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Coming Home Chapter 115 - Bella


Tampa... Friday, July 2, 2010 at 1:33 P.M.

I handed Edward the bottle lotion and asked, "Put more sunscreen on me, please?"

We'd been at the beach for about three hours and had just finished lunch. The others had gone off to swim and play on their own, leaving Edward and me with all the towels. Alice and Jasper had promised to be back to relieve us after an hour. We had spent the last forty-five minutes sitting under the beach umbrella, with me between his legs and my back to his front, people watching and talking about anything and everything. It seemed the first thing he wanted to do after moving in and meeting Charlie was to get a kitten – a black one with a single white paw, if possible – which had earned him a big kiss for being too damn adorable.

I felt Edward shift behind me and then heard the pop of the lid from the plastic bottle as he opened the coconut-scented lotion.

"Want to go for a walk first and then hit the water?" he asked as he rubbed the lotion into the skin of my back, starting just above the top of my bikini bottoms.

"Mm," I said in answer, dropping my head forward. He was massaging the lotion in, and his hands felt too damn good to answer any other way.

When his hands snaked around my waist, I raised my head, leaning back against his shoulder. He rubbed the lotion into my stomach before slipping up to my ribcage. I groaned softly when his thumbs slid under the band of my bikini top, caressing the skin there.

"Too bad this is a public beach," he murmured in my ear, capturing my earlobe between his teeth for a moment. "Sometime in the future, we'll have to find someplace private so this"—he rubbed the fabric covering my breasts—"doesn't have to be in the way."

I squeaked out a reply as his hands moved away.

"Time for the legs," he said calmly, as if he hadn't just been teasing me about taking off my bikini top. When he came around in front of me, he smirked at the disgruntled expression on my face. "Sorry, beautiful. Should I not tease?"

I giggled and pointed to my legs. "Just do your job, Masen. Don't worry about me." I'll get him back when it's his turn for more lotion, I thought to myself, grinning.

Edward continued his teasing as he rubbed lotion into the front half of my legs. As his hands reached my thighs, his fingers brushed against my mound, just light enough to seem accidental, but with enough pressure that I knew it wasn't.

I raised an eyebrow when he looked up at me innocently.

"Oops?" Grinning, he said, "Lie down and turn over so I can get the backs."

Chuckling, I told him, "No funny business, Sarge."

He raised three fingers. "Scout's honor."

Snorting, I shook my head. "You were never a Boy Scout."

"I was, too!" he protested. "Okay, so it was only a year, and it was Cub Scouts, but that qualifies."

I could feel my face scrunch as I tried to imagine him in one of those cute little uniforms.

Edward just laughed and motioned with his hand for me to turn, so I flipped over to lie on my stomach.

Why I'd expected him to behave, I didn't know, but I jumped when his fingers brushed between my legs again. I gasped, and when he pressed harder for a moment, it turned into a groan. Just as quickly, he pulled away, giving my ass a swat as he got down to the towel beside me.

Ahh, time for my revenge.

Giving him a wicked smirk, I said, "Your turn. Lie down."

His cocky look that said, "Do your worst," spurred me on, so I grabbed the sunscreen and moved to his feet. I was very careful to keep my touches family friendly, even at his thighs, keeping my fingers to just under the edge of his boardshorts.

And then I played dirty.

Pushing myself up, I moved one leg over his body, straddling him and putting our hips right in line with one another.

His strangled groan and closed eyes told me I'd called his bluff well.

"Problem?" I asked, squeezing more lotion into my hand and leaning forward to reach his chest and stomach.

Edward sucked his lower lip between his teeth and shook his head.

"Good," I teased, wiggling my hips a little and feeling his cock harden between us. "Seems someone likes this position."

He just groaned again, his chest rising and falling a little faster under my hands.

When I'd rubbed lotion into his shoulders, chest, and abs, I pushed myself to my feet. "Turn over," I instructed, holding back a giggle when he looked pointedly down at his now prominent bulge.

"Fuck," he hissed quietly, reaching between his body and the ground, adjusting himself.

"Problem?" I questioned, knowing exactly what his problem was.

