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Coming Home Chapter 118 - Edward


From: EAMasen
To: Bella Swan
Date Sent: Sun, July 04, 2010 at 8:24 A.M.
Date Received: Sun, July 04, 2010 at 5:24 A.M.
Subject: You'd better be asleep, Miss Swan...

Hey my beautiful girl,

I'm emailing instead of texting because if you are asleep, I want you to stay that way. You didn't get much sleep before you left, and I can't imagine it was any better on the plane.

I miss you so much. In such a short time, I became addicted to sleeping wrapped around you. My bed felt awfully empty without you in it this morning. In fact, the whole house is too fucking quiet. Neither Jazz nor Em are up yet, so I ran alone this morning. I had to. I had to focus on something other than the obvious fact that you're not here.

Which brings me to why I'm emailing...

Thank you, sweet girl. Thank you for giving me the best birthday present I've ever received, and I don't mean the piano...although, thank you for that, too. Even though these next few months will be torture without you, I know we'll make it. I feel like a part of my soul is missing without you here, but even just writing this takes the sharp edges away. And if that's true, then hearing your sweet voice will be all the better. I'm thanking you because you've given me everything I never thought I'd have – hope for a future, family that I didn't know existed, and a love I can sink into, trust, and rely on. I thought I loved you before you showed up, but it's nothing in comparison to what I feel now.

I want you to have a good time with your dad, Bella. Let him take care of you. He understands about us and our relationship more than you think he does, so lean on him, love. Have fun watching fireworks, but I swear to God, Jacob better keep his eyes and hands to himself. I'm not kidding. I will fly down there, rip his arms off, and fly back all in one day. LOL Ahh, the benefits of being stateside... Hmm, what else could I do while I was there...

The guys and I are planning on hanging at the house for the holiday today. Nothing major, just Jasper's chili dogs, some beer, and we heard that fireworks can be seen down on Bayshore, so we may sit outside to watch them. And if I'm not mistaken, they have some sort of video game tournament planned, as well. **rolls eyes**

But until they get up, I'm going to play some music. I'm still working on your song, and as soon as it's finished, I'll send it to you. I promise. You don't even have to ask.

I love you more than I can express, sweetheart. Please don't be sad, because our time apart will go quicker than you think. God knows I'm trying my damnedest not to let it get to me when all I want is you.

Forever yours,

P.S. Question time, Isabella... I'm proud to say that I did in fact take you six ways from Sunday. Mm, baby, what was your favorite? I'd like to say them all, but since rules are rules and I must answer my own question, I have to say the shower, beautiful. There was something about seeing you wet – in every sense of the word **naughty grin* – and looking back at me. And clearly, there aren't enough elevators in my life, so we weren't able to make that shared fantasy a reality, something I truly plan on rectifying as soon as I get home to you.


Tampa... Sunday, July 4, 2010 at 8:42 P.M.

"Go, go, go!" Emmett urged, practically breaking the controller in his hand.

I chuckled, rolling my eyes, and shook my head. "You'd think that actually being in a war, you'd get tired of shooting at enemies."

"These don't count," Jasper laughed, jerking his chin toward the TV. "This is a thirteen-year-old kid from Japan who is truly kicking our asses. It's a matter of pride now."

Laughing, I went back to my piano. "You know what they say about pride..."

"Yeah, yeah," Emmett snickered, his focus still on the TV. "It cometh before the fall..."

My eyebrows shot up, and Jasper actually paused the game.

"What? I can read, you know," Emmett scoffed, shoving Jasper.

"Can you really?" Jasper asked. "Read, I mean..."

Chuckling at the two of them, I said, "He can read Playboy's letters. That's saying something."

Emmett grinned. "There was this one..."

"Stop!" Jasper and I both yelled.

"If this is the thigh-high boot chick that could wrap her leg around her own neck, I call bullshit," Jasper grumbled, rolling his eyes. "Those letters are fucking fiction. I don't care what you say."

"Or what was the one he didn't shut up about for weeks?" I asked, smiling at Emmett's scoff. "Oh yeah..."

"Gas Station Girl!" Jasper and I both yelled at the same time.

"You, my friend, have some serious automotive fetishes." I pointed to Emmett, who was laughing his ass off.

"Funnels, oil, and do I even want to know what the jumper cables were used for in that letter?" Jasper asked, grimacing at the mere thought.

"Probably not," I chuckled.

"Oh, right! Like you two don't have some naughty teacher shit going on in your heads!" Emmett countered.

What was hilarious was that Jasper and I froze for a fraction of a second, both of us wearing matching deer-in-headlights expressions. I wasn't denying nor confirming that shit, whatsoever. However, I did flip Emmett off at the same time that Jasper snapped, "Play the game!"

They went back to killing Nazis, and I wandered into the kitchen. The three of us acted like we were completely lost in the house, like it was suddenly too big for us. Most of the day was quiet, the only noise coming from the kitchen when Jasper was making his chili. At one point, I'd gone back to bed, simply out of exhaustion from the last two nights' loss of sleep...and to just bury myself in the scent of Bella's pillow. In fact, this was the most we'd said all damn day.

I was following their lead because they'd been this route before, but I could tell they were trying their best to keep me occupied. It really was all I could do not to just call Bella and keep her on the phone at all fucking times – a constant sweet sound in my ear, just to make shit easier.

Once I had a plate filled with two chili dogs and a handful of chips, I grabbed my beer and stepped outside onto the back porch, calling back into the house, "The fireworks have started..."

The game paused, and soon, Jasper joined me, falling down on the step beside me. Emmett took a chair and set it on the lawn in front of us. Blues, purples, reds, and greens bloomed over our heads, but I'd have been willing to bet that we weren't really seeing them, because not one of us said a word. It was comfortable and familiar. And I realized they were quiet for me. Like brothers, they knew me well enough to let me have the silence I'd always used to adjust to shit.

"It gets better, you know," Jasper said finally softly, shrugging a shoulder when I glanced over at him. "I'm not saying it's great, but the hard part is over. You know, seeing them upset. They'll get busy doing whatever they do at home, and we'll get back to work."

"It's the last time, Sarge," Emmett vowed, his usual jovial face now completely serious. "Then we go home."

I nodded, my battered and beaten heart thumping at the thought of home. I knew that this was only temporary, that one day I'd look back on this separation and smile, but Jasper was right. What bothered me the most was my sweet, normally happy girl upset when she left. And I couldn't do a fucking thing about it, because not only was I stuck here, but I was what she would miss. A part of me reveled that she needed me, and another worried that she'd lose her strength.

As if he'd heard my thoughts, Emmett said, "Bellsy's tough, Ed. She'll wallow for a day or two, but she'll dust herself off and make the best of it. She's been that way since I met her."

"Yeah, definitely," Jasper agreed, nodding and smiling. "Though..." He huffed a laughed and elbowed me. "I really wish you could've seen your face when you set eyes on her in that club."

I laughed, my head falling back. "I'm sure."

The fireworks were forgotten, and we spent the last of the beer, hot dogs, and the evening reliving what we all considered the best two weeks. Ever.



tds88 said...

I'm feeling a little spoiled. The amount of chapters in the last couple days have been awesome. I can't imagine how hard it is to have to say goodbye like that; feeling lost, like your whole routine is in shambles and there's no interest in what used to be fun.
It's good to see that they all have each other and know how to support one another. The cell phones have to make it so much easier than what it would be like without such quick communication.

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