ramp up into a clown's mouth to finish the game, we were ahead of Emmett and Rose, but behind Alice and Jasper score-wise.

My girl, however, totally got revenge on me, because I'd fucked with her throughout the entire game. "Come on, babe. You can do this. You just have to...slide it into the mouth."

Grinning, I rubbed my face, only to run my fingers through my hair. "I'm a dead man..." I muttered to myself, because she wasn't finished.

"You can't be too harsh, either, or you'll hit the back of the throat too hard," she added softly as she stood right next to me. "Don't be afraid to use your hips."

I huffed a laugh and sighed – in contentment, in want of her, and in pure defeat. After one raised eyebrow her way from me, she giggled, patted my stomach on the outside of my shirt, and stepped back.

Jasper and Emmett made a bunch of fucking noise, trying to knock me off my game, but I nailed it, catching Bella when we'd beaten Emmett and Rose, who were now bitching about the go-kart rides.

"Come on, Edward. Let's see how...naughty we can make an air hockey game," Bella suggested in my ear.

"Fuck that. I'll just defile you on top of it," I growled playfully, nipping at the skin of her neck as I kept her in my arms.

"Way too public," she replied with a sexy-as-hell grin. "Besides, I think the girl in there is crushing on you... I can't allow too much of you to be seen. She might be a stalker."

My eyebrows shot up, and I looked in the direction that Bella had jerked her chin. The poor thing blushed from the window she was cleaning and looked away. She couldn't be more than high school age, and in all reality, I couldn't tell exactly who she was staring at – Jasper, Emmett, or myself.

I faced Bella again, setting her on her feet. "Nope, too bad. I'll stick with what I've got." I popped her backside lightly, saying, "Besides, I need to see what you look like bent over the air hockey table."

Bella laughed, shaking her head. "Ditto, Masen. Ditto."



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