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Coming Home Chapter 116 - Edward


Tampa... Saturday, July 3, 2010 at 1:47 A.M.

I couldn't fucking sleep. Hell, I didn't want to sleep. But I couldn't stay in bed, either, because my constant need to touch Bella was eventually going to wake her. Leaning over, I pressed a long, soft kiss to the back of her head as she lay on her stomach. Adjusting the sheets up around her, I slipped carefully out of bed.

Quickly and as quietly as I could, I pulled on a pair of khaki cargo shorts, sneaking out of the room, but not before giving the bed one more last glance. I wanted to remember it just like it was – filled with everything that I held close, the only thing that mattered. Dark hair splashed across the pillows, now containing a touch of sun lightened red. Smooth shoulders, a sloping, sexy back, strong, beautiful legs, and the perfectly round behind all tangled up in my blue sheets. My chest actually ached at the knowledge that I wouldn't have the sight in front of me for three whole motherfucking months, and suddenly, I hated my job. I wanted it over. I wanted it to be done.

I wandered into the kitchen, grabbed a bottle of water, and walked over to my piano. Turning it on, I made sure the sound was low – a rather beneficial perk to having the electric one, instead of my baby grand. I couldn't turn the sound down on it.

Starting with the classics like I usually did, I eventually merged into my own compositions. I played my mother's song, trying to calm myself down with good memories of her. My mother would have adored Bella. She would have found her silly humor endearing and most likely would have fed off of it, giggling right along with my girl. She would have found Bella's patience and strength to be good traits because they were a lot alike that way. And they would have reigned supreme in the kitchen together.

My fingers found the song I'd been writing in my head since Bella's first letter. It was every mood I'd gone through from the beginning. It was shock, hope, humor, and eventually, love. It was light and flirty. It told of fear – of letters and phone calls stopping, of not making it out of the desert, and of the feelings for a girl I'd never met that just didn't make any sense. Then it told of beauty and laughter, of sensual voices and murmurs, and finally of an all-consuming need. It finished with a solid, yet committed tone, but it didn't seemed finished to me. Sighing and running a hand through my hair as I studied the black and white keys in front of me, I supposed it really wasn't finished. Bracing my elbows on the top of the piano, I gripped my hair in frustration and sadness. Fuck, I just wanted to keep her!

"That's pretty," I heard from across the room, and I looked up to see my girl standing there in my T-shirt.

"It's yours," I stated softly, smiling as she walked to me. "It's been in here since your first letter," I explained, tapping my temple. "You should be sleeping, sweet girl," I whispered, turning on the bench so that I could pull her to stand between my legs. "I'm sorry if I woke you..."

"The only thing that woke me was an empty bed," she said with a sweet, but sad smile, leaning in to kiss my forehead. "Can't sleep?" she asked into my hair as I wrapped my arms around her.

"No," I mumbled into her chest, burying myself in her warmth, scent, and love.

Soft, gentle fingers ran through my hair and down my spine at the same time. I wasn't sure if she was soothing me or herself. But I also knew I didn't care because it wasn't really working. I wanted to break something, cling to her, run away with her, or cry. And I didn't think there was a particular order to any of that shit, either.

Finally, she whispered, "Play it again, Edward. Please?"

I nodded, silently pushing away from her. She sat down next to me as I started her song all over again. When I was finished, I turned to see tears streaming down her cheeks.

"Isabella's Overture?" She sniffled, trying to smile.

"Yeah," I snickered, wiping her tears away with my thumbs. "Not in B flat, though."

Her sweet, soft laugh made me pull her forehead to mine and sweep my lips across hers. They were so very soft from her crying and salty from her tears. And it was all I could do not to lose myself in her.

"I love you," she whispered, gazing up at me.

That simple fucking statement unleashed it all. It made my chest hurt, my head pound, and my breathing kick up. And I was pretty sure my heart just cracked wide fucking open.

"I don't know how to let you go, Bella," I gushed in a whisper, still aware we were the only ones up this late. "I've tried all fucking week to figure it out, and I don't know how to do it!" I rambled, trying to settle the fuck down when she cupped either side of my face. "I've walked away from everything without ever looking back, and I know that this is only temporary, but I don't know how!"

"I know. Me, too," she cried, more tears slipping down her beautiful face.

"I've left my hometown, people I cared about, even Tanya, and none of it mattered," I continued, opting to grip the sides of the T-shirt she was wearing, because I feared I'd hurt her. "Nothing mattered. I don't miss any of it, but I don't know if I can even breathe without you," I confessed, searching her watery eyes for the answers and only finding gentle understanding and a sadness that matched my own.

"We have to try, babe," she urged, trying to sound strong and mostly succeeding. "It's not long... In fact, it's less time than it took for us to meet."

I shook with the need to yell back that I didn't know what I'd been missing then. It was more than the feel of her in my bed, of her surrounding me, of burying myself inside her so deeply that we were one single being. It was the ease of what we just...were. It was laughter and the filling of empty spaces that we both had – where I lacked, she filled, and vice versa. It was the complete and utter feeling of perfection, knowing when I went home, she would be there.

And now, she wouldn't be...for three months. Home would be across the country without me, and despite how grateful I was that I was even that close, it still hurt like a son of a bitch.

"Come," I grunted, standing up so quickly that I almost dumped the bench over, because there was something I needed to do.

Linking our fingers together, I led her back to my room, closing and locking the door behind us. I stalked over to the nightstand to pull something out that I'd been saving for her. Sitting her down on the edge of the bed, I knelt in front of her.

"When this first started, I didn't know if I'd ever live to see this beautiful face, so I couldn't promise you anything," I told her, cupping her cheek. "Now... Isabella Swan, I promise you every-fucking-thing." I opened the small jewelry box in my hand and took out a ring, making sure she knew this was going on her right hand...not her left. "This is my promise to you, baby. I'll give you everything, I swear. Anything. When I'm done here, when I get to you, nothing will stop us. Okay?" I asked, picking up her hand and kissing the ring. "We'll create a new life together."

"Edward," she sobbed and nodded, but that's all she said because I stood in front of her, gently removing our clothes and easing her back onto the bed.

There were no more words, because I just couldn't find any. Settling into the cradle of her thighs, I dropped my weight down onto her. Our kiss was deep, desperate, filled with gasps for air, but our hands were slow, lingering over each and every inch of skin and muscle, as if to sear it into our minds and hearts. As I slid slowly into her, our breathing caught, lips barely touching.

I took my time loving her, keeping a slow, deep pace, while my hands ghosted up thighs, lifted hips, tickled ribs, and cupped breasts. I tried my fucking damnedest to memorize every expression on her face – from her dark eyes, to kiss-swollen lips, to her straining neck as she held back her climax.

"Wait for me," I pleaded, skimming my hands up her arms so that I could link our fingers together over her head. "Promise me you'll wait, Bella," I begged, not sure if I was talking about coming together or our lives in general – maybe both – and she answered the same way.

"Always, Edward... I promise," she gasped, a tear slipping down her cheek as I finally buried my face in her neck, telling her to let go.



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