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Coming Home Chapter 110 - Edward


Tampa... Wednesday, June 30, 2010 at 10:22 P.M.

"Be ready for me, Sarge..."

I scoffed, rolling my eyes at the closed door of the bathroom. Bella's teasing was unnecessary. I was so fucking ready for her that it was painful, as evidenced by my erection that was tenting the sheet I was using to cover up while leaning against the headboard.

When she finally emerged from the bathroom, I wanted to groan because the sight of her almost made me come right there. She'd pulled on my shirt from earlier, opting to only button the bottom few buttons, which left the most stunning vee of skin visible down the center of her torso, right between her breasts. The white material came to about mid-thigh on her, the sleeves rolled up to her elbows.

I'd told her once that the sexiest thing on a woman was a man's shirt. Apparently, she'd remembered. My eyes drank her in, my head shaking back and forth in denial, because it seemed fucking impossible that someone so beautiful, so silly, so sweet could be for me.

"God, Bella... You're killing me here," I groaned, waving her to me.

She sauntered over, and I couldn't help but smirk at her. "What's wrong, Sarge?"

Chuckling, I waved the question away. "Just get your sweet ass over here," I growled playfully at her, patting my lap. As she crawled up the bed, I whispered, "I had a dream like this once."

"Yeah?" she asked, biting her bottom lip as she braced herself on my thighs. "How'd that turn out, babe?"

Grinning, I simply said, "Messy."

Her laughter shook the bed as I tugged her closer, keeping her on her knees, which were planted on either side of mine. My fingers ghosted over all exposed skin – up her thighs, along her arms, across her collarbones, finally trailing down her sternum to her navel. I wanted to say something clever and funny, just to keep her laughter going, but I found that the feel of her, the sight of her in my shirt made my brain stop functioning.

"So fucking beautiful," I breathed, sitting up a little and taking her by the hips as I glided my nose up her neck to her ear. "This looks amazing on you – everything I thought it would and then some – but I want"

Without removing my lips from her skin, my hands gripped the lapels of my shirt, giving it a swift and fierce tug. Buttons launched into my room somewhere, forever lost. And I didn't give a shit. Peeling it off of her, I tossed it somewhere onto the bed, but I was lost to pebbled nipples, goosebumps, and small, firm fingers threading into my hair just to keep my mouth on her skin. I licked, nipped, and suckled every inch I could reach, and I took my time.

My hands were a different story. They were everywhere – kneading, spreading, teasing – all while she still knelt over me.

"Mm," I hummed against her cheek, finally meeting her eyes. They were filled with heat, hunger, and so much love for me that it made my chest ache. "Sweet wet, love," I noted softly, nipping at her lips as my hands dipped between her legs from behind, "but I think we can do better than that. Don't you?"

Bella nodded, grasping my face with both hands and kissing me. She tasted like mint, like pure Bella, causing me to thread my fingers in her hair, just to take control, to slow her down. Too fast, and I wasn't going to last long...and I needed her so very wet with what I wanted to give her.

Kneading the cheeks of her ass one more time, I pulled back, pressing my forehead to hers. I locked gazes with dark, insatiable eyes. "Lay down on your stomach for me, baby. I want to try something."

With careful shifting, Bella lay across the bed, and I braced myself over her, planting one hand by her head. I shook my head slowly, because the sight before me was just stunning – pink, sun-kissed skin, all smooth and flawless, surrounded by a sea of rumpled blue sheets. The slope of her back, the roundness of her ass, and the cascade of mahogany hair that splashed off to one side was just about the closest thing to artwork I'd ever seen.

Bending down to press a long, open mouth kiss to the ink on her shoulder blade, I whispered, "You said you wanted me like this... Do you still?"

Her answer was a nod, a glance over her shoulder, and a sweet little whimper. "God, yes, Edward... Please," she sighed, her hips instinctively rising up off of the bed.

"Okay, but I need you wetter than this," I told her, my fingers gliding down her spine, between the cheeks of her ass, to her needy pussy. Slipping down her body, I lifted her hips up off the bed, spreading her legs a bit, which opened her up so perfectly that my moan echoed through the room and my dick twitched. Hard.

Placing a kiss on each cheek, I smiled when she arched up higher for me. Spreading her open even more, I licked her from one end to the other, pausing at her entrance just to swirl my tongue inside, just to taste her from the source, only to lick up to her other entrance. My girl moaned long and hard into the sheets, and I smiled against her flesh, replacing my tongue with my thumb.

"You like it when I play with your ass, love?" I asked, nipping at the back of her thigh at the same time my thumb swirled lightly over her entrance.

"Yes," she panted, calling out my name when I added my mouth into the mix.

It didn't take long for her body to give in. A finger working her clit, a thumb teasing her ass, and my mouth sucking, licking, and tasting her like a starving man, and she came hard on my tongue, the flavor of her that much more intense.

Testing her entrance, I crawled back up her body, bending down over her. "No one's taken you like this?" I asked her softly, dragging my teeth along her shoulder, my eyes on hers. "No one's taken you from behind?" I verified one more time, slipping my cock between her legs to coat myself in her juices as she panted, trying to come down from her orgasm.

"No, Edward... Please!"

"It'll be so tight, baby. I promise to go slow, okay?" I vowed to her, because I wasn't kidding. She was so very tight as it was. Taking her this way was going to be euphoria, but I could hurt her, too. Pushing myself up, I gripped her hips. "Oh, sweet girl." I chuckled darkly, shaking my head. "You have no idea how beautiful you look this way," I murmured, taking my hard-as-hell cock in one hand and gliding my hand up and down her back with the other. "You have to talk to me, baby," I commanded, slipping the head of my dick just inside her now soaking wet pussy. "I don't want to hurt you."

My eyes rolled back as I slowly slipped inside of her. Her insides clenched down on me, the angle so very fucking tight, just like I'd thought. I bit down on my bottom lip, trying to resist the instinct to slam into her or come at the feel of her. She felt too damned good.

Once my hips were flush to her ass, my breathing was labored because her insides were quivering around me. My hands grasped at her hips, probably too hard.

"Okay?" I gritted out through clenched teeth. It was taking all the control I had not to fuck her senseless. But her reply, cast over her shoulder with the sexiest fucking look I'd ever seen, just about ruined me.

Dark eyes glanced over me as she pushed herself up on her hands. "Move, Edward. Please, babe. I need more."



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