"Just you wait, Miss Swan," he playfully threatened.

I moved down to his feet and rubbed lotion into the back of his legs, massaging as I went. One thing I'd learned over our two weeks in Florida was that my Edward loved getting his feet and legs massaged. He would never ask for it, but I'd done it a few times, and every time, I could tell he enjoyed it.

Once I'd done his legs, I moved back up his body and lowered myself to sit on his ass. He groaned again as I pressed him into the sand.

"You're trying to kill me, aren't you?" he asked when I leaned forward to reach his shoulders, my breasts flattening against his back.

"Nope," I answered, placing a kiss to his upper back before smoothing the lotion down his spine. "Just make you want me that much more."

His laugh jostled me enough that I had to brace my feet so as not to fall off. "As if that's possible," he said, no hint of teasing in his voice.

I swallowed the drool that was threatening to spill from my mouth, finishing his massage quickly. There was only so much teasing I could take – giving or receiving – before I really jumped him.

Thankfully, Alice and Jasper were within view, so I waved and motioned between the beach and us. Alice nodded, letting me know she'd understood.

"Come on," I said, poking his hip with my toe. "Ali and Jazz are back. Let's go for a swim."

Edward flipped over onto his back, and then, looking down at his still-hard cock pressing against the front of his trunks, he said, "You'd better run, Isabella... If I catch you, you're going to pay for getting me into this state."

When he looked back up at me, the heat in his eyes nearly made me melt. He wasn't kidding...

I spun on my heels, racing down the beach, through the crowds, squealing when I looked back to see him jogging after me, rapidly gaining ground. I worked out and even ran occasionally, but Edward's daily morning runs and time in the military made him completely out of my league. So it was no surprise when I felt him scoop me into his arms.

"Put me down!" I ordered playfully.

Ignoring me, he walked with me out into the water, getting deeper and deeper, until the waves were brushing against my behind.

"Edward Anthony Masen, don't you da—!"

I came up sputtering for the second time since getting to the beach. Laughing, I threw myself at him. "Seems like we've been in this position before," I teased as I wrapped my legs around him, pressing myself against his erection.

He walked us out even farther, until the water was at our chests. "So we have," he murmured, leaning in.

I lost myself in the kiss. Nothing existed outside our little bubble – no people on the beach, no leaving the next day, no Army, no friends... Just us. His lips caressed mine once before he took control, commanding my total surrender. His tongue traced my lips, and I opened for him, inviting him inside me. As he tasted me, tangling my tongue with his, I gripped his shoulders and hugged him tighter with my legs. His hands slid into my bikini bottoms, holding my ass and pressing me against his erection.

When one hand slid to my front and found my lower lips, I gasped into his mouth. "Please!" I begged, nearly humping his hand, which was pressing against me.

Edward groaned and moved his hand to slide two fingers inside me. With his thumb on my clit, he began thrusting his fingers in and out.

I didn't want to come without him, so I moved one hand down between us and into his trunks, wrapping my fingers around his erection. He thrust up into my hand, which pushed his hand harder into me, making us both let out a needy moan.

"Oh, God," I whimpered when he flicked my clit with his thumb and curled his fingers, so with every stroke, he was brushing just the right spot. "Come with me," I begged, squeezing and stroking him,

He cursed under his breath, flicking my clit again. With a last thrust of his hips and curl of his fingers, I came, feeling my breath catch as I worked to hold back my cry. I felt him pulse in my hand as he came, too.

It was several minutes before we could breathe well enough to speak, and then we laughed. I leaned to him, pressing my forehead to his.

"I will never get enough of that," I told him breathily, feeling my heartbeat slowing to normal.

Smiling softly, he brushed his lips across mine. "Me, either, love." Reaching between us once more, he adjusted himself with a grimace. "At least the water washed it out of my shorts."

I laughed and slid down until I was touching sand. Adjusting my bikini bottoms, I told him, "Come on. Let's go get dried off. I'm thirsty and think I've had enough sun for today. Take me home, soldier."

Reaching for my hand, Edward pulled me to him, and together, we waded through the water to reach the shore.



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