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Coming Home Chapter 123 - Bella


Tampa... Saturday, July 17, 2010 at 9:57 A.M.

Edward chuckled, a sound full of promise and dripping with lust, and slowly wet his bottom lip with his tongue, nearly making me groan aloud at where else I wanted that talented muscle. "Well, then," he said in that deep, sexy voice, "you'd better wake Mr. Sparkle, baby, because he needs to do me a huge favor. He's going to fuck you hard for me."

I wasn't sure I'd ever moved as fast as I did when I reached beside me to grab the vibrator sitting just off camera on my nightstand. "I thought we might need him," I huffed at Edward's sexy smirk.

"Mm... Tilt the screen up just a bit, sweetheart. I want to be able to see your face when you come for me."

Oh God...

Leaning forward, I adjusted the laptop screen a little and then sat back, waiting to see if it needed more.

His eyes grew dark as I settled back on the bed. "Perfect. Now I can see all of that gorgeous body and that beautiful face."

He gave another squeeze to his cock that I wasn't sure he was completely aware of, making me whimper. I couldn't take my eyes off of his long fingers wrapped around his length, squeezing and stroking. I wanted that to be my hand – or better yet, to wrap my lips around him as I took him deep into my mouth.

"Touch yourself," Edward said in a guttural, commanding voice. "Pretend it's me – my finger first. Just circle the outside, teasing, feeling how wet you are for me on that pretty little pussy."

Fuck me...

I slid my finger through the loop at the end that allowed me to hold onto the toy even during hard fucking. Tapping the button on the base to turn on the quiet vibrator, I placed it between my legs and nearly jolted off the bed as I slid it over my clit.

"Naughty girl," Edward growled. "Stay away from that clit for now, Isabella. I wouldn't go right for that, would I?"

At my whimper and shake of my head, he gave me a lazy, sexy grin. "Good girl."

Sliding the humming toy over my lower lips, I moved my other hand up to my breasts, cupping one before plucking at the hardened tip.

"Edward!" I whined, needing more. I was so horny, so sensitive, that it wasn't going to take much to put me over the edge.

"Not yet," he said, shaking his head.

I watched as he leaned over, and offscreen, I heard a drawer open and close. Then he came back into view, the hand not squeezing his cock holding a small bottle of lube. Flicking the lid open, he let go of his cock long enough to squeeze some of the clear, slippery fluid into his hand before setting it out of my view again. Once his fingers were wrapped around his cock again, he looked back up at the screen to watch me.

"Inside," he finally said, his breathing slightly faster. "Slowly. I want you to feel every inch of that sliding inside you like you feel my cock."

Gasping, I finally slipped the tip of the vibrator past my lips, having to really hold myself back from just taking it all at once. "Oh, God..." I groaned when Edward's other hand moved down to cup his balls, tugging gently.

"How's that feel, love?" he murmured.

I could almost feel the warmth of his breath as if he'd whispered it against my neck, the words and tone sending sparks from my ears to my clit, which pulsed.

"G-Good," I stammered, twisting the toy inside me.

"Keep pinching that nipple, Isabella... Make it hard for me. If I were there, you know I'd use my teeth and tongue to make it as hard as you make my cock—"

The noise that came out of me made Edward's cock jump in his hand. I couldn't take my eyes off the sight of him squeezing and stroking as he continued talking.

"—but since I'm not, you have to do my job for me."

Pinching and twisting my nipple, I felt it harden even further under my fingers. Moving across, I did the same to the other, my hips beginning to rock as the vibrator finally slid all the way inside me.

"God, that's a gorgeous view," Edward groaned. "Now fuck yourself with that toy, baby. I want to hear it as it slides through all those juices that I can see on those bare lips."

I didn't hesitate to follow his order. My eyes still glued to his hand on his cock, I slid the vibrator all the way inside myself, tapping the button on the bottom to turn the speed up to the other, faster level.

"Oh, God!" I cried, fucking myself harder as the vibrations moved through my pussy to my clit. My legs fell farther apart, and my hips began moving to meet the thrusts.

Edward's strokes on his cock were faster and uneven, and every time I cried out, I could see him falter before moving his hand again.

"Fuck, Bella," he groaned. "Come for me. I want more than one from you, sweetheart. Can you do that for me?"

Nodding, I whimpered as I worked myself with the vibrator. I was so turned on by watching him – by knowing he was watching me – that it wouldn't take much. The moment I slid the vibrating toy over my throbbing clit, I was done for.

Edward's name spilled from my lips as I crashed over the edge of my orgasm. It seemed to go on forever, that tightening of every muscle inside and out, the heat that spread from my toes to the top of my head. I was gasping, whimpering his name as I came hard. My eyes slammed shut – I couldn't have held them open if I'd tried – and I slid the toy back inside me until the sensation became overwhelming. Without opening my eyes, I finally pushed the button to turn off the vibration and pulled the toy out of me with a shiver; even that movement against my hyper-sensitive skin was enough to make my insides clench.

"God, Bella," Edward breathed. "Stunning, love."

I opened my eyes to find his own green ones nearly black with desire, his hand squeezing his cock so tightly, I was afraid he would burst.

"Mmm..." I pulled my lower lip between my teeth, feeling my breath catch. "What I wouldn't give to be there to take care of that...big problem myself," I told him, smirking when he growled and loosened his grip on his cock, stroking himself once.

"Tell me," he groaned. "Make yourself ready again, and tell me what you'd do if you were here."

With a whimper, I slid the toy inside me and took a deep breath. "Well, I'd start by running a thumb over the head and gathering that precum so I could taste it..."



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